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Revitalize your blood and put your!
system in condition to resist 1
the hardships of winter.
It is the strong-blooded men and >
women who are vigorous andj
healthy in winter, and who are not i
inconvenienced by the cold, wet
days. Wet feet don't bother them,
sudden changts cause no inconven
ience, and even when a cold is!
"caught" because of contact, in a I
close, stuffy room, with some one;
already infected, the trouble sel-1
dom lasts over a day or two. This j
highly desired state of health is I
brought about by having rich,!
." pure blood, uncontaminated bvi
impurities of any kind.
You may possibly think your:
. blood is all right?you are not!
troubled by outward signs. Yetf
you have felt tired and languid, J
you have lost some sleep or had
some minor ailments at times, but
you regard yourself as in "fairly
good condition physically." This
may be true, but you should take
nothing for granted, you should
not "guess" that you are all right.
The thing to do is to make yourself
right by taking a good blood tonic
and invigorator such as S. S. S1. lt|
is the best "known blood tonic on
the market today. There is hardly
a man, woman or child in America 1
who has not heard of it. .It has!
helped to restore mam- people' to;
health. It has brought relief! in j
thousands of eases of blood disor-j
ders during1 the past fifty years.
S. S. S. is a standard treatment;
for all blood troubles. It is a truej
blood tonic, that purifies audi
brings new vigor and new life to i
the blood stream.. It is guaranteed j
to be purely vegetable, to contain
no mercury or other mineral
drugs, but to be made from herbs
and roots carefully selected for
their known medical proper
ties. For chronic sores, ulcers, ca
tarrh, rheumatism, eczema, psoia
sis, salt rheum, tetter, acne and I
other such diseases as are duo to j
infected blood, S. S. S. acts quick- j
ly and satisfactorily. It counter-i
acts the germs and poisons,
cleanses the system of unhealthy
accumulations, literally washes all
foreign, matter from the blood and
renews its life-giving properties.
Be sure to take S. S. S. this win
ter. The renewal of vigor that it
will give you will be well worth
while. One thing you can be sure
of and that is if you take S. S. S.
you will be benefited. Oct it today
at your drug store?refuse any
substitute. Fcr medical advice, j
address Swift Specific Co.. 436;
SK.vift Laboratory, Atlanta. Ga.
Havt given . *igfri. -or ^ fJifiL
WASHTXOTOX. D. C.. Oct. 17.?The
following casualties are reported by the
commanding criTal of tko American
v Kxpedltlonarv Forces:
Killed in action 3S
Missing- tn action S
Wounded severely 56
Died of disease............ 18
Died of wounds - 11
? W-'iirvded (degree undetermined)... 75
Prisoners 5
Total 211
Killed In Actios.
Andreas. Russell. Canal Dover. O.
? leissenhainer. Paul D, Zelienople, pa.
Moore. Clarence F.. Philadelphia. Pa.
Uat!?-r. Miko H.. Find lay. O.
Rowlands. David William. Branch
I 'ale. Pa.
? Scott. Ivan. Niiv i'umh.:rlnr.tl, O.
Died of Disease.
Conway, .lames R.. Cumberland. Mil.
Cm-po ra!?
Rarth. Herman W.. Cambridge. Md,
. Saddler?
Sinton. Luther K., Danville. Pa.
Smith, Coy, Auburn, W. Va.
Oebberich. Thomas I... Lebanon
county. Pa.
Thompson. Wilfred. Icmfn. O.
?Wounded Severely.
Lewis, Hugh Kdwin, Xorth Otmrd. Pa.
Moyer. Xelson W., Lebanon, Pa.
Renlniillor. George Ralph, Scranton.
I'lanci. RaiTa-Ie. R-'-ading. PA
Craddock. Ella, Xake. W. Va.
Fugnte. Frank. Greenfield, i?.
Xlxott. William J.. Philadelphia, Pa.
Safto, Kdward. Scranton. Pa.
Zet's. Mike. Bradford. I'a.
Wounded (Degree Undetermined.)
Re-dmlller. George Ralph. Scranton.
Brady. Thomas J.. Philadelphia. Pa.
? Cannon. John F.. Pittsburgh. Pa.
Stump. Clot us K.. York. Pa.
Ko.-ke. Wayne L.. West Chester. Pa.
John. Monessen. Pa.
