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Tuesday, April 17, 1917.
The Weather ? Overcast.
Sale of Castle Trimmed Hats
TUESJDAY we will continue the sale of high-grade Trimmed Nuts comprising
the sample line of L". F. Castle Company. \ew York City, and closed out to us
at a big saving. We offer them to you at the same ratio <>t; price-concession the sav
ings ranging up to a halt'.' The sale of the famous Castle Hats is confined in Wheel
ing to this store, so we secured the samples when the traveling men were called in
"off the road. Those Hats are in the latest and smartest styles for immediate and
Summer wear and include
Sports Hats?Street Hats===Dress Hats
Being Sample Hiits there is but one of a style and bought in the regular way
would retail at $7.")0 to $20.00, but we have divided the assortment into three lols
-?!:r;ufed,homat $s.oo, $7.5?, $10,00
1 Oc
Plant Your Fruit Trees,
Plants and c hrubbery Now
TIME to plant now ? get your
Fruit Trees, Plants and
Shrubs into the ground as soon
as possible. This sale at special
prices will enable city and
suburban gardeners to supply
their needs at a minimum' of ex
pense ? a consummation devout
ly to be -wished just at this time.
Note the prices on these hardy
and acclimated Trees arid
Plants :
Fruit Trees
Sturdy and well selected and
adapted for growth in this
climate :
Apple Trees? 5 to 7 feet tall
Early Harvest
Grimes Golden
Northern Spy
Yellow Trans
Peach Trees ? 4 to 5 feet tall
Chaies Choice
Plum Trees ? 4 to 5 feet tall
| Red June )
J . Lombard f" 1 5 C
I Burbank J
! Pear Trees ? 5 to 6 feet tall
Sickle |OA
j Bartlett \ O \J C
J Cherry Trees ? 4 to 5 feet tail
j Early Richmond ) Q ?? _
j Depphouse \
|j HarclyTerenials
j; Summer Flowering Bulbs
l> Phlox at 10c
?j German Iris at 10c
?\ Japanese Iris at 10c
t: Daiilia, assorted, 10c
[1 Tritoina Red Hot Poker, 10c
j !? Columbine at 10c
! Hollyhock at 12c
j; Hardy- Ornamental Shrubs
|| Rose of Sharon, ass't., 12c
}i Berberry Purple Leaf, 10c
j* White Flowering Dog-wood,
1} lCc
jl Deutzia. assorted. 12c ?
j] Hydrangea; lSJc
Honeysuckle, 12c
?Spirsa Pink, ?2 c
Red Snov/berry, 12c
White Snowberry, 12o
The New MAR-HGF Middy
Suits Are Here
THES1-; Suits for young girls with the middy blouse
and separate skirts a re here in a larger variety of
smart styles than ever before. The skirts art- plain and
the middy conies with emblem on the sleeves in exact
duplicate of these worn by the sailors in 1 li c United
States Navy. The riU'ige of materials include
Galatea CSoftlb Linen
In white, rose, flesh, tan, brown and bine in sizes 14, 16, 18
and 20 years and priced at $6.90, $7.00, SS.90, $0.85
to $19.50. ? Third floor
A Woman's Crowning Glory
Is Her Hair"
Demonstration and Sale of Garrity's
Silk Hair Waivers
GUARANTEED not to kink or- break the fines! hair ? I hey pro
duce a large glossy wave in one luuir. Made, in gray, brown,
gold and black. The special demonstration is in progress now.
Sets of five Wavers, 25c ? Mail orders filled.
Notions ? Main floor.
