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VOLUME L X \ .. X O . 7:> WHEELING, W. V A., W E h X E S [) A V, NoVEMRER Pi, 1 it 'J I ?tkan"ient> THREE CENTS
Secret Session Held By Newly
Named Naval Armament i
Wast.inn (? ii. X.?\. I,".. ? 11v Tin* As< ?? i
r.afed i'resst Kuriiijilv acccpcm; "in
principle arid spirit" tin* A:- pro
posals fn- reducing .'tin! UmititiK nnvni
iriiniincnt''. vir~.it I'l l.iin. i- ritin i*. It.iA
:uti| Japan toils \ pledged their adher
ence. anil l?t**tan discussions of dctn.ls
Japan wants it.urn titan t.;*> sa'\ p**r
rent, as iMitipnrni tha I'niiwl <"a,**s
iit'al <Jreat Mritafn. which r! #? .? r:k'? ti;i:
proposal would allow
France and Italy want t<? 1?* taken
into consideration at the outset and not
watt for disposal of the question as it
affects tin* Mii; Three. Moreover. both
Franco and Italy foot that thoy should .
be permitted to Snore so rather than
decrease thoir sea forvos to brinx them
up to a fitcure comparable with what Is
1-tdtiK a Mowed the'othors.
For Gradual Replacement. I
Oreat Urttaln. as previously outlined
wants the replacement program spread'
over a period of voars rather than
taken up at the end of a ten-yemr hoM-|
day. and she wants further reduction j
and definite limitations on stibhiarinea. j
After u session of a little more than i
an hour, 'he conference, after heurtn< ,
addresses of cenetal acceptance by Ar- I
thur J. Italfour. for Oreat Hrltaln: |
Itaron Admiral Kato. f*r Japan: Siguor
Schanaer. for Italy, and Premier Itrinnd,
for Franc*1, adj' urned to meet aiptin on
naval armatneni. wen: into secret ses
The result of the latter ir.estMijr wan
a decision to defer the matter on r.atvil
limitation to n committee of admirals,
to be presided over hv Theodore Roose
velt, assistant secretary "f the navy,
which w ill make r.n expert report on the
American proposals, and a!s . make rec
ommendations for amendments of de
tait The eomm!:tee was authorized to
cortsUlar Jlxlnur the naval strength of]
Italy *?d Frwr.ce a' the same t!m? with
the 'Joitad ?tat*s. lireat t'.ritain and
Th? ComwmnlQUS.
Th? ?fflclal communique was the only |
report of the proceedings:
?'The first meeting of the committee
on limitation ??f armament was helil
In the fan-American building a* <
p. m.
"There were present the rtfbfta'es
nr the 1't.i'ed States of America. the
Itntish empire. I'r.uiee. Daly and Ja
pan. with a secretary for earh dele
ir:<* !??>!. si rot the secretary-general of
the conference who was cho?en sec- ?
tel.* r\ of .tie committee I
"The sub-committee. composed of I
one technical naval adv isrr for eaoh !
of the ti'.e powe,--* was constituted ?<> j
'ake under immediate advisement the
questions raised* hv the proposal of
'h" I "n'ted State\ for a liuiltation of
naval armaments. Vnd to report to the
(Continued on Fng? Fourteen.) j
Special Dicpafcl: to The Intelligencer.
t'inclnnati. N"??v 15 - It became known
here today am one <?bio rivermrn that
Henry Ford. the Detroit motor and rail
road magnate, had ordered plans pre
pared for a new style motor river
barge that he ralnulates to use in ex
tensive Inland waterways operations out
of the Ironton. Ohio river southern
terminal of his Detroit, Toledo & Iroti
ton railroad
ll? propos? s 'o revolutionize o|;jo and
Mississippi river traffic with tho fleet
of steamers and barges he Is preparing
to build or acquire. Kaon muster ves
sel will be self propelled. Mr. Ford
says that the motor h<- proposes using
In this new move will cut the cost
heavily and allow competition with nil
river boat lines now operating and alij
railroads ami barge lines eventually.
Service will be bad from Pittsburgh j
to New Orleans though the tlrst boats |
will be used to handle Ford motor dis- I
tri tuition front Fords Detroit plant to j
ohm river rifles and St I.outs. ..Mem- I
ph:s ami Xnv Orleans.
Diplomatic Cards Laid on
Table in Manner Never
Before Known.
i Washington, p. C? Nov. 15.?(By Tha
i Associated Press.)?The diplomacy of
| the American delegation In the arms
[parley lias won its first victory, but
still finds itself confronted with quss* v
tions of admitted Importance and dalJ*
[ cacy. whose solution Is requisite ta
i attainment of the purpose for whisk
the nations were called Into eoaeulta*
I While the technical advisers wrestle
with the armaments problem and tha
i delegates themselves contlnua Informal
conversations on the American plan,
the other big eubject of the conferanctt
the Far Eastern situation, will be glvdtf
its first formal consideration at aft
, executive meeting of the delegations Sf
ail nine interested nations. ToalgM
every one of the delegations was in A
waiting attitude toward the Far Bastera
questions, and if any nation had a
! plan settlement to present at tbn eat set
.It was carefully concealed.
