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terms rfcir: veaii. by* mail* in advance
Daily (* Days For U"t>,-k). ! year.
Daily, Six Months -.'>0 j
['ally, Tflr^o Mouths 1.30 1
Daily, Tliroo Pay.* Per Wpcls U.00
I >;u"ly. Two I 'ays Per \Ve?k -???<)
Daily. unc Month 15
Weekly. Ono Year, in Advance. . . . 1.0"
Weekly, ^ix Months
Editorial Rooms ? Boll S-3 1
i- Editorial Rooms ? National S? 3 ^
OounMnjr li"oms- -Ho 11 S2I
Counting Kooms ? National 81'.
f The Intelligencer receive.-* both ;ho day and night service r>t' the Associated Press.
I (THK IXTKLLIOEXOKR. embracing its several editions, i.'< entered in the
| rostoffice p.i Wheeling. W. Va . a.-* seconcl-cla&s matter, i
While The Intelligencer could not .-?>? the necessity ur the propriety for
calling (he Legislature in ?xtraordiuaiy s"?sion. now that, it has been called
it regrets to see the on!} object which would ha\e justified the extra, session
^Jieglected. It is much more important to the people of i he State to have the
?barges of fraud and corruption at the recent election investigated than 10
^nke measure^ to keep a few appointive officers from being removed.
There are but. three days left of (he. >e>.sion, and i; is entirely possible in
Mthat time to provide for art effective commission wiih sufficient powers io
Hmake a thorough investigation into the charges that, have been made. I.'nios.s
?that is done tiie very grave imputations cast, upon the integrity of the ballot
? in. the several counties specified will remain to cloud 'the honesty of the conduct
I of the elections held there.
$o far as the people of the northern pan nf the State are concerned, for
several years past the conviction has grown that the elections in Mariou
County have not been conducted according t<> law. Whether these charges
have been true The Intelligencer does not undertake to say, but they are of a
character to entitle them to a searching inquiry.
As to the recent election the. charges ot" corruption ami illegal methods
in Marion county are more specific than they have ever been, and if they are
not subjected to a thorough probe . the special session will have evaded a plain
I duiy. There is yet time to provide for this investigation, and it should be
done in the name of simple justice and the purity of elections in the future.
? Hon. B. W. Peterson, on? of Wheel
ing's delegate-* to tii?' Ohio .Valley Im
provement Association. ia session ar.
r. Huntington, ha* brought a very en
couraging message about the prospcc
ttve improvements of tht Ohio river.
Mr. Peterson, himself. :s enthusiastic !
over the increased shipping facilities!
that will bo attonUd Wh- -fling district,
?when the canalisation of the river j
shall bi completed. The A.-.-i "iatten is,
a great power, and should wield siii.1
.' greater influemv with Congress for a
more liberal, or one might say ;i mure
? business iik?* treatment "t 'he work ;n j
progress and that in contemplation. It,
is said <;iat t b? - moving spirit ? ?! thoj
. , - i
convention, wun-.t h;c just elosei! its i
deliberations, was tc- effort of ;hej
whole body toward getting the wu;k
of constructing tin* datus dene under a]
-continuous contrac- .-ystem. This must;
.^?Cjlonc if we ,tr>* '<> see the impro\ -
men is completed within a reasonable i
? time.
This is tin- position taken hy The
Intelligencer from t le- very ,-uif of t!tv|
? work, and v. hi' !' i iias reiterated i
every year. Th? present hand ;>,? mouth
method is i'"' .? ;?i*: ? >\ ? -i b< any bu i
ness standards. Tito j..r<'u?? -s of eon ?
struct ion by. !???? -?i hamper* i by sktui-'
? ny appropriations. ;* -uLtins from as
sociating the uhio ri\er imprm cnifius
with rhe por< charae:?T of 'ho ri\-j
ers and harbors bill. Of course 'i-t.-.i
work :> u holly d* ?- -i?i of "pork'' lea-;
turcs. It t.- tic- tinutte workj
undertakr-n b\ Congress. Tii ?
