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The Wheeling intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1903-1961, October 29, 1921, Image 14

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Ppooiai l>!v;>n; h f.? T'r Intoi'.iison- si
Sf.-!V?T; \ i:> in.;., iv: Tin- st'*
M-lay lifi;an prttituu: ? iriiiinstnnti.il
ot i-lmco airainst Walter Wrlyht. W-"
\ Ilto man. on trial horo far thr nuir-lt-r
of Harry I'umtnins. !?????; aufn il-alrr. a
ilnji-n ttii.ro tt i? ti? smi.i tn i alio.! to
?!.,. i. ? that :!;?? j ris-a.-r at
? a li.ir !? ?!??? mart who tt is ,,ts: s-ett
m Ml :!??> a ;fo t!e:t!> ? on J'lit L'l. an.l as
? V.< man ?"?. ? was in |>..ss> ? :i,.n of M.o
oar" on l>rm:ir'.< lion r< ail ami
? ' a !?? ?! LAr'ifr f h ?? .!.i >'
Vifs' I'??fttihriith' ..f Miiirfu Jiiro
Mrs I'harics Sto'n r. ? \\ hooiitts.
: I s. \.<rai ..'hers fostitie-I that th" ?!?
'???t.iar.t Is the matt who tlroto a ? .ir
ti n n;;tf? '.tt tvlilo.i flirt it ori rliltnc.
'?> Mu- smu*hot ti part nf tho . art . ft t!n?
; ?'?ortin. rt of t!i- murtlor Thot naolo
???sit.to Menrift.atiiti. Itoih ' at * tt on
tiaaiM'!. at 1 WrlKlit. {hot 'osttti.il. a- ?
i ottipaalo.l tliottt t" .v l.ioa. K.ira^o whtro
Writs!;: !oft tl.e stolon oar as soottrlfy
for repair ic-'h
Tiio sla'r est.ibilsii.il tho fa.*: that t!io
(lo.-otrtposed htiilv founil "tt I'ormar's
Kitn. on July ^'j. ttas that of Harry
I'ummins. five tt Itrtosses i.lentifylnjt tho
ilofhlnj: taken frotti tho (truly an.l trs
?!fy!nK thi-v hail iilontlftoil the romam.s
To Jury TonXffht. Perhaps.
Jufliso Carl Smith ttas still hopeful
of fsottin? tho caso to tho Jury l?y Satur
day night ami holtl a nlcht session to
J ?iiff:' Tin- .?T-.t?,r. - t xx?ti !i !
r.-.l.n 'ti.it V\.r. ?i; !???
? ! : no- .1 ri.l .1If : ? >i. "..??% I
Am.??mi x. i.. nt.nl M i' -i.- > ?
? !*!?. xx.-uitl ? j.-r ? *
Hit if ?.??.!(< Inn.I, ;.\;til.iNf :
?>a. h .in f\|?-ii<lit nr. I:i ;? ''..it .1 ?
i sr. .1. I.-I.sr : nri'l i. i-.-.! f..s
iHrlitlif UV.i?s\i!> .in.' I. I . :
I J XX. V. .it'll"..?.I l.x M* .-It I. :. ? ?
? lit-x V \ r.... M-; S I trill, i l!|X_.. .? ? t \> In- !
I tlx tt xx ii.. xx.i- ? \; ? ? " ft I |n ,t- -> i * "
! xlrf.-n?. !.:i- I...I ; i' in :y: I .?? "f.r. ??
Wright's Cunjditslon.
I Tit. ' I - ? s. :.|. .11.1, .x.ll!'
I i:.. I X.I '. ,"T :. \t ? i; ..( I J... .X ... ! ?
' t?'tnK i H?? r???! ! ?? " - .'. ??? ti'.xx . ?!
' mil!t*il Itx :!,. tlft'.'ii .. I.a? Hi. t.-.tl ? nil
' tf^r xxl! tori.t xxl>. -t I.,-.- .i t't , it-.. ".i
} lr?trot!tit ? \\ t:?!.' ? !t"ih'!r. ? ? ???
't. tit.- itnirili-r \.'xx K|i:i|'M? tri. n xxiii
I t!i.? til irn ij'.xl xx:!iiix^Mt-N
ixxltli t???!.?ri-ti. ?> m
j f'.i.i't,.. i?t.. l,i,?ii. , l.iff ? -t:??.??! t'.-r "'.t"
Iil> 'i iiil.xtit. i ittii'iir. ! this i-.- ti.tn flt.i"
?I". XX"1|1 r '"'ill Ixxi-iXf wit Iif.-I * ?<. ;t mini
l" r tif tliftn t'. inn t:i?.|ixtyrn nf tli.- mil.
|i?tr?i tr.ui['i? xxi:;, xxit;. it U"i:?'.t! ? t .i \ ? il
pr:.? r t.> the iinu.ier <?? i'unnnin*
i.iv't ll. .< It. lift. 'J* Til." !l XtllTV
siirritiintllnK tlx* tnunlur t'ur'.v Wmltirn
! tiny tri'Tr': k nf lii-v Kntli-r A. I> Kol
( Uix.4.(1. pn^'nr nf S* Patrick's i-atheilral.
i will I't* I'N'tircil irp. afivnltrs t"
! statements fr.?r?? itffirlals fnil.txx IriK in
? vi-itlKiitlxxn* xx li.t h iiistt'tl until parly t"
| ilny.
Wo nro satisfied wo know who tho
man Is. nml he will ho taken into custody
? within a reasonable time" declared
James Fowler, oountv attornoy. 'nllnw
i ia?: examination of fifteen wi'twvs Inst
I 'isappoaranoo of Andrew Orlando
from his room in tho boarding house of
Mrs Fioss HertoVro and discovery of a
pls'ol ap.d hammer It: Ins room resulted
in examination by officials last nliiht of
Mrs Jt?rti'lcro and several of her hoard
ers. Tloy hummer was said to resemble
| one taken from the automobile owned
bv Father Kolknap. with which some
one had tampered ;>r:or to the time the
priest was summoned from his home to
r. . . :l 'v i 1iv.' ? -?
?I...: > >r html .. is ha r?-?* I ? ? ?>
. t ' - ??? ??! I, th. I! It . ? -II - ? T'tf 1
ill ? 'III -i:?i .s i-i li_hl frmi Mtt 1111'
-r In t!- Ii- :ii. "i"-I'.it'l ri.-i. "'? ?
?i.. * u Ii.. ,!. .. .-i. -i l!i. -? I> ? ?!???
:?! ii i V, ? - i ?lt .i I.I i'ii ' 'I
? . ;i: ? In 'I t'
; w ?? .i .-.I i.\ w !. i.. rt
?)??? i in -? ..ii I riii-ln-.i . ril ''.ill.-.
ti ?? I. ?(!>'
(Continued Proni Par. o Ono.l
w C!i Mr 1 -?? ..|..t .I ? is.i i,,1111 ? ' \ -
t .? ? .-'.i r\ ?? t Nr.- !:? ?
v ? *in u t'i "..'M' .-:! ? r ri " >!.!?>
Then the Climax
Cirl III.. . . . !? .! a..! I
1> t'.ir u i !..- n..\t .-.irni- -???' I :: .?.?>
when m.i> I !i ?:.?!? r i| a ftim a ? s :ru
A r.-i * r.? ? i r >i. i Ari a \
I ..:??!!: i; a !. u j a r - ! f i ??... ' 'a -.1 In
' hi r.|. ri Hi..-., It:- ?.uia.u- . -ar.M i mat.
' I.. fa; ? fn ii'i.l . i :. I. -: M. ? r
II 'i m..r>li.i. r'.i I au.iir.r . '.in. .,
r> . Hint evtn h'.s ? inn i:: nall.Hi
11--i! I tn.t ha \ <? ? in. m\ni!