Cage. Manle.v !?:. Degolia. pa.
Christian. Henry !>.. Houston. P.a.
?'lark. Curtis W. Atlentown. Pa.
I'l-ituro f. iIowa.-it South Alien
to at.-.
Dorn. Philip R.. Philadelphia. Pa.
Rickes. Samuel. Cleveland. O.
Bobbins. William C.. Bergholz, O.
Sniuk. Rubin. Philadelphia. Pa.
Silknetter. Samuel Warren. Lancas
ter. Pa. .
Williams. Edward A.. Punxsutawney.
The following casualties are reported
by the commanding: general of tho
American Expeditionary Forces:
Killed in. action 30
Died of wounds received In action... S j
Died of disease 1
Wounded in action (severely)....-.. 54
Wounded in action (degree undeter
mined) 100
In hands of enemy 2
.Missing in action 1
Total 10$
Killed, in Action.
| <limit. Edwin Le R.. Toledo, O.
C -rrx?r.al?
Freed. Carlos D., Columbus, O.
MiRer, Dennis C., Morgantown, W. Ta.
Murphy. Emmett .T.. Salem. O.
?Ott. Harvey K? Pho.-nixvillo, Pa.
Severely Wounded in Action.
General Sergeant? ....
Strickland, Earl F.. Portsmouth, 0.
Eair. Harry B.. Mill Hall. Pa.
?* Boeder. Vernon P.. Akron, O.
Broome. Lawrence H. New London. O.
G-oesreletn, Samuel. Benwood. W. V?.
Williams. Dewev W.. Monterey. Pa.
| Wounded in Action, Degree Undetermined
; Sergeant:
j Warnecke. Francis. Baltlmru. Md.
? Corporal:
I Dillon. Wm. H.. Windsor. Ohio,
j Savior. Elton. Toledo. Ohio.
White. Charles S.. Harrison. Ohio.
I Private.
! Bayne. James W.', Oovanstown. Md.
j P.erry. S*bert N*.. Philadelphia. Pa. "
I Hamberry. Joseph II.. Philadelphia, Pa.
1 Huerkfimp. Frederick J.. Cincinnati, O.
Loos. Joseph F.. Cincinnati. O.
Moats, Fred O., Fairmont, W. Va.
Moore. Albert W.. Madisonvllle. Ohio.
Sullivan. William J. Springfield. O.
Stonger. Ralph A.. Berwick. Tjl
In Hands of Enem". Previously Reported
Wright. Ralph T.. Htbbetls. O.
Returned to Dutu. Previously Reported
! Private:
Knnis. Allen Marshall. Mlddletown. O.
Kingston. Frederick J.. W1llci%s-Bfcrrc, !
Th" fol lowing casualties are reported
hy the Commanding General of tho Am
erlcan Expeditionary Forces:
Killed In action ..31
Missing In action .,..14
Wounded severely. !. . 65 i
Died from w-.tinds 6
Died of disease 7 i
"Wounded, dogreo undetermined 52!
Total ' 170 j
Killed In Action.
Morsolis, William F... Jn, Passaic. N. J
Puffer. Harry S.. Ravenna. Ohio.
Brooks. Edward B.. Milesburg, Pa.
McConnoll. Charles Ofanna. AUoona.
i"urcell, John Joseph. Pylesville, Md.
Died of Disease.
Moore. Rny R.. Scranton. ret
Wounded Severely.
Peat tie. Ooorgo IV.. Pittsburgh. Pa.
Patterson, Floyd IV.. Waynes burp, Pa.
Everts, John B., Hancock, Md.
Goodenow.. Glen AV? Crancsvillo. Pa. j
Grog or, John, Rites, Pa.
P-aish. Harry C.. Mow Kensington. Pa. !
1 Yivate: 1
Bickart, Oliver. Phoonixvillo, Pa.
Binguy, Howard H.. Mttnhnll. l'a.
Bund. Georg--. Smoke Run. Pa."
Xtanolson, Osbern, Cralgsville, W. Va.
Decry, James w.. Garrett Hill. Pa.
Dimareo," Piernio, Philadelphia. Pa.
Dunbar .William. North Eraddock*. Pa.
Esh'-r. Nlel, Philadelphia. Pa.
Hereon. James A.. Cn.rtie.gie. Pa.
lb pkins. Edgar. Philadelphia, Pa.
