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You Taks Cars of Your
i 5
&D 3
and Bowels j
With Blacko Stomach and Liver Tablets
No need to try rj\ patch up a poor
pisrestion--wtrh tonic?, suit?, oil or
any "baby" medicine. You ne?vl *o
attack the real crus* of yo?r Ail
ments ? dogged Live i and congested
bowels ? vrith a medicine powerful
enough to rive immediate results;
strength to drive from the digestive
tract all undigested, fermented and de
cayed food; that will eliminate all t*e
mucus and catarrhal matter from the
liver and bile ducts: you need all tbt>
done in a soothing, heaiing and re
building way.
The power of Biacko Stomach arc
Liver Tablets over Constipation, Incii
? sasf!on. LJiliousee.-s. Keada< ani\ ?
dyspepsia remains unequalled by any '
oih^r combination of drills. j
i r>UR GX7 AR A XTEK- Thoy co?? ?oi? !
2.^c at any retail store that soil niedl- ;
cir^s. Vott a box ? try them un j
your o'.vn and if they ilo not 'io >
you more r>val. permanent good than. }
all the medicine you havo ever used? J
go back and the druggist v.* 1 11 refund
tn you "Double" the retail pricv.
j There is r.o strings or red tape to
i this ? oak your druggist.
The Blr.cko Medicine Co., Chariot- ?,
i ton. W. Va. ? Adv.
^?president in report says the
^?Government Ownership, He Says, is
Undesirable and Unnecessary ?
General News of Ohio.
Intelligencer Bureau.
Columbus, O.. Nov. 24.
V The Ohio Independent Telephone
W association is holding its annual st\<
9 si on in this city. Moro than 350 tr!e
' phone men are in attendance. Presi
dent Frank L. Beam, in his address,
said that there are more than
telephones in use in Ohio, of which
450, 4S9 are operated by indepeneuot
ilr. Beam asserted that sovemtnmt
ownership ot' telephone companies is
unnecessary and undesirable, in view
of the successful operation of public
utilities law was si von special praise
' throughout the country. Th^ Ohio
' utilities law was given especial praise
by the speaker, who said that mem
bers of the commission enforcing the
law had given satisfaction to all per
sons concerned.
The increased cost of materials and
service were dealt with by li. R. Stev
ens, of Columbus, general commercial
superintendent of the Ohio State Tele
phone company, who urged that in
tensive cultivation of the telephone
field and careful supervision of ex
penses be inaugurated to combat in
creasing expenses.
Donahey Enthusiastic.
State Auditor I'onahey and if II.
The first sneeze is
the danger signal.
Time to take?
The old family remedy? in tablet
form? safe. sure, easy to take. No
opiates, no unpleasant after etfects.
Cures colds in 24 hours? Crip in 3
days. Money back if it fails. Ger
the genuine box with Red Top and
" * Mr. Kill's picture on it? 25 ccuts.
At Any Drug Store
_ 3
Anderson Co. j
Dressmakers Importers j
Goodwin Corsets
Ladies' Tailors Pleating j
Pinking Hemstitching ij
Buttons Covered Picot Edge j
1105 Chapline St.
Opp. Y. W. C. A. Wheeling, j
i* ? j
'Judiciously cotubtneu with iuI.Kv-'- ?
to cure disease than all the druiM j
known. With this wonderful new j
method I re?tored to health numbers ?
of patients aft<T others failed. t-'if- 1
t?en years successful pra<-il<-e. Con- j
sulfation free.
Dr. G. W. Boiler j
OSTEOPATH. Sfat'i Paone No. 53S. }
8342 CliapUne Street. (JTear 24tih) j
A new barrel of Rockland'
MoIslssps ? >h'< old-fashloiv.'d
Louisiana cane syrtsp ? has
Just bcf*n Ginned. You'll like
It. better order sotni rifcht
20 c a Qt. ? 70c a Gal.
Terra Alta
Grown in the tVsst Virginia
mountains and ground to a tine
rr.o-sd on stones. Xothins: bet
ter for hot cakes at breakfast.
Price 7^ a Pound.
New Candied Fruits for
Home Candy Making
3ffnt Meats and Tiff's
Candled Cherries
Candled Pineapple
Candled Citron
CanrUed Oranye Peel
Cand-ie-ft Lemon Peel
Seeded and Seedless Raisins
? Now SI. 45 a Sack.
