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Absolutely Pure
iftade from Gream of Tartar
'he Wheeling
b~ the InteUlcencer lMWlshtns Conwan*. i
r??i!y (6 I>*va Tor \T.wi). 1 year.. $j."0
l>aiiy. Six Months 2- Ml
PaUy. Tire* Months I "1' j
Dally. Three l>?ys i'er Week X00
Pally. Two I>ay? Per Week 2 ???)
Pal!y. One Montis *5
Wooldy. On? Yost. In Ailrance - 1.00
Weekly. 8lx Months CO j
Edltorta.1 Rooms? Beit S13 I
Editorial Room? ? National v-3 J
Counting Rooms ? tteil !
Oountlns Rooc*? National .V.U j
Tie IntolUwccer nnlm tits dar and nijht !
service of tie Assoc! a; til Tress.
(THE INTEIXTGENCEK. eml>r;u::is its several
editions. U entered iti the postoffWe at Wheeling. W.
V&., aa sacond-ciass matter.)
Saturday, November 25, 1916. j
The farther away -we get. from the
early November election the more im
possible it becomes to discover thai ;
the attitude of the voters with re- j
spect to any party principle was ren- J
dered decisive by the results. It can
not escape observation, however, that
personal animosities and factional dis
turbances, which for the past six
years have sapped the strength of the
Republican party, made their contribu
tion to the defeat of 1016. The Demo
cratic party seems to thrive on the j
discord within its councils. . Twenty r
years of dieting on the husks of ?le- j
feat ultimately convinced the Denioc- j
racy that rod meat was the reward!
held out for united effort. "SVoodrow j
bVQlson had violated every principle;'
Rid dear to the disciples of Jefferson,
but his retirement sp^lt the downfall
of Democratic supremacy and it was
easier to relinquish principle thau
The "he kept us out of war' appeal,
coupled with rhe purely demagogic
prophesy of war to follow a change of
administration sank into the hearts of
the timid, and many who feared the i
bullet of an imaginary foreign foe
marked the ballot of a real domestic
enemy, an enemy of our stable pros
perity, to our constitutional form of
government, and to our international
prestige. But neither were these af
frighted ones actuated by a party prin
ciple, unless their party emblem is a
cotton-tail rabbit.
The cardinal principle on which th9
two great parties have been divided
? Is the tariff. That was an issue which
-was systematically evaded by the
Democrats, and availed of all too lit
tle by ilr. Hughes. But the tariff
question Is with us stronger than ever
and it need surprise no one if the
close of the European war finds Wood
row Wilson ranting for protection
?-with all the fervor that he exhibited
rwhen he back-tracked on the prepar
edness issue and assured us that the
-world was on fire. The protection
eentiment grows stronger in the coun
try with each year and re-election nan
Slot stabilized the Presidential mind, i
^And we shall be disappointed if w? '
jdo not find him proclaiming some day i
fchat ho was really the father of the !
protective tariff.
No reputable lawyer wiil encourago :
litigation, bur. unfortunately this can- j
not be said of all members of the pro j
fesslon. Therefore when business men
"become Involved in differences it;
-would be wiser to consult some good
lawyer oefore the facts become dispu-J
lab'e. Invariably any lawyer of char-!
ac:er will resort to every possible 1
3Deans*of scttlinc; the difficulty before;
gfcing to law about It. A pamphlet has
|st been issued by the New York i
lamber of Commerce entitled "Rules i
Jr the Prevention of Unnecessary j
[ligation," vht<!. should be In tin-i
lands of every business man in the'
fount ry Committees of lawyers and
("busluefs nun have collaborated in t
drafting these rules. The work is the 1
result of a conviction long held by ex- ;
?riem;od lawyer.-; and business men ?
that a great part or c urrent litigation !
is wither unnecessary or might have j
been prev erite.1 if ad"f|iiat?- advice had j
been tak?u in time, it is hoped by;
means of this pamphlet to spread i
broadcast among business moil gen^r-i
.ally a common sense point of view j
which those of !aru?? affairs have :i!-i
ways sharer! The bu.-ii:> end of r h? |
committee mak> -:i.> < -imfession .
