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The Wheeling intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1903-1961, November 14, 1921, Image 1

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VOl.l'MK L X \ .. NO. To WHEKLIXd, \V. V A ., M o \ |).\ V. NOV KMIJKH II. I !i i? I i^.Tv^V-.sV, 1 T II R K E CENTS
Head of the Associated Press
Promises Fairness By the
"Fourth Estate"
Wj?h.ngt^n. P. Nov. 1? Secretary
pronouncement# at the inau
gural session of the armsm-rt >'onf-r-.j
en-- "h?v? <1* ri f:*d" the ?it!i?t.nn. Ad-I
nrvrnt RaroA Kato declared at a reoep- j
tion g.ien to-night at the Shor-ham. (?>'? i
Raron Shldeharn. the Japan-#- nm,er#-|
sador, The r- ?pt on ?a? arranged to,
p*OH(?nt journa list a who are reoor'ing
proceeding# of the i on!orf:if if' fl,#
Japanese p'e:, ipo? on f ui-? e?. and ha I '>fr
postponed 11T!t? 5 'o-right avro.nl of
the assass.naJ u,n of Pretr <>? Mars A
numhfr of d'ati ug ushed Vnvr.i ail#. not
of tbe journal tat:.- prof-## ..n. a!ao were
Raron Shid-'iara introduced Admiral J
Kato an.! I'r n.v To\'iM*a and than j
called "pop. Frederic# Hoy Mart n, gen- .
oral manage- of r^e Ated Pre#.#. to |
r-spon | an the representative of Amen- ,
.-a n jotit ra I sir.."
Tear* Obliterated.
Admiral Kato pointed out that up to
the present Japan ha' had fear* wiiittr
have caused her to cont'tiue riavol mn
structlot , but with fear# on both stile#
eb'i t-ra t ed. he nan eonfident that ar.
ajjre-ment #?? 'a- a# Japan and the
t'n'ted State# were concerned. could not
*.n- to come.
I'r.noe Tokugawa de la-ed that If any
on? feared the failure of th? conference j
V-efore leaving Japan, that fear had he-n
dispelled ?.n< e arriving in the United
S ia ten.
M-. Martin responding de.-'ared the |
pre## aas a "powerful factor" In th??
. ..nferen'-e since It# function wet "to
te'l the waiting world what von do hare,
who lead#, who falters, and the results'
The "regulars" of the Fourth Kstate.
M- Martin ?aid who "measured their
#e-\ see not by the column hut by the
vea-s." pledged the conference the'r
hes* ef'ort* so that *he world might yet
prof t by th- deliberations here
Talm*a? Promised.
Ir must not question men's motive*
inequitably, .t muer not for example,
term it n'lniment preparedness in the
rase of one country and militarism in
? be tj.se o' another but a# bet it c/tn
re 1 f'e truth, the whole truth and noth
oig tr.it tbe truth.
It rosy not be out of place to recall |
that ir. this democracy, where most of j
iv.,r pollt'cal leaders, whateve- t??.i (
pie?eni . roslt on. remain net long- In
pubic cff.ee. there is a continuing
fourth estate, of men who take ih?n
professions seriously. From time to
tim* h'stor ans. essayists and philoso
pher# may vo'umeer In on- p-ofes#ion. 1
Iv;' i is the regular# to adop' a milt
tarv ---:n men who measure the r ?e.'v
ir g r,ot hv the column but by the years.
wh-> will inform nine-tenths of all the
world what is done here. They ple-lg
iru the:- he.#' efforts to r!*e to the
b.g'ce# poasi.de te.el of honesty and
'? rneas. ihat the world may profit by
your del-hera'lon# Their* not. to rea
son way; their# but to strive with full
knowledge of human liability to error
?c 1 et the world know exactly what goes;
on her# a' this critical hour."
Cloak Makers' Strike
Cannot Be Averted
New Tork. Nov. 13?An* hop# tha' the;
threatened strike of S''.0?b tarmmt
workers tomorrow cojld be averted was
apparently killed tonight by the state
ment of l.ouia Tuetlga. president of the
National <Toek and Suit Manufacturers
association, that the piece work system
w'n'ch I# 'he cause for the workers'
fhrea' to strike, would be put into effect I
in the trade tomorrow morning
Twelve United States senators. Secre
tary of ! abor Davis and Industrial ,
i".->mrr.issloner 9*>er of the state labor
department, alt have made attempt* to
conciliate the differences between the
employers and the union workers
m wxtmi
Wert Tiygdnla. Bain and warmer
Monday; Tueaday clearing
Ohio and Weeten yenneylsanla?
T-'w la Month and idle or no* In north
portion Monday; Tnaaday clearing. I
Both British and Japanese Spokesmen Guarded in Their
Comment.?Plan Stand." Out a* Agreement for Per
manent Reduction in \ arou? Navies?B-ilain and
Japan Alone to Have Cattle Cruircrs Under the
Hughes Proposal
W'a.-hinjtton. Nov. 1.1 1 >pI.< irntp* '<> ho 4 c "?v' cnnf 1>-,d run i-ppyv.
prod ofis^ from ill*1 shod. of Spr-rotf-* I! ic'v-' hi ?> f.tp-cijirn vpstorda.' ,
? ?f tWo proposal for iniuiPdin'n r'-d-"' :????? n' ?'??? M??ot? rf '.pat Hri'ain, I'ni'od
?Slates and .Tap.tn. for a tpnypnr nn'rl ho'Ida*.
