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Fred 0. Mitchell to Be !
Marshal of Big Parade
Spctal Dispatch to the Intelligencer. j
Morgantown, W. Yu.. Nov. 20.?The ,
biggest parade of Its kind ever staged
In this section of the country, weatner
permitting, will he the "Home i'om- j
lng" parade that West Virginia I'nlver
slty students have planned as a part of
the activities of Thanksgiving rtiy.
when W. A J. and W. V. I*. will ha\Vj '
their annual football classic here. hTtis
parade at 11 o'clock In the morning, is
an added attraction to the day's pro
gram tha^ promises to be unique In
every respect and something that will
particularly appeal to the old gradawho
? are back here for that occasion. It wih
certainly bring to mind a host of mem
ories of college days.
The original Idea of the parade has
long since been found too limited, and
at present tho parade Is presenting
great possibilities. Fred O. Mitchell,
of Welch, has been elected parade mar
shal. The parade will be more than a
half mile long, with some-thirty floats
or similar demonstrations, l.n uddltlon
to no one can tell how many marching
students. The famous University
cadet b^nd, tho Fl Rater Caper's. Key
? tone Club. Home Economics Club. Y.
M. C. A.. Y. W. C. A.. Student Govern
ment and a number of other groups out
side of the two or three dosen depart
ments of tho University proper will
participate. The alumni will have a
display, and will probably have their
own band.
Farkersburg, W. Vn.. Xov. 20.?Rep
resentatives of all the Flk lodges In the
northern Jurisdiction of West Virginia
with the state president. Kemp Morton
of Charleston, which is in the southern
jurisdiction, held a conference here to
day and discussed matters which will
be taken up by the lodges during the
Principal among tho matters taken up
was the proposed campaign which will
be started by every lodge In the country
to add one million members between the
first of tho new year and July 1. Wil
liam O'Brien of Baltimore, district
chairman, was unable to attc-.d tho con
ference on account of illness.
)U57 >DISruns TO SETTEE.
Mooseheart, Ills.. Nov. 20.?The de
partment of labor has sixty-eight labor
disputes on Its hands at present, flfty
tjirs? of which are open strikes. Secre
tary of Labor James J. Davl3 said In a
statement here to-day. Many of the
disputes, he said, are long drawn differ
ences. left over from previous months,
while fifteen are only Industrial diffe?
encea through the disinterested efforts
of the special division of conciliation,
the secretary said.
ssxoirsnuiTxov broken tjt.
New York, Nov. 20.?A demonstration
of persons opposed to the Porto Rlean
administration of Governor E. Mont
Relly. was broken up to-day bv police
reserves when tl>e governor landed from
the steamer 7*r/xmo. Banners carried
In the crowd referred to the governor
as an "autocrat." to Pcrto Rico "as
Amerca's Ireland." and to the Relly ad
ministration' "mongrel rule."
hu) masses tor trio.
London. Nov. 20.?Masses for the re
pose of the souls of McKee. Clancy and
Clune. killed In Dublin on "Bloody
Sunday." while endeavoring to escape
from Dublin Castle, were held to-day In
the church of Corpus Chrlstl. All the
members of the Irish delegation attend
ed. except Michael Collins, who Is
spending the week end laj)ublln.
Paris, Nov. 20.?Two men posing as
Chaldean priests. Sleevo Brekna and
John Pacha, have been condemned to
eight months' Imprisonment on the
i-harg? of swindling the Rev. Frederick
TV. Beekman. rector of the American
church In Paris.
The men were arrested last July while
collecting funds, supposedly for Chal
deans persecuted by the Turks.
da whence c. xarxje.
Grand Rapids. Mich.. Nov. 20.?Law
rence C. Earle. 75. regarded as one of
the most sklllfut colorfsts In drapery
and textures In American art. died sud
denly at his home here tonight. One
or the artist's greatest work was that
completed In the mountains of Ken
tucky. This series of character studies
have become prominent In art circles.
jurisdiction changed
?Washington. Nov. 20?Official notice
has been received here that the pope
has approved the transfer by the con
gregation of propaganda ^at Its meeting
at Rome, of the Sandwich Islands to
the Jurisdiction of the apostolic delega
tion of Washington. The Islands for
merly were under the purlsdtctlon of
the apostolic delegation of Australasia.
St. Petersburg, Fl.v. Nov. 20.?The
American steamship Mansanills. which
?went aground at Cay Frances today, is
In no Immediate danger, according to a
wireless message received here. The
cargo, however, will be removed. The
Brazilian steampshlp Leopoldina was
?landing by.
bio whiskey seizure.
New Bedford. Mass.. Nov. 20.?The
packet schooner Romance was escorted
Into the harbor here tod/iy by the coast
guard cutter Acushnet and boarded by
customs officials from Boston, who
seized 360 casus of whiskey. The offi
cials refused to permit aay passengers
to land.
Buenos Aires. Nov. 2l>?Doctor Am
able Jones, governor of the province of
Sn Juan, was assassinated today by men
armed with rifles as he was alighting
from an automobile. A friend who was
?with him was also killed The assas
lr.ation la attributed to politics.
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Bombay. India, Nov. ID?(By the As- i
sociated Press.)?Bljiturbances occurred :
Friday at several points in the native
quarter of tho city. A mob burned a .
nollce station, and military patrols were I
called into action. They flred upon and j
1 dispersed the rioter^ who suffered some .
I casualties.
On Saturday morning the trouble
started afresh in a number of places, I
. the patrols attain being forced to Are
) into the crowd.