British Stirs amotions
The lead in accepting the principle of ..
the American naval proposal waa tabes
; In today's meeting of the conference by
'Greet Britain, whose historic natnil
j supremacy would eventually give way
? to at! equality of strength with tha
? I'nited States. If the plan became an
actuality. Arthur J. Balfour, haad ot
! the British delegation, announced
British acceptance In a speech thgf
stirred the emotions of delegates and
! spectators and started a discussion in
j which diplomatic < ard? were laid on tht
table In a manner unprecedented in
[ International conferences.
WhfTe the hall still eehoad with
applause for the speech of tha British
; statesman, tl-e chief delegate of Japan,
j Admiral Baron Kate, was on bis fast
; to pledge the readiness of the lstaa4
empire of the east to proceed wKli ,?
) "sweeping reductions" In her fleet:
i Signer SchBT ser. of Italy, and Premfgr i
Briand. for France, added in their turn
a pledge of co-operation in the program
j laid down by the United States. {
The Bcibtmerins Pi o Mem
I Mr Balfour alone made speoMc men
tion of some of the modlflcatlons that I
would be suggested as the negotiations
progrea?. Reduction of the figure set
as a maximum of submarine tonnage
was the project on which he Indlanted
his .government would be most Insist*
ent but lat*r most of tha British group
made the suggestions they are to put
I forward somewhat as follows:
Change# Proposed
First?Reduction of the submarine
(Continued on Page To arts SB.)
J Washington, Nov. 16.?An ambassador
: to Germany probably will not be nomi
nated by President Harding before the
j end of the week. It waa indicated today
, In official circles.
' While the name of the prospective
appointee waa not disclosed. It Was
intimated that his name had been or
, would within a very abort time be prg- .
| aented to the derman government for
? its consideration. In accordance wijp
[ diplomatic usage. The speculation si 1
| to the probable appointee, however, nqg
' rowed down some time ago to DatM
Jayne Hill, former ambassador at Beg'
i lln. and Representative Alanaon B. I
! Houghton of New Tork. with the lattir
j said to be first in the president's mild.
Doubt was expressed In some quar
ters today whether additional peach
proclamations would be necessary la
view of that Issued yesterday by Prait
dent Harding, declaring the war M*
tween the I'nlted States and Germany
to have terminated last July 3. Some
offlrisls. however, were of the opfnlaa
that additional proclamattona would be
Issued or tliat another proclamation
?ormally terminating the state of war
with both Austria and Hungary weukl
he promulgated.
?????? ,
Britain's Acceptance
Voiced By Balfour
Most Fateful Act
it"?ryr.ght by The l*uelil*enser. j
MashN'ov !j -l-ea; Britain i
standi beside I'n'tv 1 State? ??? a
frrn friend in t!u? conferrm e
The s; ee*-p .fames Itllf'i'ir
n but * rt e 'n:es of Br t-h policy which ,
t. ?w a >i ? t ? make the c- rilerem ?? a 1
?u ~s-. ry assisting th* Vmeru -?n
pro;. >si tion every nay possible.
\..t * sylit.ble of not ,
.1 phrass of comment. but a
whole-hearted. appro* al came from the
tend of the British (lelfMtl 'ti And
o? !f to rt-rnfori't this sentiment with
s unethitig ?vtn more tangible. Sit Bai
'our r?*a.-t w:tt. dramatic effect a cnhle
from Prime Mlniatcr I.'.ovit
? Seorge. whose absence from the con
ference ,s the single regrettable .rv. ;?
tent thtie far.
What Mr. IJo.vd ileorge fails to |
render by his presence, however, he '
more than rr.Akes up with his constant
cablegrams to the delegate* here to go
.is fn- as possible to help .mrrv out the
drastic proposals tna?le by the I'ntteil
States government
True enough the British acceptance
has been forecast in the despatches <<f
the last rwen*>-feur hours, but not 1
until the 'atefu! words of approval-we-e
spoken bv Arthur Balfour <t:ti ti e reall
uilon come ,.f what tremendous .rnpoti
Is v t a.-k of tiie British endorsement.
Air. Balfou- spoke eatemp-. raneeu?l>
? nd seemed j?? measure h:? senten es
tfeiinerutelv But It nas obvi > is that
while i treat Britain was accepting
"::i spirit as w.>l! as in principle." Mr.
Tta.fou- left n-> doubt in the minds of
li s hearers that the details would not
Move insurmountable and that they
were marly subjects for dijcusslon In
.?..inmitve by naval experts.
