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November's "Dans clearings to date
lack but a few thousands dollars oC
reaching the thlrteen-million mark,
yesterday's report bringing the total
up to $12,948,958.98. while the clear
ings for the corresponding period or
'last year amounted to $S.95S,3 14.4:4
This month's total 5s an increase or
44.1 per cent, or nearly four million
dollars over last year's report.
S Yesterday's clearings, according to
the report of the Wheeling Clearing
House, amounted to $592,51i>.6o.
which sum fs 18.2 oer Cfnt. In excess
of the report for November 24. 1915,
when they totaled $501,020,89.
The November record to date fol
Nor. 1 i
Nor. 2..*.
Not. *3
Not. 4<?)
Nor. 8....
Not. S....
Nor. P....
Nor. 10.....
Nor. 11..........
Not. 13. .........
Nor. 14
Nor. 15
Nor. IS
Not. 17. .........
Nor. IS ? ???
Nor. 20
Nov. 21
Nor. 15
Nor. 23(**)
Not. 24
1513. l'ct.
i6U.S7S.29 S ."69.CSfl.0r? 10S.2
60-5.30r.24 <4l.S93.94?
716.771.!' V
5$!. 547.60
532.796. 19 ? 00. 1
5U.178.SS? 22. 1
49S.-2K.6l? 61- 1
523.S0l.93? J'!-8
3S3.3S9.9l ? Sa..4
320.202.6C? 13.3
512..W5 S.:- 31.1
SS5.U2.43 ? 20.(5
412.372.4*5 ? 73.S
r,00.2>:.06 ? L--2
404.735.20? 26.2
449. '54 7.(51? 12.2 i
53S.047.S0 ? 34."
314.6S6.02? 3"
554.0 IS. 22? 33.:
301. 020. S3? 1S.2
ToUls S12.04S.9-S.9S SS.9S3.314. 49
Increase $ S.9S3.C44.49 ? U.l
i*) ? I>enates decrease.
f **) ? Nor. 23. 1915. w u Thanksgiving.
WHEELING. W. Vjl. Nor. 24. *16.
Furnished The Ir.tcinceccer t>y A. E. Masten Ac Co..
members New York Stock Exchange. National J'ani
?f West Virginia* buildins, Wheeling. W. Va. Louis
F. Brand, manager.
10vea.;lHgti.!Lov?. iCloao.
American Beet Susar
Alaska Gold
American Cat!
do preferred
American Car & Foundry . .
? American Zinc
Americaa Ice Securities ?
Americaa I .?'??emotive
Amerie&n Asri. CUcmica! . .
?American Smelling it Ret ?
Am. Steel foundry
American Siuiar IW
American Tel. & Tel
American Woolens
Baltimore A:
Bethlehem Steel
Brooklyn K.iijl'l Transit ....
California Pe:c??teum
do "referred
Central Le2thor
Butte Super
Chesapeake As Ohio
Chicago A Great Western .
do preferred
Chicago. Mil. & St. Paul..
Chino Copper
Chicago & Rock Island ....
Chile Copper
Corn Product*
do preferred
Canadian Pacific
Colorado Fuel ....
Cuba Cane Suzar
Dl.stlUer.-,' Securities
do first?
General Electric
Goodrich Rubber
Great Northern ! r-t
Great Northern Or<\?n
Illinois Central
Inter- Boro Con>
Inspiration Copper
Internationa! Paper
d? preferred
Kansas City Southern
Kenecof. Copper ...
Laclede Cm
Lehijch Valicv
Lackawanna Steel
Mexican Petroleum
Ontario SUrcr
Mlrjni Cooper
Missouri Paclfi ? oil
Missouri Poctfic etf.;
National Lead
National Enamel
New Haven
Nevada Consolidated
New York t'entral
Norfolk Ac Western
Northern Pacific- Ky
Ray Cousol
Pacific Mail
American 1 1 U1 - Leather..
do preferred
Shattuck Arizona
Sloss- Sheffield
Southern Pacific
Southern Railwav
do preferred
American Litiscd
do preferred
Tennossoe Copper
Taxis Oil
Euioti Pacific
do preferred
U tah Copper
T*. S. Rubber Co
li)4 1 106 ! 10-t ilOVi
j 12*1] 12*.; 12Si; 12&
I 62** j 64 k| 62% I 61
j 107 Ui 107 &! 107 [107
i 73?*| 744; 72?i| T4'.j
i 39;.t! SO-ji! 5j>3i| 504
; 274 K's 2T!ij 27?
j ;i,j u tu s S'JIWj 314
' "! 934; S5-S'j y
! 17 ? 12" 117 .ll"':ii
?>4j t-9 ?r~i| ?
U6H 'US4 116'-. llv-i
12< ; 12b?v 127 V, 12v-s
- ps-S 1" 9S*s
: 104 54 104 x* 'Ol'i,
s* 'i? *?>'?,
;tir?0 1 6." 0
S3H{ S3 s?u
. S4-V **'?+' S4
2:; !* ? 214* 23 -Si
U2\ 114VU2*.
?;> ?;<* ? t>7
144 11 4 HU
43% 43 V 4J?il
'??2'i '.V: 1'2-i
lis ?; 664
32S,' 34\ ::2
2;s ' , 2> 27 1 ,
U'S !"S's 1"7 5s"
1714 I7i4"l'"'s
I'l l ?
l! :*?
14 'm.
-. "-fc
1 7'j 4
7 1 "1
[<.)?; 17:>\ ISU
71 70 71
1174 U74*U74
iv. 144: <?**?
to" 10-1% 103 j
694 70::
?7 4
tn 1 4 in.: 1 1 ! 4
tt2 112 112
-2 s-i r'? ?t ;
;..44 lii::'?*l.i.:-'s
I W , U'S \ Iii'I'm
1:-. r.\
4.1rv. 44", 164
104 114
6S4' CO
304 -js-i r.rl
: ii'4 i3?t; in;
ui1; 111 111
MU i-i'i
32-;?: 334 32;; ssn
: t S4 ?
~5 ? ir?-? 1
27*1 27% 'J'JV 2T-i
?J7^' 67 V *:?vv K
147 l.s 1 4 S 4 147'-.. !!'T;
sr. ? v
i--:4 12 r.v:' ?
,56 j *)GVir. S-"5 |
Embargo Prospects Gave Bears Desired j
Advantage ? Corn and Oats
Also Lost.
CHICAGO. Nov. 1M ? Embargo pros- j
poets gave such an ad viLUtasce tuday to j
tho bears in wheat that rallies due to]
Kuropean buying failed to hold. Tho i
u;ark.et closed weak. to - '.i net lower i
with December at Sl.TV'i to $1.7S"i and j
May at Sl.Sois U> .?> t . S . Other lead
ins: staples too all showed a setback. '
Corn ''i> !i to "sfs; Oats %(?/';. to !
