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Everything Ready tor a Brilliant Offering of
High Gra
v $80
Magnificent in Fabric ami rm paling I lie important
part of fashion's st-heni^ assiunrd to I'm- Irinunings,
Wistaria, taupe, navy, burgundy, plum, brown,
green and bla?*k. True cxrlusinn as jo siylr is assured
t.hroucfli fad that lhe?> taillriirs ;nv ronlined f<> hul one
of a kind. The sale is annonm-ed I'or Monday.
European and A merican -Made
Attractive Articles
in Vast Assortments
A Specialized Gift-Section Artfully Arranged with
Choicest Wares to make Christmas Shopping very
Profitable and very Pleasurable.
Handsomest Dolls Floor Lamps
Mechanical Toys Desk Lamps
Interesting Games Travel Baggage
Like-Nature Animals Smokers Sets
Electrical Affairs Ornaments
Praiseworthy Books Cut Glass
Musical Instruments Vehicles
Juvenile Furniture Tool Chests
Minature Houses Doll Coaches
Construction Setts Doll Clothing
A floor to itself? a store in itself? and opening true to form. European
wares such as you would least expect. Dolls and Gaines and Toys from the mas
ter-makers of Germany, Austria, France and still other difficult-to- obtain things c
from Italy, Russia, Japan. With the opening of Christmas store comes the signal
for active buying on the part of eveiyone who considers it a duty to shop early,
while assortments are completest and wares are freshest. We've prepared to the
To Attend National Security League
In Washington, D. C., From
January 25 To 28.
Wheeling will be represented by a
committee composed of prominent
business m^n at the congress of con
structive patriotism o? Americans for
America of the National Security
league, ?which meets in three day ses
sion in "Washington D. C., January
The local delegation ennsis'ter] of
Julian G. H^arne, B. Wa'kor Peter
son, F. C. Roderus. II. B. Naylor. A.
W. Paull. Robert M. Rrowne, George
A. Feenev. Alex Glass. J. S. .loues,
Ben K. Hamilton and George A
Plated Silver Toilet sets at H 1 1 !
man & Son's.
William Haberstick Will Succccd His
Brother As Manager Of Elks
Club Friday
William Kaberstick will succeed hie
brother, Peter Haberstick. as manager
of the Tjlks Flub. on Fifteen Mi street,
FYiday, December 1. William Haber
stick has been connTio.1 wjtb tho Hub
for some time in the capacity of :i -
trlstant Manager, and is w^ll nullified
tx> can-yon tbe excellent pnlicics which
bare been fnforco during: h|c broth
ers" management.
Peter Haberstick. who retires Fri
day. has been manager of rhr Elks
Club for twelve years and many great
sociai gatherings bare been held at
the chib under his supervision. Upon
his retirement from the club manage
ment. he ?will devote bis attention ex
*or Infanta and CMldien.
Ths Kind You Have Always Bought
[elusivrly to ;m i a \ ?^n t ion for ;mfnmo
5 biles \vhieh hr recently pa.trnted.
Rnrly coM snnps. st'-rms ainl
J snow ati'I slush, ftniso roughs n.rvl '
j tolds. Kwry family should have a j
. I'r.tth' >.r Foley's I lon'-y awl Tar in I
j house. for n> Kl'-,,'''?l 1 "Ids I- -'ill often to .
; s'rious si.-kn- .s.-. This family nvli-j
. <?: tie is us1 o in every sialo i:i the 1 nion j
J f?>r er->u p whooping enti;;ii sis woll j
Ins "rdmi rv ? ? ? ? i ; 1 ? ?- and ei'liis. r* arts |
j oui'-kly. '"lit s l h? ph!( i-'io. ? ? j ? ? r I > ir j>a - j
j satf'-s. ill la;. ? irrita I i? ? n. 1-aN i n ! !.-? n i :n 1
I tinn .'in< I ??nahlos lh" s?iil't"? roi- in l>roatlie|
[easily. r t hy .loiiti '"lemrin .<? j
i i V,. ' ' j
i Ar<-orciins to Urn weal in r man l.ljrsro |
I will ()?' another rise in the temperature I
J lnr|;iy reli#>vin:r us r>f a linle of the!
| cold wea'h'-r lhai we have. horn c.\- j
I prrienring during llie pas' If day:!, j
'i The mercury worn several decrees {
j higher Sunday Mian i' did Saturday j
'and is exported in go even higher In-'
j day. The lowest leniperaMiro ypsl??r- 1
! day was !!? Iiefnm drtihnak, de
f crors ai .X a. m ami I.. d< ur> ??n a I
! noon
Hand Painted Ivory Toi'cl ?.r! n i
at '"Th<- Quality H?tl5r."