852 Either Phone. jj
IjD+4 IrXa-rket Street. j
hi ~ --- ii :
; Timpkr-n. of ('anion. members of ;i j
; state commission n: . I for the j
i purpose of gathering data on the I
| establishment of a state institution fur j
| the care and treatment ot crippled j
'children. returned today after :? n in- j
, spection of the insiiiiuiou lot Indigent i
Crippled and Deformed Chiidren at
St. raul. "Minn., ami are prepared to
?report to the next legislature mi tiie i
subjevt. Auditor Ponahey was highly j
Pleased with results obtained at !!.?? j
St. Paul institution. !?<? said p'-r ?
?cent of the childr sent there were j
cured. Donahey is in favor of estate ]
' lishias such an institution in Ohio in . j
! connection with the medical school j
: of Ohio university and lat>-r building:;
!a separate institution.
To Sell Telephone Company.
Application was made to the slate j
.utilities commission today by the* ;
! I'iqua Home Telephone company ( i n- ? |
i dependent to sell its property exclu- . |
, sive of real estate to the Central :j
j Union Teleptoae company ( Dell) lor;;
I $1*2.500. 'i
i The Newark Telephone company :
asked the commission today (o author
ize an issue of $."> '.e<)0 common and ?
$50,000 preferred stock for the purpose (
of making extensions and betterments. U
To Erect Coliseum. ij
| A coliseum seating U.'imi persons''
;antl costing ?2e0.o;iii will l>? con- j
| - truer ed at the state fair grounds in j
?rhis city to accommodate the sr.eo.ooo
persons who are expected to attend'
the National I'ttirv show to be held !
! here next October. Tentative plans,
jxilready have beets prepared by an j
architect. j
Ouster Refused. !
The common pleas eottri today re-'
fused to oust Julius F. Stone and Ceo.
K. Williams from the Franklin county
conservancy commission, as requested 1
; by several thousand residents of the;
'West Side, which suffered so heavily
'in the flood of 1 !.? 1 . The two mem-'
: bers of the commission approved a.
|:en million dollar conservancy plan,!
| which the West Side residents op- !
i posed. .
j Held for Theft.
; John Mallov. aged 45 years, a con
I I ractor. whose family had reported
i hirn as missing, was found today in j
?the county jail, where he was con j
'lined iti connection with the alleged y
I ? heft of diamonds valte-d at SI. 200. 1' ;
j is said that a youth took the diamonds j
; and gave them to Malloy while they,;
[were working in the house. Mallov ;
denies r lie charge. j!
Blew a Safe.
Robbers blew open the sale in the !
Custer Ha ilk at Custer, la Wood j
county, tod '. v and escaped with $2.00". ;
hiar.kers were useil to muffle the ?
sound, and although the interior of |
the bank was wrecked, not a sound j
of -the explosion was heard in the vil- ?.
iag". Poors were tied to prevent, the
'residents giving chase had they been j
; aroused.
| A Serious Charge. J
The supreme court has been asked
: ? > revoke the license of Common I'leas
Judie Terrenc?* Reynolds, of Geauga
county, v. ho is alleged to have faked
a certificate from high school when
he -..ok the bar examination. He was
admitted to the bar in 1L>13 and elected ?
judge of the county in 1 f* 1 4 . If he is j
disbarred, he automatically will be re- j
moved from the judgeship.
Instantly Killed. !
1 John I'icoia. aged Go years, of Camp]
Chase, was run over and instantly!
killed by a Pennsylvania train atj
Trabue I'iko crossing today.
Charged with Bigamy.
Evans C. Yearic-k. aged "53 years, an ? |
electrician, of Ilellefon'e, l'a., who i
( was married tit Marion, O.. on Oct. 1a, . |
'to Eva Moon, was arrested at Dayton, j
;(>.. today and taken back to Marion;
to answer a charge of bigamy.
Seeks Appointment.
Governor Willis was asked today to1
appoint Harry Koutzohn. judge-elect
of the ptobate court of Montgomery
county, for the unexpired term of ?<
Judge Roland W. Baggo?. who takes;
his seat on the court of domestic rela-ji
tion- Jan. I. The probate judge term j
doe? not expire until Feb. 0, the un- '?
expired term beine only for five!
weeks. Judge Bausrot and his sue-!
cessor. Mr. Koutzohn. called on the!
governor today.