Both disturbances were confined to
! the native section, affairs in the Euro
' pean business quarter going on as
I Bombay. Nov. 20.? (By the Associated
Press,/?In^ the statement Issued yes
terday. Mahatmas Gandhi, leader of the
"noR-oo-opcrationlsts," depreciating the
disturbances which occurred on the oc
casion of the arrival in India of the j
Prince of Wales, deviated that It was
1 impossible to describe the agony he had i
suffered during "the past two days, j
whose events stink to n>y nostrils."
j Gandhi emphasized that the Mussul
mans ought to be grateful to the Parse !
I for tH"e liberal contributions to the
! Caliphate fund. Instead, he declared, i
the Parses had been victim of attack.
In his statement, Kandhl Invited both j
Hindus and Mussulmans to go home and ?
repent, and to Implore God for forgive
ness. Ho insisted that reparation should
i be made to those who had been injured. .
I Finally, Gandhi blamed hlmso!f for j
j having instigated the spirit of revolt, (
and announced that he would refuse to ;
eat or drink anything but water until
! peace is restore.
I . ?:? j
New Tork. Nov 20 ? Armando l">iaz. j
generalissimo oB the Italian armies and !
world war her<y was welcomed to Chi- |
cago today on his American tour by |
i Governor Len Small, Mayor William j
Kale Thompson, scores of other dlgnl* |
tarles and by more than 100.000 persons ;
i who lined the route of a parade of 40,- I
000 world war veterans and members of J
Italian-American societies.
I More than S.000 persons Jammed their j
way Into the railroad station to await j
i the general's arrival, and as he marched i
I through an opening in the crowd, made
I by bluejackets from the Great Lakes !
naval training station, there were re- j
, peated deafening cries of "Vive II Gen* j
| erallssimo."
From the moment of Ms arrival. !
through the day. every public appear- '
' ance of the general was the signal for
i another outburst of enthusiasm,
i General Diaz was given a luncheon at i
the Chicago Athletic Club, and tonight I
was guest of honor at a banquet.
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Pictures the Railroads |;
All Sorts of Bankrupts!:
Chicago, Nov. 20.?t'nder private own-1
rr.shlp the railroads "have become flnan- j
eta I. physical, mental and moral bank
rupts. who obey neither the laws of
tied, nor man." Glenn K. Plumb, .special!
attorney for the railroad brotherhoods, i
told the nublic ownership conference of j
the Public Ownership league of America i
In an address tonight.
"The roads have Incurred financial |
oh ((rations of twenty billions of del- |
lars." said Mr. Plumb, "They have Im
poverished the public and after being i
r'i ven J2.000,000.000 of public funds say'
they must have more. That shows
thorn financially bankrupt."
The Catholic church In opposing ?1-?- I
clalism from a moral standpoint does |
not oppose the public operation of pub- i
lie utilities If It is for the betterment j
of human welfare, the lie v. John A. |
Kvan of the Catholic university of j
America, Washington. D. C., told the J
Five Aufomobilists ,
Found Unconscious |
Pittsburgh. Pa.. Nov. 20.? Throe wo- |
men. a man and a small hoy were found |
In an unconscious condition on a drive- i
v*y In Schenley park to<lay by motor
An automobile stripped of accessories
stood against a tree nearby. The five
were given medical attention, when
they reported having been forced by I
pursuing highway men to run into a '
tree with such force as to be proclpl- :
tared Into the road.
The victims gave their names as H. j
Iviibcnsteln, MIhs Kva Frankel, Mrs. j
Cora Abel. Mrs. Hose Shapiro and her .
son, aged four years.
Mountain Lake Park. .Mi!, Nov. 20.?
Mr. and Mrs. J. \V. May returned from
Fairmont. \V. Va.
Mrs J. W. Trover. Washington. P. C.,
was the guest of Mrs. K. L. Wlnchell,
ivho motored with Mrs. Wlnchell to
Itichmond. Va., on a visit.
The Itev. W. K. l'arrlsh. the new pas
tor of the Methodist Jdpiscopal church,
tnd his family, who rami liore from
rumberiand. were tendered a surprise
donation party.
Mrs P. K Welch has pone to Michigan
with her son, Orlando. She expects to
spend the latter part of tho winter in
Tho Ladles' Aid society of tho Meth
odist church kuvo an oyster supper
Thursday evening.
Justice Floyd White and Robert and
Mildred Ford and Miss Michel White
motored to Fairmont.
W. Creed Dunnington returns from a
visit to his sister, near Clarksburg, who
has gone to Florida for the winter.
Representatives of the various Sun
day schools affiliated with the Wheel
ing Sunday School Toy Mission, met
Friday evenlng^t the Y. M. C. A., nnd
organized for the coming year. Prelim
inary plans for the work of the mission
for this Christmas were discussed.
The Inst year's officers were re
elected: K. W. Zinn. president: S. V,
McCuskey, vice pr?s)dent; W. L. Miller
! secretary nnrt Mareus O. Bond, treas
| urcr.
It la generally believed thnt the neeo
i this year will he far greater than last
year. This Is the eleventh year fur the
mission. Those who desiro to contrlb
| ute are requested to mall their checks
I to Mr. Bond.
The first active press club in West
Virginia has been established at West
Virginia university, the following offi
cers having been elected at a meeting
i held here last night: Roswel! Reld, Mor
! gantown. president: 11. I,. Snyder, Shep
j herdstown, vlco presldont: Gertrude
?i Dot son. Rich wood, secretary; Marvin G.
? I Brooks. Weston, treasurer.
The T'nlverslty Tress club has started
I out with fifty members, all of whom
? 1 have had newspaper experience or are
i now taking courses In Journalism at tho
university. The club will have regular
? monthly meetings and is arranging to
, I bring in a number of prominent news
, t paper men from about tho slate from
time to time to talk on matters of gen
eral Interests to students of journalism.
Former Governor John J. Cornwall Is
one of the newspaper men who will 1)0
InvlteJ to speak at an early meeting.
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