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The Wheeling intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1903-1961, March 30, 1917, Image 3

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Two Big, Busy
Stores in
20 other big
stores in Ohio
Pa., and W. Va.
?22 Stores in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia
at Both Our
At This Very Special Price We Offer
A Large Variety of Women's Pretty
Regular S7 and Sti Dualities!
\ a t
Strikingly hund?oim> now Spring .lnodoi?
more charming than ever b<>for?\ They';.
tvaliy $."? and vaii:'1.*. as High fact
and button motlH.- in
Havana Bi-o-vm, Gray Snede. Bronro
and Black Xid and two tone pat.
terns in duuupagrao and Gray wltli
-whlto tops: patent Trtth oliajupayaa
tops and patent ?with Colored Crarsn
etto top*.
Aud dozens o:' oUwr
in stur.niiiK SprJUB
lish moii"!s. MI
biv.iuiifnl mod': is
tsvlos. a is.. Kns
Women's Dress Shoes
Several pr.nty ii-w
styl-s iti dull ami :.-nm<
i-r. All- sizes'. ttcjjr.lui
Men's $5.00 Shoes
Classy New i
For Easter: The newest
PprlriK stylos t'or
positive saving ot' il."5.Na
row to.>. Kr.5ClI.-h. tace and bu
ton models in tan. cord->
calf. patent, vici ana
jcunmetal. ' Also somv
sporty two-col
or p a 1 1 e r rt :- :
genuine welted
solid a.-?
A Remarkable Value
Women's $5 Shoes ? |
Several Pretty
Styles Specially
Priced at
^ Smart syllsh shot's ? :u. a
X genuine s?avin< of J I. or, on
.A every pair. Hish Ian- urn!
A button models. Tan, pat
cm. dull and bronze and
patent. with c t> 1 <? r .? >1
. rravtnette tops. His:!),
\ medium and low heel*.
Women's $2
to $4 Shoes
I! i Gills' $1.50 baocs
S3 * Sf: >?!>- i. f-r Mb.-! ar.u $
I 'Irt-SK ??av.-n ? l-ati, r.
|| a. ? . 7n i
Boys' School Shoes
Chiltlren's S h i , Pumps n ill
INxiiHn SsuulaN. in pni'MU
ki"l: Si/.''."- I i.i
really worth ?*!."'?. sp?
rinl at. a pair
Children's Shm s and Mary
.laii- Pumps; p.f< nt a.tnl C|\ft
ilniijfotn It iti ; sl7.i s in
Only American Composers Included
on the Program Which at Present
Time Was Very Apropos.
Tn**re wus y strong flavor of "Amer
ir i first." i:i th?=? March recital of the
Mu.-ic department uf t he Woman's
club, which was given yesterday aft
ernoon. b? fore an audience that filled
the auditorium or* the Y. W. A.
Mrs. Henrietta Arbenz-Romine was
< hairtuan for the day and she with
:he help of Mrs. J. H. Baum and Mrs.
Flora Williams, arranged the program
which was made up entirely of Amer
ican composers. The national colors
were displayed prominently as a
background for the sta^e and th*
(.horus with its fifty voices infused a
patriotic response in their singing of
the "Star Spangled Banner" at the
RecoRQir.ed ability was displayed in
the u-eil balanced program which was
offered, and Mrs. Roniine was warmly '
compliraeated on its success. Several 1
of the composers whose music was
Everybody Knows
And Everybody Likes
heard worn objects of particular in- I
[.?rest. especially after the intimate i
paper prepared by .Mrs. Julius I'oi-j
lock. .Mr>. Pollock was chairman of .
.this department for several years ami <
it w:.s again a great pleasure to hear (
her. Each composer of the program 1
was spoken oj in a brief interest ins <
tashion and she tolil of the beginnings!
| of American compositions aud thel
| birth of our national airs.
The sonu numbers were all of aj,
1 h'gh order and Mrs. Elsie Fischer!;
' Kincheloe opened t li?- program. She
had three numbers. "Summer Time," I
i "Fairy Lullaby" ami "The Cry of J '
, Uachaei." These soncs were by women ,
Composers, respect iv*'lv. Ward-Steph- 1
ans. Mrs. H. II. A. (teach and Mary
Turner Salter. Mrs. Kincheloe's songs'
were Riven \v i i h Unit h ip;h decree of;,
.finish which characterizes fill her ap-j
Ipearanees and the last number par-'
iticularly was given witii great. ? 1 ra - j
ma'ic intensity. 'Miss Sarah Metzner'
.played her accompaniments and both
[were received with much enthusiasm, j
[ Miss Dora Neininuer made her first ;
public appearance after an extensive,
study course in the East, and as shej
is unusually sifted her three numbers t
?won great appreciation. They were: |
i"I)own in the Desert." by Gertrude!
iKoss; "Sing to Me. Spring," a com-,
j position by Sidney Homer, the hus
i band of Louise Homer and ai
I weird melody by II. N. Burleigh, aj'
I negro composer. This .ha 1 great I
| depth of tone, which Miss Xeiningerj
[accomplished with beautiful interpre
j tation.
