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The Men's Store will be Closed as usual all day
Men Want Few
Men want what t hoy war.;. an J they iret what tii^y of?:uc
for at this store, not something: c!m\
Men want to fret their NKW SI." ITS and TROl'SKRS
where they iret {rood value and no aiirument.
Men want the NKW SHIRTS mid NKW NKi'K WKAR.
not where they have t>> be convinced the ennefc arc rijrht, but
where they know they are ri srli *.
Men want their NKW S[[i>KS. l.uW CITS, NKW SOCKS
and NKW UNDKR WEAR where they lia\e always found
the best.
Men want what thry want and tin- men whu buy here al
ways pay less for what they fret with a larger assortment to
select from than those wh<> buy elsewhere.
Have You Bought Your
! Bond
The Liberty Loan is n? .t
for the -lew. livery last one
of us must help to raise this
two billions of dollars lor
our own protection.
It is a duty and a privilege.
Show your patriotism and
at the same time protect the
future l>e:if'\ Happiness and
present Prosperity of your
1 1 ? ? ! 1 1 ' * and others.
An ;.i how t>i purchase
tin so bonds. we will irive you
the informat ii<n irladiy.
Pa nomas
at $'5
That ;;??> truly remarkable.
We -i ? displayed about town
PanaiiuiN at and >'7.wn
iruit ;? re n?? ortte;* than tnese.
i .Mi'- ii: and make the f? ??it
p;,r:>' : '? ???;:?>>?; i a >a\o
erioucit ? ? ? ? your l'a::ai;;a t:?
>inrt ::r>! payment "ii
J ? : ! !' I . i i " ' ? ? I "? ? ' : i d .
Will the Men
Who are jroins to wear their
ntw Straw llais on Memorial
Day. as most all men wiil,
please note that the MeFad
deu's showing of
StraW Hats
For the Summer of 1P17. is
ready with every sort of new
fashions that's ?roin;r.
$1.50 and $2
[?'. r soft ami stitT Straws in
sizes ami shapes to lit ami
pleasr anv man. young or old.
Sport Shirts
For Outdoor Life
for men's and 5 Or for
li'-ys' siz'-x.
ijooi. ?"<mfortab!e and-eeon
omical- 1 5c eai-ii.
In a l'i'-T variety of light
I . . : t? :;ii-s - for '25c.
Uth?-rs at 25c ea?*h.
$1,600 Needed and Half of Sum Has
Already Been Raised ,by
A commili^ repr-\?en; ittr th* Fort
Henry club has urul'-rfaken Uip Ui?k
^o? equipping ami supporting, an am
2:15 ? Twice Dally? 8:15.
Th.e *lg- Vital Photo-drama In 8 acts.
"Beware of Strangers"
Prices 10c. 15c 25c.
5oftV?- JUNE 4
1400 PE2S0N5.480 PERFORMERS.
Tickets on sale ?how clay ar Davis,
BnrVham & Tyler Piano Co.. 1416
Market Street, same price as charged
on ?h ov grounds.
balance in th^ American Ambulance
corps in France. :o be known as "The
I-'cl Henry Club Ambulance." The
.-uui of Sl.SOo is required to equip and
support an ambulance in Franc? for
one yt-v.r. The committee of the Fort
Henry club has raised" about one-half
of thai, aniouat by personal solicita
tion. Letters are now being mailed to
fach member requesting those who
na\e not been solicited personally to
contribute to the equipment and sup
port ol "The Fort Henry Club Am
Now that American troops are actu
ally to operate in France, a country
wide movement is under way to ex
tend the work of the American Am
bulance corps, for which newspapers
and magazines have been filled with
words of praise for the past two years
or more. Prominent clubs throughout
the country have agreed to equip and
support ambulances for one year.
A committee composed of A. C.
