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The Wheeling intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1903-1961, November 25, 1916, Image 8

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( The Intelligencer ?iil cladly I
? publish church announcements, f
j but to insure publication and prop- !
? er classification. notices intended :
i for publication in Saturday's issuo f
i should be received at The lute!- j
j iisreneisr office not later than Fri- j
; day at noon, atid Thursday. if pos- j
i sibie. It is respectfully asked that, j
! I bo" notices bu inside us brief as j
; possible.
? "i\a
i.e.- si-uool
?.Jcraian Mcthodi? ? !?"
reft, opposite Iitj;L; r.-i-.uo
J-.'. Se verio Jfha us. pastoi
I?:t5 a. m.; Mormn;-; r\ tee ::i < /evrrr.it.
J ?>:"(). subject . "Tl.- A:. !:?:?*? ? i
ifi-jw." Kpworth r.? i. i
at t?. r?. ::v. nine -=? fvic?- it
I lo^ii^'n at 7:"". siioj' '" ' l_.it** Throng:!
I ait h. " W fd nwd4y ? .".'U'c as;iH:
pray*:* service at 7;! :.-.
Tii." Fourth s-rrei J Mefi. ?>?.(-* ?
< iiiirolt, "The Moth. ? f ,ur V ? eiplt:*
street south f>t' T'v ! I'ltircinv :: s*
; ? ne Alien. 1 ?. T>. r-.-ist'-t Pr-'V " f ? ? : ? t
Murttr-mn. orsa'.ijs* ? ? I - ? ? i : :\:is.--.
t'rl-j .*?. it!. Sttnday ?.*;>??>?<! : ? . i-i >
SVt all ag?. Must".- i > . reb.stra.
i1':"!) a. n.. kimierjji?en " ^er. i>i ?"r -
may !<??*??? 'heir ??:iil-irr;i V-^* -en th'
:?^es of three a::d s!> and . oh
s?TVie?. Publi.- worship .\ ' "'V ?'* a. r
and T.'oO p. :u. In t:t. : -orninsr Mi
1 or will priori! OU 'Today':- as"
Today's Needs." In t'o- cva.s: f!
Vested Choir. ?jiia.r?-:i fo and >o!ot^t - vtii
1' resins a. service of p.n:.-c approt.ri.i-. "
?t ie T'lankssivins set^on. Mtd^ eek s- ' -
\Uv Wednesday a' 7 : '0 p. n: \n
j fc of Tranksgt vin.c couductf-i by ;!r*
M^t iiod.st i /,'i5i oris! chf.r 'b.
Jacob .-trvt. I'b.iPp V. Pettoit. p:!.
The church v.-:*h hearty velcoir.
most cordial invitation l? extended t
- !!??> follow ins so rv ?*.?.?*: Sandy;. . f
?worship at a. in. ar.'l 7: JO p. n:..
3!r. ('has. L'arhar:, of the .Ant i-Salo- ';
n.^airijp will spoak :>t the mornirtjr ? x.*
vice. The pasior will prive the s-'-covd -N:*
?the f-Tie.s of talks on Conversion ?;v
? veriin?: service: Sunday scboot a; .'.i*"
j>. m., John Humphrey, soperintend.^ti; :
J^pworth Leajtie at ?]:?)?> p. vn.. Mis
Tlina Workman, leader. Our church will
i:n!t.o in Union TbanUsgivias: servii--- 'ti
t!i? Third Presbyterian th'irch on
ste^day evening'. oth<"r services of the
v'rk as usual.
Hope M. L. chart h. M. P. GrifPin. t::in
Sster. To tlse ?oll?>v.inj; ser^?;es a. i"1
?!;aj mvitation :s extended: S::n?i i ??
j-ehool at a. m.. Mr. Key Karh. wltie.
^'ipcrintenden:. Mornlnc worship at il
o'clock. Kpwor;' '..^ag'ic f'rtday i vcti
injr at t.he. usaai heur.
Ruble. M. I". ? h'jrfh. M. l?. t s: s :s -
i.-rer. T" the fid'ovine services; a cor
dial intiuitiop. ?- ? :.ferd'-il: Sun?:aj"
scitool at - p. n,'.. .'!.r. t:. M^eU.
erinf.'-ndeni . ;r:> !,.::is:ite :,t ~ >. ni."
F*r?:achins at 7:45 ,?. . hiyor
Wednesday ?.?vi-iiri: >' ;si:al
'"?n Friday ev?-m: ? t 1j-- I -
ill pive a :ntjfic tt . !r; ;\e
caurctt to which < v ry.<n. iuv.t" .