i ? ri ). i\ ? In ? n :? I nt I
siujiid n-->r v\'<- ... ?.??? I
been afra:>! ?>[ \y. "mm ?? j
fcfled to ketp awa; i i ? iiivm. U'hvii j
we ha'. ?? sent for them whon t li?r liu ?.
whs on. much as people used t <? s-nd ;
f?ir u doctor whun it v. us about tim? (">i
s> tut for an undertaker. We are learn- 1
< tiK better. The highest function of the;
legal profession Is not. to tight our
battles. but to :nakc righting unneces
The rules which these gentlemen ,
bare evolved at e exceedingly simple, i
They <lo not lay down rules of law, bin j
'.hey point out the importance of at- ;
tention to rho little details which, if j
neglected, lead to trouble. They say,:
for instance:
"Itemeniber that th? point Jit whi-'h'
untie. essary tisitati 'ii can be most easily'
invited an>l also most easily prevents I
;s at i he source. '
"Kxperionce has shown that the lay
rr:.m wlin draws I: is own lepal docu
ments or s'-^ks to have ihetn drawn by
a person possessing anything less than
ordinary professions.! sUij| is Inviting
unnecessary disputes and licitation. I
"Learn t<> regard tiv- lawyer as a con
structive force quite as as the
possessor of local p ers.
"Uemeniber that if consulted in limr?
a lawyer can prevent disputes which
later he may not b able to cure."
The !.>cal r>emocra'ic organ, yesterday,
referring to .Mr. Hughes' message of con
gratulation to P.-eS'd-nt Wilson declares
it to be the most distasteful thins ho
"has ever undertook." And that is about
the worst the Register has ever "under
taken" to say.
Dr. Pratt w'no was somewhat per
'niclously active in the late pre-election
campaign in defending some of 1 ho
trade fallacies connected with the De
partment of Commerce, with which in j
is associated jn a subordinate capac- j
' t y. stumbled on an important econoin- ?
ic truth in a statement made at Oma
ha. this week. Dr. Pratt is reported j
as saving: "Out here in the grain |
country you know now what expor. |
trade can do for prices, and that,
though our foreign trade is only 5 to j
'In ppr cent of our total business, ye:
"it is a mighty important part and of! - j
en means the difference between pros
perity and stagnation." It is a belaie.lj
admission of what thp Republicans J
have contended for months, that our j
present prosperity is based upon ojri
war-order exports, and that wiihou.j
that export trade we would he in the j
same depression that existed before!
the war began.
Our export trade certainly mean."?!
the difference between prosperity ami |
stagnation. In the ton months the'
present Democratic tariff law was in j
effect before the war began our ex- j
port balance was $261,000,000 loss than
for the corresponding ton months :,i j
the year previous. In that ten months;
of free trade we were 'in a period o! j
stagnation as compared with :en !
months of prosperity in the year iie-j
fore. Nor only in tue 'grain country' j
but all over the country, we now |
"know what export trade can do fori
prices. We know what it can do for j
employment and for wages. Hut all j
"through the recent political campaign j
the Department of Commerce belittled j
our war order business and the Dem- I
ocratic campaign managers dairm-d j
credit to the Democratic administra- j
tion for the present prosperity. "Pi:
less publicity" that awaits upon par-j
tisan politics is pernicious.
Clyde Kelly, the political apostate. '
gets into Congress from the Thirtieth
Pennsylvania district on the recoiu'.j
which shows how a fcol may be fa voi ?: >1 i
by luck. ;
Senator Chamberlain, of Oregon, i* i
a Democrat of pronounced Democracy,
but -with a fairness of political vision
very rare with Democrats. He ha.- j
been struck with the unfair features
of the electoral system, and has an- 1
nounced that he will introduce at the
coming session of Congress a consti-i
tutional amendment for the. election of I
the President by direct vote of the I
people. "His intention." a Portland j
dispatch says, "is to get the amend
ment under way promptly so that, it '
may be acted on by Congress and. if,
adopted there, by the legislatures of [
the various siales in time to become;
effective for the next presidential '
Ir. is to be hoped that the Oregon'
Senator will riot be swerved from hi-!
purpose by reflecting on the deter- 1
mined opposition the proposed legis-j
lation will mpet ai the bands of the J
Southern delegation in Congress. We I
should like to see the matter threshed)
out, though there is little hope of the j
amendment passing with the Solid I
If you could analyze
the sub-conscious minds
of children you would
find an earnest sympa
thy towards supporting
our Nature - Shaped j
How perfectly our
shoe architects have co
operated with nature j
there! To provide shoes j
which would srive such
comfort that children j
who wear them fur^et i
that they have feet. Lei '
your children try them. '
You will find ihey will [
be happier and healthier
in our Nature-Shaped j
M.H.&M. |
Satisfactory Shoes
1047 Main St., Wheeling: j
1 good again**
Dorft be discourage!
