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r .
Especially Attractive
>ing of Children's Coats
Embracing Many New Novelties.
$6.98 to $ 25.00
.iown in Plush, Corduroy, Broadcloth and Zibbe
|in the various stylish colors or black; velvet or
lmed. Sizes 6 to 14 years.
lese Coats will prove of interest from the price
joint, as well as that
il styling1.
;gue in sever
/retty models,
is 8 TO 14 YEARS?
flCED ?3.98 to $6.98
' ? i.
ING AT THE B. P. 0. E.
' Assembly Ball at McLure Hotel, With
Other Interesting Observances of
the New Year's Arrival.
."High tide occurred last week so i
often in the social stream that one j
big wave had hardly receded before :
a greater one was ready to engulf the j
pleasure-going multitude-. The hoti- ,
days offered such a variety from
which to choose, the formal and in for- 1
mal, conventional and most distract
ing occasions, with special distinctions .
, quite as applicable .to tho lesser as'
| well as the larger social entertain
| ments, and the real treat was in the
Elks* cabaret and dinner dance. whioii
took place at tueir club home last
evening on Fifteenth street. This was
in >jLs atrangetuen'ts truly wonderful
and pleasing, and these were in the
hands of a v^ry capable committee,,
who worked nut the many details to !
a very satisfactory completion. !
The floral decorations of the dinner
tables, about which were sealed the
diners at 6:U0 o'clock, were one of
the pleasures of the evening. The ar
rangement of these was also very
pleasing. There were long tables
about the walls and across the corn
ers of the room. In the interstices
were other smaller square tables and
round tables tilled in the center of the
room, neatly. Manager Phillips of the
Fort Henry and .Manager Dimmev of
the Elks' club were in charge of the
menu, the tables and their decora
tion. All had quantities of blossoms,
in rustic holders and were of great va
riety and beauty. Otlvt\ decorations
of the club were handsome" and echoed
the fine spirit of Christmas time. t
There was much smilax about the '
' walls and radiating from a huge snow
ball in the center ceiling were strands-;
Use Only Fresh Coconut
"Good housekeepers k how the
wisdom of using only fresh coco
nut, not dried or desiccated. But
heretofore it has been such a
troublesome task to open and
grate the coconut that many have
done without it. Now fresh coco
nut is to be had in cans, fresh
grated, packed in its own rich,
original milk, nothing else.
Fresh Grated Coconut
Packed in lt? Own Original Milk
is as delicious as though iust taken
from the :>heU. No trouble to just
open the can. Use the coconut milk if
your recipe calls for it. But for cake,
icinesand desserts not requiring milk,
press the meat thoroughly dry in a
checseclot-h baa. Guaranteed to be
sweet when can is opened.
Frew Recipe Book by Mr*. Aanm B.
Scott with a can at your grocer's or by
mail on request.
.1 /J cent* in
4 '/ aanitary can
Philadelphia, Pa.
Dollar and a
Half Value
French cuffs, newest
patterns and fast col
ors. Special,
1321 Market Street.
of laurel strung with bells, gradual ing
jn size from quite large 10 small ones,
and aglow with many elcctric lights
hidden about the foliage. '1 be snow
ball was tilled wuh more than a bin
dred small ones, which at 10.-U
o'clock were loosened above the
dancers. There was also a serpentine
dance featured near midnight, when
serpentine was thrown and auutu
much gaiety and revelry to the last
hours or the' ball. There were at the
beginning of the dinner, fanc> hats
for the guests in great vat iet> which
were wdrn throughout the evening.
Seldom were two alike and there was
confusion of styles. At us close all
manner of noise making devices wtic
provided the guests who wt.h consid
erable vocal enthusiasm as well, wel
corned the new year.
During the dinner service the caba
ret was in progress and through the
courtesv of Lou Fields and Mana0? i
Schafer of the Victoria theatre, some
of their star acts were brought oi.
for the entertainment of the c\ tiling-.
The numbers from the !? icUl minstrel^
preluded the others and al,\ oXh'1 .
applause and appreciation. 1 lie pleas
ure seekers were warmly enthusiasm
over the appearance ot' Proi. Jell} unu
Buck Windsor, in which the latter de
lighted the audience with some very
yleasir?j high class selections on the
Miss Virginia Clarke and Ted Llig
were repeatedly encored on their song
numbers and contributed a very dis
tinctive bit to the evening s entertain
nent Mr. l.on Summers ga\e two
riolin solos which were greeted with
aPOneUSof the interesting features of
the performance was Dr. O. v\ ? iiur
datts who contributed bis little bit
by cleverly introducing the celebn
tiPMusic w'as furnished by the Premier
orchestra. ... .