% , and provisions to :t 7 ^ . I
| Open. | High. | Low. | Closo
ticai? I I I 1 .... I
T>fC?mlxr t TSlil 1 MH| j n | 1 T** |
.! 1 S6 I S7"N 1 So 1 So -
i l * ' '
December j MU{ j I
' 0>J ! 5tiVa| 9.>N| OoTi
Curu ?
0ttn".mh,r ! 3?%! 57 Mi 06%! M
cn*,! ei*4| ciVhj bivi |
May 1
r?5^rr 32 "3 J27 60 ftf B0
00 (27 60 ;27 -10 (S7 40
j UjS?uW !?? iis 52 l? ? jl? 32
I Muy [IS 45 1 16 50 [16 SO [lb oO
^JuTuary }n ?0 |l4 SO j" ? j" ?;
1 jl4 83 14 67 U 75 jli 75
j l 'ash Quotations:
Wheat -No. 2. SI.S2: No. 3 red $1.77U@ 1.S1: No. j
2 hard nominal : So. 3 hard $1.83 li.
Corn ? No. 2 yellov; '.'otitic :Xo. 1 yellow 93@94Hc; j
j No. 4 white SsiSPt Vic.
| Oats? No. 3 nliito 37;i(?5$,iic: standard 575iii}
J Uje? No. 2 nominal; No. 3. St .10.
liarley ? 9flc<jf31.2S.
Tt motby? S3. 25 8 5.23.
Clo?er? [email protected]. ,
Pork? 528.50. |
Lard? $16.70.
Ribs? $14.52(?14.73. j
TOLEDO. O.. Nov. 2J. Wheat, cash $!.>?'?: De
cember jl.s Hi : May $1.91.
Clover' sred. prime, cash SIO.70; December J10.72;
January JK>.$2: February ?10.:J2.
Alslfce. prime cusb SIC. 9 2 Si : Decomber $t!).'J5 ;
Mareb SU.23. ;
Timothy, prime cash $2.55: December f2.53: M lurh
do first pref |U3 |1I3 jU2?*!U2.-; I
Cnlted States Steel |124*iil26"ir 124';?;12'>T| j
do preferred jl2l!ijl2l>vl2lU 1-lH* ;
do bonds ji07:*MLl)7-Stjl07iiil07?.H ?
Virginia chemical I 46V*; 4S ; ISlij i! !a ?
Studebaker 12jii!jl23!i|l2.'l,-;l2l,'ii ?
Wabash 7 15 15-.l*j 13 { 13 !? ?
do preferred "A" j BSTij OTT*^ 36**" 37% !
Western CnlOn 102 ;103?i7l02 lOl'i;
Westinjhonse Electric ; 6.': V '.4 { i>'-\ |
Maxwell Motors j 7H *l | 73 h' 73 ?i : 75 S:
do first preferred Slfij SI !*' S1U! M';i
do second preferred j l!" U j 40 V* I 411 | 4!>
Wool wort It j iy.S "U ; 13S U 1 13S U j i:?m
Ailis Chalmers ! J 37 I 33fci 36*i
do preferred j Pl%; WMv I'lvj
Crucible Steel | S7V?j SS j 86!si Si1*
Greene Cutanea j 32 j 52-ii; 52 j ;:2vj
Missouri Pacific W. f (27 2$ i 27 j 27 vi
Pittsburgh Coal etf.< | 32 34 ! 32S| 3!*.t
t'nited S(ar*s Smelt.ua ] 77Ssj "SVi* 77 f 77 M
I'uion I'.as 4: l'aper uew. . . . tlSis|l20' , ; HS!? 12u'.i
Willys overland j 30A<j SPtj* .?S\* :;:Ha
Columbia Uas \ 467si 4Si*j 46^-nj 4S
Total shares 1.251.700.
? ? Kx-dir. 1 per cent.
Itorids Sti.19j.00i).
WHKSI.iNC. W. Va.. Nor. 21. '16.
Furnished tho Ititelliscucer a. s. fasten Co.,
weiabers New York Stock Kicfiame. National l'.auU 1
of West Virginia bulldiug. Wheeling. W. '.a. Louis
b". Itraild, manager.
STOCKS. I Open. ! Close.
Adventure j 5 1 5U
At louex j SI | El 73
AP'adlan ; 7*i| j
Arizona | 17 : 17 U
Culltornia vt Arizona j !<2 P.t i
I'artfornia t clloia ...j C21 ! C2" I
Centeimla! ] 23 j 23 '
C.ippor Rau.<e ! S2Ul S2 'i
l '.tl v West .......j 24I *'i
Ka<t IJi:t? 17 *! 1SU
j Franklin i Il!Ji| 12
llan.-.-k x. j 21 J 22
Indiana [ 3'?) ,-,fi
Isle IV .vale | SS'jl 3;>
Kerr Lake - j 4%j 3:^
Lake | 16 ! 16^i
Mast. Pen sol j 17^7 17~h ,
HM Dominion j 70 ) 7!M4
i Oseoln j 100 M0l !
(JuiiM-y I P'3 ! 101
Shannon j 11 j 11U
'Vxtoria ...! GVf. l'\
W.dvirino : C4',i 55!4.
j Twlumre j j DO | 95
Curb Mining Stocks. .
! I'.inuham I UV,j 11 Hi !
I Itohemlu | 2'ii ! Z j
J Itlue Belle | l?i| l"i
icons, copper j ::-?>*[ 3si
1 i'onsol. Arizona |2 13- 16 jli 15-16
I Croon Re**r?o j 45 j 50 i
I Davis Daly | 5Hi "*s
First National ..j 4ri) 5
La Rose j M <!0
Vuited Verd. Ext I 4? 41
Yukon Cold ! - I 3Hi
WriKKLINC. W. Va.. Nov. 24. 'IS.
Fnrnishcd The Idtellipcncer by A. E. Masten i Co.t
members New York Stock Exchange, National Hani
jf West Virjinla building. Wheeling. W. Va. J.o ills 1
K. lira lid, manager.
Atlanta-Ooldfield . . ..
[ (Jreeae Monster
' Canadian Car & Kdy
! far. Lish &t P.wr ..
! Cramp's S. & E
By Having It Wired For
" Electricity*'
Ask To Have a Solicitor Call
Wheeling Electric Co.
* Both Phones 807 "Do It Electrically"
Quarter Savings
Located <ll "Wheeling; in the state of
"West Virginia, at the close of business
November 17. lDlti. Organized 1901.