Th? rnnrrpf Anvr'cHii plan Md b- f re tb* r.p^n nr sp,sjon of thp ron-1
r??rpn? p on limitation of at ma nun's u a? st'll in thr> b-nr'? rf iV na~.il <"x
pit's of thp n'lu-r tun novprs rhirf'y ronrnrnril. P^ndine th^ir ronrlus:ons
no fiirthot" stop is p'oballr
Tito spok?sni**i hp'*? f >r n i n -?ul .1 ?? p:?r bul no'hint: in ad.i to tlipj ?
pr^\ intts Ruariiod romnisr,:? on Vt. IP'r'ts' steeps-i<v-s. Vs tar as titty
wrn'. t.hnso s'a'pmonfs uoro p"< up-aeHp and ;t *.vas o'-t? n at 'past, ihat
no possibility of flat rc;?<"inn o*' lb* p^n ?-v"?trd VI bout doubt, it u II
form hp ha?;? for reachinr u-hatpvrr rortpl'iskns 'he ? tifurnrp brines forth. ,
Wl'h flirt; p? ti.vp for ?' ;.d." hi
tere*te,] o'tJr.a'* o- n n.1: . -
?*i.-an plan l*op,i n to *t;?n>1 out tnrla \ i"
't* true proportion*. Appn"eri'v. it i.* 1
'a r tnore than a v naf'.ll
That I* I'n-.ie- ted i n inifl v> "It mintedl
tt'e he,i\y ?e.lt;*t i'tt of Tli" f'eet* of the
three powo-s Itxnnd flat I* a third j
rq';a!lv blunt nn<l dlre-t surge*:ion. f"' '
a . wit Truing ice rrf t 'o '' n* * t 'lie * *?*
of halt'" flee*. perm:- nen' "y. Thai I*
w ar M-. fVtihhe*' n a' rep'a. en-.cnt
p'.in rea'lv snvot'M* to. I
Wo Battle Cruisers for TJ. S.
It. nam'."if the ships to vliii it e.iut
ma.n latt'e fleet .would he .'if f tr.e
An'rleati plan fop IninrJ'.ah' redtn'ti
?? Se. re'a-v lfuj{!e-' ? i> "?
: o| t sI:ouorl thai ?ITritain ar.d :he
I'n'ted Stale* wood !>' on an evai*
equality I." tie n':n lit" of battleship*
hill 'he Rrit h i i'ii retain IP add. 11? ti
f.otr lia'tle . ?'i.*et* 'I he proposed
fee! p. i;'d lw> composed of six Isttfe
.hips :i!-f| four hntt'e . rti'ser*. while "he
I'ni'ed w.'ild h- content with
l a t >*hlp? a o-e
This ma;. p-< e ipo-e ?? pn idea n i a -
tiie dismiss ? :i? proceed. vvne natal of
ficials heiieve. |t ippcit* probab'f t'nt
in proposing "? a;re that hoth of tr.s
island potters ?ho;jM he | rovided III
equa' number with these addi
tion* to the main ''e*t? of the two na
tion* while the 1 nit' I Stale* made no
attempt, for 'en tear* at lea*!, to eq up
the American flee! *.mtlar!y, the I'nlted
Stale* dele-.Mien to the arm* eonf*"
enne sotiRh' to convey a very definite,
assurance ths t America, as 1'resldenf
Wardfojf to'd the qf?fer."ncc, dame ty,
the discussion with no *r fl?ii purp ?*< '
to serve. ?
Wo TJ. B. Arfreselow.
r;ellnqut*onien! hv the 1 r.:te.i State*
of m, t Me rrjlser element In her
fleet, .one officers f.tid a r once ind1-'
ca'ed c'earlv that 'he pa- v wa* on' I
being maintained with the de' I he rate'
!d?.t that !? might some da* become *<!?
vlsttb'e to ra'd 'he ?es commerce ..f the)
two IrsttlS" twiner* o? either of the'll.
Rattle cruisers would he ir.vai ial->
pe-heps ?. ita' ?>? so.-.-ess'iil pr->se"i|i op
of a naval war across the Pntlflo. 't iva. j
**? I
In the proposa that 'he other two'
power* retain In't'e cruise ?. at*o '
ihe*e observe'* *a tv a poss'hle r..t>. I
. t ele e\t>""e*B'on t f American recogni
tion o' the ne -e*stt.e? naval force. I
. c . . oimte'.e* o? Ante-Iran w '
lirneti that thev s^oiil I prosecute '??!
p ? n*ate len'nve* n?r the v or'd. re.
r. -'"E fa- fiir:p 'nerchan' mute* and
e*11 p'*i'? 'o,- f r.ve t inn o' Mio*e pniife*
" a i a1 craft the-, thoueh' he*' su.tril
?s the need t< * continental now e".
plihoiigh assert -c In th ? p'oio** i tee
"(Hi! !o an e.pa' foot': g with ?ro n?.
?lop o*i *h* se*? '1 .? !'n't*d rial's
r iph' po' ne'e?*rrllv "e?d hat! * . nj ?
e-s a* 'he o'he- ptwe-? fee' 'hri do It
w a s ho i d
Lon.r Step Towa-d Airrsament.
A* rip ra'e M-c x-te-'can p-opo.,-,.
haa made i "i> ? p-cri"? ?'on n rep. r.l
to hntt'e eruee-s o e' -!? !; >*. f-.oijj .?
miEh' he ',fr- di'f. ' t-ea'rte i
!?? confe-en-e I' vo'nt to he wen
i* ha* .lafwin end '1-eat 'Trl'altt "hli s
alwiir It hut a 'c ?'eo ???ward ap-ee
ntent on tv*-t' ques'ion been taiieo.
na'. a ' fo"? he' . . e
The netua! hc?'"e.s . ' repot:., on r.e
the cor.'e-ence e1' pe- under was to.