A-. si.ii'i ns Mn'al:? : ii.r; ? ' uum
rrr Ihn IIkIiI hum unit.tin ? I'ran. ?
si. 1 I'M tlm ;.!rr a S..I.-.I :y -t ? 'it
\ fnu tunnies |i,if iii- r;,..,ir.c! iVl'sIt
tri?r tin? I n|ijm.irnil t ? rl.t- >,.tni I ruffles
allil flourish, >. .-Mill Ih|||-1- I i-|m;i li-i|
lot Mn- l-'min'li war hero
Will n tlm |treetln|t was .i\.-r- tin- Tinr
sha! stnrl.-.l t<> w: <1 his . ,,r. thn ? Im- r
Ins- r-r.ikn forth afresh N.-ail> tlm rire*
of his sli.it.-ho|i;-v saliil.-s was Klv.-tt
in \ e'er.,us of Kranr,- ii.?-n w I- ? had
foUKot with lilrn .ii th.- li.itll.i n ,ii I'-l
iila'r.s ami valleys of thn w.sicrii fron*.
Thmn tlmv were." a ^iillriill platwu,
s.'hllnrs of thn l-'rt-n.'h Mrtilh-iv an?l Iri.
fantry. Iilu>* I'evils ami hit .In.mi. sotm*
with <-m;-ty sinews, till with il< - ra
Had To Take Ordera
Nevt the marshal's gi.mce t?-l: ':;?r?
h b.nitulloti of American i'gwlars, w th
khaki ittiil Tin huts Ami then .1 sight
lenilcriT than the rest. ;? ?? --.ir? ? f !{<-d
i*ross nurd's in uniforms of .white.
I hot ok r.d j ?! i would not |.crnitt Die
nliled generalissimo iinnnMli.it.!> 'o
stop Int.. his car. I "or peiluips Die lir.st
time itl many vents, M.uslial Koeh liii.l
'to la Uo orders.
"Stand there."
"Over this way "
"Mold If
Ttify came fast and furious. tun they
soon >v>-re iiv. r. -nd the marshal did not
semi t" mind at ail net tic onh-teil at out
Parade of Triumph
Then stin t?d the parade of triumph
As the line of motorcars moved under
(he ejeva'od (ranks. tiiotniiiv-u forgot to
move their trains. They just opened
their whistles and kept th> tit open.
Oreatert Spectacle of All
There were no steps 11 ? he seen oil
the custom house There were jus; row
Upon row of peoph ? pcopit mad with
enthusiasm. who si.ante | and olo-ered
long after the marshal's oil' had pas-sod.
It woe soon evident tiiat, like the Hunt
blest patron of the sulnuu, he was to
i stand ait "he way up town, for the
crowd would not let him sit down, lie
stood tii" entire route on tile sea* of his
automobile, with his fingers constantly
at his ,-up peak.
Ah the proeenston swung Into ltro.nl
way, at histnrV" Howling i ii-i'ii. Do
marshal found the greatest spectto !e ?
all. Through tlie narrow cut. with its
great stnao sides, the procession pushed
its way J-'iut It-ring everywhere were
the flogs of Amcrl'-a and l-'taitoe. of
I tire-It Ilrita.n ami Ihiglutn. of ail the
i allies.
Blizzard on Broadway
Although the sun >*.is hot and o-.
CO .its were unheeded, the marshal must
have thought himself in the midst of a
blizzard. for down poured a r.ewr
ee.icing shower of white paper. S'o
thlek we.s tiio shower llmt It near'.i
hlotted out the groat spire of Old Trin
ity. bound hv yards and yards ..f ?! ko
tnpe that tluttere.l from the uppermost
stories "f skyscrapers. Tho dm of
cheers drowned conversation.
The crowd allowed the procession to
i pass, but c nee ;.a?>'.. it broke and. filling
' tho street, pree-se l on behind tie- motor
j caravan. \
All c'-'Dd not press Into <htv lfal!
pieza. wlu?-h already was packet but
ali tr'ed At the entrance the marsh i
found awaiting to greet Mm a woman
in gilt armor astride a horse of gilt
It was .loan of \re. The marsh i!
Then he en'cred the I'ity Ila'l. .itid
there Mayor Hyian bestowed 011 hint the
keys of the ? 11y. Hut the marshnl didn't
; nee,| them. All doors were 11nl.1t died
1 to him.
(Continued Prom Pa-g? On*)
for trln' of another one .of fin- <??>. t nn
i ;isi's, .Tudyo Ho!>!n<o;i \ ester.lay in
fused to set for trl:ii thl.?; form tin- emm
of either t'lt\ Manayor llotner frayo
<>r t'lty Solicitor ,T. J. I' '' Krien. both
of whom ar?> charged with help'ny * >
perpetrate fraud In the city .loot.on
Their cases worn set for at the
Vovember term. whl- h cor.- -ties Voy.-ru
bor 7
Judge Robinson set th.- -trial of fit
Solicitor CHrli'ii for Vovemhor It. when
the rltv soflc iti-r will he trhal op Indict
ment No 2. which charges him with .1 1
lny. assisting and advising S.-ii.y
Jones, a negro poll clerk it !?>?. in--: No.
J of tho Second ward (the t'lo-ml a! on
gino house) t? cause a false return to
l.? made of the \ot.j i-nst In that pre
The trial of r'tty Mnti.'u.-r i'rn-?-. -ci
Indictment N<>. I was set 1.? r f'i.il \->
vemher 21 This Indictment rhar.-e* the
eity manager. who duritu; th-< ? :t\ e>
th.ns wa ?? city clerk, with laving given
out ballots to Rre t'hief Hurley
Many Were Surprised.
Ttessnmor Nail's renvlctiun .-nine .1- .1
surprise In some .piarters. where 'r was
predicted that the host the state c-.iil i
hope fo- was to secure a hui.g jurv. hut
j r.-secutlni; Attorney I'.irl '1 lt.V-hii'-.t. 1
and his assistants. Austin \ Wo...! at 1
Clinton It. Campbell. e\| r.ss.-<! tie- c- n
fl-lence from the minute tin ? a>.- was
given to tiie jury Tiiur-ehiv t"i-l 1 th- ?
Nell wouhl be foimd guilty
"The hlack tnk with v.hod I- ;
? '?rk? signed their names on in.- h>\
of nor f?-y. o thart lss ballots all 1 1 -*t?;
evidence that they were marked1 l.won
man. eotild not >|.? otherwise 'Iran - mi.
1 itoe a fair minded Jury. -.? Inn . ?oi-:-'
e:e,| with all of other fads > >???
s.-nted by II..- state arid r.?.? . l ? ?
ed |.\ the i|?f? 1 ?.- " IT .-.p. r ! '
tminn said "that Nail was m th s .leal
out *her.? .at th* l-'.-r t 11 ei|. \ 1 ??>..? -..use
r 11 ?? t the frau-l ? "uld n-.t )..-.-n
committed ii- 'hiiin |,ts al l "
CnraftUly Considered.
V.. nccuiate statement wric to s.-.