Stiff!. Harold Bloch and J. S. Jones
took up the task of raisins funds to
equip and support an ambulance for
the Fort Henry club. The ambulance
will be manned and directed by the
American Ambulance corps, whose
work has b^en proven practical in
every respect, on the battlefields of
WASHINGTON". May L'S.? Vi.-tor Serg
er, Milwaukee Socialist and former
member of i'<>nKr* .-s protested in vain
m-day to Secretary Lansing, against the
cvrnmcnt's decision to issue no pass
ports !ii Amcriran Socialists intending to
participate in the Socialist fi>ace meet
ing in Stockholm. Mr. Berber <lid no.t
s:> i i'. passport. hut he did learn that the
Kovprnment' hu 1 ii"t changed its policy.
Mr. TStr't was with the secretary
only a f-.w minutes. Neither would make
an extensive statement. Mr. fiercer said
!v lia.d on? more m.an to see and that
until then he was unwilling to abandon
ins effort.
"nut." he ad?:?-d. "f urn -a cod Ameri
can and a good Socialist also."
H? said thai in tie- ? v nt t rovern
rn nt adhered to thv ruling not to grant
passports. !:?? would not take nd-vantage
? ?f any other means t" go to Stockholm.
fiALl.AS. "IV x.. -May .'v Tie- federal
?rand jury }??? r'- today l>?-xan Investigat
ing with a. vi??w t<> possible indictments
on charges >?( treason .>:? conspiracy. tie
< pe rat ions !:i \\v?jt '!'? \a- >.f the Katm
? rs" and I.ahorei.s' t "r? -t ??? ? 1 1 \ ? ? Association
y. Io* !i is ali? i:*:i! L" ha*. ? opposed the Se
ll- live (Irat I.
Sill's of m<-(tili- v ; v ? r* b^injf railed
h. !'?!? tie- KMind '? '-II o!' th<* :is
lo-'liili'ilt i" fl' !?'? ?- Muii'. wl!iii'?!" *?
;-r?* jaid *0 ' ;n' i-'sisn-d '"son, ? In- .<i
.?.n,:,:;,' ? ;! afl'j- tli'V (?Mii'd I' I- il
! i:,i\ iv. u, i. - ? i " ? i
ii. rally ? ili m all |?rol?
, .. . tii-ir pi. ids .nul
r i < 1 tMiii 1 ? ?>. rn 'T
i...t ; harmony ar'n
ii's- desire thai
I ?< I. tales li"m is! err
: ir.iif; will J HO :ihly L'.t.l
i'\ tli;*> \v . 1, and
. ; !"? -clama tioii. I
\ ? rnor "'ox's il-vire ' hat
> j hi; io the polls ?? rcgi
< itu !? ilit' ii !?>' '!? legale*
n 1 1 . arrymg Hugs ami
, vr.-is* * h? hi. Sc! in
and .. ! : loonn I "? ? "
;u iuck iheir Jutra Imi' ;
I!. \V. A r> ! of Itelmont county.
. r:;iriiis.v . i:< :>i:Miouii Sato lioail'tuac
: lers today : in. I a .-tat' ir.out as fol
? lows. ih p'irclia.se of Liberty
' b'-iulM "i.v r> !? : ?'!i win, blivs a
J c : t y bom! help- lus coin:: ry. 'J lie bond*
h rv safe, ili> investment profitable,
j livery bond s ? 4 1 chaser .subconsciously
; becomes u Utile cnl-r ? ? i" patrt a.osm.
I Buy a uond. Subscribe for u today."
Kill-. I.
J In si-am railroad accidents in
.j last year persons w?
i more than in any previous y.-ar. aceord
: Ulg in tiga re? compiled by I'l. I iv
'.Monger. sial* registrar of vital stntis
! ties. Tlii: neM largest toll occurred in
i when l . ? 7 were killed. The y<\u*|i
i ! ;? U ela.nieil .md IMj 7 IK. In III- |
torurban* mi l ear nocid.nts 1 1 .
