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Your Guarantee
ik of Purity"
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" The Bayer Cross
(Continued from Monday's Intelli
?Irani dismissed t hem abruptly and
r'lifUI bear 'his ?l*ep vmc th u'trle:*- ,
itiK the telephono receiver a.- they j
mini" i (?? i r .wit. Ho was cni' i iiv; 1 h ;
\\ iiv h.' s- ni recalling ? >n?~ ot th.* staff |
phot . .;;i ;i ph--rs. As in an\ oth?*r bisrbus-j
it?ey?? ttrni tlw ordinarv statf of Scot- 1
Iai:ii -r.es ? i r" l" duty ai six.
I v?i" list 'i ir? i n his imn r< ?m. Forres-,
ft l!no? or four ?iib"r':ii?nl-s >iiid j
a 'lalHlt'il >?! r.*po| is ainl
awnitins iiim. ills UisureK manner t!r>>p- :
pvd from him. He lui'iini^ brisk offii-ia!.
brns-.u.-. A >h?rlhaii'l clerk witii open ?
iioi'. fctt'ok waitine. <<ttd to- him i h ? - J
>'hief ,isisp. -<u or . poured ..in ; j?.> bill* ?>f J
his irtit ru--tions to b- fot warded by iclo- i
j;ini*h or t?-l?phom-. i
Forrester dismissed the cb rk at las:!
ami turn.-d abruptly on th- waiting men. ?
Th-r*; *as no waste <. t words i.n o.ther
sid?'. As tii... final subord.ii.ate lor ; t If !
room Forrest' r yawned and >t rctvlicd :
liiiwii lf wc&i'ity. I
"Tit it's ell light." nc said, "f pu? ??
\*t cifn't do anything mure for an u"ur
ar tut.." It may intTcst ynu. Mr: j?H- {
Nerval' . *o know that fv iles/.ke naa|
booked a passaK.-- back to N >? \> York in ,
?his .r.\n mitre. bu the boat that leaves I
"Li\ '???pv.'l 'lie da> after to-morrow, r I ? ? J
? ?ailed at the sleamer offices at o'clock, i
It's bluff. 1 guess. and prettx obv ious :
Ht i ha: . H" thinks w?-*ll ???>iii-ont rat-' .ii-l
tent"i?Mi on that scent while hi- slips s* 'tno '
other "way. Vrs ? what is it?"
S'>ni?; cue hcui torn the dcor np-.n bur-]
rJedly; A yout!*; nan. 'all and spars*, i
\\ h ispiT'd a t>,v words into l-\.?r. >ii*r's i
? ir. The chief inspector up ar j
though galvanized. ill.-* band sn.rvhcd i
lor th-- telephone. {
"tj> t him out through her*. . ? * ? j
You hnve a taxi roady. l.olr. You maj j
ha\e to >-??iie Kith ;???." Th'i* ><:u:ts rum j
.\*wtisheii an'l Forrester sp.?k>- in' > t j
telephone. "tlvllo. that you. ?"Sou Id V ^ t
i his is Kor.-ost'-r. ? * * * At th** |
>ou ^ay. ? 4 ? How many nu n li.i\o!
you? All ritht. I'll b" alone straient (
away. <.?ood-by." 'I
"I. oca ltd hun?" vi-ntund Silvrrvi!'*. i
"Vcv" Korrestrr's bn-w was purfc.-r-;
'd. "Hr's rvi thf Mcjz und"r his oc. 11}
t*Kin?-.' Hansc*! it* I '"an maU'* it mil. j
ll^'s "tiii'T nii.il or he's not the tiT.'i '-t >
the very dv\ il. i>m? on."
ftolt was awaitintr thorn in a tiixb-abj
? ?utsiib- which whirled tli* swiiiiyl
away as th^.v iimk their s?*a's. T!oy
iir> \?. m> 111 Piccadilly, a hundred \ai ds,
or so i rom tin- s^vore arches of th*' uri'iil i
Uot-I. and waik'-d forward till th>*y \*. *re[
inn by a bron>;i*d. well dressed man ifj
tnid<H.' ?ge who noildcd at'tably and II.
into'st.-p ?it}i tbom.
"Will. iJould?" querricd !? "rn sti-r.
