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^ >*ct Contents to Fluid Drachm^
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5sv-J: ^ t
|/;t: I,
L:r- -;\ I ALCOHOL "3 PtK CUNT.
I"* % v; ;? * ' p ;? I Lh c [oo-i f>v Ko'^ula
t ; ? ! j iny t noStvawv.h> and lto*vb
fec';. fj a I i ' 7 ' ( r. ? ?
IfsCivj - Thereby Promoting Di^cVtt'on
| ? ! " 7 ("iiocrfu Ir.oss and Rest. Contains ?
.'?v.; * v.^;!Vr (Vjurci, Morphine nJ*|
' ' '? r.J. N ot XakcOTJC j
Jhc.^t tfl!!d!)cSAXU?t1I2?&
* - " v
For Infants and Children,
Mothers Know That
Bears the
|ss;.2"! 1
Punf?+* Std
Jl\ SrM :
sir is f )***?
j& ( a-b?x*;<: So*3
/<5? i' y*** fJx rjr
\ hcl pfulKemedy for .
Constipation^ Da.-? ??
and Fcttn?? "u <
Exact Copy of Wrapper,
Prohibition Department Will Notify
Tenants cf Notorious Dive
?to Vacatc.
Deputy Prohibition Commissioner
Bert K. "Philips. Major C. U. Morgan
and Uev. O. M I'ollan last evening
raided M-.Collocii street again tor
the third tim?- in ten days or two
weeks. Th" squad confiscated four;
baskets of beer.
As. the result of two former raids
Orion ('arson :s now under bond to ap
pear before !"??? II. Hobbs for a?
bearing -iKi a charge of ? otulucting a
speakeasy a? this tinted' location.
As a result of last night's raid the
tenants of the premise.; will be givet?
notic? ?o v^.ca*" r.V building. and If
they do not comply eviction proceed
ings will bo instituted to out thetn
front tbe dive.
Greately Benefited by Chamberlain's;
"I havo used Chamberlain's Lini
m f-n t for - prains. bruise? and rhett-j
matte pain.-, arid i'';e great benefit I
have received js;st!fi? s tit*, recommend
ing it :':i "he highest terms." writes
Mrs. Floret!' e Slife. Wabash. Ind. If
you nre trot:b'"d with rhettmatie pains :
you will certainly b>- pl*?asf?d with t li*-*
prompt r> ?!:? I wr.leh Chamb* Haiti's
Linim-n: affords. obtainable every
where. -Adv.
At b :;> ?'!?!:::.>? fecht tiorfurrn- 1
snr. > s <v ???.??? rn Oi'.dd." <\v!ue:ij
can:'- \Yl .??- .M"t. <!:;;? :->r a w>vU'.
5*HVI .'iltijns: ill C-U'..;
The :::?f t ;ti' ? ; ? rt'i af" -;?*,-i:iIt>' !
crowd.-d at..! .1 f ' . t t he subjcvt I
of birth ?-? ?:t * r> ?I h;:> b?>?-:i auso j
much ?*:st am- atr i !;i- ! ;? ? The i
?? t< : lie i!; ?>f ;.iirt in !
r, d?-Ii. :t: ?? iuo:!' tn.iriie.-i- and j
n> o:i?- > .-. fi ?? : -ti :<? r> ?v I
br?>a<l itti's t':- (day. While Mrs.)
r. tt'iin lit- , iirt --f j
tlio nn-ti ? riy Mrj. K?-tiu<><fy : ri a cur-!
tain . :s? . -i.l ??!?? Cur.'l I
ROf. ?:??'! tiiHt !t'<- (???a! |iur;)'i,?i> ? ? J' j
th?- jda.v i- t* :i !i a i* s*>.m ? m he|,i|
yr>m:ir -;i<- to u\"i<i tlie truKtdy '/I'j
;?: ! fails iti'u which so many have fill-,
Many .humorous touches are intro-i
t i . io-. vt by Constance Ni-ilsoti as "Mibbs."!
th?> litHi- irrepressible sister. 'A n ? 1 by I
jaeiiueliuu Mason and Arthur K"hl us!
inn youtssr j-alous lovers, Louis.; Dun-,
bar has t!i? part o; the widow ss ho ad- ;
\<>fj?t?s bir'h control ami s!u- handles >'. I
;:i an effective manner. The matinees'!
art* tor women or. !y hut at the ntx'.itj
performances tn-nt as well us women are
admitted. <'hiidri.n a:e barred, both j
matinee anil night.