The following committee had
charge: Messrs. Dave Kraus. chair
man; Ted Klig. Harry King, Jr., \\ . M.
Windsor, Dr. O. W. Burdutts, llari}
hlckhart and Mark Kiibanow.
(Catherine Law- VlrKi.ma If? J?,
ther - A ergie Miller.
vtma McMeehan. Angela. McVadden,
Hilda ^erstler Katherl no Lawthcr.
Kuth Barclay.
p**Tt H*?iner. Ruth *
Oertrude lH>rscv? l'lttsburgrh. Pa-.
MiS Footer. Hazel l'Hver.Port.
L.u<-ile Gooding, \ lrglni.i ' huU.
Bernice Watt. Virginia Laue.
Mono Kraft. Genevieve Mroehel.
irtv/vi Porkiti? Pittsburgh,
lulH . lutinan. Elizabeth Burdatts.
\ la rga r e t Beat tie. Ella May Weaver.
!.,?![ Front. Pittsburgh.
i.ucile l.owenstein. Harriett Harman
Betsv Steirihauser, Angela I legmiller.
r.Trrtfv r Mtes Mabel Miller.
, j . ynung." ' Mildred Reynolds.
. m- c.ilil Bonnie Morgan. _
Anna Sch aire r. Xfrw^I,|trt(l,"sviIle'
Bertha Weimer. t
Ada Caldwell. Esther Hell.
Flora Koon. Rose . los..,
Russel Durst. Harold Horlcheimcr.
\Vi , Hell. Henry t ront.
H H Weiske. Wm. f oerlng.
r O M. Staats. W. P Sammons.
James l>yson. ^
Uussell Frazier. K. W . /oeiRlei r,
WUlard Ball, V \v.,Vui.,s
\ K Sonneborn. Marsh \\.itkms.
i.eo Bui'h. AH.ert A. A. tse.
H ?\ Oberman, ' ? A. Smith, Jr..
u r: stlfel. ? Joe Becke.
tcnb-inow. Silas Steinhauser.
m Henry W. Oundliiig
V'lV, Fliu ' Henry S. Schaefer.
NHt Bart', ii. Hnller Peabo. iy.
Mircus' Bertschev. -Toe' Gallagher.
Fdw. J Zoeekler: W. O H nston.
Bernard S. Hork- jam
lielmer. 5"* rutSh
I rw i n H. Baer. H- ^ G1
Jack Frlssell. Albert L. Er b.
Wm. Walters. sain Good.
rh ester Myers. E. A. Moss.
Clias. Dudley.
Messrs and Mesdames.
ra(-k Stout. Henry Weiiner.
Harry Kckhart, Matilda Zoeekler,
H. M. Sonneborn, Harry Ruble.
Geo. W. Stamm. Louis Horkheimer.
Frank Stamm. '-eon B. h e n
nttel. Wlftu^tfe.
Dl"f'-ovleMrS' A" T'! Mr.a'nd Mrs.Trklg.
Dr and Mrs. Geo. Washington. Fa..
Binl'US. ? Dr. and Mrs. A. U.
\ K Jawtelle.
i'ittr Krbtler' rsr
Elmer M eagle. n. MerrimaT1.
Krcd Ballis>toii. ?J- Dobbins,
A M I Innert. r- R. Kronjaeger.
,t." R ( aVdwell. Dr and Mrs. Will
Morgan Vester, ?
i 'art Lang, Frank Klle^es,
August Duga, J.
Max Bachenheimer, C. M. Mess.
T F Tteid Anton Bieberson,
p. < Morgan. Jr.. Harry Ki ng. Jr.,
Dr. and Mrs. Leon T* m. W ind sor,
Reefer, S. J. W indsor,
E T^. Hoffmann, <?eo. Hannan,
H C. Ulrlch. Sam Jacobs,
Daisv ?"asscll. Amelia Morgan.
Xetta Friedman, ' 'lisa. R. O'Blerne.
Fairmont. Crus. Schuck,
E. M. Lenimon. Philadelphia, Pa.
Angela Goering,
Assembly Dance at McLure.