ElCvflnth Street
i Amnnr 'lie tiling; ? jiiii ri.jit a. i ?h?j
! Vniin.^ Men's ? ' h r ? -'an ?'< ??.-ociairm i
this w-rek ?'ll in a real honf | .k-* ?
Thankszi viitsc dinner wim h wiii h. j
t-orv^d Thursday :,r I p m. Ml)
the good I iiinu.- r it-? t 'jo in rstakn up : h' I
regular Thank -uivini: ?' ? . ! - 1 will he.!
{?rrvrd. 'I'll'- dinner is plannr-d I": ?r j
the young men who I ? v ? m ihe build I
ing and who are away from home, hm j
others who desire ii will he. welcome,'
provided reset vations are made ut J
the Y. M. c. A. not laii r than Tuesday j
? J. Koot ( 'amp No. 1U. \\ i M ;d m en 1
of the World will hold a special sos-l
sion Friday evening. I ?? ??* I. for Hie!
initiation oi' a class of lour eandiiiatrs. j
Clerk Robert Shaw i nrgin:.' evi-rv |
member of lie camp ptvseni lo'rj
tin- if! jt i:i I (<>n
Dr. Bri.ttlafrUa.-ni will Bead Paper Before
Ministerial U'Uon ? Officers to Be
Tho m<>nt.lily mwiin; i?f the Mlnls
i> ri?.l Tnicn of Wlv-'linu wnd vicinity,
for Xo vein her, will bo 1 10 Jil Monday af
ternoon at II o'clock in the V. M. C. A.
building- Tho discussion "f I In- day will
In- opened with th <1 road inn of a pap^r
l?v IJev. Jacob F>rittiriKha.m I). D., rector
? i' Si. Luke's Hp f sc<> pa I church. Tho
mi-annual election of officers will also
lak-i plac?.
Favorite Cough Medicine.
There aro good reasons why Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy is preferred
io any other by many mothers of
young children. Road what one of
thorn says about it: "Last winter my
daughter had an attack of croup and f
gave her Chamberlain's Cough Komo
dy. f i relieved hor ar once. My ox
porieneo ami I hat of my friends is that
this medicine will ?io all that is claim
r>d for it," irrit.es Mrs. W. II. Wood.
I <i ma. Oh i o . O b ta in a b I e e v e ry w h e re.
Thf county commis'-rncr-; Saturday
In? true led County 'Ihrk .1 10 u .rd
IV.-dt? to Procood with IV coinph -inn (if
tVi tnd'"\ in^ of all r. ^ in }i j.-=: . >f| !<???.
Curing a Cough Without
Taking Dangerous Drugs
How Olrl Black Joe Conch Syrup
Does It.
The fir,-.' thing Old Rlack .1 op d<>os
is to loosen i ho phloem. Tlvn lb"
medicinal oils havo u chance to
(int bo the irritation thai is the
rauso i'f aM the ti"ubl<\ The air
passages arc cleared and refreshed
and nature takes a hand in the cure
with pure air that is not restricted.
Almost before you know it the cough
has lost its hold on you.
Isn't, that a far better and safer |
way Ihan to use medicines that con
tain dangerous opiates, chloroform
ami narcotic drugs Every member
i if i h> ? family can take Old Black Joe
?"ouch Syrup with perfect safety?
children as well as grown folks. A
io" ho 1 1 ic costs onlv at all stores
The B>i^ Cheese
Did you a pireo of I ho
famous <'roam ' 'liop.sr that
required ihe days whole
milk of "J, 000 cows?
Our word fur it, 'lis the
rinnsi cream cheese thai I. he
Wheeling publif hns hecn
Wo have only a two or
p?*i vilegrd to lujy.
three - day supply. Order
<1 nir?k.
The Price, per pound.
Ihe Zimun r Qualily. Mil her
dark or light, at
10c a pound.
Cranberries, Plum Pud
dins;, Mim-e Meal, Pumpkins
and all the neoessary "r;iis"
I'or your Thanksgiviny din
<2217 Market St.
Branch Woodsdale.
Bakinq Dept. 2350 Chapline St.
High grade finishing for
a.mateur photographers.