N'othirg that nfgiit be don? by the
etpems. Mr. Balfour insisted, would
t such the wonderful "structure which
,ss t'?en erected" by the Ameri.-an gov
Brltlah Sac rift cw
It ?.?? n :?"> see that Mr. Ha!four
vv r. * ;slt:;; 'he occasion to dri ve home
?i - e-t.nt of British si'Tifti'Ai in con
sent.tig t" a red net ion of her n?\v to
.If'osae s:ze. He liwr't at length on
importance of a navy to an island
people whose food -tiprdy .s so de
per.d-n- ':p< :? overseas eo:nni>tn;cation*.
The theme of Mr. Balfour's address
,v,(s that navies should hereafter he,
P'ire'v defensive ar.d not offensive fin
the "atter po.'nt he gave as an exatn
;>;e t.,f tjn'.'es nihility of large set-going
-uhmar'nes \? hose only object could he
? tboijgs, ftie destruction of commerce
'ri of:eosj v? warfare by methods ab
horre i h\ .tvi'iged nation?.
I're ?e \ be-au'-e Mr fttilfoiii wanted
to -how Vow far f.rr.it Britain vvu?
ready to go to stand by the fritted
States. d:d the Rr-v-'n statesman em
p'-*? the Sf-n 'ejt! n.xTtance o* n
?,,? v ?. t*> the ej;i[i:-e. \f er he had dope
tha?. e anro-i'i.c.; the Br.t'sh accept
ane amid at* outburst of cheering and a
d-' iv>;:-tr,i'i<iM tv'.ij. !i was led by Hen
**? rlshttitr ,nrid n which the Amcri
. a-> ? :?? eg;??,o!. joined
Br and Takea Notice
M- B? four threw our a few :nts
?i . e-t.'; wU'cii .vi;: prove s gp.ri
? ?it !:\t?r on I'e spoke briefly but
? ? ? ?:?? i stirei! er?'ph.?v!? r?l?out land
??-v:aoien". At thm I -fu'4: Brtand
tried f trw;?r ! and srehed Vis ere
brows Mr Bal*"'ir give the ip-.i-es
? o:, he hope t otho- nations
Weighed 'iovvi by the burdens of land
:? rtrta tnep t would al ?? co-opera te with
the movement for the reduction of the
?? or d? ti\ burden and 'bus release
capital and eniri;>? for tiie improve,
?ten* of *radr. national and inter
na " lotlA'
!? was an uti-t'fited acceptance of t;)e
American vc vv point which Mr. Balfour
expressed and te 1-otjlrl not have bei-ri
.core clre. t when he said ' The propor
tions in the American plan are acept
a'vle the limitation is reasonable?and
we believe it should be accepted- and
we heljeve t tlnallv will be. It has not
been received vvltb coot approbation
hat with hearty appr. val and with loyal
and hiiirty co-operation.
The *evl Te?k A heed
Now the ? '?riferencc gots down to
business. The accept !r pr'n
?? ;*!?', t'-i? British ac- ept likewise, and
both n*::ons are ready to approve the
Vmericati proposals, a!! of which. how
ever. only partly solves the problem.
The real "nek is ahead. It Involves a
eatlsfactorv formula for par Eastern
questions and land arnmment. Commit
tees have been appointed and when
there t* agreement upon principles
again on these two matters there will
be further open session*. The actual
negotiations will proceed !n commit
tee?the result.* will he announced
periodical".* in public session
Till* arrangement 1* apparently *at
!?f\ rig mow? everybody. No po'ifica
t?ir:t*'?tis!i't? ha* a* yet appeared \ ?ner
1 a ard 'treat li-inln are working to.
ge-l.er .<rd the ,l;i;stne*e Mm* far have
*'? e-? plain in II. ltion* that they *t!l
rot . g behind .n endeavoring to rtriko
* conference SUCoeSS
Publicity Pwrored
T"ere was a puic'i of eniofiori seldom
apparent n international ? onf?rences as
la pan followed Ir.-itn in approving the
Xnierii an na -ai program and a* l"ro*t
den" S "hanger .?* the Italian de'?gat'?rt
and l'reniie- Brian.I threw th* r moral
support in the decision of 1" eptirtg ?pc
American fugges1! .n* ft tnn no sur
prise to find !'re.?|er Br'nnd. h-.Aever.
take up the reference n \j- Balfour*
speech to lam! armaoen' \fr Briand
feqt|*s'ed an opportunity at some fat ire
public session to explain the pos tien of
hYaro?. to which Secretary Hughe* fn.
ffou?Jy seceded.