(year ll'" person's ?.-r. killed, compared
j \\ : 1 1 i " i ?J 4 in ?!?!?> and 17? in 1514. ' j
' Aii i ? Mlcer of ??ae!i regiment, Ohio N-a
jtiomil liuaru int'intry will be .sent to.1
. i he federal tr.Usk. 't v sehool. .May PS in
Aug. I. at I'of. Sill.'oMa. The adjainut ?
i (reneral's depart ment has rcer.ni mended
j these; Major I'rank 1' Henderson.;
. Marysville; Lieut. Col. U il. .Myers. [
Cincinnati. Major CInT I ??-tiiiiiK. Ada.
| .Major K. S. Van viord-T, Warren; Major I
j Van A. Snyder, Lancaster; Major Way tie ji
! Christy, Youngstown.
I I!. J. Turnev. Ohio provost marshal
j ceneral in charg* of Mate registrat 1011
j 'lead'iuarlors. announced last night thatjl
will renlies. jirosi-c ltion by federal
i authorities o 1 1 young men who in-1'
ieniionally uu on larms for brief stays
i so t:ia: they ' m !? sister June a as
j"iarm laboi >t>.' hopinc tl;iuJSn that
i ii'.- t hod io In; exempted from th'i Beleo
I : i\i> draft.
i Appointments of la'*or rifprotfentn
i live*. ,in nve more ocuntv registration
; |M.ar<i? are ,1.-. follows: Allen county. K. 1
S. Van I'clt. Lima. Lorain county. Karl!
Noel. Lorain; Seiie.*a count> . Ka> I 'rey- !
! ??>.< Tillln; Summit county. C. ? I 'a via. 1
xkron; Trumbll cvviuty, Joim J. Casey, 1
1 Niles.
WASHINGTON. May A sl.iio-'
nioiu by ICUwat'd A. Kilfiie, ot liuston.
a director ot i ho Cliainbi-r 01 ' old
? merer of tile I'nited cutidemti
ini; arjiuments against war ni<notn>,
was given out tuniclit b> th" govern-,
: ni' iti's ini'urmation comiuiti'-e
? ? "liiisintss has but cue job toda\,"(
i .slid Mr. I'M one, ".nul that is :?? do'
the t hiny that will bring victory at
tlif earliest possible nndinriit. And
i business cannot servo two masters. ,
1 liven before the war mir produciive
tapaiti\ wan taxed to the limit. Wo
simply cannot liil ail the added do- '
tnands id' war and at. tin. suae time
1 satisfy till the appetite.- oi ijeaci"*. t'ur
job ;s the business y[ war, not .'btisi
ness as usual.' While 1 recognize the'
patriotic purposo back n: ; !. ? busine.ss
as usual' slogan; it will prolong the
war utiii hamper the ughlitig ? ih ctiv.
ness til' the natiuu cvor> day it is :
i practiced.
; "England went about 'biJsinrss a?
j Usual' at the beginning ot the war.
| After two years and a half oi loss o!
blood and treasure and tragic want of
j supplies she has learned her lesson. ,
! If business' is not re-directed to the '
j production and sale of essentials by;
! the voluntary and gradual economy of'
! the people, it will have to be (ione
? later by drastic and probably disturb-;
1 ing methods of government control. " |
i I'AHIS. May 2S. ? hv.rtr.cr Pi-aiui--r
. 1 "la meric?-ati hi :iii open 1? tt* r Pr?. si
I .lent W ilson printed in lua paper. I.'
Humme Km.-hain. apptsals to the presi
1 li'-nt to semi over tV?ion' i Ucoseveit and ,
j "his coinpanlnn- " M. rk siiom-easi shjs:
"In invaded Franc- :it t he present j
hour there is a name which represents ;
by 1 know not what force <>f iaiuiti.in,^
the beauty of America s intervention ?
it is thai of Moosevoit. Yv.u are ton !
much of a philosopher not t<? know that
gn-at popular leaders have influenced
men out of all proportion to their own ?
real value, by the intangible atmosphere i
of legend which, with or without t' tr :
assistance, has i.irnted about thtm.