Howard. Joseph A.. Oarbondalo. Pa.
Ksakitls. James. Girardvlllts. Pa.
Koster. Walter N., Dubois. Pa. ?
Ever Ralph. Chambers burg. Pa.
Moeeabee. Gazaway, Columbus, Ohio.
Wounded, Degreo TTudetonnlned.
Buchell. John Turtlo Creok, Pa.
Glltuoro, Frank W., Buckingham. P?
Guthrie, Daniel D-. Kitanning. Pa,
Kennedy...Thomas A.. Philadelphia. Pa !
Short*. Samuel. Philadelphia. Pa.
Eckroat, Edward H.. Shenandoah. Pa
Fischer, Michael. Brood Ford. Pa
Herman. Franklin. Norrlstowiv. Pa.
Missing In Action.
Fisher. John. Philadelphia. Pa.
Lewis Charles "M. Carlisle. Pa.
SantivbarNtra, Julius. Cleveland. O.
Schultz. Oscar A.. Dayton. O.
flitHiimimmUuB.A 123466 123456 12S4K 1|
Boy? Back To Murgantowu.
Tho S. A. T. C. boys who havo boon
hero for the past two weeks from Mor
'gantown. havo received their cards
ordering them to report on duty next
Monday. They all seem anxious to
return and to get into training again. |
Tho South Side has a largo percentage
of its boys In the S. A. T. C. >
JXmclngf Party.
iOss Edith AVork entertained a. number
of her little friends last evening with
a dancing party at her homo on South
Eoff street. The guests danced to Vic
trola music until a late hour when a
dainty luncheon was served by tho hos
tess. Miss Work's guests uumbered
m At "Washington.
Mrs. Philip Wetxel has been called to
Washington, where her son. Philip. Is re
ported ill at a baao hospital in the vicin
ity of that city. A telegram telling of
his illness was received lost evening,
but it did not stato what ailed the boy.
It is believed, by the relatives, however,
to be Spanish Influenza.
Red Cross Society.
. Tho members of the Red Cross affili
ated with St. Alphonsus church are ac
complishing a great deal of work at
home, while the ban rests on the city.
Every week & day la devoted to sewing
at tho various home* and in this way. a
number of garments aro completed.
When tho meetings aro again resumed,
they will bo able to show fine result?
of their work at homei
Arrested Tor righting.
At Market and Twomy-s?vomh street
last evening occurred one of the most
exciting spectacles the South Side has:
seen for some Ume. Two Italians In- j
| came In some way antagonistic to each ]
| other and as a result some heavy blows !
< were dealt. Several outs had hemi ad- I
I minstcred when the police arrived on J
I the scene and ended the fracas. The
fighters aro at present in jail.
No New "Pin" Cases.
Up until last evening no new cases of 1
"Flu" were reported in this section of :
the city. All are taking strict pre-1
cautionary measures against the disease I
and those who were in any way affected J
are rapidly recovering. From tho pres
ent outlook the epidemic has nut gained
ntuch ground on tho South Side.
Wo Meeting.
The meeting which had heen planned j
by the mebers of the A. C. X. Club has I
been postponed indefinitely. They will I
hold no banquet next Friday either as
the membtTs have not held any meetings
lately to prepare for the same. The i
affair will probably be given some time i
in November.
Has A New Car.
Mr. I>miel Stoops of Thirty-third
i street, f has recently purchased a new
j Overland. The machine Is ono of the
| latest models and is replete with all new j
I Improvements. It presents a very pleas
ing appearance and will probably lie of J
much servlco to Mr. Stoops.
South Side PerBonala.
Miss Elizabeth Hutchinson, of Xew I
Brighton, Is expected to arrive in the i
? |
cl'v so"n to take up h'er residence with)
hor aunt. Mrs. Anno Nolle. "f Chapliuei
Mr. lliiwaril Xelley, who is employed '
by the, Hell Telephone company in A lor- I
pmiotrn, Is tho guest of liis mother. I
Mrs. H'-nry Xelley. nf-Eoff street.
Tin- Misses Doris and Kutli Kline nroj
tho guests of friends In Elyrla. <">liio. j
Mr. .lames O'ltrion is the guest of his!
aunt, Mrs. T. K. Iteed, of Chaplino
clydFsmithTeaves i
Clyde Smith. prominent IVarwood !
young man. loaves this morriiiu; at. 7.10:
o'clock for Camp Alfred Vail, at Tattle*
Silver. .V. J. He will " titer the signal
corps of the regular army, having;?volun
teered through Washington with the
consent of the county draft hoard.