'Kverything jeretie. sir. H* s koii*- in (
to dirin r. TliTf's two of our men 1 in- ?
inn 1 Ik u-\t table."
Ki\?' 1'ii'Hit.s later a waited irossid!
the liclited dimuK room with .? |
' ar.i. It cif) not contain i''orr>-st.>r s j
nam>' ? rn>r ir<l?<..'d thai of an> on* U?t j
kn^w. Xi.r ,,1-j in* sake seem to know* ,
It. for he frowned as the waiter present-!
fii it t" luiii.
"I .uon't know ?ny Mr- tlrahanr- John
son." he said 'This isn't for me."
rn v. nit..r was deferential. * I It. ^"en
>lem?n said. 'XI r. John C"' Reszke;' sir.
' I ? s i\ s it's ver\ uicent. at?#l \\ants >011
to .svyi rc him a minute in the stnokuiK
Th- millionaire slowly fli^ficd bim
o" his soryiette. anH risins. sham
bled.: ftor the waiter.
Fot'i ryt. r and hin companions w- re
uaii:ni; in a small room which h:nl --b'-on I
plac? I ;ii their dixpwal. As l>- K-*'.ke I
uas inhered in. the first fare he e.iu;;.'ii j
sipht "i was that ot Silv. rv.il-. Ilis!
r'a? iou ere* I and !?*? paus-d on the thres- J
hold. ? I
Quickly ;vid lie ft ly i.'oiiM shouldered J
by him as though t<. pass .>111. I >? 1
ft.Miy.k- ;;;i\? way !>inl the dctccii\e I
closed th- 0? >r ami leaned nonchalan' ly i
a?aii>s> it.
Mr. IV U-iizke."- said Forrester f|Uicl:-|
ly. "I am a polio- officer. V??iir wife,
Jias I murd-r-d since h-r arrival in!
~I ? n?l? ? 11 . If you wish to mak- any siu''-t
menfs .'is 10 ymir niovini-tii s y?>u may
? I"' >?>, th'?iu:li I wan: >011 that unless
<?"11 ? v*n definitely con vine- m- thai yu I
hail n<> nam! in t hu murder I may i,a vo j
t?? hi ???"?st you."
UlimUj. I'ticnniprehendinsly. Mr. IV '
Iv^wk- -tar; <1 in from of him as though'
h- had ii- 't h-'ard. The life s-etlied to
hftv- s<?n- .out of him.
"V ?u heard me?" questioned Forres-I
tfr sharply. I
"I heard you." said I'e r;> sake dully.!
"VI011 say Nell's dead ? In*. l:ot N-ll ? herj
nahi. s nut Kltanor; It's M?d-Iiti>i
Mad-Iin- I 'ill for"!: that's i! ? sh-'s li? > it,
mil I'd i ,-d? I h-ard - ha' ha ha"" ll-i
brol.- into >!iriil uncaitny lauuhi-r and
th-ti pressing lioth hands to his t ? ni; -is
pitched forward h-avily 1 ? ? tli- floor. j
'^.\ il-?'t<ir. M'iii>' one." yrd-r-il Forr-s-l
t-i'. and Gould vanish-d. I 'ncons-jous. I
I >-* f:-M:k- was lilted to a c ucli by tie:1
oiler thro-. Forrtsi-r shrus?-d" Ills,'
shouldw. ks Id- a Lad job."' hej
The doctor sutntiioti-d hy Gould con*'
tirm-d ih- suspi-ion. Its a parly tic I
stroke." he explained. "I doubt if he'll [
. v-r u-t ov-r it. You gentl-men aroj
friends of his?" J
??of c?urse." a?re-d Forrester.
The . incvitahl s-ari:il of In K<\?zl;e's
room and havrcaK- had hr.n eonuucled
with thoroughness. I>iii it y i-lded noth
ing thai s? ined of importanc- to the
investigation. Forrester voiced his nils-;
scivincs -.-.s he walked hack to Scotland!
Vard with Silv-rval-.
"This busin-ss is luntiinT In siuooth-i
ly. I don't lik- it. I feel there's a smack ;
iii the Minns from somewhere.'
Th< r-'s several little odds and ends t o J
he cleared up. It would have been cas-|
ier if he hail 111 had I lief stroke."
"There's tli- fins.er print on the book." 1
vent ur-d Sil v-rva le.
