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The Wheeling intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1903-1961, October 29, 1921, Image 8

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Beatrice Prentice Meets Exacting De
;nanj??Delightful Hnwor
a Feature.
- - |
.... ... (
T-?! irh* ' " ? \V.
?? ? 3* s. * ; .
A : :? meat
\ ... ; x S":? -t? v. ? . ? Aux
\ ? - I- '
X-M. K-: s.e.ty
? r. ? (v r-rrd
I " T
'".?i ? \V \.w York's
- K-. .?? -? .. ? ., beauty I
pathos .urn! .:?:??? ?? f: im;>rex.?e.t
an : ente-t. ? ? at till- '
I'nurt Th? it:. ;.?>? ai * If* .lit
itn'.i'' r?;tera tint ? : ? e.?x >?>
weII h.' iM.v c ! . :i ? f i . v \ .s r
her- ila-e . .* l i.-ufil
n xf.n ,.x .. W ' a ! I rris. Jr.
? r.ier ?. ? ? . . ? ! x ? Ir. uin
k^the- .i!i :? I heme. in
,x : .rtv or -.ii-p..? i :.<! .1 r-t
riesx of tx ..flt.r.t !'?? ?? !?? I < I'hint
r-hI it ?'>?:?:- with .? mi-;. : hut (l:xtln
r .'xiiaM.- uf.. i;? . fh.it . l:i?x ..." people,
their .-uxtoats a:.! s-.r r..unlinks
Tht story of * K.ixt is \Ve-c ' ? s known
to f !li.|;*umlx of ;oi rn !r.?!'.x o' |t"''il hooks
._ A play in i ; r..loi;.ip throe a> is. it
h.is to ilanl a.tit the ItCrloiu'len man:-.
?- text ;ti a t'liifuse i;!r. t>> the
iV>stia; r.aiiT of Mint Toy Her
lather m:x: ?-s to nix, use of iu r toi'hnny
i re who. ;.v way. has ?rn>ral wives
Xl.oiit fo he xol !. :.:i A mer: in. vis tine
?. ? "hitia. per su:i?Ie-> h's ?'hin.se frlrn.l.
I... S.itie K?. "o otiy tiir x;r; .*ir<l take
i>?>: t-.i k to s,i* Ih.m .s o a - his foster
?i t ?'.it r. A't. r the J- .? I l as born . on
?x .. ni.*e<|. : ?? xe -..tj,| a,-, funis VitiR
!?>? ortiine Atn-M-a ?ti i *<?<!. hnt xtiii
; ..x;te i.er jit.itt t r;. ? ?:r.?'t isfi* atnl
? ir.xx \. ri..\;>e. f.l r :th.it I.o
s..n.; K'V iS k.ep.' it Min>. Toy as hl.x
n. stress, i*.? e.xsit.itex her s.ijf. arut un
fortunate ;.,.r. has.- !?;. Clinrtie TatiK.
Miii !: }.ron> ?ts I!:!' ?? ll.-n-on f>. save tl*e
t.r' an-! .< f:na..j t.iix?-n to ii.s
?jxter s home, be-..mini; a t.-....J t.ater
we r'lnit (til. ?' : x..ri anU Mine Toy
it: >>?,.? bit It.; s '.it'.-r snj t>
t >? marriage . t..l t : i. ... ' ii:x. loses
<!??.? : .;>nier.ts. that ta? tttv ... the on
t.r<- play wou'.i i -i so th s is
? .eft :'..r ?? t" . A'.t of
w al. it ss te w ; ??.>?: ,i um n<' skill
an ! humor. Itesi.). x the v',-..ness* I.ul
lal.y." a .'e\e- n -U-'li. a ml several
. < other numi ers .-ouipr se a pleuslnc
mux.- a! a.'OKr ? m
* A rine Company.