- ure.) \est.-rday as r.? hove the jurv of-l
In the Vail case from tle? tlrsl V.T is
rumors of II to t f -r ? on\i--t0*0 -?>t
w tc trir-oieh. s f ? t for .0 -rU f' -| I
T! ureilat flight T ?! other NgU'el w--t?
heard ahou* tire .ourt t--.>ru. lei* t' *?.-..
ate ji11 pule'- ct|. ?e? ' In fact ' \
cit.-in: I 1 os:. ut: Ml Attortrex \l|st i| \
\\o..l sab! d. ^-lopunui t a might just
tis ens iv b-ijd ope to hellev. t"at the
Jurv' tl.-st l...l'ot w is solid f- r cotixl
tion of Vail. Keen 11 flat after
ei ny the cam for riv-t.- thati no 1
Thut'sd.rx* night tin* jurv I.t-ir:-.-.! to
court and In .1 .ii'inn'-r t-i.it drm-- t ? >:
ed ilenrlv tha* 11.1 . w--r - i'Ivii.c -are
f 11 i v ? on -d-lct a tion 10 the evidence, an '
r-oin- ed that It would I-- impossible t ?'
go uur 'he ethh-nic tli ift n'pht Xitel ar- 1
rive -It yerd'ct. - - tin- tut \ a - Is?" a I ? . '
>.e ...nt to note I fo, t! .. iv:y! ? The |
Id ! thing th--. moin-iig tic ? ? 11 \ am*
l-.oi. .1 .,1-||' and ns|. . .1 p. t o >s|oli j
t ? tel.- tio 1..11 i. .1 a 1 ? ? to. in 1 v I ? -1 til for I
? \*?iri:rj->ii. This ? \ imi*i ?' ? ? n ;? ? ''???
^ r.if--.ti ..f t' i ? ? . ?
i.-...'.|> . .?>. >rn.-.| t.. :n- -i: Mi:.t I- . n
l.-iJ.-t tin- ji|i.. win ..? ???lull
i .\ ? ri- ? i n I
li-.t . I, - II,. . ; I. .? -in h .1 'ir
n -- ? ? r. .flit;. I- - ' 'I' it
any ? ii. ? i;-?-.--? w ?? '??'??II ti t}?. trt
H.vd WorkeJ 'firsler.Hly.
'Mi. ?.? ?:. .-I th- ???lit
!'. I ... n . . -It I1!i?? ? ?-. i-l. in '?
Alit-i. . ..il-.i-l ti.. -fit- -??.nil- Mi"
- - !i>. . tl.-i \ t.-l.) | ti-s?-i III"! N'.i.l
' <*-? ?;!?: - - . I-..U Initio I * i - *: i t -in
? ? . ? , w In- ? I'l" ? tit I
i li.r . ?? .1 .1 ? -1..lit- t.'l ti l
in. ! i;t!:t...i'i -: ift--?! Ills
- i i- ?: . ? !? . -. ,t :n ?? .mi '! ? ?!' ? *h- -t-T
\. t lit- .i- rmili ? i f ir I i.
': \l i ? .. ... .i.m. t il- I .. t????"lint "f
'.--t. ? ? nil. l'.ii!:.ti ?!: I".-- S vt'i
? ? -: I . ::?:?!?. 'I ? '.ill 1
l.i ?: 11' -.1 h .. ; .. J.) .<? i ? i: 11 t\ '.f t-Vllll
" ??!?! : l.ttt.its, :t;. linlil:-, Mi'"??? r-?*
I 'it if, t :>? in t'.i i -it II. ni\ Ii.?- In.ii
I i.-im t' . ' in. t-?M' t/.ti. r ic.oiitit wns
? I ? I ? ? ? f ii . I in - w ti 'If i.tisi-rilt Iiii;
:i t' - ? I:. - \ | : t it' v. ? 11.. , | tlfi-loss
... r. t? i tin . :?!. ?.-?. ? ri t .- fl-i-t !ft?
. -i t.-s*
\f ? i: 'i.-.- ?!. | nji i"ii:trl. s I'.
?;; I Hit.'in -||,.| \\ -? \!. r I'--f I ? -I ???!
it... . ..t.n. ; .. .Ms, ,,f i r Tin nu-snti
i ft,| l. \. m. rK;i? Ti .. m. iir-f.-r Mi-i -
f.iti -..tit.--I was i.. \ | ? n ?. I. I.Ml tin
I.il!:n:ii. T,'...iii|--.-ii ...nt. -I ?: i-r-'ss.-l,
flf-f I i i'ti? -t. r Tf-? ? i.ij? -? Hi Iittns.-lf.
. unit sii,:ii-,| a i.-nlnt n-li. -alii If h.ii't*
!??.'?? ti i r. j ni. .I in I'm S.-lii-;tor .Ii I I'
' ?'llrn ii. . .ill i_- t'. i .iti inv < stIkuIi.-n liv
a i'oiiiii". t..!' . ..iii,<: t I* iff . Iiiirm- -
, of lrr? u'.ilarit :n j!i,. -tl.-i-. Sunn*
t<-s|tii|..fi\ was taI:.ii t.\ tliii i-fiiunitt-f.
Thfii I'..- i;> tfia! ... in.- i; lti\ .?si:>;.itlf n
nf tin- . Io- tl n was start.-,1 atnl s.-wt.il
nliMit s-i i.ii w??!?? .Ifii-t.-.l t-> I..it in;
?? \ !?!?-: ? ?? Ant--tin i.l.-f - ?? iiitr-.ilu. oil
w.i- ' at nniri- Mi.in wit it-ssi's ynt.-.l
i-r i'l.iil<?-? |- i;:|| I'm in I i a of
Mn- Si ml war.I. wliil.- filly 1 L'O tin Until
w.r.? sla-wii t.. hi-.. I >.-. 11 - (.mi t .-ri fur
liiaicrnicntp rounn.
Th.. lis. ? !?: r:n-t transfer oort.'l"
| ? itt.'S. s 1 H o.'<! HI Mark |i> III.' ih.H ? ty
? ? !"?'.< 11r i". i'imk". fiii'l iim'iI i'J
??loot !>?n w:l..rs in irooil ihiiiiI" rs. was
Ihnnllv ill.- S ?? {> I ? lyli.-r cr.ii.! jnrv
.vim.. on .'.ml t'lr.- I'hicf Tli.'in!'K'<n. i'it\
S ? > 11 ? I. ? r ??" I tr: .'ii. ?""l> Matinir.r
('"irciimti Hj'ss.'hh r N...1 :in.I i numl"T
of oih.-r I'r.'.'lv.'l I'l.l'i . l.'i'Ui :inil Jm!>:??.<
wore in.lietu.l .'ii ?hiirKf-' of frui.I in
, I' lortion. Ill various f"Mii *
! Tli.' S.'|.i.'inl.rr irrnml j11rv. in u.Mitioii
! t. rotui'liliii; mHity Irni!. tm.-n'- > liariT li,:
I oioot !..n 11.. 11'I. iii.'i'l.. ii sp.i'i.a! r*'|..'l t
J statin?. nmoiiK other tliinirs. Hint ho
>.iiis. of u r.'iiularii i.'s ?.Ii? ? v< it liof.>ro it-..
Hi .in. 1 j?i r \ to hate I'.'.'ii pra. ti I In
tin. rli rt!"ii. l!i> Hian.l Jiiri <|iio?n..no.|
j s> r'.-'islv ji" a i.iini.' in. ri'i.-r of ? <>?ni'il
i ii.i'.K }11^ s> al |.\ r? ? as>*n of l.'tilnu horn
!? I! a Hi . iii'K'il.
I'll'.'' l"!li>'l" Til' 11 T .'.-I-,/, Mas ?P?t
f..r tiial ??. tot-, r A valiant llirht was
? n-;i?*!.. 1>>1 Ji;-- attorneys t" nwrnre a
, , !iiii|>>> .f i . 'hp .ii ili<> i lalni tlm?
Thompson ...iif.t not iT.t ,i fair trial 111
I'M. i oir.ti Tills rroiioii vis over
i ul.'.l t.\ .)ii'Iu.. lloMnoor aflor three
? lavs ..f It.-ii ? in k tost :ni"ii y in.I inril
m. 'Ha! ?! Thoinps. n was pl.aoo.l >>n
'trlii* A : an.-l of tii.'.i'v fr.-m will. Ii
p . i. a niry w. s soonr.-.l limn tint
llrst ?.. ii. ii. .'\a;nln. "l for tlio
'riioiiip-ori trial \ft.-r two weeks the
I Tli"tr.|'son oa-:.' won; t.. In., jnrv ami
tlio j111 v ?! I. vtilfj T <.. for
, . ,.tn i.'tl .n of tin- :ir,? oluof Hess.-mer
j Nail likewise trir.l i.. s/. iii.? a ehanyo
of v.'iii:.'. Imt this was .leninl.
