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grand secretary a. j wilkin
i son will be toastmaster
1 at sr. PAUL'S wednesday
paprictt. carrigan and
v cody to deliver the an
niversary addresses to
wheeling lodges.
l reservations made for sco
r" members of the frater
nity and ladies who
| will be guests.
Plans ffMr" <vi,upJetr(! ,*if a commit
tee tnpptiti?; la.-f right for participa
tion of \\ her i'ur lodge \u. ?. Concord
l(??lc" N:> ,vd K\c.-l-di>r lodge .V>
4>\ Independent r,,-.|. r or Odd 1 "?*!
lows. in a i"in: celebration of til"
one hundred am! third atiiv i-rsar> ot
the founding of the ord? r.
"I he ?.?:.>t.raMon wi'l i?> in the na
fit;- a ha(i(|io t Wednesday even
inc. April the nniversary date -
In rlie lecture room or St Paul's Evan
gelical church a' Thir'y eighth anil
Won.ls sti'c ?>.
Tti" harr pie' w.tl b? served prompt
ly at 7 o'clock aJ?j wervarious have
been made for o'>.i piM Follows anil
Hon. \. J. Wilkinson of Huntington,
grand rotary of the West Virginia
fraud lodge of Odd Fellows, has con
sented to rome to Wheel in and pre
side as roastmaHer at ttic banquet.
The anniversary addresse.- will jo
delivered by the Hon J. H Parriott.
former prosecuMng attorney of Mar
shall county; the Hon. Charles E.
Carrigan of Moundsvilte and Past
Grand Master Henry P Woody ot
McMechen. With this array of ora
tors, a splendid program is assured
? he Odd Fellows and their lady
The musical program during the
d:nner will be furnished by a group
of talented singers, directed by Frot.
Elmer G. Hoelrle. choir director or
the First Presbyterian church.
The anniversary banquet was ar
ranged by a committee representing
the three lodges rartlnlpating, with
A. L. Bauer as chairman and C. H
Henderson secretary.
Ckmferance at Seven O'clock to Agree
Upon Captain Otto'a
Members of city council will meet at
T o'clock this evening In the city man
ager's office. preliminary to attending
the regular session of council at 8
The purpose of the meeting In the
manager's office Is to decide on a suc
cessor to the late Captain William T.
Otto, who represented the First ward
In council.
A number of candidates names will be
brought before the council this evening
and it 1? likely the vacancy In the First
ward w '.l be filled this evening.
Among those whose names have been
mentioned are: Tana Tom'.lr.son, C. Mor
gan Venter. Harry Browning. Samuel
Dobbins. Kuss T. Chew. John J Kindel
berger and others.
Mr. Abe im-. who was cnauneur tor
Mrs Mare Whit taker from Jersey City
to Whtekriv,. on her way to Kansas City
to ir.nt for hv son. wishes to correct
the tn.r-re.ssion that h* abandoned" .Mrs.
w\l'? ker. Mr. Fopir states that Mrs.
Wl.lr.isvr was r.o* in h position to pay
artv salary ami that he took the job of
drivlrit for hrr merely n * a means of
icevr? out Ir. the fresh air, as he had
fr-Jr -riia u"l pleurisy recently. She
?ay ;<?. pay for his board ar.<l iadgingr.
he s-c:er but limited him to th* very
.?h'aprst h.es pos-ble in r<staur.nnt.s
?> } p a'i- him sleep outdoors Ir. the
r?.,i hinc. T' e Pord machine which she
bo ;cht '"or f-o') for the trip, he rtates.
?\t ?.rry Kn>! condition ar.d if he had
n chauffeur of ten? experience
wou'd re\?r have coir.* over the ,V!?
fch?-. -s. S-'iflr Is an e\-service man
and has !'*-en i chauffeur for t'.in* years
'"k: r>aek;nic Wheeitnc. he was told by
a physi-ian that if" h? went oia his health
u'eiM i-- permanently injured, so he re
?? 'i-.e t me !:; s. v?ra! month?,
?i.-r- v. a :i l.r?sk ;?? -1.. s.:> !? Allied
Ifi -brs >t\ 'u'- !<???;.; rnar:'-t yesterday,
t'i- s:i>. ;. ? ":-i:h;; ir nlt.o r-om seven,1
i?? i ' ? : ?? sishtd. Tii? last sale
? ester'lay aio >? hvnk Sons
'"otnpany I- s:-oei .:? d " itii 11:-j Allied
! 'ac'r-.t r s.