I The club greeted Mrs. Delavan Mc
[Gregor with pleasure as she has not
recently been heard before the organ
ization. Her violin selection was by
A. Walter Kramer. "Chant .Ne^re."
Opus 22. No. 1. Mrs. Srifel played .
the piano accompaniment and the !
rhythtnatlc melody was most superbly J
Mrs. Anna Hilton Otto and Mrs. J. j
L. 15. Connelly sang the old favori'e, ,
"(), That \V?- Two Were Maying," by j
N'evin. Their voices, blended most )
beautifully and lie* sympathei ic ae- i
paniment of Miss Metzner did much i
to bring out their tune <iualit y and r
beauty of expression. i<
Mrs. Edward Stifel's phrving. which ?'
always holds her audiences, was wejl 1
displayed in her choice of selections. ;|
The first. "Homoresque" t Hungarian). -s
b\ Henry Gerwtg'. of I'ittsburgh: the 1
second. "A Scottish Tone l'icture." b\ v
E. A. McDowell, and the third, "Valsn 1
Brilliant," bv Manna Zucca. The Lit- v
ter was a fine bit of writing and was
played with characteristic insight f
which brought out the ardor and
beauty of the number. '
The audience showed their keen appre- [,
ciation of the citib chorus, which is di- v
reeled by Mrs. Elsie Fischer Klncheloe. ;
It was heard in two .selections appear- ]
ing on the program, and the "Star r
Spangled Banner" at the close. The j*
"a" number was "The Two Clocks" q
and the "b," the "The Snow Storm." y
both the work of James Rubers. The ii
chorus is rapidly attaining a higii I
degree of efficiency under Mrs. fi
Kincheloe's direction and the out io
Hirsts of lone were in most harmon
ious accord.
The program in its entirety reached
i high artistic level and uiihokls :!.ie
.veil earned reputation of the Musie
ieparttuent. ot' which Mrs. W. K.
IVoolenweber is' chairman, for the
?xcellence of its series of recitals.
Etiffaffement Announced.
Miss Null Lohnian inortnined i i. ?'
it:>-ini>'TS I lie J. N". ?Vs Thursday
fv? iiinK at h?r tuune ? ? 1 1 I'ourti ?? to h
s- 1 r ?-?-t . nniioiiiiftiicr i In* i-ngair'Mn<nt ? ? t*
Miss H<M"iii<**- WuIots. formerly >>f
Pittsburgh. ti- Mr. Win. Tool'!. Jr., al.-"
of that city. The wctld inj; to iak<- p I j? ? . ?
April Kith.
The liberations wv.-e beautifully car
ried ou I in the Kaster colors <?!'
Mid whit'', and a daintilly n j * | >' ? i : . r ? ? I
luncheon concluded thu affair. These
r-cm prisinir !h" party \v?-r- . Miss?s:
Hi*r?*nic?j Walters. Helen Walters. lat'.y
Muiir*-r. M.iK'lal^n Maun-r. Mart.
N c 1 1 l.ohni.Mi. I'ditli .Sti'ulH'. uf Pitts
burgh: Helen South, of Wilkinsburg.
I'ii.: Mrs. Virgil Pointer, of ? Aiid>*r:-"ii.
Ind.; Ml sit .Veil i la yes t>r l'iiislmi
Pa.- Miss l.uellle Ehorlo of Pit'shm -y}>.
Pa.: .Miss Duri'thy Mi'iinnv, of 1 ? 1 * ? . -
hi:rph. Pa : Mrs. Virull Painter, . f ,\n.!
irson. Ind.
West X.l'borty Program.
On Saturday ??\ ??iiiittc. March ?
!h.- W< si Liberty Slate Xormal .-rii",.|
the f'dh'winc nit?-r?- - liiiR j ' :n will
l>< Ki\en b> I li?"- nioinlv is ot the rhet"i !?
Women whose skin is wrinklvd. .?
ow, dry, faded, and rough. (hit ea>: V
md quickly change this condition !>;?
in easy inexpensive homo t r*-a:iini,.
Jo id your local druggist. !i. < ; i i ? ? -
i Co.. or any first class dealer. j-*i:
?.itase n bottle of I " s 1 ? utiil rub a l.u
n to the ekin for a few moments
night before retirisig. This sinm'
reattwnl is all that is necessary. ? :
he results :i r? ? apparent almost
nice. The skin which has la<*k?d prn .
>r nourishment quickly absorb- : ??
>ure nut oils of which t'-is is oc i
>ounded. and they supph jus: l hp lYi-i
ind nourishment required to p-siu ??
rnoothness, plumpness ami nam :ai
?olor. and drhe away tin hidetms
vrinkles which ate such a worry ami
anse of emharrassment so women w : >
rant to look well. To inns: jn tipie i! .
>r?*sence of wrinkles ?*:i woman
t,ce means that her joulh is past. I.,
hotisamis of really young women who
iave wrinkles which come from a
ioorly nourished, shin. can .ins: as wvl'
r>ok their real ai;e. t?r younger. if tin y
rill take care of their ? omplesions
Uslt is not a paste or cream, hut . a
iquid 5t? bonles, so ??lean and daintily j
lerfumed that it is n pleasure io u. ?? j
t. Pu t a hot lie today and see how !
ulckly it impro\es the appearance i.T i
our skin. It is positively guaranteed!
ot to cause tie- slightest iiair grown I
t is also a splendid treatment f ? > r i
ruckles, blackheads and many form j
f eczema. j
i S
* j
Finally Cured by Using One
Dollar Bottle of Aruolox.
< m- I ?? ? r 1 1 ?? of \mo|n\ !? ti ? ??? I !: . l-'.ir
i ?-i i >.-ars I si: !'!'?> i ??<! with --z.-ma of the
sialp. Iicad l.-im: I'nvvivd with sr.* lis
and ? t alis. I : rl -vi-ry lli-ltur rt'i om
11 : mi?-< I and cvprythiut; a.lv-rt s I with
out i -*i j ?? I" until I houelit a l<ottl?? of
Aimdov I? ivJi.-v.mI :'i<* K.'hitiU at ora'o.
a-mi on- l.nttl.' o it 1 1 r?- 1 > <''ir-il my ivzimiki.