" Oluo valley trom t'irt. burgh to Cm-!
citinati is tin- gr -at-st workshop in t!,>
world, and it.- rut are advancement iie-i
? pends iargely on sin- improved r.avigM-j
tion of i ha: great hminvuv of iratttc,
the Ohio :iv \t- ail tin .-ar round'
boating '<:u t b? a'Uimi.d to
serve the manufat- tiring interests of
this magnificen 'oil- ;. . ii is also!
one of the most f?-rtii? sections of ?in
country for the products of the tarm
-The two important things to impr> ss>
upon t'ongres.- firs'. : }?;<; t !??- can
alization of t i ; Ohio is nor in the re
motest "drgre>- r-.ri'ii i -t; v.-ir!t grait
or "pork." but that :ii<- !>? 10 -fits >o be
bestowed are national in ehiirac'er
and progressive in purpose. Se'-otid,
that i in- present ->>:?? in of meager ,..nd j
piece work appropriations should i""
I superseded by nn appropriation cov
ering the entire work, i- n that ihci
enterprise in?v (>>? continued without:
interruption und? r continuous j
tracts. This would l?- the business
way of* doing It. and t ;vt>- important,
than all, r lie irins' economical way.
Probity i n business and ! me> por
sonai integrity in all ihe relations ci
life stand for success. They stand
for more, the honor and esteem o?
one's fellowmen. Su<i? a life Jolia
S. Naylor lived, and li? 'eaves a r:cii
legacy to those who were most en
deared to Mut. for uvf-r twill a i
tury he has been identified with uie
.'business and commercial interests ut
- Wheeling. His beginning was mod
est, but by industry and honesty he
built up one of the most successful
| establishments, which survives him
BuE Mr. Naylor in his busy life found
time to devote himself to the ser
vice of humanity in a modest and un
obtrusive -way; and although the light
of 'pvfolicity never flashed upon the.-.*
s acts they were nevertheless marked
> in contributing to the elevation of the
brotherhood of man. Any man who
adds to human happiness has builded
wisely for the future. Any citizen who
' has dwelt with us as long and con
structively as Mr. Naylor haves not
a void in going but an inspiration for
the cultivation of tti?- forces of ehttr
-? sfr?er which so i!t-t!ti<?j! -h'-d him, ;t
life that has ><> eloquently expressed
the .Solomonic wisdom that "a .uood
name is rather so be choj-en than
great riches."
Mr. Naylor was of a sunny disposi
tion. His outlook was philosophical
and submissive to the ordered paths
he trod, whether illumined !>y sun
shine or darkened by cloud. Assoeia
tion with hint sweetened much of the
bitterness of the workaday wtarlness
of his acquaintances. And as he dis
pelled the gloomy shadows here there
must be endless licit; for him now.
its Washington recently there was a
ill; fiitt;; of the rept esentativ 'es of
S'at* vcri'tilmral ('oilers. Purine
cue ?n the disi llusions a speaker n r-i ? d
the importam-e of put ling as tuucii
Uibor as possible into out pruum-ts t'e
foro sf-ilin^ t iw.-iii tor e.vport. Ittsti -ad
ot stdiinc :!)?? rav. materials t ? ?r .mat
> i facta re elsewhere, he would iia\o
the nuituiiaeturin^ done in this coun
try. so that American waceearner.s
would b" paid for tin* labor, and, in
farm products.
Th?" addri ss was tnade after elec
tion. i? r a non-political timet in?:, and
the speaker never mentioRal politics
or tariff, but it was a mighty good
prot'ciivo tariff speeeh, for wo can
not have factories here unless wu pre
vent ruinous competition from coun
tries v. here cheap labor and low stand
ard-' o' iivitm prevail. The pica great
ly resembles Abraham Lincoln s home
iy e(?rv.dusions on the tariff question,
that when we buy abroad we have the
goods and they have the money, but
when we (my at home we have both
tin- goods and the money, and that
is the simplest and most imdersiatni
i: ;; view anyone i-hii have <>i the pro
feerjvc tariff principle.
' ? ; i :? I. file at!' nt ion it. sr!?'ci
; ^ v;-.- i'iv :!firrii fa I eaii'iid i OS.
i hit:!., i- >?.??!! ? un>-.\r>cclc(i stroke
et" f:,t. V I ?|-ej- I'll tl S Mir .h.ill U'Otllii
!"? ? ;,i- I'p si'l* hi.