Although committee meeting* are "o
be secret the public sessions will fur
nish occasion* frr explanation of na
tional viewpoint* AH the European
detejra'lons acem to have pe-onie sipi
denly appreciative n' the puhl'- ity va'ue
of these open sessions. But true siunitl
ran-'e o' Mr. Brian'! * request is some
thing even m??r?? fur rnn-h'tic. 1' !*
that Krmnce wiil take the initiative in
projecting th* subject of land arum -
niefits In this conference. Th"s will
give TYemlcr Briand rhA chance t.>
?how th* relationship he'ween ?>
napv's reluctance to pay reparat oris
end "h" ne es.Sify of a large army to
?nforce Herman obedience This may
precipitate a diacu??lon of America's
era - debt and kindred questions which
betve been hampering industrial prog
ress ?verTi? here The keynote of fh;s
.?r.pn"* ??f
naval wc - but reconstruction.
" ? i
Landm Sees Himself As Rival of the
Washington Disarmament Conference
w * I
V i>r<nil!c*. Nov. If. ?? i llj the Assort-1
itfil The t-ookiiic stove which
? ni'f lelongrd to llu* v.l'a "f llctiri I
l.anilru. who Is on tri.il. ciai'Kcd with
iiimtili'i iriK e>\ en persons. was 'itlssincj
11 day ftcii! among I lii? state's exhibits j
ai the asr If is charged hv the prose
utlo-i :hat I.atnli'U ? returned his eleven'
i : t .tun in 1 his _ stove
iY'iscriitor i loih'i r.ii h.H'l permitted i
sfo\ emnker to lake possession of the ex ,
llthlt in ofiler that he might make two'
r>r three lighter molds of tin- stove fl^t
product inn before the j'trors. When
?ailed n;?(iii today to produce the stove j
Ihe stoveniHi.er said he had liven nnahle|
P. find it He said h" thought practaa'j
Joltirn. <>r pfrhai'.s rial htirKlntK hail I
rarrloil It away.
Ijirnlru tml.ij shown! foil.'- Imjia
lien.-f cwi ihi- im|?>rl:iiii*c wlihli tin'
uowspai'ir niiil |niMh- ??iilmnti an- Rlv
iiik t" his trial.
"Thorn (8 a utisstinn of ill.-.trmatunnt
it-antr mi in \\asliiiiKton wlth-h is n u.-h
ninro :tii|x>rt;?n* than thf l.attilrn
tl:?' (iris' nar iarril. dur.tig tlio course
at tin- r.\.imini11'itl
M. Murt'i tllaffi-rt. i>f ? <mti???? I for l.an
ilrti. Nihl ti-iLiy tli.it he wiitilil I'loail in
sanity fir his client lie km id the fris.
utirr's ? \|n (sslati ? ?'?itccrt: itiK 'hi- nln
tivii imi?>rtM?i'C af his trial as .out
jiari'il with the IVinhintlon conference
would hi .Hijhniittnl t<1 tha enur: ,^s ev
idence that l.andrtl suffer* front meitu
Preparations Made
For Corner-stone
Laying By Masons
P.'trkershurg. W. Ya.. Nov ]."? I 'or
the purpose of laying the corner-stone
<-f th* t?*?.?t Virginia Masonic homo here
tomorrow, a special communication of
th* West Virginia grand lodge of Ma
sons will he held tomorrow at noon,
with Most Worshipful ??rand Master
Adrian f. Nadenbuscii o"" Mar'insburg.
:n ? hare*.
The grand '???due. nil tie oftlce: s of
which are here for th* nnntinl grand
lodge meeting, will notniMc at the Ma
sonic temple. where the usual rite* will
he obseryed, after tvhl> h they will he
escorted to the Masoub home grounds,
about a mile from the city, by 'he
Knights Templars, assembled for the
grand lodge meeting.
Lewis N. Tavenner of th^s city, presi
dent of the board of governors of the
Masonic home, will make the request
to the grand lodge that the corner-stone
be laid, and following the grand master
will report the work completed.
Arrangement* have been made for a
parade preceding 'the rorner-stone lay
ing, in which ell the Mr.-'-otiii bodies will
take part. Nemesis 'ornpio and the
Shrine band will have charge of this
par? of the ceremony.
In addition to members of gra-.l
lodge* of the Masons i:i Ohio. retinsvl
vanla. Maryland and Kentucky, 'here
are about Masons here for thi<
ceremony from all sections of West
Philadelphia. Nov. i.v Tumultuous
thousands' today acclaimed Marshal
T-'och as he was whirled rapnllv through
the city. He <ame here from Prince
top. N. J where (girder In the day. ti e
degree of I'm. tor of Laws had been con
ferred on him by Princeton I'nlversity.
\t Independence hull he touched 'he
Liberty bell. At the statue of .loan of
A'.- he lifted a Utile girl from her feet
and kissed her forehead after she pre
sented lurtt with the wreath which he
later deposited at the base of the mem
At the Pnivers.iy of Pennsylvania.