rrontlnet't ITundred Physician 1? Caadl
i.'ate for Second District
rtr T M K*arn.\ ?* Hundred. VS. "a , i
yes'erdiy a.nnounctd !.:s candidacy for ,
the ?tate ferato f-o:n fie Second s*na-'
'crla! district The announcement :s
somewhat o' d $'irpr!>*
I" K'ir-s is v.e'l known locally, and
has a host of friends in the vpknity of
At tO.Jr oVf.ck !;id ni^-ht fire alarm 1
box N" 4 !-Aas pii'led. < ;;Ilin< the de
par':", lit to Tw? nty-fourtii urd Jacob
? tnete P '.vs built a fire on the hill- ?
(?:ile tfom old paper and wood
Work l-e started pr -piMy toibv i
on t:.v dri'lftik "f an .artesian \\e!L on
f ? W-.e-lltii* 1'uhlic Se? .....I Athletic
jr. Id on tile 1 >?? r end of the I .-la :nl.
T' ?? drlilinir :<t j-k'a'us and other ma
rl. ::<>ry was tak? ti to the Meid yester-|
T .. re |S r'-T fee 1 of 1 r-.nd water I
su-.t;,. on th? n'hletlc field. and the
*? wit' rilt n. .n ?reit 'rant.
"v , . ft.vir! of rfdu.-n.tlon !"t tho
- the "A? 1. for tho work, to bo j
rus.ied to corrp'.cuon. It v-;.l take about I
?. week sir.* the well j
Human Interest
In These Tales
Flapper Wave Hits China,
Knee Skirts, Cut Hair, Et At
An:! They 8moke CUTnrittss, Too, Say?
Canton Revolutionist on Visit?
They're Good Olrls, but Silly,
Re Adds.
Now Vo"'?, April "I?'Vlt, > es, no
hav In China thflk*.- young girls who
..t" rot ij-.i-o v. ? \\i>,nc!i ami whom JoU
??*!! 'flappers.' |tt,t we do not let them
v. 'T> lis. t'<>r they are all vry good
girls." was tii" reply ?<> a ?|iio.?tion. made
through ati interpret?-r from Columbia
I'niv er-.ity, of imutig I'o Jin. secretary
lo I >r. Sun Vat Son. leader of the revo
lutionists of southern China. who is
visiting this ??ountry. Mr. heuns ex
plained Just how the "flapper war o"
had hit China recently, Kty,rig;
"lie have recently noticed the large
rumber of our \ orv your.tr women. Utile
more than children, who have cut their
i hnir and employ some method to make
it stand out froni the head. And a.'.se
they have shortened their dress. I ke
th? American custom, and clparettes are
being smoked by them?at home but not
publicly. However, we do not let t'rvt
worry us much, for they are good girls
but si'.iv."
To the unofficial diplomat of Sun Tat
?en"s cabinet, who at the age of 31 is
the editor in chief of the dally IVu Oho
f'oa of Canton, his first glimpse of the
wonders of New York city was not a
great surprise or a novelty.
"We have sixteen, story buildings in
Canton." he said, "and they wilt sooii
be built higher. Another remarkable
thing i3 the democratic! spirit that
seems to be In every one. Kach person
goes along so easily1 and is always ready
to smile." ,
Sitting !rt his rooms in the McAlpin.
Mr. Leung told Just how Hr. Sun Yat
Sen intends to attack tta" army of the
recognized Chinese republic and. wi'TV
2po.ono picked men. will attempt to
overthrow what he terms a "make-be
lieve republic" He even went on to
name in detail the plans for the upris
ing ar.d also the names of the republi
can officers who are counted on to g>
over to Sttn Tat S*n
When asked if he fe'.t no trepidation
at traveling in New York's Chinatown
alone and unguarded, lie said: "I nm
| a revolutionist and used to any sort ot
an attack. 1 believe I can take care of
Mr. Leung will go to Washington the
latter part of the wek. then to Chicago.
I where he Is awaited by his wife and
; the other members of the party that
i came here from China. He Is studying
: American political and Industrial met)-.