I lit-a rtilv .*? in I i*!i<it'uII y r-i'o:niin?nd it
to all sut' !>!???!"< "I lion i!iif dlseas*.
J \.MKS W sk\v.\i:i>.
firnzl', Indiana.
Amolox i ? i tit ii i'.- it t ;il"i!" will ?iiiii'kl.v , |
l?;i ? il li |i|iii;i|. s. Idii-'khi-ads. ami tak- <> i : t ,
al! ri tineas or tin- skin am: run- ir.nsr
forms of si-:ln ilis-as-. Had, -h roni.r I'as-s j
? ?! E./-111 t. Psoriasis. Tt'tfr. that hav?
lasted for years. yield m ? ? : qtiirfklj* (
idi'ii I ???? ?> ointment and liquid a re used.
Trial si/a* aiir t* || lines! .<i < 'o. Ill'1
Market St., U'hr? 1 ihK. \V \'ii? Kuaratuee '
Ani'dox. :????! will refund the money It' i*
fails to trlvi- sat Isfait ior.
S-nd postal for fiv- sample tn Arnold; j
l.ahor.t mries. Yntmirsiown, Ohio. \
eliiss anil M?m> 1 1 >?* meiulu i s >>: t ho
'.ills' ? iymltasi i> s . lass
I >t tnli Pa-iJ l?rili W 'or he.; f'ti: l?> t !.?? ?*I:i ' ?
? I Hl.uk. Mildred I '.ogress. H.ithii 11
? 'ox. I. -In I v inc. i I inivliT, Kalry J
liarsh, |j ssji' .lolinsoli, >-??!!? I. 'ill- I;
? ast-r, Vrrii I.m-j^Ii, i:isii M.s 'atishind. o
Parsons Nellii pi-weli. laitira i.
I! l:-ml;-. Kiii.-l Ulioad- Klizaheih "
Sar\-r. Ma- Yob". i 1
SI I. AS M -\ KN'I'.l:
'fill: WKA II Kit ??!?? UAVKJ.??K ' j
Sr-ll- I ti
A : tin- i :-.| 1 1 ? m ] ii
I I..i>s.-.|,-.>..|..-|- t hi i. I 'a i sons
t.odfrey t'iss .... I.. Tliornhurir j(
i'. iIv \V 1 1 1 1 1 1 1< ?; > Mnrv l.orenlz '
I ".install i'h-;.,. . .. .Milo I'ooper .
S.,a;!e i'ass 'I'll >lli:i.M Ha II f I.' 1 .,
Seen- II ? *|.
'I'll- N I >; 1 1 1 of Ihspair. j \
Mr. Sm II Priii! Maii.'in ,
I :..li I .ti ml \- Nrliun ilris.- , ,
.l-m K.hIim'x \iiliur ?'oiiK-r, f
Mr. Mary.. K-.l.-rt Millikcti ,
1- m Willi hrop. . l.<roy \V:i(l<|.-ll
Mr I>.-wlrs I.. Ii?- < Inrr.-tt
Sil ts Mtirii.-r.. . . H irry 'inil-r; |
S.'t'iii- I V.
Ninlit of tli. \.'w V r '
: 1 1 V :
.Mrs. KIiiiM
Miss I .nilliI'o...k . ..
Kirs I .Mrs tl'.inti
Nrtiu'V . .
Silas Muriii'i'
? ;>?ilfn y < 'ass
Mr. l-aiiim-t*. r
Mrs. frm'k'MiI horp
Mrs. Os?roo<l
'tn! Miss iJuiin.
Pr ijtoi I la
. . . N" -III.- I ,n tn astir!,'
. . i Ji-| t rmii- SI - wu r-' J j
< >1 1 vi- I it v <??'?; , |
Ma- \'olir>
...... J lurry ' ;rnl?-r s
. . .\ I.. Tliornliiir?? v;
1 .i-sl'i- tlarntt i;
M ?. rtl- Au\ II \
j X-l 1 1- I. an/.
,'i'tpnl III' i :: \
. .. . l'ossi- .i>ihiisto?! ?
Thomas HniiKh' ; ,\
I >r. Kintl'l* Uaymtiiitl MnntKf'in-ry i
Mr i 'rai'k- ii* horp ....Paul Malian '
S'lomon policrt Millik-ii
S. . n- \ I '
Til- l.vtwil r.f Mopo. | A
? iorifi-.'v < 'riss a. I. Tlifiriihursr ! f
Unby ilppio i"li~.ali-lli Sin-Ms ' !?
Silas Martn-r . ..Hnrrv <:rr.l>'ri"
I ?. .11 v Wint lii'op Ma rv I,or? ti'.:'. |
Sc. a- \' r 1 ~
Tii- KiiiliJlnt-nr. j i
Kpp.i- Virginia WalU-r
Silas Manor 7Ta?ry ? I i-?il?i- r :
Aaron W'int lin-p. . . . ...l.-ro. W';oM-II j |
S?*-n*? VI r
l"ppl-'s ('hoiiv.
Silar Marn-r Harry ?Inil"'r.
Kppii- . V i ik in In Walk-r |
lioiifn-y < 'ass ..A. I.. Tliornhiirif j
Ni-u.-y" . . Ma- V"h-> I
* '..ii i- 1 1 Mi-s Swamii- Ta\|i..
|:iisiti-ss Matian- v \'-lli- Parsons. i ?