Chaplin* S: i ???v. . 7- r :st Hp's- i!
i iiurch. i* ( i:? :?!!*:? scree;. !: ? .
s. Jone-. i.a>ro-. Vou are very ???:?
<!iaJly uivjje.j ;... and take
siomi; parr c .'lownu: s^t . i c:':
5:45 Sunday .-i-h'-'d. >l> . A. Wititeiv.
siiperiureiuie'i- . Mr. ? ':irna>ia:i
? ?f tli'- staff iil 'r iv- .-;iarsK?- ?>f the pre?
5 ram: \lorn?t:^ deVftjon*--. s'-n.: :?<<
thy K>"'. .v. . ?"l?ai iv> l"'.ihi;?.n. of \ev.
Turk: J::>" Junaa- l.-ct?a-:. Mi?s Mah--t
< "omior. l-adi ;' llp\vo;-i:> i
IMrs. ICoy JlcCollo ? ;?>. leader: 7:~0 l-.ve.
in?; devotio n. \\"c >ii;>il have tb?: r> 1 >* a-? -
lire of hearing L'*r. ?'.'ompteti at 'hi:
boar. Tiiit' I' ? ?"??nsp;oti"? first
visit to ti-.' 'r ??? y {?;?;?. at.d hi ha> a uvnd
orful mtss tue. M-'i day ? ? v?- 1 j i - ti
lioir rtbearsa .
Prof. Kin*
eheioe. Tiu I Jo;. or) !:'ri.!a; .
Ing. Mr. Frank Carriahati. i?ader.
North .Stt>ct Sl>~- :b'"iiisr Lpis?* I
? hat-i b not- - . ?:?? ?*i:skey. T>a.v.or.
S'iBday s-.-iioi.iJ fi :Je. Mr. \ rtnur St/ii -k
"I in. superintend. nr. I'-ibti.- v.or.-'nip
1 1>:::?. ii.r>ie of rtr.'in o- tiii i?as.'i-:*.
Iirjst. as Kirs?." r^pwortu L--.!i:Ui at.
l.'i. ? opi'* for di:: "ifS'-T.. ???"-:|:ivii?ir.tf
Thasiksei vine '?l:?b:'." ?'iiWie.
Mtf|' or Ji ii. of ?-ri.-on. "Th
l:-al K1r:srdont. ' .!?:> ? ? ii;.-.M?rfh !..? a- :e
a T'>.=-Lav ?- e*on~ a. t;?I *!*??
>'<?. i ; t s te- ft U'.-.i - ..veUsr:tf ? t f.: : *.
Prjiyer tneetlnsat 7.::n Wednesday -
i'lC. \ ~{'"-'idid ?.!* f?it':s
ne t !<>; \\"c?i ? ^?:r- * litirii r ;o; pray. f
:itid prais-. Tfcer? i- stil! room : r
A servi* - ":ti i> I lH"i ; t tViil i
tiie X- i};i.bor't oo.j Th*-it?kssrivitiiJ s?-rv:.**
h-Jij a' I" o i lock 'l"-! - nksc^'inr mormn".
Th? r> v. '.;i (?< special s:*:;;;-' by th<
ehotrv. an?t ?*? tsjo:: :>? pastor. A'l
"he people o; *;> Klid NVtSlihor
"I'.iod. v-x'-i f!!-ss ??:' dettominar ion. tv
' w.ve [>.. i, the- !?'.-? . o- wr.?ivji i! that
' ottr. a ; ?: cer-i!*i i.io n-' t.x :<> v or-h;;.
Tite T'ioi. t-ioii : nplseoji;- '
i iiurch. ? ??'.. to r i r: >o?;b Broadv.a;- . Is
land. Rev. J. K. it p't.-toj-. F.ish ??;?
'idvrtn Molt tl;;y':V-.- "r ?tost.O:'. f-*: I
i rearh l":3? ?? >?? ?: in tin roomin?
ruid thf pastor wiil ; r-ae;i tr* ti:. evi-n
:ns; at ?:S?). The ' to- th* e. von ins
mermen ".vill ! ?r "The lipistie *??? P'r.!*
?te.on." Bishop I \ - i I be renier.:!;
ercd as the ;?r< aei ? ?? 7-.- d-!-. n r : tje
de*lii:ariOri or the 'i';'.o:;-...n , - ureh ati''
? it^ return will ?'??? ba.ib-d v.-ith ;>|e i? :re
bv his many admir- . - :> ?? r- .
iSatie Street "XI. Li. ? !:i- . Jo" n
3f. Howard. P.. f'.i.-i'i.-. rrc.tehi: S
? t? a. m. Sunday Siic-' ! a. t.s. I-: ; -
hie Study Class Of Vye.jNw People. ? ?!
p. m. FJpworUi L'ii^tii p. nt.