Bunk first began business July 1. 1901.
Loans and discounts $486,565 01
Overdrafts, secured and uu- ,
sccurcd 325 <> 9 1
Slocks and securities. In
cluding premiums ST.56S 5a |
Flanking house U8.000 00 |
Other real estate owned.... 2.0S2 45 :
Due from banks 35, 114 S9 |
Checks and oilier cash items 2.54U 62 i
Exchanges for clearing
house 6. (172 06,'
Lawful money reserve in
bank 23.193 91 1
Expense* i'.lMti 7S !
Total $716,907 SG j
Capital stock paid in $100,000 00;
Surplus fund 42.00" 00 I
Dividends unpaid . .^ 25 50 '
Undivided profit . . . .' 1 1.457 Ii2 !
Deposits viz:
Subject to
check $217,054 28
Time certifi
cates 105.649 13
Savings de
posits 230.314 0 1 $553,017 40
Certified cltvoks 293 S-l
Cashier's checks 10.l t l 00 j
Total S716.907 9(1
Counly of Ohio.
T. J. F. Ebcling, cashier of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that the
above statement is true to the best of
my knowledge and belief.
J. F. EBELING, Cashier.
R. H. M'KEE,
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 22nd day of November, 11)16.
Notary Public.
(Mv commission expires March 24,
Emerson Pbonosraph
Goldfioid Consul
Jumbo Extension
Htuideo Manufacturing
K.uthixliaii Eruiizo praf
Mother ixide
Midvalp Setel
Nipissiiig Mines
Submarine l'.oat
Cnitod Alio.V:l
U. S. Light Heat
do preferred Vi.
Ctilteil Profit Sharing | 1 ]
Outside Motor Storks. || ltld. | Ask.
Chalinew Motors ....
Chevrolet Moors . . . . .
Itupp Motors .......
international Motors
do preferred
Keo Motor Car
l'corless Motors
Standard Motors . . . .
Vnitud Moors
Edmund Si .Toners ..
Outsld* Oil Stock*. 1 liid | Auk.
Cosden Oil Jk Gu 13HI 13%
do preferred -15*] 5
Coudeu llefinlng ls
IntiM'naitonal Petroleum 11 " 11 Hi
Midwest Oil , 43 j ?
do Kefinlng ' 83 i So
Muskogee P.eflnlng | 3 Vii I 0
Oklahoma Prod. & Refining j. 11 ] l]>?
j Sapulpa Eeflnlng I llVij 11%
Sinclair Oil 57 j 58
Wayiand Oil & Gas | 4?i. 4%
Standard Oil Subsidiary Stocks
WHEELING, W. V*., Not. 24. '16.
| Furnished The Intelligencer t>y A. E. Maaien Co.;
I members Hew Vork Stocli Exchange, National Hunk
jt West Virginia building. Wheeling. W. Va. Ixjuh
t". liraud, manager. '
I STOCKS. |Opcn. |Closa
Anglo American Co.. Ltd J lflV-j 1G3?
Atlantic Itcfmlug Coinwiay :P00 JS? JO
Ilomo-Scryuiser Co. i410 [430
liuukeye I'lpe Lnie Co [100 ; 1 10
Chtcbbrough Mfg. Co.. Cons j 400 [510
Colonial Oil Company I 00 j 70
Continental Oil Company [54". MRS
i Crescent 1'ipo Liao | 40 j -15
j Cumburland Pipe Line jlli 1120
I Eureka l'lpe Lino .....jxu) liJJ
I Galena Signal Oil Co.. prof j LU'f JlSfi
do common ...|14U j ll~
Illinois 1'ipn Line j-U." |210
| Indiana Pipo Lone Company m; 113
National Transit Company ...| IS * 19
J York 'transit Company ....1235 i*J35
Northern Pipe Line Co 1|110 j H I
j I'm trie Pipe Lliio (338 .'140
| Solar Kafinl'ig Company ,400 j-t^O
| Southren Pipe Line 215 _--0
South I'onn Oil Company [525 T.*,:?3
I South IVest Poima Pipe lAno jliO 1 1 1 5
| Sitndard Oil Company of California jJi67 jSi'J
! Standard-- Oil Company of Indiana ;840 :8b)
Standard Oil Company of Kansas [545 ~Vm
Standard Oil Comuajiy ol Kentucky |B40
Standard Oil Company of Nebraska j57U J'?M
Standard Oil Company of New Jersey.... ',085 TtlSO
SatndarcT Oil Company of Nmt York.... [3311 T-'12
Standard Oil Company of Ohio [435 j445
Swan & Finch Company [130 |135
l.'nlon Tank Line 1101
Vacuum Oil Company .....|3su ;S!in
Washington Oil Company ) 40 1 45
WnfflEl-INC. W. Tu.. Jfov. 24. '16.
Furnished The lutalligenccr by A. E. Aluten Ac Co..
mom be M Xew VorU Slock Kxchanfo, National Bank
of West Virginia building. Wheeling. W. Vs. Jxiuis
b~. Brand, managor.
STOCKS. | Bid. | Ask.
American Sever Pipe -. . . ? . . . j J 18
American Window Glwi Midline ....... I 61*4 1 til
do preferred Jl 17 jl!8
American Window Glass, urcf.. 1 1 04 j
Caney Hirer Gas i 42Vj; 44
Consolidated Ice 5
Harhlsim -W.Ukor R?fictcrtc? j ilJti
do preferred [lOU
Independent Browing | 4%| 4-i
do preferred I 17 j 19 'j
Manufacturer's I.lght eUnt T j CtfJi
Natlnnal Kier I'roofllig j 7Ul 7-1*
Ohio Fuel ..J 56 !i* 57 U
Ohio Fuel Oil - ..^ 17 s| 1 7 -J*
do preferred ? 20V4j
Pittsburg Co nill Company I 45 | -*<? '-i
I'ittsburgli I'loe Ctlasi j jl'.'S
Union Switch & Signal j ill l
Wcstlnghouse Air KraJio ....]161 Uo2
Westinghotise Eloctrie 7 IIH^T
Wost Pain Traction & Wator Power [ 2-1 ?'3}4
Stock* 21.235.
LoBelle Iron I 8SHI SSlii S8>i| S9 | 30
Pure Oil 21H] I1H 21 21 | .110
V. 8. Oalsa i0!?| 40 K 40 ] 39;ii| 10 j 75
Sales 21.355.
WHEBUNO. W. V*. Nor. 24. *1?.
Furnished the Intelligence by a. K .Ma.iteu .'j Co.. !
members New York Stock Kichange. National Bank I
of West Virginia buildlug. Wheeling. W. A a. I.juu |
If. Brand, manager.