Kodak Shop
42 Fourteenth St..
Pearl Swearingen, li. C.
601 German Bank Bldg.
Bell Phone 1655-R.
The work. costing mor?s than S.VOOP. w l'l |
require a year. It i 1 1 cl i n.i ?.?? 1 a record ot
ma Triages, births, d-aih.-j, fiduciary mat
ters. deeds, deeds of trust and rekase
Have Christmas Music ir your
home played upon the wonderful, j
sweet-tone Sonora. $45, $60, $75,
$100. $150. $1.75, $225, $350, $1,000 I
Models. Sold on time payments
or 5% for cash. Plays all records.
HILLMAN & SON, Agents,
28 Eleventh Street,
Wheeling, W. Va.
Fete Orso and Manuel Mike ir, Jail;
Charged with Violating the i
Yost Llaw.
Prohibition Commissioner Hon I'hil-j
lips and his assistant, Martin Neider, j
invaded Richland yesterday after-,
noon. They entered a building where!
rbe sale of liquor was believed to he!
in progress and arrested Pete <>r.-oj
and Manuel Mike, against whom I
charges of violating the Yost law were!
placed. The men were taken before!
Sqhire I-utz at Warwood and coni-j
nutted io the county jail to await a'
hearing. The officers confiscated a 1
quantity of liquor which they found |
upon making the raid.
J Y. W. C. A. NOTES ]!
The winter eonferenre that is t <?> be i
he|i! here Ijeeemb'-r 5 - 1 1 ? . will afford an,
unusual ?r? ?m ii >? fur tho.ve inter. ^ied
in welfare and religious work in 1 1 1 ?'??? t ,
Specialists along tiles. lines. IJrsiil'H
the regular e|as:e sand !? etures there j
wil be 1 1 mo and i ? j ? r i uni i y for i n < 1 : i - ;
dua. consolations ivilh I lie l-ailerv. tn
0 II ire ill tie- i;- le ial office for | t o;.-, .i ms ?
of I ill- conference.
Biblo Classes. i
Itriiun I '.iris' I ?? i I ? I ? c I a >? .*? : 1 1 :i:e.-S
M.iliipiy at ":"f> I', i i at llii holm- nf |
Miss ,\ i i n i ? Itohh, l"t Koiirt- eiiil- >liv.l.'
Tuesday evening ai 7*0') o'clock I hi
Business Women's 1 5i l*?? rla.ss nccis in
tin- i:lli|. cias;- room of ih< association ;
Wednesday evening ftil-t ? class for,
teachers ami Bibb students nee is- very I
Wiiiii'-sdaj <veiiing ai This ??liss;
affords a tin- opp'rt unit y for tea. h, is
ami student- to prepare tho lesson for!
i he following Sunday.
Glee club.
'I'm." week will be yrmr la.si .?loin ? n> i
join this club as all registrations must j
Vie receiver! lie fori I lie lirst of 1 'eeeni her. '
This i 'Inb e- popular ii has :ve.
ne'-i-si-M' .% io limit the numl.'-r of mem- ;
|vrs. so all who ?vi.?h to join must ? J
that.; their names are handed in beforol
the 'rinse of the presen' ninth
M ii.vor IV 1. Kirk today is expected to J
jsMie'thf ' all for a session of . ? i I v conn- I
? ii to lie h't't tomorrow evening at ih"l
ei nneil chambers in I lie city h n i 5 . While]
(the last council si s^ion was held only I
two w ek- ago, eonsidera.ble business hars
! accumulated m that 'line. Ii is prohwhle '
j i ha t ? it; Solicitor I If Hreiinen will j
I n';l< llin" the railroad regulation ordin
in lice . wliieh ? ' - labl'-d at tie la.?t tie -:t
! inc. Ii" taken up for aetion.
1/ Jewel Illinois movement, ?0
year filled case. 12 si zc Watches,
, at f?0. at Hillman & Son's, 28
Eleventh Street.
As roporied by H E Pun!ap. patent !
lawvpr. "f Wheeling. W. Vs., the;
patent office records show the recent
i.Ksiie nf I bo following patents to Wpp| (
Virginia inventors Win. A. Godell.
i BIik field, circulating-fitting: Samuel
j.t McVi'v, P e 1 1 e v i 1 1 e , ^rindingplate for
food-mills: Howard Plymale. asienor
of one-half to 1. H. Pinkerman. West
Huntington, automatic circuit-closer:
I Addison 15. Tinslev, Ansted, combined
mold and shipping-box.
