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vJw ?IhCC1X11^ ^UIClitIJIttCtC ? :
Vl>!'1 M K LXX.. NO. lb WJI K K LIN (J, W. \'A., MOXDA-V. XOV K.MBKR HI. 1921 ^5^1^ THREE CENTS
Great Britain Endorses U. S. Plan For Three Ships to Japan aftd Five Each to England and U. S.
"* N
Climax In
1 l.\>;\vr!^,i: Ity The Inte..!**!'e:.'
^ *
'A ash!:,gtv?u. Vnv, 2d- A climax has
?-???*jo ra'hfr unexpectedly In the arma
ment i termer Japan has sought to
\ur> the principles which she
a! t :r "Utse.t I ii? Ir>r tit?? guise of dls
e uss-ng "tl?'ta ?s" the Japanese lave
brought forward a proposal to Increase
?he sire of their navy beyond the point
'aid down in ,v;r Hugh-vs program which
?hp .lai'sr-'^o "??? crpted In principle"
last Tuesday.
The nnstfcrr of the \mericatt deleita*
Hon t.. such tact!'* '? the outstanding
dramatic stent of the conferetus? Seh
retc.r;- Hughes told I 'reslden' Harding
<ml the entire cabinet the situation and
?aj given* full approval to go uhead
with the |>hn he had In rv.httl. It 1"
?hat the Vm?r!ta i naval proposals must
s and as they are wi'h respect to buttle
ships and l-a'tlr cruiser* and that oniy
t?\ lhe formula of limitation announced
n the Hughe* pro*ran; tan competition
Up stopped
The American answer Is made in flttt;
a: d unmistakably emphatic terms The
Inited States delegation doca ftvt mean ,
?o l.e drawn into such a diecusslon of
drtni's as will endanger the main prtn
ciule* which have already been accepted
'treat Britain and Japan.
Doubt Dispelled
I* w.is inevitable that a divergence of
opinion would arise and that an effort
s > .uid be made to see how strongly In
trenched 'he I'nlted States really was
. eii'ml her proposals The American
I pie* a ten n w lias left no room for
io.u:?t As m;e influential member of
Arneri'p.ii group expressed it. the
..etlilnn in Mg battleships "Is over:
*:.d :s a thing of the past" ?r else "we
?v.usr go ahead with our but.ding pro*
" ii. n . ? *.1 n't i n very tin
i-..riant 'point <>.m which perhapa the
'apaneae misunderstanding of the Arn
?:? ?:?!) program. !a basevl. Huron Kut-1
put forth the suggestion that Japan
'needs'' a alx'y par rm-.t navy. lio
' pointed t? .Inpar * defensive retiulre
men's. Th.a'"s wjirre he made his mis
LaU*-. ih-' American ileircatox point out.
?f.?r too t.a-a' program proposed by Mr.
Hu.*' was i>\ :.i.? means fioaignacl tu i
i : he "reels" f a nation for If that
ai 'c ; 1??? would he endless
It-bate ?s to *!ii" I'MintttUtfl the real
? a of each nation and an agre?
h:ii to atoy the ?"oti,petition In bu!'vl
?.? w ..u.-t i-r-.> '?? h--?>??*??*
"I \ :i pr.-gru'n. < t. the other
i .At-.' Mai Pared ti ?r effort to tna o-.
? >-? rt *? rtg ratio strength Put
. n. \ .t add any more ships. on
.: ......t-irtiit tho American dc'.uga
?rtr:.!n? iiluttiaM. There will he
. . r ? . g m.prum: s? on this
. \ ? e-.o.in do oca t-s i-ouaMer
. a . :.; : mi ? 1 r . * llr'tain ucreptCvi
. ; p'.. weeli end any d.-v ;a
.\ m :i >! Io r.unfortunate re
? v *a if \ :?-w.
What Haghsi Meini
Ml.: So *etury Hughes uses th*
vy?-r i i-r.r.?-'t-> " ha moans "prlnclv-'-"
,C\ .| a> --. ? > .- ,?.t a 11 ?? "detAils ' of th?
