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Many Prominent Masons Pay Last
Loving Tribute to Distinguished
Deceased Brother.
Following elaborate ami impressive.
? funeral services of :!i?* Knight Kadosh
"at midnight Wedn^sdav in the John
, TV. Morris Scottish Ui.'c ( atk^ii:-;'!.
?additional w.-tv hWd \*-stt'i
t*8ay afternoon in tin- ? atin-dral for l>t\
_ John William Morn.-. ?.'> tl ogive Ma
* sou. late sovereign stand inspector
.^general. The Kev. II. K. 1.. ^rrdc-r of
St. Matthew's I'tvut -tatti Kpi.-copa!
~?hurrli, and the Kev tn\ '.'iarvme
"*iCug<'ti" Allen of Fourth Stroe M> th
? odist Kpiseopal church. officiate!.
? Wheeling ("ommandery No. 1.
.Knights Templars, acted as escori to
the body from the cuthedr.il re Green
" wood cemetery , where Ma-.mi" ri'ual
ceremonies were carried ou? and in
terment made.- Many pr .?miurtit Ma
sons from other stales a::.! throuth
"out West Virginia attended r?u >?r
- vices.
The active pail beacet ; ve?> ? !?;. T..
Yaeser. P.. K. Hamilton, tl M Browne,
A. G. Halloek. Thomas .1. Wat kins,
all of Wheeling, and Many L. Hroh i
of Httntington. The following .ver>'
honorary pallbearers: I.. W. IJlavnev. j
Fred Steittbick'-r. W. .H Rope. W. j
"E. Krupp. Charles Si-h ti i > z*"'. all of j
Wheeling; Lloyd K. Smiiii of Charles- j
ton: James A. Bryan of I'arkersburg: i
K. D. Walker and K. C'arrigan of |
Puneral for Louis Noll. Saturday. I
Funeral scrvi vs for Louis H. Xoll. |
aged 5rt. ffli kuowi: South Whcoling
'resident, who died Wednesday. will be
--held in the family home. . 1 - Jneoh j
street. Saturday morning at S:.'n> o'clock. I
?followed with requiem bis'ii mass in St.
Alpbonsus' ehurcli at ? uVloek. with i r: -
'?"?'"?"it in Oreett wix>d cemetery.
Mr. Xolt is survived by his .wife, whose
jiialdeu name was <"!:tra tv&rge*. and i
Three brothers atui three sisters
- ? -run oral for Edward W. Coot To-day.
.x This afternoon at - 3 11 n't-!ivk, fu
~Bfr?l services wiil b?> heUt in the home i
of his parents. Joseph A. and Kffie ?'*ook,
?for Edward W. i "on|v. aged It', who pass
ed away ^Tuesday. Burial wi!l 1??> In
?Al t. Wood.
Punoral for Mrs. Barton.
Kuneral servi.es were held y*s:erday
_Afternoon for Mrs Ma: ia i.Veill) Bar
ton. wife of the late John U". Barton. in
_tUff home, of her daughter. Mrs. .tames
B. Sfcrennaa. Jr.. "f SM Main street. The
services were largely attended by the
many oh! friends of Mrs. Barton, ami
were conducted b> !ls?- Kev. Or. J. M
Potter, fit' Vance Memorial i-h ureh. It:
rifwit! was :n <
John Or. Duffy.
M !?: I . I a> I ' it X (?:. Australia. March S
' i ia London. !!' ??. tti. .? ? .1 ? t? ??ava?i
"fruffy. wid'-Iy Uhov.si barrtst.-r and puh
iii-isi. is dea*:. i luhn < !a vstn I nifty was
long pr-'mm-iit. i:i Aastralimi public af
iairs. lb- w.is ... .?-?? .!? r of sevral min
istries. variousl> ;?.st master general,
attorney S'-ner:*! m i nuiitser viithou*
portfolio. in i*'-7 !i- was the r?-pr> -
/?ejitaliv?- ?.f th* Australia::, cuiom^s at
the* l'niv<>t->:il fv.scal l'nit?ri ? ?ingress in
Washington. 1!- was si; imblih n
Isaac O. Xissley.
* II.VIiRlsrM'K*:. Pa.. Mar. > I ?.
.Vtssley. pi:Ii|i>h-- ?-t* 'h.- Midtiletonn
Cross, di.-il sadd-ni..- at lus iiome iti M i-1 -
dletown tiMii.;!.;. -i -?<-? i ?!??. lie was prom
inent iti l. iheran ? -?t t-? - i ; affairs.