Sudden Death.
WILMINGTi >X. A. 1-. P.ailey. rice-!
president, of the Clinton County Na
tional bank, apparently in good health,
walked into a store here today, sat
down in a chair and died without a
: moment's warning from heart dis
ease. Bailey was a leader in Clin- (
ton county's affairs and was connected
? with all Wilmington's industries
I RONTON*. .Mrs. David Alters, age
? 21' years, is dead from a bullet wound
in the neck, inflicted by a woman
! neighbor. v*i;o sho' through a door at
! her. mistaking her for a burglar.
HAMU.TO.V When an automobile
skidded today four m>-!! riding in the
machine were injured. John Sharpe.
Grateful Mothers
Tell Experiences
j Mrs. T. N'eureucr, Eau Claire. Wis.,
: ?writes: "Foley's Honey anil Tar Cum
i pound cured tny boy ot" a very severe
attack of croup after other remedies
had failed. Our milkman cured h:3
children of whooping cough. -I
recommend it to every one, .'is v.- ?>
know from our own experience that tt
Is a wonderful remedy for coughs, ;
colds. croup, and whooping cough."
.Mrs. 1). Gllkeson, Youngstown, O., ;
writes: "My little girl had a severo
cold ntid couched fduiOst continuous,
ly. X tried lots of couch remedies, but
Fhe rlidn't get any Letter. My sister
recommended Foley's Honey and Tar
Compound to me. Tho first dose I j
gave her relieved tiie inflammation ! .
in her throat, and Jifter using' ona !
bottle the cough lrft her."
This p'erlir.g old remedy ban been j
' I r? use for ynrs nnd is Just eiH- !
! cient for adults as for children. Tt j
gives relief for irritated and tickling j
throat, tight and sore chesl, grippe ?
arid bronchial coughs.
Tor Soda John Coleman Co.
? BH
| The
1 Rush
I f?r
j Overcoats
i us
1 J&?EN are no longer consid
| *** ering whether it is time
| to buy an overcoat. They
I are considering where to
| get it.
I Here are some facts for
fj men who want the best Over
| coats they can buy for
I '15.00
I ho Overcoats we re .sol hng now at $15 nut
class completely am Overcoats sold elsewhere at
anything approaching this price.
We show a much larger variety of new styles,
patterns and color effects at ?15 tl uin yon can see
anywhere else.
Our Overcoats measure up to the style ie
qnireiuents of the most particular man. \Toii can't
get better looking Overcoats any where.
No better wearing Overcoats are made within
$"> to $S than this splendid collection of Overcoats
we are selling now at $15.
For more than thirty-five years the men m|"
Wheeling have found faith in the statements we
brim? to vou in our daily news.
It is to our interest that you come to this si<ro
for your Overcoats, but it is just as much to your
interest, if you only knew it.
1122 - 24 Market Street.
Our Boys' Overcoats and Mackinaws will keep the snow and
rain out and keep the warmth in ?
$2.98 S3.95 S4.90 S6.9<>
i grocer. and John Shaffer probably
Colds Cause Headache and Grip.
1<AXATIVIC j:K< >.MU vjl.' IN IN'IH removes
the cause. K'.iotmbor to cull for Jull
name. Look for signature of 13. W, '
GKOV'E. 25c.
Russia, Turkey and Austria, now at ?
bayonet points, were, a few short. I
years ago, alive with laughter, gayetv I
and song, and if was in this period.}
'just before the great war," that th'j j
comic and romantic ovenis of "lvatin-i
ka" which comes to Court theatre this
afternoon and evening transpired. |
At that time, it was possible rnrj
the little Katinka and her lover Ivan !
and their American friend Hopper > o j
journey from Yalta, Russia, to Stain
boul, Turkey, and thence to Vienna
without exciting the suspicion of play
goers, and making the author of thA
journey explain minutely how they i
iould get through the various military!
lines. Now ? luit Otto Hauerbach. au- 1
ihor of the play, isn't worried about
he now. He fixed the time of the ad
ventures of his pilgrims in hriehier
Katinka. bo It knnvrn, was a little |
Russian miiiden. with a heart of he.-i
own. but with a hand not at her .lis
?losal. H was for the latter reason!
thai she was forced into a disagree
:i hie marriage with the elderly lloris, J
while her heart, yearned for the lnind-i
some young Ivan. Ivan saw no reason |
r o bow to fate because Katinka did.:
With the assistance of a ivide-nwak" I
American friend, he did a little ama-j
tour detective work that Wl to the!
iliscovcry that. Boris already had otv ,
wife, who had sought refuge in ;
Turkish harem to escape front h >? r j
hated husband.