"*reacbi::z T :::?? r>. m. Subj-i -t "Tiie
Tlactto S.nc-t i ri <"brisi'-.: 1 "i.*i.r:ie*"r.
v.ion l.utberan ? hur--;-. . : i
Si reel. . A. (>. Cotivi-'. i-ti?:o> iTr'i
Sunday after Trinity. is a! so ?.b>
:ast Sunday :n th?- vtcre.i >*ar. '"'a th..
day special s- rvir- s are held it; RKmorj
? r the departed of t.he past year. \t
'he eater" t? rviee ar t * ? . . ; ?"> o'e'i-' Ilev.
Itenx*; will pre;u-h -itt the stibj*--;.: "The
Seed of Immortality." Sunday Seho.i!
:?t !.i ; 1 ."i A. M. Vf-apecp at 7 :::?? i\ rn.
SPf niiirt sahji i-i : "? "iod's rn>-r' ;> to a ; ir
?' il world." Thursday tit'irtii ,.c. f ??
nViock a Thanksgiving service will i>e
heje! i?i r.his ebureh. Holy '"onirinitiion
e.ill b administered roorcins and eve
:i:ris on rhe r;/*st Sunday :.*; Advi*t,t. Do
i -tnber third.
Trinity l^titheran <""hur< h. ::.s arm' J.i. ap
S s.. ite\. o c. Peart. pas:o:v l:eyul,*.r
services ort r-utiday for the i'-rd S.ntilay
after Trimry. Regular tt/i-'rnir.s; \r..'r:-!::t
| To Women ? This Alabama Lady's
: Sincere Expression of Her Ex
| perience Will Interest You.
j' _ ?
j Quin.'on, Ala. ? Mrs. K'-.fow-a 0>x. ut
1 'his p!a<-c. wriJi's: "About. voars u.^v
: r ij ; 1 1 1 been i'i bad health tor a year or
; mor*\ and it didn't look as though i
. could .2 ft well. . . Th^ h^cinning s>!"
j r.ius f rouble. I overdid myself. F
! San suffering wif'u my back ... it
hurt, so . . . The doctors said it. "was
' ??haui''- of life . . . arid an operation
wus all 'bar would '.rip nn\ 1 felt I
. l ouldn't have that anil my husband did
? not believe in patent mf,'ib'iites. When
il asked him t?> ^ret < -ardui. h^ said.
"t.liHt's jnst a dollar thrown away*, hnt
. to |deas>* tuf. he would ue' i' r eup
nos>' there u ;i s a year J was u> vsr bun
' r;rv and nft?r taking Oardui. my bus:
band said T bad hettnr order a ?*arload
of corn and meat with it'. After on'
; t'ottle I f?nt better. 1 took about a dox
( en bottles. I hare ri'-ver bad an ope.r
i aiiou . . .1 have worked in the field?,
'done our washing:, ironins end ?'ooU
! ing: trp have two orphan children add
ed to our family for which I do aa my
own. I can praise t'ardni "as- a Hod- t
send to women."
j Oardui. 'be woman's tonic, is *or
; sale at all druggists. Got ir when "t
need of a good, ri-liable. string! ben inn
tonic. Give it. a fair trial. t
! ;?? u i;ii sermon by Hie Pr?j=<' ;
"Vesper servn.-'s at p. n:- Spe.-ta!
nnisi<- by ? f:e i !n>ir titular ! h:' dir/ -?< i"*1
? 'f Mis.-i Hazel Suamoti. S. S. service at
i -:00 p. m. Jr. ''. !>. serviei-s at t;:""
| m. "Wo invil- ?">u t" friend? a tnl ' ho p'i^>
f>.- nil (Vs-- services. UR^ul.ir i---un
! ?? ? I mf tinK Mondi' I'wmi; t:<~
tilar monthly matins < ? ?" th<" Krotlw
rioed r-n Tuesday > ?vnm.:. -Ml 1h<* nmn
:n-.- urg'-rl to !>" present . Till pastor
v. ill deliver an illustrated Cni
? eliirism class on Kridiiy
first Kiiglisli Lutheran Ohnri h I1;*' .
r;?-ar Mark- t St. liev. I '.. < ;. Howard, L1.
P.. Va.-ior. Sunday School at 'i. r .
j ' "a.-.?'s rv-r .-ill aj;-%s. Morning worship
Si in.<-;i. ??n^asi-nabl- s.-r\i<e"
Luther Lracn- at i-tir- n. in. t-'.ve.ning
NWirshin a? 7:;:". Snbj-'-t. "I'au'.
