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Wheeling to Be Placarded This Morn
Jug, Calling Men to Outy ? Noise
Tonight at 10 O'clock.
This afternoon Wheelings i wo-day
monster and noisy patriotic celebra
tion of the i-H>nd anniversary of the
battle of Lexington, will start >>tT with
appropriate eiercise? in all the W'heei
ing schools, with an elaborate program
In the Hl^h school auditorium by ihe
scholars of that building. Warwooo
and Hen wood school? will alsu have
exercises. "The Midnight I tide of Paul
Revere" will be read and speeches
made relative to the historical aunt
versary. This evening patriotic ser
vices will bo hf!d in pract !??;?? ity . ?. < r\
church in Wheeling in connection with,
th? weekly prayer meeting.
These features vs ill be pr.iiminaiy
to the biggest loyalty day in the his
tory of Wheeling, tomorrow, which na*
scheduled a '?rip-ruarin'-vhonp-'er-ap.
noisest" and most demonstrative pa
triotic program ever pulled on' In :1ns
section of the country.* T!i?- objec'?
To promote more j?airiotism in all. men
women and chlidreu. and at the same
time bring about more enlistments in
the army and navy.
Placard Wheeling This Morning.
"When Wheeling awakens this morn
log it will see the town "literally pla
carded with posters appealing to
young men to show their patriotism
bv joining forces with Cncle Sam. The
placards will carry declarations md
interrogations that cannot be misun
derstood. Some of theui will reau:
"Torn*? Alan. Go to Your Duly,"' ?fall ,
the Kaiser's Bluff." "Are You :i Slack
er?" "Enlist Now."
There will be patriotic music in th*!
air all day today. A bis unaphot\ - i
similar, but larger. than Che mechanical |
band Instrument seen here during thei
late presidential campaign. .wfTl play j
through the streets sulverttsing t h?- j
mammoth mass meeting to be held in |
the Market Auditorium Thursday night. |
The committees met yesterday after- j
noon arid comp!' ;-d the urogram for the!
Mg dotn's. fart i>f the program was i
Issued for rub : utlon. but as there are j
a nurnbi :? - .oyable and surprising '
atunts e- sprung nt th^ meotlng. J
Chairman .laiian 'j. Hoa rue said j
night that the best way to know what J
ra-a surprises- are. is to [be at the mass !
John J. Coniff to Preside.
Tit- T-i-.n. Jobr ! ?.'entr't' will preside. I
H- will N pres?-nt--,i by I.>r. ?' F. <7ith-j
en?. s-.i rint ->nceii; of ??,!:ool<. who will !
'j.-vli the :tir,:!:i? r The principal'
;id-ir-s* wUl b- -i.-h by .Major .1. >"
H. L<|* the :'r - - ! States Army. ?>nj
Zion i.iit.V r.j.. ii; :r !i, .< t'.l it Uftl
the H \r',i an* ??- ? -lu- u rsrelsnt*'
branch ?.*" ? 1 Cr< ss so, pr
vllthens ??I-?'. :l? "> il; . >u i
blstortciil '??? rs f th** ?,-!? brat-ion. Ar??
of hwi ? ?? m motion pic- j
Veteran Soldiers to Attend.
I".'-!: ;r-J I vi-.. ? ??:?r:vf:s will
>?..? '? ? >r .-?* t'i> Tr.e?tins: ?
s~>ats T" ? ? v :: !'? ???wor'.'-l "rom the
G. A J < "a t.pl in-'
stree s. -v ?; V; ? riu- I 'ft., l.ins'% '
and ?*??;?? :r:. ;:i.. ; cail-"s T:o
Roy S ? rs -\ . ! : -s. There wi ! ?
b? i if.-nri F' l*in>z.
? hatr:i:.-i-.. musio '???:;rr. ' '???:. h--:s
rvt: is : - -u;.. s wlS! !
be i * 1 a *? * ? i JO ??:?: x ?.:}:? r?t x i
/ the ireise BeTlasr.
Th.; e..S,- f. ????;: ii. re -ttst r.-i -
: ion will s. nii lotiu :- i:l
l?y 'he ..f sicti"!.. WfUiatn
. ?. K:.:;. . .-?Kurs:. ??
?isltte. . v. il! h*.- \ t->d-iv.
l'r??mf?t! ? ...juc'o
rocket.* will !.? at s-' eral points
. on \V?|. el if.- !.??; -
'??? ? '? ? -? ? -i- '? is
on., I've. whistle io r his ?
? tion will I- .Mil, :?;i js ailt i.
rung aiitl ?- '? ? . \..r coiti -
mui:o> wll! v*r>?l from
I /.Art Hoiirhts. Who.;!:ti? Itill. "ti lhc|
| l.-land and frmn tin- citv tniilditi;;. !
I OTTAWA. April IT. ? Surrf-ssi's I
1 b\ ? 'un.'oi... ; i ivalry ;n f ii;!.: Mii: ;it ?
fh'- frmij a :<? ? i ? t > o ? 1 nt an j
despa'-ii. r. ! Iii'it' t ? ?-?!.: \ : :o.;i
. 1 1 1 :i<t 1 . ( rt li.-.oii|U.it : - t M in Kran'.-n l-ni
th<.' first tune l:t more th.i.i. two yi-ai>. j
?ih?' cabbniratn naval galloped
st!.ilk;ti! at a pusit .in ?! tiv <n-r- j
maris di-famditit; .- htuh *: r ? ? n : i position .
?With rail's anil ma- hite ?t:t -.
(?urin^ t!i?- enemy v ? .*?! i-rir withdrawn!. i
tha? despatch recounts. < '.-tnadiatt liof>e- !
nwri \vvfi- I :>-*?' i witii such mm i'ss lli:il I
w.tiiin four days >\ \iilajjes iveiv . ap- j
!ttrml This advan.a- ? made ahead ,
? ?f tit? Entente itiian'ry on a ' I'.' mil-* i
front to a deptn nf ni;le>.
"Tl:;s cavalry ijusii !i:to t In* ??in my's i
Mrii.'S." fill- i!i-st'al i. !l firails ' iv;iv oiii- of
that firs: vpa-rat i*>ns tin- ii on lint
?.va-sr.. : front. sun ?? Oii> Mams nam
paicr" a;-'! " f.n: nlstn-d mai.. liu-id-nts
"ha" t ? fur the ijri-.it a-va?r.ts tak:' L' !
pla v. iii wo'ib! have :i I I ? u iti'i) ,
1 1 1 : : . - ! t a* ?: . or m-snript i v< writers.
