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A scene in tiic iip-to-dat.% musical comedy. Kissing Time," will l?e presented ;.t tin < mirt llientre,
Tuesday and Wednesday :ii?*litsf November'22 and 2d
Noted New York Pastor Universal!)
Acclaimed a Prophet'of His Age? t
His Lectures Will Be a Fea
ture of Lyceum Season. .
Pr. S. Parkes Cadtnan. perhaps thf '
best known active pastor In the United i
States today, oociipyinj: the pnlplt ol '
the famous Central Conjrregnfiorini
Church In Brooklyn, New York. Is t< '
leftiiro her*" in ti.e near future on tru
subject "The Miss ton of the Repul>
tic." He is universally acknowledge
one of the world's greatest preachers
unsurpassed as an orat<?r, scholar am
thinker along sociological lin?rs. He i?
a distinguished literary man und i>
widely known a* 'he author of "Am
bassadors of God." ??Charles Panvlc
and Other English Thinkers." ant
o'hor books. I>r. ("adman is undoubt
edlv one of the prophets of the act
and his appearance here will be tht
lecture feature of the year.
Moii'!a\ N"\ ??rut ?*r -N- Or '"a-bnai
.l-"iv?is hi* "Th?. Mis
sion ???? '!e lU'iighli. ;,r i'i?; tlid'im'ui
M K. hi r h. Th.s rrm! .-r l? the 'ir^t
? ?f h .-???:? s of four slvcn under the aus
???? *iVit.rns-**i ? Cntvh. The .nlinis
- i :??!? ? P>r ':>?? series is one Oo.'ar.
?'?Mi ti.e admission for at y ? n?!
H ind" r is .'." ? The Thorns-m vested
i-ho:r ?i:i i .-? h-.ird on November f'S.
r>r'..r. N'ov. 21.- -(Ry The Assooia ted
Press)?"lerrnan nfihla. qua rt-rs von
?Imie ior-"p!'uou*!v reticent In dl.stuss-?
t iris the Washington conference. i?py?n<J,
approving the armament curtailment,
as ' : >* th?* sentim* nts ??f the (igr
nian government.
The i I'Tiiutn people .-online their o> .m
mrnts t > rharavterlziug as "preposter
ous" the >-li ? rc*'i- that tJerrtiany will ever
strain become a menace to \vi>r!<l ' rjr >. '
Hejr Wolf. editor of the TiiPblUt,
writing In his paper aft.-r agVn de
nouncing the use ?f Krenrj. ?
troops along tlie Rhine, suspects that
the t:?\t Kr*neh move "will tie in the
direction f t limiting ?ietnian families
to o:i-? offspring." ami expert* T-. wit
ness the arrival <*f "a cnmnii.i.-i'ia <?f
allied mM-wlves to supervise r!?.? cur
tailment of the output."
By Job* Bates
There Is a man In our little town.
So earoful and thrifty, tiiey say.
He conn** every seed in his garden In
Aud ? ! if' a'.! Ms tools when he puts
tiiem away.
This man has a Job :n a town miles
a way.
Rut he ':ev?r misses his train.
He's on "me !n 'he m -rnlrjt. he's on
*!r:;o at night.
I r. s t rt sh! n y * J. r> r ? r rc* ? rf.
IT* a>A'V. * th* ?TT* * *wn n) ***1
O* m rr*:r<^. atirt at r.!*h:
He buy* r:? !ik* t).<* r. k'b.! bofor*
An<! th? irk off
Xow re^n'.iy !t happ*n*.l
A nr.i'p-fn rhA?i?^* n:no.
And Icrr ? ked rich', at ,;:s big f- -n' d r..
And e*. in called his r.nn-.e.
But th's man In r i? ? -,vn .-o'll.h't
a ns wer
He hadn't a word 'o say
He ha l ? :n so li'iiK -.n a single t-a |;
lie knew no other wn>
And so h" c? "s the ?.?- .?? ?. r
? \nd the rlve-fift'-cn as ..el"
>'al he I' s- n iie mil;: g t. .riders.