Eld wa rd !?'. K'Seitru:. who i--. KunnSo:: J
in ???Th" Starrier." at the Court week1
of .Turn. is. ??nter*-d the theatrical busi
ti"s> :> vt-ars ano. ir: a small repertoire
company m Iowa, the lirn K. Warn 'r
company.. !!?? stayed with this com
pany two" year.--, following a onc-nl?ht
>'hihI company fur a season.
Then he ?utered the r a nits <-.f the j
famous Illnco'.n J. Carter company. Chi- j
cajro's ni* 'st briliiutu melo-dramatlu I
company. He went to New York and f
:i striurtfl* was itiKaged by the
lato Wright I. ortnier for the part oi Doug '
ui * I. ? ' .-iivpherd K.nc." whieii p Inyo* J J
two years. Then plu>cd Ivinx Saul for!
a season. In between came stock en- ?
jrajrement. and vaudeville. having his'
own cast for two years.
Knt?-reii ]i:r:uivs tow years kro and |
played for I'athe. the old Kclvir. W.-rld !
an.: Metro, and l"os. Runnion in "The ;
Harrier" Is iiis greatest triumph. |
rous AKanr kxcbutts.
Four men were accepted for the army j
s* rvii'e. a- < ordit:^ t" a statement given'
. ;? y.-sf r-iay by Sergeant l'aal I'un- ,
mnghum the local station. One man'
was !?<:??? pre?l and one received for the'
navy service yesteylav. .Several re- j
omits will he s?-nt *?> the different sta
tions hy hr.tli the army and navy serv
ice i t h i n th.- ne xt few days.
S*.\ N" l-"l:.\NCI>'Cu. June 13. ? The J
c< a.-: Kuard i-utter McCull^'h, which u i1
an American <unbo.it, participated In i
the battle <v" Manila Hay. was sunk in
r .li-i-'a with the passenger steamer;
O/ vern^r off fort Arpnelio t"day. The i
.M<- li!! eivw of about <'-o officers |
anil men was transferred to the i'!ov-|
crnor. No i-asualties were reported. |
Th'ii- are a niimTier of groups efj
small spi<ts on the sun at present, ac- j
o>r lira K.vher \\>her. well known'
astronomer. There is also one ideal sun]
spot Whieh eail hi- seen with 111., other |
minute sp.-!s fur the rest of this week |
until th?-v shall have passed to the olh:rj
side of the sun.
:t7?t*uv>*h w/i twi **u +*
2)onJ? ?nfc^ :l
! Beautiful Hair . i
HaVe It!
| Don't envy the -woman whose
j iia:r falls in sort, shimmering
j ripples that >e^m :?> take years
from tier iiair of this
| beatitifui kind is possible for
i r.eariy every woman. Treat your
hair the Pompeian -way and your
? friends will immediate! v rernarV.
! "How soft and beautiful your
! hair looks."
[i Pompeian HAIR Massoge is a
[; pare amber liquid. Not Oi!y.
j| Not sticky. W: 11 srop L>an<in"T
j! and Scahp Itching. To
| results, roll the scalp the J'om
! peian way (carefully deacrih'vl
! in booklet enclosed v. ::h rverv
i bottle). The massaging of the
i scalp wakes up the roots of the
| hair to new life. This ir.a>S?~;>.i;
! also npcns the pores of the scalp
| to the wondcrtuiiy stimulating ?
j liquids in I'omptian HAIR Mas
j ^a^e. Dandruff and Scalp Itrh
ltstf disappear. Voiir hair will
become mkI stay healthy, vig- j
| or>ns and attractive.
1'ompeian HAIR Massage '!
j cannot discolor tiie hair. l)c- !
j light iui ar.d dainty to use.
?'.et a 25c, 50c or $t bottle ,1
i T< ?1>A-V at the store, and prove I
| to vonrsclf the quic.k results
i MI'.N* have applications at j]
' b.t.lxr shr?ps.
i ,\!:i !e !>y t'.ie reliable jiiakers j
| oi Vie famous Pompeian MAS
j Jv\(?K Cream and PoinpHan '!
! NIGHT Cream Adv. 7 1'. ;
s sr.
MM !
is !
Sewing and Bridge Party. Patriotic;
program, Fluwtr Sal'c and Dance !
Among Day's Festivities.
2 p. m. ? ins and bridge j j
party ui the casino.
'1 io i i>. m.? Children's dancing
parly in \Vhilo I'aluce.