"V-s. I took I >e U-y.ke's and sent Bolt,
with them to ih- Yard. 'Irani will have |
fixed all that up hy the time wo set
t here."
'Irani was waiting for them when
th-y ai rn-d. On his table he had spread
? ?tit" of >??! o s of eiflaryeMtents of fintrer
prints. II- shook his head jrravely at
l-'orr-st-r. "It"^ 110 cood old chap," iie
said. "Th-s- thiiiKS you sent ut> by Holt
don't tally."
Forrester, suddctilv arrested with his
overcoat half "ir felt his jaw drop. Then
a. second li- frowmd upon Grant. Then
h- writhed himself free of the g^rimnt.
"Iv.n't tally!" he repeated. "You'ro
Juki 11'c. 'Irani. They must."
"Well, th-y don't."
The ch it I' d-te-tive inspector brought
his fist down with a ban? on the tahl?.
He laid no claim to the superhuman in
telliceniT of the story-book defectives.
Therefore h- was considerably annoved
at this abrupt discovery of a vital flaw
in the chain "f evidence that connected
[>- Reszk- with the murder. -
I "li heats me." he declared viciously.
?'It fairly beats me. W'lio else could
have done it.'.' Who else had a motive?"
'.rant stole nut of the room and Sil
verval- remained discreetly silent. For
Get Ready for W inter
- ' Don't go handicapped. Vou are rapidly ap
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The thousands who have used it in the last half
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Peruna Tablets are a convenient way to take
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30 Tablets in a box.
>Janalin Tablets are the ideal laxative. They
work on the liver as
well, an(* rcsto?*e cor
rect habits. Your druir
I fjist has them. 10 and
1 25 cts.; ,l,f;tal boxes.
The Penina Company
CjolUJH.bus> Ohio.
a nviiC ii?ouyicD
to mi fMgn&vlMM
KriceAOClx <?< b
ivsi-t rest ?-fl his elbows on the table!
in i-l h is chin in liis cupped hands, striv-j
ing I"' recall some avenue of invcsiiga-j
linn that Jic might have overlooked.
Suddenly hf fare- lightened and he
jerked lni.nself from his chair with h
swili movement <'f li's whole body. I ?f - 1
noring i hi- journalist, he rushed from
the room. Tt was Ions before he return
ed. When he did lie was accompanied
by 1 1 ra n t .
* "Ti ll ni*"? he addressed Silvervale ?
"?i id viui ever see Crake?"
The other shook his head. "I was out
of town when he was Tied. It was
after the ease was over tliat I interview
ed Madeline Fulford." ' I
Grant was frowning. "If I hndn't |
sei-n th<- records, Forrester, I'd say you J
were mad. It's the most unheard of
"We'll sen whemer T*m mad or not."
said the chief inspector primly. He |
|. laced a. photograph, ihe official side i
tullface. before Silvervale. "Did you I
i.evr s*e that man before?"
"Nor that?" The second photograph
was a studio portrait with the name of
a .Si rand firm at the bottom. It awoke
>ome vague reminiscence in Silvervale.
He held it closer to the light.
'"Wait a minute." Grant placed fi
sheet of paper over the bottom of the
face, hiding the mustache and chin.
Recollection came to Silvervale in a
Hash. It was Norman, the man with
i If lustcrless blue eyes, who had com
iio-ntei] on Madeline l"*u 1 ford in the
smoking room of the Columbia.
Ho explained. "The hair's done dif
ferently," he added, "but I can recog
nize the upper part of the face, though
he's older now than when this photo
graph was taken. Po you think he's
mixed up in this? .
"Maybe." answered Forrester enigmat
ically. ?*T'll have a man motor down to
the. prison now" ? he was speaking to'
? Irani ? "and we'll go on to the Palatial.)
If I'm any judge he'll still he there.)
His room was number t7J. almost oppo
site her suite. I had him questioned, of
course, but I never dreamed
Silvervale, lit a cigarette resignedly.
"It's all -Greek to me." he complained.
"Still. I have no right to nsk f(west ions."
"You'll understand in an hour or two."
said Forrester. "It would take too Ions
to explain now. Come on and you'll see
what you'll see."
It was back to the Talatial Hofe| that,
he took the journalist and a couple of
subordinates. There he remained clos
eted with the manager for five minutes.