(Contlnnad on Fsart Tsrsles)
Laying of Cornerstone of/the
State Masonic Home Will
Be Feature of the Week
I'arkersihttrg. V Va . Nov 13.--Mem
bers of West Virginia Masonic
gtand lodge front nil sect mis n' the
state began gather.tig here tonignl for'
the grand lodge and giand chapter meet
ings wh i h are to he held prior to the
laying of the voriierrtune . f the Mas^n';
home healed a short distance from
titift city. Sc;eral delegations arrived
here p.night f'om 'he aoutiiern section
of the state. including t'apta.n .lohn ....
Collins of i harie.sion. grand secretary
of the grand lodge. . ,.S ,
Mm: Worshipful Grand Master |
Adr an v\ Xadenhouech of Martinshurg i
and Grand t'ontmander F. IV. Vgntlorn
of "he Knights Templar, also of Mar*
tlnsburg are expected to arrive tomor* I
row at noon. All members, of both
bodies from a distance will arrive In the
<!tv hv tomot row evening, as the ?e?
aior.s of the grand chapter will begin
ear.-. Tuesday morning.
l aving of the ? orner.stnne of the
Mason'.- home all! tag# piace We.lnos
dsv af'ernoor following tlte se.-3 in of
the -,-rand h'dge Work mil! he In
charge of \ririan t*. Nadenhousch. inost
worshipful grand master, assisted hy
oficers of the grand lodge.* Knights
Temp'ar under command of Frank W
Var.hu?i. grard commander, will a? t as
an es.-ort to the gren.l lodge during the
trip to the site of the home
Tire Ma?onic home .? n..vv about two
tVliid* ? i.mp'eted arid occupies a beau
tiftll cm!lien, e o\erlook!r.g the <'?hio
river, ah'u.t 1 ntle from this city.
\\ he- cmpleteel r vv!!| have cost more
than nr.M.ana. It wiM prohab'v he com
pleted ?.sr|v in the spr'.ng.
District Attorney Will
Confer on Appointments
Park.'rsh'ire Wi No*. I* For the
prrjwv * n' .-r.n'er*-r.g w;:h tiie attorney
geie*al and the department of justice
nj. -o - ? appe.nrnirnts to he made of
a?s ?,r.s* r..*;*- ? aito-nev* for the
r.-rt-ett: ?? ???!?: of West \ irginla.
.Judge T K. Prom n. m ho wa* recent'y
?i.. .**.e.I ,r* r'e- attornev will go to
Was njt on Vendsv r grt
There ? n* a spira n'e f?r the poal
'? r* . ? ie r.l'..i^ i
Declares Lmplovers Do
Not Want Golden Rule
r.,?t.*i \. * 1 - T?a:i'e .t Tob;n
:rr??.r*-r <?' *-e American Federal on of,
a hoi ?-e-*e.l ??:.!:?. ' f '.i I t-.ie .'*n >
*.* a \ t *e en>; o - could c .e. ? : *.e go'.Jen
?tile n -.vis i< organizing to
Oil," 'he emp|o\er to -ve up to ; t
VK-ese r .- -i ir.er ng a" F rtei; ! hall,
c ' c? -r-c re I < ' til'ee , enon i ra t ion1
? r. I a ? ! th. r.c mavih? t iir?r p-*.) -irge.I
f e g ?! !rr. -u :? as th* tn *: ;.ra t'-ablc
.v.rk'ng -g-c' r.en- f- i 'ab*r ..nd .apt*
a' V r T.<- n adde
.The ..*??. C. .'er> ? u'e I kltom of
t mor g emi' lo? e*s ? .. gei a 1' v 011 mn
F-r one.-nil ? i.i.iaj who pract ? i< the
... r'.f.. ?*.'? in 'n?!de? rv there are a
? fli-.-.ts? :i 1 vv-Hi iesp'sr It."
i'isa ..a 'apnn. N w ^ '*rge hmh,
lie* <? f Socialists have been arrested rn
? h?-ge? that ? |;ev a-e oiit.rcted vv.'h
? i,ad agitation In the ead'.ng
of ,Ta pa 1-.
United States
Lays Its Cards
On The Table
\Copyr gh: by Tn* l-it*titg*nt*r>
TV an sbing t ' n. Nov J -Tho t ntto*.
S'a-?? t.vd !?? yn-d* ->n ;h* tab'* fa'"*
!r ;h> f.r*". ; ii>'. *??!?;on Syre'.*'y
Hughon b?.>d o" tbo Anvrri'-*n doi*ga
fon. aurpnaod tho 'onforonc? b' an
?'our nni( 'bo Vmortcan proposal 'or tb?
I mi'at.on of nr-'aoiont Tbo?o prin
*? or* ,11)10' jted
That ntt lapttal sntp bu.td.ng pro
!'?? '* otrho- a. r:i.i! or projo-?o?1 should
:-o abandonod
Two l\ :?' flr'i.o-- ? ,-d f ? on should
ho trad* 'h-oigh "be ?~-app:ng ?* c*r
rain o'do- ship*
"*Ti.roo Yha' m cor.rra vog-u'd
should ;>? had t ?> tho ovsttng r.a'.al
>"rong?h of tho p ion<"*rnod.
"FO"-r--Tu*? tor i.ip:t< ship tonoag*
sootild l>* i,nr! ?? .? [\'oa?.ir*rr*nt of
stron^i'i for nav.rs and n pmportiona'o
of iuvi!;.tr> cirba'an" >raf:
proitor tod."'
lorn follow *d to-hntral dot* Is of tho
on Ming program of tho Cnim! Siato.o.