ILL. Uov. Bishop P. J. Donahue. D. D.,
left yesterday for ? 'olumims. where
he assisted hi the dedication ef the n??w
Sr. I'ominlck Cat hoi i : church in that
??i! y. IK- v. T. .1. O'Reilly, is pastor of
t lie church and he and Bishop Donahue
were school mates The Hi shop is ex
i-i i' d hems 'h? middlo of t b e week.
Beautiful Tributes Paid Occc^erd Man:
By Loving Friends And Songs
Sung* By His Scholars
Impressive and largely attended (
memorial services w ere held in t h * !
Klphi.'pntb Street Mission Chapel of I
t lie First Presbyterian church yesier-J
day afternoon for Charles E. (lot. who i
died recently and who was superin- j
lenden of the chapel f?>r more I ban a[
score of years.
Nearly five hundred children j
participated m the exercises.
AH knew Mr. flee ami loved,
him. They sang in claims the several 1
favorites of their beloved deceased I
superintendent 'Hie services were in j
charge of .1 I!. Kirk, while ihe inust
ca) program was conducted by Pin f j
I. E. low inc. Ho Hi paid Mr. Gee a m<??t i
loving tribute. .1. C. Stevenson, also
spoke feelingly of Mr. LJpc and read !
a beautiful resolution of respect from!
the officers and teachers of the chapel. |
Tbe principal addresses in loving
tribute to Mr. flee were delivered by j
the Rev. Dr. Claude Porter Terry, the j
Honorable George A. Laughlin. II. !C. '
Craft and Prof. Ewlng. Tboy told of j
the work done by Mr. Gee. who had
for so many Inns years devoted ins J
tunc and talents lf> the superintended 1
ey of Ihe chapel, and recited many in- J
ridents In his life that showed that,
he was a Christian man in every sense
nf Hie word. A spe'eia! and impress
ive pan of the program was the linn
rinds of the scholar singing the favor
ite hymns of Mr. tjce. including "Win
Them One flv One," "When the Roll J
Is Called Un Yonder," "I I?ove Him."
"There is Sunshine in My Soul Today, ' j
"Do Something for Somebody Every !
Day." "Hod Will Take Car" of Von." J
and the song thai Mr. Gee always had
sung at i he close of ihe Sunday sebnoLj
for more than a score of years "Hod i
he With Von Till We Moot Again."
The memory of Ihe departed mem-!
bers of Si. Paul's Evangelical Lush- !
pran church was honored wiih appro. |
priate services Sunday evening. A i
very interesting seriunn was delivered I
by the nasi or. Rev. August C. Rasc'ne.
Many friends and relatives of the de- j
teased members and others of the eon- ;
gregation participated in the exercises, j
Those who went to their reward
during the past iwelve months were:
August A. Kckhart, William Sea
brighi. Philip Schneider. Anna Roth,
Daniel iJichl, Matilda Spechl, Harry
Schmidt. Christian F. lire me r, .Margar
et Wendel, Charles Heinlein, Christ i.ia ?
Riguer. Charles Reinecke, IJoratheaj
bans, Nicholas Frees. John A Meyers, j
George W. Sehrumpb. Conrad F.
Luckhardt, Mary K. Francke. .Reua ?
Murrin, Henry Sondermann,
Risehof, Robert Franklin Bieltl,
.Jaeger, Harry hiehl. Joseph
Frank L. Fish and Haixar Schul
At Zion Lutheran Church
Carrying out the custom of the Lutli- 1
eran churches, memorial services wore'
held Sunday at the Zion Lutheran j
church for the departed brethren of t
the congregation. Rev. A. L. Bonze '
preached a very impressive sermon j
taking for his subject "The Seed of j
Immortality." During his discourse;
the following list of deceased mem- 1
hers was read: j
Henry W. N a sent an. Henry Reck,
Arthur Norma i>, Mrs. Henry l'ebler,
Anton Spaar, Mrs. Anna May Rreiding. '
Mrs. Marie Da?-bn. Mrs. Eniilie Stock-;
tiiann. Bruno Otten. Philip (Joeddel, !