"'Tiii- dr-it: aMo u{ ;'n! is i iii ? osis-- ,
? .i yti-ifi., ! !? ;'o-:ia t wim. ulw!i- lead- j
tli}J I: is !ri. tn [in- tlt;(.i ii oil one of llli' '?
? lla^'a-s : In- ' 'a nail:. i as nipttiiid. ? aliie 1
Ui-nii a ri-i'mii in*ni<>i-sa:.l I ?> thrci
sintiuls win ata! ocuupieai by twa-nt.
i.'ortuaii- vviio liai! a m&ehiite sun. Till* ;
Iia-uta-:i;ir;t inn-p'-d from I: is horse ami
i an 1 ; 'or ilia- machina- j;un. i*le?tr- j
:r.e the wares i J n m-r cross-eaiuiitiy i
ruiiait ic t'urtii spr:itu at the machine j
vainii-!- and . ap^un-d the gut. Hi' found i
oiit a ftT? a i i!s ? ??:? r naa-xpurted ap
pai.irM ni-a' 111' ,1 liinly of lii.ii-setn-li iia-i ,
i:-ai!i- tli.- jcnt.tiiM- lu-rfviis anal pra-vi>tit?'*i! '
' . n :'???!. i ^.-ttiiit info acta'!: Ih-IVhv lie ;
: -I.' ; 1 1 ' ? \v i i A si-i-uiiii's r!ii-sttu:i'iti !
? ?a 'in- part of tin- i in r 1-111,1 1: wmtid h:n ? i
-ii-aa! aiauy oasualtus tii tin- men Of hi- j
troops "
A nut Iit dispi' i*li I'-'om i "atitulinn hoart-'
0 a;nt a-rn wiys ?|iit- "tlia' i-tii-my r--?-is>. -|
tttiCa- lias* of. tlii* Virny ri,l?i- ii.-is stiff-'
a^noi'l."" TJio nii'.ss iu- itavs 'no < ai-rmatis |
?ea*tn to on l?i: ruiriic o lory thin;; of viilui-;
it: I.- ns. atiil L>oiiits o.ul tli??. v. Iiili- ti-.i- 1
m'in-s iti llii- I.i ns iJisti-K-; may. I?- I
v.r.cked. "thi- i-oal r'ninains aioi rn vv
slucfts will In- stttvk."
"hlvrybody on :hf from Jias iinon ;
greiitly cucouriiitoil tlio jrood in wsj
from so'.sth "of Arras" l!o- cabb-ursim ,
' >( Certuat.s raj>tur<vl in thn iiat-j
i!-? ? ? t* Vltny. th? dispatch davlarod inor-.: ;
than >00 roqttlriHl rnrilt-'-al iittontiou. iind ?
t ha* ' iu-ory ia a'lvatiood :!iat this Jarjro
p-Tci-ntaK" of uoundeii iti<i*<*.-\ta>s ilia:,
the ??ntaxsto Ivitiibn rilnii-ti' "protlnoaid a
pttnii- at:f 'tiR :h<- 'I-rniuti infant r;. w-ho
carri.sorii.-il ! h-~- : 'i!i;.-.
Toilay's ?''?itia.itan casualty lis; in
cltob's :h- fniiowiiii; Aini'rti-aiis: Wioiit: !
? i1. H. Mv-Muih. l?oti-'iii. Mi.-li. : A. Win-'
? ;ha?>fi r. ? 'b-v.-lainl, i ?iilo: l.k-iitonnnt A.
ii. Hani t:i ill. ? 'hatlu'iti. Va. I'nd iit%|
m ! lieutenant Ka<-hraft. Ross,
(CoattunfrU from Pirst Pag-e.)
pK-sitiori. Afterwards Tiop rosi-n'a
?f. is Mann anil i .en roof, were r.n!!o<i
so that Mr. Wilson might, lo.im ?
'iio position of ' ho K^p;iblii;ans. Thov j
remained at :!.> White 'House for an!
hour, and w {i il?- t hoy said no poll had
be? :i fakoti-and ihe.v wpn> not in ai
position co s.tat?- how th^ir colleagues ;
would vo;?\ thoy asstira-d tho Prosl- i
dent chat, tho Republicans would show j
nu partisan spirit in considerint; the,
- The s-ttate comniittpo votod favor- 1
ah!" today, on the sa*l.?clivo draft i
? -at':*--, and will ro.pott rite bill to
morrow with that foantro retained.!
Tin t>- was no rijjl call, but three s?n- 1
a o; < >\ i f" said to have been opposed
; ?> i! is foa*.!ir?\ Two others oppa?sed
to "in- draft were ab.->?-nt.
\!. opportunity v. ill ba? given i he i
profMjnents of the volunteer system to;
on It :r. comrnitteo tomorrow ori
Nerre-rackin;:. split t in tr or dull.
Ihrobblnir headaches ' yield In just a
f"w moments to Pr. James' Headache
I 'n? ders which cos! only 10 cents a
pM'-Uatre a' any dru? store. It's t'nq
K'-sf. .surest headache relief its tho
whole world. Don't suffer! Relive the
ypony and distress now". You can. '
Millions of men and women have
fou till 'ha* headache or neuralicla
misery Is needless. G e t what you asK
- - - j
an amendment by Senator .McKellar, 1
authorizing the President to ? -:i I ! for
volunteers. This dot's not
change the language of the bill nor
affect tin1 selective draft feature. but
if adopted it would bo in addiiiou to ?
the bill as it came from tin- war de
partment. The Tennessee senator
said toniqht. hi1 was nut hopeful the.
provision would be approved. I
About the only change of impor
tance mailt* in the bill by the cOmmit
was one n hich "would specifically ,
include persons engaged in agricul- I
ture with those in other industries t
who are to be exempted from the se
lective draft.
t Continued. rrom rim Pap?.)