School of Dressmaking Opens
MRS. ALICE AVERY, an expert instructor from
the Xew York School of Dressmaking, has
arrived and is con due ting classes in our store which
will continue for' the next four weeks. Individual
instruction- is given, there being1 but live in a class,
rive sessions being; held daily ? 9. .10:30, .1, 2:30 and
4 o'clock. Mrs. Avery has all the latest Parisian and
Xew York' styles and she will show you how to ^et
style ou1 of the pattern voir. select and will show you
the tricks of making becoming clothes WHILE
MAKINtl THEM. The cost of the entire course of
six lessons ? $3.00 ? is more than saved on the first,
dress made. If y<>u have not yet enrolled, by all
mean* delay n<? longer, but secure your class assign
ment without delay. Full particulars at the Pattern
COUlltCl. ? Sooond floor
"Will PI? v r.iD* Bridjpporr Hig-h School
Basobc.ll Term Tiito Afternoon at i
. V' Ohio Grounds. I
Tin :ra! t-' t>;> ; I
.v.iti t.|?n -tit' ?>\>s(iu j!h> a! iii;
n q i-ii.' xyiiii- rhi T!riils:,''|",'?t lush school;
?> i 1 1 t iii I port ^r"'.iiiils Th?- 1
? ts iin v- I'lily lijut nui days' frio: ioe j
? fi't- ?hi:' i(tt ami E5ri>tii?:r Ifow-j
ar<i .?-?iifi ii last itryht i hp. ? th>- s?-|pi.-th?n i
??{' ;i scii;r?t i vc nine >' as' purely ?>x-i
~ lliiwyV'-r. th*% following; ;
. ?}?:?-? j |? will >i.-irr th^ i;atii?r for thci
t'inji-: v i>ai!*i\ Vanyo. p.: Italtcriy. i
ii._: liors'irh. '.'Li : Mi;??annon. s?.,i
Ni.?;s?-ni. y.-r. ? ?r vi 1 1? l.-<\ !. f.: Nai*.. j
? "ark. r. i". B. fJorsiich anrl
SIi? v. ill tw >| ;iIons as substitutes, j
?>ii Wednesday evening a' 7 : 3n j
o'clock. n patriotic service will be.
? b":d r;f Presbyterian church. {
f,.jpbrat'> the one hundred
forty-second anniversary of the Bat-i
market auditorium
tie of Lexington- and Paul Revere's
Th?> pastor. Claude Porter Peny,
will speak and the Chorus Choir will
siau several patriotic selections suit
able for the occasion.
Will Be Held Friday Night. Bccause
Of Thursday Evening's Patriotic
Owing to the patriotic ma?s meet
ing In the Market Auditorium Thurs
day night, the regular meeting of the
board of "duration has been post
poned until Friday evening.
I The Ohio jfvor ?how,l a Hias* o* !}
jfoet fi inches on the mrcrks at. the lo
j cal wharf last night rind wn=i falling
j slowly. The slejuiu-i l,ibcrl\ arrlvd
i horr last night from Maiamnra.-? ami
will clear today at 1I:MU for lha';
same port. Tho K. Dunbar is sched
tiled to- return from Pittsburgh to
Charleston, passing "U he? !ing ton:gbt.
River Telegrams.
?DAVTS TSTjAND DAM? 6 feet. rlstnfc-;
STEL'BKNVILIiE ? !* foot r. tnrhes,
fallirur: clear.
PA RK KRSB URG ? 1 0.9 f>e?. station
ary; clear.
M ORG AN'TOTVN? S . 3 feet, falliiiK;
OIL. CITY ? 2 feet in inches, station
ary ; clear.
^'ARREN ? 2 feet 4 Inches, stationary:
Get your tickets for tonight for the
Dr. Helnroth Organ Recital at the St.
j John's Evangelical Protestant Church
j at Davis, Burkham & Tyler Co. Ad
j mission 50c and 75c.
Geo. E. Johns Co.
?-The Quality Shop=- =====
A Charming Array of New Spring Coats
If' you would .see the Empire waist line, the diamond stitching and the modified
Kaulan sleeve, be sure ro inspect this attractive assortment of
New Spring Coats at $16.50, $19.50, $22.50 and upward
Special Assortments of
This is a new assortment of high-class models specially priced and in ;i urnst
pleasing diversity of models. Plain tailored, stitched, braided or button trimmed.
Made of Serge, Poiret Twill, Gabardine, Novelty Material and Cheeks. All sizes.
Hundreds of New Models in Blouses
The modes of this group are just new and the styles shown are pl'easiug*, attractive
,and novel. If yo.u inspect them you simply cannot resist buying one or more.
$3.95 $5.90
Visitors Arc Welcomed By Charits M.