4 ji. in. ? i'rngram and commu- .
iniiy sing- in i!i'- open. I
?1 : II.ii p. ui.? Salt! of flowers in ,
the open.
s p. in. ? Danco in White I'al- i
are, "chapcroned b\ members of the |
Woman's .club.
One ox' tli.- greatest patriotic cebM
brations iho city bus c\. t seen will,
he bi'ld today at Wheeling park un.lot
tho auspices of t h? ? Woman s club oi I
Wheeling whirh will entertain tin- en-|
tire dav atul tonight with a program >
i f amusements. tin; proceeds or wim " !
v ill be given to the Wheeling chapter
c ! tiie American Red Cross.
I'ui- weeks till- coinmillees in charge
,t the a 'fair, ln-aded by Mrs. .lo.in .j. j
n;.. n. general chairman, have been
working to make the affair a success,
atul wiih .good weather the day
cue Ions to bo remembered rox real
'lThJ management of Wheeling park
h;us been co-operating with ""V ,.UI! *
an's club In every way and it Is
through" their generosity that tin ? - ,
fair is being held at tho delight tul .
park grounds. A better place lot tue
celeoration aaid picnic could not ha\oj
been found in this t localu v and tue]
club and the Red Cross chapter aro
grateful to the management lor Ks as-;
sistance. . >
Purine 'he past two weeks m< in
bers of the ticket committee. beaded
l.v Mrs. W. II. Met /.tier. Mrs. Dana:
Totnlinson a.-.id Mrs. A. L- Meyer, ha\e
been disposing of tickets tor entrance
io the park. The proceeds from the
sab'' of the tickets will be given .
lirelv to the Red Cross, but it is asked
that' everyone purchase .tickets, i.iat
the nionev may be given to i.e* Wheel
ing chapter. For those who have not
vet bought tickets Mrs. .1. \\- *,ul
iund a committee will be stationed at
the West Virginia Traction :i"5* . .V,i
trie company office at lwel tli and
rhapline .streets today from 1 P.. in
to o'clock and entrance ticket;; to
the park may b>- purchased lrotn tauui.
Recruiting Officers Present.
Wheeling park has been dressed m
its best for the celebration. 1 lay> at"
tiving and music will be plajed .til d.i>
in tlie open air for the enjoyment o.
those making Flag l.'ay and Lie Keo
Cro*s Benefit Day the occasion lot an
outing. Three recruiting oUices have
been opened at the. park, in charge oi
Sergeant Fredericks, of the
Corps; Sergeant Hooiney, of the Na\ . .
and Sergeant Rutledge, of the Arm).
Major Weaver. In charge of the men
of the National Guard, will . have a
number of the Guard present at the
nark all. day. and the soldiers will add
to the military effect of ih<> affair, em
phasizing the fact that Has Hay and
Rod Cross Benefit. Pay are national 1.1
their importance. The West \ irginia
Traction Company has announced mat
all men in uniform of the Cnited States
Armv will be carried on the cars to t ie
park free of chargc to-df.y. and the
park management will admit them to
the park without charge.
The Hov Scouts, soldiers of the fu
ture will do their share to-day. 1 hey
have been mobilized for the occasion,
and are acting as pages messenger
bovs and the like. Iho local >coiiiS
wilt show that they. too. can be of im
portance in the affairs of the nation
just as th<> Scouts ol every nation at
war have shown their ability and will
ingness when their assistance was
needed. .
Band Concert ? Brides Parties.
In addition to the band concert all
afternoon, a sewing and bridge party
in charge of Mrs. Charles O l.rien,
Mrs. Fred Far is and a committee ot e.
i'lce-nt societv women will be given In
the Casino. Many reservations have
alreadv been made for bridge, and
tho?e who do not wish to bring
own sewing will be furnished material
fur Red Cross work by a committee m
chars*. Mrs. Robert Reed and Mrs.
Reed naird will take care of this part
of the work. There is still room for
those who wish to attend this affair.
Mrs. R. R. Kitehin and Mrs. Harry Kb
bert are receiving bridge reservations.
During the program "f the party a
niimb.'!' "f fancy dances bv young chil
,lr.-n will be K'ven. During the hours
to; i will also be served and the ? n. IP
affair will doubtless prove of real social
Importance. A .b-.orating ommttoo li?s
made the Casino more Attractive than
ever wtli flowers and flags i of in- AIM- s
and Red Cross banners. ih-> adm.ssiori
Is twenty-five cents, all proceeds to be
rl\nn to the Cross.