"Whatever may be the reasons and
without atlcmpiinK to analyze I ! ph.- ;
nomenott 1 yi'-)d ;?> t h* imperious m-eal i
i to tell you that th- name . f Ka-os.-velt '
j has in our co.nitrv a: this time a !e:iml- .
; ?iry power. It would I ?? an enormous
i error in my view to 1 1 ? ? u I ? ? ? ? t. a force '
I whieh overj'thins: u r?fc?- us to make use
I of as soon as possible!
We have learned that the first Atr.er- ,
I iea ii uniVshMs arrived a: ti e front and
' with what /.est KenerUis and privates
( saluted the noble starred banner. How- i
j ever, you' should know. Mi. President.
I that tia-re than one stout chevi->nn.->l .
I poilu said, to his comrade in an nston- '
isheil voice:
" ' Ttui \yhere is Roosevelt r don't
I see him.' "
| NEW YORK. May ."?> Motives ..f at- |
I plicants for membersh't' t?> the l.ib>-:-a! !
Society of i-'rb ml.- will be s< rutmi7.e.|. ?
j it is decided todri;. a- tie annual meetim
I* here, as a result of intimations that s ?
sons seeking1 im-mb- rship r'-i^niiy ma;. ?
be slackers, desirous ? taking ndv r.
. tage of a Quaker's privih-go to e\. ?>,,
tion f rom military duty on the ?i-..ii:id -. r
being a coiiscien tous obj. ct..r to
I An unusually large numia. r j.. i ...a
j It-id applied, it was said.
INDTAN \rr>TJ.?. 1 nd.. May M.i - ' .
jor-i e nernl Thomas .1 llarry i . I - |
er of the central department ? } . . - ;
United States army, tyns at I', -t I: n- j
jatnln Harrison, near here, tod-i , on a1
tour of inspeetlon of the officer- ? ?? s. r\.. i
corps training cninp.
Take Oii? cup of V.. ii Sea] i< . Ma: i
; Uulganan Styb* It'. I 'I ? a i .t . .-??t-,l
' ate all organs a.f ih-- I ?? >a 1 .. ^ .. i \\ ill ap
'? prea-iata* Will ? ya>l||- e ! .1 1 - ? 1 1 -a f . I .- -i. ? .
goa>d health ami why Iviadt-ais th-.-,-!
sands a re ra-ca.>tiiin-i;ditig tin-- n.iiire'
master tonic ami Sprint I: I l";i :t'i.-i
for rheumatism. a . >n.- t i pa i ? ? ! > . i. dilu -
tion. !: and i ? ? v v a ? 1 1 > he.ni.i< .? ? * ? ?}t
a-'h |b'.? I live |- a III.. S- !.| ?? I
ami J I siz- pa. k.if a! . , ir |
I"""'"-' ""<* ,
if ya... Tablets, a. l. I: f: ,
II-..-'. ? -. . L;. . l.|. . ; .,! e. |
a Cl'.atil and ? otieenjern. ' |
Children's (I i n is h a in \V ash
I iri'ssr-s Vrr;. newest stylos. Sizos
- in i> \ cars. iNnular If r ? OQ^?
ki mi.- : all Special... JvL
Values to $3.98 .. . ?P-L*UU
Broken .Sizes.
Wheeling', W. Va., Tuesday, May 29, 191/.
Closed All Day Decoration Day.
To-day? Tuesday, Is The Time To Secure Your
Decoration Day Needs
Every True American Participates
In Helping To Keep This Day A
Memorial To Chur Dead Heroes
rn.IK RUSK COMPANY will- be closed Decoration Day ? and
to-day is y.>ur last day to get ready ? so. in keeping with tin*
policy of iliis si ore we have arranged special bargains for you
i'ii apparel thai is most suited for your day 's outing. Each one
id' our salespeople will gladly assist you in making your selec
tion, and always hear ibis iu mind ? Money refunded if pur
:hase is not satisfactory.