A-foiiipatiisl.- Mando K!m:. I
I '
Y. W. C. A. Supper.
I.ns; .'-v-'-riinii ill* I mlnsi rin I .-inlis of' ;
t in V. U' ( A. It-ill ;? siii-i ? -?? ?
0 i-iork. Thi'ti* was a lai n- nimih^r i ? [
(il'irls pr-s-nt atul an i tt.io\ aln- - ..iiii.l ;
was M?.nt. a siM-ial s-sslon f..||..wniK 1
tli- ItatKiw-'..
yor Mits Moss. I f
Mi-iS^s St-iijliiiiis-r at th-ir |.oir,? on
South P-iin str< ? t. < ntfrtaiii-ii al ilmii' ?
last -Y- niliK f"T Miss Jan. t Moss,
vsotiilinsc l" -Mr. Sain ? ? : ? 1 1 : ? ? j 1 1 will i>tf
an -v-iit of n-xl v.- 1 I;. Thi n- wrf a '? ?
trartivi* tal-l- appoini ini-nl.s an.d' mv-is
wiir lui'l for lit- following suf.4is:
Mi ssi s
.r.,11-1 Moss Ha- Sl> inhatisi i
Kvr.l Kit;-., of Sadi- Erist. of
Hradfi.nl. P:> Kradf.-rd. Pa.
Mal-'-l C-ih i . -.f I la's I i- St-lrihar.-'i r
Akion. l.i. Cos- M i ?ss
Birthday CeloTirated.
M i? . \!ari;ai -t 1'ivis ?:.s ii..s|.^s < .: i
M-'ininv - '.i liitm t ii iarit' i.'iitihi r >?:
n- i \-.nf.|C i r4-- 1 ii! ii tin r. !? l.i-a: ion of
1 -r . I- . . ? ii : ii l-i: '. i.ia> . \ dainillv ap- t
pi.iiitr-d I'uii h-oii wa ' II- >;ll- <!?< |:
anil earn- niloid- .i ainiii ? n - n' !'h.?s.- ^ j
pr- s? iii 1 ,
Kail- i in- Mm Iilin * fi?i Mm Jut
I !!atii 'n- i 'a rii' '?
\l'i:a \\ a'.iii r
M .'ir-d ' 'o|\ In
!*;? I lit-rim- I f . I'
ll. 1 1 V Aih-ns
. A i: h<;s ) I i ! I
EI'Miioi- 1 1 innit . :i
I liiiah.'i ti I ! ti ? i ? Ii!.'
i:i-i. * 'r.'-.'K
.\iarKai- ' Pax is
' 'hurl. r? I "nl inoi 1 1
! !:.!?? ?!:? l;. id
? ;.-.. np I'lvlor
P.-p-ii Kn.hin
A i'.'iain ' l.-l \ ? \
iil.-.ir l-'r . ? i . ti : ?*
I .' M is' llMl
Tln-iiiiis K- top
Mihlr-d li?-ynol'l
Klvu Kiar.lor
Mii-ir-i! lioill'irt.
N'-tia Wiii-hiiil
Mi'dr-d l?oi-rr
Kir.nia Alh-rrs
K.nuiia I'o-rr
Marc !la S ? ? i i" ? i ?
Mary I ?.?>!
V-ra Krazi-r
J Ni' ison I,
I Sy I v. si ? :
' Sti-llt
I'iy.I. Horn, i
J.-hn ' 'tiiiinli.
I n. id U-vtiot.
J.-.. wiii.-h.
i-ai 1.< ? S ? ? ! ?
! i.-i.n i
i ?. i .
Ha.nilko!'chi?f Flirty.
Mis. .1 I'lt.tii -m-rtai.ii-.i t' ... ? 1 - - - i . ? ?
? ?ii N-.rth Mam str-it last ? v-tuni; ?\itl:
a hsilidk-n lil' ' "liowi-i l'..r Miss .latl-l
Muss. 'I'lo -\-iiili^ was | - 1 J ... | with a
vai :? t y of s,,, -:,| .Ii v-i si>>i:? ami l h"
|;iii-s!.s w.-r* -'-r\-d Itlioh-on at a la'
L.KliPS' Masonic Cltii).
"!'li- i" 1 1 ? . i 'a? -iiik I in l.adi-s'
Masoni.' r!:iii wil; h- I- Id "II l|i M U'i d
III s.; I \ aft- IP "-i: \piil ' ' tli- Sio!
tish Pit- pnr|oi-s *ri. I:, hi. nr. imm
L' wuiil ? I ? i. - U . n In-tt ilo ladi- s w ill
pi a v d'-'nili'.. s ai'.l c.-.r-is. '?> i? l<i|!ow--l
I. V a tuni'i-oi: Ml A. I', pi-ak. ti-.d
Mi > 1 1 - ii- *.!?-> ? - 1 ? r* ?????. ins r\.i
I 11'llV.
? 1 UTS25
Met l.r. . Ev^nsiiff.
\ ni. '-i iiit '.v.i' a I; . I ? \ - t . 1 1 1 14 at
Mi. ? t ? :i ? 1 1 1 '. in ri l h- . 'a ilio 1 1.- U'n
iiii-h's l.- a^no w!i. :i plan- w-i- p-rl'-i-t
? d for t )-. . o. ;::iii/.:i! ion .-I :i !un lid
v.i. "-1 1 Proiniii-n i ? I . > - ? ? .im? w-r- in
?i 1 1 -ii-l:ii'. and ' !;i! u- ;..;;no-l ? . f" i s : ?