; ?da for possible adoption In China, He
: Is a graduate of ih? National I'ntver
' slty at Pekin and the father of four
I children.
; Countess, From Steerage,
Is Halted at Ellis Island
: Wlf? of Baron d? R.os?nkmnt*, sua to
{ B? Danish Attach? at Osnoa,
Trartled in Rosolufc?'? Hold?
To Visit Rich ITlond*.
1 ~ 0
; New York. April fM.?A mrmwr
the Danish nobility, -whose passport
describes her as the "Countess Chris
tine de Resonkrantz. 41! years old." ar
rived yesterday !ti the steerage ?>f 'lie
| Resolute with her son. "Baron Holger
I Julian F*reder!k de Rosenkrantz. 13
years old." and her companion. Miss
Elizabeth Peter* *t\ She requested In
good English that she should be re
leased with the Americans who larded.
Immigration officials informed be.* that
as she was an alien and a steerage pas
sencer she and the two oth.e*s war.M
have to go to Ellis Island this morn
ing. where a special board of Inquiry
wi'i r.ass on the case.
The Countess's passport wan signed
by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of
Denmark, who asked that all courtesies
he extended to the trio. When sho
hoarded the l!r?r she ordere I tU'en deck
chairs. Wllhelir I.uhhen. steward, who
got them, noticed that the Count-jss was
sartorially all that a first cabin pas
senger should be. wear n; a leopai d
skin coat urd many Jeweled rmcs.
For one day the three tnl>y-ed the
privileges of cabin passengers. Teen
K. 'i. MulJcr, purser, foq.nl that the
tmkers for th* trln called i jtly for vhird
cia?^ accommodations. Then rhey had
to give up the chairs on the /rvnenade
deck and go to the st?*era.<o
'11 ?? Con' less said that sh? 'van f ern
, Coi ntcss Wedeii of Tylslril. D iniT.irk.
and that hep husband. 1,'aon do It >scr.
krantz. Is an attache of PontuvVs de'e
g.\t!rtt? to the 'icrio-i confe'-cne?. The
Countess said site came hero tt a s;t
f.-.ends. including Mrs .V.Ckanu 1 Tn?y
?r of Philadelphia. ,\1 bes Petersen de
I that sh? would "vis ? thr !u':as"
Th" <Vutit"ss said s'u- boiignt tn.rd
1 ci;..-s tickets hc ause of 11 fit of cash.
?Tliivago. Apr.i 21 ?l*p from the lock
?rs of dead tu-mot y "Bathhouse John"
CoughHn has brought the first shot of a
war <>n flapp--r::. though at the time the
25 Years of
Stomach Trouble
It wm a Serious Ca?e Bnt Bresr-Wortt
Did Wonder*.
I? !t is stomach or bowel trouble that
you have, dear reader, you have only to
read this story and we believe you will
so right to th?> drug store and get a b?t
' tie of tiie wonderful" Nerv-Worth on our
stric t guarantee of money hack if the
first bottle does rot show encouraging
L. K. Ferguson reported to us that
h.n suffered f..r years with stomach
trouble, disordered bowels and nercous
nes.s. Had pains in stomach. back and
side constantly and his circulation was
very poor f'ouldn't .sleep well and was
as tired In morning as when went to bed.
Naturally this was all due to tho poi
sons that hts stomach and bowels were
J pouring throughout his system, because
he told lis his food fermented and he
I was always tail of gase3 that gave him
great patn and almost prevented his
breathing. Then he said after trying
'ail sorts of medicine he tried Nerv
Worth and he had tn> more trouble with
I his digestion, n? more gas, no more pain,
[ slept like a t"P find felt Hko u new man.
! You can get Nerv-Worth at almost any
j drug store. It Is always on sale at the
I II. iJriest A <"o. drug store In this city
at one dollar a I >tt:e, and every drug
gist i? authorized to give the money
'back f the first bottle does not prove
j encouraging Most medicine In the
world for sickly women and delicate
Ichl'dreit **':b ".9 o*ea?ant taste ana
j mild effect
_ j
Dow n In 1 ?.in*. ;I!-V K" ? ci'li
! elected i-t his ..;???? arc:
.\o\ ember 1st. A ? ? ? : led ? ? -Is
: them u?l-l (V|(ri? ?; .
j uallng the vi'un:!- ' m m ? > ? ' Ys
Iclass. under _" t- ars >?( I I' -
j college J:i * ?' r he. aw. fat, ? r, ' I. ?
grtd.ron and th? na'Yts <?' *>' ii? ?:
hail their at Ten? ic-ti draw : !?> ;!??? I >? '
? (.hci ?'Billie" Irwir. had s'r?-? 1 tip
j school on Its athletic? care. : Af:
j this equipment, came t ?> W lcc'.:ni;
: (where Ms anee.-jfors had settled earls : >
; and decided to tak* up the drug bus!
| ness. Associated himself with 'he Al-x.