The assembly dance given last eve
ning in the McLure ball room gave to
the -social events of the new year a
most auspicious beginning. The event,
which is one of many of a series given
in the McLure hotel during the win
ter months, was even more delightful
than those that have taken place be
fore. Decorations suggestive or tne
Yuletide season were attractively used
about the ball room and in tbe corri
dors. The committee in c-barpe of the
arrangements included: M??frs E,
J Stone, Frank Schmidt. Harry Mc
Lure. Jr., Men a Franzhelm and D. L.
The following attended:
Messrs and Mesdames:
Fred Behrenss. w- I-*; Stevenson,
j |> Tomllnson, Charles i-eeney.
(?'. i). Tower, D- (!? Morgan.
Ernest- Hoffman. F. J. Larkln,
Denver. Colo., W. F. H eiss.
pr W. B. Kelley. Harry Mclmre. Jr..
W. H. Truschel. < 'hades o Bi rlen.
Will Cruse. Mr. and Mrs. Iielf
Will Leach. tIl ic!5; , ,?ri.
Frank Armbruster. Henry Hess
Harry Eckert. Arthur SUfcl, ^
Dr. Leon Reefer, Lrnest Bullai d.
R. Dancer. Kdward Jones,
Frank Stamin. . ^fss, ^'0CV,- ,,
Frank Schmidt. Singleton Paull . i
Jason C. Stamp, ' I ). A. 1 1 : ]?! r>-t li. III,.
Carl Lang, I ?< ?>> Merriiiiau.
V;it Gundltr.sr, Jess speid* I.
Clem Branum. I larold < V Etz.
i 'hii fit's .Mil. I-' rank Klicvos.
W. W. Holluivay,
M i ? -<?? :
Gertrude Horsey. I shy Hlo.li,
Mary Alexander. ? i-l rude I ?n I t*-u
Mary Kbhert. !?? ? !"?? i~. 1 'iticimiat i.
Uutli Males, |)es Katlier 5
Moines, la. N-ll Fr.-:de|.
Elizabeth Hazlett. l-'rai.i WrensliHll.
Alice W r?-nsliall. Washington. Pa.,
Washington. I'a.. < ;-r:rinl
\ i links. N. \v
Virginia Fine. us. York.
Angela <'"1111:. Margaret Ebl.c
ilbetil SleVei Mil. K.ll.a Kidd.
Ma- Wc;i\ i-i , r:.->s WVMv,
ba .Mat- u.MM'i, i ; ? ? > s vi uiij .
, |'lttsbtiri;h. Helen I. ill/..
I'.l I7.a !'?'( Ii STaiiiiji, I'V.iiiri'S < 'g.len,
Elizat.. Hi I 'a Mini, KMb.-r I ???it.
Margaret liiirn.v. Fl.-ivnee Mason.
Me .? :
A lex W! I Simpson.
E. F. Class. S,|i ini.lt.
Hob Mel. her. \V .M. Walters
<j. K. Wheat. II ??. StilVI.
Jr.. .1. Stone. 'riiuinas I'.iekott.
' ' M. Staais ' 'has. .Meii'.enieller.
Wilson Cnilib, i'. M. Trus.-hei
Arthur Ebberty. Ila.rvcv pollock,
Charles- 1 neks. |>an Kl.i.eits,
C Ms Kepner. Paul W. I.m ?/.,
Edward Bowie, <?. ,\i. Yes tor,
II. R. Mnrkcll, S;iin Kline.
W. T. Burt. 7. I'. .Mirf?y,
. X. Briscoe. l.awrenee Sioluni' tz
Gail Hamilton. Elmer Weltv,
Warner Marsh, I '.-tut Rbbert',
Or. Hennnn. I >;t it Ebbert,
.1. II. Peabody.
Helen Mart. 1'aisy Castle
Wiy pfarr,
Charity WTiist.
At the Mercantile .?Jtin rooms this i?
ternon from 2 o'clock until ?'>. tho Le
vies' Hebrew Benevolent soeieiy will
entertain with their usual Tuesday af
ternoon whist party. There will ho
prizes for those obtaining high scores
and Mrs. Hurry Hamburger will bo
hostess, Refreshments will be served
during the lute afternoon. ? >
Musical Program For Tea.
Miss Carrie Hrandi'ass assisted by
Mrs, Ri ii iAley and Mrs. Crank Curl in
have arranged the program for the Wo
man's Club tea, which will be the prin
ejpal social event of tin- week end and
will be. held at the Windsor hotel iin
Friday afternoon. The numbers follow:
| "Melisande in the Wood" tSootx
Miss Hazel Seirmon
"What's in the Air Today." Kode...