As near as we ran tell
h'ufbrs \f i TS/.lne ? >. y ,
"Sfa'ker ymi rorti'-itib. r m i ? '?! ?? ?
vou had hunted ng-is-ln Ui ?? At: .1"
We"'. fanfa'n Sml'h te'ls me ther.- a:
it., t? er-. there "
'Thai'- ruin*. th:?f"a riuhf." *a..|
Stalk*.r. uluud!) ; "I I.:11m! them all "
(Continued Prom Pag* One)
nstitutions <>f I.lwrty and Justice are I *
e> ure to a!! peoples
"Tln-ro is in. moral i:;??n of the , 7
leh nilrrs i.f lau'itj and Justice. \V< J :
wdcrsnnri tin- dtfi'l-liltlcs. What no J -
ias said will l>e r cad ! 1: i ".ia )n'u: th.sjg
and by tin people w;lh a th-terni -ti.i- j ?
,i<>rt to undert-tand
"We .anti' i k... :nr.? a statement of
ails." x,ii,' clary 11 allies. ' Koitu-I
lately the .-.inference ?>?? orguuiin.-u . h
hat the .|Uesti--ll wl'l h.ixc a |-..uc III I v
.itr di sens*:."'s. TI xprcssions we j j
?avc heard front the : epreseiit.i ti\t?s ft J i
I. make 'IS e<int!i|r;.t tb?t? here |
will hvi gcii-.'i. ten that .iispo.-itboi w..i i; ' '
> es^eti'tai to national foutity, sivitr- j i
wliich armies riti nexer supply.
WV "shall find. that if they ir, |
lesire 't. fi'.ioj w;II he enduring among!,
the people . f the wnr.d " | ,
Admit.ti I input K. t ? speaking tn h a ;
tuiti. exjfressed ti..- profound sxmpathy i '
? ! Japan for the stiv.-i of l'reirta-r P.ri-I'
?nil. and assorted that t-.r Mi.-m?"!\es J
I he Japanese desired to mairtaai ? ti |
land only mi. h military f. tees as
seamed necessary for security and tue : ;
uialntenanic- ?>:' i-n'.ir within.
i '
Statement of Policy.
I t
Jtotii .Mr I :a I four and Huron Kat-> ( .
sufcgosti-d that ti'* day's de\eh'pment-? ; ,
sei-med t.? indicate that any Unrtnth'M I _
tif land armament would he difficult to J ,
est lb' isb. .and although the subject w s J
r? fcrrod a c-mm t'ee "f the whole ^
f..r futur? consideration there tvns ap-j .
parent no inclination to h,a-ton tin- dis- j'
i'U*iou of details. it would ti >t s u-- )
prise some of tItdelegates if fJ:.? artuii- |
mint negotiations simmered down \i> nn j |
effort inerolv In agpe on a genera,
statement of policy.
I " tailed i!i;uh s on the present snd
proposed military strength of Krance
were not included 111 Premier P.rta{ul e
address to the mnferen.-e. tm* tonight
lo explained thilt his ullus-.i lls to Co!:
t uipi;ited red ict ? -!:. f- t a ftitute ,
tr-tiRth f 'IJ.Wtii regulars. as ngatt
*,mi.to.(i pew under arms. This w ? ,'d 1-.
iicco^u l-shed. l-.e ?a!.I hy k-? c
oil.* .Mi l a half "coiascs" -a iruiiuag
whereas nt present there ap- two fu
??classes" and the exist.rig law nutho
l :z. s three.
"If anyone asks us to go further"
said the premier :n concluding his ad
dress to the conference. "I shall ht\e
to. answer clearly and definitely that it
would l>e impossible for us to do it
mtl'.out I XI osaiif ourselves to a nios;
vcrious dangei*"
Premier Briand's Address.
Washingt >tt. Nov. II.? Premier 71 r!
and in the coutse of his lengthy speech,
"Gentlemen. n volume lias beep pub- ?
lislirtl by no iess ? matt than Kit*Id
Marshal l.ud.-ndorff, who fill! enjoys
irrc.at authority in many German circles
and who is followed l.y a great part of
the elite in ilcrnitiny, professors, phil
(.-? iph.-rs. writers, etc. Wil: do w? tead
In this honk'.' Ho. says;
"'It is necessary that wo should
learn to understand that we li\e '.n a
warlike time, that struggles will remain
forever, for the single Individual as f-T
the state, a natural phenomenon, that
the struggle is equally ?-() the dlxlne
order of the world.'
"In the sumo honk Marshal r.udm
dorff reproduces the words of Moltke
"'Kcernal pence is ?? dream. It Is not
oven u beautifud dream, .and war ts one
of the parts of the order of the world.
?U<'h as it has l>"en created l.y tlod. It
? is hy war that are developed tin- noblest
virtues of man. courage, disinterested
ness. devotion to duty and splr.t of
sacrifice, up to the abandonment of one s
own life Without w ir the world w mid
"ing In the morass of materialism.