?he direction vif .Mont t'arntliot were <
broken down by our lire. I'lio num
of prisoners taken by. Us on this t
part of i ho front exceeded -.V"1
?Between Sois.Mins and lJheims dur- 1
uiK the course of the day we resumed
our destructive fires# against the tier
man organization and reduced isola.ed
.sections where cuemv groups still re- j
"Abuoi ri : ::o o'clock this afternoon j
a strimf; enemy counter-attack in the
region of Hurtebise farm, (west of
t'raontie). was repulsed. Another ?
violent attempt in the sector of t'ourcy. i
occupied by the Russian troops, like
wise failed.
"According:, io latest reports, ou:
troops in the battle of April 1 1:. be
tween jjnissons and Rheiuis overthrew
very imjiortant Gentian forces. In ex- j
p? elation of our attack the eaiemy had i
brought in nineteen divisions. . A .?- j
cording io tlio decJaration of prison-'
> rs. they luui received the formal ord'T j
to hold, eost what it may. the first, po- i
Mtiou. which had been reinforced -is j
Io depth.
'The losses suffered by i he Germans1
w- re considerable, not only in the
course of th? battle, but on the preet-J-j
iiiK days. On the eve of the attack ?n '
enemy divison while engaged In going j
to the ?relief of the sector of a tielgh- 1
borinx division, lost under the viol. a.
of our artillery fire the greater par; <>f 1
its effectiveness. The number of uu- 1
wounded prisoners taken by us yesier-l
?lay between Soissoits and Uheims has!
reached a total of ll.OuO." j
British Report.
LONDON. April 17. 10: OH I'. M . ? I
The report from British headquarters I
in. Prance tonichl reads:
"In i iie neighborhood of Havrln-i
court, wood we made further progress
today north' of Gouzeacourt. Kncoun- ,
ters occurred throughout the day west
atid northwest of Lens, where- we con- 1
tinue to press the enemy. Hostile at - J
tempts to drive back our advanced !
troops were unsuccessful.
"In spite of the exceedingly unfav- j
orable w father. much useful work
was carried out by our airplanes yes
terday. Three German machines
were driven down in the air flight
ing. but in most cases tjte enemy ;
The '"come-back" of the continued use
of drug laxatives is frequently worse
than the original ailment.
All laxatives are irritants, -which will
affect not only the intestines but the
stomach. They whip and spur the
bowels into action1 and are inevitably
followed by a reaction which helps to
make constipation chronic.
The use of Nujol, an intestinal lubri
cant, is the sensible and effective
means of promoting normal bowel
Nujol. unlike drugs or physics, is not
absorbed by the system, but acts sim
ply as a mechanical lubricant, prevent
ing the intestinal contents from be
coming hard and so facilitating normal
As Nujol is not a physio but a lubricant,
it does not gripe or upset the system.
Being tasteless, it is not unpleasant
to take.
The Standard Ofl Company (New
Jersey) has used its world-wide re
sources in producing Nujol and its
reputation is behind the product.
Nujol h thf ?niy rtasedy far eonsHpatian w#
factor'. The genu iut as Iv pint baltlet
btuHng NnjoJ irade-marh. AH latflrs filled at ?ur
Nujol fiUlut. *bsulut*iy tnnJera ouJ saollaiy
ii'riU today f*r ?? iuitrucih-e baokUt on Nujol
and it* srirX
Rdyonne ?Ncw New Jersey
Late Last Nicjht When Hitchman Mine
Store Caught Fire ? Fireman Bob j
Murphy Badly Hurt.
A tremendous cxplo.-ion and de j
structioti "I - iirrosi ri<i i rt u Irani'- build- j
int.1- wen.' probably averted late last
night ai iii nwiiixi when more than aj
dozen Io ns of powder and dynamite ?
were hurried on' of the burning |
Western Stippix company store by t
aien firemen. ;
Fire, supposed 10 have started <
among boxes of cereal 011 a shelf, j
was ?iui ? k 1 \ ' | net! i ? iied by the regular ;
en w and volunteer firemen who re- !
sponiied to tb?' rail a: 11:1". in the.
two aui?> trucks and had the flames;
under control in half an hour. The I
interior of the .more was damaged to j
an unknown extent.
As tii" volunteer hoys' truck pulled !
out of the South 1 Sen wood station. I
Hob Murphy, volunteer foreman, I
slipped and fell to the pavement.1
striking his head mt the side of the |
truck and bricks below and probobly 1
suffering inievnal injuries. Or. Yo- ?
ho. of .Mc.Meclieii. found a det'P gash
in his hejid. cuts about the face and i
injury to the abdomen. lie was taken
to his hoarding house near the Pnion
ilii;h school. ||e is .railroad man. '
The \Ye?torn .Supply store ;k the
regular comnan> store of the llijch
tnan foal and Coke company.
avoided comhav I'i \ e of onr ma- j
chines are missing."
German Report.
HEIil.lN. via Loiuloti. April IT.
|) m.? The |-'n uch fon es failed withj
heavy casualties to break through the;
Herman line along the Aisne and d'd
not renew ihi-ir attack. says Ihe war j
office statement issued this evening, j
On both siucs of Auberive. in Chant- 1
patio*. hard lightini: was in progress
throughout Tuesday. says the state- i
utent. the text of which follows:
"After failure with heavy tosses, j
of tlte French attempt to break j
through 'our lines. ihc\ have not re- j
newed ih?-ir attacks on the Aisne. . I
"In champagne bitter fighting pro- 1
reeded through tho day on both sides
of Auberive.
".On the other fronts there is noth
ing of importance to report."
(Continued from Tlrs* Pr.gc.)
ships cntcrinc $???:! district mil
b,^ j=?-iLl ?-<! whit"- "the ss. K : 1 1*. In *(.. .ri.
Tie it 1 1 ii< > .11 1 ? . 1 : - cr 1 1 * whifl> was' made
by i,leut.iiant Kdward 'I -iiuke*!. . . diy
irict communicat ifm s roi'.end* nr. is
considered In naval nti'icri Is ;i- "lie <?!"
the iinsl imp.-r'aM v.: . ? nl'itini;
? wir.-les.s. \\ it ii i If ct'.'Miiu <.f nil
i 'i*i v;i! 0 radio stations t > !?. -i---. n:iv:il mi
tii'Ti-.n ' said ; h ;? uuiat ? 'Ii "practical
ly placed I wir-SeSN s. rvice 111 t ,n
'trst n/i-'.il disf 1 i.-;. 'inl possihil
ll.v of helm; Jin at.i lo :> ri ? neiny."