'iroot Trit ;:!n and J a pi rt ? th s'tgitos
?.0:1-. o? ox.iut I\ should
hr t-v -a z pod
Bold Strok*
It wa* a | urt? xp*"'*<l atro'ao
on 'ho isir: -f tho Ar.rr/jn do ogat on
a id 'air';- ?'s ?i-o hro.ttn away trr-iti
thr \'?.t.-:g dologa'os a ho havo boon
to ?o*to- kon:rron,r bp.or*
anything ?o i^nrrte t? :n.?do ?nown.
Itoa.i'tng. . "'ir.fr. that 1 t.lv ? opinion
l< Ai:-. ? * n ;rr"i"?>' :? i". r o" f'orgth
!*i hrinr.n.tc tho onforonio ?> *'? o?a
!. ! oitd. Mr lit gho? tons ; t-- ori'tra
0 ? t Id itlto his ?'-tlidr'tv o Stl'i -U>- If.i
lifts !"* : \n ri>"< o.ts wtlli'tg lo
0 ??? . r? I .. t: ?> ti :.i\ hi.r?---:f. (t
* ts tbi* pi .'.rinli :ti Mr ttUK 0 ad
(]???? v. hirlt ittliu'id ?'?10 oxttomo to
w hi > tr.r T ti to.-! S a'?s i * w'.It; to go
'Thr I t t'-d '-tntos * 1 r.mplo. Ir.g !?
progioru of 13 I o >0 i.rg for to't nc"
bntt'ooh p* an! s \ tatt'o oru.?o-s Off
rat 'r?'1;,. has 1 rr:. ? ?tpp'?'od T I ??
ft-hf-? a;o in iar ?> s n' oo.na'rti>
tu-ns. in s ? ? r , asr.*. fr -r s:\*\ to ft' f
r tMv r?r'. ?:i! "f '" on?*"u< ? ion !'ji
Sr?n dm.r ''n ;*?<??? hrtron ??ap.tal nhips
-ton he'-ig c ?: 1 * ft?o f33|).'".'h A00 ba' ?*
rrr- spon* Sri" tho I'nt'oil is
w iltna in ' h? in'orrss an t-rvrrrdiata
1 a af't.r of arnutmont. to a^ra;' ah
tn-?sr yinp< ?
Otm1*4 With
Vtr riughos point*'! oi.t that 'ho
' m'r.j JJ'a'es so'tid not roilto ? artrta
o ont 'in r?s thr othor nat'nns aicrood
i;? * tho p'i*n w orr .?? roptod. ftllly
th.r'y rapttil shit* ag*; rga'ng Mi.ii"
??s ?? o'Jld bo * rsppod
M?" Hughfts auKi:os-?d in !?!* plan
' at fT a p? tod of !*.?.? 'ban ton
r.i- ? b?ro should \r o :f f'i--h*r 'Oti
?f-j lion ?>' 'api'n * :(?,??? T-on-.rn.i" it
np; ? ?? oo'od ? A ? s staton-oo'.
IT-in M'. H i^b"a *t.f
? :n- lonst-tt tt--n ou 'bo f.vjt
? ,? ? d b.T''??b t? ;?* st--f{od and
':t ". p: ed-cadnougbts -
? - ? r ,i;it! s attd fit" lino up
? r, ? r * ' ^
? ? " b <? ?? id n e.v. }>? ?xp!a n
. ? a t . ? ??* - re'oen ooo'la' ?>,:->.? ?">?
a ? .?> ? .-Mff ? b* ?? >>?.; out. n '.1.1
"? c I lood* ? r SSS.T.TS 'or*
~ < . ? ? r ' ?pi.if" th?:i t^e I'd'tod
; -.???.? *?*? *.r*?crt..tig t?
' -'-o ri.? \ ?i ! m'rtllgth ?'
F ian;.i Mr. Iligh?a p*opo**d tbnt
V ? v .?> tv ha? t!o?b.:->.t sr.-! four battt*
n ? !* *'-..or dored H* remarked
thnt t ? i|..e? rot pvohf the stopping
* . r| ? ??u- ?!?>r rh? ??on^?rr.?
r'rr ' ' to ?e mh'ra ha* beon he;un
n ? ? \t Hughe* adviv?t?d tha- Japan
?>-..-i*d ?<mp the fan-.ouj M?it*t:" ar.'t
"K*co " the f*r> *rio*t powerful ha'fte
? o- planned a* no'! a* four hat
:!o ru:*"-? au'b'xrliKl bu* ?o? laid
't.nr Th? "otal mjntoeo of no*- rap!
!?? ?Mr>* ? /--ipred would bo mevon and
? oo ?'.?a' 'unna** "Sh.tyiP whirh Jnceth
or <? :';i f?n l?"!o?h'p* p' the aerond
I p? n f rojn a prand rot*' of 44S.
'? * . 1 o ri -o ! urde- 'h:* p'ar.
t'ro t r.-to-i s?.a'o? ?r:oo fr> give
up 'W? noxt ??? nvaa* *4.V?40 a* '?m
r?-ed ? ?* Rr 'vn ? 5*.*.ITS an! Japan*
14 s ?>: J
iiep.a. omen'* ar> alwa;. * * i n far.
???r a* nation* ar* a'iusiotH to ron
?-d*? -o-ta?p ?h!p.? our of dat*)every'
'?? ? ??r? '4oro mto Mr Hugh.*-* rr^at
rpdioal prnpp?a! Vfo rt?,?fod tha' n ?