Marshal Koch v.as awarded the degree
of doctor of laws
A* the City Hull a gold sword, the
gift r.f |t?e citizens of |"h!l.ide 1 phia was
presented to the Marshal. The presen
tation was at City Hall where Mayor
Moor* formally welcomed him A few
minute* later, i.'overnor Sproul extend
ejl another welcome
Nix on the $10 Baby
Houston. Texas. Nov. 15 The first
"deed" to ;> rhtld ever filed 'in Harris
county, filed yesterday to make triply
binding adoption papers was <anc-dl*.l
today I'ubll-'.ty attendant upon the
technical word.rig of the deed, ten .dol
lars and other considerations w.is glv.-n
us the cause for the withdrawal, as It
was not . desired that the child should
go through life known as ? J)0 baby
Sp? l>;spaf h :n fl o I n f r II' icrhmr.
N'?w i iitiilTwri'l IV \.i. N'">v I
Tim i lamm- k rounfy rrait'l Jury :n .1 re
ma ?|o i> ,|.||r r^i'irnoi! ninn
t""n in<!:> ? ft ?*??' ??. ;n<-hnl;nir <>n?> fnr rnur
rlor ami itn>*llh>f fnr lir*"li. All hilt f til P
of tl.o 'iwil arc \\>lrt"n i?'o|'Ip Tl>?
frtir Mll? fallow:
.'?hn llarl'i. \\<irf??n < liarKOi) nifh
klllim; Mr? Mary .l;nol>s at \Voirt'>n ,
with an ,i\"; ?lr>l m>ir?l<r.
Sl>nr S'<-v;-n??v i' h. W nlrt-'ii. t w ? ? In-j
? lirfmon" 1 nr f?>r ni?'ratlni; .? ttmnnHliin?
still. i>i?< <.?l rr f'-r li.?v 1 ntr mush in hla
\l?-k M nh'I.'n l? k, Wolrfnn. n|>^rntiriR |
?nnnftslilnn srill.
1 V?lhi ? W>lrf"n. Injf!
with 1 n ? r r n kill
Itarty Mii htl!, \Y< !rtr'ti. np^r.itlliR'
ni'?"tishm?- v 1.1
Mfiilslau \W?|k Wr'rt'.p -at In*
?v.'i'?nsl inr ???511.
Ka I j. ra *1 nt; !
iii>m>iiv!,s' 1'
Kiaak M>>ri'a A>l?irn M ???! JtR'l i
WviiMkl. W? Irion. opera t i tic m"?n
s|.inr still
\|. f it's .Dl.l I" llir'nnss \\>lr
t"H. outline uith intent )<> k"'l
Nl.'k Inv?-lk a. Wo'rtin. l-roakirn; .in-l
.Vnf>| liuz/anl. I'.n si Liverpool. lar.-eny
MniJ!.?'in Sl"V<Mis. N'.-w i 'umlo rhiri'1.
Mall.'oils assault.
11 h >n |.t r>n Hutler aril Hamilton |;..kits
Weirton. breaking 11 ? I > uterine
.Initios I'ri. i* \V? Irt-iri. running a earn
jllC louse
I M i'ti U>irl.-ii. assail'I'ni; .1 il?
puty sheriff.
?i : Swish'*. *'|>i>si*r nr.n-siipport
I...n ,\!*??...lis. Wririt.n, having nuish
III I'-'Ssl ?S|I.|.
V\ 11 Ham I.Mo) \r u ? *.i i:i'. >?* r I ;i r?'l.
11',.ns|...r"am ll'junr
\n arson ?..'ml ietiirnr.1 a \enr ago
agalri?t 1 ifirnc W'nmnskl. now In jn.l
it Pittsburgh. awn'inc trial for nl
>|. ?! ? ? sinV"'11? In an Imperial I n.
honk loo.1'ip was i ?miou el Mr :s al
|eg...J pj I'.J \ O iitsii bit bviue HI W clrtull.
fvlen Have Thirty Days For
Reply ? In Event of Dis
agreement, Claim Goes to
the U. S. Rail Labor Board.
' Special ! ?it.*!i to The IntelllKencer.
lt.ili;nior?\ Sho 15. The ItnTt!ti?-?r? d
'tVil.i railroad. acting .n conjunction
xv::}| the ether r":i Is. ;.s today sending
V the i h.'i.rmen of the \ar;o;j? railroad
\*orKer.' organ.Ration* notices <u l.ing
'or .1 meeting between 'lie rej'ii-. ?-nta
t'Aos of tin- men and the r..:oj'- ol'tt l.ils
to effec* reductions In the wage s n!.*
arid r<\:s!>>n ?f the working at- r<-em.nt ?*. ;
Th">iBh the Maltlmote ? ?>hio i? a
trie- 1. ..f the Association of I In ilwn y
' Ihi 'iilAio it wi:: handle :ts n\? n proh-.
leme without conferring V.th toe other.
road?. The notice* "eat o.i? t>\ the road
today cat! upon the -1011 t" confer on
the ?]ttesliofi t.f reducing *he wages ? ? f
train service employes i? ;?er cent, and'
t!io?o of shopmen an 1 unskilled laborers
to a pHr with the wages p-nid for tiie
,*atne work In other Industrie*.