Missionary." I 'rti'.n Thank>Kivi -er Si ia -
loe Thursday, at 1 ?! :?>?> a. m.. tho U'ltii*
friui ohur'-'hes i-.-nu^.-t.-rl ti i i fi t lj. Or p.
vral S> u-^il. uniting. S|""<'i:i| in'i.-i-* wil!
!.. ott'.-rod and v ? ordiai in via' "?"! <???<
'?tided the publie {?> at'-ti'l ;< ?;<! f ' : ? ,
cii>atv. j
j- V'irst '"'iifistlap Church, l-> '' I r
l 'i> Id>. pajii-ir. S- rvieos. S>inda>.
-'It!', i *? I ?? . as I'olioMs.: I^ibi" SeliO-'l .*?'
in I *rr a''hi'"i^. i >r Sr
Thankssiv tn? >, t v ii- wii.ii Srrriioti
by past"!'. Snhje? t "The IJiu--. s. ?
1- f-.r-. t's." i'onunuuioii 11:01' a.
I Vmins t'f'ople.'s S<>eie.ty i 'ill !-! iar. Kn
j deavov. p. n : . Kv-'iiiiik >e.rv!ee sC
. T jreni^rta! s-tiiiop. Siit>.K- t: "M y
! Natiw- Land." *.k Pra v.-r S>: ? ?. i ?
"it "VWd la" r"> ?.?tiiriJT :it : i Sp< <-p).l
inusi'T. L.?idk-?' Aid So- in"tr. ?u
Thursday at ih?- ?hurrh. All-day :r."
;-i>">n. Tit'- i.- < ordialiy invited to
ati'md t !t" Sp'-i iat Tiiank-otferinp S-'er* -
iv'-s, Snnrfav iri'irmtip ;,t 1 11 -1 ijurt- ;
>la e\.?nii:^, at 7
' I ?i:iini ' 'I'l l.-: i j n ??hurf::. M'-' I" K
\'ati A\'inkl<". Mnu>ff ;. Res-irioi"*- ?? ! "
\. t"i-i'rit. A. K. F'^rni. Supt , So
Il'Jron. Itihi* >? h"-.'i a'. leSO tr. Th'
? ? Iie.d in r>. .-pirn-d 'Tonl'-st v\ : r ?- ih??
.Vtartin.- !--rry i"hristi;jji Sunda> Si.h""l
The r.rij:t.-if < Ap'-<-ts U'ii^vlins to 1 i<
: iff hit S. S. IlaJly i:- ::tat?-'l
?'"i- Sunday moriiin^. Morn'tis worshit
Hf I i'i ' "ri ea t. pr'-pa:\it ;<-?;!? *rc heitii
mar'.e tor a l>is Thank^^tvinir ofierin.*
:>! this service. Y. l\ S. ' 15. rally at
rl :::??* p. to. lV^ehitiii 7 Evening
.-uiijeet. "Th? o*.!^ Hope." There is a
sr^wirtc iiuff >t in the pastor's seri*':
oj Sutnlay ? \ ? n f : : -r s'.nitoijs cm "Th*
t'r.ity <??(' the Spirit.' I'ru.vr rnretinj:
| W' finesd iv i-v>-ii!iis l'Jvansrriisti?j
? ' "la>s Wednesday r-veniti!? Tv:"'*.
j l-'.r.s'. I re-bj t' rian church. 'Jhaplin.
'ati.i Tiiirt'-ciith st r* * is. ? '!aud?: 1'orirr
rry. minister. Vtiid'- sch.ool,
! Al'ist-: I-.'i l\i- tif nr?-ht .-it;i. Mori's an']
U"" ruin's f:ii>i" '-las:-:.- a i f:;s. Morninu
u-orship. t\v ? iiuij^ worship, T : Ij t>
Itiid': si ai :!:? l-7i^iifeeni h srri ?"*
i Memorial ? liai-M -it - *!" p. :n. Yi-unti
: i'onpi.j's t;j'"-?" r insc at ?: : WVuticsdny
j o'.vulttir s'rvii-i at 7:r.f'. "I'.'i.- ??tioritV
{.-hrtir v. >ii,^- Th. .1 i : . i? *i Kn.lvtv.-r
J er.s i-vr-- I-'r:0ay :> r'i--r :<?
I Frida- tuc1.*. ' iie " i ? rm.im op? n ??
I S" ti-- f':-' -i.ytfrinn > hurri Stii'.oji.
i .i :i .. "i'ltan'^ssrivinc. I'-, i".'.' tevep- ?
J ser ii-hj, "The Suns ol M os?-3 at:d tlio
; !.arni>.' Fir-'.. ifp-'-'-ic'i I tuiisi.-. I >r.