XleUtrllle'a Poaltion.
I!"P> a'.-.iiy tho fiurstion 'a hoar.! on
I In. s-ro-t if- i* \V llellvillr. til., poll
. l.'fi. with ll.'s.annor N'al! win. ttlrtt >? I
state's i i iilro'.i <?, an.l lol.t in hoth th..
Thompson trial a It.! Nail trial tho story
j of tho al!?n.'.l framl. will ho in-li. t?"l
: for tho part ho says ho t"?>U In tho
! "sw it.-htnx'' of I.allots. This ijuostioii
is s> ttli-i! ti j. an Itistrii.t hni pri \ ?? it tho
jnrv In tho \ii:| trial. In wliivh .IuiIk"
i;. 1- tisoti. In off.'. rw Infoi ni.'.l tho jnr>
t! a! an oh'Ctlon offl.'lal win. expos,.* a
fran.! .oniiiii11...I lti an rloof'.ni. hv l.o
? tiK f'tniroil t<> ho on th.- witness statn.l
nil.I i;ive- his evl.len. e of tho fran.1 al
;? a.-.! is !?;. th* law icunrani. ???! exenip
flow from .tall.*tmont ami piini?hm> nt fnr
his pait. la th? irregularity. Whether
1!p|1v!1!>. will I... n.It. toil j.y tho roxt
' irr.in.l tnrv f? r *a\:nk sworn falsely. as
In- t"stillo.l in fears ho <1;<I in the
Th'.m;son anil Nr.II tria's. when he
sihiio.I tl.. oath n? a r'.erk at tho Vort
11. nry sohnii; pr*'. tu t ami whon l.o
t?stilio.| (>?- f. i. tho .'"inii'll invo?t1(ra I ion
that thoro was i;..:hini; I'ronko^ in his
pro. ?!]? '. |'rns., nt:r.ir \ttornoy h"arl O
ltnohma' n toi.l I';.- N.,;| piry Th'irsil.iv
, ti1 k!: t h. s ntiahlo i.. ...ay.
(Continued From Fa go One.)
I u ii'rli Im had ?miilii- '-d ???>!:.!t"1 nl
J 11 f V 11 ? I <? fl i *?? t I ? Till' 11 ? :. i.
r:. I>l> IIIV !..iis |.\ ? "miinian
| Kenyan. t he **!???? *sv s.iim i iM :
1 ipiire ?>;<? (UT.-Ix r ^mnnstiip
and p"esMf. ' Iritis m ail -nil nf
?In- Ir-->i!?*?? I .' 's?t. : j??r..
a (!??;?.!.?! .? v i i i ti.< 11 .11 ..f 'ids *? ??? 111. I
t'.-r hruiirlin; 'a- miiei* arid tin !r 1-111
Mr. I .tine '*? :? s'iinnif .tin. in 'lie
.?ursf ??? a n.14 ? frtn. ?Ii?. ion > f
, Ml - I.J Ml ?'C.|. i; ..Ii-I \V. II
\\ !!??>. \\ ? ? : \'!i |4.:11:? ??,? -? i ?*??!. rui.ninu
? Ulilnni/.i-il 'ii !!? :?
I Mr (>;:l>li a!1 ?? > - ?: ! f-?l r V. . Ytr
finln admin ?'i:i'I'.:i '??! iiiiltttc
(.. nf t ?i r ? ? ii ii 'i it ;:N:.11 it.it wli! it,.
It flat mi, \4.>l|!d I::*f . id ? d i . : . i?
t|lill?! ? ? ? f f!: ? II ?: I: I ? i; II I I s; t ? 11-. 44 I'lf
Mr V\ lit i-i.lt !..:ii i.p.-r a r-t -? .-iiii>
tnlin is *.i>k -It. r'i- >iniiu;v . f
u'ti.-i. ? wi!n.fi .:.ii-it..| . ,...'i \v?..
?: i i'' v
-=M r..*i ui..ii.|. 'II \ ? ? i ? ? t -1 ..r ? i ? |. w,>f
V ii .jmia iljuf.i' in* nt it'll.I ? w-lfitif.
? i>?i? i .Ittin; "in i?tnl.alary
| i M?" I Mini f pii-s.-rf ? if. j.f>i I ? t*
? .in|.t.?..I "in. ri;.;.:..\ tn.filv i.ilf -e
w n. A- ?. -M'I. in ?! -i V".\ ? ? fiV ..
Both Side* Criticized.
\\ : 'iin M V. i!. .. .fi | ?.f.-r . f
milt.-v. in Wi sl Viryln'n i rii?' t nt;!..n
lal-.i ?' r iin- li-.ill s ij j. r i I ( ? ri?!i
? I.lis ? l; 'I al Ill-Ms. . III. I'll i; .pel
| .is an.| m'i:.-is n;ik. , a:t<! ps M i .f
i? I m-'ti Ki-ny- n I a Ii. :: >*t
ill.).!. .s|m si I trr\;nn yet
,|.iaim ? i.y ' !?? .???it'inlt'eo
"!*!??? !.ik.;... a .? ?;iifii..r,'j in
U ? Vtrslt : . ' .... ' . a ? ... .41, M
\\ ,:? ?? f a i.! !. I. in- ? ? ?..Ms'
HI.:..I at. ii.fll --f III ii ???! .'Hit i'Hli.s
ia. : i a ffiiii ? mi ti. Tin 4 ,fr ??isrnn.
i i \Din t-.tt t.a'f i.ttlfiii ni-ti .ii
?!.. i i .i ii it s win" |?-r-isi. if 14 and
. lis' .till 14 |. .s. 11^ |'-.l-ll; t.':
Mr \\ :?.?> .-aid U'.f inn.- i Tim
.Hilt i i- i let - w. f- i.;.|.. ! it. 1... 11. ? .? i.
>.| d.-rf: >i.-t i 4 - II? ail. t! tt :: ? 'if.'it.a r :
11. ? 44.4 "V, ? a ' la' I III11 ' ... I' - II .-I 4 :i ' I 4 ??
.e.id.i ? 44. I- lad: a. fi-rit Iris 4411.1I1
's. s ... -ipse- i?|.. : i -11. -1 t! ; . ' ? lifi ? :f
and sal. ?' .tin- ? Ii. in-olt-s II. t..|<l
!!n> latin mi' r that -n | . j.; n: ? .?i. lis
" r ? i * i r * 4 mii.ii;'. tin-ii 4\ ?..? l-ail ti
If ? . ? .j ;t...4 . I ... V ts? tilt.-lf tilt)
sr. 1441 a ..f : 1... ii....-in.-if tt Ii a-.'i. i l.-.tiu ?
.l.-?.tl y. : in aa-j.i >a| 'la- ;.iildlc
as .1 :i a". I ..f ? Ills.. Toll. Ml.>44
T?i ? Hi...ratal s 4V.-I.. . i . : :/* d I.y *:.s
-.4 tt ? is f.-r ii..' r.ikn.K :i.- jit.;..
. .liild. Ii'-f rifiry iti.f ' inin-is
Iff 44 im.t.. til'..til i -; 1 ? 11? ;i v if d si ti tin
? . i n-.-s la f.-ro 'Ii- ji. .ij.Ji- "in i>i|i.
in.i f- fh.-n 'I.- .MinM .;?!? ?!.. s n
? tor:'!. "
T'l- J-lilllM'S 4- 44 l.;f 44 ill p.lt
?i.fn -mi :- fi "ii? pay. ? -1 imi. i>
TI'i-4 km.-4 : - tliitii"' an.i i ? 4 -in Tim
lli.nys '1'at 44;ii l*. I tli. if ? is.- 'hen-.
and si' tt Umi. ,M-a n 44l< ti.o
? l I'liiii rv Mt S"? ill, '...I Micir -.aiids. aCi
c' iif and uroncli) 44:' "?'.4?: p. t im-n.