To SaII Labor Board
' No other st> p* will bo taken by the
road ttntit the thirty-day llm.t allowed
. tiie tne;i reply k*i* expired. In cose
of disagreement between tiie employes
and It. it- < >.. the claims w ill he sent
to The !al?or hon-*d for set; A-meut.
St\ hundred and fifty no n furlo ughed
fr< m the slu.o? of the It. ,<? i> will he
recalled ne\' Monday . when Work will
he h-gary oti nn e\:enclve program of
locomotive repairs. 1 if those recalled to
work 4'?# will he etnjdoyed at the Ml
i" arc shoj s ;n Ttaltimore and ?s>"i at ;
? "umherlartd
Pennsy to Act AJao
I'll .lade'phis. Nov. 15. 1 *iil>;:demand
' at the j,- ice of ral1r>'nd e'vi. e I.e
redm-ed must l>? met through ., reilu. ?
tlon in the wages ? f rail rood workers.
Samuel Rea. pr*s|ii*n? of the I'ennsy'
wmln Railroad company declared in a
statement today addressed to employes
?.f the ro?d
The i-omiainy wi'l proceed to sreg ie
dnt.ons "in a.-i-ordti nee ?>th law." the
statement x.ivs and wt" not to a k v
redu. 11ons until confereiu-cs have hec.i
iie.i with h<- employes and reunite
nientv of the transportation act com
plied with.
Wert Virginia?FrIt and warmer
Wednesday; Thursday cloudy and
warmer, probably rtiln.
Ohio and Wertem Pennsylvania?
Partly cloudy and wanner Wednesday;
Thursday rain.
$20,000 IN LIQUORS
$20,000 Found in Suit-case
?Building a Puzzle of Trap
Doors and Secret Rooms.
Plttaburgh, Pa., Nov. IS.?Two
men wore held for court today In
connection with the raid on a ?build
ing' in Spring Garden avenue by
prohibition agent* led by John Fx
nioloi, In charge of the dietrlot pro
hibition enforcement of fleer, where
liquor* valued at $20,000 were oon
flecated. They were Alfred Plalg
and Prank Hober. Both were held
under $1,000 bond*.
The agent* In raiding the build
ing were compelled to nee extraor
dinary caution, acoordlng to Bxni
cdoB, &* the atructure w>i honey
combed with trap door*, diaappear- j
lng atalrstepa, blind paaaage* and
aecret room*. More than 930,000 In
cnih waa found In a sultcaee In the |
building, Fxniclo* eaid.
Mbitr Plains. \ V N'nv. 1?.- MlH?
dune Avis Kxatis. xvho <Ui!rns to hat*
been engaged th> late I>at, K Wiinn.i.
ttMllmnaire ?"lex el.itid publisher. today
began | r>" endings a:ins' Iter Inten
tion '<? sup for n share In the pwai'. es
timated a* Ids death to he worrh 51".
Mr Hanna's xv:il. xxtii.'h was file 1
here ' esterdsy, ,d'x ided the hulk of hts
etxtnte between his three suns, prot isions
having hern made for his (laughter* In
ills lifetime and ?:<? bequests hnxinK
hern n.ade hit fotir dixoned wives
At:ortovs fot Miss I'vans todas ob
tained iM't-in ? ? photograph the
will. Tltey .daitu that the instnirr.ent
'pairs : . M ~ . Kvatis nil annuitx of
I .m 'id.hmol to the e.niiitiy ps
trite Th.e I'tnt'." and a lame amount of
prrsm?* 11 |-r .pert'..
Quake Registered
Washington V-. 1". \ pronounced
earthquake sh" k was registered en tho
*? Istr.oj-r.v ph at lieorgetou-n I 'n:\ersilv
today, the est: in itei| di-'nn. e of Mie dis
turbance tn'ing It""1 miles from Wash
ington and probably t? "lie somh. The
iron.its ht san at " I p in. attained
their maximum irtensitx at 4 "i and
*? n'lei| at ii'? lock.
l'e:.vr r. ?'??!. No" '\ firr xxhodi
broke on? ton glu n :i>o -urfa hu'id
itlCs of lb. M.Ii.it.il five iwo and a
haif TP 11 ? s south olthi'.. i; s? I! #-. i'ol.. .!???
siro .-d the t1pj>b? ? f ?|;e mine and
?.I.- 'I II if..|ii . th' ll'lnUll' which
has i...? b.-en rsi:m , ;...| .uvotdng a
report received here.