He reappeared with that functionary, a
master key dangling on his finger.
"Our bird's at home," he said. "<Jon%
to roose. probably."
Nothing more was said till I hey reach
ed the third floor. The manager led
the way until they came opposite a
door facing the suite which Mrs. De
Resz.ke had occupied. "This is number
47C." he said in a low voice* "Shall 1
Forrester made a gesture of dissent
and his hand fell coaxingly on t lie door.
He made no sound as I10 pushed a key
in the lock and turned it. With a sharp
push the door Hew open, and a quick,
angry question was succeeded by con
fused sounds of a struggle. The next
Silvervale saw was a pajamas-clad man
being held on the bed with Forrester and
a collcagrue at either wrist.
(To be continued In Priday'a
By Jluth Cameron.
Criticising Competitors
"Tou rion't like her." 1 said. 'I .-an I'll
that by your tone." The woman in ques
tion was from my own town. . As a rep
resentative -of a certain organization, sho
had gone to another town and there bsH
come into contact -with an oiri friend .>f
mine. I expected them to become frit ti.ls
and was surprised when my question in
regard to -her elicited no enthusi'ism.
Hence my challenge. U was not denie .'.
Slie Began By Buiiniag- Every One Down.
"No." admitted by friend. "I don't. I I
expected to. but it was this way? iliej
very first time wo met she began by
asking: me if I knew certain people v. ho
were active In the work hen:, and bv
rtining them down. There was Mrs.
Knowles, 1 don't particularly care '"ot
her. but she is good-hearied. and I
didn't thinl: it waj up to a st rang- r to
run her down. Well Mrs. Mead couldn't
say enough about what a bore she is,
and then sho said she through Mrs. Mai - ?
tin was loud, and Mrs. Holyoke was old- i
fashioned and narrowrniinded. and so
forth and so on. Apparently, ilnr
wasn't any one she really approved of
except herself."
Xot an agreeable impression to give.
Is It?
F.ut tt is the impression which people'
who aro always criticising and running
down others are apt to leave.
Every One Will Think You Are 1
Self-SatlBlled i
You may not really he sHf-satisficd ?
but if you are dissatisfied with every:
one else and say so. people art likely, to
draw thai conclusion.
Above all things, n never pays run!
down people who are in i s? ? same lincj
of work as you. yourself.
A certain writer has ju*t received a
stinging rehuke from the critics he-,
cause, whenever sin- is int. rvi?-w?-d. sin
has some criticism to ?,ff< i of some one!
of her fellow-craft ^m- n.
She May Not Be Jen Ions. But I
Now she may !?? oiferittg i In.-- criti-l
cism in the most iniporsnu.il way. She I
may fully value tie- I points of the
authors whose dcfiit-. -.In picks out. I
Hut only those who know . In-r well,
enough lo know thai, will In hi ve it.j
Jealously is a:i alum-i ihhm rs.-il human '
fault, and the public is quick to irans-'
act criticism oi_ op. 's i-> >n i |?.-t itors iniol
an expression of ii .
llow much gi\"d ?ii.' -i ii (in >i?u in ina (
people down"
None at till.
And how iiiik h .!?*? to"
Tli:tt you 'an le-v.r iiim"m-,-.
So. ln-11 > on loi.U ac it i ? a.-oi::ili.ly.
I uhul's the use.'
1 1 W fill w I I ill I ?
Younger Members of Society Are An
ticipating Charming Affair ?
Many Other Social Items
Of Special Interest.
Miss Eleanor Stewart, daughter or
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stewart, ol"
Echo Point, will he hostess on Friday
evening at one of the largest parties
of the week, having as bet- guests
fifty members of the younger social
sol. Tb affair will i>e given at the
Stratford Springs hotel, and will ke
most prettily arranged.
A popular orchestra will provide
the music for the past inn* of the ev
ening, and at an intermission of the
(lance, a luncheon will be served.
Invitations have Ueen Issued to the
following: Ethel Hill
Misses? Masters ?