Mr. Smith was formerly employed at j
the Stone and Thomas store and later at j
the Ilazel-Atlas Gloss com puny, In the!
power house.
CH A PRESTON, W. Va.. Del. 17.?A !
j charter was issued today hy the secre-j
tary of stat<> to tho following corpora-;
tlons: ,
Ttraxton County Coal Co.. of Chicago, j
V. Yn., capital stock. fis.hOO; incorpo-1
Tils., to operate mines in Itraxton County j
I rotor:'*. AV, S. Shaw. Shaw Association,
j I.id. i!. c. Saunders, ol Chieairo; Estate'
I Rraekley Shaw. A. S. Cassils, T. DeG. J
Stewart, of Montreal.' Que., and Alex
Cameron of East Jordan. Mich.
Buv MORE Bonds j
Ton take a Dr. James' TIcndaelio Pow
i der and in Just a few mono nts your
J hern I "dears ami* all neuralgia and pai>i
jfades away. IPs the (|iili'k"*st niul surest
relh i" for h'-adaidie. whether dull, throb
bing. split ting or nerve-racking. Send
someone In tlo* drug stol'** ami get :?
diine package now. (juit sulT*'j'ing- it's
S"> Heedless I SII|'C J'Oll get Dr. James*
Heaihohe Powders- "hen there will he
no disappomlineiit.
Two Keystone Men Given Prison Sen
tence for Kefusal to Obey
f'A M [' l.r.K. Vn.. ??et. 17.?rndisturbed
l>.v pence notes, i lie soldiers tit this
wimp, many of whom probably within
sixty iltiys or less will have taken their
places on the tiring lines In France,
tire subscribing enthusiastically to the
Fourth liberty Loan. He ports show
that during the week the men have
subscribed bonds In different numbers
to bring the camp's total to $fi2f-.O0O. It
Is hoped that during the. present week
the goal of $1,000,000 will have been
reach- d. /
Kandolph "*!. Payne of Pittsburgh, a
negro who was em ployed for seven years
by the AVostinghouse company, refused
to be vaccinated nn-l gave as his rea
son that it would "ilclib* his body." Ho
was defiant in his refusal and was
tried bv :i general conrt-tnartial. Ho
offered no testimony and declined to
make a statement at the trial. Ilo was
sentenced to ten years of hard labor,
which will b0 served at Fort Jay, N*. V.
Ualph llcrir. -if Krie. who was In the
wholesale candy business in that city,
claimed to have been converted from
tile Jewish faith t** a religion which hud
ns one of its fundamental principles ob
jection to military service. The court
decided that Hertz was not conselon
I tlous in his objections to military scrv
1 ice and the board ordered that ho he
i given full military service. Accord
ingly when he was ordered by t'aptain
[ Albert K. Mnlhy to receive'rifle instruc
tions and r-Tuscd In? was arresiod and
| tried by general court-martial for the
j offense. I!-* was sentenced to fifteen
I v'ars .of hard labor.
| War Insurance Bureau
Attacked in Congress
WAsll I N'HTOX, Oct. 17.?Pnrtlsnn po
litical dis.Mission ami criticism of the
war risk insurance bureau, delayed ac
tion by the bouse today on the six bu
llion dollar nilhtnry deficiency bill. Head
?'crs hope I" pass the measure tomorrow
laud send it to the senate. 1-ut Kepre
! s* uiativc Sherley of Kentucky, in charge
of tile bill', warned the house that this
was impossible unless discussion was
confined to "what is in the hill."
I'omim-uiluilon and condemnation of
i ho work of tin* war risk bureau were
I freely voiced during the. two hours' dls
j cus.Vion of iippropriations of $7,000,000
j for cleric hire and $70,000,000 for addi
jtional family allowances, both of which
' were approval. Hepresentatlvc Gladden
<>f lllimiis. Republican. denounced the
bureau as "outrageously Inefficient" in
{administration, and said It was "filled
j with idlers."
1'ny for the army, amounting to $606.