? iu::: to o? worked out h
.... ? "d-tal e ? That a the first poln*
. for* iai iW.-isa t?is have fulled f<>
'.dr r- ? ? i>ns!deratS--mc have !m
? I tun- a; acceptance "In j-rlhc!pl? '
i! no1 v !>e made t ? Mtlsfy world
::d-*i iit ?' ? ?? :ts?{ but that the real
i1 M.-itti?:t of fundAinetilala could he
.-1-laate.l when the "details' were die- !
u.a..i| Secretary Hughes fully Intends
hold di? conference to the literal
? ?? iii'i-g detail* ilo considers tho
l-riiii'i|'le? eeft'ed
. it s the ac-l test of firmness which
' as oee-i rea* hed. Tlie American deie
g4t'.i?n s a ii"'t i*i trs course and he
?- to! i- s i ir ? . ! support of President
i(jr-l in;. !:i 'he face of tho American
uil>* the otl.rji nat'oas arn not cx
e.i ? ? A-ofttlnue tl.elr opposition cr
-als.. extraneous .j-ies'lons unless of
-i--< t ?.??> w.slt t-> take full rrsponsl
'' t t--r a breaking th?> conference.
Th.- Xmericar: del. gates f>-el that the
i.-ti ?* the world sanctioned the
llug! es program and that no nation can
? ford row to hack down on the pre
i -t.se of defensive "needs."
Masting a Stons Wall
.seven davs of Jockeying in secret
conference have brought out tho real
des.res of the various powers. Some
m e trying, a.* at Varls. to shake Ameri
an determination but thus far are
meeting a stonewall. Having taken tl.o
nltiative the American delegation de
nes 'n perm t the momentum of the
?inference t> be halted by the revision
. i-f fundamentals.
The \ iiiertcan ilel",gates have many
xi|vrnt^Agi * -i 'he diplomatic* battle ,
The-, have ' .?ms'!ies offered to scrap
i rt t'-nniAge ' an othe- nations They ?
' ;t fr.'-.i nrii a program based upon
?x!st.n* rj??'o and they know there will
:??? Ti? i r. i'. a' h-didnv If the relative
? ire- g-h of th? Three ! g naval p- wi-rs
.? a; Tered
, ' Old World or New
'" ? -a < -a".A O v * r *t he :i-s' we*!^
'he e->i '. -m:.o?- -he nr..-At ;n*e;est.r l*
'hiug ?* til" o]/| W(>r!.|
?!??%? ???;?'! :i~ \r?i..
a*> K.>v?-'nni?n: 'fx ;,r n.- r'.
?"jt in thf oj.xfi arvl <*oni:>"! .??! t'.o T_;.
*:ift ftrttlxli jrisw ? n p.* i ? .??>
fh*f they "in prr*;: '# ' T: i.<
n.i* 'lif1 \rner., *r, s* >i j?"..r:i;?.? .
m;i<) tt w ?li i* pr^'n
: /-n "f n?ico*?s an l :htix;a*f!?. r-.?in.
n- > fr?>m 'h? ; r>".? <<f rrji-'t:* .1 >. f..
? li<?> V**' .T ,.!? . ?' .
??m rnI* * ** \ ng'? w ?. ? * t', ?s ' h;^*
fl % ?? " a riff "M* *1 n*'
?i-M "h: k f"nr" >M "{??* Par <
nf'-A :r|*<- i1** *1C "I i* pro. Wf'f
V" xfiT.^sra pha- lWl<J
rf whnt h ? ?! T*i?>r*^?hn *??! '.
rh* .TArul ^ a-l,iM-v^ il .
-*n ?Wr A rop? 4"*hn ' Hva' prf.|?.t?a.< ?? ...
?rnuik''' f'?r\% ar'I ?.*i? f f ** pj;? ?? -tv *?
? n!y fhr^uK-' <??;?? v.
#ro*>* th?* attfl Rrsf s!; s.<*ir?v^
f . uf:A' ^ \ n f r.i*:\l o \ pA r-1 ts , *
#?? -h i-ounfv ,ir? r*.*t!v tr<*r?sj ?.? ;p*? t
r sc'na* ;?r m f:? nxr*^.'
TT1?*i ?' ~ hrjf ! n'"i; *?f *?a?r*? ?-???.
rn 1 f??>*? >.?t?,nr?s t} <-r+ Ims *%o?t!^l(|rrirsiJ}\
np+d -.!? ?.*?>*
. , ?t , * | H ;. ? ? . * ?*.,* , '? i f I li
of propaganda and publicity has begun.