Kctchum. Enjoy Banquet At
Windsor Last Night
Col. .foil 11 Ij. Shepherd. jeweir.* mis
sionary of New York, whs the princi
pal speaker a i ih'v' opening o? the
ivvelhh annual contention of the West
Virginia Retail Jewelers' association'
i n i he Hotel Windsor ye.-iorday. I'ro
i en ion in i he purchaser i'tom the
faker and schemer, honest merchan
dising and honorable business meth
ods furnished the l>a sis for Irs ad
Col. Shepherd is one of the most
respected and popular men in the
jewelry business. His presence is al
ways sought ai the conventions and
whenever possible h-> gladly hi.-;
associates in business speaking sound
words of ?dviee. He is an honorary
member of nearly every association
in ihe United States. Coi. Shepherd is
a native of Wheeling.
.1. Liikens. president of the as-|
soc.iation, presided ye.uer.iav. Little
business was transacted nt the- initial j
session, Ihe members, following reg
ist ration. visiting a number of the lo- j
eal jewelry shops on a rtudy toai .
The meeUng proper opened in the
afternoon when Chdr'es M. ICetchum.
general manager of lije Wheeling
Commerejal association, delivered the
address of welcome. A response wasl
made by C. M. Wallace id liunlington. |
Three new member, wrro mrr-pied at!
the opening of the business session.
Two committees ?.?-? appointed, as!
follows: auditing committee ? II. J.
1 lomriek, Huntington: James Rals-|
ton. Weston: and J. Charles Knisl.
( 'harleston. Resolutions- C. M. Wal
lace, HunUngton: J. M. Bauni. * "it y : i
J. H. Feaster 1'iedmont. and Henry j
Zilliken, WHlsbttrg.
Banquet Last Night
I Members of the association were
guests nt a H o'clock dinner given in
the Hotel Windsor last evening under
the auspices of the "24 Karat Club"
W. .T. Taikens was toast master and
addressees were given by Col. Shep
herd. T. L. Combs, of Omaha. Neb.,
past president of -the National asso
ciation. and Rev. c. E. Allen, pastor i
Pfor the" hearF
| Thousand? nf people have nrnd? the'
mistake of buying stomach nnd liver
medicine because of palpitation and ir- ,
. regular notion of th-? heart. Trent t lie j
i heart first, is a wise rule.
Th?j In-art is l lie "engine" of the body. |
Build up the heart, mnl:e it strong and j
[regular in- it r- notion, if you want to feci
I well.
I K',ftp n ptrnpc stream of pure blood
I circulating through every organ, every;
I part of thi body. J'eol younger, strong- 1
cr, mor" active.
Wo want all wlu> suffer from irregu- 1
Inr heart aition or poor i*i rental ion of
j blood, weak and <'V<Ttax?-il Hearts. 1'Jil
I pitalioti. lleiirt Pains Nervous disor
der?. "Toh-icco ll-art." Nervouj: tvvhnus- i
ii"n or failure of the It. art. functions.'
| to ;?st i *.\ I JIM AM.
| Von need onlv .?? nd vour twnio and
j address to TH K CA I! MAM i'oMI'ANV.
j t'ept. 4 1 4 - \ . Kt'.st I lampion, Conn., with
? *i>; cents in stamps to help pay part of
ith" dispensing expense. Y<oi will rc
jerive hy return Pared l'ost a regit In r
TiOe bottle of ?"*A KDI AN! ? ."f> doses i free
! from a'l further expense or obligation
on y<>ur part, i Guaranteed not to injure
the most delicate system. Absolutely
! free from :ihy haldt forming or danger
| ons drugs. i
Try it. Kind how iiuiokly bad eymp
: loins disappear ;<nd how miieli stronger
can f I 'on not n*' gleet your heart
j ? don't tntje eliancs.
; taaBinagyrTi'yjs
? ? ag?OWP? ? WBMBB? ?
Mfere Than
Just Selling
The Coleman estab
lishments aim to
serve a higher pur
pose than to merely
transfer whole sale
drug quantities to re
tail drug quantities ?
to fill a prescription
with drugs that some
one else has vouched
That's why compet
ent, experienced
pharmacists are
maintained, in a thor
oughly equipped,
modern pharmaceuti
cal laboratory, to test
all raw drugs, and to
compound all prepar
ations used in the pre
scription depart
ments of all the Cole
man Stores. That is
the reason we can as
sure you that every
ingredient o f every
p r e s c r i ption that
leaves the Coleman
stores is just exactly
what we say it is, and
that is the reason peo
ple have confidence in
our service for the
Doctor Depends on
! TJs.