Miss iiaz.-i Scamon
1 Hungarian Khapsodio, Liszt, No. II..
Miss Sarah .Metzncr
; Quartette ? "Th? Weaving Hong"
Mesdaines Elsie Fischer-Kiticheloe,
Edward W. Stifel, J. Don Merrl
man and May Frye Siuks.
Inaugural Ball.
Several prominent residents of Bel
mont county are hi receipt of tho fol
lowing invitations:
I The I'olumbux <*hamher of ''oininerct
requests the pleasure of your company
at the Inaugural Ball
hi honor of
Governor James M. i'oi
the State official and
| Members of toe General Assembly
at the Memorial Building
East Broad Street
| Monday evening. January eight
Nineteen hundred and seventeen
niuo o'clock.
; K. S. V. P.
House Party.
i Mr. and Mrs. J. i '. Williamson, of Slx
j Mclitu-e Dinner Pajrtiea.
The advantages of hotel entertaining
| were prominent in dinner parties of last
e vetting at local hostelrics. SjieciaJ
lireparatioiis had been made for Xew
Year's day and the menus were very
pleasing. Tho .McLuru with its splen
did entertainment facilities numbered
among its parties the following:
Mr. and Mrs. Max Herz}>erg of Bel
laire entertained for their visitor. Mr.
Isaac Sachsfarber .of Columbus. < >.
Their guests included Mr. and Mrs. Al
bert l.uchs, Mr. unci Mrs. Henry J.-ilum,
Miss Helen lilutii. Miss Helen Lurhs,
.Mr. Albert L-uchs and Mr. Isaac Sachs
others snaking reservations for both
large and small parties wc-t??:
Mesara. and Meaclomes
Paul 0. Morrison Frank Fox
Frank Stringer Crawford Booth
Joseph Hedges Kdward Howard
Harry Ebbert Charles Daugherty
M. M. Stevens W. 0. Alexander
O. I-. Roberts
Mr. (.Jail ^"hite, Washington. I'a.
Dr. M. M. Williamson
Mr. Weaver
Mr. W. Ii. Sheppird
Mr. Leon Frederieh of New Tork
Mr. George Fox
1 Miss iHjuschener
The Mcl.ure menu was as follows:
WTevr Year's Dinner
Fresh Crabtlake Cocktail
Olives Celery
Chicken a la Rejno
Sweetbreads a la King Asparagus Tips
Pineapple Sherbet
Roast Toung Turk, v Stuffed Cranberry
Slashed J'otatoes
Grape Fruit Salad New Year's Puncit
Assorted Cakes
teenth and Market streets, are enter
taining a ho us : party, during the holi
days, which Is made tip of the follow
ing guests: Mr. and Mrs. T. i:. Moore,
of Huntington, W. Va. : .Mr. and Mrs.
George Marten, of Pittsburgh; Mr. and
Mrs. E. W. Tnlbott antl ? daughter, Eve
lyn. of Sistersville; Mrs. JCmteno I'unn
and daughter, Annette, of Sardls. O.
Eijaal Suffrage Leaguo.
This afternoon at the residence of
Mrs. Alice Kelley, at Klin wood. Triadel
phla district branch of the Kqual Suff
rage League, will hold a meeting be
ginning at J:30 o'clock. An invitation
is extended to all those who are Inter
ested to attend.
The meeting of tho "West Virginia
League will he held Wednesday and
Thursday, instead of Thursday* and
Friday, as previously announced. These
sessions will take placo fit the Windsor
hotel, and will open on Wednesday
morning at J0:30 o'clock. Tho after
noon session will be held beginning at
2:30 o'clock and there will be an even
ing conference on Wednesday.
Tor Visitor.
At their home In Kdgwood, Mr. and
Mrs. M. A. McRaft entertained yosierdav i
afternoon for the latter's sister. Miss I
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it. 25c at all druggists.
a pound.
Steel Bridge Corner
? jJy-i ly IsJU '-K/bluW
To insure Victor Quality, always
look for the famous trademark,
"His Master's Voice." It is on
every Victrola and every Victor
Record. It is the identifying
label on all cenuine Victrolas and
Victor Records.
sings at the
Court Theatre
January 2
f=Tv vzth-v
Hear this famous Victor artist!
To hear Reimers is a privilege and an opportunity which
every music-lover will want to embrace. It presents the
unique opportunity of a direct personal observation of his
splendid voice for comparative consideration with his historic
Victor Records.