Kach delegation rails in the corres
pondents and explains its point of view
but Insists that there must he no direct
quotation. The delegates virtually ans
wer each others statements that wav
through the press and a discussion Is
continued hy Indirection which nianv
experienced observers of International
conference think might just as well be
carried < n directly In open meeting rt's
t > ? early to say whether the diplomacy
of the new world w'll gel :he tipper
hand. Thus far America has dge
but the secret machinations of old
world diplorr.cay ?re threatening to
break down the results achieved in th?
first two open sessions
Premier Briand to Visualize
Conditions That Demand
Large Land Forces.
\\ asJi::iKt<>n. Nm'. 2". I ll> The Aaao.
? I'm-ssi .Hi rM a'tentlnn will
shift from vift\ it 1 laml aruiunio i t e
when Hrlnml of France spaa ks
tomori'? w l>"fore t!>?? arms conference
His {uli'.itss pros hied for a* th? last
plenary session ?> f the n.iiferiiiic. I*
exported to ho a % ery frank statement
tif t'u? reasons that Initio' Kranee to
maintain loo largest urni> It' the norht
Tl:i> subject to ho covered h\ the
I'; oi?> h premiere statement is probably
tho point of most hnni?U;nto ImportHti-e
Franca In 'ho ontlre conference. In
informed circles. It l? expected the nd
dross will bo a defer "?o of French mili
tary policy. whloh the French euthorf
t'os hope ?11; absolve that country l o
fore iho world from civ suspicion of
aggrcsslx? dealers on the continent
Tr*aoe Deslise Dlecueelon.
In expressing general adherence of
France to the American p n.n for nasal
roituctlone, Jd.'Dfland said to tho con
"When It corr.es on tho agenda, ae It
Inevitably will come, to the question o'
land armament, a question particularly
delca'e for Franco a? you are alt aware.
wi> have no Intontlon to eschew this
question. We ahall answer your appeal,
fully <?. nsotou* that thie 1h a question
of a gra\e and serious nature for us.
The iiuesthm wilt be raised?It has been
raised and !f there !? a country that
dwstres. tha* demands that the question
jf land armaments should be raised. It
Is France.
"[ hops that I shall he able to state
publicly what the position of France Is.
so that the United States and the world
may fully know. And when I hare tried
to prove this., when you have listened
t.. this deuu?natration. I am quite sure
that you will be convinced that France,
after the necessities of safety and life
i.avo been adequately secured, harbor*
no thought whatever of disturbing the
peace of the world."
Beyond this forecast of Premier Br!- '
a.nd'e Intended utterance, there has been
nothing to Indicate that, the laud arma
ment question Is to l>? token up defin
itely for settlement In Washington.
Ifo Frspaxsd Flan.
So far as can te ieoruea, no power
(Continued on Pag* Twelve)
_ i
ll.oi.cisii.ii. Nov. HO.?(15y The Asso
.atc.l Press.!- The late Premier Hum.
? >f Japan, viewed the United States as
"the strongest an.I longest friend of
Japan.I{'"V l\* TsimnsMma, of Toklo.
said today 1n an address at the First
t'ongrogatlor.a! church. He quoted Pre
mier Mara as holding It "unthinkable
thh* this friendship, unique and unpar
alleled In the fellowship of nations,"
should be broken.
"Strains may come from tuisunder
s-.indlngs that may arise." the Toklo i
minister said the premier not long be
fore he was assassinated told an Ameri'-j
oh missionary. "But tha* the time
should ever come when they simll be I
un.H-brS to find solution of their prob- j
terns?thr.t my mind is absolutely]
Launching The West Virginia
< ?
Thn seen* at the moment when M'ss Alice Mann, of Washington and nramwell. \V. Vn., christened the
I'nlted States super-dixadnaueht \V'>st Virginia at the yards of lh? Newport News tympany lasr
Saturday morning. The West Virginia tftk< s rank as pi ob; My tho last battleship ever to bc.^ launched in this
'or any other country. i'hls ship Is Included In the Amorl an (Hughes) plan for the f" ?:. ?? I"4 - ? ^ warships.