3I"dlc-il nvti, -i I ->id? i <- ?
e..,irf,] pi' i.eui ?.] \ ->rt)on~ !ni:>
? ? 1 1 1? i> ? Tl ? :?! ih?- < *? <i i ?? ! Tli- vn i . - r- - !
liny .nt>il th'- d:iy !.?? ? r"i >r- - . wh- n 'Cw-ilinht '
SI* "i" was shi'wn.
The films find h-.tnr-' v.-;-. } , i t; i ? I rip-'
IT'-.-lMi- rl by ever in ;? iji . v- !
i.'il prominent p-nnh- ili-i-lnr- .1 that tli.v-l
h.MV TK-V.-r hef..|V seen |.|-..iii|i-| inn i
f I ? ; A 1 1 n it with a stlhj'-.'t i.f inii'-li i i - J
|.ei l.-iiii-n ;o hlimani t> .
'>W!?1?T !'? I lie unprer-i-m}." I?te?! s '
Ih" ni:i?iiiirern*-nt is tryinu l>. arrange
'-hew Twilight SI.-, p aim in n.-\t M..n<l:i\-!
and if successful .*nini'Une<-m,:ils ; ? > dir.:
? n?-i-l will he made in He- Sunday papers. |
The hex office al the popular <"injri |
Theatre Is workimr ov ilirn" lookinc nf- I
:?-r the huph mnil order bus in ess eeca- I
-toneel hy the visit to Wlief I inty ,-,f ||,.<i
'??'?rn-JIv young Sarah Her'diardt on .
Tue.ir' iy evening. November 2V On pr, j
previous visit has there hoi. II s 1 1 e |-| II ;
irniniid for seats. H'-r fame is ever on
the in.-r. us.-. It voiihi seef(-]t and time
UiV adds t f. the lustre of her II.* I me iiruj
ie-r- uses her drawing power. The rc-j
quests for K<*Hts through I'll'' tu.-i 1 1 will,
i f <'fiurs<\ In- given <>v r th
box nlfioi- s:i !'? :inil will iil1?->i in | li?
? Tiltrr they : i !*?*? received. Til- r'giiial
box off re sale is ii'nv ami ni'in ini.'
by lli?- driiiariil. :i eapariiy limii" will
a ppl&ud the Kr-'ai I- r. ii. ii ;n'l r?->s .'ti
this. hf>r iiintli visit in tlx* i ' i ? i ; {
Stairs. Her program on tin-. ??iijtaK* -
merit Includes m- in s from the ? v* r
pC'puhir t'lropatra, Tin- Kit !?!
of H<>n?>r KnglLsh as ii is spnK< n "T!i"
Waist; and Muilel" (In English*.
A number of residents ?? the vi.-di
itv of Kul I on called at the eoiiniy jaii
vesterdaj and identified liltner Seott
as the man whom l hey eharue wii.h
indecent. exposure of person Scon
?was arrested Thursday evening l>y
I'eputy Sheriff l^ouis I.a.mnnaivino
and is being held in tiie ninnty jail
If await a hearing before Sipiiiv K. (I.
Beauty is Liver
Good health, cheerful
disposition, clear com
plexion depend upon
an active liver.
Popular since Ijiand
ma was a girl. Keep
your liver right and
most of your troubles
will never happen. b
Rev. J. A. C. Fagglnger Auer Talks!
to Members of Woman's Club
Department at Windsor.
Picturesque and prosperous Holland)
was lectured upon yesterday aiier
I noon bv Rev. J. A. C. Fagginger Auer
| of MvYirst Unitarian church, at the!
meeting of the home economics tie-:
! part men t of the Woman's club.
i Rev. Auer painted many pretty pie- j
Hires of the eountry and discussed its >
ideographical and political situation]
and the character and dross of its
people. |
The bunding of the dykes which ,
protect the country from inundation. |
I one-third ol the couniry being below:
the ocean's level, was taught .