"And further this Is Marshal I, oleri
dorff himself sneaking now It Is f..r
the political education of the <><rmiin
people, and If .Is an lndespensahle no
'?iop. witli flie ktiowledge Of jtils fact,
?hat Iti the future war will he *he last
and only decisive moans of |.olt?-v, rh it
MlOllgh ??>mp|efOil bv the virile lift) of
war, the cntento shall tvt be able ??? f.--r
tdi the German people *o entertain If.
although the are frying to take !? :ui:n
.froni us. War Is 'hti rornersfor.r of ;:!!
if11 gent policy. It is Mir cornerstone
f ?? v ^r>' form ?.f future i;veii ntwl
hi- t'lv of tii" future < ?f the Herman
" V?? >1 t Marsha! I <videndorff ?nvs
hi? The warlike qualities off lip- I'm*
hvn and Herman army have I*?i put
> the propf in | he !>>ii ly ImI i !?-:h ?:?!??
'he Herman people need n < u'hrr .jual
:i-s for their ni'.rn! renovation "I'llr?
ptrlt of the fortifer arm; must !>?? th
erm which will allow this toRovattot:
? take place '
"Such. cent lemert. are the w.-rds used
y the highest Herman authorities who
;U" preserved. and I cm <iu:'e unde-.
turd it, the fill! part. the Kr<at part at
east. <f ihe cotifhlemc of the Herman
?-?ale. and that '.s what we a-e Itst'-n
im to now. After a wa: that has .-aused
hu death of miliums of men. after tho
ore woiimls that have t een Willi. led
Hid that are *tllt_hlr. ding in the sides
? f ?lie r< 'it!trtes of llurope, that Is ti e
r: o* thing that Is being i.iiu*ht at
he \ eVy door of l'r:irt How .rt y -n
xpe t tha" France should close tier
?us to s i? ' words'* ?
! tow "-ire to phv steal aspects
? f <1!. armanteri*. ! eaa ijulto understand
h it somebody mi Hit ay t: :a nut sure
o ut ?o hat hor evil designs t?* make
vur ope 'ilia! lin e :it propr'ato im un1'
"Since the war. etc.. tlie moment
e.ire was signed. Hermnny iin* ? ousti ?
ute.l a force, ti so-called polio* torce.
ivhidi was intended for the maintenance
if public order. Tt.ut toi'co Is called
'he relchsweh*" Tt Is |o *rr -tude JOiV.luo
lien, and In fa t ? s Include I'"' '?1 *1'
? ? n. lint wnt' ii?? They a- e nearly
ill officers t pott comm's'titted r>:v|e? rs
I m.-an, netit>t:ien. r-vhlnrs ali havltiit
served !*t of having !?' ,icl to the ..Id
winy. Therefore, the null's are ready
r here (he off leers arid voii-commis
sioned oifleers are read* to marshal 'he
irmy <?' t'.moriovv
"Aceiu dim; ??? >ecret Ins'ruetlors I
sued In t e mllitaiv a lit liofi ties. tpe
reielisvv ? iir is ? ??> pi. .are not on v for
?>. train ; ?: w r. with -|i" n> esrat ?? re
.e.irs.t!s ai d mat ?? ;
Titer- '.s u. reelh i ?? in ue; (tcrn.anv
another d'-nott !tiarThere h
another group - t I* I ? inuo'iiiei v. ? I -r
'pills Kf tip tr.dudes ilm.eo ri.e n.. tt
of good will who lire h .nli ? r; e
? heir countrv In n ??<? of peed, and
i-r. ad "f using 1* mi v m ?re?"i". - !n
ternal order. It might be us?*<I?:? i- other
"The dancer wa*t so real that the ;(t.
lies were obliged to send an n't'-mcnm
Herman v to tl'lhelt 1 this force - no.Ill
he disarmed ? ? *
"1 niti r. ady to ? ? denize i',nt tlo*
Herman <"*hnruollor Wlrth is a man of
iroo.l will, animated by fair purp. .ses.
loyal and frank, and that t e has ,.pi?!led
??very endeavor. ?^::h ic> ^mall will oa
his part In order t<> r<"i!:v ten lira: a sr.,fe
of pea-e. nrtd h<>nor the signature of
tjermattv. Satires are led in their path
atid everything might fall at any mil
i rep. t
T will only give you nn example If
show you how rapidly these oigtnlr.i
toins mlfcht he jutt on a war footing
.lust r.ne second. When the I'pper S l?
