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You've enjoyed it at restau
rants and other places ? now
you want your family and
your guests to join you in the
same pleasure.
That's one of the joys of serv
ing Bevo ? to hear your guests
say how good it is ? then to
listen to their arguments as to
just what it is. If they haven't
seen the bottle they'll all agree
that it is something else ? if
they have seen the bottle each
will have a different explana
tion for its goodness.
Bpvo is nutritive-'
pasteurization ancj
? non-intoxicatinf J
and thoroughly rti
Note ? Bcvo shot-i
Get JBevo at inns.
groceries, department and drug
stores, picnic grounds, baseball
parks, soda fountains, dining
cars, steamships, and other
places where refreshing bever
ages are sold. Guard against
substitutes ? have the bottle
opened in front of you.
Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis
The Beverage Distributing Go,
1427 Main St. Bell Telephone 1097
Engagement Of M*ss Frances Ogden
To Mr. D. W. Stubblefield An.
nounced Yesterday At
. ,*S A
? V*
An in v: r.-; f i- m is issmd ;o you (lis
'?rirninHri;:;- v.on:?n. tt> visit the Van
ity Pair display at tin- Christmas Car
nival. at rh" h'lks" t'lub. December V.
What is so dear to a woman's heart
as her boudoir and who does not
(????-?fish that !i:t!f individual touch?
It is desirable therefore, in eastinj?
about for suirahl- .?*it"ts# that whatever
you select i."- inimita;de anO f*ndurin.?.
Sonu'thina riiat will fill that ions rher
ish'-d wish, something above the av
prac:1'. and b^-ir.u dir'fprent is that
iniK-h moro to b>- dpsired.
W ?? v.ti! haiv only latest and most
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it. 25c at all druggists,
j exclusive novtdlies. Kaeli a scm in
! :* conception and ??xeciitinn.
j Vou never know until you see a nia
j jestic lady in gold and >iik enfolding
! a telephone in her ample skirts, tliat.
! you want yours hidden from view, an. I
! who would have thought your dress
j ine table could h ? Ao improved wiili
; dainiy whimsies. We have pried into
jail your >e< rets and iiav? for each one
j of you. thai one desire.
For ; lie gr?ntb -man. you will have
| that srifr. for your mother, sister, or fi
ance. and sim having exclusive taste
i will more than appreciate your dainty
j ehoii e. We asM!i'?- each purchaser
: our personal attention and w<> will he
; clad to offer our services and sugges
i nons m ail matters to the best o;' our
f ability.
| Darin? the evening coin" to the
: Vanity Fair Twig, for your cay a. e.l
, assorted confetti and help add life to
j th* carnival spirit.
TLj?> members include:
.1. Morgan Clarke
j George Condon
j Gail Hamilton
i Johnson MeKinley
.1. F. Paull. Jr.
I Norman Ritchie
{ William H. Averell
i Frank Schmidt
i Fred Koderus
I Frank Weaver
, Misses
; Alberta Stifel
j I'atti Sweeney
Announce Enxpagrenient.
j Miss Martha Irwin entertained yes
j t-rday afternoon. -with liinchcon parly
jat the Fort Henry ?-! i;t?. .'it which the en
. sagaim-nf of Miss Kr::nc s Ogden. daugh
? "? r of Mr. nnd Mrs. H. >gdon, of
! \Voodsdale. to Mr. i*. ?V. St'ibblefleld. of
i Nashville. T> int.. was announced. Ttble
. appointments were very prettily chosen
i and thu decorations were in pixil; and
! white, having been in charge of Florist
I i.anghans. The table's center li-ld a
j 1-asket rilled with 'arse pink chrysan
! I hentt:tr:s a::d mnsc.Vn hair fern and a
? smaller variety led from 'he center
j pi.ee i ?> places marked for twenty guests
| by tiny pink and white slippers. _\t.
I Mifis ogden' s place was a corsage of
lilies of the valley and sweetheart roses.
Vesterdav's announcement will be fol
lowed in ??arly January by the wadding.