Adolphas G-reen.
-?-N'KU" V ?"!:?<. Mar. N. ? Adoi|>ir.:< U'il
iiatitson ?Ir? -n. t'ivsiii?-n; ?.f th? Nation ii
?Biseui: . t>m;
h*. r<
vnlght aft-: a ill::- ss !i.- was 7?
\ .'arsi * - . ii .
William Sapp.
??Al.K.\ A. :Kr.n . Mr. !? ? wilKnui Supp.
i '.-ni.., ru: iiaison.it ????inmi: l?<emai: frons
Kansas, ilivl si:dd<-iilj. :>?-r?- tonight.
Itching Torture Stops
" _
It is unnecessary for you to safrcr
with eczema, blotches, ringworm, rashes
and similar skin troubles. A little zemo,
obtained at any drug store tor 25c. or
$1.00 tor extra large bottle, and promptly |
applied will usually give instant relief
from itching torture. It cleanses and
soothes the skin and heals quickly and ;
effectively most skin disea-es.
f Zemo is a wonderful, penetrating, dis
appearing liquid and :< soothing to the
most delicate skin. It is not greasy, is
easily applied and costs little. Get it
today and save all further distress.
The K. W. Rose Co.. Cleveland. O.
Dandruff causes ;t feverish irritation
of The scalp, i he liuir roots shrink,
loosen aud then tlu? liair comes out ;
fast. To stop railing hair at once an i
rid the scalp of every particle of dand
ruff, get a l'."'-<-erit bottle of Uanderir.e
at any drug store. pour a little in ynur;
baud ami rub yell into the scalp. After ,
a few applications all dandruff Uisap-j
pears and the hair stops coniim.; out.
as u<
' ' ' ^ I
Mother! Your child isn't naturally 1
cross aud peevish. See if tongue is
coated: this is- a sure sign the little
stomach, liver; and bowels need a ;
cleansing at once.
When listless, pale, feverish, (till of
cold, breath bad. throat sore, doesn't
eat. sleep or act naturally, has stoiu- j
ach-ache. diarrhoea, remember, a gen- .
! tie liver and bowel cleansing should !
! always be the first treatment given. [
' Xothing equals "California Syrup of j
I Pigs" for children's ills: give a tea-;
?spoonful, and in a few hours ail the :
?foul waste, sour bile and fermenting j
i food which is clogged in the bowels j
passes out of the system, and you have |
I a well and playful child again. All
! children love this harmless, delicious
['?fruit laxative." and it never fails to
j effect a good "inside" cleansing. Di- j
; reetions for babies, ohidren of all ages ,
;and grown-ups are plainly on rhe bo:- 1
j tie.
Keep it handy in your home. A lit-!
'tie given today" saves a sick child to- i
! morrow, but. get the genuine. Ask ynttr i
druggist for a ."0-cent hot tie of "Cali-j
fornia-Syrup of Pigs." then see that it
is made by the "California Pig Syrup j
Company." j
properly^ ?f
f conducted funeral
\\*e will furnish a properly con
ducted funeral and us* correct
furnishings an<i equipment. uur
r-|iii t:i!ion is a ciarante^ of the
keeping of this promts*.
Palacc Undertakers
1304-06-08 Main St Both Phones.
W'ASillX" ;T< ?N. Mar. > ? Another lonjf [
ri^ht uver lie? treaty with ? '<>k>mbia j
d?*r which the ('tilled Slates would pay j
that republic $l.*>.i'"0.uiiii t li.- separ.t
:i?u of fanutna. was iudi. ? ?! ; ? >: t ik i: i in j
the new senate's rlrst ? >? . i : i \ ? M-ssiuii.
when Chairman >t"ie\ ??!' >lu- t"? ?r?- l?cn re
iat itijiji committer. crtlhd s !.?? treaty uo !
fur consideration.
Several Republican s-nators object."?. I
t-> imtuedia.tr eonsii|.?r?iti"U herause of
the absence from the chamber of leaUin,,'
opponents of tli>' pact, and after a short
discussion it was seni back t ? ? the
ntittee "t" set a fresh start." Senator'
('??nf"s- announced that ut his opitii mi J
? iei>at>- on rlie treaty would last at least ?
three weeks. J
Use Our Money
Don't hesitate to ask us for inciiK.v if yoit haven't "ne ready
cash with v.hi?'ii to pay your bills. We make loans in Wheeling and
all surrounding ti?vn> in U\st Virginia. on Household 'Joods.