I Open. | Ulna. [ low. (Close. |
JIU1UIU7 J t>3.' 20 13! 1!* I'K j 20 .'.2 i
Ma rub |2 0 23 j 20 711 20 20 1 20'5 9 !
May - | ?0 43 20 H0| 20 40j 2" .k? !
July | 20 40 20 S7| 20 4"| 20 >3 !
October I 18 ?oj IS SS 18 ):>' IS >3 J
Decombor | ID 77 1 20 42j 19 74* 20 SS (
Private Wire to A. E. Mat! en A. 4.'o.
Joseph eays;-? Pros[>ects sumtaariKcd. the new* nf i
the day Is good. There la u lilg ri> .rt Interest in i
the inarkot. Buy fcuiultt-rs. Sugars, t;. S. .Rubber ?
and Steels, for turns. Avorago C. A fi., Kries. Tn'i ?
on New York Air ISrako tnul inspiration. Calumet i
and Jerome Copper shares act true to form.
financial Ken's:? LltutidaUon will pruhabl.v he al- j
lowed to ran lis courw. until tho technical condi- j
ttons shall be corrected, but there aro noif some In- j
dicatlons of a rally being near. More (.((-en will he !
offered during any share Mil*, nolalily In Steols and j
The Professional View:? Selling on all rallies in
the general stock market.
Journal of Commerce : ? The ws.rt In a seller of
numerous war stocks.
Sun: ? Money made from speculation in Industrials
shares and from fortunate development of business
lias been Invested In the seasoned Mils.
Wall Street Journal: ? Tho t'chnlcul position nf
the inarkot seems to be much stronger than has been
gum-rally assumed by profe-sslonal element, due in
great part to direct absorption uf stcurttler. by In
vest tors.
K. i>. K ecr h fi Co. say:? We expert further Irreg
ularity. but would buy good som-ks on recessions.
Harris. Winthrop Jt Co. ? Wo would take profiLs In
the Moclc market.
?losephtlial. l<omrhheim A ( o. a furtlier break mav
l.e ti-eil to buy rails, steels i-.nd codku.
I* inl<7, Barrell & Co.- -The nearness nf conyross
will ttmd to restrain jiarclitooti of slock*.
Recessions Caused By Pessimism of Day
Previous "Were Largely Overcome ?
Steel leads.
XKYV YORK, Nov. 24. ? Recessions
caused by the pessimism of the pre
ceding session were largely overcome
today, traders takinff renewal courage
courage from the failure of various un
favorable rumors to materialize. Deal
ings proceeded In a tentative manner,
however, with a complete absence of
the excitement and wild fluctuations
which characterized operations of the
early part of the month.
Construct ivo developments included
the declaration of an Initial dividend of J
five per cent on Atlantic. Gulf and West. 1
Indies, resumption of dividends on rall
wny steel springs, and new or Increased
disbursements by other Industrial com- j
panics. ,
Coppers as a group led tho recovery 1
on reports of a further demand for the
metal extending into the middle of next
K'nlted Rlales Steel was at the fore
front throughout, advancing almost 8
points to 12P. %.
Reading. Union Pnriflc and NorTolK?
and "Western represented the high graclo
rails at 1 to almost 2 point advances.
Total sales of stocks amounted to 1,270.
0(?n shares.
Rock Tsland debenture f.'s and copper
convertible issues were the strong frn
t tires of the bond tnarekl. Total sales
of bonds (par value 1 J5. 32o.flft0.
By Private Wire to Fidelity Investment Association
from lturrlj. Wlnthrop & Co.
KEW YORK. Not. 24. ? Tho market was smaller 1n
volume to-day but strong nit stone the line. The |
speculative public I* a large one ind thoy evidently .
are In tho humor to buy stocks. We liwew think
that It In being o\crdone again and that eventually '
If continued trill result In a serious decline on so:no I
of tho news tliat may coins along. Wo ri-onjmlzo the |
wonderful resistance to tho market as ncalnst the
heavy sides which took place yesterday, however.
Don' Jones says: Uallwuy Slenl Springs Co., do- !
c hired Quarterly dividend of l'i per cent on com- j
mon stock. . payable December !il) to stnek record IV- ,
comber 13. Also reirular Quarterly dividend of l ;i |
per cent on preferred stock, payable December 10 lo
stock record December 5.
This Is first dividend on common shares since
March 112nd, ISIS, h1io.ii 2 per cent was declared. I
Dow Jon-js says: tf projxisei copper consolidation
Is carriod out cn t'asis of recent negotiations It is
probable that tltalt Copper Company will become |
parent company taking over oLher companies by ?iv- j
log its shares in exchange. Kcnmcott and Oul* ;
Copper with |ierha.ps Cerro do 1'asro If controlling
Interests hi latter should accept Vtah's terms are
the companies most likely lo Ik- tbsorlicd. So far. j
it Is understood, agreement has not lavn reached on j
terms on ivhicli Chile Copper may go In Ideas of lb;- !
parties to tho transaction diffcrio. as to the price ,
to be paid for Chile shares. With ltr.nl en .wurod 1
through aeuulsltlon of Kcnnccott mid if Chilo "?emej
in the Ctali combination will tlien l aw the four I
lowest cost ccpiier mines In the world.
Philadelphia: A contract f"r 40 locnnvttves to cost
approximately S1.250.Oimi, was slimed by representa
tives of Itusslan govurument. with llaldwtn I-Kvono
tiro Works Thursday. According to President .Mhi- |
son the order swells total contracts signed liy Itald- !
win Co.. In last two weeks lo 100 locoinotr.os ultli |
?u aggregate vahiu of .$".'00,000. The remaining u)
ate for domestic roads.
W17EE1.TNC. \V. Va.. Nov. 24. M6.
Wholesale Prlccs.
Corrected by Parkor & Co.
Oranges. Florida $2 0C(<i2 00
Grape fruit, ail shtes 3 2.1 y. 50
California, lemons 4
I'.ananas 1 7.Vii2 !"J
Apples, per barrel 2 ."iO?.'.", 23
Apples, hulk, per 100 lbs 1 !>?
Onions, bushel 1 S0(?>2 'JO
Cabbage, barrel - OOiffi: 2j
Potatoes, bag 4 75
Potatoes, bushel 1 :?0
Sweet*. barrel ?. 25ci 19
Pears, barrel 4 .*>0
do per bushel 1 SO
California grapes 1 *5
Celery, dozen 40<?' <0
(Corrected by P. Bachman & Sons.)
Butter. Choose. Eogi and Poultry.
(Jreaniery butter t> ?? 40
Ohio and Pennsylvania :tj!? "S
Select eggs 42" 4 "
Fresh to meik 40i<i? 12
Storage nigs WIS' -10
Dressed ?