Th<* vmtnK^r will l,r% r?ntprt/iinp'i
In Urn' White palace from two tofeur
o'eloi-k with a tlanr<?, Mrs. Hlan-'hi- liutr.l
Cooper :m<l a commit tn.- Ivin:r In .;luit?j'
Twenty-live cents will bo tii- t' ?- for tie
chlbtn n arid th? y will l>o. .?erv.i IlKn
rci'rcshinents durlnK nl t.-rnoon.
program of fancy danccs will leaturo
this affair. .
Program at 4 o Clocfc.
At four oVI",'k a program in which
cv- ry ono in the I'nrl; is n?k'"il t" tak
part, will begin. Mrs. Klora. \\ lbianp
is In cha re* ?f this part of tli- :.!!? r
iioon's entertionne nt atul ?!'>ut<i i< n
will l>c most delightful. )'"r tho iirst
time locally, a community sin>: wliicn
PoitiK iiflvocaf.l all ?.v.t Hi- ..ouniry i.s
o urometer of patriotism, will b? ?i\cii.
Mrs. William leadlnK An anu'umctitf'.
orchestra will play for th? sin^- wh - h
will inchnl" th" Hattl^ Mjmn ..l^Mi.- !:? -
public,' Ane-rica and Th? S'ar Span^'i;
p.anner. ThroUKh tbj' ??ourlesy <?( tn-*
l?ollar Savings ?uvl t Trust I'ompan;.
books containing copies of the soni's
will bo given to th?> audience. In con
nection with the community sin* ili-J"
will b'> a number of tableaux in charg-'
of Mrs. Kdwln Pilcher. In orif of th' "
"ltrtsy l?iv'?? Making tlo, First 1- la k.
Mrs. Williams. Mrs. '!>:>? l!oM?n _.ynl
Misses Mary Wilson and ft' len <.:n? h<e
will take part. Mrs. I, lima lo-initg
Sh-rtitan will pose in imntliT i>ild?nu\
??rulumbla Triumphant." and will
n cltf. " Your l'lag and My I'l i? '' A
symphony m:ol? up of childr- n '
I'Vntr*' sihooj In chnrg" f,t Mis? Maine
I.ohse, a two part .?horns number bv t.n
Music' Department chorus. ?> l-i.'Wer
Dance 1n chnrg" of Mr? '''"H" '' '
number of other attractive numbers ?i|.
nijil to the open air program K .s to ....
hoped that thero will lie a flag riiising in
connection with the affair, and n.e :;i
?ncr> will be pledged to th- t ar durmn
th? program. The West \ trglioa 1 inn
ing company will give cards e..nt r.nini
the history of the flag and the oath or
Following 'his feature a sa.e e. ? bnv
prs for the herieflt of the lied ? !'"rs wi:l
be held. Mifs Alma Hubbard has i.*>
nated iarc-e i-juantitlcs of b'oo?rs "f i.l
kinds itiul they will he offered Ircsh at
this time.
Dmo# In the Evening.
The Woman's <Tib has- i:*w-r planncl
a mor.. elaborate affair. They l ..vc <
nothing unilone t?? i:ia?i.* t!t?. ! ..i;- ?
cidebra t ion a ?ucce>s aiM tli".' !-'!??' ' ?
turn over a l;:-t" sum to Hi" l.*o ' r..ss
proof of tbeir I atrloMsm an<.
^?>?1 1.- efforts in bebalf o! til" ?? h< '
chcant. ! The t'llldic IS d -o Ml;
affair, and ;inb-.. d it is ut r--d .11
j;eiieTal jitit.!; will attend 1 ' (
IhrotlKll <rl<-I.' .' "tis of th!- k 1 1 *1 ' . . .1 ?.
communities I ? >' net iog?,th?,t atid !? itti
to know each other
P.egltinlni; at s n'.-loer a tlai.. e w; .1 be
*lveii tn the White I ' ' ? ?' ?? ui:ib-r t:o'
Park rnanagetiu't't ,'.|.'ti.ti. i s o; ? .y
W'.n, an's 1 'bib will I"' ij'esenr le t
chaperone and the usua! i"e t ,\ .* ????nts
a d;i:;er. will ! e charged, the pro,-, ed* to
be given to th- 1 I <'res> I tie .-if.'.e
dav will be one if unwearied ef.ort on
t lie part Of the Wheeling i'.arli and the
Woman's *'lub tn '.-nlertaln h?* pub.ii
nnd. tie generous -upport the .01n.m11
nity Is asked in tins most worthy cause.