The .-itlHeUll.eIii.il- ?ajs in I'lirt:
".M- ri-lrmi ships .-ire cnini..rnd when
it s. a :?> use ih?-ir ra-li.' 11s 1 1 1 * i ?? us jios
sible and :..f III.* purpose only of re
port inn T Ji?-< pres. llee .ij enemy ft'.ir VeS
s.-ls >>r report s of ships 111 distress. The
shei-e.'r:iil:.i stat lotis will po lender ac
cept, doeklni; t> ports : . owners. a ?*? 11
-ru-i t :c!' t iiini; up of the radio service'
is requested.
"Inst ructions ir- .??>.. N-- ?
chant ships tha uj ?ni. iuiw ports I
Ihe Mrs! naval district tie ir radio ?"i||-|
paratus win i>e Sealed and the antennae I
.?ev?rod. ,\ statement will !>? re.-|ulr--d I
fr"m th? captain "t' ? ich i'??.,] i-a rrv- '
ing wireless tli.it he will net use his j
r 51 /lie while in port." j
Moxuvcc *o Coasters.
N'EW Vul'K, April N- wj* thai nj
'"iTinati suhiuari:!-' li.-ts appe.-ii-d of;' ?!?"?
Amerlean roast was >-e,-eiv.;d !;? re -od-iy
by :->te.uiinhi]i men e< indiea iuit; a meti
a coastwise and I-i.-iti Any rl- an !
dilpjdne. :<s It as tr.uis- Vilan'l-' |
While no iiilviii'-K i m x\-'.r vi-\ lti-. ir.mi".
v.-ns ,innoiun-ed with the puMie.i: Ion . i" ?
the t;.-u s. 11 wis s-aal lir tus-ifi'v men
that ihe rates for .??.;?si .iti-l l.atln- \ m ?? r - !
iciin ports proh-thly veil Id stiffen inn- 1
teri filly.
Since the deelnration et" war vi:li'
Oerniany e\trii pre--nut i"ie- have i -en
taken to Wll'.'KH.'U I i i ' v. t.?e \ essels.
such as running r? 1 nu:ht without tlshi" ?
and tll.< pa inline, ef nil vessel"; I. ,el
color. liepiiry ticre ani'-tir r- present n- ,
?Iv.-s of coastwise -in. I >.e;'h and Cen
tral American and I'-iban lines indicate
?l:a* a majority ?! the pa tiu-'r carry- .
inu v.'m.'Ih are in p.n or are well out- ,
sid-> th<; "erritiTy whore tin- sill. marine ,
tvas reported. Ooastwise ships plying :
r>. tw.-eji New Vnrl>. Savannah. ?'harl' ?- .
i.'.r ?>.>? N.-w 1 >rl( ans- and <: a I ton a r
s-ild Jo l?' in no present d;irnr*-r.
There are. h"f.-- vr. in all ?im<-s a I
tutmb'-r of t'r- lulu fhms on the coast- ,
wise route. Seme \\ 1 lell ll" II I ?t OHIO ,
v.-iri'le.ss. Included um.-ns tin-He lire a ;
niimh'-r of vssels .airyiim "i! t'r>:n |
Aiueri. .in sriiif and Me\i.-.in p.>rts. The
opinion was expressed in ship cird s ,
tiiat shit's would pr.'c.ed as usual 'in- ,
less tile uovertinietl^ e|"der fj I'lhefW! C. ^
tin the trans- At hiiit-i-- lanes t h--f?- ar
a nnmh'T "f out hound as well as in
bound vesj-elfi which might within
the indicated danc-'-r -/.one. \s !;?> wire
less reports ar. now I ransinitieii i.\ j
ships at s-.-i ci villi; ih'-ir position. |o.-a
tion of vessels is .< ma?f.-i of i-'?nsid.-r- . j
n hie une. rl i inly
Fir-?f ItiforaiaUon.
WASHINGTON*. April IT I'irsi infnr- j '
liiation n: flu-. <*tti otint.-r farm- '<? ?!n? 1
Wavy 1 i: en' :i :i ?-???* it'1 -?? liout way 1
from t ij Navy V:ir?!. w 1 1 i ? 1 1 ; ? i ? V. - '
f.| >j|> thf Sn ith"^ !??!>"" sayine sin lia<! (
lK-on 1'lro.l >n ?? ? i : l.v ;i ? ; ? ? ru m u 4 * - 1 ' i
T1m< Nav. I ??!?.?! t :i i ?? ti t ait.T ????iiirn'lJi! ' i
iMSitic (villi l"t ? Islainl. U'.-lnn. New
V r. >? k iiiir! ^'<i!:'' oi ! i ?? I* |->< ? : f : r *- ? 'In- A ' i
inritj.- ...ast .ciiM'Mii""'! tliai tin* l-p"!'
nf tin- Xmiili's I'tifou'il' " tin <1 I it s-;h- i I
stnntlal>"i i ? y ? ? r t" j ? ? ; : 5 ! im Irai i*?n. |l
\V*h>*t I'i*:- ! Ii?- in f-s-'iit ?? ? >! ' in 1 ii-rnia n j
<iil?ma :"i !*??? m.-ri>l;. r i i|? ? x\ s .i ripora
? I j ? - rai*l Mi' li as t Ji ?? I' ????! ii * ?-?1 of! i
ho N<-.\ K'm ia ml .?m.v. -i- win tin r n is
I li?- signal t"l' 1 1 . Iwi-i : nij'i; '' a ui-m-ia.l , ?
hl'i' kiiil*' f 1 1 ? ? Alia' * 1 ? * i'o.inI ,
is ii?>! know ii
Tlii1 aiia-'V; is l(<-r!'n"n firs: rn i jjnll!"!
of tli- y ! a ! . ? ..: War i|cr|:ir-'l l.v 'h
i'llitfi! Stal.-s I' Aii- slal' i' i ? I ? ? I
litany soon aft'*r tr.. ii !' <'..t v,T"ss
?iiat *i-? a isicr?*s> : v-- j!..;., w i ; ! ? I li.? !.ii..*n J
attains! t :??? I'liil. 'l SIjiI'*".. ,
|-:;o 'i. ally V?.-i a-aii |i. j
! l \ ... 1 ilu? .- >a ' - ':iu*nt. In .???? \ wr. ,i tni m|?.|i' 1
in?' nuirr-^vVi' ? wi-ii- a? .iiii-i
: -i ?. ? r i I : i- prnl.a I ' . ;? ?>:I.initr,ia* at :
I. II I. . 1 1 J If. ?! ? ? : I'll -.:il..i! ! . i; ami (
ii.W'i.- v.i If- ii. -I I j 1 1 ? ii ? u ' ? ? i t_* 1 1 * ???