-?plei-orr.en;* *hnu!d bo Tide In !e?*
t'?- 'on years ird ' h*' there photiid
- stroo'1 -jp^n in advanre a maximum
fop rop anotront of sno.OOO
'?i? fo- -;,o I 'ri*o<* S;ato*. <Jroat Rrl ?
r?n 'Hi 1PP ( >?< ?rd Japan "in nf.O ton*
?-r ?!o-':ir?-1 t ha' 3S .0(5 a tor.a bad
l-o?n tbo *tnx t n n'*o ?.? anv non bo'
o? r? "n rnprt-^ir,^ Vr TTafbe* pra
' ? o> f ha' rn-'rT'iu? *-im* woullj thus
no -O o.no-: *??! th* prnfTOS* of flv
rp ? v and ?' 'bo ?* mo timo tho prop
- :*niar.'l* o* national dof?n*o would
no sdt'Vi?'?> n-o- and 'ho nation* will
r - . xn-pio'o opport ..ntty durlnc 'ha
-a-* no* !?!*".- of '?n > oa*a to eon*"1or
.... ?...|rw v,?r?o f-opa'itlon f..r of
?*-? ?.. ana! *ar wi!l atop now"
!t !3 --.ff'u-t 'o fowcr'ho 'b* rtio*r nj^
and ?n'htt*'*a-n ?? ea'.ia-loa a a tha
**.-??*lary ' ??*?* *f tho t'n tad ?/*'*?
?^r.-abad b'a ?r*? > Tho dolajca"** >jt
?i>.'a-!v on y ? 'a* ,'oinln* in th* do-n
i?S4'..'a"#n of app *u?a---tho*? who ro.jt.t
j*Aar?tand "inaiiah Anr.otjncamont ma*
?nad* 'bat a P*on-h t**t bad boen print
i.,4 ri wcu!d b* 4:?trihutad aftar th#
?nd of tba aaaa'on ao no v!alb!a opp*r
runity mraa aiTan 'o datartnlna :b* ?f
f*C" af M>. T<j*ba* ratrarte* Tha da'a
ya'aa ?h?w#1 *h?!r aurpr'ao hnnravar.
T!tw B'ftiah and .laptron too* up tho r
'..or.oi s ard began to rr.aV* not** bo?o-#
.nay !aarcad 'ha* r->p'?* wontd oo ?va'I
abl* !ar*? tt wa? a ?an?a"or>*; p?o.
'otmi* ?nd '-Jpi0*' nt Ama-ioan tac
inns to siatx
T'o-ohmUi. ArW Vov. )' M-* rboa
Vr Riggat. ?erar.te year* old. *?? %
Vv-oa-i to death b?r# wh?- *v* rota.rr^
| to hwr hiarirtg hotra for a tti.nl to;?n
aftr Utvi taken h^r blind a->d ra
a ly**t' *ar through an.oi* * nd darr??
fr- wt tha btirn'nr ros'daro*
1 s,. ?i?i. too w*? a-air h-iroad and
' '!? * > op* ix er'a.tAlii*1 for b a r? o?
?r y.
' ""A
Straus Demands Ban on Propaganda |
During Arms Limitation Conference f
v J
Washington. Nov 1" Oscat Straus. chairman of the genera! committee
on limitation of armament formed here !as: week. ifcclared today that the
fo:c? of American public opinion would bo mobilized against any group
which sought to conduct propaganda. or in bring undue pressure to bear
in #nv Vay on the policies and action.-- of 'he American delegation to 'he
international conference
' At this great rrisi- .n the world's his'o-v" -h" statement issued b>
Mr Straus said, "the off hi? I spokesmen for the peaceful longing of the
I nited Sta'es must he accorded the fullest support of the country and Icfi
reasonably free from criticism uti I tiny hate !tad time to develop 1 pe
olflr policies "
Collapses Without a Word to
Husband ?Life Lxtinct
When Physicians Arrive
I alt?\?V 1 \o<- 1t Mi?
J wife of tin <*ap t?h*t
dr-.ptal (load today j>"a\ ng go'f
with bar huabiind <vi t ia private "uk*
a: i.a,"sinn (Vurt th? r privire hotpa
Sha had JllM till'*..ad a dr ve at tha
fifth tee ami with he* huttbnnd wa?
tvatoh!o< tha tl ah" of tha hall, whan *
??(.!!* I>"ad without a word Mr ? 11. j ?;
turned to support ha:, and va? aston
ished *o *aa her lytic aoro?? tha taa
Thrnkir.: hi* wife mara \ had "tuhioiad
Mi toui'il hastanad to a?* ,*t h. r lie.
fan. hut whan *ha fa'la.i t.. spaak to
hint ha ?anf tha en.id a or; a htirrv a
for ph v * <-lnna
|irr ij.orsa XV t.awian-a end Irwin
M ll.inoa raa-had rha Ht.k* oiicVy. X
hr af a'.amlnm'on ?l:owad thai Mr*
limil.i n a* dead and that h?;i"I d:*essa
l ad haari 11 ? cau?*.
Mr?. i? ui'd was Kdt' ? .V Kingd -n be.
for* h'r marriage on September it
S,! a w :? * all jc'ra"* who had ?aor?d in
har pro*a-":on u'"rn >1 ? wa? niarr'ed
; . Ororga ?' t?"U d. *'da*i "on of .lay
? ? o: 11 il mn'tt-tntr'onil'ra Mar hgir*?t
s.iaaas* t'l'i urra l m tssj n <? a member
o' ViiciMip Iw'v'* ? -P'upant. har first
pn>?n-t n triumph being in "l.ove on
French Premier Dines
With the Americans
XX'h ?hiti K' ??!?. Nov. IJ. P-emier Rriann '
at tha Kranoli aml?a*?v to-dav w ft h i
Kl'hu Hoot and (pi .tr XV 1'ttderwonrl. of j
tha Xnterl.-;?i' detega t'on. iha K**n. > j
mtniarat of the ao on'a*. M ,=.t?rait and !
Xmhass.ador .1 itsserjir rl
Se-ratnrv VI ii * ha" and X^sis-an' Sa ?
r?M'> Hiias Joined Iha party at tha at-!