s;.iti question mm he | a ?.* j ; a,
stage recently, within a few weeks. !
might almost say within a few days
there were, out of tin ie fret corps m
other bodies, a!>out inert ready
\v!!h fins, marhlne pim'. rIT1 ? m. armor- 1 l-'r
1.1 trains. .in,) with nm t prrfeet mllip ' as
tary itiMrutr.rnis. so i at this forre ?..
s!i>*iiM have its full ' i.iii'i i tan; value. 1 th
"N'.va . I n\i;st ri*k tax meat peop ?? of wt
tie t'nit?al States. ?,? f,>tul of JiiMtln-. ?r?
ito||le III their t? 11ri? r-i . ta riti.su rr re ? >'''
win it I ?ell thi-iii tliis- Suppose that >
join slih', nh Atneri-'itt i? ? ph n lira:..a. ,,,
a nation vhirh-tns !???' n l- r r* -? sit
centuries !n hl."x|y , o ifllrt with > " n: II#
mi l -?? that ti ls natton. v.r; ho
is ~t.it r. inly, motully a:: I uia'f:tally. t<> ,-y
enter into a nnv str iyn'" Wlat \i,m!,| ?'
vo'i ? 1, i Ho.ii.l \..,i tain ravay ?*'ir
.... . w<
i vi's. Wi'iinl \ ou .lose your ens to a ^
il.irmtr that ii.i< thre.ii.niln,; ou? jr,
"Kiaiio' i* !??? i it u]? what Is lap- ;tl
p. riitik'. IY:i*. . ' I ?'? ? t f\ tf.'i'rate. l-'r
She :> orilj wa t. him; art"! valt.r.K I"'
"I .'Vfi yi hin ^ :> a-.! I; : . 11 ? ;ia11v The l':
plans, the ,|oslki.s an,I telihr's. Evory.
thnlit is fin iv to'oly t ? insure a ftes'lv
tt.. ri'.fa.'p.irln:; ? f _ .as. machine yone
ami rifles Snipo-m- that ,lur:nit a prp
|<i(| of ''.ipo'inatif vfiislon. purposely i
firntni, ti-.i t'or a number weeks. not- p:
tain of th<? niatiwfa, t urers. rrtain of . a:
the workhecln t , lahr'f.ito Just at m
'lie hettlnnin". jii.m t.? start the war, just . s?'
!?> set the war iam! then ro on a
nitmnfa t nrtnp puns am! rifles an,I at'
til lory: what won! I i .,p;? n? w
"It Is r.only in < ;? ??it.at.y that 'n- i|
ilu try ran work tin- full You ran rc
n ikr pr< j. irath us .,utshir. It! fart pre
paratlotis h.avr arltiaily t.ik-ti plnrr In t)
fa t prrat *'.i; i.iins ,.f imlnsirv or great .p
liolustrl.il in. i g t)a t,s i..,\f l>.,unlit ini-'
poriant linns in .*> amliaav la aiol in otli-,
<r part- of Murope. It is easy in-uRhi \
to fai t: at.- ?la's, runs without o;tr >. e-1
hie it on'si.a. of our sitp, rvlslon. You i ?
know mtv will'that 1' Is possible tv 11
huil 1 - -s i r.iilro'o's v op |;n"\v wv "
wr'.l that ' - : :i.po.s|I,, t.j it.jj 'or
tho proof I ha' 'hi :ai:v i ?; not arlim'ty .!?
?rftkiio.: . : war inaler .t|s It
: u ! t orn the navy. |i Is rat .<?(? ii
ill flint It I,. > i hr k< ? I o! : ship in
thr stocks, to pfpar, t'|. i|,,. kv.,i,|? ,,
W Itholjt t I.H. vv "I '?] >. ? ?W It IPl' II v,
posr that was pn;c!i.lf, .!,, ymi think
y ,il , on 111 i.i mi, h ,| . I ; , : sli; |, w i: h
out ? 'iio-t'o'ly I- ii^ ? i tin ?']"??, ami ,,
knovviiiL: what was aappeltlrik'1'ait !l,e- ,
lain., thr lilies, the ttiarhlllr fttilts. anv ((
ilistraun nls usn! < a th, to hi of tatth'
that ran !??? manuf. "if,al ami - an :,??? ,
ix. control!'''! with any tiaasnrr of i rr
".\h. i < t :!? i::-? r;. tli!.-' is t) t Hi* first
fiir.o !:i 11 11 in k. r'tan <? h.>s !?:??! l
fail- a filiation of this Uiml We }..? \
known I niss-.i ilisart:!''I. \it ! <I ? 111? ? I
t1 v w11.? ij. ? i:> n. w tint !'