I The simplest and best way
j to stop coughs, is to take
; Foley's Honey and Tar
| You get the curative influence of the
I pine haissnt together with the mollifying
! effect of the honey, and other healing
ingredients. It leaves 8 soothing coHt
i ing on the inflamed tickling thro8t,
raises phlegm easily and puts a quick
j end to hard wearing cougr>3.
R. F. Hal!, Mabe.Va.. writej; "One battle
of Voley'a Honey and Tar (topped a trouble
I notne bronchial cou(!h and initation that hod
bothered me for fefteea yeore." Your dealer
j ?eUs it. Try it.
-or Sale by John Coleman Co.
of the Fourth Street M. E. Church.
The convention will close today.
The program is as follows:
!? : :J0 a. m. meeting called to order.
Report, of Secretary and Treasurer.
Address by Past President T. J.,.
| Combs.
I Fnrinislied business.
I New business.
j Recess.
Afternoon: Di.-eussion. Subjects:
! Has tho National Association done all
; possible to improve business condi
tions for the Retailers? Is Mutual
Fire Insurance Safe? Is it less cost
ly? Do you approve of marking .'<'11
' ing prices in plain figures? Wludjv.
I displays.
Flection of officer. Adjournment,
j Convention Visitors
The following jewelers registered
i yesterday:
Henry Zil liken, Wellsburg
M. Wallace, Huntington.
W. Berisford, Piedmont.
Charles Ernst. Charleston. j
IT. Feaster.. Piedmont.
J. Honirick, Huntington.
B. Haunt, city.
. .1. Lukenls, city.
James Ralston. Weston.
J. L. Shepherd, New York. (
\Y. I.. Jones. Martinsburg. ' |
Thicker. Wheeling.
Zilliken, Wellsburg.
Powell, Wheeling. ,
Robb. Wheeling.
Wiesllitm. Wheeling.
Booth, Keystone Publish tug
.1. 11.
W. R.
E. M. Lunt, New York.
T. L. Combs, Omaha. Neb.
Charles Itodgers, city.
John J. Daubert, Columbus. Ohio
W. P. Watson, Cameron.
Mississippi Confercncc Plans Dis
| cussed ? Members Are For Child
I Welfare
! The Ohio County Equal Suffrage
L?ague last evening voied to enter
the Cross work in Wheeling. Mrs.
Edward Hazleit. the coun:> piesident
was made ;> delegate to too lied Cross
meeting to be held in tbis city Mon
day evening. April 2o.
Dr. A. 1.. Hettze addrc; s;d comtnu
nieations to all of the women's dubs
and church societies of iiif c'ty Mjvit
ing I hem to lie ivpresen,. d in this
meet inn. The Equal .Suffrage League!
made use <>f it> first oppor'.ufi! > to!
ally itself with this htiiiianitari.ui I
I movement. j
! Plans of the Mississippi Valley Suf- 1
frage Conference to he heid at Co- ;
?tiumnus. Ohio. \t ;tV 12, IS. 11. were ? 1 is -
! russed. West Virginia suffragists will
I part ici pale in this convention alon::
| with twenty other states of the Mis
'sissippi Vailey. Several latti-s of the
Ohio County ensue an.' planning to
at tend. i
Mrs. Carrie Ch.i-piiian Cntt. t n : ? r
national and natiu.iai presi !? -lit : Ow\
ernor Cox. of Ohio: and -a score oi
prominent equal .-?iiiri^,> workers
from a dozen states will take pari in
the eonfei.nee.
Keen disappointment was express
ed by the inenib" rs oi tli- Ohio Coun
ty League at being d'-.iied repr-senitt
tion in the Child Welfare Week ex
hibition to be held in this eity under
the auspices of liie Woman'* Club.