Tin* iUtn au of Mints of the DepaJ'
: ii'.' in oi' the Interior has jus' ? w? ??!
la plea for preparedness at and
jmoiai mines, so that if disaster conies
land imprisons many miners the offi
i t-.ials iiiav have a definite pian tor
i .
i ai'i ii?u in savin? lite. I lus ougnt. to
| be of great, interest to those in charge
I d! mines is this great coal producing
i S'ate. and tvhirli has been afflicted
J with several capital disasters in r*>
' f nt years, in its report He- 15ur. au
j states that it iias aid' d in resell
! work ;ti many mine explosions and : i a s
; been instrumental ir? savin;; the live?
| of many men. but in almost every .11
!sr;uie-> where there lias been a great
j disaster the bureau's officials have
j found great confusion prevailing witit
much valuable lime wasted before a
{proper rescue organization could be
i effected. "There has also been ;i ;
j ions absenee of tie- equipment to c s
! sary for the recovery of the /neri - n
! tombed. Lack of such prepared nes>,
the bureau says, no doubt lias often
resulted in an unnecessary loss of life
I among the imprisoned nu n and also
Jr.monjc the rescue force.
Since the bureau hejain its rescue
I work it has endeavored to guide in
the formation of competent rescue or
ganizations at mine disasters, but has
j been sreatly hampered because of 1'ie
different methods in practice in iiT
ferent parts ? ?f the country, rtrised on
its e\ pi'fienee a' inanv ?j- . 1-. ? - ? I ? :-;r j: ? ? ? f .?
Tlic British Do Not Intend to Wreak Vengeance on the
German People as Such.
I I'lJotv uf iht: Roy a I Society; Author ? ?t" Many Sriinl ilic \\ ? ? r U s.
; 1 1 s ? I linnks ;i 1 1 ? 1 Articles mi Physical Kcscarch.
Thai i he Herman natious believe
they were tin.1 passive victims ot an
international hostile coalition which
gratuitously attacked them, is finite
possible, difficult as ii is 10 believe
it : bill thai, is where we must, gradu
ally undeceive thorn. A minoritj <U
pugnacious articles in Kngli.-b maga
zines. industriously circulated i" cl?-r
many by the War I 'arty before the
war, must haw fomented this delusion,
and may still seem to have justified
the theory of an essentially unpro
voked and premeditated attack. Aided
h> these, and by tirai determination,
a harp million and a half of the Prus
sian warty party have bestridden the
whole Herman empire, and so Ion* a.s
i hey are successful, they will continue
to impose their ideals and their pol
icy upon nearly i he whole of that
docile and well drilled nation. Noth
ing will convince tin; Herman popu
lace of its dire mistake ill blindly fol
lowing so vicious a lead,- nothing ex
cept and disaster. As soon as they
admit defeat, ami in token thereof
definitely throw off the malign influ
ence of the whole governing Prussian
war part>. who are now in ihe saddle
and wish to ride mankind, wo will
list' ti 10 considerations of peace. Till
then, we will tight; and (he less we
talk publicly about what we will do
after liie war the better. We need
mil be personally hostile io an inui
-. idii.il who is. th>- figure-bead of the
cigautic conspiracy against humanity,!
and who very likely has been help
I ess I y carried along by the tide, though
as tigiire-head he j* bound to bear!
responsibility. We certainly need not
be for ever hostile to the mistaken
find misled Herman people, when they
have recovered from their temporary ,
mania, and whn they have by acts
admitted the error of their ways. We
*hall have to make peace vuih thei
Herman nation some day; and threats I
against their future prosperity only j
play into the hands or the war party,
who industriously circulate such'
threats in order to rivet allegiance,:
a nrl for the purpose of stimulating an- J
other war loan. That sort of thing i
will end in time, if we retain unswerv
ing i ho bull-dog scrip which we have
now at length uoi upon their unfor
tunate and hapless victims of the rank!
a 11 (1 tile. Relaxation of the grip ciultl
| only mean I Ituc ail liic work will have
j to begin ai:ain. ilold on now; aufl J?'t
ii hi' known that i! i.- with the Her
man nation that, peace must ultimately
} he mai.lt;', nm v. itii any war party
, uiio.-t win! is a 3 i* ? an d whose bond
i.? a .-crap ot paper.