1'i iissi.i will h sis M'.- 'l iM iK tuailly ? i:- ?
arnn <1. will, h was lk.ii iiilc.ss t?. al! in
tents ami purposes, fiitiml her ag.i li ^
? ?! flu- ha t ?lefb 111 ;; :rl Wo w ? I .? Ilc.irly N
!?!???! white ll'ivv can w. I' .rKi t lliat ' i r
i ?? ! reti.li plcittct i-i'llla.i 'ill; ln.lt j t
l iu.ssiii lias l.k-on illsarnicil hj ,\ap"l"iTi
an'! a1 !<!? ?! "
' Him s'.ic fi'uhil ii'r phi??* an the hat- p
? !? f ???lit. 1>a i"i.,i| we fursot that'.'
t.a \ < ft* it s.i> mii' ml'.- l-'i. iii li T
aic f i'i* flails, fliat v.in ii danger is past .
no t?irri p'lr rn'm's .v.\nv Hut wn dw (
?|||| f .';'p| !!'.'? lit I' li i-s-'niis if t'|. ?
war T?".i :?? iity 11? >::? sic in mount
ing Ton trt.my nun .iro 'a the vf r e ?'! s. ?
I f \ t *i if ye wanled '?? wo ? ? ?; I <J
n' t "
Fires Not All ExTing-ulshKl.
Ttoi lattnit J'Tarv e musi j.re'rrt her
self. M- li; 'anil as!,. .!
Wlui 1 atti'i t :: c r. . ' i.f'Knropo? Ap
parent ly ft Is a" ;(.;??? Hut there are
certain \oiuioes .if -;11 .. wlilcii Hail
? iili' that 'hi' f,re ? as n"[ !>ppii e\Mt:
tculsliP.1 1 ill!.' say His The firs;
s:?ii>u!'lc: inc. tin.I :f I'mii . lui'in't '.a I
an army vinihl'have hmUrji out again.
"How ahi-'M lliissii ' Mill."lis of m-'n
them a.-iuaiii ar. !? tig mor v. "i11
imai'i lii. They haw .: lug arir.j Who
call s.i v.'lit \s : 11 "i there a
> car Pinl a half a;-" li.i-i.i tr:*.!
rus i 'i'.i <iig 1: I 'S.iii 1 a'al w L:i<! i.ica
a tcrr:i :> arisi ! .>'ir. If the harrier
hntl ti"i i' -1'"! u.. a wi.i I I-ran e
an | r ' 1 hirope 1 ?' m* "
"There are .. irtavj pi'"l>o n ?? we
not liiinw c"W I" lu'rii. Mm if., it;, al
es; j.ri'l'l* in < ' .'ill Is I., t ? li I"
?ahie I.. i.\.-, Tn. nl. in.'!' uii ? we
li.ne I" > ii .il'lc t' Mis'Uii lil'i .'in! lih
' ? t ? > ? ?: w ?: ' f- ? 1 I' .\ ? gt I "f
? ? ? ? ? i i ? ? ,. .! : [in i w .
. !'? ' s .. ? a !? 11 l"h si r t|s
ci <|:i ...
rhot?? "? ii" ihi c ' t ?' m ' a??'! i *t
W ? . ' ; ; ? ? . .; |. t .
"I': in'. ? r 1: -1. ml ... '1 !..? c ul.l w-tl
li: <1* i: ' il"i w ? . ? i. I ho w "i !i|
h:i'l ? ? ".| r- ? ? i>?|e.| t; . situation,
la-cause evil \ : ' t' ? ?: i had .is own pie
,.?ii... ?i..ns K i In h. g.r. I if, a 'he'
11? - ? ? ss.I ?? ? f 1'iar.c'. ofgnl.tcil In
ji-.\ > i'lisnh r.n ."it of FtciTi.h il.-aii nia- '
Total Dlsarmaniont Not Possible.
Alio; the am : m| . \i Hn nil! said, '
anm hcitan t>> demobilize ah rapid" ? j i
possible aid the period of enforced I
Itlary serv ire was r- l:J? ??<I J'l (-in | '
iff t.vlwo years The r< ??u 11. he s. '?!. !
i" t' i- l-ii c tV throe rniit';ir> <? 3?> - ? ? I t
two Now . !e , ,inf:: i:? <!. Kraii-? )>'? ?- .