'Vomit; Phartnacv on .-'.x'-vpih utr.'ct
and after being fl?i? 1 there was put Iti
' chargo of the Younc Pharmacy on
Twenty-fourth and < Tiay'iite- streets.
I This ho later .??"_?jnirc>l and operated
tinder his i>w ? name unit! a few ; > ir
ago when he retireil front the ding ii;.'1
| While a druggist at d poi having
: work trmro than twentj -four le-urn p*i
! day lio learned to de\,,>, a little time
I to the xirls Otto In parti" ulur. Mir*
| Mary t">tt. he talked In'o changing her
i name, and aided bv tip' pre adu'r 'h'.s
was accomplished oti t.n tuber t T. l*Vi.
i 1'. M. It'll?that means today pus1
( Master Bill and t: has of'"ti trw u.i
i Pa*t Master P'.M- is known a'.! over 1h'
'? contlnenl A or ember of fra'e.-i.al or
i unitizations and lias taken an ;o-"\e p
i jerest all his life in M.is<>ni<' w ? rh :?
' this district. Was made Imperial r. ?>r.
' tate of tha A A. o N*. M s per* inn
i during the years 1913-1914. The record
j wd believe shows that he j , l-formeil
some "stunts" In the Panama <"anal
before the place tiecame w.? t that Is
I before nrv water w-nr through.
"Blllle" Is h Second Presbyterian,
to-wlt a member of the Second Pre*!-;
' terian church here. He is likewise i
j Democrat--some say violently so?but
? that simply means ho is true t., tlv>
J faith. Has always taken nn a i.ve In
j terest In politics. serv ing ?<<, councilm.i n
land as sheriff, and for the pa** lev?.
I years post master of Ihts burg, ami
| some P. M. he is
A good. ?<?': ! chap physlcaliy
I t-J'intn r? ndv a!*?? :t? > "?
il,\otc ). tiiiL' .'i? > any
V.. r.J,v ? *
I ||> ! * . J ; ? N.n? villi V? X Mrs
j I r w :n ? ?: ????., M.ii:ha. and
0'iji-ys !i-II-.;v<i :h..r ? ??tnrury ".'li'-rj
j .',o ; r.i: -?!?',] i" to froo
|f- ir trm ? t'.-ii' . aI h- I. ihrirafr
? kn-.-.v Mi. > -Mr v.mr Mrtli.
|j,?; ? i.trni;? ^I to flcurc
j ( 'i? In ? ill ? .i'i ;ir" Ml;' w? >' this ?
\* liafi-r ? *1:r rco N '??it c,iro!y don't
!r v ??? i.-ikn tliif n-'-Mstoti to
lwi?-h >.-?i a' nnotlirr i;t;?Jr'<l yrarn
rf i r ' iMj'.'i' ion 1!i the affairs 'J?
. rnon May 'it,- h<al:!i n.l ;>rns
! l'crtty In j'niirs :i: ahimdar.oo.
I _
shot was loaded flappers r."v.-r had
beer, named.
Twenty-five years ago th? allcrm.vt
sponsored and taw passed by the conn-.
' cil an ordinance forbidding wearing
knickerbockers by woman on the public
j streets of Chicago.
I That ordinanco to-morrow t ill he the
i subject of search by City Clerk J ?vs
I T. Igoe. and when It has been re.-t:t -
? rected Coughlln plsns to ask the coitr.cl!
, to pass the necessary order to the chief
j of police to enforce the relic of th* tlm?
I when women wore knickers a;, a part "t
' a bicycling costume.