* Charming ar.il pretty Beatrice Pren
tice Is t'-e \ ery attractive and gifted
leading nutrtiR. The r.-.e Is one of very
It re.it demands. hut she meers tltein
gracefully and offc. lively. and t.? say
that .-he vom;aro- mo-t ?avnrahiy with
Kay Ba:nt?-r. a ho performed n the orig
inal part. woi'.d justly p'ave the proper
credit B. !?* llodgltis is i "hang IjO>,
performs > a pa. ly while Wil.iam v'or-?
b*tt Is pleasing as l.o Sane Kee. th*
wealthy m?r. :;at;t William tlor.el'l nn ,
t'l.arlie Vang the i 'h nose dandy. Is
quite instrumental in the piay. at.il lit*
work Is f.awl-'?. Burford Hampden
tf?. deserves plenty of praise sin. e the
"**. part requires considerable ability. '
Others in the as; are Kohert Higgins. I
"**" Valentin* W r.ters, Pan I'lark. J. P. |
Carlisle. Vladlr.lr Oneeln. Isabel I.eon- i
ar.l. Hoorgo By.ott. Herbert Light.
. berta Kiiust. Charles Car. field. Betty'
Barlow. Arthur Hehrer.s K.l-n '"rewe.
?*? Xlareel.a Lewis and Linda Carlon. local,
stock favorite. who was well received. |
"? a we:l-trusted company, each one f:t- ?
ted and romme:;dal>i? In his i or her)!
Last ia West ' is unusual in its qua!- ?
Ities and quali.t .n Its disregard of horn- 1
v. bast and overstrain a t:on. C is a play
well worth seeing Its previous stay,
here made an everlasting impression hp |
the avtlng constitutes much of the sue. j
** cess maintained Few plays the tvpe
of "Kast Is West" have heen seen here, i
and It is doubtful If any person could
.? sit and enjoy a performance more ap- I
pre'lahly. It will be repeated tills at- j
-? ternoon. closing to-night and .s deserv
ing of capacity business.
, Among the plethora of so-called mus
ical comedies. there are few which
-? stand out as pleasant memories We
might mention "Maytime" the Callf.T
rjan <'range Blossom stories, and
"Ade>." But they are few am! far
' between When we com* to name those
that have lived in the mind of the
theatregoin* puMt*. it Is by no means
an easy matter to specify two. or even
. j one.
-- ' In "Irene-', however, amusement lov
ers fir.d * mething that has not often
? been offered to theatregoers of this
city, either from the point of view of
musical melody. logical plot, or en
thralling story.
This ts a musical play?something
that very <*'d m seen. It has a
Storv.- 'me o* 'he most romantic type:
m It has a nvisi.-a! m- ulnc with lyrics and
melodle* you >anro? open find: ar.d it
Is a comedy of f must engaging
brand with humor ? :? keeps you busy
laughing, aid sltuat. that leave you
wondering how a ? >. .|y ever thought
tliem out.
Kn'ertalnmente of tbls nature are al
V, .J
? !??* ? -* i- P> t" t-d ??:> )
: rir i;r?? i'j? r;~in cv. t! 1
k*??;.???? 1.::? . ????tip .*>> * ? ?i"+r ?
his inu.-tcwl ? o:? ? ?1 ?? r ri n j? t ' " (
fillers. ? .. mi h ' ?' ? ?'? > .ll.it!
^aturdto \ ?? I ? ? i with .1 '.-I
tire i !i S.t?ui 'a \
If -a HI : ?" 'If samn I
a \ THIltli-r Mil! Il ?'! la ti'l'.f-l i'SJ
i:i..: I'll- i*\ ? v v\\ *.??!?* ?? .tii n .t-'i-j
;in?is h\ l.a.S !?f tl... |
fen ir.tr:?? ?? .":.h?T? ? i * ? ... ..s j
? othes. !? it.. ???ill >'? 'I hv !
I'a-himi l'.T? ???' :? U--N-. N \
T!ii' iif.il : r.nM a If I w ? ??:?. |
tri.l will ?I???;; ' - v.- ?' i ,
?1'isr prefer,"d-us i '? ??????? If'" tt. ;
i.i*tisi(itl. Tt ?? w ii; ?'( spe-a.it r-?