Held For Murder of Wife, Mother and Man
Sensational Triple Crime hr\r
Wilmington, Ohio, With
Divorced Husband Accused
By His Own Ten-Year-Old
Wilmington. Ohio. >*ev. if ?diver
| V&r.den ort, aged 32, who claims to t o
i a fur deal?r of thin city, ^ held
| under a murder charge !i. tl.
county Jul. here today, t ? ? 1 i ? ? ? ?? .r.x ?l
triple tuuider at Cuba, u ?.'.llano near
here, lust night.
Those murdered were Llciiha V h> <?
low Vander\ort. ucol -I'. hi* . >r -d
wife and mother of Vande:-. ? s three
children; ilia. Jeff Whltelow mother of
I Mrs. Vandervort. a d il-watd boiler.,
| aged 1?4. said to ha\e a ca ior on
Mrs. Vandervort.
I Mrs Whltelow. before dying ft ? :n ? r
wounds, the poll, e e.,>. llrciai'oi that
Vandervort committed *1 e 'mud.? s 'j-v-e
police say she told them Van-lm o?'
| came to her home m a-d am!
| started a quarrel, uh.cli ! in !:?>
shooting: of the three
Rodney 'W.c'.i ??. i f;.:n.-r .. f..r
the Whltelow home. Ir.fot in< ? !
thorlttes today tha' Vundt i \ while,
erased by drink uioit hltu '. st t.tght. \ :
post mortem exii'iiina' !<>n ??. 0. he!'!
tomorrow to detent.if 'ni> same
calibre bullets' killed ?).<? i ? im-is.i.
hind Injured iVallat o.
Denied By Vandervort.
Vandervort told the in.' <- ' day
that he ??.? not respotistb ?? lor the
triple murder, and tha' he I - t??., vic
tim of circumstance.- In t :r : c n
found at the Whltelow liom. If. chums;
that while walking In the road in front '
of the Whltelow home ho hoi: I a com- |
nto'lor and saw in the darkness u figure
rush from the door lie said 1 c.iild .
not te'd whether the figure w.i-< that of'
a man or woman. According :>? his
(Continued on Paga Twelye)
Ohio and Western Pennsylvania ?
Partly cloudy Monday; Tuesday un
settled and colder, probably snow near
j Bake Erie
West Virginia?Tnlr Monday; unset
I tied and colder Tuesday.
: t
V. a*... \ V;,v. T. ?? r cf
:*?. iwiu.-r.-v : -i
! ? '* t!i?? f*\ ? K si'sv. ? ri !?- Th.t!?K-4
t,. .!???? J* I ? :< > ynl'l.
I'M \\ ???MMT !!)?' it'l l f!" .*??
!??? .:!))'? >I -j't :)to i nf?ro!i <? r^ivrt
(?i! ' ?- in\ !?' . tn \\V''.:>??ti:. v :i!?cht.
A i T h. ? -ti *i ?: I .-.#?? r \'..?| s. '!.?? ti:fYer?,:!vt? ? '!'
on t.-.is :h<? Kwcral view
?ii", ti? sesrJvjn w.'.lM ?; :i J TiiiB
v cvk.
lA'flTS sp! i tv." v. mi.1 tnko
n;> conference rep-'rt . it>snt?rr<'W.
MK>nwh!'e the !? cr*.?* v.ji; corulrrio .lit
eu;>.Sion i.{ the e vtwi r\ *-1 oo*: < >?i
:iV~* ' it with Htt> hope of reach
r. it u "v TiCht :i " ti> n tin o for Its
tliaposltU n.
Senator W'his'h. I ?err.ocrat, Mnss-uiu
S'-'tv plntiti" ?) ' > address the senate Mi
???;?? tv solution ,. ;. pk th<> Michigan seat
/,-1 ! S- :.aitiv TownsotKl. Kepuh
I'.iitti, r>* t '>i Stat... e\jt?<t to speak
in s<.: \?-w'!'i*rr>'.s defense.
Sennt ( . tirosii-, ?.:iai rnittri of the he:t
ft,. 1.1' ? .in n:' 11 ??? has notified
w!ftiess. ^ u n ?> v i i e to appear tomorrow
before tii" .? mrti!ft?" "hi oil Is wl.l
or.M- ']?.? :a: t'l' that they iOi!d nn
t tie lirat'l. Indicat!* tin are that tin w.t
' n?will M lvaril this w ?rk.
v r? York. Ni? v 1'0. -N't* York )>;t't? '
Marshal l-'oiji hi rcM'lr tough!. seiid
' n k i'ft <'ii ii hiv in it ab?>ui i!i>- ?
i.iiit limt will not end unt. I >e>e:iiier
III. vv lion ho i ??turns t?> Ins r.i\ t . su'l
tin- rio\t day f..r Krnine.