: st. d p-rsoiis ? nrolh-ii:
Will Hold nat? snlc.
Til- l.idl.-s' Aid '? ? lldu
woi.il l.iith-riiii tl.iiri'h .-. iii I- hi'i'Iihcki!
of a l*ak- >:.o w hi. I, will l>- li-hl I'l
tlii t.'i-oii:. I: Tajlor .-. nitiatiy slor*'
tomorrow. Tl'-i- '.ill !? a n* !|. h-i j h?-.
1,1 ol
Tlieatie Par'
\|. inli. I - i I il- I la pi
a*l- iii- I IkmI ri par t ;
1 1.- i ? .ii: t
i-i r>
i ? . 1 1
; I- 1 .11, ?'. - a. I.
? ?ii Tu-sii" ??
?\ Uoiid
i i: a mi 'a I ' '
mail u rill.
.1 . I ? II- 'oil
? ia i'iiu:-.
M .ti IliMiai
'ainiii i\|.n-i:*'
. : i r al- lit. ?
tit l*
Birthday Party.
M.,-|. r S: in'. ? Kyi- s.-n ..f Mr.
? I Mrs. l'*Rink K "I-, of IVarwpiirt, ? is
i last ? \- rii:i:.* i?> a part \ of h is play*
il-- . ' . . '-I. In a ? ? n . ! h is ni* Ii
?;lidii> aim i\ "?nn . V> ain'isiiii; s* -
I'i'-S o! x-'il I
1 i-.'lll ! mill
? id wii jt- I
..'??IK h> is* ;.
|.!-> l-llji
. I" II
i ...
'?I . r a Tlioli.a
?Mh.-r Thonias
Ma r > Klizai. ' I.
K;. rii. nr.. /o-lli
i:- r
Varrarrt \\ -hh
'1 i f.'- -itl Ti.rnil
a . M. ' "ulla l; i
SI , ?
? ? i i i i '-.niio ?
i < ?'? 'oimi i'
M lr'lia \ riiolii
KH.-I M ii sh
Mary \\ illl.i n;>
\\ .i Jt ? r lv ? 1 1 1 s k ? >
1 i'iw a r.l S-'iaf-r
N'ortny Marsh
K'li:. in l\> tiamomi Mov .-.r.! I'hiiinl.fi - j
V.'.i' i;- K-'imrno:; l Prie st Slnniiv
Harold Pr-lhvri- Hoh!.\ Rari.-Ps
Artcrnoon Party.
\ fan. v w-.rk parlv y-stcrdr. v ni't-r
nt il- S.'.'oiid I'nii-d Pr?:5l>;. ti-rian !
? l:t:i i'h pi" , nil d a v-ry d-llcht fnl afti r- !
ii ? n and iva.s alt. nil. -d hy rntiny kh-s's. I
Tli. re wer- sprlnKllim1 d-'-.-orilt Ions j
alum tin. parlors Iti yrllow and wliiK' )
and tii- t-a laid- was trininii'-d with]
. lusi . rs of iont|ii i Is.
\ program -mriiitr Hi- nflcrnoon wa? J
8 ?
; About People Sj
i Movements of Individuals to ^
and From the City.
KOg-ors ? ! .. I". r..,i!ii il . M iPtilinRtnTi:
\ 1 ii 1 1 ii? ??is. < *;i in*- 1 ? ? 8 1 ; Way (Slnvcr.
lo\'? l ';?!?. W. .V i:. Vjilil-.v. II.
Il- iii>iii;i .1. N. M in sit. Tlli>. ;
. Moi i isi.ii, /aiii'S\ tile.
Stivmrn ? <?. I.. St-w .Martin.*-'
ii!-. ilviiry I ?i.-t r 5?-Ii. >:hiniii:ti<n; S.
row. ii; Mr and Mrs. .1. I*.
?!,; |;. T. U 'llmm.s. l>ola; l\
Waron. I ?|-<i,,t in . T. ! McKi'issif,
Inwt-jiv - 1 1 |o ; ,\1 : -Did lire. John I'lipus,
i.S'.-r; i.
Windsor ? I:. M . i.nux. ?' l-.uiimKioti: .1.
Phillips, * '.*? i j ? . r? ?i i : ? I ? ? ? i*u ? \\?. M;ii
wti. Murl.-Ma , I H. > 'Iiaiiliuuii, Marl
i in
Mclnre ? Mis'- Mary Sim*. M.uimn;;
?n. Miss i ij.ii! 1 1 n; i t i ? m> t i i -i 1 1 1 . M.iniiin
?Ji : 'i' I' I'iivis. I ":i rlt'T? Iiiir^ . K?l T.
I ills', I 'ark^rsirirs : Mr aini Mrs. t!.
i "j.-t i'Si't. ? i . i .??!???? i . ? : 1 1 ? - ?- \\'ils<>n.
harlesi nn ; i'. i; .lotus Morftnn.town;
I. Harold Tay|."\ J.. ream own. i<;uli,
iii" II. I'lirry, I'airinoni. , :
.lot'! ^hr> v. siuiry of I'aricer.shiug. :
i'diuinom. tennis ? \ . was .n < ]>?*
ii y last nigln a * < : nii ;he .imui ii ,
aiiqU'i (,f tin \\ iifflini; T?*nni.? club.