? mi ?!.?? unii-n [a.in: n .airii-i l.ernune
f !? I.a.-k'tl 1.4 pnllii i.*iii. 4*. lit I'll |
Ui' iii.-i 1'- W'S t.;i '? c cI ? .i14? I
EX-SERVD'H MKN? To sell war memo
rial: sella on sight; a 30c article with
twenty cents profit; every store and
home buys: boys making as hiith . bs
$20.00 a day: send for free sample.
Veterans 1'res*. Lincoln B'.dg, Bridge
port, Conn. oc.l.'9-li
WANTED?Men to sell highest class
product ?--. n most attractive basis In
Wheeling section; $75.00 to StOiVoh
weekly. See Mr. Bunton, Mot.lire hotel,
before 4 p. m. oc.'.'9-g
WANTEP--Ftrst class plasterer; eight
hour day: all new work. Write or
phone l.ee Bennett, Grafton, W. Va.
WANTED?Steel mill men. rollers, heat
ers. rougher*. etc, open shop. Wheeling
district: reply gi\ tng past experience
end when ready to report for work. Ad
dress i*. A. IS. care Intelligencer. oc.27-J
WANTED? Collectors, able to leave
city part time: bond required. Apply
3rd floor. l"th> Market. oc.25-1
WANTED- Msn with some knowledge
of hardware. Address Lock Box 5.
Bridgeport. cc.20-ra
Office. 1805 Market St.
MEN?I.earn barber trade: quick meth
od; good wages paid: steady demand.
Write Moler Barber College. 341 West
8th. Cincinnati. oc.l-ma.
r a TV ft- Wp.c your own hair or work
for ethers, instructions and outi'.t $5:
??."?(its wanted. Chicago 1'ermanerit Wave
Co. 713 Baltimore Uldg, Chicago. oc.?9-g
nent position at gojd salary; must
h . (. xpvrlence. be speedy and accurate.
Th? Owen t"hlna Co., Minerva. O. oc.29-t
WANTED?Any intelligent woman can
e irn $75.t") to $l"0.on weekly acting
a* our agent In Wheeling district, ex
perience unnecessary. See Mr. Bunton.
Mcl.ure hotel, before 4 p. m. oc.29-g
W.VNTKP?Salesman with car: call on
dealers with guarantee ! cord end
fabric tires; salary and expenses, also
extra commission. Crescent Tire and
Rubber <*o, I'lymouth. Indiana. oc.29-g
SALESMAN made 2.736 sales of my 50c
auto accessory at Blttshurgh show
last week; profit $955; want agency In
your se'-tlon? Sample 3"c. CU-r-Vu Co..
Arncft Station. Rochester. N Y. oc.29-h
SALESMEN, saleswomen, f..r latest nov
elty men's neckties;, sell at sight:
nothing like It: good pay. permanent po
sition; samples Jt.oo. pay postman. I'er
fectlon Tie Co, 136 Liberty St, New
York oc.99-g
PATENTED electric display sign. In de
mand by every store everywhere; $.10
security required for elaborate sample
equipment; county rights for sale. Blbas
gales Co, 164 Fifth avenue. New York.
WAsn D?ju?ncr s.
I.ET T"S put you next to the latest
money maker, one that will eventually
place you on easy street; easy and legiti
mate: write Immediately. Paramount
System. I>?pt. 621-1, Wheeling. W. Va.
AGENTS WANTED-To sell high grade
. Florida lands; exclusive territory; lib
eral commission; no drawing account;
attractive literature furnished: old reli
able company. Southern Land Securities
Co, Drawer 136. Bartow. Florida. oo.29-g
ro* uxj
jron SAI.B?hnnd-pnwar dry c!?tn
Injc machine. Inquire 4ft Twanty
?avtnih iti-asst. oct21
FOR RAJ-dv?<^n Han? lPrh s'raa{. raw
4-roomnd hmiaa, alnotrlo Ugh's. ho?
and cold watar. hnth. laundry r?n:>>nfw!,
front and raar porohaa. Will nail $7f.n
rnah. halanon to lx? pu'.d In 12 yafirn. as
fr,llowa- <25 monthly and Intarast. I>ny
rrrant of $50 paid ovary *'x months nd
?llrlonHl. J. 5V. Hal?*. I'ah aiid Iv'ff
I srraat.a. ohtrt-n
f 1?KES KuR SAl.E '5 atond.a. 1" franms
| K<.?.r1 c nilltlon. Is'iao Mor.rn. War
I no' k <'hfo. or.2s .?
J "i ?|; K \ 1.1: f'.irm. ? nor.-* Ian<U half
s-i \ l.rtwrarr :?nd |if<nn!v ?n. fia.^
I>.k- 2 .?i aa?? harns. I hor?a nn 1
i.if., lam: hous? with s'.hu
r:i-\? ;? ? t*it. furnu'??. ??(cr plm-d in'
< '? .'t IiuII'IIhk"* hslf ni ? farm land; 2
i- c'iurh; p!?n?y 'JmVr <>.. \v Man!!
I' r.. \?. >?. i.'.idlx, i >hl<? or..'* -ni
I'ol! SAI.K Mahogany twin h?-!s ond
?.'liar furn.tura T?lo;>h'.|in V.'n i| < ?
i.ala .'Sf.. J
O'K SAl.i: IVrr?*-: In?tr in tion l-.-.k
fratv \\". S?!a1 tn. I'i So-, anta.-ritil S?
2s ;
f.f'ST Sat of ?.';i!>'s, h. ?\v ??? ?'!?>*
f.iiM'njr, liana I. ! ;?h utnl
Marshall vtr.ats |*. ??r 1 f r-'urt.- d
to lntr!!lx(H''<-r <>. .l.i-i
ITrxTrvr, r?"is- ? .1. and
ofotiMnntlnn frri-s : ? ?????:. .
^nni. "kiir.k -? iM It ?'<?? d. a- >? 'it
mi trisl. ''sti'rii f.-n ?:.f- < V.\ lvif! .1.
bentia'a. ?'- s nmo-ii. '?'? nn '? ?
I !.AtUa: manufacturing cnrporatlon
I wants capable men to open brancli
office and manage salesmen: $9">o up- |
ward necessary ; handle your own money; I
I exclusive rights, patented article; money j
i making possibilities unlimited; will pay
I expenses to Haiti metro If you qualify.
! Address Secretary. "4.1 St Paul 1*1.tee.
! Baltimore. Md. oc.'29-g
I tSKNP for interesting (dan of subscrip
tion for completing present test well
I now down 950 feet, choice location; stml
j lar structure t" recent gusher In Mex'.a
; Texas tleld. Colorado River Oil Corpora
tion. 17 West 42nd St.. New York. oC.29-g
NAVT to hear from owner having farm
for sale; give particulars and lowest
price John J Rlack. W, Virginia St..
i Chippewa Falls. Wisconsin, oc 22-29-no.o
FOR SAI.K?Farm. acres land
half way between Cadiz and
Dennlson. near pike; J good afe-sp
barns, t horse and cattle barn; t>
room house with slate roof, new
paint, furnace, .water piped In.
I other buildings; half nice farm
land; I! orchards; plenty timber.
I Ceo. W. Beall. R. U. No. S. Cadiz.
(ec.29 m
FARM for sale containing Iff acres;
good land and good buildings; $fie.fn)
per n.ere. Call or address I" P. Manning.