! which will !k> one of ?h" mo.it interest
I ir;g of the winter nuptials. Miss Ogden
is a graduate of Vassar. anil ono of tho
j yo'inarer members of Wheeling society
I :utd is active in various charitable ?jn
J t'-rpi rises. Mr. Stubrdefleld until recent
I ly resided In this vicinity and is at pres-{
I .-lit located in N>w York.
O.uests at thf luncheon included: I
I France* Oijr)?n. t'larimood Mrn<i?l.
j Virsinia tlicsln*. Sitrah Jackff-n.
? Ku'ii Mason. ('Inn Itranum.
i l.nis CJtlilti. KliMbelll Cuni'j. j
i KAthiTlne ?bfi*rt. Martin Irwin.
. S. ?? ?:<*! WillUast. I ilin R?t?l
c.urg* llrtriit, Itantmi
, It. K. (iiffin. > !?m Branum,
| !l;l!. VV \V Irirtn
! i
Tor Bride El?ct.
| A r>r-:ty party was riven 1 aj- ' ? ? \ ? ? ? ? r ? ^ !
iiy Airs. < ".??orK" Hrar.stroop. at Ji.-r rmnio ?
, in IVIlairr. which honored Miss Ksiiierj
i Snur.li. nf Kim i>ov-?, whoso w.-ddimi to '
j l'r>>f. .1. H. Thornton. <?i" Sistorsville. !
I will lio an Interest. ins? ev??n! r>f th*s in-av!
j r'uttir'-. Miss Smith rec-ivvd many I-.v--;
, !y y:ifts from the company of gu.-sts j
. who spent the ?'.v<''iii:i',' with needle work,
j A luncheon at'ructively appointed was.
The only dif
\ ference between
[ ordering
Christmas Por
traits now,
I and waiting
until later
is the vast
amount of
you derive
from "having
it over with,"
when the rush
1219 Chapline St.
German Fire Ins. Bldg.
1126-30 MAIN ST.
New Blouses for
Holiday Gifts
$3.95, $5.00, $7.50, $10 to $35
There are fully twenty new models in this just-opened <?<?!
le tiori. Seven 1 1 were selected from new designs in New York
I >re they had even been placed 4*int?? work," so yon see they
are just as new and stylish as they can be.
White, Flesh and Suit Khad.\s, in ( Jeornettes, < ieorgette < '<>m
bination and Crepe de Chines, nUo several models of striped and
plaid silk taffetas. ;is well as Lace Waists. All sizes il-l to.?(>.
Tch has attend ell
T"as?ei7i biles. The dance pro
gram will be perfectly given. and re
freshments will be served 'be gvi^i..
during the evening. I'he committee in
vharee includes. Me^rs. Jlilltra l.u ?
, an Nathaniel Coffey James M -
< 'lure. ? arl Llrich and Albert Uusm 11
In the busv days preceding then
fore Christmas affair, tbe t br.simus
militate' ball is not being over ookul.
and a committee in charge j"1 th? jj?j
liminaries is arranging, I ,
room, the orchestra and n '
details which will make the annua
affair a repetition ot the ga> ball:- ot
other years.
1005 Main Street. Open lhanks{-n??*
',fFine Kmmln. ?< .jfX
This Coupon entitle.* >?11 .
exmt fine Water Color >
with each dozen ordered. no? .o
For Miss Nesbitt.
Complimenting -Miss Kdna Nesbiu.
who is a bride-elect of the \ti> n ?? '
future. Miss Eliza Jane Lahr had a
number of her special , 1 w'.Vr homt- on
oiiiwt u last evening at bet lioin*
Market st reel . Miss N>'sbn t was s in ?
Pred with a number of 1?>\< l> fc , t * a
the remainder ot the ej. in ? ? * *
en to dancing and cauls. A
served at a late hour bad places to.
i he following:
Viln-t \"e<b it i . Sarah Reuuuui.
karahGoeize. Lydia Wagner.
Irene Put'rene. .lane I !? ?
\ngela Haehniaii. Janet te Rain.
Hazel Saylor.
Receiving Reservations '
\i.< W I' Wilson and Mi
>. ? simrer ar? receiving reservation*
. Ji.i",. i e*. 10 be civ en in ro.i
nection with the Twig s bazar at the
^;rop^rro-;v?! -
1!;l,les will be "''.''t'r, conclude
\t games" The card iables will bo
placed in the parlors of the club.