Springs 20
liens, puiuid -ii'il -0
Turkeys S3
Ducks 23ie r.O
ISrollcrs. fresh 2.14* .'>0
Geese 15^ 20
.Vive ?
liens, pound 12vr?>
Young chickens 12}v IS j
Roosters. pound S0J 10 I
Ducks, imuod .' 1'k4 I? j
1'lgeons. pair 2.V.V ;il? j
Private Wire to A. K. Masten & Cn.
XkiY YORK. Nor. 24. ? Despite considerable appro- :
hension and nervousness yesterday, the accumulation ;
of selling order; over nigh; win rather meagre an 1 j
as a consequence thereiif a finncr tendency was nh- i
served during llin day's se-siou. primarily as a le- I
stilt of mueit scattered sh<irt covering and u renewal i
of bullish operations in selected issues. Tbti day's j
news budget was not replete with interestinc items. .
as has been the casn recently, huge corporate protlts |
wero dlsi'usscii at length with many piedlctimi* of ,
extra dividends before the year end. To-dav's rally j
stems to bo in large p.'Mt a reflection of tip' d- ~ir* |
to even up short accounts over th" neck end as many
professionals ha'i couiinitted themselves lo the sePing j
side during the past few days with the expevtation i
in mind that outside licuidalion would a-stime i
larger proportions than it did. The itend of the j
market Is not clearly defined hut dealings In special '
ties will I ?crimps continue in various directions pend- j
lug influence's of a sort likely to increase the initia- j
tivo of largo market interests in eithei direction.
i:t !
Butter, Eggs and Cheese
"NEW YORK. Nov. L'4. liuttcr sd'adtor; ctvfitiKrr \
l?ichcr t lian "'liras 4 U 2i T/r 415c : rrcatiicrr rxtrys. !'J !
wore. 42c: firsts : .Mvomls
K^ks firmer: fresh KHflK-rml. extra fi nr? tOtf>'?Or:|
extra firsts 4<!'^4Sc; firsts 43(?i4r>c; ."wntls .0:^4:^; !
ni*nrby hennery whiles. fine fancy r?.':^ia ."ro : nn
by hennery lirowtiji SO'/' .r,i)C.
t'hcesp firm: Mat?\ 24li(8 <1?
u vera wo fan\v l!4?\
Pressed poultry lirm; ebieUens :'?.?? Mr ; fowl* l?W
?j::;* : turUeys r.4c.
lfIour tmsy.
NEW YORK. Nov. . ? Uradstreeta
tomorrow will say:
Trade in company witli Industrial op
erations. moves along at n record clip
witli products of the mine, tleld and fac
tory virtually selling t hemselves. wheth
er It be steel or iron, provision, dry
goods or furniture. On t li?- other hand
speculative markets ? stock, grain and
cotton ? end to lag, presumably because
of calls l'ur large margins of concern
about possible international political
complications, while retail trade in win
ter goods Is held in check by mild
weather. Buying of manufactured pro
ducts Instead of being stayed by higher
prices, seems to have become frenzied
because of fears of further advices, be
cause of concern about future available
supplies and because It is recognized
that unparalleled consumption overtaxes
production. The most serious car short
age in the country's history rentier It
difficult to get goods to point.1} of desti
nation and of course, jo ship outputs
from centers of production, the most
esverely affected lines being coke, coal,
lumber, grain, steel and iron.
Weekly hank clearings, $0.7 1 0.00 1. ^00.
WHEELING. W. V.i . \"nr. 'Ji. '16
Dally Quotation list of tbe Wheeling Stock Ex
STOCKS. I Rlil. t As!:. JI, S.
Hloch Bros. Tob. Co. pfd 100 ',02 1102
do common ' I |100
On t rat (ilass Worki ?' 1 AO { jus
Conservative Lifo Insurance i 11 I ! 11
Oi roan I*i ro Inmraiut Co ' I !"'?
(SI Ko*lorta Glass I'd ? J 1121
Hazel-Atlas Mlass I'o ' :K'I ta1
(2Mni]>iTial (Jliis* < 'otinm n y 100 |l?l Till
1. 11 Cello Inn Work*, pref I 134 jl34
tin common
sn ! .
Market Auditorium ? j ' .r.2 "?t
Netiralgvline i'o I P." jli2
I'ldted Dairy , "6
I IT. s. Stamping I'll _ 1 1 30 :1!'>
I Ward Raking Co. |.r.l . . !>!?4"|<mi 9H
; ill* common | ? I S'fj
I Wamick China <"u. pfil j j j P5
I ilo common ! 1 j ??
H'Miii;1 i\ liailmnnt lir.dgo Cn....| 21' ; ^ 20
I Wheeling lllidge I'o j I
| Wheeling Metal & Mfg. Co !
I Wheeling Mol.l Ar Ktly i'o : ' >'2
| Wheeling Steel .V. Iron i''o _5 5i!
| Wheeling Steel Casting to |... *1 ?')
| Wheeling Til-i Co
! ( I iWhitaker illessuer i'o. |i!<! j 12* 121
I do common ?? ;
j Cltlr<*ns Savings A- Trns: I'ii I 'jr t 12'J
1 1 1 ? Transfer liorki e!ofi< Nor. 20. tor 2 i cr rent
I cash dividend payable Dec. 1.
I i2(- Trander lunik* ilose Nr.i. 20. f.-r an citia dir
Idem! ot I ??' per cent, payable licceinlier I.
I'D- Transfer liook; ??!(?? Oct. tor 2 t?r rent
i cash dividend piralde Nov. I. Rooks cloie l>ec. S,
J lor an extra cash iliriilei.il payable I'ec. ii.
Sewing Club Entertained.
Mis. r. V. Terrell was hostess to the
Wtirw.ind Sewing Club yesterday after
I noon. The afternoon was pleasantly
spent in ih-? making of attractive urlicb-s
and a delicious luncncon was served in
Those present were : Mesdames Geo.'
Kossuth. .lolui O'Connor. I'earl
naugh. T. Hood. H. Shearing. i'?rl
.N'esltnann, Burns Murray, U'. K. McNa
mara. \V. P>. Mc'nlla. \V. ,f. McKadocn.
Christmas Entertainment,
The I ..'idles' Aid Society of I he M. 15.
church is making elaborate preparations
for the Christmas entertainment which
will hi- held prior to t'ic holidays. .Y'.r*.
i S. .1. I ten 11 is ehairmai1. and will he as
sisted by Mesdamt-x Harry IJibbee, W.
Morris and .Miss Corn Wilt?rs.
Notice to Taxpayers.
This is t lie Inst ;|av Treasurer l'. i-.