"I Introduced that ordinance tweutv
flve years ago because at that !!:.** it
'was positively Immoral for a woman
'appear so attired." said Cougltn. to-,
night, "and morals do not change even
'if styles do. We aldermen must t>ro
| tect Chicago from these modern Igo-'
: rottes. 1
I r 'neeton. April 24 ?l'rof. E. ,\>at< n
' Har ey. of Princeton University, save a
iden istratlon to-day of Ids discovery
?of means to Insure continuous "cold,
I ligl by use of a substance taken from 1
luminous animals, Ho first placed in h!
' test tube the dried bodies of small bugs. ,
These produced a faint glow, but tie
light prow dimmer and dimmer, lie then '
put tho bugs In another tube. t?t which
also were metal plates. The blue light
1 produced In tho second tubo, glowed !
'continuously. The value of his discov- I
' ery, ho explained, was In the continuity I
I of the light.
I I'rof. liarvey outlined three practical
i problems which must be solved before
? cold light can be used commercially.
' The first Is that of making tho llghtl
| substance artificially. Tho second is
that of making the light continuous, and
j the third Is to produce it cheaply enough .
and In sufficiently largo Quantities. j
J A Chevrolet automobile hehl up traffic |
. on Market street last night at 1" o'clock ?
i for soma time owing to a rear axlo
' breaking and causing the machine to
i let down on tho ground. 'Phe owner lt> !
J r.ot known.
New Herbal Tonic System
: Startles Medical World
i < j
i ' I
iNew Scientific Combination of Mother
Nature's Old-Fashioned Herbs
Proves a Wonderful System
Purifier, Appetizer and
Stomach Tonic
i i
Herb-Sap--An Ail-Year Tonic and Body Bu'lder
?/ "r 4. V
1 Hero's h elm nee Mr. or
Mrs. Ill limit h, to try ci
(brand new silent lllrally pn -
pared niedli ine. *.-<? nij>??<in? .1
1 putvly from Motln r Natures
j olil-fashU>ti?<l llorby, for n -
:ovrrln?; vour list ytrinitth
Ynu who are still suft? I
j front the ravapi'M ?.??<! <I? bi!!
1 tatlng effects of "Kin." 'trip
, or possibly summer cobl*.
| are rundown, listless. t^i -
j vous. fretful, with aoht's ami
I pains 1n praetloallv > very
part of your hotly ami lack
| enerjre to be up anil doiny
j HKKIi SAl' Is ris' the proper
J 'btnp for you
j UKT'b SW t'l-f vrtj
_j 2
lrif;!v ii'.ilck relief. It makes
! ? 1" ?: ?*; l>!e for > nil to I At
i\ t-..? on want when yuu
WAIIl it.
Ill.i:ii SAP Is a safe. j>ur*.
stri-nR! h-Kit Iiik tonic Of nat
ural I'.'i.yi that t.s Just hound
:?> mit '.lit aiiti Vitality in
j "ii
l li:i: i: s \ I * is 'oM iihiIit
rn Ironclad jtuaranteo tliat
If :ifr takitiir l"r 4n hours
>i.u tlui't foci like eat in#
\"ijr-c!f out of house and
home, and are one thousand
imp retv hotter, your mnoey
xx ih ho cheerfully refunded.
Ill-lit It y.M' It noxc 011 s:U? ,
? !I Orient * Co
Surrender or Charter to Merle Passing'
of Greater City's I<nst Volunteer
Tl ro Tif liters
At a ?:)???; :t:v. I.?r : j- attended
;v,-. 1 .errand Tire and
Protective association last r-, enins
* ] ? ?> * j?r?*?pA"ty of th* com
till- t-nrt;. mat,.nc the highest
Kd within the Tt?xt thirty days.
n,.. ?, to- ;avv>c!at:?>n marks
;>.T;s:r.c o* t' ? ? '.i*t i o'.unteer tiro
department 1" whir Is -now Greater
VN"*?.?*? t:.tk- The association was founded
a rianil.er of years aco, firs? hailivt a
hand-drawn hose nttd hem'-al cart with
which ti f'jfhi ftrpr Tive years ago an
s ito trtirl; wj/cini.! t. n*',| j; ntTJ
owned ;>v the ??? ? *1:;?:!* y although several
'?i have Veen made.
The association, as soon as Its proper
ty is v.i.d. w;il Mil render t's charter to
Weorotary <>t State Houston Vopng,
ii.nl the I<c\eland lire .ami I'ro'ectlve
association will have ceased to exist.