, h*?s> It w.i * understood tha eopve-".a- I
I 'on ? liiafl' ?opearr.ail t*-a method '
pro adtl'a | . ha ?d<-pte | :?? tha two atm?
aopfarap a naotinjs to morrow There i
was pn statement g.ven out however. |
and tha I'-en h la.ola-^ refu?ed to corn-;
mailt, I
Bo lb Drew Their Guns
In Crap Game; One Dead
I tax no id"i il'r XX X'a Nov I.? X'-,
har; IJo?? nr* I ?! ."> init, n r egr- .-->Rt
tn par, ea-!> ;??<]:(>' \\ :i * ? o* d.'ad dwr- 1
: ns; a d *pi." - . i" is el -cad. w h r ?; 11; t r
t egro Tha iiii! aM"a? f ? a now "o >k- J
:tic for IVward XX"If- *? "i o. p aged 31. .
in cutinap: Ion w.fh tha ca"*.
rerkarahuri: XX' \a It. \l?itim
t a! ."art loa? wara held today by tha |
I '*rkar?h irg po?t of tha X tnaiir# n I.a
g'on. with forniar fi?> a-m-r .lohn .t .
i'arp*?;| g" tha prin :pa' ?p?akar. w ho j
"poka of tha object of tha orran'ttaron I
and th? oppot tunli a* :t -a* '.<r hattar. I
mapt of mrrt'tb-n? n tha ronntr*
through It" effort* to h- n? -ond'tion*
that wt t be of t.apant f-.xo thousand
paopla nttandrd the *arv:ca".
' -]l
Japan Will Withdraw
Troops From Siberia
Tokuv Nov !3 Tt???> Tnml frt SVr.i- |
bun ?n,< today that a r.iliint' ??otttn 1 ?>f
Saturdjv d?i Ided tip"lt withdlflw.tl "t ,
the' lapanese troops in S'brrla as soon |
as the agreement arrived at 'n the con- -
feien'-o it; Italian has heen signed. V
divivon ??f troops which was about to
atari for Vladivostok f,?r tha purpose of
rainforclric tha troops in S herin will
r.v proceed there their order* having
bean cancelled It Is evpected that the
paren conference will he reopened
Monda v.
Wa sh i nit ton V-?v. T 7 ? \ ? oirdnc ' ?
unof'.c a' :nformal'or> -e.-o-v-d py .Jap
anese here Raror Tiik.iha?h- new pre
mier of Initn. will ke.p ..Id port
folio of minister of finance while act
ing as premier Vlmi'til Karon Kalo.
the tank-rig de'egate at Washington,
will continue to serve as nrnlaier of
mar.re. and i'ount Vchlda wt'i remain
at the head of the foreign office T -
Japanese at Washington dwell on the
pronounced liberalism of Takahnshl :i ,
discussing his appointment and any to
la especially in favor of maintaining the
territorial intesrltv of China.
U.S.II1T |
? oxbow. Not. 13.?Tha American
at earner Baa Trttncieeo, afre In mld
ooeen. aent ont today a wlrelaa* call
for i?alrtanc? which *m picked np
at the naval radio xtatlon liare.
She fave her poeitlon e? latitude
35.30 north, longitude 52.03 wert.
or approximately 1,100 milee eonth
etet of New Tork and 7C0 mllea
south of Cape Bace. N. I*
The etearner, of 3.1*4 torn. left
Marseille* Ootoher 4th and Ushon
yovenber 3 for How Tort.
A later message said thai the ti'e was
under control and th*' the San Kran
c;scr, was n no Immediate dange
I? added tha' tha steamer Jlatru-ii 1 >e
!<err:naga. hound fr'-m i?cn--a for Nor
folk. wax standing bv
Ex-Emperor and Wife
On Way to Madeira
Ccnstanrlnop.e \oy 13.- Th" Hritish
cruiser '"ardlff. hearing forme- Km
pe-or Charles of A istr a Hunraty and
hla wife. Zlta, to their e* le In the is
'and of .Maderla. i?ft h?ro to.da
Washington. Nr< 13 Poth ?\por's
and lir.ports Increased .1 trine Octohe
as compared with Se: te-il-rr th* form
er by trt .eon.onn and the latter by It,
fiftQ.OhO. ac I.rding to tite monthly *e-or?
Issued t -n'gh* "he <? -nicer. - depar*
ment The f> r- g-. of the nmntli
resulted tn a favorable tr.idc bain pre c f
Pari* \oy 1 ,v P'apatohas outlining: !
tha d*\a'opmeti t * at 'n? opening of th*;
arnti sent mnf?r?nr(> :n Washington .
taVa f'rat p"a<-a in j>i: tn? r?-:s nt??-|
papers this morning
r'rasldanf Harding j daaliapr a* avt-j
denrad in hi* opening addrass i* tarmad
hv th* Patit Parisian "a ray of aunl'cht
ro-n -,g to r*V.nd'a th* heart of otir pan.
pa ao greatly touched hy tha trsr"
Th* F.gg-o dTlares the friendship of
Arnarira a'wavs hid o??n equal,y prac
r:ous to Franc*
Th* Jourt-a!. while arr-nrlng tha
A"r*r;<-an proposal* set forth hy Mr. 1
Hugh** ?*vs th*? t'n* p-oblem con
fronting ths -on'rranp* in fh's re?per?
i th* aftitud* to o* r*:.-#n by .Tapan
Dramatic StLPprlaa.