My face was even wors\
than vn;:rs tiii I found th."
clears pimply skins!
Just wash your face with Resinol SoaJ
and hot water, dry and apply gently
little Resinol Ointment. I.et this Sta
on for ten minutes, then wash off wit
more Resinol Soap. In a few da)l
pimple*, redness and roughness simpll
vanish ! I know that sounds too goo^
to be trri? but it ts true. T ry it and see 1
All drurcfots *ell Resinol Omtmani and Reainf
Soap. For % free sample of rich, write t?? Dept.
Reaiaol. Baltimore, Md. I'se Kfsi'te! S ea / fer
South predetermined against it. f'
reasons besi known id itself. The
may however he some result attain
in oni i in?,' down ilie I'iriional reprt'
setitatiou on the eleven Southern
Stales in Congress, who moek the con
stitution and defy its mandutes hv d?- j
nving the right of their nemo popula-i
lion to vote, although they are per- i
I'ectly willing to represent thent in J
the congressional apportionment.
If we cannot set at this deleetiv'''
section of the country one way \vr> ,
may another, although that is remote
so long as the Democrat ie party holds
a majority in Congress.
Has >i work ins v:'! wh" s ? ; r'"?
a p;'ir ?>;" shoes so: : <.::<? c -I v.
? F'ittsbnrch Uas'.eMe Time*. man
who sp<-n(is $"ii a any
more miellici'ii: V
Tll>- mam t'ri^n is nf Tri ji?.i: ? r-> lei :
.["hnson. "!':>?(. >1 l!il!. t li r? ?*! !????. * tie
Siato. will reuret t<> '??arn that lie is
??l it iraliv i!i at n-ne n ! ':i > ? t *. ?
?:c>iinti .
,\ N". w \ > i s : : . . - ' .? > in.:
lliviif. e l? ea Ii . \ ? nary-. liiai
Sl? a kiss. Si.eil ?? r : I ; ? weal. In": l?
uurth 1" mills nt:>-i >?:' spiru.
Th?- Ulii" I '^t in-iit
oiat ion is s?in,; t ? ? : ii ?
visible i n- i n i t- t.t I !?? . ar.
th?- '.'hi?.> river
Wiih print paper ai i ? pr< it
tile t'resi.lrnt's in- - -
i'oiieivss is a IT'" I
? miTi-'V 1
It .V
i al>
innlv child
i urn a liny whorl in the machine.
Tit" niiyiiiv world. ilia! turns in ? e
rl.-.-J. Mil*
I town in thi* s!i;uii>u - n< v? r to I" sen.
Many 1 1 ? ? small \vh- i Is. t"it 'ho
on'-s few.
Ami I :ilil j;lad that f i';-r! ??ill ?six-''
In weaving I !ic- sirsuiK" i >:t t ? ??rn "f iho
And niiil<:riiir:itii (;i 1 i.irliitg loinakc
!'n>u<) iIimi .vr rial inns arc un
The Maker ">f s lii-a' t nr-t ? *i i i no did not
I'm any tiny ivl' * I in t'lai:i> in v. tin.
I d?r?- not ivvulvinc in my spm.
Hni small ;i ss?i *v?iMii-riiitf turn and
' i: i n . i s a I n .
K. Whil II- y.
Missed Train Connection At Cincin
nati And Had To Cancel
.Missing a train connection at Cin
cinnati. Hishop Edwin Holt Hushes,
who was to have delivered a lecture
at Bellaire last evening. was forced
to cancel his engagiinent at the Ohio
side city and at the Thomson M. 15.
Church. Island, where In- was to have
filled the pulpit Sunday morning.