\. ?.e ir.rri r.?ported been
Taliped in the M.tie ix.ro said ; i liaxe
been resioied through ;.n a r shaft
I ;
Nw York Nov la.- Tli? rtlnry nf the
war-tint* snciltlce* ?.f American cootie*
was loM today before -i *<'.-? lotinl mil I
'in; nf the mnvfiitinn of the Anierir.in
I'tiWIc Health assm Winn by l?r ,T I..
To?ld ?.f Mr? ;i|| \! I'll I -al college of Mon
treal. Thousands if the llttie f.'llmvs.
Iiii snbl. were ronveyr?| mi cootie trans
ports 'to Poland, where they rendered
vnllan' serxtee ns Ktible.-ts nf feeding
tests In the war on typhus
It w,is impossible tn olit.nn typhus
fre.. ..?.lies in i*nntl.ienlal Kurnpe with
whii-h to, experiment My using ??i.
American ami KnslNh vnrietv. barter -
? it..rIm's w e**e aide t.. allow ihat a r.iotic
fed on typhus ni'il trench f.-ver rases
ilevelo|w.| "i I'"K.'its i plowa7"ki." which.
in Hi'n. emitted typhi;* w hen the in
fe ii..| 11.1.ne* found .1 victim.
Iowa Troops Ordered
Out on Strike Duty
ties Moine*. Iowa, No-.. i.\ Two'
mm pa n ie* of Iowa Xntional gnnrd?
were ordered by ? loyernnr Kendall to I
re-mri fop duty In t'ttiimwa, where a
strike of employe* of the .tnhVi Morrell'
Packing company has been In progress
for nearly a month
The troops were ordered following
w..rd from the county sheriff r.umty at
i .rney and the mayor of Ottuniwa. that]
tite, altua^n was beyond their control. |
Edict From Department of
Justice ? Judge Brown
Confers on the Appoint
ments With the West Vir
ginia Senators.
St p. I.i I 1 >!np<iTi'Ii to The I?? t>'l!:gem er
Washington. V?i Ir.. Judge Thomas
i A drown, I"r? 1:*?? I States district at
: |orn?'V. succeeding t'' thai nfft' ? in the
1 northern W< *i Virginia district I tere ru
ber. is here. conferring with the West
I Virginia senators before lie n.'i til's h's
Inn assistants VnthitiK resulted front
(odaj's conference . hilt the nppcinties
| wtl) ii'ri Ikf'i he i)ei'h1ei| upon ami an
r rt"Uneeil l>r Judge llrmill ie.nrs i>n
I Thursdni night fur his home
Within the past rew days the depart
merit of'ius'he has s'epped ip and
I broadly hinted 'o t'r appointing powers
I that '.ire should he taken In selecting
law vers of experience nrd ahlilt> for
these Mvn positions, on account, nf the
! astonishing ln''r*a5" of business In
1.Indite William Is Maker's entt.rt Thle
is taken to mean that the department
Itself must he satisfied with these two
selections and they must he niade with
something else In view heslde reward
for [."tr'> service rendered
t' Is said "hat the West Virgin'.*! s?n
Ifl'ois. as well as Judge ?ro\vn have
' .?heerfilM' accepted the department's
I suggest ion. and thn' the selection of
? 'he >\\o Hssistants will h,? mad? In ?'?
: . Old with It
Judge William Tv rtaker is here to
con suit nff'-lals a- the department nf
j'jstl e In replj to a o.uestton ad
dressed to h m ton ghr hy The IntelM
peti? er correspondent, he stated that he
had nt't decided on any one '? succeed
Judge drown es leforee in bankruptcy
He ndded that there were etgh. "r ten
applicants, hut he has not given the
matter any aerlous consideration.
? V
Eleven Jurors For the
Arbuckle Trial; Five ;
of Whom Are Women I
, \
San K'anri?>???, Nov. 15.- The end of j
the sound <lav in the manslaughter*
trial ?f Ibis, oe t'. I "Kitty" I Arbuckle.
?a w eb\o:t temporary Jurors in the Iwv '
iV. ?? of them w?nvn.
Tli.* 111:0c* ions ?liit 11.1t differ ma'erial
!?? frniii those asked ft the opening
the trial : e.-terdnt
\j o roniainr.| n!most atoof ii?*
dul not consult tvl'h ruiinsri, and at the
r< -of-v. period- remained hj himself.
There were vacant seats in the court
room throughout the day. although the
crowd In front of tlto building was
larger than yesterday.