?i.estra !<"> i>r ;ot\\ to! r tlf . hat ::iiu.C ,
tltllsir. S.sifs ?<? .?! ? >;?? W .dries.i.tv ?'* I'
n a in . t -.: t *i..it I if -If s w 1.1 ho 111.0 . i
' I- : he ??! ?:<*! of 11 t.i it''.
M.-i.Uf Kennedy. u !??? - r ?
it... iti.' managerial illrt M.-t'JtJ
W. s.ivuitc w'.t flay an ? >? . .???:ii. -t I
at ? ? ?? i?..in : on November i". i". at <1 !
tj. in r 'i ?? .-..iif.lv ..Ira :?i.i . ' ?>:::?-? i'--> 1 ,
Mis- IC.-r ri..1 *. t'?? met ''"J
far. -s "Tw:ti lie!.*' and " I'atr ?!
Warmer " tIf st.ik.. at t'>e Iflwt.t .
of her iH.fiitarity as a .-??:ii?*J:vs.t? ? ? .ih.'iit i
thro.- years atf" :n mule a serf s ..f
ni.ti.ii picture* f.>r tlf Goldwyn Pom
fiinv. I?| picture work. sh? was tin
?isttally successful. her beauty. d?'!> a ?
harm an.I w inning personality i:iirn?
Metric rti(l?'.ir::y her !>> an anrv if
dveddu-the-tvoo! picture ?nt!i'i>?st ,
S. {?>fuiar was st.,. in fact, th. ? ! -r
year's iiniTii." with the iY>t(..f t ? u ,
was extended three V ttio ? v; it i
tl.ift >.f her studio w* rk last l*al>. Miss I
K'-nticili returned to Now V.vl. artl
lOtntnenced rehearsals In "t'.e tcr. d
T|i?* fie ." was produce.! It I ? emlx.r
?? the Ast.i. Theatr.-, and ?.o a sue
??es- fr-.til the start. Miss K-'f.lfd> s
a ork V.iis praised without sfttf l?v toe
rev iewers. who found she f.*' itfied til.
her youthful beaiitv and lovnMe trni'si
as of yor.\ hut It: addition thrv cre?l
fed her with shew lnt -I h,f l.efto un- I
known sir*, .f ?riiotiot. a: lntetisi'v all"
sha lif.i- fha? ?? ey ha i tiff a>so. iat?! i;i
with this Kenfle ae'ress
N;ko" (!c rtruller. who p!o>'S tha part
of the ihirdit:;.' th "Th.- Three Mitske
leers." was horn at ? Jloitreshi re. Kr.tt
land, arid hcK.iti his ilratnalh* '-nree!
with the lirl.i 111 sa <?:-ri < '? tnpati.v
He onn>e to Anteri.n sotr.e ?wetity-i!\.
vear-s ago. and entered tlie pt.-,'ir.* ileal
n ISi'D with SeliK Mi their old
studio in Kdendale.
Since then he has been ass.iolafed
with many companies and has p!a>?d
.ti many I in port art prmS'ietmr s. The
latest pictures that If ;;ns aj peared In
are "The h'our llorseupui,' \-v Trip ?
to Paradise." "Without Iter.oflt of ,
< "erKV." and "fthosts." He .on !e see: ;
In The Thre.. Musketeers at "he I
? 'our' Theatre, for one lid week in
(lie near future
Mme Princes Alda. who will l.<ad ths '
sec >nd concert of t*:u Ktiijjhls -f i" lum- ' <
bus course at the ?;rt theatre on I t
Tuesday e\et::np. No'.'vtnl.er ietli, :s otp) I I
of the cr.*ntest s niters in the world, i i
She Is a jtreut favorite of 'If Metropol- J i
luin tTrarid ?ip.-ru att.unltitp >: at New | 1
.York, and in private life is the wit',, "f ^
Guilo GatlPtTiisaz/a. the genera, mafia-,
iter,and impr.-sa: .?> of the Metropolitan 1
Her program will he as follows
MME K ft AN"'' IIS A I.I?A. S--; runo i
Assistlns; Artists
! GflTIA CASKNI. (V.Iotst
TIIKi?Im?RK IT.INT Pianist]
Pin m;K \M
1 . ~ ts_ . . ? . -1,1. ff !