Bishop llughi..#, who was formerly aj
resident of litis city arid Moundsvllle.
was 10 have arrived in Wheeling yes
terday to b" i he guest of \V. K. sionb,
a close personal friend, from vester-i
day until Monday. The cancellation j
of his engagements for last evening;
and Sunday was a .-?? vere disappoint
ment to hundreds of Wheeling people]
who are ardent admirers of both Bish
op Edwin Holt Hughes and his broth
er. Bishop .Matt S. Hughes.
Arrangements Now Being Made for
Return Engagement of Noted
t'nglish Critic.
Local lover.1 of high-class literature
will be interested in the announce
ment that arrangements are now being
made for a return engagement of John
Cowper Powys, the noted English frit
it. who gave a series of lectures here
last year in the class room of St. Mat
thew's P. K. church. At that time lie
spoke on "Masters of Literature." and
was here on six different occasions.
It is expected that he will come here
the four Thursdays in January and the
first two of February. Subscriptions
for the course are now being taken by
Miss Klb-n Douglas lloge. Room In,
City Bank building.
Lit IK. Pa.. Nov. "4 ? Six persons
were injured here today when a light
engine on the New York Central Hail
road collided with a street, car at a
grade crossing. The ear was hurled
H". feet on its sitl". Among the injur
ed were Pen P. Rrowu who snffer- d
a compound fracture the ri?ht an
fell-: Mr. R. H. ' 'ctureil shottl
rir-i : Thomas -rman. frac
tured collar h? Chaef,
fracture of :h ind Max
Schaek, fractur , leg
] lir.ilri -i K.vU'' .
' I.. .1 f.
? \\\ I! I V.-.11. !?.
i -tiTi I!. Canton.
i ???lin N'.-i llv.
i I. Urn
* IiMm'T M :ii n
j t' I
Arthur l?Jlk-. :
W I*. Iliithaiun.
: l: M l.mt-.n,
1 y W. Slir-Vf.
vv r caiM-bw:.
I UriTii.lc Roitl.
I 'rennaii.
t Kiiiilv N.'i'l. .
' l>alu-l Uniman
itirtnnlr SiiuT.
KMa llnrhri.
Mi*s Inglrlirisl!!.
liim-f U. NViltv.
! Tliciius I". MiUliell,
j Mr. J. I.. Honey.
*~C Ml M ) Yk\V1Tx OTES~r ;
t hila llul.-lii!??n.
i: i: novel.
M. i
r. i! Snij'ihi".
II A. tViirad.
Kli Italy,
,i S MtClfllan.
S. i SiiifdlcT.
v;.i iiii.\
Alvin WorV.
M M .-?? Iltfnlfc. j
H'.miH J'.ncs.
T. K. S.iUtiT?. i
M.,III.> C M.n -an. j
Mary Swart.-.
I.'.i -ilpii Sutton.
.Aunx A. <"iirmirU?fl
K!U l.'il'lmi.
(?rrtruilf <iasii?n.
i'!ar.i l>>llb? Smilti.
Kinliia llemliTs'ti.
Mr^rs :
.1 nun's K. ftobi nst'U.
i a; :. I.. W. Iiiclrl'risht.
Tw<> Marietta lliu.'i schools I "'.vs. j
? *!? J I:. Baiinic ;i 1 1 ' I linns S. Stjicy,
-UccvsMully j assi-ii ih>- compel it ivc
| ? xaminati.ui l'nr i n'.nint'i' to .\ mi;i ji<?
li- and \\\>i Roin'. 1 1 ? i . on .Monday
ai'i" ? i ill !>y Congressman Mooney,
lift; respective lit Mils. Hun mo. vllh
l.Jt m ' ll.\ ii .1 Johns. i 'antl-riilK". won
' ii?- principa !shi;i L" 'Ik* \ niiapolis Naval
\i-;i<K'iiiy. ;t 1 1 < 1 has nlrrad.v i t ??<?! vt;d ii"
:!<??? ill" his appointment. Stacy has also
received notice -ii his appoint ment sis
hi alternate. at. U>st Point. ? .Marietta
' Journal.
Thrt?e thousand hoys and yirls of Oo
j iumblana county si:i v ?? their pennies to j j
i>a \ i In* expanse* of two of t heir number i 1
to Washington t'ity, .>n the Ruckoye j j
? I toys" I'orn Special. which will leave |
ji'hio on .Monday. December ?! t h. and re- :
i urn from the Kast on tin following S.i i - !