Pianos. Horses. \Vhndes. or any kind of personal property, leaving
rhtiii in jt>i!r possession. Our payments are very small and easy
to tnak*\ Vou can p?> aft the "-mount in small weekly. monthly
? quarterly payments, and we will allow you a year's time if nec
essary. Vou ran pay off th?* loan at any time. interest charged only
' for the 'ime you ke._-p the money. You will' find us square and hon
orable in an on ?? dcnlmps - that's the reason each year shows a de
cided 'n<'r?-ase >r. our bussro ss. AH business strictly confidential.
Kxt?*nsion of time granted without extra cost in cases of sickness
- or out of work.
Mail or phone applications receive our prompt oiientlon. It
need r;ti.ri''y anri cannot trail, fill out 'he foilowiiie blank, rua!! It
t?i us. Room 1' Schmulbach Hulldlng. Wheeling, W. Va., and our
agent will call and arrange loan at jour home.
Amount Wanted
We also make loans at our same low rates In Martins Ferry.
l'r!diC-p'>r\ !!? Unire. and all surrounding towns in uhio.
' Phones ? jrationaj, 1701.T; Bell, 1727-X. Call n? np
the man \v|u? jjfots ahead dors not
? i i ^r*r-LT?i ?"? 1 the little- things !?ut uses thorn
as stepping stones to greater aehiew
HH'll * .
I ui prove even the little opportunities
to -savy ami add to your surplus t'utul.
New accounts are invited.
Depositors have received -Ha'" Interest on
their quarterly balances for the past 12 years.
1 tie amount remaining after paying flit- semi-nunual
dividend brromis ;i part ot" t hi- surplus. protecting depositors
at all times inuu all possibility of l">s.
Only Two-Thirds of Normal Vote Was
Cast ? Majorities Up to 521 ?
Moundsvillc News. |
Moundsville ? Republicans made a
clean sweep iif ihc Hold in the muni
cipal election held in I ho Marshall
county >??;?! yesterd ay n njl elected ev
ery eatidldate both on the city tick* r
and the .school commissioner for th"
independent school district of Mounds
villc. The Republican candidate^
vvcii- successful b> majorities rang
ing from Ifi" to f.r I .
Mayor Kvnn D. Roberts was success
ful in the race for re-election again:. I
.1. B. Beimel!, i he Democratic candi
date by a vote />f Stiti to -121. a utajor
itv of 417 for Roberts. This majority
exceeded by 2ti the total vote cast for
the present executive's opponent. Kv
ereti F. Moore was re-elected city
solicitor over Stanley H. Wilson. 1 'em
eu rat. by a majorlly of 1!4 1. The i los
es! race on the general ticket was
that between John Tang. .Republican,
and ( ol. Robert i'. Yoho. Demot rat,
in the campaign for chief of police.
The "Republican nominee was elerled
by a majority of 16" vote?. Frank Wil
liams. I.. O. Jones. Dr Roy ('. Doudtn
and Herman Hess, all Republicans,
were elected to council by majorities
ranging from 5U to 102.
A. Floyd Francis was elected over
R. F. Hodgntan to be school commis
sioner in the First and Lower <-r;hool
ward. In t .he Second and Center
school ward. Mentor Jlet'/.er defeated
Dr. D. Williamson for the six yeat
term, while S. W. M'^als won out. over
S. C. Shaw for the two year term.
There were no vacancies to fill in the
Third and Upper school ward, but
voters in every ward voted for *
school commissioner in each
two school wards where I he
commissioner vacancies were
1'ossibly less than two-third? of Die
vol e of Moundsville was casi in Die
election vfsierday. a total of only 1.W7
votes being cast. In the municipal
elect ion of the total vote cist
The tabulated result uf \ ,>?iefd.i\ s
election follows:
"Sfft\ o77 ' l vii"( "f So) ieTlor
of I he
to be
Pirat W'd: j
No. t ....
No. 2 . . . ?
Second W'd:
No. ::
No 4 . . . .
Third W'd: '
No. a . . . .
roTU-ti. W'd
Totals. .. .
.Mat ;
I c
I 4 i".
11!> 120 127 !?!??
I ih;
Sr.S 421
. 447
1 1 7
7 ??
First Wa.rdt
No. t
Nr.. 2
- Ft )
' 12*
S 2
T otnls ..
Malerit y
Second Wardi
No. 3
. . . . S2
i K. ?