"oil further 11-iti ,. t >.? that her
Illy UI-...II v .til) I t.e led '.i ; to lull' * I ~ [ *
rnier ?'t.tiuth. Kran. !,?? :?:?!. ?!. ha " ?
'??1 t" th?- a?si!iaii. o ..? tie moral I
pp.H't ? ? I* l.ef recent It; the WilT.j t
-.tor i rhVarice's <l>-\otiori to p.-a ???. ' ,
I i ml the <hi y h.n! 1 j.t eon..
l?'n tela] land disarmament was pos- i
Kxprosslntr ? on' Imi-e that ti.? world' '
iuh! iimb-i slat; I in.til lis ' X. osltlori j
e real situation ::?! motives oft '
nnrr, be. nullilng eould l.> hum e <
rottr t than to sttpp. re that t'.?* ! .
???It'll ;u.O|'ie We;.. Oppose,! to the par- 1 ,
eV of tl.e Hi ttPiti cat eiitlt'eretife, tl.e|
'?mfer pledced !?':an? <? would ?]., h~t .
it't ."??? fat li" she i oil til without elo*tna j ?
r e\. . to her i.i.'ui.a; security.
What Balfour Said.
Mr. 1# Ifour. who follow???! the T-'rer.? h
em.er. reviewed Ilrtaini's nit era to ?-s
i.l sal!' "Mi ] * r- j -?r . 1 appears to I..net
? me fi it s lest l-'f.unee should feel her- j
?If In itiorah Isohition. That would be
traitedy Indeed.
"That the llbeitbs of H jr pe and the
orid la uetiei.i I. anil of Kratie. Iti par- j
? ttlar. shoithl he maintained an., itnard- j
1 a jr.n Inst tin- don.inn t Inp jiylh-y if her!
stern net j.)! hor is the en use fur which
ie Mr! fish ??tnpii" fmicht. and !n which
tr British empire st !t beltev ??.
"Killed on the field <?' haul" we 'est
ea*.'\ n iniliion lie:n I run laikii.i: "f
if IV^tisii ? tit! ne now We :??<: nearly
miilion 111011. We l e t m ? 1! over in.
illiion men in ad liti??n. ntai. ie.l and
onteh ?!
'We pvirve.l over the set f.,e. W
? not repent it. And it the ? .him' <?!
tenia t tonal liberty wa ? wot'by ..f tats
llllli'tis.' S.iet'.ttee from one ..' tin' allied
"writ- I speak not "f othet.". tl is no' I
v rlcht to Speak for them if it de- j
?rveil and re'tttired this sti> t il'ter :t to 1
lie of the allied etui .if.-iiriati'fl j.'iwi*rs. 1
tid :f we at 1.1 . ' .nis have n"t ? i.at: |
?ir views, either an to tt >? r. :: p ?? u
ow , ail it he "thenwt'C than if ? simi
t to .-.-'.-it;. . I .ei!d 'ijiain ai if a Haiti j
.i !?.-? d"'n ttaii'iii. vvli . h has l? ett j
..<? riii>e ,.f i:.ill.tie tor -i many pen- I
r.it |. r 9"ii d jurat a ?!.t ? :.*???; 'M |
? ?. i .? in.!. ;. t :i e. t . ? . f d ?
oh.; natt of I'ttr ii.'iKhl-nr ? ate! a '. ??
ow a'.otihi f i"- i? ' ible t ha t " ' '? tn- j
etl.i. s. oto e warn:, she ;hl I" ? "an- ,
eft i SI : a te ? hiMthi I'""'!.-, cold, stldj
li lt We who had il'-r.' s" much f"l' 'he j
real .-atise ? f it tcrti?ti"t:al liberty. |
houi.l e"<" that ? ante p. rlsll l? tot e our j
yen rather 'rati tr'tke furtl-.r sa - r 11 |
tees .u its defense.