You cannot make p< are till you have1
| some one trustworthy to make peace
; with, or until you are able to lake del'
? init.n security ih.it lite tenths will be
adhered to Treatise;* and promises
in the present. ease are useless. They
have appealed to foroe: Force is what.
, they shall have! A firm contplusi"n.
!io which they are well accustomed, j
i and. so far as the people are eon- 1
icerned, a friendly compulsion too,;
| which will result, in their best and
| nichest ? interests, is what wo shall i
; have to offer ibeni. i'or after all a
! cowed and poverty-stricken neighbour j
(is no asset to any one. Mutual peace- 1
? ful prosperity is a benefit, all round.
j We shall have dealings with them
again some day upon peaceful lines,
and the dealings will not. in fact be
I very long delayed. Why pretend t bat. <
j t hey will be? No use cutting off our)
; nose lo spite our lace, is a proverb
j which we shall lind applicable after
the war. We may tax ourselves
'against their goods if we want to.
;we probably shall, ? because people
who demand special Herman goods in
[any given department ? the creditable
result of German science and indus
try can quite well afford to pay morel
for the luxury, until, by proper cult.i-j
'vation of British applied science, our!
own become equally good: but there'
is nothing hostile in a detail such as
that, and it injures their future pros- 1
perity no whit. Such a policy is com
mon to all nations, so far as they'
, think it wise. But a complete boycott'
is out of the question; and threats
in this direction, which will never he.
carried out. are only mischievous, i
They tend to prolong the war. \Ve
shall leave ail that to be settled when
th". war is ended ? for truly in a few'
years afterwards it will settle itself: ,
hold out friendly hopes for the future i
of the German people when they have,
cast, off their present rulers anrlj
emerged from their delusions, and j
meanwhile fight strenuously on.
j the bureau licus now formulated a code
j which it is I' ll should be in the hands
(nl every. responsible official :ii h mine,
i'lliis code provides tor ;m organisation
jat i*iu-li mine thai would become au
I tomatically active the moment the -o
j is a disjuuer. I: also gives a list of
the necessary materials jo have on
'hand at. all times and outlines t ho
jmost important duties for these organ
izations during such emergencies.
The manual furnished is intended
'in define the dtit ies of the rescuers
and 10 bring about a better undt r
: standing between 'In: men engaged in
r?!?i'ue work as to the functions of 1 1: ? ?
; lUireau of Mines. It gives the oper
ators, superintendents and oilier of
! ficiais of the mines some idea of the
I I I: a raster of organization that should
! be normally in force at a mine every j
J day it is working, and explains how j
j th is organizat ion may be turned into ;
] an ifl'-'-iive rescu*' fon*v when a nis-!
taster fontes. It is an effort "u the :
(part of the bureau to save the mavi-j
j mum possible number of m< n impris-i
jon^d in a mine and ,it iho same time
1 1 o safeguard tbe lives of tbe rescuers,
1 many of whom bave been s;orificerl
j in the past.
Thf; result of 'hi Into election i Iv ; t j
j rlowrilied by u rutvign ?:ritH: uh<"> s;> ?
? i>f <>ur i r^ -iil^ntial eanipaisnr: ;is
r?>t?ir ? iri' ??.inclu ivjtuss of Aue : ?? .in
! i'olit ic>\"
j I Miring the last two weeks before
I flection, from October -'?rd to .\ov
, ember Ctli, the deficit in Iho National
j Treasury increased from S77.u07.7ij2
? m $7:>.?;i2,2S0. a total increase of $2,
j f.OUOS, or an average of only r< i <??,
0:>2 per day. It was then asserted by.
| unprejudiced experts tbat the Treas-]
' ury Department was manipulating fed- i
t era I business transactions with a view
I to keeping down the deficit, on the eve
| of election. During the following ten
j days, from November 0th to November
jir.th, tho deficit increased from
?? 1 to ?0:..(:2r>,:;:i7, or a t ot.-s 1 i ii- i
crease of .*10,01/.. IfiT. or an average
| increase in the deficit of $1
j per day.