Attend this concert and hear this favorite tenor, being
particularly careful to observe the individual characteristics
that so plainly identify his voice.
Then go to any Victor dealer's and hear the Victor Records
by Reimers. You will be instantly convinced that on the
Victrola his art and personality are brought to you with
unerring truth.
It is this absolute fidelity that emphasizes the supremacy of
the Victrola, so firmly established on a basis of great things
actually accomplished; a supremacy readily recognized and
acknowledged by the world's greatest artists who make records
exclusively for the Victor.
There are Victors and Victrola* in great variety of styles from $10 to $400.
Victor Talking Machine Co., Camden, N. J.
Important Notice. Ail Victor Talking Machine* are patented and are only licented. and with right of use with Victor
Records only. All Victor Records arc patented and are only lictnud, and with richt of use on Victor Talking: Machines only.
Victor Records and Victor Machines are scientifically coordinated and synchronized by our special processes of
manufacture; and their use. except with each other, is not only unauthorised, but damaginc and unsatisfactory.
New Victor Record* demonstrated at all dealeri on the 28th of each month
Ili'lmn I n.|* ? 'umbci'lai'iil. Mil.,
ami Air. .I"lin \\"are. nf Kui'hesler, I 'a.
A ha iiilsuuM'ly :< i >|? >i ii t. <*r! liinucr was
siy it' '? nVlm-k i 1 1 1 |ila?'i's for the
f "? ? 1 1 ? ? w i 1 1 ic t: iicsi s : M issrs llfl-na l?niin
hiio. I htiirii-i ia Kramor. Mr. ,li>hn Ware.
.Messrs. ami Alesilamos W. A. Traill wfMii.
W.' I-', i Vistrllii. ];. )?'. K miner. A!. A A!?
Entertained Cltib.
'I'll- V. T. I >. ?:lnl? \\a> ? nl<- I : ? i 1 1 ? 1 lusi
'".??nitm at a waH'h i>ariv I )i?* ln>i>ii*
hi' i<ii.. .ii' ih.- i-lult niitiibi-r.v; ai '.'is Him
strii-i. 'I'ln- litiiirs w?*iv spent in sin-i.il
iva> s ami ill iiiiilui^lii a. ilelinhll'til
1 1 1 1 1 ? -1 1 ? ? m i was si rv'-?l. Tlii.- guests in
i-l tn )?-< I :
Tilli" 1 i< Imhrislu . I ? -i i ? ? ? ? ? I ; i t ? ? i i o \
l.i>uis<> N'nrli-iir.iti Knmia Allli'Mise
Hil'la Sli-ln-r I .a lira A mli-i'smi
Alii-.? 1 1 in !?ri k l? t
Al-ssrs. ?
iIliiik" Kri'ttcrick Sam Sham*
.Inlin .Mill' r .luek Samls
Jlarrj I "r< ?!? -rick
Bridg-e for Miss Offden.
Ti'iii<>rrinv ii't vriinun at t Ii l'"i't
ll'iin Hub Alis. !,???? I>. Hill aiiil Aliss
IJutfi Masmi will !??? hostesses :il an in
imi'sIiiii; i-v.-ni tor .Miss Kraiin s
I n\ ii ai inns iiavi' Ivn issued t ? ? in ?? I m I ??
i'ri< mis >>f AI iss < iiftl<>n ami III"
:;nests "ill liml bridge a diverting pas
i i i in - mill! tli'- serving i>|' a. luncheon id'
i' I i.i rn 1 1 nu a | >| ???ill I nit- n ts. iluests will lie:
M i
rruii.'is nu'iloii Klfcalwt.li llugus
Mai j:ai ? i. ? 'kiI- ii Alary i:<-st
Kli/.ub- I Ii Si.-'Iiiiii Katherini* .lei'fer*
riloanui* lli'lloway
I !*ss I'arm'y Kleminr Wrinlit.
K:i i 'n riin- Kblwrt Klnreiiiv I'farr
i Jfrl imiI" 'lanlfii Marinn N'h*h<d$
I li-.-s Alalli:.-' u Sfirali Jneksnn
Martha Irwin I. his ? ; n i I ij
Virginia lli,i;iii> i "la rimcinl A1*-iulel
l'I\ ?Ivn Mil It 'I Hi Afasi'ti
Ami;.' M.-I ; J ? ?..I i:TAOJ
\|i intes? -
.i n i :>-i. i i r: iiin
'bin liramiin
v'liaili--' Hare
| i lb-wilt
T1k> SMra|iliinc w;ts a kfycl niusi.:;;lj
ii;-iriiiii'in now nhsuloii'. which pro-j
it'tictl ilit' hanniiniiun. ;
1 I
Mt. de Cha-ntal Study Clul).