I 027.0110, was the only Important military
{appropriation considered today. It was j
pas si ?* I without discussion. Several ap
' propriations for civil departments also j
? wore approved, as were legislative sec- ?
j t ions giving delinite authority for the!
' enlarged powers of the shipping board I
' for extension of shipyard facilities. |
Peace Rumor Sends 5,000
Miners to Idleness
j .JOI LVSTOW.V. Pa.. Oct. 17.?.Five
I thousand miners in tho Somerset and
! Camhral counties were out of cmploy
i nient today and the government It short
35.000 tons of coal because the men quit
' work hist night following circulation
: of unconfirmed report that Germany had
! surrendered and the kaiser abdicated.
' Thirty mines are affected, tho men hav
ing left to g'd more details of the news,
and most of them becoming Intoxicated.
KarrMc* T.lowi?
Thomas Barthci, 18, and BeoZah Hlg*
gins, 21, both o< Canton. O.
Administrator Appointed.
The Dollar Savings and Trust Com?
pany was yesterday appointed adminis
trator of the ?state of Joseph Spelldell
bond. $lf>0,000; surety, none required
by statute.
Administratrix Appointed.
Marperct K. Linton, of Lenox addition*
was yesterday appointed administratrix
of the W. L. Linton estate; bond,
surety, W. E. Wallaoe.
?(Bay Liberty Bonds)?
CHICAGO, Oct. 17.?All public gath
erings throughout Illinois not absolutely
essential to the war wero prohibited In
a proclamation Issued by the state In
fluenza commission, with the approval
of Governor Frank O. Lowden, late to
Buy MORE Bonds
Proof that Some Women
do Avoid Operations ^
r Jmk.
Mrs. Etta Dorion, of Ogdensburg, Wis., says:
'?I suffered, from female troubles which caused piercing pains
'like a knife through my back and side. I finally lost all my
strength so I had to go to bed. The doctor advised an operation
but I would not listen to it. I thought of what I had read about
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and tried it. The first
bottle brought great relief and six bottles have entirely cured me.
All women who have female trouble of any kind should try
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound." /
. How Mrs. Boyd Avoided an Operation.
Canton, Ohio.?"I suffered from a female trouble which .
caused me much suffering, and two doctors decided that /
I would have to go through an operation before I could /
get well. f
"My mother, who had been helped by Lydia E. Pink- I
ham's Vegetable Coin pound, advised me "to try it be- f
fore submitting to an operation- It relieved me from /I
my troubles so I can do my house work without any J ?.
difficulty. I advise any woman who is afflicted with / \\
female troubles to give Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege- / ^
table Compound a trial and it will do as much / sf T/
for them."?Mrs. Marie Boyd, 1421 5th St.', / //7 A/v
K. E., Canton, Ohio. I/?'/ .
I / Vi
Every Sick Woman Should ^TVy/r 11
Before Submitting To An Operation ^ f
L J Ly?lA
Do your bit
Save sugar, wheat, meat, labor and fuel
MOST people when they say
"Corn Flakes" mean "Kef
logg's"?the Original?the Flakes
that are delicate and thin, with a
flavor and sweetness all their own.
Don't merely ask for "Com
Flakes"?specify Kellogg's Toasted
Com Flakes and look for the signa
' ture of W. K. Kellogg on the
Every time you serve Keilogg's
you are helping to save, wheat,
meat and sugar.
Kellogg's is ready to serve. It
saves labor and fuel.
It is an all-the-year food for
everybody, any time of day, with
milk or-evaporated milk, fresh or
stewed fruits.
Kellogg's is about the only cereal that
needs no sugar?owing to the flavor and
sweetness developed in the Kellogg
It is economical and convenient to buy. Any
family in America can get Kellogg's Toasted Corn
Flakes in the time it takes to reach the. nearest
grocery store.
The signature of / / -A
Identifies the Original Corn Flakes
No Indigestion! Stomach Feels Fine!
No Acidity, Gas, Souring, Dyspepsia
?? i
Belching gas, food soaring iri
stomach, lumps of pain from indi
gestion and all distress from art
upset stomach stops instantly. tYes!
At once!
No more stomacH-hcadacHe.
Never any indigestion pain.
Pape's Diapepsin not only re^
lieves bad stomachs but it strength
ens weak stomachs. Splendid!
Gosts little?Any drug store.
|upset? PaDe's Diapepsin

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