I'he.v.-. are tbe facts as shown
j by the records, a.. proof, witn
? apparent conclusivene;>, that for
Arc your fool, in I ?c^ \ v o 1 1 - ,
j dressed on Turkey I >;i \ !
j Arc Ihey In be av< I l-dr*. ss- i
: r t i al church. at dinner. i lie;
jbail ^anie, the Iheaire
Turkey and Pumpkin 1'ie
j always ?TO a Ioult way 1<>
! wards ni a. k i u u' < ?ne I '-el
1 1 ! tan k Til L hut it lakes M. I j.
1 1\ M. Shoes I't (?(?ntpli'l c ilicj
I ,
I . :
Jsensal i"ii.
j Oui* Shoes will arouse a
jThankful Keeiinu- within
I voi i. f > 1 1 1 please remember;
i'tlint We Will Be Closed on
j Thanksgiving' Day.
1047 M;ijn SI.. Wheeling.
] campaign purpo.-es govern ??\
j pencliturefi wpro temporarily rttr
i tailed in ilio hope thai thereby a
j l'"\v thousand votes would he lie]d to 1
;the Democratic party. As l\ T. l-iar-j
mint onee said: " The AivKriran people'
like t<i }|. ? humhujjscd."
1 1 1 ? 1 1 ? > \' iM.-i ?lnncr.: Around < lnh .a
litia while I Vrsiiir.^ is not <v-:u allowed
to call lie' figures. And lie. w:i.< s< lit to
K<:t. liim "dead or alive."
A Voir.. i !,?? "egg king." pot an answer!
t" his iieiuirv "what ar-. v?u pein^c to
[ dn :? ! Mint it?" ?niick'T than lie t|i<>u^l:t:
I it would !>?? eoniilig.
is it too sidii.-'i t" oliwr\*> that >.c '
have many at lionv; who ar>- jusi a*- ?!??- ;
serving '-'i ? ? t j r sympathy and holp .is!
lie'.-'- :i broad V
iMimprs s-'ts a not Iter ? a-y "vmdie;?
jtion" in his -flci-t io:i ? ! i? ? pri-siib ney ,
| of tie- Ami ri' in r< d* ration *?!' l.-ilvr.
j i
It. is about t ini' tor l.uisly to - c r
! mino t" make t he i.ih'r l'ol|"wa ?j i t j |
kirWitK tle ir ball 'round.
i I
And 'it i- tru'% 1 !;.??' 'h* Thank: s^i* - ! i
ins bird with many tlii.s y<_ .< r will bu i ]
So far m, we ii.-u>: hoard ill-- Mc/.i.'an 'j
! protocol is ano! hi r scrr* ndur.
<"hk- of tli" inoil.s of liiat < hi-au'o
| dii i | Had look liko a feast. i
?r? . j
| ' ii'i i'iT: 1i; ? ? ? 1 1 : ? into t lie i ? n H i <? t
w|iik tlo- tislitin;;'s Ki'-mi.
It t fM d. Y a |e vvii yea r.; u
Harvard hoodoo.
Kvidontly Villa is no; in fi\ i an
cishi hour i:nr.
Just received an Xmas ship
ment of the wonderful sweet-tone
Sonoi'as, clear as a bell, in Ma
hogany, Golden Oak, Early Eng
lish cabinet.
HILLMAN & SON. Agents,
2S Eleventh Street. 1 '
Sold on time payments. 5'.' off
for cash.
| \\ li^n all tlv- ivorl'l i? wrapped iri snow.
| .\nrl a!! i he flciw.-r.? are rle.nl.
I 1 s-nrls i h< flir.vrs of fellowship
To liln.--som in lli' ir :=? ??ml.
j Win 11 ill Hi., if. - .. ;,i-, ;.| rii-i" fl :unl .*?? re.
i Mul :i ! I i h?* hints :l'-part.
I I Mill si-lids ;l lll^lll M J* 111. ]!,. -Ml
I ??:ip..| in i If li. ;iri ;
'l"|i. if li.... | n.,t i;:,. j , {| |.|' uii.-l
That li;i rriM? anil i :
I Km Christ rna-s i? !'.!.",s:xini-li:u?