1 'i\n.,uty. wii tnr> a'-'ti a t Im-.Hi scrviees. j
i \\'edn*-sda;.- ? vvtiina. pra1- :tti'i study j
j"*' "Latin America."
j T1k- Third Pr^sNyierian itlutivh. Thir- ,
' cy-eighth nnil .laf-oli st:- ' .t. f. L"; - i
| -nbTger. l>. I'., pasior. The usual set- j
j vi -.-s t* i i ! i'i. Sabhiil::. XuvenUv-C j
i ] 'resteliina at I ?) :11m a. ta., "Oti the |
! rV'ay ^i/ liamascus." Stiitl.alii ><?!'"??! at.
I iT :0 ?f |>. n:. Men's Itlhle ' Imss at n.
j. I '.'??.-.-t'-Ii in tr at 7 tt:.. "I Tim*. |
i S."-.ir: t'mri Tin- .\ :;s !:??" T!:^ Sout!
j >i';f> I'nii'iii 'i'h;:i:ks-'r- ir :: s.'-rv---.* wll!
, be lie!d in fh.*- uti H'e-fii 'i." .-v. - I
I tiinff. at 7 and p.- ? !?- :n ???!' J
] i>._- til- spi:ai>':.
j Sr-.-ond I'ait.'l !*:"?hy;i?ristn. i':iapliiie j
I at:d 1 ? r I > S tree a- Ira .Mc"i*ar\ . wis- j
j T-.-r. : :>0 a. m. Sabbath S- t;...d: ? i a m.
i ' 'Thanksgiving" b; th-- Past..,-. ?:?!* '
! --. t-. Y?'-urg People's ntectins. 7:20 p.
WE like to think of
* * our store as ?the
puice where people
come to took and
come back to buy.
This will indicate boxv v^r y welcome von aie (?? \i^i;
our store and inspect our attractive display ?>? I >1 A M"OYPS.
Schmulbach Building.
These Clothes
? ? -
Proud of their neat, classy style,
the abundant good value of the
cloth? the pleasing patterns and
shades, and above all of their
superior workmanship and good
fitting qualities.
You can't buy better garments anywhere
in America for the same figures? not only the
parts that show, but the linings and all inner
parts are of the best.
$15.00 to $27.50
$10.00 to ?25.00
$5, $7, $8, $10 and $15
$4.00 to $7.50
$4.00 to $7.00
Juvenile Mackinaws, Combinations
--Coat, Hat and Levins for Children
Hats for Men and Shoes for Men
and Boys
14th and Market Streets "The Store Where Your Credit's Good"
< 'boosinc a L.if'- Companion." Third ;
i on in .-ories of pprrial nitons
First Pulled Presbyter i.tr. church, j
U-v. ('has. II. Rolman. l'?. l> . pastor.
Hllde S'-hool. 9:30: Tliankspivhisr v. r\ h-e j
?: I : t -n'i!'ii sermon by pastor. En<-1' i
member ip urged to bring a "Pound" j
Thank-offering. Young People at : 1 5. j
Pnugte sermon, 7:.'!0.
St.. Matthew's Episcopal <*hur>-lj, ?"or. I
Chsipline am! Fifteenth Sts . The Un\ ? |
I;. E. E. Stricter, Rector. Itoctor's Of- 1
tire In Parish House: Hours 10 a. it'.. <
in 1~ m. Dallq. The services during tiiv I
?a eek will as follows: Surma;.- next I
hofor* Advent, Sunday. X o v. 'Jfitb. 1 0 t *> . I
':(>?) si. in.. Holy Communion: 10:3'.' a. m. j
Morning Prayer. Anti-Communion and t
Sermon; 0:1." a. r? ? Main portion of ;
Sunday School: ;i-::0 a., m. Men's Uih!o j
?'Inss held in parlors of Parish House:!
T:"ii p. m. Evening Prayer and S?vn ion : j
1' : I n. rn. Infant portion of Sunday !
School held iii pari or. v of parish lious". i
Wednesday evening. Prayer ami T?il>l? I
Study, 7 :"0 p. m.: Thursday. St. Audi. v.-'.* i
Day. also Thanksgiving l'?aj : <d.v
mtinlon S :'*>'? n. in.: Morning Prayr and j
Sermon, J0:."0 a. m.
55t. Andrenr'fi Church. Thirty -suv ciith j
iP.d Eofl' Streets, .T. I.i'can Fish. Iloclor. j
There v?li be service tomorrow, ? h?*
Sunday n?>xt before Advent. at eight;
o'clock a. in. when there will he ? ?e1?-bra- i
lion of Holy Communion. Sunday r-idn ?.>! j
m o'clock in tlio i).ftertiiJon. E\- uins j
Prayer anil Sermon at 7:30 r. m. Pray<-r
vrviec on Friday '?vcniris; at half past I
seven. Th?? Glen's Cuild will mo.t < ?:> {
Thursday evening at half past s<s'ii
St. l.nke's Church. Rev. T'.rif- !