Elizabeth Stifel Mud Howard
Virginia Sweeney .lunior Arnibruster
Kllen Wilson Kdward Flaecus
Mary A r ben 3 Vance Harper
Alice Whailey Clarke Fulton
Alice Speidel Andrew McLure
l.ydia Speidel Philip Paull
Madelyn Weiss .lames Wods
Elizabeth Adaius John Mills
Alice McNulty .John Handlan
Margaret Barnard Robert Brown
Gertrude Burns Charles Madden
Marie Rolf David Burt
Mary Burdatts Billy Irwin
l>ouisc Harper Donald Brand
Leeanna Hubbard Dana Kelley
Elizabeth Hubbard Albert Whitaker
Frances Wods James Stewart
Elsie Lee St ore r Dan Rownd
Elizabeth Bodley Paul Bf-aitie
Elizabeth Madden Taylor Beattle
Genevieve Norton Frank McNulty
Alice ^Norton Sam Norton
Evening Card Party
At the headquarters or the Woman *
Catholic League on Fifteenth street,
last, evening, the L. C. H. A., Branch'
No. :Mf., lu'ld a card party, the pro
reed of which will be used by the or
ganization. A large number were
present and a very delightful evening,
was spent with the various pleasures. I
There were rooms where euchre, five |
hundred, dominoes and other popular 1
games were played, and at II o'clock J
a luncheon was served by the host-!
esses Miss Mary Gilligan and Mrs. El
la Fahi-y.
Among those present were:
M issos?
Mary Viip.lli?>wr. lieiH-virve Horn.
Mfiry liiiliKan. l-*i h.- 1 Kelly, j
Kat he|e? 1: iJillignr.. Anna Sivan'enftcrger. 1
Kl i/atiiM li I'ooke, Clara .Miliar,
Virginia San ton,
AHn? Maker,
li-ertrinle Has<?nauer|
Kaiherine Hugging,
l.ona Maker.
Minr.a Haki-r.
Arii'-s ivttli'ord.
Al 1 11 11 Mutt.
Kathleen it'Learv
Ken ha W'iltoe.
Tretvie t'chncid.
Mary Hazletl. Anna iJatis.
1 .011 is Cook, Harvey MeCiilly,
.lyhn West, B. .1. lians,
Fislin*. S. I.iKhsic.
Frederick 1 Mirer. J. ' I'elTerr.ian.
K??l?eri Si'lincid, James Krennan,
Jessie Sfhaiit>. T. J. Kurke.
Mary Gnmpers, A. O. o'Ncil.
I., li. .h'likins, T. Wheaton.
Minnie M?n:k, Jus. !C. Stanton,
< H. tteilly, I.. Null,
.lames Kaah. Frank Uray. "f
Mary I'ornclt. Dallas. Texas,
Pan West. A . .^jtahl.
? thrist I lure*. VV. Jlopkins.
(Worse Cornel t.
Messrs. ?
Frank Wyrherly. Thomas Qiiimi.
.Messrs. and Mc-sonnies ?
Fred Nuttal, Michael ?">. Mills
Michael 1'earlmnM. J. J.. Ilcathcrington
John it. I'oukc,
For Miss McCullagh
A pretty compliment has been plan
ned for Miss Jessis McCullagh whose
wedding will take pine during early
October. The members of her Sunday
school class of the Second Cniled
Presbyterian church will be guests. J
and the offair is 10 be held at the 1
home of Miss Isabella Howard of
North Main street on Friday evening. |
This has b<>cn arranged as a miscel- 1
laneous shower, and will be of very I
attractive appointments. The guests!
will include:
Misses ?
Jessie McCullagh Eida Wagner
Virginia Kasley Let La Anderson j
Amy McCullagh Isabelle Howard
Helen Goetze
Ritter-Bandi Nuptials
Another of the interesting autumn
weddings will be solemnized this at
lernoon. when Miss Marie Hitter
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hit
ter of Fourteenth street, will become)
the bride ql" Mr. George Bandi. son
of Mrs*. Anna Handi of North Wheel
ing. Rev. Father Raphael Marie will [
vedebrate the wedding, which will
take place at Si. Alphonsus church,
of thf South Side.
Branches of greenery and palms
with white flowers w i 11 trim the in
terior of the cnurch. Miss Hilda Kit
A Good Scout
Eats Without Fear
Fancy Dishes And Rich Food Have
No Terrors If You Use Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets
Prove It With a Tree Trial Package.