Mo'Mr and Bab? Dl? When Woman
Hears Another Woman Wants
Her Husband
rvevrkmd, April ? 1?''"tasp'r.s he- two
year old son in her arms. Mrs. Martha
Sops Jumped lr.to I,ake Brio today and
both wt'r? drowned I'.vti Sops, her hus*
band, tnM police ? i" hail threatened to
drown herself because she said another
woman wanted to marry him. Sops said
he had never hoard of tho woman he
i ' W WED
rhrfrI?>--fon. W Ya., April C4 ?? The
fate cf the Injunction preventing or
ganizing activities in the New River
?and Kanawha coal fields will be de
cided In the federal district court here
next Saturday, announcement was
made today by Judge MeCliniic.
Decision was made In the case fob
I lowing the hearing of arguments b>
:operators and union counsel, the lat
,ter having Risked for a dismissal of
I the bill granting the temporary tn
'junctniu. The Injunction will con
tinue to be efft'fTctlve until next Sat
urday, however. Judge McCilntie said,
j In arguing the case for tlio I'nited
Mine Workers, Henry Warruin of In
1 dianapoMs contended that the tempo
rary injuction should be dismissed;
lu that the federal court was wit hour
. proper jurisdiction, lie held that the
I matter was one lor the state courts
!to deal with exclusively.
Conspiracy Alleged.
Mr. Warruin charged that, the oper
ators' attorneys based their claim for
!Jurisdiction in the federal court on
i the allegation that the Uuitcd Mine
'Workers conspired in 1S9S to violate
the anti trust law. ami that the al
Ieged conspiracy had continued until
tlm present time. He stated, how
I c\er, that the main complaint ill the
operators' bill was against shooting
from the hills and other alleged vio
lent acts. The^e. he said, if thev did
occur, shoii'd r>e puni.-hed, but lit the
state courts and not the federal.
S. B. Avis, representing the operat
ions of the New River district, in pro
' renting an affidavit of T L. Lewis,
!secretary of the N'ev- River Coal
iOperators' .association, contended that
,a conspiracy had existed and did ex
ist. Mr. Lewis formerly was a presi
dent of ihn United Mine Worker, ot
i America
The Lewis Affidavit.
fn the affidavit. Lewis reviewed his
.connection with the union, and stated
(that in lfih? the United Mine Workers
; called an isolated strike in West Vir
' ginia to aid a walkout of the anthra
cite miners of Pennsylvania. This was
done, according .to the affidavit, to
curtail and restrict the production
land shipment of West Virginia coal
?into the eastern and New Lngland
The purpose of the Lewis affidavit,
apparently, was to show that the
No matfrr what ynu m'.l yo"~ stoma'h
trouble. dyspepsia, indigestion. gastritis,
sourness or just plain misery or distress,
It. Orth's St'unarh It-medy is punrar
teert to euro you qulcUIj and hrlng relief
, Instantly or nothing to pay. c. II Oriewt
.t Co. Mi'A;.:?ter's Itiik Co.. Hore-ilav is
,1'nitr Co.. ait?l a'.l poo<| tlnik'pists ^an
supply j on. Krnicinber the natne
! ^
I FREE-50c Can
You know Johnson's Floor Wax?it's used by
housewives everywhere. Wc want you to knew
our Floor Varnish, too. Our Varnish is jus',
as good as our Wax?to prove this statement
we offer you a 50c can Absolutely Free. Take
the coupon below to one of the firms listed and
get a half-pint of Johnson's* Floor Varnish
FREE, or use the coupon as a 50c credit on i
larger can of Johnson's Floor Varnish.
JOHNSON S FLOOK VAKlNlSJti gives a oeautnui, nign iusire wmuu wui uufc uuip, busvn, i
mar, blister or scratch white. It is easy to apply, very elastic and has good body. Dries
dust-free in two hours and hard over night. Is absolutely water-proof and will stand all
reasonable tests. !
JOHNSON'S FLOOR VARNISH i. unexcelled for use on soft and hard wood floors, lino
leum, oil cloth, furniture, woodwork and trim of all kinds. It is very pale in color, so can be
used on the lightest floors and linoleum. Johnson's Floor Varnish will rejuvenate the . ?
whole interior of your home. ,
Sold and Recommended by i
H1orciPalntuSe*r*' Showert Hartfwara C?.