The Itinerary. announced t? ? niw r by
tiie American l-eghm, his In.'Is i ti me
American visit, indicated that the Knn
nr.ilisslnvi will travel m?>re timn lU.'hiO
miles mill vlsli ? vventy-thi ce stat-s and
'"aiiada In the twenty-thro* days alio'.- ,
in! t?. tim tv t
The :r:;> will t.?!vc Mm t ? 'lie Ha-flc
mist hy wnv i.f the iiorthwce ? and hack
uKt.n > > Wis eh'nirti'ti hy a southerly
retire, t'linre 'nto v'nniid.t and then, h It
r. \i-n > .>rk turough Vow K.ngl.ind.
? ho ? mai shii! left tonight for WiishinR
whence ho will swing about In real
? .1 riiVs' Ti.ut sin v niK'.iK He ended his
??'sit to N< w \'..rk at n tnihllc reception
'"tin: ? n the 11: ppndromo. Th? 1 tg
Snn# tha Marseillaise
\\ lie-? tie i : ri ? ? ]m,1 .1.1 ns\.i>, h
.?li .ru'. f l.f.fi. v(>: ????. laiiii . ? ?! t?.
- f 1 rr ? :? ?? ytra ? ..f tl .? ? .V . ri-.-li" aJ -
I *<?? :i wru! ; .Ti'l'-s fv t:i? 1 ? e a
Qi h:-' ;<? s? '( *.*? 1 t!'?>? i > l>n.--? !n
l!ia;r -muiiltiK a' ;? tl< nll.'li.
I Ian ford M.i. in': -im' I .pi
maii.l'-r n* the Amrrlmii l.cglon waa
.it-- -In ???! l.v Avian 1. M:M?, < .".airmail
? i? i.? ::i.? r: c and he Turn ntol
I i.'li I?? ;lip r> x\ ?!
Y <? ni.irshii' l ? s;..itti|e.i hrcfli in
I'Y. ?. It
Cheered by Crowd
M " ' :i V ???!?' la. " ! a
? ? ; t? i .i.o t'ir;. t i.i' .??1 1>y
. ! , . ? ? ? ' . ' '? ? . , > X -
\ I .? ? |! ?'??? ? mI'p ? Uia train
!?, , u . . ;.. t .. . '? Hi !?? U ??.
?....? . i ? ,...a ? i ? ??!.
\ ? ? ' /?; ??? v. . 1 ? i ?> w.i t a,; ?? I he
I .? mimtsI. : K.it i !' ?? last 1. ..f
? < I s ?? ? t - ' u ' S? IM'
i ? ? ,. ? i ? It.- i : i ?- ? h? | ar* \
? . ? .? I . I', r.l , ? I ts'l\.
?? teas, t a '"a > ? I]. -?
Americans Decorated
He st ? ee.I?? 1 ? <> I <? I; n m n
t"i ?? ' ? ? e t i? ?>'?.. i S'HfM In
t'ae'r that ' . I . : s. I a ? r t:i
> ? .. n ,'.i.n.i> k li.' .1. is , ,1
" ; !
Princely Sift to the
University of Pitt By
the Mellon Brothers
Pittcbiirgii. Nnv. 20?A. W. Mellon.
M-. re* i-y ?" t ?? trcAKury. end his
broth':-. ?! H Mi-Jen. hav? given i?> j
the I'nPe-sity of Pittsburgh a plot of j
land acquired a' .1 cost of $1.6i)rt,000. It
*8.1 said by *"htinre!lor John iJ B?w
m.ui tonight. The propcrtj some four
i-on acres. lies between ttie university
and I'.irnegle Institu'e. in the educa
tional i i nter of the o11>. and on It..
Mill be ero'-ti-1 laboratories dedicated to
<*!?? ? .stra. mnthomal; h and biology.