.Majority ....
Third "Ward:
No. r>
Majority .....
Fourth Ward:
No. 6
Majority ....
I .ouililt.
? i:. i
. . i
. . t " 2
(K. >
< r>.)
Si 2
< lO
I 'a rsons.
? t>i
School Commissioners.
I =
No. t j !'v :>i ?:i: 132 i.'t:
No. J.. ?? 5 47 74 S7 101 7s
s<>. :t | 77' fit 7" 115 117 1 -J :t
No. l 77 f.7 7!? 133 ir.L- I _'K
No. 9 ? .... >;t ?< i f>*. i i x t ir.?
Nr. <> 7S f.4 7i". MS 157 131
Totals ... 45-i'i 3a: ?!?.< 7H4 S73 74K
Plur. i j ! an:. r?:i jfA
Ileiwnins to Pittsburgh.
Thi? remains of the'lal- John I.
Homer. aged who died early W -dries
ilay irn>rniiiK at tiie tllendale hospital,
were shipped t? Hi" homo of I ? i ? mother
in I'iu sbiirsl". I'n.. yesterday, where
funeral services will he held. The t|e
????its'-il had been a resident of lit" city
fur more than two years. being employ -
? ?<1 by the Joseph i\'|i,<- company.
"Woodmen Visitation Here.
I.Htoti camp Xo. Sx, Woodmen ?if i }? --
World, is ra pidJy . completing arrange
ments for the Creater Wheeling district
Woodmen visitation to he h?dd Itere
Thursday evening. March The local
order will host to the members of
shr Woodmen lodges of Wheeling. Cam
eron. Martins I'erry and I'.ellaire,
Game Here This Evening:.
This evening on the floor in the oil
postoffice building "n Lafayette avenue
the girls' basketball team i?f the local
high school will clash with the fair los
ers of Tyler county h'tch school of
M iddiebuume.
A^riculturil Demonstrations. ?
Several spraying and pruning demon
st rations will be given within the next
few days under the auspicies of ih?
Marshall County Agricultural society.
The following schedule tins he??n an
nounced: John W. West farm near
Itockdalo sejiool, March 1 -. ai lfl;X'i a.
m.; Flohouse farm mi Wayne
rid gee Wednesday. March It: at t'ouri
v. right's place. Tuesday. March L'O. at
I p. in.: the' Martin school on Fork
Uidge, l-'riday, March ai !<"?::! '? a. m.
To Attend Benwood Visitation.
Practically the entire membership of
l.lttl" Prince lodge No. 7i?. Knights
Pythias of this city, will attend the
Marshall county K. of !'. visitalion :ii
Benwood next .Monday f-vjiing. The so
cial is the last of a series Arranged bv
the four Pythian orders in ihi? county.
The local knights will s.. to pcrtwocd
on .a special car.
Arrange Minstrel Practice.
At the regular weekly business meet
ing of Moundsvilb iodg>- No. us.1, p., p.
ij. Hlks. to be 1 1 e 1 1 1 this evening, ar
rangements will he mad1- to rci practice
under way for the K'ks' minstrel show
to be staged here early in April. .M il
Need Attention in March or Face
May Stay Covered.
Now is lilt' limo to uiko special care
ot the complexion if you wish it to
look well lit" rcsi oi i ho year. The
March winds have a strong tendency
to bring out freckles i hit i may stay all
Summer unless removed. Now is the
time to us- othine ? double strength.
This prescript inn tor the removal ol
freckles was written by a prominent
physician and is usualh so successful!
that it is sold by druggists under
guarantee to return! the money if it
iails. (let an ounce ol othine double
strength. and evi-n a few applications
should :- 1 1 ? > w a wonderful improve
ment, some ol ih" smaller freckle?
even vanishing ? mirely.
Purity and Delightfulness Make %
CAMEL Cigarettes \
The Most Popular and Best Selling |
Cigarette Ever Sold at any Price f
THIS enviable position has caused faise
and defamatory statements to be circu
lated about CAMELS, in order to injure
their sale. As our investigation of thdse
reports progresses, it becomes more and
more apparent that "men higher up" origi
nated the scheme and have superintended
its execution. They were able to slander
CAMELS in two ways : By hiring the irre
sponsible to lie about them, and by, perhaps,
fraudulently inducing honest men to circu
late the lie. But an honest man is always
honest. Once he learns that he has been
duped into misrepresentation, he not only
stops it, but quits the employment of a|id
exposes those who have misled him into
being an innocent party to the fraud. I
Slander will not take the PURITY and
It may, for a little while, hurt their sale
among those who are easily deceived. Bbt
PURE TOBACCOS, scientifically blended,
will continue to make CAMELS the most
popular and desirable cigarette on the mar
ket, regardless of price. The man wl^o
smokes them knows. To him there is 4?