Sii.tu-r !?' hati/.e*. who spo'.re J't eti.'lt. I
ti.at the thi'ttpht "f the, I til it tin d> '?*- ?
iili 'ti shtoh! atti'.'e .lite t." "sa 1.1:
"it !s f r ftoin. ttiy m.inl ??> disenss
i'hat I'li.tue . I'tisiihrs itid:. ;? risahi.- for
i.r natl'Mial safety. That safely is as j
? :
lo.ir to us ns !t may be to them. nit we [
>--r sill! !ly by the side of our allies
? f ye-.t- ril.iy ;? n-l our friends <.f to-dft>'. I
"I wanted to say tills. Only, may I
ip nllowr-l t-> - *; rrss the wish and hope ]
hut general lim.t.itlon of land arma-j
tipnt may he on,-- a realty within the >
dfcrtc-t- possible of time, x x ,
"It. Iv has sij. |,| in coming to ft
lire, t 11.-.-lei -l.Hiding with the Herb, J
-??it an-i Sb-veiio p.and in order i
;?> attain *:ieii an er.-i had marie consil- j
?tat-- sac r I flees for the Interest of the I
>0.1.0 of K irojio. 1 x x
"Moreover. Italy has n. ted similarly
ivjlhln her own frontiers and has re
Itb erl her arrr.e<l f--rc.-s In the largest I
l-io . ita .. She h is considerably J
?tirtaile.| her navy expenditures 'n com
parison t-. t!.-- pre-war time. The total
i.-iii-'iiit t :* lor armed forces docs not
t ^,... en-. |fi--n atu! a further reduc
tion to 17;-."'"- men Is already planned.
and 35.000 colored troops. . .? -
IJaron Kato spoke as follows: "Japans
!s quite ready to announce her hearty
approval of the principle which alms to
relieve a people of heavy burdrena by.'
uniting land armaments to those which
are necessary for national security and
iho maintenance of order within the j
Jlaron I>o arter In concluding. hi*
speech said:
"If I may refer to the words whlci
King Albert of the Belgians, la his
message 'o President 1 Larding used, X
will say that the Belgian nation calls
with her earnest wishes for the moment
where the general situation will allow
us to enter upon path the limitation of
armaments. She admires the initially*
taken by the government of the United
States and wishes every success to M
? onfercnco for the greater benefit t*
:he whole world."
OnSfcalp. Burned Badly.
Hair Came Out.
"Small, sore eruptions broke out
on my scalp and itched and burned
so badly that I scratched them, caus
ing them to run together and make
larger eruptions. My hair was dead
and brittle and came out in combfuis.
"A friend recommended Cuticura
Soap and Ointment so I sent for a
free sample. It helped so much that
I purchased more, and after using
one cake of Cuticura Soap and one
box of Cuticura Oifitment I was
Completely healed." (Signed) Miss
Lola K. Wornack, 1633 Arthur Ave..
Nashville. Tenn.
Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Tal
cum are all you need for all toilet uses.
Bathe with Soap, soothe with Oint
ment. dust with Talcum.
Buapli Efcrh J*rt?bv Mali "Cltlctlf * Lab
orstjrl*! I)?pt II. 49. M?a? " Sold ?Vfrv
? r'w- Soap 1 cnt L'6 and6<Jc. I ?>um
JPflF^Cuticur* So*p iU*c? without cuug.
Take Yeast
Vitamon Tablets
To Round Out
Face and Figure
With Firm Flesh
^ J ?i ?
sV,4 \j )
5 3U.V\V Hf'. ft / J ?Cv/N?l?C> / *s.
/ *?
kClLV / HlUP
inootlil6S/ I e>vi?
_ co.citui
If .roil ari> linllow rheeVeil Rnllow
nklnncJ. tuiiiki-ti ? h^>',r.i nntl gi-rier
nlly wenk or run ilown ntiil want to
roiunl out >i r f.i'-o mul Henri* t i
ploiiH'ruf iiml i,nrin:il prop'ir1 Mini you
will in..I Hit* i?iinj? U' !???: wi ll worth
Irving l'.r?* wi icli voui-n-lf :iiii|
measure yourself .\.-vt lake M:i?tlli?