! people by a Roman general many hltn- j
! dreds of years ano. In those da \ s tlie i
inhabitants lived when : h? ? water was |
high in the winter season oil impro
vised hills and in the summer .-oasons I
whon til'* whht was low, r?*ap**(! inou j
grains ?i nci proviih-il attain lor the
rainv season. Holland at one time,
said" the speaker, belonged to one o!
the most volcanic regions ol the
earth, hence its lowness. The dykes
are watched day and night and by
the appearance of lights the people |
are informed a.- to the increasing j
/danger durinu ihe night time. ' '."'fr |
I have been when even th'-ir household |
j goods were used in tilling a break,]
! so much tln\v : ea r io lose ilnMr land. ?
! The hou.-ing and dress w< -r?*: siib-i
'jects of tnueli interest to the audieiye, i
? as were the word pictures ol the Hoi- j
t land season.-, the beauty ol its spring- ;
I tine with it.-- wonderous color, the ?
?pale blue sky, the bright meadows ,
! dolled with bits of color, sometimes a |
j red roof, a windmill a while sail down |
Ui canal ol the meadows: acres ol I ;
j brilliant itilip.- and the ringing ol j
i noonday bells.
| Houses are usually ol brick, ?'i:ir
floors of til" or .sometimes ol wood.
I with the fireplaces of Pellt blue tiles,
jand the sturdiest old oaken furniture,
i which is preciously handed down
from Generation to generation. No:
'nigs are used on the floors and small j
?boxlike stoves in which peat is;
| burned are used always as a toot rest ;
? when the mistress oi the house is at t
'leisure. This is carried even to;
! church. Politics and government were j
i touched upon b\ the speaker, and the j
, love of the Holland people for detu-j
'ocracy and liberty. j
The afternoon held one ol the most
enjoyable lectures which tie- depart-,
, men; has been favored with this > ear |
and was received with much approeia- 1
lion The chairman, Mrs. J. Heek
man, presided.
1 I
[Something New in the Music World
May Be Heard in Wheeling
Public is Invited.
The Music Shop. No. ."N Twclltll:
street, invites the public of Wheeling !
and vicinity, whether musical or not.
I to hear somethini: entirely n?-w in the.
: music world. The somcihin^ u?>\r is;
[ l he Aeolian Vocalion. It is not en- j
jtirel.v new to the I'nited States, but ?
it is new to Wheeling. < >n Tliurs-(
idav of this week the first nonsisntuent |
?of' these wonderful instruments was
received bv The .Music. Shop. J
I i;io not fail to take advantage ol :
j this opportunity. No matter what |
j you have heard, or think you have j
i heard, in the way of music reproduc
ing machines in the past, this is en
tirely different. Noii may possibly ;
j own a machine and may not be in the*
market to make a change. Neverthe-'
(less von will hi' just as welcome to
bear these new instruments, and t0|
plav them as well.
Special Services for Late Sunday
School Superintendent Will Be ;
Held Tomorrow.
To llOtlor I iii* tlH'Hiun of the liltO
Charles K. ( loo, special services will
be hfld tomorrow afternoon at -:"0
o'clock at tin- Kighteont li St root,
chapel of i ho Kirs: I'reshytorinn
?church. Hov. Claude I'orter Terry,
I officers, teachers and scholars of the
'Hiuhtoonih Stroot school will partici
j pate. At Iho time of his iloatli Mr.
|Cee was superintendent of the school
? ami lor thirty years hail been actively
; connected with its work. All the
: friends ami aeqitainlam os .of Mr. Coo
arj: inviioil.
i Many Valuable Animals Will Be Sold
t Today at the Neuhardt Farm.
Near Elm Grove.
' Kverything is in readiness for tho
tieome N'cuhardt ponv salo which'
will ho hold today at his farm tin the
Stono Church road. Tho ponies which
: will ho sold woro received this week.'
It is expected that tho salo will be
largely attended. Refreshments will
In- served on the ground.
, Will Be Givsa in Ponrth St re 2 t M. S. '
. * Church Sunday Evening'.