A. .1. f'oibnrn of Kainnoni. well
now ii ,n V.'.-st Virginia n*nnis circles,
|i-n! yesterday with fri- mjs here and
ist ni^lii at I I'lnl'i) ih?? annual ban-,
mi i of the Wheeling Tennis club. j
Wiley Wilson of Charleston. attend
il lb<' banquet of ill'- Whe. ling Ten-,
ir dub in the Hole! Windsor last
ighs. _ I
.Miss Marin Sini'ii .of i nhlwell s '
un. successfully underwent an op??r
V I ? Kr' iit |>|>-nsiir*'. Mrs. u.
;tzl.-r aii'l Mis.- lb ?!??? .M>'''ullaRh sr>n<.
li.ss IMith ? In. Ifii nave II piano solo.'
I is v l.iila Warm i' ? oi,trlbtit?''l a r-ad
iC. Miss I :? 1 1- M ill* r otf.r?d a ln-a-jti
nl violin mi ii i aii'l .Mrs. .1. 1.. H- ,
'? ? mi* ? S I > a. \oi\'il snin.
Mr-- K. .!. M.t'nllaKb wa ? .iiairiiia n
Mil lit' liost'ssrvs 'Iii- tn-iiili.-rs of
>it ivixii N' ". 1 of !!>?? I 'list op's .\io so
li tV Jtllil illi'ltl'lvil
M- s<lam. s:
l>iis Wacwi 'Icort"
I,. Siiwtell i j.-i.ri;.- NT ? n haul ;
'. A Moi'Kan William- Kllir?liam
\T. I'. Kas.!-y \ I'.. I-S.-1 1 vil 1.
lll'nlli I N.-sbut I:;, ion ' r.-i'Ti- 1 T
. K Wiiuni r >? M I !hi na li.'ui
iforij. ArniMi "litr '?? ?-??Iia |l>a:/
1 rs. 1 1 1 nit
M i :
? nl a St ritsj ? r Kli7.ii!" sii '"i-irilf n
Imiiiii St-wart. Hal!
' ii ry ? ; i-i m?-s
Toy Miss Woiske.
Mi-s Vi.iiili WilliarnsoM ill ? lain
i.ls ?? ? in::}: f.ir Miss \lurif- W ? iskf, an
. j>r ? 1 liri<b -io-|ic. Tli' l' will !>'? only a
??v.' vii' S' s. |nii ill. ? vi-niiiK will 1"- vury |
l? as'ir? nbl?' "a i'Ii sou uikt aii'l faints to
iM '.'t ill" ^'i-'sf s.
LydiaE.Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound Did the Work.
Nothing like it.
Abcrocen, Idaho. ? "Last year I suf
ored from a weakness with pains in my
side and hack. A
friend asked me to
try Lydia E. I'ink
ham's Vcgetabie
Compound and I did
so. After taking
one bottle 1 felt very
much better. f
have now taken
three bottles end
fee! like a different
woman. Lydia E.
Pi nhk am 's V e g e -
able Compound is the best medicine 1
lave ever taken and 1 can recommend
t to all suffering women. '"?Mrs. Pi:rcv
'kkstiikje, Aberdeen, Idaho.
Women who Butler from those dis
ressing ills peculiar to their se.\ should
ie convinced by the many genuine and
rathful testimonials we are constantly
mblishing in the newspapers of the
ihility ot Lydia E. Pinkhatn's Vegc
abie Compound to restore their health.
To know whether Lydia E. Pinkhani's
.'"getable Compound wili help you, try
t! For advice write to Lydia E. Pink
lam Medicine Co. (confidential), Lynn,
dass. Your letter will be opened,
?end and answered by a woman and
leld in strict nee.
Columbia Record
No. 5936
Contains the popular
melodies from these
two big' New York
musical comedy suc
cesses. This combi
affords you the very
best from these great
musical treats.
Step into our shop, we
will gladly play them
for you.
The !
Music Shop
38 Twelfth St.
Bell 291. Nat. 288-x. I
Bring Back Natural Color!
Without Dyes ? Satisfac- i
. tion Guaranteed or Money ;
Vow c,in hav?: flossy. rich and lux'ur- !
ant hair of a. soft. even shade instead
of urn y or lifeless. faded hair or hair
si retvked with grey. It's very easy and
simple. very heal! hftll. safe und in per
fect I t?.j? t \v!iirii d; ? " are n<>t. 1
Simply apply t.'-rsnn Hair I'olor Ke
stor-r as you would a shampoo.- it is
ready K) us*:. harmless li<|i:!?i, .sold un
der tli.: markers' f: ? i 1 guarantee of "your
money Im.-l; it* not sni is-lied." !.'?* of
?J-H?in will hrine a natural. soft.
'?? ??II. phasing >i* -r. f:ijl of beauty. and
I . strolls and lluffy u- ::trl'? hair. N'o
? < an I' ll ;? on l.av applied Q-Han.
1 1" i-aus.' i: do.sn'l work a look unnatural
an a <!;, ?? do? s. V ? ? ? t will )>e d'-Huhled
with yi nr air "f youth and vitality, and
your hair v.- ? 1 1 have real health. i'mly
."?fie iiiitt!.- at ? irii-st s drllif SLore. 1 I2."t
Marl;- i S1 . .?r an;, ~ ! drug ?tore. or
wri'.e I les? I ".;!i.-. luujr Memphis*.
T. nn., iii. ni i.'iiinK i flruKKi"! "s name.
Illustrated, ini eres'. iiiK' hook, "flair Cul
ture." sent free. Try <J-I5aii Hair Ton!'*.