Th# TCa.sh'.ng on i'"nV?r.'? com
o-e.n.-eq ?.?h ??* d'."T#t:<- .*:-nr;s* say*
t'ta Tamps, '? Mr Hughes plan
*' th* s,-(m" t m* de'.nita and grand" "
?oma dtf*: lit,as nht>'- tha Tamps
saa* in ' > a ?< * x of tiia p'ali ?r* firs?"a
of a poj I ? ? ? . ; rea ? R - I a n *" ' 11 |
wa a to .1 V 1 s-.f ? ? -.IP O. <?;?. a- she |
i\'+ a'?n ??h?tn >? \\> J to nf
thr .1 o?t:? n:? v>? . *" or!?!! ?. .. * ;; to? hnt?n!
naturo !:rrit!*i* vn'nl foot* fc#r ten
yearn ;* s*\ ? *? ti*?o'*?** u*i * *< th*
rharjftr r ? ?* . on *t ???!? ! ;r?* '{?n !
o-i F i?! h"-'? "? * jt?.r ?i;i r ...r i! t fi
ll on r f *?r:r;i iif
tfrn.i' ^ t r ? ? i H-ii 1 ho niR.lili/^d
r it f ?i! ?1 o !ho i on itp* Vftij'-nt. w liirr
thr In-? Ail States ? ;,?? ho'rtni;.
F'na'K rrMh"^* f r floMn:*" /??' may
b# invent Ail
Wot# of Dlatrntt.
Th* .trim#' hes t'ohl?* *ay? iho
Hufcbo* plfln :n\*!*A?1 th# i>.r..r??i??*i .?f
the A n * " a ? J * ;- * *?? ??? A 111 n fi ? ? VS r -in
r1#"%r??r?i th* An>or mp*
i>n ?ht* qiiA?V?^." ?.*?** '' - p^u srnpe,
bA^ rf th**il 'r. ?#' r.-t th*! t ho
r.'fVii: ruptur* !"?' th ? j? i *t woiiii?
?v?r*'v 7 ? ?* them tho * ppeirn ?fo r?#
. 1? % ',*?-!: #.r The'e no nenrj rf a
re f?A' at: at ? !?*> I?! n. I frtil'ttr'ei
M f >1 r#-nrd *r n p> ?%?'?t:1? ? i*? IS#
o'i'v ? ?a gi|-?-An?AA ? *A^.iriltng th.?
..n< ?? I*:;;; an'.asymzt Ihw itprc
I *?o n t ?*> ' ?
( .
Peace Party In Japan
Believed in Control
of the New Cabinet
Tnk.'i \v.\. H' ?Rar?.n K^r^k:vr?
Tak:ib*? rvmMr f.nnrr * ,r
Hnr* i-"lav ??<T . t;i v
th* {i in ?iiipt-ks i.n fr? To Wa
?h? Har*?. *\ ?i ?*? w a?? Rcsi^inat^i V,-?.
\ f 1
Tlif ai ,w?!jitni#*rr ???" Rav^n Tai?oha<hi
? r-pi"4! T ' :\ r.%c*?* ne?l .r p'?'?* ij .
ns .? fr. \nraM* ? ct? ib? waning
I?r pouar n* th.-- Till: aM'I m? n
mpiDi; w h? t ?* as .? ron l*f|i|rt
,,f #hi* j .w *?*>'" f-'f'tP i-vf
Rap ?i TakJi*?a?ii\ pv
V'Totiii' t ?%hM? 11'r t ?"?f# j;n ir'fi *?#?
prn? #?#?cl? ?! v? tin* i? ? * * This
fr?r th* n ?r n t' 0 t W*n ? ?' ih#? t?r^?pi#?r
wbioh 1 ? ? ? k pi??** ?n p'/??on r n#
Mapj'J * \Iat*?iknt? kr#j?r r>* t h ?
1 ? j-rv f(*i' Vi^^'Min? \1ak4n* ?r n*?r? -
nf thp inH'^rlsrl br*1**snM in-l ?'o;irf
? 'K th" crartd rhr. nib?r!a 1 n
I ?: ??-? ivM:nc r >
* h'l>. Ua roO Tak;?!*a*hi uv t'trtWntj* n?
?n'fli*t*** r-f anrf rn!nlM*r
<>r th# naM
Th<? o; o^r mint*!*-* :n tp* liaik r a bi
nd viU i*-* n U\?r post*.
Honorary Degree of Doctor
| of Laws Is Conferred By
Brown Lniversity?Graves
of French Revolutionary
Soldiers Decorated
I'-*. .,!?!'? H I v.> ?' T.1?
I'tiion * rmnl>? -.'.V* v> M,v ?
*lin' K<v ii tini.i'. :!;?
Kn^'and ???tit s d- in '? <? j<pe
rin' tr.Vn r~< n. N*\? Hivi?n nn-1 V??
1 l.onlcn >? * ??
:<? r?' ?* ' ? ?1 rlr*r?.> 'rom
?o V. ki" '? ,.#r? a 'mc* '
|v">p-i ??????! sn- f Wm i :k w <? ? n??
'I, r ? ;i? \ n ' ?? <?- ."1
??r? para1 inn 'or tha i,?i,*piion i-nv.,,
* " t \ r n ''.n'n"o?
To* ira** ' n r '? -c i n ? A "? <
i.rlrcW ?'ii? w.i- ma* I
, a ? i-ip ** n i'i ? i ? *11 !*? ?? I*?i"'* ~ .
San S'Mir anl a 'V ic,i'' o ?M*ii?N#ri.
nt r;i* r(M f ivvr rrrr' ir.ii t!i?
ill ?' i;i? ? ?? a M'? r'rr;
was it- ??! ' ? ' -
r' .-h*-""'rc *t"i .i?an<1? N'l-r ?