It's Unnecessary ? La Creole ;
Darkens It Evenly ? No j
No matter how gray your hair, pro
mat eurely gray, faded, bloachod.
^streaked wfth gray, nil you need to d.>
is to apply to your hair and ncalp the
fsnious La Creole HaJr Droaslng. T!r:
is a very pleasant experience, and
t (? r a few applications you will he t! ?
lighted to observe all your gray ha:i
gradually turn to an even beautiful
dark ?had?. I^i Oreolo arte on root?-,
making hair and Huolp healthy, reviv
ing th?? color itlandH ?o nil your gray
hair la naturally darkened and ant in*
head of hair becomes soft fluffy, long,
thick and of an even beautiful, soft,
dark shade. Alao stops dandruff and
falling hair, leaving your hair fasci
nating and abundant, -without even
trace of gray showing. Sold on inonev
back guarantee. $1 for big bottle, by
Bear's Pharmacy, Wheeling, W. V? .
or sent prepaid by Van Vleet-Mans
flold Drug Co.. Memphis, Tenti.- -
Believed Him3elf Not. 21.
Thorn. is ox. aged "f Hickory live
nue, this city. employed ;ii the I". S. !
Stamping Company plant. was arrested \
here yesterday by I'hlof of I ? I !???? I abb,
on tills chart;*) of tailing to register under
. the conscript ion law. ile claimed ho
was not 'Jl Ills parents had so 1 n t i>rr:i
i-d him ami he knew no better. They
said he would lie i'l next February. but
when th" J'ainllv Uiblo with hn birth
date written therein was produce,! !t
, was found ihat Ills "1st birthday had
! occurred last February. The parents'
statements to the 't they believed
! their sou under age. and the statement
; of the Jad to the effect that he was
w.liirtg to register. wciv considered by
; the officials and at t h ?? )'<>:n
missioner I'.oyd l lie lad was permitted
to fill out ono of the registration certifi
tieorgo Iltimanskl. who boards on
: Toinliitson u venue. who. it is alleged,
boasted he dbl not register. was nabbed
? nt.'l i emaiiki'd to jail yesterday. lie
' claims be is over age. but friend" say
i he is bet ween 2:' and n t>. He is being
i held pending a further investigation.
Postars of 1776.
j At several places In the eity renrndue- |
t. tlous of the posters useii ill thee Itevolu
j tionary l'avs by t.!e.neral Washington. |
? tiavo been attracting considerable atten
i tiou. Five or six of the big posters arc i
I on display here.
".Gypsy Tour" VTtc'k.
I Members of the Moiindsville M'Uorcv
' cle Club, who will participate in the
I national tour, which is to be known as
| the "(ivpsy Tour," are getting tlo lr
t machines In shape for the trip the latter
j part of this w eels.
Lowe Claxi.
j Announcement was made yesterday of
the marriage of Mr. Charles Lowe and
' Miss Jessie i 'lark, both well kn'own young
| people of this city. The wedding occtu -
j red June lu. at the Kaptist church pai
: sonage. They will take up their icsi
! deuce in Washington, l a.
Escaped Prisoner Captured.
j Silas UiaKc. an aged resident of ilti:;
| city, who recently . s.-aj.. il from the
| county road crew at work in the imr
j rows, has been rceapi ured ami Is now in
I jail here. While at liberty Hlake staved
i mi the Ohio side of the river, and when
he returned to this city '1 uesday eve
j Ing he was nrresteil by Chief of Police
? Tagg. Ho Is serving a sentence for vio
lating the prohibition law.
Flag Sorvices Tills Evening.
I Mou mis v il le I "I gc No. I: | ?. O.
: F.Iks. will hold its annual flag service
J I li is evening on the court house lawn.
' Hon. i". K. Carrigau am] r.rotber Itcnj.
I KoScnblooUl. Of tile Wile e| I !.g lodge, are
j the principal speakers. A para do will
j precede the exercises.
Alleged Violators Are Registered.
Joe f'.urdulis and Frank 1 'U^chemek
! forejgiv is. who ware remaiideil tn jail
! b? re Tuesday ev? ning. when they npple-d
J in Sheriff Clayton f"r regis ira.t ion under
| the conscription act. w? r^ registered
I yesterday at the i list a nee. of Commis
I shiner Hoyd. of ling. The in- n ap
j | aretilly 'lid not understand the wvrk
, ings of the selective draft plan, and
when they found that II was neeessnrj
j lor iliem to register t In y 'endeavored h
lib so. Thu two foreigners we.ro released
I from jail after they had ' !!<>d out cer- j
ji:t|cntea Although the > .ins limit for
J registering ended several days ago I'oni
; missbnier lioy.l thought il best to rog
| ister the ni*-n. Ho will tms.; trio mutter
inn with i'is'rlet Atiorney Stuart
j Wulker at a laier date.