, K K No. 1. W'dlshurg. W. Va. no 29-m
l-'i'R SAI.r:?Cray Reed Stroller. In good
condition. l'hone 1JJ0-R. oc. 29-1
NOTICE TO ran roiLic.
| Notice is hereby given thnt the I'ltl
| mate Bus Company has applied to the
' city Council of the City of Wheeling for
?a permit to opera*# nine i9i passenger
j busses
} The proposed route of s.-tid motor
j busses will be fr?rn the Bridgeport
! bridge eastward')* over Zane street to
! and over the Suspension bridge to intli
1 and Main streets; thenre southward!)*
, on Main street to i?th street; thence
I eas( on 14fh street to Market stre.-v
i thence northwardly on Market street to
1 10th street; thence westward!)* on 10;h,
street to and over the Suspension
The ratea to he charged ere Fire
Cents (5c) cash or Four nnd One-Rlxth '
Fetjtg^u 1 ?Rc) If six irtt tl-kete for:
| Twer.tyYhre Cents i 25o) is purchased,
j The publlo necessity requires and
I demands the proposed service.
A hearing o^ said application will be
i.had before the City Council of the City
! of lyheellng on the 22mi dav of N'nvem
; ber. 1921
I o<t.I2-J9-nov.5-l2 By B. F Mackey, Mgr
Owrl J. Kma, Fro*.
' Frirata Chapel. 1308 OhapUae Street,
I Call Fhome 1S17
1 HKiUrtV? On W.? " t..ti*r 28.'
in }Mrk<T?burK. W V* . .Mr* MAX
i 'iAFCKT K. 1IKU.OW. ak?'i| y.ur*
Funeral from tho Urilx't umlertiiking
parlor. Hp!'.aire, on Saturday. intiher
20. at 3 u'rlui k p. m. Interment nt
; iiii| cemetery. H?t!iilr'\
HA 1.1/ i >n T'rtday. <><-t..|..r US. i .^j. 4lt
11:15 oVIfiek p. m. at the late :**(.
; iIi'HC", ,\ . Seventeenth sir. i,t.
JIARCAIIIT KIN'} HA 1.1., wifo
I.'z.kle; Hail.
Fun eta. hereafter.
) ...
141'ST ''ti M nda".. i t? -i.. r 24 a:
i 7 !tn .."eii-. k p. tii. at |r,s lata ro doiva.
l"4.*> 11,* pi - fie *':???!. I'HAHI.KS V
, HI ST. In )il* SMh year
funeral riotl.'u hereafter
' 11"... velalnl I 'at -liurd \ a
U pap. rs plea*.- . u; y ,
, i Kindly omit flowers >
i ; ?
Louis Bertschy
Hoe. 1123 A_TJO 1134 SaAJN STKEET
Store 'Phone 635
, o. J. BE2THCHT 'Phone 3684
. Parlore 1101 Chapllne Street.
Office Phone 397.
J Jae P Altnieyer. Ret Phone lfCl
I ttlchax* T. McCoy k?i. l'bou? etl
(Continued From Pag? One.)
. . . f :?!.??.* - M! - I- 'I I--'..r.-n
\ ?! ? ?! v|.? ?. \ii . i; ?'. si.Kin.
?\ .r. ~ U , I <?. i. . t. - I ? ? Mr ? ? '
'! W.I "I: I'.i I r :.i?.nt ?'?).!?. 'I .in
M ? I . Mis )?? I. It,.,. I. ..I Mill. I ???i.l.
S.tJl.'MI .l.stl .. t
I'll.. new It ? I. ? I. .| ,|. I.- ?. - r. I... I I .
? r.iiia 1 n.i' :..i. ?. . ..in . it. : ? Mi...
W I-..:i IV!.i. ? l. ir ? .-(.?i:. Mis.
.) ?: II-.1 w : ... :?>..? .. .1 m, -
i!. !. Ii>tf ? !i:r. ???ii .?? II,it,ti'ii.Ion
Al -? Si!-:?II M. ? ..?? Y.< r
i-.iut.... :i ?? I .*. t ?? I ti *le sis
;..i endow in.-i. I f ant
ii v .Mil ion >.i ? I - ??! .Mis. W .... !
sol. T W'.lls. |. |,l:'u: pi.'s .Iflit .1 1|s:i,g
vi...I thank- I'..i l..r ?ervl.-es .<1 -t .ir;
III.- pa." I .>.. years.
Ovation for Mtb. Garden.
.Mrs. i !a 1.1 ? ? ii it ??< I .j t? 1 * ?? hi ..int.."
U .o'li sin* ".si |.> |: j; I If ?? In I inaugural
si In ipi.ii.lIii : (?> Mrs W'i.s'
:n ? I ...In. t l.p, Mrs . I.ii... ii s.i'.u t li.'i * -In*
. . >11 i (hill l!.. St a I." IV. |.-i.. t :? II
Walks I.in n.T I 111. ii any woman nil", i.-|
. lor . . I!...I nil }?) .? it. air I p'ed;:. .I
J IllT-.-if I., put I In- |||.?1 llltelests (if III..
, federation as :. uiiol.' before Ill" ??? "f
ali> seet'oii ..[ hi.nip of ? lilbs.
Tin- (, .... ..f till. J||.\t .'..III'fir t id', lias
lot he. ii . I.-. ? 1.1... 1. as i >. .il> )i..l nfleino
' It-.'If a- lio-ti'-s at I'm a f l.T'iooii sis
Dr. Guthrie's Address.
I'r I. V. i Juf lirir. sup.-: intend, tit of
th>. Huntington st it.- hosp.tal. iol.lr.'.ss- ,
Ifil Hi.' oynv.-llt .Oil al til.' in..: :.I",; s
, stan. ott "The Mental I t tv ?? In !!>?!.i
ti.it I.- tin- t '? .[iiiin nu .-altii.'" I ?r.
J ?JII t It r'.. urged ili-pe't !oli nl' ???II tit \ 111- :
fit II..-; !t-,s alltl tails by Women's alillis.
j stating il,.it tin- t.>ri?l!r mns whnli < \.-t
' In sniin1 of these Institutions are "a ?!.'
I Hta. e t>. i i villsn t 'oil."
! Til"- . are of tile feelde !II!!??.' I :s left i
' fn the f.-ehie minded and j I i.'ii.ns lit
I most - tales." he said. "I!--i? is an '.p-'
;?>vt it ti i t y for ivom.-n's <>rgar .7... t ions to
do I'.inslriifli?e servl.e it., riot a.'.' W J
.-tirl.stoii.. p..|:tle'ims to ?.|iier these In-j
' st:ttifnms 1 it yotir state."
Th. speaker tie. In red that fro- .-are
rite feelde mln.le.l Is on*- of the ni..s
I serious problems of the state, and . har
ii. leriz.-.l tin- in.-r..a as "tin., greatest
lllen 1. e to 1,'ltl sn.-i.-ty. I.e. a use
' rinl.ke the initio.- h'. Ire . ap .i.lr of
pinylng a limit-.I par' :ii the ial
faltri. "
"Work 'inder eripervislon is tin- only j
salvation for . 'he mentally defeat ne," |
| i..? wald, 'iyn| I partlouiariy re. nmhien.l ?
? ?.,r? Ir. acra tiirtiraI .'omt.tui.it!?> In
dividuals who are In.-apiM.- .>f innhiru;
'a d'st in. t ion between r i ht and wrong
j should l.e reitiiii.'d front Immoral inflM
; .'tt. es" S
For StAts Health Program
I'r li'.lthl'le was followed hv li.orge
j W How ell. of the West Vitglnla \nti-"
| Tut.er. tilosls \ss.i.'Itition. win. -poke <>ri
\ Health I'rogrttin for West \ irg'.nia.