! ingharn, Rft.or. Sunday .N>-;t lVfor?* |
Advent. Snndav S<:lion| :?:!?. .Morning'
yrvlee and sermon, 10:30 rn. K-.-.-n inc !
pervlce and rermon 7:3') p. i?. I
day e.venlua sor\ i< n .uiij in?-' ru< : ion. I
7:.'>'0 p. rn. Thursday. Thanksgiving I'ay
service ?nd termon at if;."'! a. iii.
Flrpt Biptlst ?ii'irch. T'.veifth a ;>i '
;irc promptly ;ind puniia
)if;nt]y relieved wifli a iVn
tlosrs of
! Pine and Terpin
A pleasant and cffifitriU ro.iu
edy. Acof-pl. no siibslif nt?\
Most dvujjfgists iiiivc il.
r'Ti ^
i do c
Kv;v>n st reels. 1". Crinlusiool. pai'S
I :i 'ho <"?'* tii'- pfs'nj- in sp?'<-lul
iit^rfi. i:.,v. .] onothan Wuod. prc-Arhor
siuthi.r. will l.<? in nharjf'" *?'? I he* sur v '? een
"ii Sumliiy. .Mr. Wood is ,v. hihii I : a
novt-as;*- worth whil*\ <u.d fri>-ricis or" its
vi'fi! f ^ thft serv ice?. 1 si hie so? ?? *?*!
st 'U arwnoti mission ?.cnucd at U :I?i> ;
I V. i'. L' at T-ninlns *-':???? tv?<*
n^s'lny ... ?!i'sv * *
*11 7:'!0, im- 'ti ? a: ? '''
T!i:tnli!?ffivfiiK ?.crvi--f Tint ml v.- .! ? mm:.; .
hi. 10 o'.-livl; :u : lio Kir.it Purr . *t > 'itsrdi.
I Jo v. A. T'. Mill'-r. pr<*a*;hi:i?.
J :tt:ii.iiitiol P.ap'sxi ?hiiri,!i. !a?iY ?? I ? ?:<"
i -i-ar y-iitiii !\ Ardfit K. MHl- r. ~>as
' or. ^linday a. I':4u a? in. ii- *,???
!-ir preaciiintT .?#Tvi<'?-.; si t 1! ?. m. an I
V:::rt i'. in. \V"dnisd.i.v ovonitiC union
Thanksgivins soi vi*v; ' 'h? Thi.*l Vr>- - .
'??;> t'-rinn olmrrh. Tiwikspivinsr *s*-rvl<v>??i
sis I'll' Kir.'ii liaptsst oiriivli "f:
a. ii!.
S;. Pa'.il's Kvniinoli<-:il ' *!n;ivh.
.?(till | Sis., .Miss, t K."tS"h<\ Pastor, j
Id* nn>rinl Sunday. .'m*>. V'!th. IJUiI. Sii'i- '
t:-v S'.*lif"''l .".! si. it;. iJrni.m M ? - j
no-rial S"i \ ii-"s I a. !n. Snl>j'<-':J
"P.'ir-rnal LiT.-." ljucliph M?--n i? in j S* i ' - :
n**.<. p. in. Suhii*. :: ' l.il'i ?- l.ii'-' ?
A. !." t'liurrli t'i.!iii.-ji Wednesday
P in. Si'i'P'-r v?-r\"<l !??? I.. A. S., \\ * *1- J
ii'-Mlay. \iiv. ai ih* <hn:rl.. from i
liv in ? ?ip-h:. Thank?sivi:;? ;*????- ;
'i Iwrsday i!H>rr.iiits (<o-inian and Kisir- ,
i' !ii !'i K. i "!i t !sl in." Ha/.iar <>n ;
I >? ????nil" ?? Till.
Th^:*-- will ?>< .f Ii" aii;- ? iiti Ii s* i \ " o i
s ilr- Kvanu. S;* phi'iis II* f"iin*d ;
?''Iniri ii. .~ii>ir]a\ . ,\hvi mli'-r -<? Sunday !
S.Ikm'I > f J< ilMI.il ] >11 1 . |> n \ 1 1 J
ro < ordisilly in\ i<> ? i i ? n< l .
1'ir t 'iiit. 'i "inn ? ini.Tii.l ? Ta'-:. ;
I : " ft 1 1 Tv lnii. j:-v. .1. A. ?' I '.i in;s - i
' " Aii'*r. ii. in.. ''??!. Sumlsiy ; mil. II :i !