?The Equal Suffrage League, had ap
plied for re present a I ion hoping to bo
allowed In show the connection he
j t ween the vote and child welfare. The
.request was denied on left" ground
j that the league :s a pol i t i? :? 1 organ
ligation. The ladies of lit - leagu ? ,
night expressed thetnsoivTS as fe? line
! t hiit no one is mo.-e in?eres!?.| in I
I every phase of c::Md welfare, food, j
i healt h, play. home. sehojl and wor'lr. ? !
i than the suffragists of Ohio county.!
and thai, since every one of these j
! things is Influenced by the vote, equal;
suffrage would promote those inter-]
esls of the child. j
[ The lOqual Suffrage League ex-j
| peels, within lite next. two. weeks. tu|
| have someone speak on the commis-j
jsion form or government and to em
phasize the importance of putting
j t he right men into office.
? There was some discussion of a !
I proposal lo hold the 1017 West Yir-j
Ig'nia state equal suffrage convention]
| in Wheeling, but this was not defi- ;
nitely settled. I
j Last nighi's gathering was the reg
j uiar monthly meeting of ihc Ohio
County League, ft was largely at-;
tended and enthusiastic to the highest
degree. Mrs. Edward Uazlett, the
county chairman, presided. !
jSpring Presbytery Of Wheeling 0)6- 1
trict Presbyterian Churchcs Opens
, With a cnod attendance of mini#-!
tors, elders and laymen the quarterly j
; or spring session of the Wheeling
[Presbytery of the Presbyter tan ehurcji
.convened yesterday afternoon shortly*
before 3 o'clock in the First l'resbyter
jian church, with the Rev. Hr, Claude;
'Porter Terry, moderator, pastor or
thai church presiding. The Wheeling
i presbyter*' includes Hancock, flrooke,
[Ohio, Marshall rind Wetzel counties.
! Nearly every church In Hie dint net is
1 represented by either minister or
! elder. ' ? *
! The afternoon session was devoted I
largely to addresses bv elders, iticlucl-]
iinsr talks by It. C. Dal/ell, \V. A. Son
jderman, boiii of ihls city, and omers.
j Pliny O. Clark, elder of Vance Mem
orial church, presided.
New Moderator Eteoted
I .lust before i|,t- eh'ise of the se.seimt .
the Rev, Or. il. M. Ilosack, pastor of!
'the \ewll, W^s' Vo., Presbyterian
. church, was elected nto/lr-ntior. sue
|oeedlng i he. Rev Mr. Tiny,
I The session v. Ill adjourn tomorrow
at noon. Preceding the dinner served
In lite church lo i he attemiinir able
gates by tie- Indies a deltgliUiil whim
Geo . R. Taylor Co.
Store Hours ? 8:30 to 5:30
Splendid New Showing
of Women's
A wide diversity 1 mt the general trend is that of
full soil crowns set to narrow brims, the crowns of silk
poplin, the brims of straw and of poplin.
Colors? Purple, Green, Tan, Red, Rose and Grey;
these alone and in combinations.
Wiled effects to many ? mostly in eontrast hue.
The hats all have double clastic at back eliminating
pins. , _
J ii addition to the character found in their shapes
and colors there is distinction in patterns, veil drapes
and the use of embroidered motif ? . .
$2. 98, S3. 50, S3. 98 to $7. 50
Neckwear Dept. ? Ground Floor ? Market St.
Rock away Hunt j </? ^ r n
SPORTS silk ft 2>50 Yard
A white Shantung weave -in the oyster tone ? a
superb tailoring quality, correct in weight and of high
quality. ? - ?
Sport Patterned 1 cn y i
Shantung Silk 1 a~a
On the natural oriental color are stenciled designs of
real sports character ? a skirting and suiting weight, cer
tain of service and good looks. ~ -
Costume Taffeta \ en yj
for\Demi- Tailoring y #
In navy, black and other colors ? a silk certain to
serve for coats, suits and skirts. ? and the fashion calls for
silk garments, and pretty patterns are shown in all the
Fashion Periodicals. .. ~ ^
Veloure Coatings
| - 56 INCHES WIDE -
l$3-00\ the Yard
Like many high grade fabrics the economy lies in the
great width, the texture is excellent, fine, soft and in the
best of the season's colors ? wanted for coats of more than
one purpose.
WEAVE ? only in "Fram" the cordings are light and
line, the fabric is unweighty and presents a rich surface
and a long line of refined shad.es, mostlv in the sombre? '
4'2 IXCIIES. ? ' i
Children 's
White Dresses
SI. 75 the Yard
Color Dresses
We lay before mothers a perfectly charming assem
blage of dresses *in styles that ensure uncommon effects
for your girls in play and dress ? SIZES 6 TO 20.