I ur'iay. There were no contestants in |f
? ?In- ?rii growing contests. Rollm Hal-|<
' denian. of Kasi Rochester. won in the I t
potato conies;. atlil Miss Helen Smith, ji
I daughter of Me. and Mrs. \V. I,. Smith.) '
I of Hanovi-rioii. was t i ??* winner of the.
j i opinio con tost. J
j Tin- first In; of 1 f? 1 7 auto lair." have;'
, jus! been ?i v?**I hy W. K. Walker. t '
state registrar of automobiles. The ? '?
j state has i;nnl rattled tn buy at least I '
i -.T, a. .inn i" fii m ;ho Abbot Stamping ??run- ! '
,'any u!" Detroit. Mich., at. 13.0 cents a-'
j set. Tho tag has black figures and a!
, ?fllow background. The figures arc ' s
; larger than those on this year's tags and ; 1
tare t lii* most easily read of any lag ever J f
j used hy the slate. I ?'
? A flock of wild geese is said :?> have
I pascsd over Rarnesvlllc Monday even
j Inir. and thereby hangs ;i tale of Inter- '
j est to all who watch the weather slsns. ;
? To an old gentleman who resides In ihe ?>
I reservoir district Ihe flight, of these wild 1
j goose so late in the fall is a sure indica- ' *?
lion that this locality will experience j r
one of the severest winters In history, t
'Then this same man went, back to the j r
I delay ill the arrival of last summer and
I of ihe intensity of the heal when it did
j arrive. Staled our Informer. '"It never
; fails when we have an extremely hot
spell late in the summer, we usually
have an elegant fall, followed by one of
those old-fashioned winters. T>ut T
have great gaith In the prophecy of the
ticlateil migration of Mr. Ooose. T,ook
out for a cracker jack cold winter." ?
Rarnesville Whetstone.
Mrs. Mary T.ovejoy 100 year- old who
was the the first woman in the United j I
States to he granted a pension under the j
new Ashhrook widows pension act died i \
.Monday morning at her home in Newark. '
She resided in Congressman Ashbrook's I
district. On December ?) she would re- j
ceivod her scheck. Her husband has Ivon ,
dead SO years. Mrs. Ijovejoy had lieen j
ill several days wiih pneumonia, she j,
formerly resided ;? t Rellnire where she j
was buried Tuesday. J ;
Ohio Stale Orange will hold Its nn-j
nuai meeting in Newark. December 12-;
IS. During the past rear this organ- j
ization has received ti.oiiii new members ,
making a total of nearly Ofi.OOO on its! .
roll. Five juvenile granges were also1
organised during the year and Ohio now
leads nil others in this respect.
No small amount of amusement ha.s
been created ill political circles in (Yi-jl
l-imhiis bv ihe endeavors of the publicity 1
agents, correspondent and others of n,e
incoming ''ox administration, to furnish :
in advance an alibi for the great in
cde.tses in state expenditures which they j
know will tie Inevitable under ih< poll- j
eics of the now governor.
.lanie^ Re II. n city fireman, has an j
Irish potato, weighing three pntind.? and |
nine ounces which he raised in i?5?= own J
garden Stetihenv ilbi tfi raid - S I : i :
The price of st' e| hus advance.i .?..i I
rapidly thai worn out material is new j
more valuable rhan the u"w was on. |
year ago. The Mahoning .<? S'lenaniri
Street Railway company bat
out steel raili in use f..r
higher price than is bein:;' :
d worn
QorQ O
Every Niqht1 j
For Constipation |
Medddclielndigestion.etc j |
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ock is at It's Highest Point of Selection and Economy
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rster White, Shoe-Matching
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B1.50, $1.75,
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Krlove for Man, Woman oj
I: Real French Kid Gloves,
k Pearl Clasps and con
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These large Fringed Angora Collars, in Plain
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25c values Yard
Holiday Ribbons
Big Variety is Elere Saturday.
Untii 9:30 o'Clock
ompany for new rails to replncr- tlms.- I
liscarded. This situation results from!