I. UiJ?'.?n ran ias? ..........
<<11 tta I'as.nt
C. (at Kend! 11 Setrri" :? I ?\t;!!o Handel !
tb> So I'lorind" Soarla'il !
|o) Air de Jcanim: ? ' ? . . Isounrd j
(d> Pastoral* ... \>rai*ti?: i
Madame AM* I
3. P&nls Angelfcits Frar.ck !
Madame Aida
with cello fth'learn by Gutla Fastni
4 tn* Romance1 S'hallua
(b.i Prelude I'oIuibsv
Theodore Hint
I 6 (a) A i!e< 'dse.vix - Hue]
(b> J'al i.leure -n re'. ? If-.?? )
I <o) Chanson Xorveul'-nne . Koudrnln j
id) Pavn-I rtioy Pruc. Rachmaninoff !
Madame Alda
| 6. fa) Aria < the flr?t tlrr.e> . . . .N'tcdo I
j (b) tjlpsy Suhb.m ^nrasate-t'a*ln: |
Our la <""ns!iil
7. (a) Through rhe Silver Mint, .fasten |
lb) Rain fiirran*
(c) The SlriRer (written far an! d-d- I
tcat?d to Mme Alda). .Maxwell f
fd) Thy lieamlnK Eyes.. Maepoweil
(e) A Sons: of Thank ay! vlnj;. A lit.sen
Madame Alda
Program Satnrd.iy ?vi>n!ni; nt 5 15 P
M Matinee Saturday at T 1" I' M.
This comic real deals vtth "? > What
a Jam" and the Travel reel displays an
I "Eyeful of Ksrvpt "
The feature r'ey Is an extremely |
I e|e\ or alx reel story about twin sN'er
I their parents and all 'h-'r rn< st Inter j
I' eating adventures. ?n'l'led:
"The End of the Blue Moon"
j Poris Keny? ? n and William WiTt" [
| In a six red feature In this picture
I Perls Kenvon pla> s a dual rob- . f twin [
|s:s'ers. Jns'ln* and Dorofhi [truce <>-. :
twin. Justine I.Ives with her father.
Mr Justus I >ruoe l William Wnl.otti !r.
the heart ? ' New York ?*ify. u!,:> t> .?
other. Porothy. Is confined ?? nar
row limits of a backwoods" home with
j he- rno'h-r. Mrs I'ruce. T? s* ? ???.
I deils with the finances and the romati
j res of the tw|n? their varbujs ndven
titres. the a-rapes they ff-t in1'.. ?) ..
| Una I reconciliation ?' Mr a: d Mrs
I I'ruce. ami the h.T-pv termination
j 'he twins' love nff;?.r? Th's |v ..re ?
i ?h- ideiefesf st ri?S that Por.s Kenvon
ihns starred lr for a b ".it 'Itii" l>[ l?K' i
with humorous Incidents.
? Todav ma-ks the e'osinc performances
? of *hi? wit t fay bill, at ;> e Ue\. and a
I th'-s*- \ih'? ! i\e ?!#?' n'ti-r-led shu'ib1 ,
| stretch a point to, us It a 1Ub7e shew j
i ?; t " r ..r? ? I :lip r-utnrr :* a
i.'.-c r. ? .t -? <?; rnr ll. ? vutlMwi '?*
H : : ml r.i IV. 1.. i. U- ami !. i 4 Mum
a! !?"!<?'a i?r Main-:i. ?\ li:. 'i ?1 stln.:"
?s??. t ' V ,.| N.?. ? .i;:i. Tin*
? tr! u I * k I W"'1' ;-?!! \ . , . I* ., ,'
?hn? I,- ' 1.1 i-i; .1. : l-**?. Il.-rl ?r? I
lot; 'Ml.| ; a: V Hi I' ?? r<?'!i tk.'iir
nUi 'i'!. I!*?***. r?rraln'y
m r? ?l..-tri a ;> . ? tv !a'.v - fr-.m 11 ???