That Are The Maximum
For Value Giving , Your
Choice Tuesday Only
New Purchases
Samples ? and our
regular stock, val
ues up to $8.00.
\cwe>t styles, newest
Hi a i or in 1^ ^wonderful
values are in this lot of
Women's Silk Wnsh
Presses. Cleverly devel
oped in dependable ma
tt riaU. enlivened and
trimmed with new sum
mer colorings.
ONE SPECIAL LOT ? Women's Silk and QPI
Taffeta Dresses; values to $15.00
Women's SI. 50 New Summer QZp
Wash Waists. Special - - - -
? . i ? rr? fimujirtirn nr ? ? i i ? h
Splendid "picking" ? and from Wheeling's store of 6mart
waist values. We've been complimented more than once the past
week on the great variety of and special value of our waist
stocks. This special lot is just inside the front door and we have
a big heaping table of clever, new and snappy new styles await
ing you.
? At 79c
A spf'-iat table of Woinon"?
,laj> Silk Wash Waists: newest
summer styles: tailored and
trimmed: all si7.es lo make
your selection from. These
sell, all stores, at 51.00.
?At $1.98
A wonderful variety of styles in
All Silk Crepe de Chines and Pussy
"Willow Jap Silks ? colors, flesh
and white; tailored; frill and lace;
trinnned newest collar effect; all
sizes; worth 53.00.
?At $3.98
A special assortment of handsome tailored, Jace tucked and hand em
hroidere.l trimmed Georgette Waists and Heavy Quality All Silk
"rope df '"hine. Best shades and flesh and white, newest collars
\nd cuff.-. oln>i<*o styles, all exact reproductions of waists that sell
it twice tli o price asked, and at no store In the city for less than
SB.i'O. Special here only ? all sizes' in the assortment ? S3.98.
Women's $3.00 New
Wash Skirts, SI. OS
Mo?' "vriv woman
will want a new wash
skir! for peroration
Day. .11 ?? r ?? ' s ;y o u r
r h a n c ft to s;y\i> on
ii!0. \ewest mater
ials. very latest style?,
regular ami extra sizes.
50c Envelope
Chemise for oOc
Women's !i n^-. soft
finish chemise. 1 a c e
a ri ri embroidery trim
med ami o n 1 i v c n e ii
with silk ribbon.
Women's 50c Silk
Boot Hose, :>P<*
A perfect formed .silk
hoot h\ >se for women,
fully enoases t h^ loot,
assorted colors.
Women's 59c New
Wash Waists, i>f)o
Of vi-ry bos; quality
wash materials. very
neat c r? ! 1 a r s. front
comes with cluster
Women's $4.00 Silk
Poplin Skirts -S2.f>5
A lot of women's silk
poplin dress skirls,
very i:ii- st of summer
styles, ami all sizes.
Hla<k afid colors.
A Wonderful Sale? Tuesday Only
For Values to $5.98
White Milans. Leirhorns and Milan
[ Icni|) Hals in black with white trini
niiii us. white with I Thick trimmings ?
we have 1 1ii'iii in ;i urcat diversity of
<i vies and fanciful conceits.
? t/U
In this assortment are about 50 hats
with crepe facing in colors to match
dress or coat attire. Now is your oppor
tunity to save on your Summer's Hat
and have same for Decoration Day wear.
For Values to $3.00
This assortment contains many
hlark ami white creations, as "well as
.lln1 highly colored hats in a wonder
ful conception rf hat designing ?
ejn'h out- exclusive and original
Many items not listed in this add ? of wonderful value
await you here Tuesday.
t ?
Eoys' $6 and S8 New
Novelty Suits $4. OS
A "well arranged and
selected lot of boys'
ndvelty suits, all sizes,
and models. Very neat
and mannish.
Women's 50c Short .
Silk Gloves, 39?
Women's very fash
ionable white short silk
gloves, with double fin
ger tips. .