Entertained Dancing Club
Herbert Olmstead. Jr.. at his ho
i? woodlawn had t h* nwiii bei: > 1 ? -
< T. U dancing club as gu* s>*
evening. Refreshment wen m m 1
at a late evening hour. I hose pte.v
ent included:
vi pie Lee Storer Klizabeih I lubbaru
l'rances Wood Ciertrude inns
L,ee Anna Hubbard Louise lari'i r
Margaret Hainan! Uizaheth Hvii i??>
Howard Ha/ietl John 5;?*"
John Handlan TvU-r
Wm. Handlan R<d>eii l>l?'
iHPk Store r Morgan Rendu
Robert Brown Jlerbert Olmstead
Celebrating Anniversary
Honoring Mr. and ^1is < .arl ,
iitlii who celebrated then
fifth' wedding anniversary \\ ?
Mrs. Louis Schneider and - ^ ?
Nurih wfi'i1 host^sscb ??' uinn l ?
l"1' Appolntuwu .and
. ;.dMM ri Cart orhe. _M. r ??.!
Dan Hart h. Mrs. lrabeit Mi.-. N i- .
\lr and Mrs. Kdahl. Miss ^ oun-i-.rj1 ? .
Mr C.e'irge drubb. Miss Alarllia lla
dorn Miss Clara Harth. Miss Lmma
Ha nil. Miss Alfreda Harth. Miss !?> '?
i v.. | Hart. Mr. and Mrs. C. RronvM. .1..
?ind Mrs.' tieorge llanse. Mrs. Ueniuth,
Mr. Carl Hreummer. Mr. Hot) Lnnlsaj.
X-High Dance
I evening, at the Martins l-Vn v
HIUV eiub. the X-lligh club, enlcrt a. n
ed their members and friend-- w I' h a.
J'rs , II .Vim: liarlv for wl.i.-h C.l.i.l; ?
Saxnt.Ho.v orctiwira fiirnish'-il <?;;
music. A luncheon was aerved at 1J
Delicatessen Sale
The Woman's Missionary souety o
St James Evangelical church. vn.I
iio'ld a delieatessan sale a' the Leo.
F S!if"l company store this nioinniL.
Vi"S Ouo Sell en k is chairman 1 1 1
eh;i ' gc and will be assisted by a .?a;.a
l)lo eonunittee. Man> delicious arti
cles will be offered the public
Birthday Surprise
\t ,. ...,,| \ir? Lee I'. fHibhs enter
Vhe la tier's mother. Mrs. K
(*? V'.-: i'e wilh a very delight ful stir
brilliant and sparkling ninsical success
Orchestra of 18.
PRICES ? Matinee 25c to SI. 50
Niffht 25c to $2.00
With her complete company and pro
ductions from the theatre Sarah Bern,
hardt Paris ? In ? "Cleopatra," 'Troro the
Theatre to the rield of Honor"' Camilla
Seats now on sale,
=0 parly. Cards afforded a pastime
prizes were awarded at the cor- ?
;ion of ! lie games. Later an elab-!
e supper was served at which the I
wing were guests:
Messrs. and Mesdanie?
i Roth James Wagner
. Weitzel John Nolle
'. Fette Lee I lohbs
i Speidol James .Met 'ready j
v Bursee Hannah Hose
l Folio Edlia l*e!ie
lcririe Dobbs
1 Edele Fred l?ohhs
'or Dobbs
Ninth Birthday I
iss Elsie Mae Armurusier will be
ostess today in the celebration of J
ninth birthday anniversary. Quite'
irge party of her friends have been I
lted and interesting pastimes will ;
employed in their entertainment. |
, Bake Sale Today
U th? K. '*. Dancer store this morn- 1
!; the Gleaner's^ of tju- First t'. I\
urch will buld a bake sale. A splen- j
! assortment of edibles, home pre-!
red will be offered for the choice :
their patrons.