Havtti McNab. chief defense counsel,
said thai there w**s a possibility of the
jury being flirn'y seleetc-l by tomorrow
The w omen in fi e Im* are a:. n?iut>"
wires and rente ,.f them have ehildren.
who. ti.ey said enjoyed the Arbuckle
motion pictures
Fifteen Hundred Men Will Be
gin Steady Employment
Next Week.
Steuben*ii'o. tNot !c.?The Mingo
Junction plant of the t'arnegle Steel
. r.mpanv will resume operations within
ten days after an idleness of eight
months, according to announcement to
day by <5 K. Wlsener. superintendent
of the Mingo Junction and Hellalre
Mr. W;setter stated that he had re
ceived orders t" reopen the plant, and
that preparations for carrying out the
orders would begin immediately, hut
that It would require at least ten J.tys
to put the two big blast furnaces in e
palr nnd make other necessary prepara
tion*. The Mingo plant was the 'air
steel works In the district to cease
operations when the industrial depres
sion came a year ago.
The 1.50h workmen there were kept
at their j.'hs until early In March but
not a wheel lias turned since then.
During the period of idleness several
hundred workmen were engaged part of
the time in malting repairs in all parts
of the plant, including the addition of
a monster "re bridge.
.?..he * in lie shipped Into the Mingo
yards ih:s week, nnd work 011 'he new
i.alf million dollar docks may be under
way in a short time.
With the reopening of th:< plant the
local steel nnd tin industry is again on
a norma! basis The I.a Belle Iron
works 11 this city is working per
.ent. and 'he Kollanshee nnd Welrton
mil's are working almost to capacity.
I *. 11* burgh. I'i* No* Two wit*
. a.s.-v ? c.f*i-f lor the state today
m the t- i of Jacob W. Miller, charged
w.th a i.ged . or.nee'ioti :!? the death of
eignr-year-o'd Niyliiu* Istan-.er. whose
lii.l\ was fntmrfwiflder 'he flooring of
.1 stable on ?'?.f >"or'h Plde last April
follow.na !?. dis.ipuea ranee declared
thev hoard Villev admit to the child's
faih.-r Wclwdas Kramer, that lie had
?i!Vd 'he girl The witnesses Joseph
Tn-rot* and W l!T!am Sfth'.e .said they
had lie cm pan ted KruT.fr to the detec
tive bureau f.-llowlrg Miller's arrest,
ulipr.. t'-s defendant male the alleged
.ml ni: sslon.
The pro?e ?jtlon ?ndic.i'ed ?oda* by
the use . f a .messes that it would con
t;n 11 e to s'" a first ilepree Verdict In
spite ih< -ta to men* of a o roner's
p!i* si' iati testifying for the common
wealth ; f'cfrdity. that liie g'r! had died
from i.sy< hie shock, superinduced by
enlarged th> mus glands
Although several other persons testi
fied for ihe prosecntton today, there
was no Indication when the state would
rest and th" case will he continued to
H. P. Pierce, Justice of State
Supreme Court, Indicted
Following Grand Jury
Probe of Charges of
Bribery and Graft.
Boston, Nov. IB.?Tuatloe ?&
ward P. Iterce of the lUiMtohn
?ftti rnpreme court, waa In dieted
try the Suffolk oooxty (-rand Jury
today, on oharfe* of oonaplracy
with W. Edwin Ulmtr, and At
torney. to deprive certain persona
of property rtrhta In stock and to
obstrnot JnrOoe.
Ftnsfon. Mate. Nov. IK?Attorney
Genera; J Wetter. Allen, a Juetlce of
tho elate nupreme court wboee name haa
not been officially announced and W.
Kdwln t'lnier, an attorney ..f tble city,
were named In secret Ind'otmente re
turned today by tbe Suffolk ?ounty
Brand jttry.
Tbe charge ngalne-i the attorney gen
eral la larceny of 1164, and Is said to be
bawd on a case in which ha acted M
counsel several years ago.
OrwTI and Bribery Brobe.
The other indictments were on evi
dence distinct from that against the
nttornev general. They resulted from
a grand jury investigation of chargta
of bribery and graft in connection with
the affairs of the iVaban Ros Conagd
vatorles and the Henry Woods Sone
company. paint manufacturer* la
The cases were presented to the grand
! Jury through the office of District At*
: torney Joseph G. Helletier. who W*a
himself in court today at> defendant !? --N"
' disharment proceedings brought by t>o
i attorney general. The disharment ac
tion. and a petition also filed by Attor
ney General Allen for Petterler'a Nr
moval for alleged Improper use of Ilia
official position, are now pending bafega
the supreme court.
The district attorney asked for poat>
ponement of both acttona until after tha
municipal elections on December J. ??
the ground that he would be greatly oc
cupied until that time by his activities
as a candidate for mayor of Boataa.
The indictment warrant waa eerved
on the attornej general at hla office. t> i
th? state house, and he announced tut
he would appear In court later to
swer to the charge of larcenj^

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