\ i; ? Ti. ill ??[.?I ?? a nil (i ? ia ' : in- liloi ,
..?I- \! at.;:, Hr, w "It .
pill ?..r I'll...-:/'!; stlipiiiiiK .'Hill , |
.1 .< ? ?',???( > woi'il ??aim* ?? Washington , ?
a a' riiiniilalinli: wa > Unit i>miahy w'a s j
llinlll .j. ,i j.; ?i|j ,-.l stili|t:arlln ?,
/??in* :J "l|l 11 ? I'M! Im.! ? II.' I'.isliill, M . .
Vol!., !j'i I '..Ja \va! '? I 'a ]>.;-? ? 'Ii ,i '
Hay. liialii'ston ai|i| K.uanritih 'I'll in j
would lia v.* !!.?'. ai.i! ii n ia i.iiii )
(...??! . A * Ian! ?? *. . i-..;. r .i I; ' ,
-riiit lln'ii that a. i ? :..l w.irnliiu : <
? . H ? ? .ii- t ... ? ? 1 1 - 1 * ? ? i ???!.' wi.ii i*t I. i,
;r..M M-riin. '
' tr.? \ Hi' ' '???I 'i ??: :!? : t- w. tf ilis ri ' J
, lini'.i !?? ? ' :???!) t tin-" !? ,'.??!'!. I.:;i 1 1 , 1 1 - I
-?II' ? ?!. >1'.' :? . ' I., -i. . . ,
I. :tn<! !???!: !i.u ? i ?
>'...!! ? arry lla- j- 'j t??n;i ? I ? I : ; ? : . I tr : : i ?
? Ii Ss si?l?* ot ill- At i.'iiii !..' i'.:r.,.!|'v for
!:?? :nir|M's,> .a' sr;i ri it u limit ra) slii|i|iini; '
a iv.i; :r.<m X i ; ? ? ?* ti li:iii?.rs iitnl t<> raid J '
? . m.-a' . .j ii. ?! .|ii hi ? i 1 1 .*?
v : ;. I ? t-.'i . : c ' ? -O'l iii s ilpj.il i r: I ? I
\ !.? ? ? ., .:1a-- '.I! -Ii.. I ;i!Opf .11 l.i.'tl. ? i :
I.ial)ip To Da li'.nces.
S . ? I * : ? 111- a i - in. : I ., i .. 1 1. 1-. I
??:.|! |i.. i f V ..I .(. . I:,i. ..| !
?i r-il- .l in \ in. -i ij ,i ". ..i. i ? in!,;
. S ; >i i -. . 1. 1 ? I . .1 t |j. v ;t, \\ 1 1 li.,.ii I
- i ?j"> * >??-;. poiiil .ail. ? ; >
; il.'i l! . I ? i f I !'? ' I I .-l.l 1 1 : . . I' .|iill> It:' - i
? I I ? ? I I i ?(!!( 'Ill ? I. . now ,
? an j. -ltn V. i : i ? ? ?? i i : . ..i.., ... I- Kill an
tii.-ri! *-.) :> !i -i i.:. nn-. : |>. .It ? . i : ? |
I li lt a "i':i ? I-. ? I >;??!,. t?.|i<:t> .
i:> ? 1 i:t r i-ir ?: :.i .-iiil*|!. .1 :;.iii. nr>.i|ii<i j
I : r - ; >!|.|!.an | ? -i" i ?. to.) lll!,.Mn_j
i' lo ?!.'??" w a I ? . - 'o-rinHIO Wl'lllii ?!? I
i n:-. :}i" 1 1 > ? ? - : ? \ ?{".i.ii'inir i <
? -.il. aitiiiti: i i: ? t . ? I a I i ? i. ? . 1, i.ji o! !li"j
\ t laj. : Ii .11,. H i.. i, 111. ; .?:]
I lii* I n: < ! ii ? : : 1 1 . ? v ! i .v..t, i.l 1 '
ii.. 'i in ' aiiun;- a !i . n. ? ! i'. . 1. 1 . : ...j. ? ? i > . |
? ? ; !l I ? ? ? ,1 ? .1 I.. ? 1 1 ! I I
Just Look at That!"
One cloth? one rubbing ?
cleans and polishes at the
same time. Better -Easier
- Quicker- if you use
A Polish ? Not an Oil
It makes furniture and floors, all .polished
surfaces (wood or enamel) look just like
new. It leaves a hard, dry surface; no
gum, oil, or stickiness to catch more dirt.
Try Lyknn Poli?H? you will be delighted.
Ali dealer.? 25 cts., 50 ct?. and larger.
Pitt?bur?h, Pa.
"It's Jutt Like New'.'
!!<?.? r>f a suhtnarili" l>!'ici;in]'- of that I
Vi;SI <-??:?>? !" lii;i\ i-slimutt'i).
Bases Snspectsd.
Wlt'i : ;i I >1 1 1 :t r ? X'.ai hroijulit i i">v I ? ? ;
!h<- s . 1' \ in- r i ? -i. ! ! ? i 1 1 >i ! ?: \ 1 1 1 1 1 '
lipriuitn i J ? ? ? ; ? i mk>\ III.-- i'ii thii* j
M'li- I.!' I h ? Mia III it' .IK. till rvviwd. |
Tt-i- raid ??!' 'ii- I ..." ;i lid l If- t\vi? tr::i
hi' !li- I ?i-ih ? I - !:i ; . -i ? i ? Hi .i.<' ? i * ? ?? I ili.i H
wot possilih ? ? ; ravin suhnwtrino to'
i si :i|? : !;?? l-'liii-l' ? ???!?-!-- in I In- NVrtn!