Women's $1.50 New
Spring- Corsets,
A special Decoration
Day sale of women's
very fashionable cor
sets, best quality cou
til. Strongly made,
well boned, hose sup
porter trimmed.
Boys' 60c Wash
Suits, Special 48?
A special assortment
Of boys' wash suits, as
sorted materials and
colorings'. Also very
neat striped materials.
Girls' $5.00 and $6.00
New Summer Coats
In sizes 6 to 14 years,
of very best quality
new spring materials
and colorings. Tailored
and trimmed models.
Polisii Army Soon to j
Be Formed in France j
I'M: IS. May L'T. 7 i> m., delayed - |
I II.- T'inps announces thai the eri*a
li'tu o: a polish anny in I'rnnci* is well
: i : i i-T iv;n |i -j-..-. it is intended In :
Iniiii: t('?i'i her ;! las'p* nnmher of the;
I '??] i.< ii ' :n* in ? ? li\ nm not only in
I'ratice. |. a; in various allied countries.;
.v le> will liu'n limit r I lie Polish this: I'orj
hi' re ? s:ah!islsm,-nt of the ancient;
I '? <! : < li kingdom.
<?SAKA. .Japan. May fi.~ (<'orre-.
?j-oiidenee of iIm- Associated I'ressj--.
inly persons won- kilkd and -On,
injured in ;i series of terrifle e.\ploj
iimis apd a tir? which occurred in thej
ivare!if.ijs?- district of Osaka yesler- .
lay. The ilamap' to propcrtv is esti
in.i'eil at aliou
The wlioP' ol Osaka and tls minli
t? i in? tow ns and villages \vre thrown
into a panic The .-omul of tin- explo
sion was heard for ".i> miles.
Tic li : - 1 ekpifsioii. which occurred
iii the Tokio WarHiouse t'otnpaiiy's
Iioit-c. is In liv-vi-d to have heen
! < : ? ? io "'n spontatii-mis combustion id'
i lii-mii ai.-\
PKKfN'i!. rhin.-i. May l>. The i'hi-|
ie ? Senate to i'> y approved the hoik- |
it -am ..} |.i ' hlii-' IM as premier, mi
n< o s?doii so Tuan riil .Ini. w ho was I
lii-nn-si ii In i fi. ? President. The .vote j
1 '?? :U i The i hinr-se House of
I I ? - f i r? ? en! a ' i vi-r a jip.'ovid of ih" nomi
n-ni"n oi i.i i 'hint H i on .Sunday )
WASHINGTON". 1 c\. May i'S.?
Regulations 10 govern exemptions un
der tin- selective dra l' i :i r** being
worked out by I'rovost Marshal (.Jon pr
ill c'rn\v(i? r, with a number of promi
nent lawyers. Although the plans arc
not \c! complete, i! is probable iliat
tin- jury- win-el sy.-tein will be used in
.??elect ing those wile are to go into the
tirst army of .iuo.oiMi. and not until the
names have neeii drawn and each reg
istration district has provided the
number apportioned tn ii will exemp
tions be eonsidt-red. As each individ
ual drawn reports, his claims for ex
emption will be parsed upon, and if lie
is exempted, another will be drawn
in till i he \aeanry.
The law provides for local exemp
tion hoards in each county and for
each 110. nno in city populations. The
board.> of_ review also will he estab
lished on the basis of one or more to
each Federal judicial district. All the
boards will be composed of civilians.
Secretary linker said to-day the. pro
cess of selecting them had not boon
worked out.
General Crowder said that only con
fusion would result from the reported
intention of men above the xed age to
register on June fi.
"This is mistaken patriotism." lie
said, "and registrars will be instruct
ed to accept cards only from meti be
tween ilie ages of 21 and 30. inclu
|siVl'-" . ?