Announcements Received
'opies of the following announce
its have been received:
Mr. and Mrs. Edward llazlelt .
announce rh" marriage of their . i
Ham It List
Mr. William Holl Avert ii
[Jnesday, November twenty-second
one thousand nine hundred and j
Wheeling. West Virginia
Inclosed cards read:
r. and Mrs. William Holt Averr-'l I
At Home
Alter February first
lit'; Fast Seveiit v-ninth Street J
New Vorjc City
V Snowball Dance
W Tin'' fourth of i In* .-< ? t i? s of w n 1 1 ?? r =
Ida noes le*ld by a (iaii? in? club at :hc;
'iMeLure reauiarly. will take pla.vj
{Thanksgiving ni^ln . A.- original as!
! previous affairs, ibis has been an-|
jnouneed as a snowball dance. ami w ill I
1 bo very beautiful. anil althou.sli.no <"]? -!
' tails of i lit* affair have boon announe- j
j ed. sonic pretty little surprises await j
. t ho mipstp. The committee includes, j
I Messrs. Mertz Franzheim, Marry M.--|
| Lure. .Ir., It. (!. .Morgan, lv .1 S:o.ioi
jand 0 O. Schmidt.
Sewing Party
I .\i ilie Koff Street temple un Tues- !
'day afternoon, nf next week tile La-;
j dies' Hebrew Benevolent society will
' meet for their regular afternoon as j
! needlework. Some aitranive features)
have been planned fur this occasion. !
out "i' the ordinary and tin- party will
? no doubt ii<- afi.etided by a iars:e nitm-!
tier of uiiests i
H i i t lo y ? R :ggs
| Tile marriage e'" Miss (irn<ei
? Kiur.s to Mr. Allan !. lis! rt l?-> M'i
i Wr-li.-biit was iitii*: ?; -'denmize I
i Thursday, at th.* hmie the bride -
| parent.-. Alt . and V.vs Hanson Jiii;.;5
j?ni I'airview. l(ev A. C. Uiffee of,
CASTORfA ,r3r : and (MilT*
! The Kind You Have Always Bouzfit
Are not a novelty ? but val
lies such as these at ?5 are
a wonder. Tomorrow take
advantage of this special
offering of
Gold Lace, Silver Lace, White Vel
vet Trimmed Hats
Ail am differ
ent. All arc new.
Many are fur
trimmed, some
flower trimmed,
but each hat use.-?
just, enough to ac
centuate its beau
iv of line and
fabric. Continuing
i be sale of un
irimmed hat.s, 89c
J'arkersburg solemnized the marriago
ai 1 o'clock.
The ymmc couple lift on the after
noon train !<>r a nip to the lakes. j ,
Tin1 bride's go ins; away sown wash
of navy blue with grey gloves and
shoe.-, with a corsage bouquet ot' vio-U
lets. lt
I'll*:' bruit* is the youngest daughter 1 (
<if .Mr. and .Mrs. Iliggs ami is very i (
jm pular among t In* young people. Tliujf
groom is the son of County Commis-L
sioner II. W. Hartley ami Mrs. liar;-'
lev of W'ell.sburg. J;
Will Be Discussed By Citizens At Sug
gestion Meeting Next Tuesday !
The proposed n> w charter lor War* ?
wood, which was submit tod io council j
last niuht by a committee which draft- j
? -i it. will be discussed at a mass nieej-i
:?i;: m ' Tuesday evening. called f"r i
i In- t!iirt?'.-?' 'if suggesting candidates!
for tiic municipal election t ? > be held j
early in January.
The new chart's was read before '
council last night. As drafted by rhc J
committee. it is generally similar ro I
the charter now in force. However. J
some members favor a commission '
form t?f government. In order to as
TJears tha
?ortain the sentiment of citizens, i;
vas decided to take no action lasc
light, hut to ieavr the matter open
i n til after 'next Tuesday evening's
At last night's meeting. Chairm?..i
V. II. Elbin of the auditing commit
oe. reported an audit, made by the
rtmmittce of tin- accounts and records
if iho town. The report was satis
actory to council, Koutine business
vas transacted.
Trouble in Reading?