S- i ii nil ir- i ' - !? i r v. t ' *? M i"i 1 1 l. .
Wli'-th- r .i iiIim|. i- il.l. .-..jiiil mako mii'Ii |
,i 1 1- 1 1> -i ti< I ; ui< 1 1- v . i i iinsi i ha\iltK'a s=u !"?- !
j?l \ 1>:im .iiiihi \?. h- !??? i'ii tin-- Mil- ?"(' tho !
Ml-miii- i - rra v.-ly i !? m 1 >t <? I .
M in; I'ffii 1 1 ~ li'-ii always hnvo ho-:
i ? ? \ ? ? i thai I '-nr. had a : i ? ? 1 1 1 1 1 ? I* ship;
Miiiii wlii'i'.' ?!? ? ~.v it Mil Hi.- |]nri;-."ii. T!><? '
: ??>.- II ilit > i J. at iii't'.-liani .-i:l'ii;arin.-s ill'
iln- I i.'Uls- lil::ii-l ly ;???-. iii w i-'^n v.-i'ti-il ???
?attars ? > r i 1 1 1 - 1 i-'[ :niii suppli. s. ?iiielit ?
Motilias ??!' I w.r boats ?'? n
: h. i trail' \ll iii' r;i :? i: - is r> ? "i:iii/.("I
is In ? rsn i v. r pr- s- r.l .'I'h-' p"ssihill" y
?i' h.-is?s having In -<-n pi ntt -d l>y *h-'i
< ???ritinn r n-i- r-i tit I* it largo in 1 1 :?
??I'i'.ili At'an'ti is "ii' ?>!' lur'-mi'Sl '
?robioins. It <-V' n has hri-n snspooiod
ih'ii iiar'' of siihiii'irni' S hail hem shlp-i
???1 in .M- i.--? a:a.| assonthli'il l h'-ro. hut i
!?> ir.anv >?!! itifornu-d oft'h'inls this is!
i"fll-|.-i|. TIii- possibility ? ? !' a t'J.-rnvtn
nibniiirino has., in ill. ? ; ?i 1":" of M'-xj.M,
!uiv.--v.-r. has l"tK boon r- i'"Bi!i".''il. anH
in in) offiiials havo ho."i ?'"i? ? 1 Hi*.''. 1 that
wh' ii til-- i-aiilmij I?'k!iis- as thoy w-T'
sup.- it would S"i >n a ft i I ! h- ii. .-In'-n i-.n
<i" war? lh'- raii|i>rs. wn.iiil i-umo from
hat ipiarti-r.
Th'-rf also have hoon many reports'
*>!' t iii-rman basts fstiihli.aln-d on
h>- rooky and irtaooosslbb- rousts of
Mail:- i ?i ?r 1 1 1 ? !"i i < "aiitida. I'roni v.'hi.'ll
Sornian r-bout.i ??ml. I ho fnippllod to
raid tli-- train of troops and supplies
S?>i it ?; fr.'tn i':>nni|;i to t!-o rontiiiont. In
iimni-h as i 'n-t-i- has h?"-n it" ovid'-nro
it' 'ifi' "!' siii h i-as'-s in niori> than
\v.? y .-a is ??! war. i: .is cotisidoroil nn
ik?d> that i V'-n if I lv-y esist thoy ran
1 1 1 'a In- brought Into iiyi- in I'.ormany's
ivarfar#- n?ainst th,. t'til'od Stmofi. :
'I'hi- nnvv lias t a k f y n 1 s t li ?- nif usurer* '
I . tnov liit.s ai hand auai'osl l ho Mili
irailt:-- ini-naoi'. and is tnklnR tnori- as
lh>\ l"'< "tii' a v:i lla h'.i . N'liva! ull'lcti ?
i-'-i "Utit/.i' t!i.- <|ii liifT "f suhiivi rltn- .lni.r - 1
it i ? ? I i.-s "tV A itliirli-a a ??'"??isls. !uit uri- run-'
id- n, of I h" navy's ah.lli;. to I with
! h'-ii: is lur us i-i p-'ssll'l'- "i ilii- ? ? mi*.
K.\pi-r' "ptiih'ti Is '.!;?! >hlp,*'ltin
if-iind 1. 1 * i .? I- st ir In- ? -iir.inu i ?-<-*
? Iistv. iolt lh.it Siliinat til-* op'-i a t I'm
'..'?"ii tnili s iiWIIJ !'l"ln itr ill" hii V i "s|
? f i'ii- disnd mi iit.-i4'-t? ??? ??'?nti V'l ?ii!;.
I ContljniOd rrotn rtrBt Pi?#.)
own ni'i'iiiin of ilic en [lit :i | and I!hi.h:
ill'!'.- I lit i rrosill.'Itl U'ilstMl'.". MIK^I'S
lott ilia' ovi't'i itorsim in lln? nalluii
in is tntifli as |iossili||. in tru-rfasltiji
111' ."'tl[lpl> i'l 1'flllllsl ufl's
Willi tho approva! of Sor-rnrar.v Til
mill A I' U'i'!isii-i. liisliiirsiii).' id
ifi-.- at s hi- U'liiii* lloti.-i'. has joiiii'd
ivllii --I* \ ' ? r 1 1 iiiiiof I'm jduyc.-i and
i.-i<i"l tin- i i ? ? 1 1 ii i Hum i "I .juMti' o !nr
In- use of ti pint of Km'l'iii nndi'" its
?ntiirnl. !? i.s mi I'l-nnsv Ivattia hm
illt- ti|iynsilc I i'f Willie IllltlSi'.
b'toltta+i TarrA Work.
? *? 1 1 1 *.\ i ;? i. \ prii r. 1 1 'i ndt "d.'i "f!
-i -i i'-.i.,- ? i ? I, mi; a.-sunini-nts ;?? t'urin ?
i\"ik --row d'-l iln "ii lr--H .-r ih" hoard of
? lio -it t"ii !?"la> ? ii"lii:li. II was ss*i id . t"j
? III! Ii.! I-I'lli | -l?! I ?? MO'' .-I 'if III'- III" V" |
ll|. I, ill ? 1 1 1 j - 1 ill' Ut'l "I III'- llldh III'
urt .'ilv i ?i ? -r? i-iiiis ' i"p- 'I'll'- h">s "ill .
|.i- t'lvi-H i f -lil "ii lint M;ii"itl i-'-oorils
lor tarm w-rk dotio.