. '*11 \ IM.KSTi U . \>.. Mm V "V -
Miner* .'ilTil'n ! t?.| with tlio I '?? i l ??? I Mi no
U1 rkfr? t r * ? m ,\ i \v Kivor and inriiiic
M?ulf ''"a! ilelds will m. rt in convention j
h-re "ii Thursday to ratify a proposed t
I agp em- iit with the op'-raiors. 'I'lie mill- i
! its have been granted a llat advance of
I l:.'. cents -i 1.011 on minin;; and -0 per
j (???nt incrense < ? ri day labor, l.abor leiid
' t-rs say t In* delegates to the, convention
I will ratify the agreement.- ? !
? W ASM --With their!
; dreams ni' wealth unrealized and faith ?
i in proinoi' rs destroyed. homesick Am-j
I ericun !i?.Kri>e?s have petit iotpd the act*'
n > ? ut>\ < rn.ir of the (.Sold (.'oast colony j
'in MYn-a to send ihem liack to Texas, j
iwlii.-ti i l,t y !. '! in 101-1 under the sway
"i ili. argum.nts of I'hii i Sain." \v!ih j
j pictured lives "f ease. The negroes i
1 r.irneil ovi-r to ??Sum" varying sums of |
i money with the understanding that it
(would laud tliein <>ii tie- 'Sold Coast.;
| when- th? y would receive titles to thcirj
[own la ml. _ J
I Ambassador Spring-K!ce has notified
? the stale department that the indli.n-j
jtiotts are that chief Sam grossly mis-|
.led the immigrants and finally deserted)
I them, leaving many in destitution, j
! AV hot her any go vi-rnmental assistance j
I will lie priven to the negroes so the>*i
I may return to the cotton fields of Texas!
i is unknown.
XKW Y<>KK. May 1'S. ? The * veiling !
I newspapers of New York City have de- i
elded not In publish any editions on!
I Memorial day. The purpose of this step;
lis luervlng of while paper, and It!
lis estimated that it will result in a sa v
j tn>; of i.'iO ions.
Sl'.ATTI.K. Uii-b. May L'.V? United.
| States '. . let Service operatives today
I arrested lluiet M. Weils, a city employe,
I former president of tin- Seattle Central'
! l.ntior Council on a charge of seditious I
eonsplnt. > . crowing on I of the alleged
disi rlhui ion by Wells and others nf Irt-j
ePHturf id vne.-i l trie revistnne.. by force J
of the governm- nt's selective draft plan. I
HARTFORD, C<>nn.. May 28.? Assert
ing thai great hardship would be worked
on the industry by the imposition of ad
ditional taxes, the National Cigar Leaf
Tobacco Association in annual conven
sion here today sent to Washington *
telejrram addressed to Senator F. M.
?Simmons, chairman of the senate tinanro
committee. protesting against the Im
position of additional customs duties on
ji-ai' tobacco. The telegram urges rejec
tion of the provision in the house bill
f. r such add<"d impost.
Spf.-i.it Dlsrat^h to Ui? lotolllscacrr.
< OLCJIBI'S, O.. May 2S.? tvilliam
Smith has been appointed on the Bel
mont county draft board.
Removes Roots as Well
As Surface Hairs
(Something New and Different)
The chemist who discovered the re
m:i '.'{able hair-dostroying properties of
phelactino has conferred a genuine bless
ing: upon a multitude of women. -This
peculiar substance seems to paralyze and
shrink tip the hi' irs io. which it is ap
plied. rit;ht down to their roots ? and
these hairs ivmu1 out very easily an<l
iiuickly, roots and all. before one's very
[?h"lactlne i-s perfectly odorless, non
irritai ing. .non-poisonous ? child could
??at it without tb< least harm. Xot to be
<?<>!? pn red at all with depilatories or elec
trolysis. 1: leaves the skin so soft,
smooth and hairless, no one would guess
you r bad a moustache or other nairy
growth. If' you -will obtain a stick of
st ructions, yon will certainly be more
ph> luctiii' and follow the simple in
'? ban pleased" or druggist will refund
l he price without question.

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