Do you notice difficulty iu
reading? Have to hold the pa
per close ? or far away? Let us
examine your eyes and correct
the defect with properly fitting
National Exchange Bank Building'
Second Tloor
Slain and Twelfth Streets
Kolynos Tooth Paste. . 17r
Euthymol Tooth Paste. 17 c
Pe'oeco Tooth Paste . '3'3c
25c Lavoris 1 7 c
50c Lavoris '34 v
25c Sanitol Paste rjc
or Powder
a bass 9'),.
With Other Purchases.
Note Over SIX Bars Sold.
SI. 00 Value
With Mantle
25c Dixie Talcum. . . 1 2^0
75c Marx Hair Tonic. 37^2^
75c Bulb Syringe. . . .'37\^c
$1.00 Fountain Syringe. 50^
50c Atomizers
S3. 00 Value, Hughes' Ideal
Cushion - Back, Water-Proof
As Advertised in (I4
the Magazines
Agency for
40 r, r>0(S 80 <\ $1 Box.
50c Djerkiss Powder 17 c j
! 25c Djerkiss Talcum 4J2&
\ 50c Pinaucl 's Comtesse 33?*
| 50c Java Rice Powder 33C
j 25c Pond's Vanishing Cream. . . 19?
50c Pond's Vanishing1 Cream. . .39C
25c Creme de Meridor 19C
50c Creme de Meridor 39c
25c Wood's Cucumber Cream. .23c |
Best for Chaps, etc.
Maybelle Assorted
They literally melt in your
mouth. They are absolutely
pure ancl so creamy that there
is no clanger of them hurting
even a bnbv's teeth. You have
never bought such line choco
latcs before for less than 60c a
pound, but we shall offer them
Saturday ? Monday Q,
Special-Fuli Pound ?.
SOc Value. Pound . O J C
C H E R R I E S? lb.
!see our advanced SHOWING OF 'I
The Most Beautiful and Popular Gift of Gifts.
Our store has been allied "THE PARISIAN IVORY STORE I
OF WHEELING," because of our very large selection, unlimited 1
stock and extremely low prices. However, we advise ? Shop Early.
"A Small Deposit Holds Any Item Until Called For."
Specially Priced
For Saturday and Monday
25c Sell Hepatica 15?
50c Sal Eepatica .32^
$1.00 Sal Hepatica 64?
$1.00 Swamp Root..... 64^
50c Swamp Root 32<fi
SI. 00 Pinkham's Comp.67^
SI. 00 Nuxated Iron 67 id
25c Musterole 16d
50c Musterole 33?
SI. 00 Plant Juice" 64d
25c Begy's Musterine. . 19<?
25c Beechman's Pills. . .17<?
and SULPHUR. .. O i
Restores Gray Hairs.
25c White Pine and
Tar Couffh Balsam
with each 75c bottle of
Syrup. It's Pure. . .
Best for Children.
Weak and Watery Blood
Made Rich, Red and Strong
I'm;,,::;!) Tahirts fonta in ? ?:isi'y
r|iK>'sU'd iron uri-l ?,th?'r valuabnlc
insjr'-di-tus which .simply r'orii:
Hi-- >ys*?-:ri J<> rt ??<???;? t its s: r>-ri>flh
i'isitii; a it. J htuliiiiii; properties, rc
!!)? worn-out tissues and
miiltii'i vm-r tin-- ivd corpuscles of
i he l.ioo.i. TJi in, nervous
pic u""w strong :ukI fat. and
those ? nli, <iit vim. vitality and
ambition snun tingle all over with
jrood lu-nl'li ar.'l ! he joy of living.
Buy Them This Sale
Regular S1.00 Boxes UO
Money Back If They Fan.
25c Sloan's Liniment. . .15c
50c Sloan's Liniment. . .32*
25c Miller's Snake Oil. . 19*
50c Miller's Snake Oil. .39^ |3
50c Geary's Camphor
Cream Liniment uO
Old - Fashioned, But Good.
LIMINENT. A fine massag
ing Liniment that
will not blister. ... JLt/
25c Mennen's Talcum. .12*
35c Fletcher's Castoria. 21*
50c Caldwell's Syrup
of Pepsin
$1.00 Syntp Pepsin. .. .64*

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