WHITE ? .in tissues and heavier textures ?
$2.50 UP TO $19.50
COLOR ? (rinshnros. Linens a.nd so forth ?
SI .98 UP TO $12.50
avlor ihoro]
jtour was taken through the country.
I districts ' by Un> majority of ministers
jand laymen in machines kindly donat
'ed by local Presbyterians.
Ministers At Dinner
? About a half hundred minivers and
laymen sat down to tkhe delicious din
ner prepared and served by tSe tattles
of ilip church. Several brief talks were
i made: The speaker? included the
! Rev. Dr. James M. Potter of Vance (
'church, the Rev. Dr. J. M. Fisher or j
| Cameron church, trie Rev. Dr. Claude.'
porter Terry of the First, church, and i
Dr. Robert .1. Reed, local physician j
and eider in lhe First church, A vote;
of thanks was extruded the ladies,
upon inoilon of Hrj Fisher, seconded j
j by J>r. Reed.
Evening Church Services
1 Tin' Avenlnc devotional aervfeoa ,
' wrr? well attended. The Rev. Dr. Ho
mick of N'ewell, thn newly ejT'ed
! moderatoiv prentded. Ileilrlna: modera
tor, the Uhv, Dr. Ttury, dehycred ni
brief but mo*t' Impreaaive discourse. j
He said In pari: "I fome riot to t>rt j
mlulsii-ivnl unto bui 10 minuter; to
j?:lvi* my life a ran*" <1111 for llm many ]
j 1 may serve for ills ntke; I am a Her
van i of ibi Lord's fliid am I'rndy utul
| wIIKuk in do nil that ! rnn in admin- ?
i.tter lo nil and in upbuild Mix svtnij-.i
| d'.itM."
Churchea Progressive
Tit- Ite.v, Mr, W, F. Allen of ilte'N'fcwi
Cumberland eliurHi, r>-ad a rt-p.i:i ot t
|tli? pitii;:e?ri of win nnurcUet* in itic:
Wheeling presbytery for the emdesias-l
lii al year, rluHving a mibritamial gnin j
in membership find in' he.iievoieur noti
i iribuiiotiti a ud in all phases of Chris
linn aetiviries. Prayer was ottered by j
'he Rev, Dr. II. (J. Ak-.Millen of Hon
idavH Co<e
Th? l^ird'ri hiifipHF wan admitnaler
jed bv Dr. Hosack. adeiiH*;d by the Rev.
0*rl J. Xepaw, Prop.
Prlr*t? Chapel, 1913 Chaplin* Itmi
Call Bith?r Phona. 8ST.
Expert Oriental Rug Cleaner
BeH Phone 1129-J .
V ;
Dr. Potter and the Rev. Frederick
Comer of Chester.
Many Are Present
Among the ministers and laymen
attending the meeting -yesterday, oth
er than those named above, were: I*
roy Marsh, West Liberty; W. A. Hon
dermiin, cltv; H. Bur key, Cameron;
Pliny 0. Clark, city; J. M. Walters,
oily; \V. D. Campbell, Kim Grove; W.
K. Cummlngn, Wellsburg; F. H. Wlll
laniH, city; William Able PoHansDee;
J. A. J'urdy, Hollld&ys Cove; J. c,
Mcorn, Wnrwood; A. E. Larrlck, New
ManinHViUo; Lewis Devitt, Chester;
Olntide Coitrnll, Weirton; J. T, Mc
Comhft, Mottudi* viile, and many Pr?a
byhMaii ministers nnd elders from
nourly all <>h urchin of rh!a city.
Tht? KB>?ion will convene this morn
1?k tit {? o'clock and adjourn at noon.
MWDLy BOYa' to ohubiati,
MniHticrti i? f ilu; t , I tit* ;y lnatttuta ar*
?iwn proniti-tas i<) Itoiu ? Whoeiin* in th?
unite (inn ?tis t lie iUght of tho big patrl
t)t.ici opIdM'iti joii i?i tho Ma.rWot auditor
ium, Th*y iittvs WHMtrad n, mumfle )o??j.
ilia Kuttnuii Htiti will fij'o It at 13 o'clock
Thuvartay night in addition to a nnluto.

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