Mrs. Aiitoineii* (.'arie. Henry A. E.I
Stockniann. Mrs. Herman Warsinski, i
William A Hein. Frederick George j
Koeppen, Charles Kettler, Norman Ell
wood Mayer. Mrs. Julie Abel. Miss
Marie Louise Daehn. Charles K. Pal- ?
met. Otto Erie Hilke. Mrs. Emmaj
Rabes, Joseph Reynolds. Mrs. Christine J
Hepfner. Charles Hupp Kindelberger, j
Albert H. Capp, Matilda Utura Hilke. |
.outs [
lenry ?
Dealers Offer to Pay Ten Per Cent.!
Advance, but Are Turned Down. j
Meeting Held Saturday. i
The Tri-Slate Milk Producers' As so- !
ciation hold another mooting in the1
Market Auditorium. Saturday after-,
noon, The session lasted about three 1
hours, and i li r- question of increasing
the price of milk to dealers was dis
cussed pro and con. The dealers nf-i
fered lo gram the producers a I" per j
cent . increase. They ;nc still holding'
out for lh<* per ucni. raise?. The. :
matter is now hanging Lire: neither:
side will give in. j
It is unofficially reported that if the
dealers do not comply willi the de
mand of the producers that they will
refuse to .-upplv them after November
Another joint Hireling will likely be
held tn tin meantinie.
State Rests m Case Against Harry
Baldiij, Charged With Murder
of Lcc Rankin.
The State, in tin; case nf the State
of Ohio against Harry lialdini. charged
with the murder of Lee Nankin, now
bojng tried in the t'oinmon Pleas Court
of Helmont i-fiuttty. rested shortly after1
noon Saturday . Four witnesses for the
defense were placed on the stand. The;
absence of an iinportant witness!
caused adjournment until Monday (
morning. The evidence of the wit- !
nesses for the defense was largely of a.!
technical nature.
i 'onsiderable progress is being made!
in Ibe i rial, and it is. thought that it j
will go to tho jury by Wednesday, j
N'ighl sessions will probably he lipid j
until I In end of the trial
'"atarrli is such an in s id ion ? d I seas"
flnd ll.is heroine so prevalent. 'luring l.h? '
past f-w years that its treatment should j
understood by all
Science ha? fully provd that Catarrh
i' a ??nns t itiji ion.-il ?i i 5 ^ and therefore!
r<-qiiir. s -t ? 'institutional treatment. ;
Sprays, inhalrrs, salv?-s and n?se doueh
' seldom tf '? \ ?" r ti'P lasting benefit
and often dri*"" ihe <?] t ?-?*>;? fur'her down
the air passage;- and Into ' he lungs.
!?' you have Catarrh or '"ath&.rrhsl
deafness or head-noises, go to your
firucsist and get on" ounce of Partnln'.
(Pmible Strength). Take this home and
add to it pint of- liot water and ?}
oun^^s of granulated sugar: stir until
dissolved, tahe one tald'spootiful *
times a day.
This will oft.->n brine: quirk relief
front the distressing head-noises, clog
?ed nostrils should open, breathing be
come easy and mucus stop dropping
into the throat.
This treatment has a slight tonic ac
tion which makes it especially effective,
in eases where Lhe blood has become
thin and weak. It is easy to make,
tastes pleasant and costs little. Kvery
person who wishes to be free from this
rlost ri).-i I vp disease should civ? (hir.
?rcitni*nl a tricJ.
Deed Was Committed Last June? .
Case Was Passed At Last Term
To Permit Investigation
fWorc Judge Alan H. Robinson, in
Criminal court today, Henry Abl?. con
fessed wife slayer, will be placed on
I rial before a jury which will be em
panelled to tnak?' an Inquiry' into the
condition of h is mind. Witnesses sum
moned for both Able and .the stale in
clude n number of physicians who
have observed Abie's condition since
hi- was confined in the jail in June.
The defense, it is understood, will
show*, among other things, that Abie's
father died in an asylum for the in
sane and that another relative of the
alleged murderer d iorj under similar j
circumstances. Physicians will dls-1
agree. it is said, as to Abie's present
mental condition.
The jury empanelled today will he
called upon to determine first if Able!
is san now, and if sticb is found t.n be
the ??.'iso t hi1 court wil proceed with j
his trial on the charge of murdering i
his wife. Should he he found sanoj
now, insanity at the time he killed |
his wife, it is said, wil] he th? de
fense in the murder trial. Should he
b" found insane now, he will be com
mitled to an asylum. In be returned
to t in* custody of thf> criminal court
upon his recovery.
About the middle of last June, Able
is said to have- returned to his home
on the South Side with a gun and en
gaged in a quarrel with his wife. Sbei
is said to have attempted to flee from |
him, and as she ran Able shot ber, j
one bullet, causing instant, death.