^nr . 1 ! a. :n.. Tlj" w |
I' ? "I'linr- v.,11 in- a mi-. ? l in;; >-r STi"
V, ,..,if.|,'. ,\ ! :,a 1 1 i i.. T:i. lv.
In- r }i.r : . f p. mi. A 1 1'.-, i .. 'IV, i..r
will >;?> "I| i:.;1 t rjp : . > ? * 1 1 1 1 1 : l and
?l.tp'tw. 'I'i:' U ? dl|i':;dfiy ^V| Iiiiu: |o. :-|i.
v.iil In- ??!! and I'lcts ; ml
liifIiKn?.v riirisi ianit;-'. 'I':.- l?'v:uro .
\v i*i "i-Uiii * p. ? . Vi. n.!"!"1 wi I mm . '
'i'lif- Thnnissi'.i ins irc'liir wiii;
niir fr''"sids i.;' lOiii'i" Sif -i 'l"?*!nplc ?
wi!j ' .1 r. *> nlst'r in iii.~ I ni'riri.-iii viim ? it. |
'J'iitlt ."-da '. VhVIiIi"!' a: I: a MS. [
The 1- :; ?!? >; r i 1 1 i:i : . i .V; ? i.il i-'m i
h. iid scrviri-fi m tin-ir t ?-rn jil*? a! t :j* ? or ?
I!' ;? ??! Mai. 'and alid Ni'rSh
piviailwi . . Klfrini . ll n??i ; . .N<>v:;silb?*r <ii>*
l a- . 1 . 1 1. 1 j-- n " ? i ? osrrf.v; iviv >;?c? tJiri
will ;>!??,?? a : in o". I---'-. p.. m.. W i hsr'i
Sp.-ni.-r. ? osidisfto . :i*?? juilfiwoiJ
with sririi sit p. m..
? ?. \V. VV Ity. i>a' t'>:' scid p.?: fill- T '
??"iiirjl .:aiisi S,-i'-nc" wilt inf-M uz I
Friday i-vnlns.
^?v-oriil S'livitnsilist church will Iiohl
scrvi r"< Sltndliy "VriniiC. N<"iV. "fit'i. in
i >i|d !?"??? i I , wm liall, f'l'nor Twrli'tli an:J j
<*?l'?T>iiii' >tr<*"rs. T'Tiii p. m. L^otwr^ i
fn'liiwi'l wiili spirit tiioAjtas^s. Ail .11'".
whilom !;? v. F. s. Bucktier. pasios-. j
-I ?"hiir.-h <d' fhrisl, Soicntist. A.
>'?. I '. "U" ssuditorimn. 111? Oinnlitin
si Mn-.;. S'M-i'iiTs Suii'lay, n:<j0 a. in.
* \r"'!"iit siinl '.Mndi-rn M f>rii
ir. . aliai M- -na-i i;.:n and llypnoilsui I
1 ???!!?? ill** ' i V,.'cdrii"'.?dstv sor-iUm'ju.a.l I
ii.~. \-'n> c: . Sunday s-'IinoJ.
! :? . i it.S , Ml:1 ? "ruiplin.
-t:--'. i.ivn ? i 1 : . - . < ac'I'I Sundays ami
I'SSil hoil'Jrt."- > Vl ??in I'J:"'" oVIm-is M.
iinfi! i. , : i ? i . i on S:i! nidsv' ?* v ? ? ? -
iric from 7' vi.mk ?? o'rlwJi.
Tii" li'.ililif 11 v j : I ariend !:)?? 50 r
? ;ii!'? I-1 : i..i iin' ! '(>? pri-- ii'-^os
the roscjin?
Tit* Salvation Army, hi!!' s?vuh
!!ii.?inn I-". i ? -<Mi:mandin& ? ?ffieer.
'l 'i>S"l:i y nigli; . mtvi^v. \V?*dn?:s
? !-iy ri*ht. I'liild: ? lifjc' ;nji. Tir.irs
da> i . kopjn i Friday night,
-j.-> | iir-lini-ss :?,????! inp. Snttiiny: J:;:"
Si:n>!.-' s i i : .?in. Y^nn;, rvopic's
LfRion: i ^rrici
W y \ rim ,\. . eh ii rvh, M^rkut
?i--i iii*:ir T..i,il, sirvet. 'l!rv. II.
I iv-ivh Hur !???.?. I '. D., piiMnr. 1":43 si.
' . ;>l'r;o.'l:illk. i 1 1 ? ? prr-Si-r. 1 i :
:u> <*: it:p. " Ssniiir' -<li<vd. 7:t.~.
pr-ni-hins I';-' '? ::c pastor. Ail i n i ; i : .
-trsinKf-rs \* ??li-nino.