Wilson runoral Today.
j Funeral s- r*. ices for the I ?> t r> Charles]
Wilson, wdl known c!tl-/en ..f this city,'
wb" succumbed to a com plica lion of dis- :
eases .Mondiiy evening, wdi be he|<! ai |
tie- late resident n on Th!rieen?*i street, i
Thin, Undevelop sd
an:l Women Oaii Quickly
Gain Fhsh, Heailh and
Thou - . i r? i ! ? ' of t! in.- nt ib" ejep
ed men and ivonien Would uive all
they posse-;, if they coubl only
find ;i to gain tiesli. n-w
health ai ? ! i ore rength While
l.ot til % e' tie-, a i so : hin and
sera w : > t 1 ? . . i iheir frivmls think
(lie;. I'ltMliot lie well
In ali'no.-' i-v-ry case physii?ians
s:i> I s i o'ldlt icn can be ipneidy
I one month's M.-ady
ui.iniert u;.-. d !!? iifie; ' w itii
I'amgiii T;. ts and lienti.in
line of these tablets taken with
e:o h no tl ?! follto.vd by a tlass
of \ .iter w II ipiickly build up
\ iiii " , ? a I * h and st .-etiirt h. ' ^t.iri t:j;
iltat o' asing plutnpncs a v.hrch |S
?!? iiabb* in ii. -n as well as
1 1 ? ' i a box of I'amqin Tablets
iv I ? h ' let" inn Tom your druggist.
? ? II i irjest i'? . 1 UT, .Mar ket
St . sells lot of it. and bear in
mind Ilia' ? ? erv druggist In Amer
ica i* an' bonr.eii to refund the
purchase price !>< any dissatisfied
.i:nliciuilM> coinbiiiej wiUi 1 1 d'X
TltO V iijltA'i'Uit V. KLJCCTltlC
11 1 1.; 11 KKliyl'KNi ' V or ULTUA VlU
LKT it A V TltKATMKNT docs moro
to cure disease than all tho drugs
known. With this wonderful new
method J restored to health numbers
of patients after others failed. Fif
teen year.i successful practice. Con
sultation f r'-e.
Dr.G. W. Boiler
USTINOV ATH. Wat'l FUone No. S3U.
23<LS CUapUae Street. (Kour 2iUa) J
| | To outfitters of NEW homo.
? as Avell as to those about to :?<?
j furnish, we i n i t c an inspection
a of our Line of Extension Tables.
I It embraces the very latest
!? ideas in modern slylcs, coupled
with reproductions of Colonial
and Period desi^is.
Prices range from ?15.00
to ?75.00.
Porch and Sun Parlor Furniture
of ihis character is idea). It's
light, cool, attractive ? yet just as
substantial and strong as you want
it to be.
In Grass Fibre Chairs, Rockers
and Tables there are ninny styles,
a great array of popular priced
pieces being included in the dis
? V.:
You'll never realize how one
of these daiuty little creations
"sets off" tho bed room until,'
you pet it there.
These in ivory white give the
final touch of beauty and ro-.
finement to Milady's room.
Priced up from $18.00.
1304*06=08 MAUN ST.
ibis afternoon a t 1! iiVlneU. Ucv. II. (i.
jciiiiiil, pastor of III" First Prvbywian
i will i ? n* i > - : i to- Interment will bu
I in .Ml. Itosy t:if I ? r j .
Fl&ttsburg' Camp DiUls.
T!h> Mi'tnuls villf I 'lull s-liur^ i-iniip will
I liolil a IJH--MMIC this >?' - i.il:>,' hi : I . ? baf- ?
I it ? in t! v First l*r-'sli> ti-rlqri H.ur- h.
?I ll- drill will li?- iln c- i-.J by i ";? | ? t i i 1 1
; Mn 'ii niic.
Tlirea Slickers la Cameron.