19 Eleventh St. MARTINS FERRY- j
Stone &. Thomas The Scott Lumber Co.
W. A. Wilson &. Son*, MOUNDSVILLE? |
1 1409 Main St. Jones Brother*
Distributor?W. A. WILSON & SON* Wheeling
If your own dealer is not included In the above list, he can easily
secure ? half pint of Johnson's Floor Varnish for you. "
Mr. Dealer:? .
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Floor Varnish.
BY AN APULT. Pr?? -sns flvsn only to ADULTE?oat la ? f sanity. ! M
union had disregarded contracts that
v.<\e jn effect in the international
competitive field during the time that
lie was a lender of the organization. ,
\\ is jin-enteii one hundred and ?
fifty affi davit* setting forth alleged i
'threats of violence and foul epithets
! said to have iioen made and carried
out hy union men in the New River
! district They were similar to the
ore- imndred and thirty-four affidavits '
filed in the Winding Gulf ease a ytfar
ago. 1
The Operators. ;
! t'oal operators represented today
wore the McKell and allied interests
of Raleigh and Fayette counties. New J
Hivor district; New River operators,
and elev? u companies in the Kana
wha fields who recently obtained
I temporary injunctions in the federal
courts onjoinlng the union from fur*
jther efforts at organizing.
The rrrst injunction granted was
'obtained by tlie Borderland Coal cor*
Iporation of Mingo county, April 17.
It was modified by Judge Knapp of
;the foderal cirenit eourt of appeals of
the Fourth district at Washington. In |
a stipersedas, Jpdge Knapp suspended
in part the McClintlc injunction or* !
' define the dissolvance of the Mingoi
tent colony. Colonies are maintained 1
by the mine workers' union for those'
who struck in Mingp in 1!>20 to obtain j
recognition of the union in the south*i
ern coal fields.
The case of the Winding Gulf coal j
'operators who obtained an injunction!
last week for the same purpose was j
'continued ifurll April 27, following j
preliminary hearing last Monday. |
IClwanls Club to Hare Animal Xyent |
Tor Clv^l War Veterana at
Wxl.tixe Thursday
I Tb? entertainment of the members of j
the Holiday Post No. 12 Wheeling O. A '
; II. will bo hold or the rocul.tr weekly)
; rveetinc the Kiwnnlj club .it the Mc-j
Lure Hotel. I'r. Itussol M. Oonwe'.l the
not????I lecturer am) himself a veteran of
the Civil War will aaoress ir.s aimuf.
The dale of the entertainment wai
set forward one week in order that the
rets might near Pr. itussell ConweU.
The Kiwantans and the veterans will
meet a* th~ corner of Twelfth and Chat- ? -
line at and from there wLll go to
the McLure.
May belle (coquetlshly) ? Too tickle
r.e. Ituke.
The Puke?My word, what a striate ,<?
eyest. ? "
Wall Paper f
Specials for the Week
$1.25 Wall Paper at, roll.68<>
.65 Wall Paper at, roll.49<?
.50 Wall Paper at, roll.39<*
.40 Wall Paper at, roll.32f>
.35 Wall Paper at, roll. 24^
.25 Wall Paper at, roll. 18^ a
.20 Wall Paper at, roll. 14^ 1
.15 Wall Paper at. roll. 10^
Paper Dept. 2nd Floor
Wall Paper and Paint
i Buy your Faint here, where quaf. j
Jty reigns, at greater savings, and
you get satisfaction?also right
prices. j
Complete Faint Department af- j
fords everything in Paints, :
Brushes, Enamels, Stencils,
Bronzes. Stovo Enamel, Window t
Shade Paint, Glass. Shellac, Slain*,
Turpentine, Varnish.
D. C. Kurner
1518 Market Street
V 1
j WARNING! Say "Bayer" when you buy Aspirin. '
| Unless you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you are
I not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians
j over 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Headache Colds Rheumatism
Toothache Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain "fd
| Accept only "Bayer" package which contains proper directions;
i Handy "Bayer" hoiea of 12 tablet*?Alao bottles of 24 and 100?bmggiffek
Aivlrtn U ihe trade mark of B?yrr Maaufacturo of Mcooa<*LIeaeLlMt#r of Saller'.lemeld

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