substitute, and no other brand can be loijg
substituted for CAMELS by slander *ar|d
misrepresentation. |
An honest man will not work for a company tl|at
uses dishonest methods to sell its product, but he neied
not look for a job. Jobs, and good jobs, are looking tor
honest men. We have no desire to deal with the cheap
crook. But we want more evidence on the "men higher
up." If any honest man, who has been induced by
those higher up to circulate a lie about CAMEL Ciga
rettes, will, to our satisfaction, establish that fact, we will
make it well worth his while, and he will be fu|ly
protected. !
To you, Mr. Smoker, we say, CAMELS ARE PURE,
and you know they are DELIGHTFUL. ?
Winston-Salem, N. C. \
I I ? ? rs t'lativi- to tli- \ al- iu iio 's <iiili<v
will also !>?? u ' .-lit ion liy 1 li?? .?<?- I
rial I'linuilit "f tli* .
Sustained Fractured Leg.
Me-. ? Nmitk'- t'low. "I Fourth s?tr? ' 1
; litis 'iiy. is siilf.-rii? with a 1 1 act ur* .1 j
[ Ipsj sustaim-d si-vtal days a?u v.h-ii,
! y|i>- ('??II uti ill- i"o whit* \ i?-ui!i;c ? rli !
rvl.it ivos hi I'l as, in. \':ill> >. Slo- lrt> ;
? I'l. ????II r.'liioVPd 1 1 ? I I ?? ?! > I ? * Ik r . V ln.-M 1
i six: i? d siinu rasilj it ml- i the ca:
i i >r. .\ rtiokl.
Moundsville Briefs.
I lliif i I :?i|?-ri S \vlt?> I1- itaf lii.c ii j
j I'loriiia. w ill t'tiuii it- \ ' w .*?< ?????!?? J - j
: i>iK I" ? ??i\'* ?l ? lii1-" MK'tli* ! ;
i .M rs. I i I tulii-i t s. I
:? I. -Iin S :!??>?!. amnio r Mi'ttlidsv ? 1 man ?
i ii: Klori'la. i > si-liiiltil> il in Iw I ii i n i !? ti'-xl
i \\ ? ??!;. I
.Mr a I'll Mrs. M. I ? M . I miiaM. wlm !
IllH- Ii- I II III" Klli'-StN of ill" MlSStS
. I'tans in Tv.fll'lli slr?->-t. bav.- pi-ni- t ? ? ?
? thvir ??? - iv Itoino nil i |j?- Klk ri ? *-r It fa r
i ? Umrlvsion. Tlmy f>nmi!> liv-d at
! Mozart
j Ralph Williams lm?; ? ? : hi ti> ii I'llis-j
! hunch. a 1 1 ??! Iiiiv 111* lit in t||i KU?-vt of,
I hi.-i pan tils. I'ptl'fssnr and Mrs. I'. 'I' j
I Willlums nl 'irant sti..t,
I Tlintnas Scull ami ilauslil. i ';. Missi s J
.\larj -a 1 1 ? J N'oiijih. will n liiin iif\l m-k j
from I'loi irla. |
Mis. S. \\ . Matili-ws of M"undsvillo. '
will I1ki-I> ri'tur/i to 1 1 ^ .it \ from l-'lor- j
i'la next wi>i'k.
Mrs. I tin l.nwcrs ami gui sis. Mrs
lli-nrv hankiiiT anil Mrs. K. I.. 8<-ott
anil lit t Iv daughter, ff Newark. were
Him nu<-s*s ?.f friviuis on WlK-elinK Is
|;iml >??.?!?? nliiy.
l-.ssi- \\ l>..rs.y el' ? "I ?? \ I:m i?l . lia?
;iiti\>.1 m M<>un<l.svii!r. -msi- ??<' <' If j
iUn-'ss ,.f his motliM . Mrs Ada lino |
<?f llsi-kory av?nui.
Mrs .1 11 pf! : ] * i ?- r- 1 ? 1 1 t . of I'.iik'-rs
luirj,'. r<-ninii-i| ti. (lint < ity \ ??so rd.i v. j
jiJ'l'T luiviltjr visii<-d .Mrs. < K. i "ivrl.