Mr Howeil hi gi -I an edu, iti aal eam
paitn for 'tie preyentimi of tuber.'i
;.?s!s lannehe.l l.v puhli.- a'ltliorit .? s
lie also advocated that tin .are ..f
tuher. uln.sis patients should I? t.ruler- 1
...... ; i', f ? >.| fitioii-. t". 11 r> ? ? r th:in
; i; .1 ? ? .tin..
.Is ...ii V. St ?v..?11 . ! ? -it in.ii
T: \ I I in "Moonlit '
S- ... -.1 it,- . >: . ;n K??'it . >?!
? in?mu| i . . i.nv.nt.n .. I tli- :?11
St? ?iil t * Ii' '
? :!?!.. i - I lit *>it.tin..it li.> i 'i
si t. ? i... iii-.,: t.-.: int.. i ? ii :i ri-?
I ? . I '..f I. I'.. ?? It .1- : ? .
til- .: I f Ii ??! tl.- ...;t 11. ? -Itl I ?
Ii. !.. .1. \ -.,:in.I ? > ? i fi- loop as ii ?: t t
. j . v
Tor.r of tlio City.
\ t i li . i ti-- .. ss <-ii. ,
I ??!!. plot,,.} III. V . till;- ill ?? - lltl'S V.i-Ii- '
' ? I. ..!. ... ..I.. :i i ' ?. -1 :? i.t tin- . llv,
\\li:.|i in. !i|.|i ,l : .t i i.. i!i. Iluutini ton
Si.i'i- i I ? ? ! li ? ? i A r S? 1
: i. ? !?? ? I lit lit!:! m.-i.ti ..ill. v. 11! r?? 11 lit.*
S.-i i, | <ii Ami.' In.,.i.l tin- I'n
M ? - ? :. Tin- .!. legates nil-.- . tit.-i l:-'.i
? ?! it '? ? i.t y i ? I..? I! < .ifl-r t ft.
It: t ?:?? io * 'Ii.? ' ? ?? \ i|i*|i t ? ?
t*. i- tl. , -1. ? . th. 11..-1.-. -? ? !u!i -!
:. i i.ii:.i ..... i.i . ..!:. ? : i. .i- ,t ii? ? !i l-'i ii.. ?? i
\' I. ? *. 111 ? 1111. I... '/.ii '"ii iii- K.
lla-in-tt ,.i..I I:. ;.-1 ?.. /'.-tr.i 'li .11>11- .i!'-? I ?
l!i.*j.!iltl..i:,? ? i-not '!.?? n.'ii f 1
i ur.t'iTi In i- ? ti Ijn li m:'.i I ion uf .11? 111:i
no nl- ..nil tin- stainl . ? I ? ;? 11 ii ri"i* .Mot--'
lit lio i-i . ' inIi uf iii uu-.l
Is ii?Is f tuit:.r<! I.i.;: ii i"titit> tt.-i.
||l|..|.|Cll Si till- . luNltlir Sl*S* ..'II,
Tin- tvi.nu'i ..?-.. tt.u: >.n |-???-..:-if ;>s
fat uruiK j.lit si,-.i! tra mini? in piilrin
k. Ii'iols, a- o:i|.< so.I tin* tat on
Mlisnal in-tr.inunt s. a- lavorini; ii-. 1
tl?n:.| i*i it?..iisi:i:i of mii*i.? ii pictures. tm
ri.rnli-mn I up 'f..* use of |..!<i. . ?? |.v
tvottion. i-Ii.ir.H-titflzin.-r 'I"' lial'i" as iji*t
rtniciititi to I. - - a 11 It. nnni'i ? ssary an.!'
I "I -I.t i; .-Tl ?. ami ;.o..nii,- II.- .jriUli.i
tion of i-d'i.-a I inn:.! |ifnpnj.'nn'la again-t
. it., n-t lis mi. oin..ci;:i* o-i'islatinii pro-,
liiliitinc tl.e ftiarnifaeiure ami sale It..
\V, st Virginia.
Rtrs. Garden Prominent.
Aniipuneen epi of ilm olpption of Mrs.
Harden as j.i-1 si. . :,* ? f it... .-,..ti i??? I.-;-.-,
lloti. ttill hi* l r..|t |..l Wi!!. i! pleas
mi ai.-.onit l In* ? .ill. loiini of Mils t
'nl'v as \t"l! i i:i n. in" ntln r parts
of Mi.* state, as tlnn i? pri >?.*? !?1 > r.o v o
inai; ill ii:p pliili . .'??!? i ,.i Wi st Virginia
moip hluhlv .-?p.-n-.i- 1 Mrs 'ianl.n
Is a nti-mlier of a very pmnvrmnt family
? f Mil.- spi'I |. .i . a i.i! fo| aas
l.pi-n i.s-pp.ua I'y a.live amoai* various
|... il i*ltil's, si.i- tvas a iv.uMio nnvrl-i-r of
ft.* M !i..-11ti u ' Mi:!.at fill, a :al IipI.I
tin. ofti. ?? ..f treasurer with Hits ? rpa- j
iiUa? .oti frotn to J'.inT. As one ot
the organizers of the Woman's Literary
? lull. Airs. Harden held the office of
.-life!- of !i.i- ? .rsr:i n iz'i t ion ilurlnk
t*?? ? 7 a>is.t i !iu s. Win n the state federa- ^
?i. .i was "IV.it.:/.e,! i;i ;rn| Airs. Uardeii
..a. ..I iio* charter members and
w . a ili.- Woriia..'.-' i*111lj of WheelinK
was ei':. ??,.,) i,, I a 11 Mrs. ilnrden was
ii. ili. lit.-* and most active m""'
I**-. - !?? * har. ? *.i :he organization. i**rotn
I'M*: to iy.N ? !i.- was president of the
W?i-.-:iiiu . I'll, .-(in! il'iriiiK titat same
?it: ? w is 'i a,fin.iii ,he tlrst ronKrea
>ii.i 1 .hstri
It* .-o.. - < int. ,i. mines Mrs. Oarden
I- :i' " 'iiii'e t???*? ri.:r.onf In other femln
i? .r As .-harter member of
? *h:* * T. * I laughters of the
American Fl.-voiurion. of the KinK's
Ii.iu.;i.t.-!s I >a> Nursery, of tlie Young
'.'.??ii.ii. s i'l.r il::n Association, of the
Ai:. i... 1 i'li.i nl l. s ajirt of the City
il"S|.in.i, : !i.? ha* been continually en- y
i;.>-???! with Interests of these Instl
i*ri..iis Sh> Is aiso a prominent mem
her of the Second U. P. church, where
she has heen teaching a Sunday school
i-las.s for i\v.-nty-ii\ e years, Mem
ber; cf tin- Jocitl .i-S".-iatioii will euger
Iy :.nti. Ip.tic i .-r |.-iurn to shower her
wit ii . on fiat alatii.ns
Tic . Ii i"ii of Mrs. Oarden means
that another Wheeling member of the
West V;r?rinla K>-deration will be ln
Iii l.*d among tin* state officers, as the
? orr.-spoti.lii.ir secretary la always
? hoscii from the same ?.|tv as the presl
? l.-tf This office went to Mrs.
I'harh's i; Ihti'hannan, president of
*he .Mount d. i'...ir.fiil Studj i'ltth an*l
a w?*!l known in. inher of the Woman's
? 'lull, whom i he Wheeling party had
cl.o-'.-n f.*r this pla.-e preceding their fc
j_ Investment !;
Property located on the Nr. t ion a 1 1
? Read at Kim Grove. Ttiis brin.:.* in '
a ;:ood rental, and ran finance the ileal
for yon Price $3,000.
Wheeling Re^?
Tiiixd Floor Sobmalbacb &1&C.
TeL 11605
I, I
Modern G room frame, less
than a year old; GO day posses
sion. A rare ..p- (JJ^'TAA
portnnity at, tDt/ I vT \)
Market at Sixteenth St.