The gift supplements a former g^ft
of tho Mellon*. which Horn* years ago '
r 0< 1 :n ! no opening Of the Mellon
11!st Mile ? !' Ite search as a part of the
.1 ri. \ ?;r.i|' \
i' !h" intention of the university,
It. ISeuniH'i sal) t? ? make the InstltU- ?
?iif world center In scientific teach
1 :ic iml rt'Senrrh. Tho laboratories will1
be Ionised in a community of buildings
of the finest materia.)s obtainable. with
n design <f rtr hlteoturo that will make
rt-om it.-) ni'?st r. 't;thie in the world.
Thev ?r? t- be -quipped w th the most
modern ahnrtiforloM ?n<1 are designed.
It ltotvmai: ridded "to translnte Indus*
'v i ?n ? tt'o *enns of human hap- j
l-lne'-s Mtsld'tty and spiritual strength"
The !??? :c-ty inquired for the unit er
st r ats ; .r.^ otvne.1 by the late Henry
t'ln i'rick and it was stHted that the
ever ' Mr Wick's dropped
j l tnin,fif.,i font 111e prl " when *t be
?ioie pi; a!' that M was to be use.) for
till! unlverattv.
Ir.ij strength. eod decorated two veter
ans s.:'C"tiir Up-hard O'Ne! 1. with the
? ..riit-.'s .1 -n medal of hoicr, and Ser
ve tnt 1 Howard Iteanv with the dlftln
s ; ? -I- i ei-rti e me.tal, for heroism at
it" i ??
I:? rhi' .??ternoon he attended a *ei-ep
i n :ii : ? Vmy end New ? iub. where
be ?m fit ?rs .ittd ex-officers of the
T'tt""<! States pi-ttlrnrv force*. driving
I ? tho I Ma an 11 'tel. for the
? t '.' '. 1.1. I' ? -i' by ?t-e l'*eem".h "O
?I . X S,., X .a i,
: .??n "f> t rhe liujoilj
sh"u. I'-r* p h inlen ?f u?>''?l|
rii.ni:.?* ..fly ;? rii.r-;i? |*? .in rl ? In
a!n?'rnp'ip uh...'> :?? ft:' '!".i'*'fc IiP'i:
? r. !'??? S-M'ila . Y'pirjf <?! . i - < n . ? <
? ir..rI-.: . .ij!111.^ ' is ni. rfilfirf
T! ? "ni'W ?;? ;.i - -.-u . ? - !l. Mint.,' . >?
?f a i r?..t inert s ,11 ?? :i |>|| fn !
f ? v\ V ' . if I ' ??? ?I iii'v'I"
S f .i * >'s i * #1 ; .i s ??? .ri f.? * ; d - ;lssl.,n
?' ?'??;.i:i.p w i'h I !?? ri" .?i'k lit:'* l? :??
! ?? ? .1 ... \ I m : .lis;.!., v
? ..i :... in- ? :.<l f ?(?? ? K-'1 l" "I' nn
.' ?fh i . \;.st r ? in !? ? ? tn.-riHl..
? ? .?I ? ..
Looking: to America.
\ . . . ; .... ... .? Ml ||,
i . I- i 11 r i ?! . Its' tb?
?!.!>:.|;< n>.\v f...-, p. III if ? ti.p li'luk ? t
? ?? .1 l r ? ? . i ? I 11? 1. T !?!?. .'.i; t'OM.
"\Vii?hlnv?<. : \\ * '?! f.ii.m ? *
V. iMi.it;,. ivs i ,!
rl ? editor' ''
,.0. |.| ;r, |n ,, f i,^r m| |,.
. i! i. ?? s f.. fn .,
I'* I - ? " .
I'rjinfP f? > .n\? > .?r v..i ? ???.-? Ii.mk
? ? '? -*ll IM.'I ' ????' tirll'L* ! ? ? II
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w l i! siifOr lnr.i!( .?_>?> *
. ?? |? ? ? \f,? : I. , ' . to
?! .. ttT" :i* t-*i '? \ t I'.f.U I r.tf;.
' will ?h?'t U Hltvpil ATii.-rN.fi t ?*. I: t
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i ; ?->r ?! ?.- '? .i :i vihi :i. ? , it,- r
iippiIp I.
Th?t WorltV* Gold.
"\i..p i. :t Ih?!'N ?;.* T'.r-.l t I
i? l i Tit., tin". : * ? I- ? ni'iti v
(.1 r.fl II. I1 . I' -i: . 'i -
I'll- I;.it - r.-i '? t- ?