Sl?iin- IV. -ii> li i ;:ii! <? 1 1 : j TV- . i ,
I'iMircii iv.rj'l. liiui ' Iimvi , I.. . !ij ii.
!-.i.-:i>r. 1 *u S ?} ! - ? i \ f- :i I II Vii. nnd
:u 7 .'i> !?. ,.i. .M'irniiic .?-?iojnci. "Tlif
; and ill- sw'-oi." .Sniiliat.lt .<?? j
:> t odui; at same hour*. ;
' .Mi^ :-"-n =li:nv i I.-ik.-'-s ,Mi'ii?l.i' . . i-. !
; in.
. f.-iri'* . iiti Hlni i # f? ? \ . .1. i .<.??:'? 1 1 .
!"is'n. i-? ? ? ? i. ? ? i . Tli'-rc will h-- .?"??i ". !<?>? ? :i j
S:. I *.-? ;j : : . !it:nli iOiiU'iT" \v, I i . < ? >"n- ;
I day no m Advnt. a'. '"iir oVio'k ?
i:i t ::<? a I'tortK on.
Si. .Isiif.i-s Kvat.seiii-it! l.tltiiei ati ''hnpel '
, f:i:n i-mv.v. \V. Vii. i:<n\ M. I,. St<:uV>r.
: :is>;.-"s.i lil pastor. Suii'lii.'- . !'>0 i'. 111..
j Sunday s-'lsool and l:it>|. ' i.isj;. 1.1:00
! IP.. I' S'lla!" S'TVict?. You a ;?.*> .
'?linlix* iiivii- .i !?< nttoiid our rv i--'"1.
I j
? Vni;. .M.-MOria 1 I'rosliy i?-rtiiu <.-l;t!ivi . '
j Wuodsda !?-. .Ionio.? M c-.-i :? ? I 'i?Mer. 1 >. 1',.
: :i! in; -'i S'-rvir.->- at II ? .1. tit. ami 7 iT.'l
? i>. ir.. Mornirjp sijiijoe;, "S*.-vi?'-e Wh^ro
! \\ ?? Ar- ." S;tjida> school mni .niul:
i Iliblo ( !.-(.?->?? < :it a. tn. "N" > 'mi n IVi
r-.*, .M.-tin,
HsH'kle:. >f. li. . uun-li. ftd^w i A.,
! Siiii'l''!*. !"ii>!ir wor;dii;i and s<-r
? 'lion at |i;.i5 a. in. hi id 7 : :? ? > ji. in. TIk !
: :iii<miiiik iii.-;i'otn>' will >>? dolivi-ivr] t.y
i I 'r. M. I*. ' "I'lnitnon, tlir district ,?ti;v rii:- I
j !>.|n|.-:.' Wl'.rt linpr distrii-l. Til' j
, tor wi'J t>r<\-i<ii nisiu. Sunday S'-Iiool j
a !':o'i a. in. .lun or hoaguo. D:3'i p. tn.
Senior League, i?:45 p. m. Prayer mc? -
me. Wednesday night. 7:J5. Union
Thanksgiving service vril> be li^ld i
this r-hurch Thursday Ht s). ni.. an*.
:!i'* sermon v.iil be preached by 1>V
i'ttu^r, 1 ?. O.. pastor of the Vane? M -
m?>rinl church of Woodsda!?.
Ki'i'^or. ouil Lutheran church. Tii
'?Mr- vvnoil town 1m H. til sen of Meeting
K^v. Ralph A. Ilarsiiman, pastor. X"
vi?niher ->>. Tn-<?nty-thir<t Sunday after
Trinity. Pivine worship rrlth sermon
by 1 1 !?>. t^istor at 7 : ?! '> p. in. Sunday
."i^isnoi rv! :S'i p. in. Lutheran Thanh-"
Riving service at the First English
r.'in church on Thursday at 10 :?
<'iir:siian church, Kim "Irove: 1 1 a r r >
Robertson. pastor. Well phone 21-.I. I'
?i. ni.. Htble school, Ceo. McGow-an. su
perintendent'. 11 a. tn.. Communion ser
vice and sermon, subject, "Cnrryins
? ?ut : <1 r?'.) t Commission.'* 7:30 p. m.
song; service and lecture, illustrated
>.'t ptf reoptj. on views: subject. "Honi'
Mission \Ver':." Wednesday, T :3?"' p. ni.
illustrated lecture on Palestine by fin
pa si or.
Warwoofj Lutheran Church ? The Ce?
( Continued on Page Thirteen.)
Tenth and Market
Fresh and Smoked Meats
Poultry, Butter and Eggs
Nat. 429. Bell 166
Daily Delivery to War wood and Out the Pike

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