)<!?'. i*ni'< s ivl'li '!.> \i ' '? M lf.i v
K.*,A ..Ml I <i \V .?! f.i. In Mr -kit ri ,Ulr _?
r a !'. t work; ? ? 1 ? ?
IP >fV'l (rnifrr.vr'v. IV HI,(I llrri.
: u : ..till !.a !au- ii it ! Ms* .irtainly
h?.- ?? n outHtan-MtiK a " 1': tIts?? lih
pf I'U'li'jivnr K.'.r! Williams Hi "Tlir
Silver I'.ir". t!i*? fi-utut*' ].":.itr.p!ay Is
?>hp ? f Tlii.si- s-.srif... \v*i; -li |s boiiutl
fa ple'.sn an I is s aivv. I. it 'IftVrsn'
f;-i 'ii rli.? a . Prate film ? : !? rtaintnrnt.
Also 'imp urokly. '' U T! 'IIH.'is foil iy
an'! ?v<*ry .|:i> rrmn I t?> Ill' M vauJe
xll> ai-i'tMtine at 3. 7 V. ami :< an.
PmVn Oet - iMyiJe K? nipfly.
pririi ipal ? .f P .- Pail.-ri ?"l:y srlin. N. a,-.
(?"!! ? anli ?! i'V Mr Kenn* ny. w:l; le.-n.*
Wtsli.pfs.iay lor 11 ?? ii 11 it f. t ? ? ti i ? aMiml
the Sf.y'ii .As TV.rrtlni:
I'r ' kry K"if??r '?!' Fort Wor*h Texas
Is 'P.* liucsf ? f IPs brother I'r. Itru'i ??
sw! U !: K'lf<*r .
Mr nr. 1 M:s. ?"It fTr-i <i Major*, who
xvrrI i f. 1!P'l here by the Illness of her
rt. .tier Mr* '! \\ . Nuzuin, ha v.* rp
fn-TlO'I in Moilllds*'!'.1". Ml"!'. >?I17'IP| Is
ifvi'?i t'lipr???? ?'l f I'mlne a:i .>f
ft;' in >nta
A>< II. Pnolry aril <"r r!rafit Fish
will ronilnrt a yen-fa I store In the
l/ivry *'rr" liul'.Pnrr rear thr r.ir
hr r "i.
Wal'or ."rrl'llr lia-t irt nnr l from tin*
rihlo .'!'!?' IVI ???"< ,-.r II .'a'!.-'! by tlir
li:*,. ' : < ?' t.'s II,of
\ ,' ???ii ? i ..in thr '? | , in a,
of ft:* ?"!.*! :.*.*}. ! ? '1
T. i.* ? v< n r. - i.t >'a:'.:| . i i I y i*.
V. r. V.':> I 'nct'-n. i' ?'
Mm ? " f ?!.?? I eii .ik < 1'ilM of
t!r rliur.h ?fre plrnsnntty i
? ?i.tor'a i :io>l at I he lionm "t* :ii" pnstor
f. ? liar'. ? "f Sar.l.s N' t lit*- ;
?t.rk a.n i i:i!"<?: :i>.tI s.'.'ial ?!;\ ? ? r?-i<>i?s .
wi>ro oiip.'iKt.1 ;n ami at .??i .i|'j ??i:st?*?l
h 'ir a rtelrf'al 1 rei ia! v as S'Tv^il.'