Able was arrested, and at the jail I
is said to have confessed to the act., j
Recently he had an outbreak of what j
appeared to he a violent ease of iu
sanity. Insanity at the time ho com
mitter! ihe deer] formerly had ber>n J
claimed hv his attorneys, and the case j
was continued at the September term j
of court in order to permit the state
to make an investigation ar. to hJS
mental condition.
This evening at. 7: 15 o'clock the I
Central Bibb- class will meet at the
Young Men's Christian Association!
building for the study of the Book ofi
Romans. Dr. Thomas G. Koontz is I
the teacher of this class. Tbe mem- j
Our beautiful well rhonen
stock nf appropriate Gifts that
will meet, tho requirements of
everybody is now ready and
awaiting your inspection. Selec
tions may b? laid asido for
Christmas delivery.
i Jewelers, Silversmiths and ?
i Importers. ^
^ 1223 Market Street,
hers arc very much interested In the
study, and will be glad to welcome
anyone who desires to attend tbo
By slashing his rbroal with a razor,
.lames Murwin, agpd 3R .years, pris
oner in th" county jail at St. Clairs
ville. successfully ended Jiis life Sat
urday afternoon. Murwin had been
confined <o the jail since Thursday,
having been sent tin from Bellaire,
after trial charged with loitering and
panhandling. T1i?=> ;ic* occurred shortly
after Murwin bad had dinner.
Have Christmas music in your
home played upon the wonderful
sweet tone Sonora, $45, $60, $75,
$100. $150. $175, $225, $350. $1,000.
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easy payment plan. 5% off for
28 Eleventh Street.
Doctor Tells How To Strengthen
Eyesight 50 per cent In One
Week's Time In Many Instances
A Free Prescription You Can Have
Filled and Use at Home.
fh iln.de I pliia. Pa. Do you wear glasses?
An; you a victim of eye strain or oilier
eye weaknesses'.' If so, you will be glad
t<> krio" iliai according to Dr. Lewis
t he !??_ is real hope for you. Many whoso
evos were failing say* they have had
their eyes restored through the principle
of this wonderful free prescription. One
man says, after trying it: "1 was almost
blind: could not see to read at all. Now
I can road everything without any
glasses and my eyes do not water any
more. At night they would pain dread
fully now they feel fine all the time. It
was like a miracle to me." A lady who
used it snys: "The atmosphere seemed
hazy with or without glasses, but after
usinc this prescription for fifteen days
every tiling seems clear. I can even read
fine print without glasses." It is be
lieved that thousands who wear glasses
can now discard them in a reasonable
time and multitudes more will be able
tn strengthen their eyes so as to be
spared the trouble and expense of ever
petting glasses. Eye troubles of many
descriptions may be wonderfully bene
fited by following the simple rules. Here
is the proscription: (.Jo to auy active
drug store and get a bottle of Bon-Upto
tablets. Dnip one Bon-Opto tablet in a
fourth of a glass of water and allow to
dissolve. With this liquid bathe the oyes
two to four times daily. You should
notice your eyes clear up perceptably
right from the start and inflammation
will quickly disappear. If your eyes are
bothering you, even a little, take steps to
save them now before It Is too late.
Many hopelessly blind miphr. hnve been
saved if they had cared for their eyes
in time.
Note: Another pmmlnmt Physician to whom tS*
Above article was nitmjlttrd. f?!d: "Bon-Dpt/i
r ery remarkable remedy. Its constituent Ingred^B
are well known to eiiilnfat eye ft<t:*Jsltj and Trtd?iy
rrocrlbed by thesi. 'iTie manufacturers guarantee It
to strengthen eyesight SO ier cent In one week's tiir.o
!n many Instances or refund the money. It can be
obtained from any good druggist and is one of the
tery few preparations I feel should be kept on hand
for regular use In almott every family." It is sold la
Wheeling by Grlest ? Co. and other drujguts.
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Wall Paper Now
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Winter months.
Now showing a great
many numbers of 1917
Spring patterns from?
5c to 50c a Roll
Week of November 26
2000 rolls 50c and 75c
tapestries at 25c a roll
? I? W? ? WW? W? i n? ? ? .. I .. . ? ? ? ? ?
Also, special reduction on many
papers throughout the line.
The advantage of papering this
season of the year is you can secure
a hanger at your convenience.

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