Ii?> j'.n-t that the company ordered inej
ivw rails c>ne yi ilt aso. but contraei. i, :
'?:? tii,? fxlo ot" :ho u!J material on!;. i
rj t i> .
l,ima will establish a municipal ? ? .1 1 J .
iepot to distribute coal this Winer ;t ( i
os i to consumers.
Dewey Hnnfts. 10. of Arcanum. 1"? r:?
oimty, retains his title as champion !
?orn Rrwr of Ohio by the nnnounc.
nent of awards made by the state :
ion n] of agriculture. ilanes has w?ii i
!rst prize twice before. His yield th.si
car w.as ]37 bushels.
"The cause of prohibition has lost j
.?if of its Frrcat advocates. We realix?- .
>ur loss." .lames A. "White, head of |
he Ohio Anti-Gallon League, so com- ?
nented forllowint: th? death of .lark j
.ontlcn. author of "John llarleyoom."' J
Fifty Southern rteproi-s arrived in
he city last night over the C. ?<? 1\
"tallroad. to take laboring: jobs with
he Kroppe.rs Company, on the
amotion of the new I,a P.elle ? ??!<.?> I
ivens, across the river. The men I
?ame from a. Cleveland emidoym? :it !
igency. ? stt- ?ubenville II era Id -Star.
Hilda Huh, of Columbus. trot i.' wlii*n
:he married August Ruhl. What's I hat'.'
ndeed not; it's plain Knglish, not pro
ane. Hilda's name was Utili. Then
he married August and Vr name ??c
?ntr.e Ruhl. Pee? I
C TT A BT *RSTON. W. Vn.. Nov. L'-l ? j I
<o verdict was found hv ihe United'
; I airs District Court peii; jury lo-j
light. in tho case of Charles p. Mur- J
ay of Charleston, who recently was I
ndicted on I lie charge thai he font!
;oison through the mails with which I
o kill fleorge Jones-, a fanner uf Uola,
iear hero, several monlhs ago. It was
lleged the poison was sent in a let
er to .Jones' wife with instructions
s to how it. should be effectively !
ised. The indictment was based on
nformatlon given the federal grand
urv by .lones and some of his neigh
iors. The testimony introduced at the
rial savored of sensationalism. The)
ury was adjourned until tomorrow
,hen it will further consider the case, i
Funeral services for i lie w i f p of Wil
iatn .lolinson, colored, who dk'd in ?
'leveland, O., several days a^<>. will |
e held in the "Ebenezor Baptis; church j '
ear Eleventh street, Sunday after- 1;
oon at. 2 o'clock. Burial will lie in j ,
'eninsula cemetery. 1 1
If a Man Wears
Stacy, Adams & Co. Shoes
he knows- he is shod in the best limiting. best wearing, best
made shoe he ean buy anywhere and at any price.
We repeat that ? "the best
shoes sold anywhere and at
any price."
Just a bit lower eomos
our bench - mades at $5.00
and $().00, then our Security
line at $o.50 and $4.00 ? the
quality doesn't change ?
there is just more or less
of it.
The Stacy Adams line sells
at $8.00.
1218 Market St., and 1043 Main St.
CHARLESTON, \V. Vu.. Nov. U4 ?
Pliai moonshining continuos :u? a bij.; jn
Iiistry la A\>.?t Virginia, !?"> shown hy
opori submit led t" Win. Osbnrno, United
>tai"s marshal for !ht* southern district
? )' West Virgrinifi. Iipr>> today by on* of
lis deputies, Harry 1 .0111011. This officer
presented ;i memorandum to his chief
i .showing: that in the last two years he
ha<l captured twenty stilts, most of iheni
I having been in operation at h*; time
i of capture.
I Governor Capper, of Kansas, says
i women excel men in their interest in
| politic-:.
| You Got Your Money's Worth With Every JEWEL RANGE.
j> If \<nii* wife needs ;i new ^tove Imiv her a Detroit Jewel Gas
I Ranc'o. X ? 1 1 1 ? i ? i ?_? would please a woman any better.
IT \ ?m want vour licuue oozy and warm ? come in
iini i?'! us show you on r lino of 1 [eaters.
] To A. Hoge Hardware Co.
1018-1020 MARKET STREET.
f Reflector^? *

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