VI'IAMD.N Iw11 Miiletr with every
no oil 'I tu-n weigh mul iihoii in- your
self n if ti In cai-li wii'M nml runtliiili'
taking \ I I' \ Mi ? N r'-gularlv until you
nr.- sa'Mlii-il willi ymir gam n we g lit
anil em-rgv Mastitis VITAMON
(Unlets i iiiitalii lii ;hiv titrate.)
yeanf vitatnIm-n a* w. II n* i hi? two
oilo-r still more l> i;?? ? r' ant vi.niiliu-s
11 i- Sul-iI-I-- \ ii ,.il U ati r S ihitilo i' i
mul nri- fio-.v I- .ii,: useil I'v ihuu
ha ml * I" i: ? v pni t-ii l\ will iiui up
s-I tin- ?iii-ii-ii h -r - an-1- tap l?ut u-t
l In- I'otitrurv :,r*' ?" sr.-at nlil in ili
jfestiou, i-vit i-fii- i-otuu ipn-ion
ni.il iti. a g.-ti.wal ? ? ?-111l-.ti.-r of th
wl.nl.- it virion I'niipli* Imil* ami
nkui eruption* nr-.-iii to r:t!il?h Ilk-'
lung - mull r 11* purifvitik* ii.t'-o-a
tin- loinpli-lluii I inn-s I r. - - Si ami
beautiful. i to- i-tu-i-k* rum iii-.r -ai| of
pah-, thi- lips rvO Im.:.-.:i| ? ? ..i.-r
bus llu- i-yns bright lust-ml <-f
?lull So raphl mul amazing .if . ?t-..
results that >u-Ti-t,?* i, a? -.?:11:i? t\
guarantee.1 or tin- <r-.ii <?*t* vo'.i
tint Ii In*. r.?- i-.r" to r?-u- m ??!? i'i
iiititio Mast in'* VI T.\ M"N i ho
original ai.-l ? t?11 i t t ?? v.-asl illaiuin
tablet there is nothing else III. - i!
s" i|i> tii-l n-a i-pt I in it.it tun. '-r mi!i
hi late* "Si.ii tan jji-t Mast! ft h
VI I'AM'tN at uuv druggist
W Y $1.40
y ai
Stop that pain!
QUICK, warming, soothinjr, comforting
re!..-f foil s in application c.f J'!r.tin'?
Liniment. Juct f I It on the Btrninecl,
ovcrw rl.r.J muscle (" ..*1 for rheumatism,
too I'tr.etrr.tea wit.'iovf rubbing.
[Icon il handy
V ' !
j; '
I MAKE it my main Ij
^ victual. With a bit j
I o' porridge, milk's a j
good meal anytime.
It has to be good milk, ii
mind: and I'm a judge
o' milk. For a long
time now I 've stuck to
! |
United Dairy
Unitrcl Dairy Co.
I 133 Sixteenth Street
Phone 3870
l'1 ? i
jp^SrMothers want it, for
gWit quickly clears away
m* the choking phlegm,
Pyd stops the hoarse cough,
gives restful sleep. Safe
TCghand reliable,
auLii j;vsev vnt,tt^
dread Che cold
of*'winter 'Run away
from winter i- ?. .$
?o to winteriesf Cali* | :jj
ffemia ' the SantdFe n)ay, ||
I '*'
Would like to tell yon about our four J \
! trains a day to California
? how fine the California Limited is, with its through Fred
| ? Harvey dining car.
5? what a comfortable journey you can have on the Navajo,
the Scout, the Missionary.
? all about the unexcelled Fred Harvey dollar meals In
dining-rooms at artistic station hotels.
I ' 1 ^
? the economy of the tourist sleeper.
? ? the stopover for Grand Canyon National Park, trails and
J hotels open all the year. t'A
Phone, write or call. It w in he a pleaaure toaerve you.
Pc sure and ask for our "California Picture Book." ?
which has a bird's-eye map of California in colors.
.T W Mmsrlt. O-n. Agrnt ?
I ?" II TI<\irh. Mist Paw Agt.
A T S. !?' It v. It *
Cn' Pari: f!l 'i; . Pittsburgh. Pa.
rhvr.e '.rant .'11?1";eight. Grant 1537?Tata
" - i -1 "
rrrre-g?r TT * ?
IsEveiyDayMilk. ?' I
any better than? .J
Bottled Milk 9' ':??
. t ,
Yes, if by 44better" ycu mean V
richer, always much more handy
and usually more economical. i
* t
The fact is, delicious and creamy
Every Day Milk is double the
i<chness of the finest bottled .5.
? ?
milk! That is why it is the
jchoice'of expert cooks, of
cereal-loving children, of
people who like richer tea and
coffee. Prov.e it to yourself
and your pleased family this \
very day ? by trying a tin!
-?^Mw.jra'grTr. sapaa?OBKJ?i^M?Ml ^
Nestle's Food Company^J
For over half a century makers of
Ncstle's Milk Food for Babiec
? m
!|| nestle's i
P,J.RC fcff MILK
Aowt\ 1
I & I
I M S lK j
Every Day j

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