'V-lian l.iuuid S; anipoo. Q-Han Toilet
Soap? -also IJ.'ni I '??pilatory < odorless t
for removing superfluous hair. adv,,
ation for appendiciis Wednesday >
Mi*, and Mrs. George Shepherd of j
Thirteenth street, are the proud par-,
'?nts of a son. born Wednesday, at I lie
North Wheeling hospital. Mr. Shep
herd is connected with tin1 Wheeling
Metal & Manufacturing company. j
Mrs. A. li. Hotize. wife of ill" pastor!
ol' (hi? Zion Iviilheran church, is ill i
at the family home on Chnpline street.
Col. Charles Fey left. last. evening
for Phoenix. Arizona, where he .vlil
.-['ond i In; next several weeks.
Prohibition Officer Pert K. Phillips,
relumed yesterday from a business ;
i rip to Charleston. ? ;
j William Menketniller and family, of,
Thirty-seventh and Eoff streets, will
leave so I'm for Tulsa. Okla., to live. |
! .1. 1-edru ytit'fler. of the .Carnegie :
I Tei'li art school in Pittsburg. Is ilio .
jfrucst'of Wheeling frfiends on his way,
i.ome to Fairmont.
I M. K. Nuzum, Baltimore and Ohio
yardinaster at Fairmont, was ihe guc.st
of Wheeling friends yesterday.
Miss l.ottise Nelson Whitaker lias
returned to school in the east after
spenditm the sprintr vacation with her
! parents. Mr. and Mrs. il. C. Whitakcr f
at Leaf ln-rwond.
j Mrs. * 'liarles Aul and Mrs. W. C. 1
Weiss have returned frfom an extend-;
oij- stay in ilaltimore.
Mi?s Carrie. Anderson of Knoxville, 1
Tcnn., is the guest of Wheeling friends
i Sam 1!. I'rununoed. a well known
horse dealer of Pittsburgh. arrived in
the i lly yesterday to take a siring of
i horses !o ihe Smoky i *i t> l?y Imat.
i The younjj da'.isfh'ter Air. and Mrs.
! '"iiarles M. Keteiium, of lle?"i:h (Jlonn.
1 lm? rerovererl from several days' ill
V.'iil Norton, of .Vorili Wlie.-Kne, has
i returned from a visit a' Minefield and
i Ki-novii.
j S. I', ''oily, of MorKantev."'!, ;!? ft for
I homo yesterday after a brief ti ;it lieye. j
Martrarei. ihe young daugh?er of .Mr.
,%iai K'U'-i. ???? , . ,
and Mrs. Isaac I.'ison. of )03o Kind,
street, is serious") v ill at her home. J
Former Whcclingitc Mortally Hurt by
, Train at Claysville.
William Potter, former Wheelinpite
ami civil war veteran, was struck and
filially injured b\ a train :ti Clays
\ili?'. Pa., yesterday. Ite was walk
iiiL- a Ion (r the II. A: (>. railroad and
? ?wing to defective hearing probably
1a led in notice the- approaeh t >f a
train from behind. lie was burled
twenty feet. I was rushed to a
hospital win-re be died a. little more
than two hours later. While a resi
lient o! this city Mr. Poller lived on
t lie Island, lie leaves his wile and,
several children.
Interest inff Revival .Services,
l.ast eveiiinif. in the M.-i liodisi riuitvh.
Ill- le v. .1 r. !U:ekley prcacheil tie
li'iii s'-i :;, o:i r> t! tie- _r> v i va I series. "Kr-i
?-.?10111; With ilort." !?? a ? rowd' d ehureh.
'l ie- r ? In its pi-, i.il imifiie was nr.
? ???niiiatiir , In Tholoas .Mel\ie. Uobert
Uiddto and Nile.* Sci.aefer. etirsn-tists.
Thi<- ? v,,ninc *?i ?-i : t ' - M:-sjon in tie'
World" will l'f oil t lined, and will con
. hull il - ?? until s';ui.iay ?-v? ntn^.
M ii ny professions i.ave )?? en made diir
iim lie week, ain! many l;"n"Ue :;re '-\
pi-. lt d to fol lev. with tlii-' ? on! itmanee
of tie- S'-rvi'-es It-Si week.
To Arrang-e tor Convention.
Mrs !'. i:. l-'i-rii.i.iuii v.ui have i - -
wiili lor thi> :ij'i ? i r.oon a I l'-"" "'etoek
Me- e.iij.siiinr'r; so-'.-iv ..i I'resby
:e;-iai. ? !? n >*? li f?u I ii?- ? ;i!ii-|.os. of inr.l.
:lm m-riit:k''-li<e:il?; for i)e- en url a inin?
of |li-? mlssioiiar v . -.-??! 1 1 ion of tie
Wle-i ,in?- I '!'? s h\'i.-i'\ . v. ii'.-ii M ill ii.'
ie l ! in \V I P: . shyteri- ??
? ii April ' 0 and
Sewirp Pr.'ty.
\t. sitain. > .lojm a; d I low v .J V. . k?
td- asan! !y ? nt.- !aiin-,| tie- l.idies of the
I'r-'.'-byiei iau .-htir" Ii at ili.-ir Imnsc yes
teid-i;. "Venirnt w-:i ?? si>vin? party.
\ i I S.-..I -I l..i||f o?.,i||iiei| in IK-Cille
work. liaini-. iiin.!.o:i was partaken
of and a sjive, I." f.-rir.K v. : taken <ii;r
i ? : t: Ihe ?-?.?nine f ? "i* '!? '.nirii lie Indies
a:-- doii's in ? ohie ?-? i..ii v\il'i tie ? h-.treh.
Christie i\ Church Notes.