Half or more of I he good tilings to!
oat ar<? either under suspicion or ban
ished altogether lo those who haven't
learned of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tab j
lets, instead oi berating breakfast
sausage, sardine sandwiches and roa.it
duck wiih dressing, wise people ^at
a Stuart s Dyspepsia Tablet after each
meal and one just before you go to
bed. t he> i there is no harm in the rich,
fancy dishes.
Your stomach lacks the proper oi
geslive juices to make your meals ea>
ilv digested. Smart's Dyspepsia Tab
lets give i he stomach and other or
gans of the digestive apparatus the
wherewithal to digest food.
liei a :>Oc box today from any drug'
store and try them, or send the cou- 1
pon for free trial.
Free Trial Coupon
F. A. Stuart Co., 230 Stuart
Building, Marshall, Mich., send
me at oneo a free trial package of
? Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets.
| Name
Si reel
I City State
No matter what ails your child, a
gentle thorough laxative should al
ways be the first treatment, given.
If your little one is outof-sorts. half
Rick." isn't, resting, eating and acting
, naturally ? Ipok, Mother! see if
! tongue i<? Voated. This is a sure sign
I that its little stomach, liver and bow
j Pis are Hogged with waste. When
'cross, irritable, feverish, stomach
sour, breath bad or has stomach-ache,
give a tenspoonful of "California Syr- |
up of Figs." and in a few hours all [
the constipated poison, undigested
food and sour bile gently' moves out of
its little bowels without griping, and
you have a well, playful child again.
Mothers can rest easy after giving
this harmless "fruit laxative," be
cause it never fails to cleanse the lit
tle one's liver and bowels and sweeten
the stomach and they dearly love its;
pleasant taste. Full directions for
babies, children of all ages and for
grown-ups printed on each bottle.
Beware of counterfeit fig syrups.
Ask your druggist for a 50-cent bot
tle of "California Syrup of Figs": then
see that it is made by the "California
Fip Syrup Company."
Iter will be her sister's maid of honor
and will wear a handsome outfit or
green with a corsage houquet of roses.
Tho bride will be attired in a modisM
suit of brown, with brown boots and
a large bdown velvet hat, trimmed
[with fur. and her flowers will be a
; corsage of pink roses.
Mr. Albert Hitter a brother of the
[bride will attend Mr. Bandi as best
I Following, the ceremony, a dinner
i will be served a number of wprt(,,nK
'guests at the bride's home. 1 he tan
i les will bar a pretty decorative atj
! rangenient of pink iwm ^
i at the bridal table >vill be. Mi. aid
Mrs. Joseph Ritter. Mrs. Anna Bandi.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hitter. Mr and
Mrs. Samuel West. Mr. and Mrs. Clar
ence Eertscbcv and Mrs. Hannah
j Korn. Among the other guests .will
I he- Misses Hilda Hores. < atherin
[ Mores. Bertha Knorr.. Mane \\ aencr.
I Anna Linton. Jul* MoCann. Anna
House. Alma Ben. Martha 1 * ' j
Clara Ritter. Hilda Ritter. s<?raPfJ! r !
Ritter. M-sers: Albert Knabe lot.
Henrv Beu. Mac MeCormack anrtJN?r?
wood* Gutherine of Cameron. Ohio. *
The young people will estaWisy
their home at 1"22 i.md street. ***&
they will receive their man> friena^f.
Musical Tea Thursday /
At the residence of Mrs. J. M.
corner of Twenty-first and Man
streets. Warwood. the Warwood circle
or King's Daughters will gne mu;s*
cal tea tomorrow evening. ? 1 be a
rancement of the program ha. . ..
under the direction of Mrs. .
Lcincr Woolenweber and is composed |
of some very charming numbers. A
?mall admission fee will be charged
and at the conclusion of the program
light refreshments will be served. The
program follows:
Piano ?
la) Fairy Polka
(bl Mazurka . . ?
, 1 ci Polka Mazurka ? ? ? ? ?
! Miss Sylvia Woolenweber
I Reading? "When Mallnda Sings" . .
1 MiS!i Mildred McKeeverj
j Violin ?
ta) 11 Aravatore
(b) Poet and Peasant ??????
Miss Ruth Nesbitt
1 Vocal Solo? Vilanelle ? ? ? ,
Mrs. Ida Nolte-Sieber
J Piano-Solo ? Valse Caprice ...^ poas
tai The Good-ror-Nothing Hunat
(hi Under the. Buggy Seat ..