T! -s. prrson; MitiioM \V S.
tl.-rm >y. .l.-tf. i - n f ar. s. | .1 Market,
.t.;.11.? > l.'i1 i s .a \.l .? !..11- an. Atims
M aris. \\ it. Ha!!. I" SjM'iu'vr. .lani' s
\\ 'lltati!-?.?!. M <s AOJtf lli> l'i"t at and
M s* My 11 ir Sr irrtah'Tli
M's i' M Karl ir ;? r:? 1 .Mm William
I' tlman wfr.> fif isii-st- l-'ridav ore*
tlilttf flieiuls ai Sinters v 1! t
A turnip wrlpli.r.k' three prumls and
in: ? s \v s iini?:i In til* K.ir.li'll i'f
? \-'i..\.'v .t?.?m Si. wart Tin- turnip Is
nf flic itl'i'i. vail. tv.
' i*. .Morrow "I this, l.-'y was a husl
rims visit. :- 'flairs.lay If .Mal.i!"! rnr
Mrs M Mit.li.MI of the \..rtli lln-l Is
? iff. rim: firm :i:i ait.n-K i.f ? revj?|p..]*s.
Member* i.f the lor.11 Mo .so l,..il:av
vv.-io 'a l^istrrsvl!!.- Th'.rs.I.y rv.-iilni;
t hear riti address liivni t.v Itrv S. C.
ii'tics. pastor of the M II rli-ar. h la
N'.-w Martin.?vl'..e. ami .1 . tatyr of thr
I.. (>. O M that rity.
? 4
K * r n * 1 * * v . ?" *fo*
rrr?*^'!v '!r;t::ia * "? ?rn?-1* !. .it t>.v ? "? ? ?;r J
1 lo-li-li.
A nip i.f Hnwulwny honutics with the sum it nium?'al i-munly,j|
Ir.iii-." v-iiirh nil! in- tin* attat th?> Court Thonttv. Friday I
li'i Satiir'iav, \i>\ i int?ci" 4 aiul ? >. witii a iiiatiiiro ? ? 11 Satui?la\. jj
Vti.c rv.iii' . ? ? .-Mdo, n.'i :hiio. I'otirt
\..\.-ml.or li.
Why Do You
Coddle Corns?
E Simple Touch Can Knd Thorn
* and at Once
WHY pare a corn nnd keep it?
Why piul it and let it rrmaiu?
Or why treat it in old ways, harsh,
crude and un?Ttnin?
Millions have found n new way. It
Is Blue jny the plaster or the liquid. A
touch applies it, and the pain stops in
stantly. Then the whole corn quickly
loosens and conies out.
The way is gentle, scientific, sure. A
fnmous expert evolved it. A world
It is freeing thousands of people -
why .not yon? Try it on one corn and
you will always let it end yours. Start
Your druggist has
Liquid or Plaster
?tops pain-ends corn*
a Bauer & Black product
With :? ;.,n> .,f people. Ml.'!
i'.vit I r*. j ? i - - i 11. il,.- ?' ill
?'I !? r w ? .-i ivril r.'iii.- 1,1,1 111 ?. ,
I'.ivi.p . I ill. Hi i i,ti;lits ? ..)i. j
? I,. -in M. ri.l i\ ii ? IMst with s|<e'ki!|
t: i .-p. .ii U .<!i ? - :.i v . ml Thursday I
I. \ ??:. M ? at. I \> iliim hi rims Tin;'
atuitt i>( m.'irv.'l'iiiK in?,-etdentin::i drift,
in' fr >111 H'irl'iii Mi ;nii>i. ;i! vi-ntilln-l
?:t t ili.-ii.'- 'u the s. ti--nlI.iii.iI mystify-1
lliisl..ii ", w 1111; \ We:..all In Half" |
Iri-iiKliT iivit fri-rti Iranian.I hy Horn, a |
?; ?l?'l:. lilts exhibit St.I rt."i II H'l-I 11 '
il'l- tllsrus.sii.n find the future w.is,
hiltm-d hy several mihrI. inns as tlietri
wii However. I.wrrt' <1 ????- tin- trl. it |
ust as w-'.l lis any ,if them and does
hi 'ay i-la.tn t?i heinjt tl'i- nrlytnat'T - f
l It Is iiii' i.f the trti.'t: ..dossal and
mfrtiiic tents i-vpt1 pr-nsi-riti-il hy an Mill
ion.st As a special added attraction,
l iilami- VlerKe the woman of mystery
till intertalti In her (treat mind reading
i t. Sin- kn-iws all. sees nil. tells at!