I Ir? a ' gr urM w? r ? ? ? a min n !a,
a m ?si i . r a v*t.ir at ?? t **n.-h ?<"??
who fii.sii* '0 * - ? X n-*f ?? it n i '1
Rro*n rr,ii?'?"i- hro?? j "rattMoi. ,
as n'r| an *?'? n?* ii|?!im 'n i-nnf'-rlns:
a poririr r#f T.mi i1*icrA* i>n n# rinirii'*
? iNN'mo ti-rlnv N*' ??? Vim 'isH * o
I honors** d*Kr?* h**n pr*s?n'*i"l i-n a|,
| Sun<1a: . I
"Noble and Dramatic Stroke t
on the Part of Harding and
Hughes" Says Telegraph
Unmlin. Nov. 13 ?Overwhelming sur
prise end n disposition to reserve lm
r'i'1 nt? judgment seent.s to he the key
no^ ,.f the comment in the l.endon
tn' rn hi: papers on the proposal! of the
American secretary of state at the
w ashitijCioii conference.
"It may conceivably he found that
the scheme i* over-bold' says the Daily
Telegraph, "hut if holds up such a mag
nificent ideal that it will awaken
greater enthusiasm among those who
passionately long for the world to get
its lect well set upon the true path or
"The conference opened with a noble
??nd dramatic stroke on the pert of Pres
ident Harding and Secretary Hughes. It
is not the habit of America to do things
by halves, and on this occasion the
I nited State* ha* astonished and im
l ressed the world by her audacity, and
by the grand sweep of her proposals."
ttreat Britain Can Accept
The Westminster tlazette declares
that the proposal Is magnificent and any
that it will certainly be received with
no loss enthusiasm all over the world
than it v. as received in the conference.
"It may be called ambitious and far
reaching.'' it adds, "but ambitious
scheme* are often tli" easiest to accom
Remarking thai c.etca'iy speak.ng
the proposals .-.uclif t.. hnv e followed
wot preceded, consideration of the pol
icy. i* continue*
"Hut logic til b'lti.an affairs Is often
poor guide ,-rI tl.e tinted Star's
was right in it* dc- isio;i to reerae the
log:, at order of the problems with
,vm toe (,. ife.-emc was summoned
to deal. .
?So far a* ' ? tea t P.rifain :s concerned
there 1? no reason whj the scheme
should not be accepted without nuallrt
. a t loll*. So f; " r* the period of R de
cade is concern-*! :t offers to us 1b fa-1
more than w# claim."
f.m ftiego. t"*al!f. Nov. IS?Si* mem
bers of a psrtj of forty Mexicans are
dead as s re?u!t of a skirmish with *
party of federal troops in San Antonio
canyon. *'\ miles south of TIJusna.
I,nwor t'alifornia. today. In the skir
mish four of toe Invading party were
killed. Two were captured by the fed
ora* and later executed.
The repor* of the skirmish was made
hv I'olotiel i'. Arments. commander of
toe federal forces at Tijuana, to David
i person. l'nite.l States department of
justice agent here.
For a time there was muOb exdte
ment In Ttjusna. but later fjovernor
Fplgmenio Rarra of Rower California,
said no trouble was expected.
No Americans wera allowed tonight
in the main p?rt of Tijuana, and for
several hours today the border was
closed to traffic.
Rumors of impending trouble have
been current for several week*, and
about'two weeks sgo three automobile
trucks loaded with gune and ammuni
tion. believed to he enroute te Mexloo
f,yr revolutionary purposes were aelsed
by federal sgents in America? territory
near the border.
Siberian Soviet to Hold
An Asian Conference
V'eking Nov. 1 J.?The 8ifcer1*n Revtet
so* ernment is sstd to bs dtspleaeed
over the fact that it has no represenU
?ion st ths Washington conference aid
ha* invited "weaker nations" to aa
?>*ia conference" st Irkutsk.
it announces thst representatlvae of
Sism. Persia. India and the Fltillppltiee
,,re on the way to the conference. The
Importance of litis meeting to Korea Is
being emphasl-'d by the Siberian Soviet.
l.?>-al delegat'ons of Koreans and
* *h nese who at e leaving for the irkutak
assembly are declared in official clrc.e?
here io be the representatives of ob-.
5."ure groups of malcontents. ?
Many Armed Marines
Now Guard the Mails
New York Nov. 13.-?Preparation* for
guarding mall Rt postal stations and In
transit witn an armed force of marine*
.?er* r?srl> completed tonight with ths
arrival of marines, under t.ieut.
Whittle from ijuanticn. Vs.. making *
for. ? of ?i>."> ioartnes and four officers
available for the p-.sta! authorities.
<,<r ??'rsiiv ? V?' 1? nn*< n* tJ'nt
\ i v-'.-wi. - mi?'?u p;ctii-? ??nmn'ltiiTi.
ii.ll e<> ?">n '? !>' t---nv rro'.i nn a chare#
' n-at'H'fl !Rht?r c*"' ">i- nut nf th? ,
tcath. S?Tit#rr.h?r r,f Mm \ irginta .
Clapf# to' ion pl<*Hir? :<rtr#*?
rrnpa-a f ???!? 1 111 ?# t.r?n
f-ir ?'?? rv^n.jk (
\r|r*il*?,<in ti fh# rr>iirl rr?<*rp ?-;i l?# |*\ <
?ard onl1
I'nMk# Arl'tj'-kl* s j>r? rr..r..?r- h???- ' 1
nr to ulri'h on'v ?nmfn ?fM'Matora
?er? a d m 111 d:ie to the fa?*t that It
?.i? he'd in t.h? women* department of
the p?:ir? irt l>orh sexes mty attend
iHr t r:.? 1
X rr >:i?r the ?p', :,?!"? will fee a dala
MCnn '?->tv the Women's Vtrllanea
r?? rr \ ? ? * +
The oirv rnite of *!\ty-?l* clt'iena
?ont.iln' tne nam's of thtrtean *???.

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