Ilice will he located at tile llr#?e ho:*?ft
fur I lie collection of taxes, lie. however,
will observe office- breirs at iiis home on
' Richland avenue, i"itil 1 1 1. ? lime of <lis
eminl expires, which will be November
. an.
' Will Pay IncifcRsR.
I P. I.. Poole i he manufacturer of
i "Pool's Utile llavannns." ha* agreed to
[ pay his men the 'ncrtase h J1.00 per
j thousand.
Woi-ltlng- on New Truck.
The volunteers of Soiiih Warwood are
Very busy i-nuinpii.g their pew truck,
with chemicals which they recently pur
i chased from the Holla ire lire depart merit.
American Guaranteed Paint
At Factory Price
i Moore Rrothers, Warwood. W. Va.
| Decides Not to Run.
1: has been rumoied thai !?'. \V. Mi
: hit ii. Warwood counri'.man. whose name
has been suggesietl -is a nominee f"r
j mayor, will not enier the race, on sic
1 count of persnn.'tl business matters.-,
1 which occupy his #-n'l?o time.
Decided Snccess.
Th?- second of a series of tinner '-s whi M
I was helil Insi nil*])' at l.aseh's lmli by
the Alpha rjnmmn Tan's was an ??xtr.em??
ly pleasant affair. The appuintmeni s
which were all of Thanksci vim: nat'.ire
were very ntiractiv". The ne\f diinee
w'cb'li will be given by ibis popular s< t.
will probably be held tmrlng the Christ
mas holidays.
Bake Sale.
Tiw I. ?lilies' A ill .-"'m il Iv iii' I hi> l.'l !i
??r:m i-imp''! will ? I ?l :i Tlinnitsirl vinjr
inarkM ni Slorif ?- Tl*< tnsis. on Wi-iIiiah
iliiy. No\vml?"r 'J?.
Personals nnd Briefe.
Mrs. ? I'. Muty :? i ? ? I (IuiikIiI-t. \*ir
K in in 'ir?: spriwliiiir !'"? Wi-k-i-inl v.:'M
Mrs. I'otj's |i;ir*Mi* :? Mr. iiihI Mrs.
i '. I.az fil r. of StoiiluMtvilln. 1 >.
' Mrs. l'ri'il K'-nmni'iul. of Twcnl y-:irst
si ri'tit. Is iii.
Mrs. Wilson i. *o\, of ('union. ? Is
visiiliiK h?>r |>?iri'iits. Mr. atnl Mrs; i'lia?.
Siniili, of Ohio nvonufl.
Mrs. J. I'. I'osli-r, of St?\ili?*n villi*.
whs ilir gunst of Mrs. I'. K. It ire. y.jfi
Mr. <"!. .1. Mover nnd family havo r?i
Schedule of Through Cars
Between 25th Street Warwood and
8th Street Benwood
Effective Sunday, November 12, 1916:
From Benwood ?
Daily uxo-pt Sunday ? 5:15 A. M. ami every fifteen minutes thereafter
until 1 2 :*0 0 iniilniKlit. except that 11:4fi P. M. car goes to First Street only.
Cars leaving 12:15 anil 12:30 A. Al. go to Tenth Street only.
Sunday only ? !? : 0 0 A. M., fi:S0 A. M.. 7 :'i(i a. M., 7:30 A. M.. and every
fiftrcn minute; then-after. the schedule from then on being same as week
From 10th Street ?
Daily except Sunday ? 4 : II 0 A. V> nnd every fift'-en minutes thereafter
until 12:00 midnight. I-Jist car. i - : -J 0 A. M. 12:15 our to l-'ir.st Street only.
Sunday only ? .".10. 5:45. 6:15, 0 : t! 0. 7:00. 7:30. 8:00 A. M? and every fif
teen mimttcs thereafter. The schedule from then on being aame as week day.
From Warwood ?
Dailv except Sunday ? 4:53 A. M. and f very fifteen minutes thereafter
until U:".'t7 P. M. ? last car to Benwood. Cars leaving at 11:53 P. il. arxi
12:08, 12:23 and 12:5.'! po to Tenth Street only. Car leaves Warwood for
l-'irst Stri ct only at 1:23 A. M.
Sunday only ? 5:38, 6:0S, 0:38, 6:5 3, 7:23, 7:38. 7:53 and 8:23 A. M.. and
every fifteen .minutes thereafter, tlie schedule from then on being same b-3
week day.
Wlvm the above described service Is inaugurated th? following new
rules will be in pffect covering operation of the Wheeling-Woflsburg cars
between Tenth Street, Wheeling:, .and 2Gth Street, Warwood:
Cars will .stop at the regular stops between above points for the purpose
of discharging passengers who have boarded car at or north of 2fitb Street.
Warwood. Cars will not be stopped to receive passengers between these
points cxcept at 19th and 5th Street, Warwood and First Street, Wheeling.
Cars will make local stops between above points for the purpose of re
ceiving passengers who desire to ride north of 25th Street, Warwood, but
will not make stops between these points to discharge passengers except at
First Street, Wheeling, and 5th and 19th Streets, Warwood.
Wheeling Traction Company J
204-205-206 National Bank of West Vs. Bids.
LOUIS F. BRAND, Manager.
J turned lo their home on Ohio avenue, af- J
} tor a two weeks' visit with Harri.svillo j
? relatives.
i J. E. Kline is confined to his home |
; with grijjpe.
Misses Jessie Oliver and Leona Monie, ,
j of Ceda r Rocks. W. Vu? were guests of
I Miss mull Xesliitt Thursday. 1
.Mrs. \V. K. A Urn. of New Cumberland,
i W. V?.. who addressed the missionary,
, meeting on Thursday evening, in tho
: Presbyterian church \v;is entertained by
I Mrs. C. E. Dehus. while here.
i Miss J,tila C rat-sap. of MoimdsvlU-j.
j who has been visiting Mrs. R. S. i>enn, |
j returned home yesterday.
I Mrs. .1. Reed, of Ohio avenue, is ill.
I ___
(Continued from Page Eig-ht.)
j t re School, place of nice! in?. Rev. RaJph
l A. Harshmati. pastor. X?v. 2i>. twenty- 1
'third Sunday after Trinity. Divine wor- J
j ship with sermon hy the pastor at 10:80 j
a. in. Sunday School at 2:30 p. m.
i Brotherhood meeting next Wednesday)
i evening at the homo of Mr. W. J. Kaiser, j
j I, lit heron Thanksgiving services at the
j First: English Lutheran church on
| Thursday at 10 a. m. "Thanksgiving
I 'Market " at Stone and Thomas Store,
I next Wednesday all day.