Vsk Iter anything ymt want to. She
an till ymi tli? an'wer. There will he
iiatl.i. fs on Wednesday'and Thursday
it 1' .tn [i. in.
Hash fulness has heen Immortalnted iti
T*itt"t Mattel." the reiKtllI.it mush a!
???ineily I'll f..>s Mi ll .-.lilies t.i Mil- I "nut I
? n W. dnisd. j Nov. !' after a half year
It the la-llKfli-re Thetilie. New Ytifk
"its. Tin het .< is so a ft a Id of the if.nt
"i s> \ that ,-e ? ven tries to hide in a
oi>t"T mine hut i'ii|dd finds lilm out
iven there am! i-efore lonu llie bashful
I'.iuny man is ;i very lion lor .-our.ire
n pursuiiii." the ylrl lit! adores. Ir Is'
in adorable love story that Is filled'
.villi siti prists, thrills and Innumerable!
sltle-splntiiiK situations and unfnldeil ?
?i ei-li. s'-nc and danee. William I: ?
l-'i till.tii.h r wrote the iui liltinu iiittsin1
iml tne eat li\ ivri-s. while Will M j
lloitftlt has won added reputat Inn l.y I
Ihe ah'-orl-itittly InterestIuk hook. 'T'it ? J
lor I'.itl.-r" Is l't three no's, five elah-j
Title s-.-te-s and more than a score of'
sunt! am! dan.-e numbers and will he1
|iresented here with t 1.1 jr eompany of;
Metropolitan favorites. the famous'
Kamhow t'lioius and the ortK'nal stase
settltms ami .-ositttnes that won so.
inu.'li prai . during the long ltroaUway I
Mr and Mrs t'arrol A. t'ain. returned
r.fnie Thursday from n few flnys visit
with Wheelnni friends.
Mrs. K .1. linker Ill was a Wheeling
?liM,ip?r S:t??:r-l.t >.
.Mrs. til.ir- Ivt-rr. <?:' Pitt d.arRli. 1: ?
1'frn tin- {jupst of !?>. al nintlveH.
Mrs I. 1' i J<.n ami <l:i ual.t' r. Heri
tri> <if Mai'in* lYiry. spent last Sun
il.iv wlih friends .a town.
Mrs <'h:i:les Ilul-uehcr was n Wheel
ill.: vi.sit"r Thursday.
ilarf.i-lil Ts> hnppat. nf T'hriehsvil
(i.. spent a day wit'; !.. p. ??nt< h?i<
111. AP'U.
Miss Tli'-'.ma Miller lias returned
her home In C!nelnn.1 having spent |
the summer here withllatives.
The Silver Circle w .entertained on
Wednesday evening at? home of Mrs.
Mary < 'a se. L
Itev. Will Ault and mlly. of Xew ^
Ma11mouis. were rceenfsltors here at
the hon;#, of relatives.
Mr. ami Mrs. Carl ftpel, Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Sitter, aecohnied by I.evl
It'.ok. of k. I>. 2. were ? guests. Ia-Et
Sunilay, of relatives atmnlbal.
Mrs Tin.mas Jteynoi?is the guest
of relatives at Cjnoinna O.
Samuel 'Math well le.fo.l here on
Thursday evening to a parity house
on "tJetting My Your Ills." and was
we|| rceived This hg tiie first
tiumher of the I.yeeum urse, speaks
we 11 for those to follow
I? ???J
Last Day to See i
Continuous Shows From
Noon to 11 P. M.