V I;,|l 11 * ?-; l "|.|.'l lll?.||T . * "v. . i.i . v t- t
T! m S'lli'l.i < ti<- i ;-.i
it ????.; i <-? i. i>.K . -
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;?f? -I?->.I ;s. c n>- ;? I . T .
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sJ.Tt. I** n Vn 'rt'ln ,i ?' ? "?*
.. I. rl/. ? - ItflSi I. I t
- , \
War.h.ngton. N'.h _'?? Crca; Britain lit:? endorsed. without reserra
tion, the r:.i :<? (jinp.->M-ri in the American naval limitation plan,
r was learned ton if li * on luKius; authority While accepting the plan
as a whole, only in principle, been-.!so of their d'sire to put forward
proposed mod'tl< .ii;< n of the submarine and replacement feature?, th?
It;Irish deli r fHi; is s.tnl to have approved the siigjpssted relative capital
nip sirenp li f?u Croat Britnin. the I'niteu States and Japan, without
Xdluren ?? ?; ?h" British representatives to ihr rapital ships ratio
became known tonleli? as n alterniath of the conference yesterday
between Secretary Hushes, M:. Balfour and Admiral Kutn, at which the
ntual question ?ns canvassed thoroughly in the light of Japanese
Washington. Nov. 2n. ? i U> the Associated Press.) The "5-5-3" ratio of
natal ticngth for the I'nited States, Great Hritain and Japan advanced bv
the df'cg.iies a-i a means of perpetuating 'he present relative standing of tba j
tiiree powers is coming under Increasing pressure as the Important cards
of the big diplomatic game begin to fail.
In the main, proposed modifications seem to center about the contention
that the ?5 5-3" formula, which is based on tonnage alone, does not properly
retlec present proportionate strength when such other elements as speed,
cruising radius and armament are considered ship for ship. Thus far there
has been every indication that the American group .would "stand pat" for
it? proposal of maintaining the rx-sting ratio, but it is declared the national
viewpoints of the other powers as to what constitutes a fair basis of com
..nHoriTi nil! have due recognition as the negotiations proceed.
Thu result may lip a morn thorough
review* of the exact statue of the pres
ent iihvuI and the three other p"ivers.
which th?? Japanese hold vvIM show
Japan :? light to an ln? roa?? nvrr 111"
"ft-5-3" proportion. but which American
experts declare will be inorc likely to
establish that Great Britain and the
lulled States each Is entitled to almost
a 3 to 1 advantage over Japan.
"Big Three" la Conference.
The advisability of such a review is
understood to have been discussed \os
lorday at a conference between Sec re
ta-y flushes, Arthur J. Balfour and
Admiral Baron ksto respective heads
of the American. British and Japanese
delegations, and Is expected to receive
consideration very soon at a mcettng
of the International committer of ex
perls appointed to- to ft details
B.v highest authority the Associated
Frees was assured tonight that the
American government sto >d four square
behind Its original proposal to regulate
Umltutlon by the yardstick "f ?x'.stlnp
strength, and had nr. intention i f mak
ltig concessions vthlch would modify
that principle. The American delegates
do not want to adopt a "take it > r leave
it" attitude, however, so far m- details
are concerned, and are willing hear
the views of any power which imnks
it may have been done an Injustice.
Nsg-c tuitions Cordial.
Despite the divergence of opinion on
some features of the American naval
plan, there is evidence of a very unani
mous confidence in the outcome. Yes
terday's meeting between Mr. Hughes.
Mr. Balfour and Baron Knto was de
scribed us e"senti,ii!v cordial, and
nun :tg those "in the "inside" It was tie
. la red to have helped clear the air of
much of the diplomatic indirection that
alums characterises the opening days
of international conferences.
But the Far Kastern question-', which
psobably will reach a stage of moro
detailed debate at tin executive meeting
<f tlie delegates late tomorrow. ar>> r<
gnrded lending themselves less
easily to rapid decision. They deal with
far less tangible things than guns and
ships, and Involv e such a maze'of diplo
matic red tape that If mi agreement is
reached even on the general principles
(Contlnnsd on P&ffa Twelve)
Two Boys Killed in .
Fiie at V. Id. C. A.