! Christian Church, Seventeenth nnd
I Richland Ave., Warwood. Francis M.
I Biddl?\ Minister. Bible School. 0 :1." a.
' in. Carl Caruthers, Supt. Lord's Sup
per J I a. rn. Song Service and Sermon
7:30 p. in. Harry E. Boyd, Chorister.
Tuple "Two Kinds of Co-operation."
Fnion Tlianlcsgi ving service in Preshy
lerian t'hurcli. Wednesday evening Nov.
I'iuh 7 :3u p. m. V. P. S. i'. 1%. 11:45 p. m.
Divine services will lie held in the
/ion's K\ Lutheran Church on X. Fifth
Street, on Sunday at 1 0 :.'!0 a. m. and
7 p. in. Tin- l<-ss<oi for the morning
v.-rvires is Malt. JU : i ."-"2 and the sub
ject is "Taking Counsel Against Jesus."
Tie- Sunday School will be h'-ld at- 0:15
a. in., -B. ]?'. Schillingcr. pastor.
St. Joan's Kvangelical Lutheran
church. North Fourth St. <\ Frederick
Frank*. Pastor. Bible School at 0:15 a.
'in. Morning service at 10:Sfi, subject,
j"Sins of Omission." Junior Luther
League at S:3u p. in. Vesper Service at
T : ::t?. subject. "An Awkward Conscience."
j UY cordially invite you to participate in
(these services.
: First Methodist Episcopal church,
| corner Church street and Broadway,
; tin rues villi;, Ohio. Price Alexander
I Crow. Ph. !).. minister. "What Arc Je
i liovah's Uei|iiironionts?" will be Ihe
| pastor's morning theme Sunday. In the
?*v?-niiig, Cure For the World's Ills."
Stirring anthems and great hymns for
thr- congregation led in* Prof. L. L.
j I Ian Ion's trained choir. The Bible
J school invites all who are interested in
'?knowing the Holy schiptures. Miss
i 'lover Judkins leads I he Thanksgiving
' Ep worth League praise service. Sunday
levelling in the chapel. The praise ser
j vice Wednesday evening is better than
?ever. One hundred men are wanted for
I next Wednesday evening. Public Thanks
giving Day worship in the First Preshy
terlan church. Thursday morning, 10:30
o'clock. First church Joyfully unties.
,IC the "wet interests' 'of this city wish
I to bring on fill election and make the
! city more thoroughly prohibition than
ever, the christian men and women are
ready and willing io meet the challenge.
Si. Paul's Ev. T.ut'n. Church. 'Bridge
port. Main street. Rev. Otto Wend el.
I'astor 2."rd Sunday after Trinity.
Sunday School and Rible Class at 0:30
a. in. Divine services in the German
Language at 1.0:1." a. m. English Ves
per services at 7:30 p. m. Wednesday
evening at 7 : meeting of the Sunday
School teachers.
Christian Church. McMeehen. Corner
! -1th and Logan streets. Parsonage, in
I same block nn Fifth. C. W. Fuller. Jr..
j Minister. Roll Phone 105-.T. Bible
.School 10 u. m. Earl Freeman, Stiper
! Intendent. Morning worship. 11 o'clock,
j Junior Endeavor " p. m.t Senior En
! ilea.vor C:?.0 p. m. Evening' worship 7:30
o'clock. Wednesday evening the 20 th.
1 I'nlon Thanksgiving services at 7:30 in
! the Christian church. Sermon hy Cyrus
j A. Ryler, minister. Church of God. :
i Choir rehearsal Friday evening.
1 St. Alathew's Lutheran Church, Rev. |
C. F. Ilcln. Pastor. 412 Water St., Ren-;
j wood. U'. Va. Memorial Sunday: 0:30
. -i in. Sunday School and Rible" < 'lass;
? : f'::'.ti :i. ni. Divine Services in the Oer
? Man liiiigi.-age with sermon appropriates ,
lop Memorial Sunday: 7 : -1 p. m. English)
Wsper Services. Friday at S p. m. choir \
rehearsal. Vou are cordially invited to
' at tend our services. j
U I'.KKl.lNl.;. W. V? . Nov. 22. '16
t Wlicctuie Live Stock ( 'omniisaion Co.)
. Cattle. good to raoicc. l.0"0 to 1.300. ..I 0 7'H"
j out)*, fair to good. you 10 1.100...
. Cuttle, good to rhok'O. SOfl to !<0....
' Cattle, fair ij good. .SUM to 900
I good. 700 tu Sui)
' Cattle, cotiiuiou
j IJerf bulls
I'ulogllH llllllS
Ofl ?
I lots
i-Uoioii. ls0 ami" ui>
got kI. ISO 10 115 .
fair to good. 100 t.i 100.
1" if tf "J
75<< C -5
."ill -/1 tj 00
50 j* 5 50
ir,\H 6 JO ;
o0"?' 0 '0
5&<4f 5 75
jOdt 1 ?' j i
;o - i)
?in. I
; Hiiwi
j rtllr.-l
i Ml
si t a . . .
good ....
.>1)1111', ;l .
fl[irji;K lambs. rhi
LqjiiIk. ttills and
1 1 ms. i. ?ino tn i.2no.
a so
:i HO'".
ooi<? ; t o ;
oorf. t; oo '
?jo ; i oa !
? >0 >!$ 1 0 50 I
uDur oo ?
.'<)<?( 1 2 on ,
Vrftl Cull
Light. I..
.1, l:
Hid coiiimoti c* Ire*.
Sax. Patterson L
1.004 to 1.200
900 to 1.000
10 Mtoll
0 OOts S
?l to
[>?50 .
tip. 700 to iuO
811 EK1*
, 7 99# ? so I
6 JOtjC 7 CO ?
0 oo? a io ;
5 00 <*iP 6 00
1 0U(tf 5 .J ?
!> S0(4 0 -5 ;
3 00$ 5 50
3 75? 3 VO !
3 60(31 0 70 j
7 00. iff 0 0J 1
tl OlXSf ?? 00
r? oo$ 6 oo
U 00$ 5 09
8 30(310 23 I
8 50 4) 11 50 i
11 MiStf 00 !
8 00<?li> 00 I
S3 OOis'75 00 {
Sheep. comiiioit
I.MUifoi. w5.tr k g?>xi
I.au'.t*. fdlr to goid
t'alvtH, eiu*. good
fair to good
Fresh cotrs. per Iwiil
PITTrfllUltfW. Nor. -4. ? CuttHi Jrte*<ljr; eupply j
Jifibt: rboir^ ?Q.ni)(^D.50; prima JiJ.dO? 10.00.