Sin rift \S . LJ. ? *la ;. :..n 'w ;-s ill t'ansoron
I \-sl?Tiluv tin ? st ipatinir the report of
i >! r< ?- i i'Iim-i Ijulon sla<-k"is in Mint \>
<? !iu>. A thori'iich iii'.i s: Ication v. iJl l-c
ISiade l"-l' IV \ 1 1> "li f ; II 1 1 ? ? j-.tion is taUrn.
rinefl Tor rtffhtinfr.
1 (i-i'itrf II iima iisln. (i down t i'i w 11 for
I < itfni-r. was Min il i".*- and eosls y?'-st-:r
day in Siiuir.' l..-wis' i "ui*, rn a '-hitrKi?
? : assault and balter> preferred by au
? foreigner was lirst ai
i ?: ii:n-'l mi a ('-?b>ni<-iis ??iittiiiif fount Inn
I lat-'i' arrnnK' il to i !-ai guilty tu an as
j s" ul t and bit t-TV ibarc- .
Kotmclsville Bi"iefs.
M issi-s K-iso an?l I, illy llrantnor. of
j Fourth street, ar- spending the w? -k
( with trio n?ls on I:,iI.it:-s Ul<li?'\
: Mi", and Mrs .lolin .Morgan anil son.
? .lohii, of Pittsburgh, are visiting with
! relatives hore.
| Mrs A. Floy I-*raric!s and daughters.
nnc rup of Von Schlii-lt's Marvel
! ii Style Hluoil Tea an'l invigor
| at' all organs ? ? tin- Imily. Vou will ap
i p:v- late wiiy your grandparents onjojod
good ln-altli anil why liundri-ds of tliou
.?-.iiiii.-- atf it riMiiiin'iiiUnjr litis nature's
' n.uster tonir ami Spring Ulooil Purifier
f. r rh^'.nn.i i isr.i. . on.- r'pat ion. indiges
tion, s!i k a ml rervou*? heiidHfhos. stoin
' a- h l ro'.llil-"-'. 1 1 i * i- :i a trial. Sold in
! .Mt-.'- i:: and $! size .pa-kani-s, at your
j isc-n rest drug st ore.
i If you prefer tablet.*, ask for M. !'?. P.
[Health Tald-ts? imr.-ly vegetable. safe.
1 i-i-rtaln and I'onvenietii.
Let us install a bath in your
home that you can be proud of.
Our lines of fixtures- are the
highest gTade and newest de
sign. Come in, see them, and
select yours.
23 Tenth St. Both Phones.'
j M iss.-s May and Margaret. of Jefferson j
I avenue, aie visiting Willi Sew Martins
; vltlo relatives.
i One prisoner was discharged from the
| penitentiary yesterday on regular dls
; charge, having completed his sentence.
! One prisoner was brought to the instltu
i timi yesterday irorn Harbour county. j
j M i.-s .Mary Williams, Sterling liotLomc !
i uihI WillUm ISurh.-y. students at thee j
' university, have arrived home to speend ?
! the summer vacation.
I Misses A. L. Francis, S. Wr. Meals and
j A. F. Francis are in Kentucky attend
| in* :n busir.es-i matters.
}? Mrs ij. M. iiutngarner is 111 at her
? home on First street.
Invitations Issued.
I The following invitations were is
! " .s u ? ? ? I y-sier/laj :
The Trustees of St. John's Church
| extend you :i cordial invitation
to k present at a
"1* ij.rZ liaising
St. John's School
| Seventh and McAlechen Streets,
Urll wooc, W. Va.
Sunday, June IT. i':oU p. m.
Will XiHi.ye Tomorrow.
John Holmes, Francis Ureiinan and
Ilobert kilter havo resigned their posi
tions wil the local mills and will leave
tomorrow lor Columbus, where- they
will b-? examined for the service of
L'nce Sain in the army.
Meeting of United Rabooca's
Last evening the l.'nited Rebecca's j
held ihfir regular weekly meeting in j
the lodge rooms at McMechen.
Arrived Last Nlfflit.
Thomas MacMillan ,the Inmous tenor,
who will sing at the Kenwood M. E.
chiifli choir tomorrow cv< ning, arrived
in Uie city last night.
IHust Keep Back Yards Clean.
Those citizens of Kenwood who insist j
upon keeping >>lil cans, garbage, etc., in i
their hack yards are going to make en- j
enties of I heir neighbors who take plens- |
ure in looking alter the health of others. .
Why not clean up those tracts of land i
and turn them into city farms? ji
To Givo Lam Fate.