Member of Wheeling Bui He bate
Fruit and Truck Farm
t','? ? n u\ )?????'? ami
? .i?tin:? u ? t- *? fr-tit I'ity
1 MM'" f .-i i l'-'l S't.t ?:
pra|'? ?>!'? at. : a I i 11 y
1 . s! ra? ? ??:'!'!? .-. I n.uc mi 1 ?la.-1;
r.i> ;?!???! r:."-'.
I.iivs ??>?!?. ..in truck mi :i>\\ t:??>!?1
I'rl.i- jr.ii... <>i. K"f i-rn s .sec.
321-2 Whg. Eank & Trust Bldg!
Whe'Jina. W. Va.
Kit" moms. ??'!lar unl laumlrv two
P?iitIh*s Kirst.i-ia.ss <-<?n<liiOn
t. i sin-el I'lii'i $4,000.
Heal 11 wtannd Tnrarajice
EUr. Qro-e, W. Va.
Phone?omce. C4-K.; Sea., 237-M.
Best of Location
601 Wheeling Q.ink ifi Trust Budding
4 r?...'n ? ..t? u' -)?(, '. s- i
hv : ft. u!? ? ?. ? . t <
ri...rn ft:> a.i V - t ?
t..ii. t i...- . - la :t South ii'ii...
t: j..i. no
1 fr:.i... I< I' . u..s .? . ! I' 1. ?.
!.?t l.v V.u:;:ii, 'I.-.III. . .I
t.J a I'M -I . I. ..11 1 t...n
Fliune 297C R 21 Pourteenth
Insure With tie.
I'? r ,1 -h-i ! r. i'r .
liul part ..f rii-r r ....t th- tilt. . ..??.It.' j
hrl.-k I ml.I in. ;... ?t- 1 ..- j: i; ti-l I'm'i
I--1t v 1 '.'i: .1' in* 'a , i. s ? r.,':r?i:i.l
sl'lllut. has J.htilx i-f .u t :.| rmiul
ami :s i>r- to,-.. I ? ? \ ;? m .-t# u
Suitable f. r ni ltMifa. imi M.u .?i* i..i .mi
? ??lirr |.ur|ii.s? \!...at i.i'.t -nnnr. tV.
?>f tl....r ?t.,i.i-i.sn.-.v!.iii m,ii ? h !
.1 .iiti tt licit/ i:.:f ..u.i ipt?, Mrctv
Wl.c.-llllK W V:
Itomur* innirufT pwHairKalMnr)
R*?tore? Color and |
Rciuty to (?rny and F??lrc Hairj
H * v . ? . ' M' I ??.?' ^ > _\J
TI1K HtA\IONU llll.VMl. A
I;??"*1 A,k ?""r <' /A
|| ? ni.rii?-?.i*r 0 I'liiinntiij ltrmii!//X\
^ 1*11 la In Itr(i ?n<l (.old n1rf.?!||.\y/ ?
fl !"?!?, BMie-l W.ih li:u? \/
ivl T?ka m otkfi Huf tf riar ^
(If UrtifffUL A?k ft ( ll 1^-??,i N.TFTt 1.
f l'U.l.4, (..?
f y???* V !>.?? it m I'c it. Ahi\s W *IUMe
Look This Up
We are ofiirinj; f<>!" sale in North
W.'ifHintr iwi> frame lmufi'f one fi
rnoin-- and the ??tiir-r 4 mums?o?: far
n>T lot, enough spare for another
house Price for both reduced to
$4,700 for short time only.
Phone 308 1143 Market St.
Above the Fo<*
Bnd dampness of the \a! ey*., with tlie
he->t "I' sewerage. water supply ami w.>n
tier !"u 1 views. M ward I'lafe Sites are
rhei|?T per square fo> t than other
imhurhan lots
Taium & Caldwell
Room 6 City Bank Bldp. Phone 664.
Kivt'-Unom I'Vaini*, Strictly Modern,
Ilji.sf ineni Arranged for Light Man
ufacturihsr. Possession on Short
$5,500 Terms.
Hesse & Kirchner Co.
Fhonep 470-471 25 11th St.
Member Wheeling: Xttl Eetate Board
L '
Reduced $800
Farm of :> and %acres with
various kinds of fruit, two
foot vein of coal with
opening, barn and other
out build in ixs, frame house
of five rooms, tile founda
tion, two porches, electric
liulits, crood well and
sprint;. For information
call Walter M. Mcyn, with f
S. Nesbitt, Jr.
1520 Market Phone 64?
Member Whg. Real Estate Boarl
l? v
For Rent
()-!'?toiu modern*frame < 1 \\*?? 11 i 11ir with hath laundry and
furnace. Located at Luring Place, Oft
Elm (Jrove. Per month. .j I
Cor. 16th and Market Sts. Phone 496
Brick House.;" rooms nnd bnth.-slnle roof.
L. A. ROLF Agency
413 Weeiinp 8t-?el Corp. Bid*. Reel Eititt and Inenrann*
-oi.in li. ii k .tJiii l? t!h. sciacc m roar, nn l^ili Si. Price $2,800 I
7 r<mni frame. haUi, locaiiil in WooiiCc.vn Price .$9 500 '
' :-?n? Tie nr > -? Open C??nlnr*
V i__Wember Wheeling: ?*enl Estate Board *
5? A. C!TV - *"'? OM -CIIDI'P^AM ppp^ERTY
O _ a > . G Rooiue. ????? iriAT rm nf ami b.ith. ;:omi location. ?
2 0*31 Cf Sry x l-nr?ra.!i !<? n'.ii. k buyer >
4 Ul ? Roomi1, Jnodavn in < \ crv rcsj.oi t SubirbH. Z
Six r .!ned. siiavu on lilt-, b.itli. furna.o, i-lectra-ity Kverythin* *7 Qfl/J
modern C.-nt. r Uarw I 9 I ,OUU
Real Estate and Ins*irance 130K-08 Market Strcci
Best Producing Farm in Ohio County
i miI> n>' ;?r acr> x room* ami pai \ wri ? or ;ri lions.-; furnace, bank
barn. ? . nm:n I;. um>. On <; si.id; pbnty ?.f 'in t. P'" mres
.'.it ucrr?: :: r..<.ni house and "ti er outbuildings. line on bard of more than 100
trots. .1 tis-t $4.?i)0.00 '
I;. || l;r>\VMA\, Sales ManaRi-r.
See Mona for Town Property.
BI.M GROVE Telephone 101
1i*i?<>111 di'tlMe frame ii 'Use, Main street, Klin (jiuw?1\vn Imths.
ai yo Int. tin. iMiiidiliuii. aibi \? r\ riieap t 88,500
Itilti l.iud si iff) 7 rrw.ms, eemeutei! laundry, sUme I'uumla
iuii ??i 11 y $4,500
?J rooms and I?.*: 1 h. new. at Patterson -only $4,000 ,
Woodsdale 320 . We Write Insurance
Two Attractive Homes?Special
SIX ROOMS. K.O Ii.c.r ?!.. Petit- u 1 - .nr. fi Qftfl |
; i. | -it. . ' VX''h b ri..;; Specially priced now at j
SIX ROOMS. . XX. i: nut..I sl.i,.I,. !!,,.. , t xx ? ? I-i lots: I
"ri ai-l I!....I a nil t\x.. -...?..1,1 is ? ? r r. in.- fif)0 j
in.: I.i il Specially priced n-w at ... ! ,
Co.'d l.icailon no.d>.in dxx.l.ni; u r I, h.iti . ? :.???? r.?*lt > ; ?< i jrr leie. j
lot (in I -hide iroes \ t. i :i r ni-nlh. I
A Seven-room h use at Cedar U ?? f i ren:. 'if'" moiChij. I ^0
Phone 210 E. G. "THE OLD RELIABLE" Term* for Sfcle 1 V

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