I Ti'i:i"ir 'iv f\fiiinjr hi ilf >i j r ? 1 1 i
J St T Mel iiiirliS't I'fllU'.'l!. Ill' \' '''I
I elioir. i|ii,.i-ii tl- :i suloi.-ts. iind-r it"
I ill t ' -'l "I'll "I I'l i'f. ti'-nr.v I l:i r: Ii::ill. will
in mler ;i s-rvic "I son;: a ppropriat ?? i"
.11,.- Tlia nkspi vine season. Tin? f?ll"w
! 1 ji ir niliot"'rt \> 1 i ! 1" Mine:
j iMcliii!.' .tii.ii la i:.-iiuh|
I I't! .'.I II I.'H ? O A 'I t.mr Kt
| lit li.-ni- A S. I1.' .'I I'rarsc ??' t|i.? I. ? ij'" . IIjk r
I off.n..r> "Miction" Th"iiuM
I >? ri t< >i><- S.-l" ' ll.-si M v 1 ,'v o Ijimf Wiv.Vr
Mr. '.V I l.rsi'h.
Anthill: -'Tlirre Sl.i-il I!. n? M..r.-> Veil!" W - I
Mi-. M-l'..-, S'lloi?:
j ttvinn ?' T!i"tl. V. tlnv< l:>.iiinr t-\lt? Mr
I C.iiiiliiti'i S..i.. "Tl:.' Il..v i> llnil.'i" . . . .. Har!"-'!
M;,s It.-I' ii I'llngrr
I v i.rU>i '? ? ??? ?< x hut .'mm V,!- n?s:.r
I i|u;.r:.:" tfeo Mm-i.f j
1 Oi. iiiif It. ? !
1 in .1- U
Ml fMI Ma;
l'Mi.ai.n.-: "
?Anti-Saloon League Counsel to Pre
sent Petitions to Judge
H. C. Hcrvey.
Injunctions against throo more al
I losod Yo.-t law violators w ill In* j
' mull 1 during tho coming term of the,
, circuit court by Attorney Charles .M.j
IKarhart. cotin.-e| for the Anti-Saloon
! leas-'iio. ' opi.-s of the applications
j which will lie presented to Judge Her
j\cy wore forwarded ypstprday to I'ro
ihibition Commissioner Fred < ? Hlu<
at Charleston.
One of the places for which an in
junction will be sought, it is said, is .
1 build inu' on Fotirteenih street which ]
| Mr. Karhart and prohibilion officers;
raided on the day that Mr. Karhart;
was arrested by Chief Le.vland on aj
disorderly charge following the attor- !
ney's demand for a raid 011 an alleged
gambling joint.
? The annual meeting of the West
Virginia State Hoard of Trade will Tie
held in Huntington. December 14, ac
?cording to notion received at t.h?
Wheeling Commercial association
headquarters yosierday from Secre
tary Henry H. Archer of I'arkersburg.
China Salad Bowls
? and
China Cake Plates
Also special prices on Chocolate Sets, Tea
and Toast Sets, Ind. Tea Sets, Trays, Cheese and
Cracker Plates, etc.
Intelligencer Want Ads for Results
12th and Chapline St. 12th and Market St.
NOW is the time to get after that hang- 011 Cough.
Baer's Cough Remedy
Does the work in the most effective manner. 25 c a bottle.
We will refund the purchase price if not satisfactory.
Colds or Grippe
Are broken up quickly without the Quinine head pains with
Baer's Cold Capsules. Can be taken while at work. 25c* a pkg\
You All Know Anti-Kof-Gums
The Menthol-Glycerine-Honey-Cough and Throat Drop
Stops the cough in a minute and stimulates the voice. Does not
spoil the stomach. In the Yellow Box 10c.
Beautiful ?
Durable ?
The "be;
in ( 'mmol
Ami wlu'i
|l)lc. wat
stand wit
In addi
ii res t hat
l'la1 mi ill
"kicked i
< 'tunc ii
inu*. The
Wc als<
very prcl 1 y design:
utiful ?l< ?i*i i iu' and dainiy designs found
'inn Art I v n li's will be a revelation to you.
v<mi see l'??r yniii'seir that they arc wash
'l-prut.r and saiihary. yon will nnder
lliey have made such a sensation
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nake I rieiids for them on siirlit ? tlicy J ic
1 floor without fastening. and cannot be
)) at the edovs.
and see the new patierns we are show
are priced from $1:35 1o $10.50.
have < 'oniroleum by the yard in some
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looked iliai coiilil improve
its ruiivenience <>r ml, I In
ymir l*< ? rl . Xo kiteheu
Su'iTui? """' Hoosier Special $19.85
They are priced from $19.S5 to $3S.OO.
1304 06-08 MAIN ST.

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