Miss < " In i'ii I {<>.??? I'oli-man will l??
hostess i tidiiy I" t he mi-?nbi*rs of the
Mi. d> Chantal cluh. A prufcram of Hi''
I allowing numbers v.ill In: Riven:
? lit >11 < "nil? l,'.ituous American Woiin-n.
' Aiivrii'iui "iiu'ti ? ? I* Uisinrii' Kntne...
Miss Marguerite F.hbert:1
W'tun- ii in the \V?rl?l "f Art. Literature
.iml SriiiK-i- Mis'... Marie I'nlomni:
' Social Iviidi rs mid Women 1 n teres ted
J in So?'i>di>B> Mrs. Will Wingertfif
'I'unviii Invents Ily ili<.' Clul.
! Formal organization of tin* new hoard
jul' commissioners will take plane this
(morning when I'harles o. Kphlin will
.h.? elected president of t !??? board and
; llie selection 'if II. <\ I'ndrrwimd as
iilt-rl; arid ilio other appointments
. sitrreerl upon by i Vnnm issioiiers Kphlin
and Henry S. Steel; will lie confirmed,
i The Imard convfined yesterday t'ore
' ii'iiiii when < 'iinunissinner Sleek took his
is.-al, and then adjourned until to. day.
JUetiring t'lerk I'lCorge W. Oldham was
,present yesterday, having prepared lito
jniintiti's showing a formal meeting of
i the board on January 1. as required l>v
[Chief Leyland Keeps Plain Clothe*
} Tores rilled ? Tlsher Patrolman.
A I though Chief of I'oli. e Titos. I.-'y
Mand expected to redueu the city ileie?~
Itlve force to five men when |>etccti*'ft
Kred Krazier left thf department <? 1,0 " I
"?'une a deputy sheriff, the chief jester
day morning decided to keep the detec
live, force filled up and selected
jltaper. a. patrolman in the High''1 ". .j
for Krazier's place. Ha per boga"
Fill your home atmosphere with exquisite lasting: fragrranc*
The great French perfume, winner of highest international
awards. Each drop as sweet and fragrant as the living LllaC.
blossom. A celebrated connoisseur said: "I don't ?ef.
i 1- ? ? ? ? ? ? i
oalU ? 1 Lx/.. - .
"ou can sell such a remarkable perfume for 75 cents a b?tu fry it
remember each bottle contains 6 oz.? it is wonderful value.
Ask your dealer today for ED. PINAUD'S LILAC.
our American offices will send you a
for 10 ce?ts
Write today.
New York
||iif\v duties yesterday ami Elmer Tidier
! win. has l>t>.-n rxtraman. took 111'" P|;l0t
Ij.Ts .. pal lolinari.
|J "1'firor i:a|>or is one of the jiardtvork
|ing. i nist worthy tnomliors of the fon-e.
| ili- sorvtvl as a patrolman during I'.'i' t
|Ot Win. i 'li'mons' t ??rin as chief. t li roiiffh -
, ;?Hit tli.- administration of Howard
, ?inK's and thus. much of the term of Uilei
I j Ley kind.
Annette kfllermanm.J
j^$l,000.000 PICTURE.
lout T^-atre, Starting Monday, Jan.
8, With Company's Symphony
Orchestra of 30.
Trio Charg-ed With B? tinr Vp-.i
South Side Amon^ ?MT
Nine arrests were made by the. ,
on the first day of 1917. The arreat&
: elude B. J. Jaled. S. Sawaya and N.
I Kourey. who were taken into custodjrd
| In- Detectives William West and Da.va-3
t'leary on a char^c of beatingr up Slet
i U'aty in the Fil'lh ward yesterday aft
j errioon. ' ''?*
Albert <.'ook, disorderly, by Oflflc
Smith; Joe Kennedy, drunk, by Pfeffi
! bach: Charles Pittman. drunlr
I Krantz: William Hohnhouse, drui
| .smith; M. McMullen. drunk. by\._.
and D. Nesbot. drunk, by Babb, are al
I ed for trial in police court this mc
! ^ ' *'*
l The new bridge across the Tib#
j Rome, having a span of 328 f?r
< i he longest reinforced concrete
.'in the world. -
this year that you ha\
those bad eyes examine
and fitted with the pro]
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