M Marsh Uollner
Vocal Solo? April Morn ......
Mrs. Anna Hilton-Otto'
Piano? Grand Polka de Concert {
1 Miss Leota Nesbi.lt j
j Vocal Solo? Selected ? ?
! Mr. .lohn O Con nor ?
Reading? The One-Legged Goose ,
Miss Mildred McKeever
Shower For Bride
I One of the pretty occasions or ;h(?
season was a dainty appointed lunch
eon given bv Misses Tamzen and Anna
Merrill, and Miss Dorotha Armstrong.!
at the Merritt homestead at Union- 1
town. Ohio, on Saturday afternoon. 1
September the :10th. for Miss Be^ie |
Howell, of Flushing, who will be a
bride of the fall.
The affair was in the nature of a
kitchen shower. Many gifts bolb love
Iv and useful were received by iho
bride-to-be. The color scheme pir.k
and white was carried out. both in the
house decorations and tbe luncheon, (
covers being laid for thirty.
Those present were;
C. S Locbary, T. K. McClinich,
John Howell, W. U. 1 ,ce.
W. L Howell. Ralph Randolph,
John Cunard. M. L. Price,
W T Tavlor, James Price,
F T. Mil'ihorn, A. M. Crozier.
..I. W. Lyle, John Humphrey,
li. G. Snodgrass. A. H. McGlenu,
Emil Rose. A V. Long.
W. L. Armstrong. W. A. Merritt,
.1. P. Ferguson.
Misses l
Bessie Howell, Effie Lyle.
Edith Lodge. Sarah Caldwell, |
Ethel Caldwell, Stella Ross.
Marv Tavlor. Ella Ritchey.
Marv Paiicoast, Lorotha Armstrong 1
Tamzen Merritt. Anna Merritt,
Kindergarten Opening
The Coffland kindergarten at fccho t
Point opened auspiciously yesterday,
with quite a lar?e enrollment, and
the year's work was begun with con- 1
siderable enthusiasm. Although yester
day was I he first, day of the term ad
. mission may be secured during the .
present month. The school is splen- ,
didluy squipped. and with its facilities
is capable of accomodating quite a ,
large classes.
Musical Monday
Mr. and Mrs. John O'Conner enter
tained a number of friends on Monday!
evening, at their home in. Warwood. A j
musical program was a feature and ;
was followed at a late hour by the
serving of a delightful luncheon. Tbel
guests included:
Messrs. and Mesdames
George Kossuth Burns Murray
William Chambers Carl Nestman
O. T. Potts Mrs. Kreanier,
William McNamara
Thirty-seventh Anniversary.
The thirty-seventh anniversary of
the Eighteenth Street Memorial!
chapel was celebrated with a social'
and entertainment last evening. A
very delightful program was given, be
ginning at 7:30 o'clock, in which both
musical and literary numbers were
included. Voice numbers were con
tributed by Miss Virginia Hall, Miss
Hazel Seamon. Miss Naomi Searuon
and Mrs. J. L. Connelly. The children's
choir, uuder the leadership of Miss
? ? V '? ^
' ' ; :v
Automobile Robe
Here it is ? the advertised line of new M0T02
WEAVE Auto Robes. Popular price, popular de
signs and popular guarantee. The most unusual J. 5
value ever offered in an auto robe. vj
Quality, Texture and Durability all guaranteed %
?and at the sensationally low price of $6.75. * ^
Market and Chapline at Fourteenth.
Hazel Seamon, rendered a number of I
very beautiful selection.*, and a read
ing was given by Mr. Louis C. Black.
For Mi (s Mapeft
Miss Lucy M^pes or sbelbyyille, Ky.f
who 's visitinjc friends in this locality
was honor guest, at an informal party
given yesterday afternoon by Mrs. E.
W. Harrison at her home on Fifteenth
street. A luncheon at .j o'clock con
cluded an afternoon at needlework.
There were t welve Quests.
Invitations Issued.