Goal Stripping Deal
involves Four Million
i>! l.iitiati-li t?? (lit* luff llitrocff.
STKI'HKNVILLK. <>.. March S. -I
The biggest coal 1 1< -a 1 in I h?* history
of Jefferson county was consumaied
iicii' today, when the Wayne Coal
company. hacked b> New York ami
I'iltsburgh capitalists, exercised op- \
li.ins on .one hundred farms of ap
proximal fly tour thousand acres in j
Knox and Island Creek townships.!
paying an average of two hundred dol
lars an acre. The company "ill en-!
gagv in eoal stripping oporaiions on
a huge scale, and has many otlior ,
farms optioned. William Fly an of I
Pittsburgh. I 'a .. is ai ihe head of the,
company, a seven million dollar cor
poral ion.
Faced Death Penally; J
Verdict Is Mot Guilty
\\~ Va.. V ? i
TIji- I :i 1 ?"? oi? William" .l.i'Ohs. .t lor- !
? l rial in l->io>ik?- ??ouiiiy . niit". j
, ??liai'K,'?l W illi hiivint; liaii rarual- knowl- j
| <ilvi- wiili Alt la Wali'-rinaii. :t yoiinjj '
' Kirl ??! i ? - 1 ?? I ? - 1 :ik* . tvi'in in i It*- jury I Ins |
a I'ti-rnoon ami ?????' ti 1 ? i-<l in ;i vrdii'l of.
col sftiilty. n Ioti iii.nii ilo- < w is !
rt-l":i ?"??! Many witm-s-s w ?!?? ? -;i 1 1 ?! j
l>y hoili ili<- ;i tul tin- ilfl'i-Msi* In >
| this < as". and I'-ual lilts l>?-t wi-n I'rnsc- I
i-n I iuk Atlor'iifv C'linSi-y and Attorney |
AND mnfoi |
Then u short course of Pamgin ;
Tablets with Gentian. Doctors recen:
discovery that rebuilds flesh, health
and strength with a spj-ed that is aiuaz
i it)?.
I Kvery package sold on guarantee of
satisfaction or money back. You:*
druggist ''an supply you. C. li. CJrjesi
& Co. sells lots of it.
John Palmer foj? the defense were fre
<|ii>.*ni. 'Hie orftie with which Jacob?
whs ehurjrod is t serious one in the
s!a(?* of West Virginia. and carrics a.*
ill-- poiijlty that of death. The
following Jury *d' "iil^d the fate of
Jaa-ubs: Rnymuwi < "ooper. Oscar Calla
way." \V. \V, il :?sh. W'lllard Stewart,
ilnrrv I'.riudley. ?,Fl">'d Hunter. W. (J.
liow^rs. H*. 1 >. Strain. M. D. tjreen. J. <'.
,M>. leiiinjf. I ?. K. ijaa'nt.s. Harry Crawford.
t "IIA i:i.KST? ??? TT. Va.. March 8.?
? "? ? rt itiarat^s a if l^corporat ion hava? been
lssn?nl l?y Sa'a-r<' fery aif Stati1 Young to
t!i<- !'. iIIkwiiik: ii'Av a-oncerns which will
a i i>a*r:i t o tiriaier tjje laws of West Vir
ginia: >
Tliar l.cxinffioijg Motor company, of
Wlia-a-linK: t>> ?]a<Jil in automobiles and
aoa-i sstvria's; authorized capital $10,000;
ina'aarpairat.-rs Jiyaon C. Stamp, A. E.
.Ma'inhart. J. E. Fyjbbs and Morris Jacobs
a>i Wheeling: J.'trfios Greer, pf Martins
l-Vrry. o. ^
Th.: K.Mivon Hotel company, of Falr
nia.nt: aiitiinrizcj) capital $10,000; in
aurp'ir.itors a'lufl'ics E. McCray. Jr.,
? 'lias S .Ma-i'ray. ^Charles E. Stoess. Win.
M. Workman ?nM J. L. Sapper, all of
Knirtniaivt .
White <*ity I.o(f*e, N"o. 127, Knights of
I'ythias ..f lumber: no authorized capi
tal: itv'airiwrav.arsKfT. ^ Moore, I'Vank G.
KI' ia-lcT. I?. I", tojndsav. CI: T. Wilson.
Airfos l;? v(l. J. II.' l'oxton, all of Dun

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