Come to the Matinee and
Be Sure of a Seat.
Special For Saturday j
Leg- of Mutton, lb 20c
Loin of Mutton, lb 20c
Fore Quarter Mutton,
lb. ? 12U?
Fresh Beef Roast, lb.
12i2 and 18c4
Veal Roast, lb . 20 and 25c
Veal Stew, lb 15c
Leg of Spring Lamb, lb. .20c
Fore Quarter Lamb, lb.. ,20c
Fresh Pork Kam, lb.... 22 c4
Fresh Shoulder, lb 18c4
Shoulder Spare Ribs,
3 lbs 250 j
Select Eggs, per doz.... 50?
Sugar Cured Bacon, whole
or half, lb 25^
Fresh Sausage, lb 25^
Cooking Compound, lb... 10<*
Smoked Hams, lb 25^
Certified Yellow Butterine,
lb 40<>
Nucoa Nut Butter, lb. .. ,30c
Fresh Dressed Chickens,
lb 40*
1110 Miirket Street?Stalls in Both Markets?Wheeling, W. Va.
p With the 7 ang of the Sea 1
i 60c Per Quart j
Put up in self-sealed Oyster Bottles. Solid Measure. M
P ?Isn,k Fish, round. per It. 15* |
A .lack Fish, dresst d ready fur the pan, per Ih 20 c I
K 1 ?<iiH'h'ss Iii rriiur, i>? ad less and dressed. per ll> 20c M
|| id n'iine I.like Erie W hit'- !? ish, the pride ??I* the lakes,
P l.ake Erie l'n lo n-l lit,, fur baking. per Ih 30(t ij
W W hile Salmon, per ih ?{()<*
& Deviled < Talis, i aeh . 10* (j
jk Wife the reduced price on I'.ckerel nr.o White Salmon, fl
jr These tish ha\e i s< Ming at IOo a pound. Jj
? A shipment of Flue Fish may he in Saturday of this week. \
jr Stuokt d Sturgeon will mmui he in season A limited sup- r
W pl\ is expected t" hi a'- ailahle for sale Saturday. 1
Wheeling's Leading Sea Food Dealer /
r St-aJl 58. North End Market Auditorium. J
Kvorrtt tlio f;rrat MnRlHiin. who will I
scon ji? th?> court fair dtiys .*l:irti!!K .
Monday. 1 ict'ihor 31.
Nothing equals 4$
#r?r I (v-ip, JP
scouring ?
and \
! Makes all 1
| metalware
look like new
Truly a
k ?
Beneath e
\ /
A First National
' Five Reels of
Irving Lesser Presents
?EC k'Z
mo B<y" !
< 102.1 M*OfcO
Lewis Stone and Ethel Iray Terry
Rrom a Story by James OII\r Curwood
? mJ
i Liberty Tieatre j
At I:is mercy ! Should ho loavo tho woman i-his despicable j
rreaturo's hands ? See this masterjco.
t ?
I For That Hallowe'en arty I
You will want some new Columbia R?>rds.
Here are but a few:
A34f>7?Swoci Lady?Columbia Dance ^hcs
Sou111 Sea Isles?The Ilappy Six
rH A." 1459?I Ain't NobodyV Darling?Pnukiese I
Fratikie and Johnny?Paul Piese'rio.
A3458?.Molly ()?Art Hickman's Orchesti
Goodbye Pretty Butterflies?Art Lfc.
fij titan's Orchestra. H
1 |3 A3408?In a Boat?The Happy Six. I
I M Kmaluie?Yerkes Jazarimba Otvhesu I
l 9 You're the Sweetest Girl in All t R
\\ orlil?The Happy Six.
' 9 A(!194?Remember-?Prince's Dance Orchestr. E
I 3 Jn My Tippy Canoe?Piince's Dane
I H Orchestra.

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