Copies of the following invitations
have been received by friends of the
couple: ' '? t
Mrs. Hauuah ICose
requests the honor of your presence
at the marriage of her daughter
Bess Agnes
Mr. Bernard J. Killeen
Wednesday morning, October eleventh
at nine o'clock
St. Mary's church
Wheeling, West Virginia
Meeting Postponed
The meeting of the Evergreen Twig,
which was lo have been held at the
home of Mrs. .1. S. Hrennan of North
Main street, has been postponed until
the date of the next regular meeting,
owing to tne death of Mrs. Helen Digby
October Wedding
An interesting wedding of October
will be that, of Miss Tillie Vogler,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew vog
ler of this city, who will wed Mr. Har
ry A. Graebe. Tbe bride-groom elect i
is the son of Mr. William Graebe of
Woodlawn. and is connected as archi;
tect. with the Stanton Heater company
of Martins Ferry. The .wedding will |
take place on October J8.
Roast Beef Supper.
The ladies of the Third Presbyterian
church, will hold a roast beef supper
in the basement of -the church, on
Thursday evening, October 12. The
menu will include a number of deli
cious home prepared edibles and will
merit splendid patronage.
Gayiey-Jamison Wedding.
One of the pretty weddings of tbe
autumn season will be that of Miss
Mary Jamison, daughter of Mrs. J. A.
Jamison, of Martins Ferry, aid Ches
ter M. Gay ley, of Pittsburgh. The
service will take place at the bride's
home this afternoon, and Rev^E. C.
Nesbitt, pastor of the First Presby
terian church, will officiate. Only the
members of the family and a few
chosen friends will be guests and the
couple will be unattended.
The bridal gown is of white satin
with a lace bodice and the bouquet a
shower of white roses and lillieB of
the valley.
An elaborate wedding dinner will
follow the ceremony and later the
bride and groom will leave for Penn
sylvania. the bride traveling in' a suit
of brown cloth with accessories to
match. The couple will later estab
lish their residence at Elizabeth, Pa.,
where Mr. Gayley holds a responsible
position with the Koppers Ceke: eaiK.Vs
pany. He is the son of Mr. A. T.'.Otjr- -;jf
ley, of Pittsburgh. ' '
King'* Daughters.
The Fourth Street Circle of'Kttf'a
Daughters are especially urged' 'Uf/Hr
tend a meeting at the Young Womtt'i -
Christian Association on Thursday
10:30 o'clock. Luncheon will be hed{:fe
at the building, and at 2:30 o'clock tb?%/r
regular business program will be:CO?-v$
sidered. ?
Red Cross Soclsty
Several hours were devoted to nee
olework yesterday morning at the .4
Young Women's Christian Association r ;
by the members of the local Red CtOMV.'j
society. Since the cooler weather ,th#
work has taken on increased .aetmty*^
and the meetings are quite seccessM
both in the interest manifest and tpft" f
^ Ti i _ 1 J
work accomplished. It is hoped to'.?C*;v
quire a larger membership in the ne*C?$
future, so larger scope may be given #
the organization. . ..
Suburban Literary Club
The regular
'? vfc/
meeting of the.^SttbW^
ban Literary club will be beld^this'lf* /
Stratford Springs hottl.
ternoon at the Stratford SprlDgsbOttl. ; ,
Miss Agnes Ackler will dlsCttW^.Otfr^
rent Events, and Mrs. A. E. 8c*flStitv2
will contest the affirmative and Mjra;*
J. N. Dowler the negative W.-ft&gs
solved. That the Woman of Today,
More to do than the Woman of a Hun- v"
dred Years Ago.'* ;
; -
1 2S& .
Absolutely Removes ; <
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all drugg * :
im i
Sheriffs Notice
State aud County Taxes fop.
J016 are due. If paid on or,b?-;:;
fore November 30th, a discount (
of 2l/j per cent will be allowed, .
No allowance can be made dannfcl
December, and interest adda after ^
January 1st. . . .
Requests for amount of *
must be in writing, telephone oaua C
cannot be answered dnring
count period.
0. C? ? ?
Mahogany Russia
Calfskin Shoes
at $6.90
A very good loot
ing model? fits to per
fection. Priced at $8
in most stores now ? .
will cost more when
present stocks are de
Mahogany Russia Calf
9-inch lace boot, welt
soles, Cuban heels, also
low, broad heels.
Special $6.90
Your closest inspection is invited of these
Mahogany Russia Boots as well as many other
new Fall styles which we have planned in antici
pation of pleasing the most particular people.
Hein Shoe Go,
W. H. PARRISH, Manager.

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