? 1 r lei.: ami i ?!? -ii ?< *ry '
\\. r-AKKi:.
I ll i: VOTK I N W KliSTKIi
1 \\ ? ltsif r C' jiuMii'an.
Tiir voir nl' V.'i'bsM'*!" ? ?utility i.s a
! suri.ris.' in lnral kopttlilicans Ii v :i.- 1
j conl'idt hi I y 1 >? ! i #??.<?? I by rvtrrj mir ??? I
vtM>;nii willi Ill'' situation ih.ii Iho
| Ivfpiihlii'iUis unuM i ;i 1 mi loss thanj
: I.'i'mi vriii's iii i tit rnimly. In.-Hail of j
I llial w- fiin! hut a siiuitt incioasi hv<t '
j !)ii* villi- d|' I u | ir. am) a I ? 1 1 n ?< ? ;?;? s i ? ? hi-.
i'iT;i.;n of ahtrttt 'J'1" volvs in ? vrr:-.- 1
j ??!' any lh?*y havo ?*v?m oast. TIhtc
ha:- I >?-? -ii hii iarrt-iiM' in tin- volitiu
population n|' i In- (-mint y in the pa.-t
fori* year.* to jusiify ihi:- oiioniious
. incri'ii.si' in i ii<> I )i'iii'i<*r;H ii- von* ami
? Ii<* |<*ad' T: of t ; i at party, in lor*- ilo*y
??an lay claitti in all I lit* political \ i ?'
; Hi* s r ? !' lli<- (if'i"al<v;iii . v. ill havo s o
:;itisfy i ho {iiiblu- that tin- r<::i si ration 1
list.- v.cro not paikitii with ilk-sal \
? ami thtit corrupt pra?-ti<< : wi*r? j
if it iinlulji' il in hrforo ami "it j
lion (lay.
j I IIAi;i.i:STt)X. W. Ya.. X.|\
Tit" i-'iirm Loan I tank lUiaiil ?i:i ?
hail arr.inuotl in men in t'harli -:
last v,i k. hut whirh annoum 1 ?; a t ? ? ? !
! poncnifjit of tin* titri iin.^ tun 1 1 M.<: ?
[?lay, XovoiuIh-i" '_'T, has anionim ???: .
fiirlhi r niTi-.-.-a! v th'lay. Tin ni- ?
| i'iu v. ill ttoi he in-Ill tiiilil soni" tiui'o
; Ian* in 1 n:l."??"*r. Tin linartl "II
id Washington for a tinotinc soon an I
i arraiim a to w i I i r\ . whii*h, ii is
; nromisi-d liy i h ? - no iiiIm t will ini-lnrl,'
j i 'lia rii - toii
Ithanksoivino sale
"?> f-J
t f
I **3
?J" ( M l 1' )l l<J> I ? Al.'l
T\v?i lilicTal assort muni s sol feted 1
els. ( r;i rii icii 1 s w liidi iiniiiediately assTil 1 heir >ii]?eriu
I >csi?;i i i mi;-.
,7 . /, , .. f which sold at $45.00 ~i
V clvctccn, Gabardines J which sold at $48.50 I
which sold at $49.50 f
which sold at $55.00 J
r. * r . ,7 j f which sold at $59.50 |
rinesl Velours, Velvets I which sold, at, $69.50 !
1 which sold at $79.50 f ?j
? which sold at $98.00 j
i ve. Im ii-st mod- R
ritvof Material. \lakin2; and $
Broadcloth, Velour
;!(ul Broadcloth
JJLiU idsome Purs Are tin.: Pmlohiiuaul 'I
( Hi)' ( 'liristnwis stocks are complete. 'Jood.s
purchased now will lie deli vcred Inter when de
sired. liny NOW when select inn is greatest
ami .si neks arc freshosi.
? ?cnemus selection, willi values up to $'.2.50
yard $1.00
Light and dark, .special 12 1 2p
Wo could lill pages with descriptions of i ho
TIIOI'SAXDS of IM.iWTl [JXliS here, l.ut we
eould ] i< >f liegiu t<? give you an idea of I lie l ull
exlcnt ol' iis wonders.