I'll. HiliJe m ! "f " hristian ehur. h
tie- anpr. t
lnosii'K '
h'.f a :-'P"i'i
I 'a s t ? .1" I
itid ; wh
cv nir it..
,1 Se'-\ .-. whietl H'ill evt.|l|
1, .| ot f.Vo >V eks foilowi'o;
I. eentple'.eti I.V F!ev. I'. M.
ti. eia ' erea.-'. uiir ? ? a< h
Wanted ? Men. boys and qitis for
tight cisan, factory wsrk. Wheeling
Can. Co.. 47th and Eoff Sts.
?t nr." of Knig"c DaitffU'tors. "
' line ot 'lie .1 mior Kite's
\ ;?
In :
yam-'ty Zc.i
? Aiomlav
W t:. M
.1 Mt >at v
follow .1
? i \ let; '
? i in ?: n- ?'ti!t s.
ai.i - ...a. ???.!:
?Pler.saa' PA"*y.
1 1 a;;, a I lie ! '??nie
. . M I 'ln .iis .tt.d
.?ii ; . ? t i a. i ilie'r
eworh. ilie always pi
. i ? i; ; ? i e. I th" eail>
la i a tv
i wit-!
The ? is- wet * M '
!???.! as. Mar*. I'-i-'fl"!1. H i-tlia |ite< U- i
hoif. Mafief'-t <;rii.mt. Mar?i|,i ti.-rrv. j
Kail ??line )vpM>. Xe vii l\'eot.-r. To" r.-. !t. [
\ ilamilton.
Personals ftnei Briefs.
IMv.ifil Kemp has pu:vh ,s.-,l the |
IVtttr pr.-.p'- riv vvhte'i lie' and his turn- j
II v will in the \- r> near' future. .
Mr. arid Mrr" I. 'I Mel H. well, of Uleh-I
lantl avenue, left til s tii- rnitiK for Pitts- '
liitrith. wii^re tiny will make their'
future lu-m.*.
Miss l.lin Smith Is eontlni d to h^r |
home with mensules. . ?
W. S. Smith and family removed* frrun
Warwooci WerfnoKday tr? the Island.
Mrs. Tlinmpson. nee f! ussle Sum inn,
left last night for Saratiac X. ~
om ,
inn. |
Wearing j
Good Shoes L
i!uiiimi<iiiu)!(jt/iiiiiiiiiui miuiiiimiuiiinmiiiiiiimiiiin f;
mear^ comfort and j.
foot-health. The ease i
of a ''Natural Shape" |
Florsheim will keep 6
your f3;et fit, \Vill relieve I
you cT shoe troubles, E .
and v^ill prove real,
economy. The true ?
measure of value is
not price per pair
but thcoiumber of day's
wear itnd the satisfac
tion y<?u get.
The price you pay for
pair of Florsheims is a
health and comfort invest
ment. We know, because
we are fitting men daily
who tell us of the excellent
satisfaction they've had in
wearing Florsheims.
Experienced Millinery
Apply' In IVpartment
G30. R. Taylor Co.^*
A tf -1
v. (i. e.- slio will join ner husband, who Is
alifn.-y lo--nt. it' til
Mrs. 'Jny l'ltt.-rson mil >tis?5 Dixie
l'arriot. of .< "rii>> ron. .ire the quests of
Mr. nnd Mrs. 'IV K. l'arriot.
The K. li. ,*V. f's .will stajre their
? In bora t? niln\tr<l ? his evening in .the
to in th?>atr>\
The regular 'Lutheran Lenten service
was h?-!?l las*? ?'veninsc. Uev. R. A.
i iarsrhinan tonjc for his theme "Our De
i 'HA IM.KSTnX. U'. Va.. March ?
Ri-piesi-ntatl vif^ from nearly all the
miters' unions in District IT. have ar
rived in ? 'h?r|-?st<?ii lor the referendum
??on vent ion wli ??!? will l>e hehl to-morrow
for the }>ur|io:.'.- of votintr on the tenta
tive ??ontr.'ict *,?-tw<v.ii the I'nitcd Min>r
Workers A'-m-t i. a mi the operators.'
in.'uif last wvfK. Roth operators anil
tniners' offi<-i:i*js an- confident tile agree
ment will In- rat ifi"il.
MAY i'ASTI.K. Ya . Mar. 2fi.? The
Hank of \'< w fsist!".'a stat- in.stitution.
closed i.:- iji.ors tmlay with the an
t !? ??t til -? -m ? n i t-i:i f a snorta;;* of
had heer. liisiMvred.
I like that "gov who cum? to our
house fruin /.Smith's Groscrr .in*
lie's alius fl^etty good to fr>c, bat .
lit* fj(t t in ^ron-; with both feet
today whet).; he se:l lie couldn't
iiil our ordwir for Cheeften Polish'
'cause tlicv ;jold out ? No store ercr
has too niu,:h f'hecftcn 'cause sol
many folks i>e it.
r-HO^y^ ~~y\
Cliifflasn !V?Ti??f ' nr<* lmmr nrrr??ftie?._ See
thai ? * * ? i get c ' ! i {-5 ; : n ? n for Hack. tun'miil vrhitc
e); ? f . >r ?..r ilo.?r*? for furniture.
They wiM ir v<- r>. u ?*ti?fRrt(on. They are ?
easy to u?r? ?n?l ecormmirdl. Take .1
pnricniff! of Chi^fUm home with joa today?
any one? you'll ,-v cU<i.
Start Jhaay ? Any Store
BigHnxdy Box? 10 centt
Watch for
biy ?ur
in; soon

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