Tho young ladies of Ihe Live Wireji
! r.;h|.- class of St. Matthew's Lutheran (
1 Sunday school, are planning to give, a 'i
i l.iwn lute in the near future at Brown's !l
! Itiiu. A special meeting will be called I]
thiN evening after ehoir practice. j;
liadi.es' Aid Meets. ! '
1 This evening- at T:4.'> the i.adb*' Aid j
; So- iety of i }>.? l!<-nwoo.i M. K. church;!
I will hold its regular weekly meeting ;.i ?
J Ihe sewing rooms of the church.
Will leave for Washing-ton.
This evening. Thomas Kelly and his I;
[wife, nee Anna Strolu-r. who were mar- j
j ried Tuesday morning at St. John's!
j church, will lca\e for an extended hon- i
i eymoon in ihe fast. The bride's travel-'
' ing costume will be of heliotrope ga- j
I bard inc. The. newly-weds -will later re-;
{side at Washington. I >? C.
At Council Meeting.
AV. It. ,\t wood, general manager of
the Wheeling? Traction company, met!]
Tuesday ??veiling with the city council j
' iiiu promised an improvement of thej
streets: and subway, just as soon as the'
neces.-ary labor could be secured. Hoi
nlso spoke of the company's Intention of i|
Improving the car service.
Council decided to have tho question
of tin- sellliur and shooting of lire works
to the major's iii>crei Ion. '.mprove
inents to 1*1 versiih' pnrk and the city
I club room the i Vnier Kenwood tiro . ,
j company are to b.. made as soon ss po.-- j
siide. The claims an-i pay roll ordi-!|
I nance, ^--vcring a lotal of $1.?>0G.S3 wa?
! passed.
Beivtvood Briefs.
I Miss Mars Tumbles., n -.f Moundsvllle, ' 1
spent yes ierilay with relatives in thin
city. J
1 lob* rt 1' lee p-.nn of Main street, has I
j purchased a new buggy.
Joseph V?i rick of Youn^ciotvn, was ai
j business visitor in this ciiv yesterday, j
F. V. Sand- r. former assistant prin- '
eipnl of I'ni'-n high school, was In this!
I city \ eslefday.
Supt. II. 1.. I'edieord has returned!
; from it business visit .it lliekory, l'a. '
Miss Mary Jacobs of Water street. I
'is spending a few -lays at Clarksburg, j
Miss Kiln Conwell has .returned to her I
? home at I'ittsburgh .after
Buying cheap goods to save money
is like stopping a clock to save time.
Conservative Life Building.
V. L. POWERS, Mgr., Optometrist
few days as the Kuest of Mr. and Mrs.
George Morniugstar of Water street.
Albert Laos, who has been attending
W. \'. L'.. returned to his home on
Water street, yesterday.
Yesterday was pay day for the city
Lawrence Molan of the National Tube
company offio staff, is on a vacation.
Kdward Webster has changed his
residence from Hoggs Kun to this city.
Harry Smith of Marshall street, is
Vinrent Deecran continues 111 at hla
home on Water street.
Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Kurts of UV.er
street. -spent yesterday with friends at
Miss Carrie Butler of Marshall street,
is ill.
Harold Andreas of Ropes Run. Is im
proving. after a slight illness.
Miss Sarah Courtley of High street,
fsjwl.l Dispalrh tn Tbr jBlrlllccncw.
CINCINNATI. O.. June 13.? J. A.
I iilier, superintendent of the city-wa
terworks hero. announced today that
ho would at once take up the project
of buying :i coal mine or securing the
solo output and control of a West Vir
ginia coal mine for the use of the va
rious city institutions in view of the
absolutely unsatisfactory condition or
the coal market situation, thus fol
lowing i he progressive city of Cleve
land. which has bought a coal mlno
and will operate it with municipal
workmen to avoid the present "coal
squeeze." Colonel Hiller 6tated be
ivould be pleased to hear at once from
West Virginia coal mine owners in
regard to his plans.
' Side View
No. 77 ,
Storage Batteries, Auto
Lamps, Generator Brushes,
Ignition and Lighting Cables,
Electric Horns, Spark Plug*
and Electrical Specialties for
all makes of cars.
Electric Shop
27-10th St., Wheeling, W. Va.
Eoth Phones
Buy a Westinghouse Fan I
And Be Prepared for the Hot Weather
8 inch Desk $ S.00
10 inch Desk $12.00
12 inch Desk . $17.00
16 inch Desk $20.25
10 inch Oscillating : ?17.00
12 inch Oscillating $22.00
16 inch Oscillating $25.25
ectric & Mfg. Co.

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