Come l<? the Big Fifth Floor and see what
wc are certain is I lit: HUiliK^T and BRST
STOCK ol TOYS iu Wlifclinir.
While t In' (pianlifv lasts, we have PK\
to u:i \c lit Opening I )ay purchasers? FIIKK.
Folds u | > ronipai'i ly. hnameled metal frames, ^
golden oak or mahogany top and .shell', .SS.OO.
N match M C. " Embroidering Floss.
< m' purest Linen. wit.li ON'K-SIXTEKNTH inch
Mcmsnirhing among this world of Handker
chief newness.
Special Range of Checks, Stripes, Novelties,
Serges, worth up to (J5e the yard 39^
Special Range of Mixtures, Cloths, Serges,
Cloths, Serges, Checks, Stripes, Fancies,
worth up to 85c the yard 59p
Special Range of Serges, Poplins, Gabardines,
Tweeds, Checks, Stripes, Novelties, worth
up to $1.75 the yard 98c
CLOAKINGS ? Mix t uivs and Solid shades,
values $2.95
Table Damask ? $1.00, $1.15, $1.19 up.
Table Sols ? Cloth and dozen Hemstitched Nap
kins to malch ? $3.95 to $27.50.
Pattern Cloths-? to hem, $2.50 lo $15.00.
Floral-Cut 12-inch Vases, $5.50 rallies. .$-1.20
Floral-Cut Comports, with cut stem, $2.50 ral
lies $1.95
Floral ami Jditrc Cut 8-inch Bowls. $4.50 val
Thousands of dollars' worth of Pianos and Player-Pianos, including instru
ments of the highest quality, different makes, different styles, different woods, dif
ferent finishes and different prices are displayed on our floors awaiting your in
spection, and all offered at
In quality, variety and value these instruments cannot be duplicated ? even
by ourselves? on account of the advance in the manufacturers' price we would be
compelled to ask a great deal more for them if purchased now.
Many of the styles differ but slightly from those in the forthcoming cata
logues, but we offer them at average reductions of 30 per cent.
Qi to d* i ? pj Used Pianos of vari
/ 0* ous makes, all in
playing- order rind i'rec from hidden defects.
All offered at a fraction of original cost.
10 ^seci 5lEC* ^ew Pi~
(tPJL^.0 anos of well known
makes, particularly recommended to homes
where a student is to use the instrument.
The warerooms devoted to these instruments arc crowded with special values. We believe
you have never seen such a collection of musical instruments as you will find here. It is now over
fifteen years since we moved into the present building, and it is our intention to dispose of every in
strument in this store if a reduction in price will accomplish it. When we open our new building
we shall signalise the event by beginning with a stock substantially new. So hciv is a bona fide op
portunity for music lovers, such an opportunity as may not occur again.
$10 Piano Benches, $6.75
are covered by the C. A.
House guarantee of com
plete satisfaction.
to {P/iQPT New Pianos and
M/iO Player-Pianos of su
perior quality. Small Grands as well as Up
rights that usually sell for much more.
New Grand Pianos,
Apollo and Kurtz
maim Player-Pianos and other Upright and
Grand Pianos of the highest grade. Reductions
averaging more than one-fourth.
$455 "$695
Mucic Cabinets.. 1-4 Oft
C. A. !
1305-1307 Market St. Wheeling
Shed Music. 2 l-2c Copy
First payment as low as
:?!0 ar.il $11), pending
upon so'uvtion. Payments
to suit your convenience
oil balance. No interest.
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' Ii :.'i ill- - ?>:' injuring!
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willi i '.I lil?"l'lli.l's | ? I ? ? - ; i ; i ? 1 .1. : : i ? ? % ?
III- III.--. < ill* <TH'>r .I'.'llll.? >11 ill 111- r niiH.-il
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"Til hill'- J ? I : . ? ? 1.-1 ? II
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I :a I .?;ilni|.l..l. *1" Ii? nut ? ? t ? I ? . i. i
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whitii g-i v? : : Till- ;r- i.s that .lolltt
: tarts Caiifuriiia handle, but .tho
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las i-.tsi:ii a! .1 .11--. :?< i'aoin. Mr
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