Ammv 'i ti?! ti.iv-. t': i- I'll 1 : 1 1 1 k "ffli'?'S !'? - |
! a liis-ll ??! mil 1st iii< 1 1 1 s. T'-n '"I
lilpitial i'l'-;!.- ?.< r> pin t" woik h\ ?'np '
linn i". It Is ? ? 1 1 1 1 \ . Ill ih.'ll'K'i of ii rill) I'-'
ru. niu. and lui priaii'-li'd llml Ini v."iiid
-..?.ii he iii i fpi 1 1 1 1< hi. in at ill. rata of
I I"-" a i!n>
I 'lllllll'l.'lc .1 i 1 ? li II . ? M 1 1 1 II I II I.I' ill' I'll.
? r*-it'. "t I'lii'aijo !*? ???limit Nmin lat;i
??III UII.S li i'.i i i.d nil iliti-lilllll 'if "lllil
I' ii.- I l?-n r? " w li'ii in: iipplnd for 'Mlist
i : tii in ; In inn ri no "i-ips today. At
1 iiniaii'.-r. lti'if '' i onf' ii nt i! i ? 1 1 1 1 i i luini
|.:--n \?iis .i. i. | I hv Iln- inarill'iS.
Rinlroad Hun? Pili'nis.
> t.SHVII.I.K. ThIiIi A pill ;; Till
i *|i"it I u niHijjii and Sr. I.ntiia
I t:i .? I ?>> i j wiil -.i.i< i ; m i u ? 1 1 ? iii moil -
Ti |"|| i.irtiis I'l 1 ill; pr.'dll' ? i'l fond
1 ' i " | ? s 'I'liitu; Iii- l> - iiK I Ii of t !;? w.n.
Tor Clraiu Tra.nKport..
M I.N N KM'Ml.lS. April IT. 'flu: war
it' p.i r; lio n; v. ill le- a-l.' d. as a iii< asti!'.:
"f sii; in iai.. i-iiii rx' ? >r th>: ihtir.
I " r i ? i i ? ? 1 1 "f '-'a.iifni.ftOO
I'llsil'.l- "f ril.'llll imv. stol.-'i III Millllt ?
I. pnii-- t>-riiiiii-il<- ulii.ii ' iiui'/i !??? u,"V>-ii
iivcaiisr! i.t -in i it sli.'r!a>T': .acconiiii):
an today l>y Mimic- i
apolis uraui shippers.
Tlif shippers ih-clarr ihis fiinin should '
I" distributed as llii tirst move m thu|
I consorvat ion caiiipaimi. Virtually |
all i u'ta in is sold, pari of it l<> ili-ji
allies and 111- p iiiaind'-r to domestic con- |
? ii tilers. I libs-; means i s found l"? T ilis- j
inhui inc. i!i" shippers say. i lit- now
?.mi i u 1 1 ! < - ?in i i i u in with the local
I ? mi ina Is !il lod.
Stimulate Frocluction.
I*' 'AN K I-' 'I :T. Ky.. April 1-7. ? ? liiivni *r i
A. ii. Stan.by I \ appointed a co.r.
mUtc' ??! ehvoli persons whose duty it
will Ii,- m iiuulii food product ton in:
Kent a Uy.' Tli?* scopv of' th?? commis
sion's \V"in will include s^cd distribu-!
: ion, a i'aiii]-ai^.ti to iHiT- as>' acreage an.] I
nit indue.- best methods of cultivation ,
and urge crop rota lion.
As early as possible i In- (??uumiFS-iou
ill arrange for ronf'-roni'e.s of cou'iiy'
i ejir. .-??niai iv-s. mayors of cl(ies and
ultimately ..f persons in sections as,
small as neighborhoods. i
To the Farm rront.
S;i. til Lli?i>uMi 1 I If
.Mi 'l:< i.\ NT' i'A'N. W. \:t.. April 1 T. ? |
Announcement was made hole toniffhlj
that over half of ilv senior class of th.v
W'.st Virginia university college of
agrlcult nre will lie graduated ai on"1'
and sent mil ovr the si/Ho to assist in
organizing agricultural work for
Kivaier crops production. There arc
tw ? r." y-fi.ur members of the ??la^s. The
ai iii-ti .if t lie agricultural heads follow
? 1 individual conference* ?!>? Id today
with .;ach member of i|?e ??!??.?. The
men will' he graduated "''hursday and
sen. into the Kanawha valley section
as as-istant co. in y: age nt ? and as agents
of ill*", evt.nslon department ui those
counties now without ag*uits. Their
immediate efforts will he directed In
ward increasing the food supply in that'
section !??? meet ti;e increased demands
expected to result from the location in
i 'I; ? rleston of vhe government armorj
plate plant. They will further assist Iti i
the. development of big garden Ing pn- j
je. is.now l.flns started by mining com-'
panics in that section. The amnios * of .
the men i.i sent out will he announc- 1
ed tomorrow.
Active Iti Michigan.
I..\N.<1N"? ;. Mir!:.. April IT.'? A* the
' i practical step toward in. ?a nMtic
lie ..diictif-ti of f.i id -t ill's in Michluan.
the -t.ite hoard of aerie iltnr" today
autli. t .r.e.i ih" employment of thirty
? ? uit.v farm a sent s. who wi'h the -7:
ilt-a.lv at work Wilt covt the entire'
The expenses or '.lie county agents
.ire to come ..i:t of the state's S-'.Of'O.rtrt'i
war loan fund.
Bier Drop in Wheat.
1 1 |i".\i P 1. April i 7. ? yciui-pMiic con- 1
d:i letis t illed for a considerable time t<>
?tn\ -ti Vlmtigo hero, with prices break
ing nearl'. ' 'c in wheat, t"u!!y" I'ic in
-??irti and :i:-ire than tl 111 provisions.
The e 1 1 1 - ? f e'li-ie \vm ? The action of 1 lie
1 "n : ...ii I ,a ii >:? ?.eminent making possible
ti;.- I'Mpof ? ! *i ? i- of Canadian when* duty
free !n'" t h? i'lili-'ii States >1 1 was as
??'ii "d '??.'.. ilia) ia i shipments ->
M 1'iiiea |n. tin ? nd i"hi.'i';i- would be lai-le
v. ith'V.it ilelaj a!ld WoUid l--l!ev- '.!??