Baltimore. Nov. 30.?J. Kenneth Bern
ard, 16. and Freeman Leonard, nine
years old, sons of Rev Frederick F
Leonard, executive secretary of the
National Army and Navy Board of the
Y M. C. A , were burned to death early
this morning in a tire which destroyed
tho Y M. f A building at *h.e United
States t'oa-vt Guard station "'urtls Bay.
near Baltimore. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard
narrowly escaped by leaping through
Fire brigades from the station and
several companies front the city battled
with the names, while rescuers at
tempted to reach the boys Two sailors
were slightly burned In their attempts
to rescue the brothers, hut no one could
rass the Tames blocking tbe entrance to
the second floor, and the boys perished.
! AT CRflSSIMfi,
Kf> .-fr. M". 1 ? Vol ;n Kj !l. inn''-?
<C- nflMsPDPcr in No. N>-u York
t 't l.r.j!s. Mr : \ .1 ?#=??!.??i motor cur
Die Mal'i Mr. ?" vrnsMnj: here t<>.
input, klilitv.* tii.- iliroo n.-njpaitts.
Tin* v i-tltv.s ;trc .YriMot'e Sh-rts. M;bi?
M:jr:ii i I Vckrr JUid | I.Icvd Douglas. *11
of V!. I:;: f y of K.-y; -?.
M m Dc.-ker'und Doug his v.rr* killed
lii"taiitly. Mn-1 St'.Ms d:??d of his injur
i.-s ui ii<? hrlii^- vik- ii to the hospital.
.t ????on.i -. in. il hy JIIks Decker,
hail conn to the Douglas home to bring
.Mr t?oiipl:i> to M-.p station, where he
isitr".lei! to ho.iril jin east hound train
for H,ili;r; or. Douglas was connected
with the It. ? t?. service, his duties
causing him tr travel considerably. The
sedan was iairr.e-1 pome distance-up the
track and wrecked.
Storts. aped HI, was a son of II. <5.
Storts and lie was looking after hie
father's business as" contractor while
the father and step mother are spend
ing the winter in Florida. Douglas
a son of Adam Douglas, of Keyeer and
Miss Pecker whs employed as a s'en
ocraphrr at the office of the master
mechanic of the r; & O. at Keyser.
Belfast. Nov. 20.?A sharp onA
hreak of rioting hy rival factions in
i the Seaford district of East Belfast
occurred today.
Detachments of police ware hurried
to the scene, and machine guns were
need against the rioters. There were
a number of casualties.
London, Nov. 20.?Sir Tames Craig,
the Ulster premier, has aocepted
Premier Lloyd George's Invitation to
meet him Wednesday for an informal
talk on the Irish Question.
The meeting will take place in the
prime minister's official residence la
Downing street.
y*w nr.Nrv Nov. ;n.?a natural pas
drill ?|i "tremendous pr. d.jctton po
tentialities" tins betn discovered In
northern l,nuteinna. according to a re
port made public her* today after an
Investigation by engineers of the United
Slates Bureau of Mines, conducted for
the state on request of <?overr.?r Barker.
A productive are* of 21; square rnlies.
rr roundly J 3 5-000 acres In a solid block,
located in Union. Ouachita and More
house parishes, near the e|r, of Bonroe.
and designated a* the Monroe kss Held.
Is outlined In the report.
The report estimates that th? total
amount of gaj remaining In the re?er
t"T Is four trt'.llcn and seven hundred
and flfty billion cub!- feet, or i? cubic
! miles. eaicula'.eil r?t eltrht ouneee above
, atmosphere. wl'h Indications the volume
! la much greater. :ia the limits of the ^
i f.ebl b*d not I con finally determined at^fl
| the tlrtjo the Investigation was cot^^H
i eluded.
I Washington. Nov. 20.?T".ie Iyoutsla^B
j gas tlold Is "undoubtedly the greates^H
? natural gas f>e".| vet discovered," aa^H
I official nf the Bureau of Mines anid to-^
right. i*?p!es of the reports eubmlttad ^
hv engineers of 'tie bureau to Governor
Per'ser. of T.ouls'nna. have been received
:U t e bureau, this ofitdal as I d, and
1 Justify the belief that the underlying
reservoir of r-js will run !n*o "trUUoti*
i Of ruble feet."

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