Sheep HU*a<ly : supply lurht; prime warfares $$.00<& t
S.33: cull .uui ??viurnon 50.50 (gtu. 00; Inmlw $4.00(3? [
Vfsl .-nlvfti Jlili0.<i<]5.00.
llogs dtt:aiiy. rccolpU 25 fioublt) d(v.k*; ^rlino
lii'urirH Jlll.OOoriO.lO; medium* *nd bfvivy york.n ,
t.!?S0itf?.i>5: light yorkoni $S.50(39.00; plfj tS.90iJ j
?.<0; ruugtn T*n0!?P.40.
iMlC.AGO. Sov. 21. ? Jlocs. rotviitiU I.S.P00; srmiu:. !
Hi to 15 ceuts atfiro ycnlurd&y's uvortgo; bulk J3.20"f I
10.00: lirlit i8.55ftf9. 75 ; :nin>d $3. 15t3 1 0. 10 ; tiaavy 1
$9.?(rfl0.2tl: rough $3.45^3.4.5; pUH S6.50W10.25. I
ooir? nod lwJfnrs {.1.55^3.50 ; oalvw [email protected]. |
Kbeoii, roonlpta 8,000; utrouc; uiitLora ts.00vts.30 '
e?n3 H.M)(^S.00: Uniba JS.50(g 12.25.
OH/ CTTT, Pa.. Kov. 2i.~ Oixllt balATiivH {2.00;
tueb 4B.?28H wrerage 84.054; aUlpmnnU 25.071: aver- J
40, IPC.
BOGTON, Nov. 24 ? Tho CominerdaJ
Bullfitln will Bay tomorrow:
"There was a steady demand for wool
during the wcok and prices advanced
slowly but surely. Sales of territory
wools In the original bags hevo been I
mado largely In the rangre of DO cents
to $1.00.
"AttmnptH to contract wool hero and ;
there In tho west, did not result In much
of tho product being taken. Manufnc-i
turers who have made a further ten per !
cent udvuncu in wages, are well sold;
aheud oil Koodw and iind th? demand for ,
cluth sufociont to enable them to reaJ-1
lxo hlffhor prices, 1
812-813 Schmulbach Bldg.
Bell 1336 ? National 765.
R. R. Marshall, Mgr. Bond Department
Members ?Wheeling' Stock Exchange
Successors to
Stocis, Bonds and Underwriting,
35 Twelfth Street.
Bell 906; Nat'l. 923.
Correspondent of
Members of New York Consolidated
Stock Exchange.
Stocks and Bonds. Direct "Wire to all
Primary WarketB.
National 291. Bell 2160
301-2Gd Schmulbach Building.
Stocks, Bonds and Insurant*.
Either Phone 983.
401-2-3 German Bank Building
Members of Wh'g Stock Exchange.
S. J'. Norton- G. W. Nort&n
Stocks, Bonds, Keol Estate.
636 Nat. Exchange Bank Bldg.
Inquirif.K Solicited.
Telephone No. 8S.
Members Wheeling Stock E change.
New York and Local Stocks and Bonds.
' Members Wheeling Stock Exchange.
, Members Wheeling Stock Eschar^??
I All orders and inquiries given prompt
I Attention.
! Bell 403 315-322
! Natl 342 Schmulbach Building
Stock, Bond and Investment
Rooms 215, 221 222 Schmulbach Bldg.
Members Wheeling Stock Exchange
Bell 23 and 99. Natl 23 and 99
International Lire
Stock Exposition
. DECEMBER 2nd-9th.
Tickets on sale December 3, 4
and 5. Final return limit De
cember 13, 1916.
For full information, consult
Ticket Agents.
::.oo round trip l'rom Wheeling and Mar-,
tins Ferry every Saturday, returning"
-Monday. J 1.75 round trip every Sunday,
$1.76 round trip to Canton, groin* Saw
urday. returning Sunday. $1.50 round
trip every Sunday.
NEW YORK" Nov. 24.? Mercantile
rap'.-r 3^c. Sterling-. 60 day bills $4.71'^
commercial 60 day bilLa on banks $4,70 5*4
commercial 60 day bills $4.70 H J doman<H
J4.75rk; cablos 14.70 7-15. Franc*. de-?
:n:md S5.S4U; cables ?5.8 8^4. Maries, de^
uiand fiS*ic; cables 68 13-16C, KronerJ
demand $11. SO; cabins $ 11.3 2. Qnlldenw
demand 40 13-16; cables 40?<i. Llr?f*|j
demand S <>. 7 ri ; cable3 $6.72*4. Rubles^
demand $30.40; cables X30.50. Bar allves
73VaC. Mexican dollars 58 ^ic; govam-?
ment bonds, steady: railroad bonda
strong. Time loans lirm; 60 and 90 day*
and 6 months 3 Ho. Call money. oaateH
high 4o; low, 2c; rtil.'ng rate 4c; laal
loan 2 Vic; closing bid 2c; offered at S*iaJ
NEW YORIC. Nov. 24. ? The Metal -vr^'
change quotes load $7 20&7 30. Ppelteff
pf^aiiv; spot> Kast St. Louis delivery
12 % (Jj! 1 2 T* .
At London lead ?30. l?e; spelter STiS*
Copper firm; electrolytic first quarter!
$32 50'3'38 50; second quarter $31 SO?''
33 00.
Metal exchange quotys tin steadyji
spot $45 2r. @45 75.
Iron (Irm; No. 1 northern $27 50^'
2S 50: No. 2. ?26 5&??2? 50; No t south
ern <2*; 75 ff 27 75: No. 2. $2? 50-9127 50^
At London spit ropper ?14 1, 1<is; fu
tures ?140; electrolytic ?!fi": sp'.?t tin
?130, 5s: futures ?132. r? s* .
NEW vnng. V.1V r?.? IUtr >u. -?r r?nt?rii-,
eal Jit. n2: molasses retired <la!l: fine
tiled $7.sn.
Sugar futures nficnml UlldtT K?'t*red
dation. At n??n rrl<v\s wet* 5 to 1 1 point*
nnK?l steady and 4 to IS points Iow?r. Sa'i-?;
22.700 tons; December I-t.TS; JimtiHrr J4 !$; Ma.r>-a;
yrw mnic. .v.rr. 2?.? Ooffe*. Tt>n v? r.
futared steady: D<vmcb?r S. IQ.j ? March
Mrs. Mary Schullze, of 40C6 TYoort
street, appeared before Squire Pobbs
ypsterdav and ask^d that her son-in-j
law C. Ehvood Seihold be ordered:
away from her home. She complained
ho owrrl hor $155 for hoard and rent
and was making no effort to pay 1:.
She said when she gave him * hers
daughter ulie did not. fidojjtJliiu,

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