"irain of ? is,.? eontrio-if. for 'lie nied iii
lleljverj tCld : ri I I'.e May . n, (on.
I*! \ i i'-ii -o t ? ? 1 1 ? x " i <????.? us well Idi;
pi ' i;.-M |.|. tided Me trndlllK.
peeliillv t ?! };? :t : . I: Was nearlv us
difficult to well wheal !o I: dva 11 l;l(J'- Y"?
lei-dn;. -s It v.a? dine ill bllj . A-lde
from the r* t u i ? va I >" din i"ati i.ri.ar i!ut> .
'hi- l: allot V IS hra-rlsill V uffecl?d 1 1 .
i it" iiil iilnlr-l rnlloti >-i 1 1 a; Waah'tiffl ? ? ji
for mi ensbarijK, hy pejjee talk nud by
>:? rait.s wln-f" ite.-ded for lln- Knm'lli
? >!' ihe domestic crop. Opening price?,
w li i?.*li ranged from i1- to 8%c lower,
with May at to and July at
S 1 . :? 1 to Jl.fi". wire followed by further
luii'ks carrying ..Inly wheal down to
Si.f". i'lii then the market rallied to a
!? v? | ?bout L' to 5c under yesterday's
Corn dropped chiefly on account of
the wheat weakness. The prospect of
government regulation of holding prices
? : i: 1 1 1 ? -d also sis a factor ? in carrying
down the corn market. After opening
1 to If' cents off. the market recovered
to within 1 to 4c of yesterday's wind
up. ;
Oats showed relative steadiness. teje
t retire breaks cJ i < ! not exceed 3c.
liquidating sales by holders were the
rule in provisions.. The biggest "fij 1 1
v. as in the. value of pork, which was
off ? 1 ?) " for May delivery.
Further declines following news of
t It-- appearance of a German submarine
in American waters, carried -May to $2.
thirteen cents under yesterday's
JCucli Wheat Made Tree. *
WASHINGTON. April J". ? Great
<iuatiiii ies. Hi Canadian wheal now- in
bond in the United Slates and subject
i ? > duties of ten cents a bushel have
been made duty free by the . Canadian
government's action in placing wheat,
wheat flour at:d S'-menola on the .Cana
dian free list. ? r.y the same act, Can
ada has removed the duty on American
v.h'-ai flour and this in turn removes
i h ?- duty on Canadian wheat flour coro
i ii tr into- the ('united States.
This is in aei ordanee with the terms
of the tariff law *which provided that
wi-.eip-.er any country imposing duties
on American wheat, wheat flour or
senteimla. (-??moves such duties the
American duties on those products from
Mich country shall likewise be removed.
Effective Today.
OTTAWA. Out.. April 17. ? Removal of
the duty on wheat by orc.k r of the Cana
dian government becomes effective to
day. The order has pleased western
ftirniTS Immensely, judging from .the
nuinlier i d' fier.-.inal messages to the gov*
? rnw-nt evoressing approval of the step,
officials of the grain a rowers also have,
endorsed the government's action.
Ii is probable the subject will be
'trough? up in parliament by the oppo
sition in ar. effort to have free wheat aft
er the war The order-in-eouncil. it wast
pointed out. was put through un.ler the
war measures act. and when peace is
declared it might- eease (o be effective.
lower~estimate~ of
V.'ASI! i N'GTON. Af.tri! 1 "'.?Secretary
MeArioo today revised his estimate of
the ] robable revenue to be obtained
from f? rtrtented liquors as set forth It:
his suggestion.* to .-ojigT'-ss concerning
Motirci s of taxation from which ha'f
the revenue need ed for t Me first year
. f the war might bi- obtained. He noti
tied the house and senate committees
working on th? bill that probably not
more than .Vi.Oftrt barrels of fermented
lliltior wo;;Jd tie withdrawn tax paid d;ir
' t : it the. n'-xt fiscal vejir if. the rate were.
im-reH.S'ti from 51. *fi to $2.50 a barrel,
and that on this amount the increased
rate wrttld produce $125,000,000 instead
? f St aT.r.'iii.OfiO. as previously estimated
oil -larger withdrawals.
('l>e'ln? the worn 'deficit.'"
"A delicti is what 'you've ? got when
j-o i hav-n"; as much n.s if you had just
nothing." ? Puck.
Thousands of People Here Now Use Nostriola Daily to Assist in the
Relief and Prevention of Catarrhal Conditions
of the Mucous Membrane.
Tilt" flinllpfril. e'.ll'rs-l , aii fcrt! Mild hfKt
WH> jo final* I f)ti lleatl, n[>?Mt .Si lifted
iioKtrilti lnxiU A fold and Htop <;n
iHiihtii etiiulii iitii.s iif tliM itiuiMtiri
i?i*Hil??r i.-i ! It*> "Nt IHTUIOLA" way,
Thousands rijdil in liii.s locality will
gladly testify in iliia. All druggi*'*
??-! 1 ami i>jo.iiniii<3i)il "NnriVIIIOLA"
ht'fiiiltrtt ctirfiniiH-r.s aUvay.-i <*oih? Itisfk
fur i i .
%' < ?il I (ill r- .* i i i \OrtTIUOLA > it llir
ltalin turin, Itiil i l.r- Liquid is flint for
spraying tin- riosn and liiroa'., reaching
ihu pest-nasal eavi: ies.
A.?k your druggist in .shot*" you th?
Spi*i'ial Xostrlohi Atomizer Outfit. By
the iin?> of special Atomizer a very flnp
vapor-Spray !- produced, which when
hn*M!!n'<! iib^io^iriis, goes direct to thr?
Sfijsii i \t\ irritated parts. coating rh^
i;i<-uiht an.? \yfth a 112 ti) which soothoa
and iv!it>vcs illsf
Don't wall >>r hesitate, but got NOS
TIUOF.A now ?*i? h?*r Balm or Liquid,
? piea.-ant surprise awaltB you.
A L'oiilo i>r i.irjuld or a tube of NOS
THIOI.A HALM will I an I. for months
aiui kfH|i you frm? from colds an entire
season. . Try it and seei

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