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mbm1b w15ti city to kami
orncxjts a iro pay thxm,
imttoam to * iip ay city
0? imllinea Ktmi ud Mnjo r Thomr
>*U? Oblection?Matter Xeferred
tor Investigation
When the question of the city ap
proving the bonds of special police
men appointed b> private individuals
or" Industrial concernb was brought up
la*t night In city council. Mayor Thomas
V. THoner and Councilman Albert I..
Kress took exception to the procedure
end on motion of Kress the city manag
er and city solicitor nw> appointed
to look up an ordinance passed sever
al. years ago governing the appoint
ment of special police.
Recently Feter Erack, John Rodtvich,
t'Otts and Frank Winder v ere ap
pointed special police Tlie appolnt
' ments were mads on suggestion of the
Fenneyivanla railroad company. An
agreement was made between the city
./manager and railroad authorities where
by the men would be employed by
city and on the city's payroll and
the ra/lroad company would eompen
eate the city for the amount pet 1 the
When the bond* of the four men were
read last night, each giving bond for
Mayor Thoner usked tbo cltv man
ner If this was pot placing the city
responsible If anything occured and
fheee railroad policemen took part. He
stated that heretofore the rlty only
swore these men In as special police
*n<J the eoncern making the reguest paid
them directly and htaf a deposit of $5
was made for furnishing a badge.
Ordinance Effective.
Councilman Kress stated that he h?
lleved Mayor Thoner was rght In hts
rontentlon and that there was an ordin
ance governing the appotntment of spe
cial police.
City Manager Dowler stated that It
was a matter of Indifference whether
the city paid the special police and the
_ a..I .
railroad com pary paid the city or ?
whether the railroad company paid the
; men direct.
? i'lty Solicitor Cart ?> S-hmld! stated
that the city manager and chief of
police. under the charter, had the right
to swear in special police when needed
City's Interest.
Roth Mayor Thonor and Councilman
j Kress stated that Jhey were not object
I Ing to the appointment of special police
! but were looking at It from the clty'B
} Interest and protection.
I Councilman Harry S Cunningham 1
I stated that the ordinance spoke of
j private watchmen and not special po
! Herman and .--tated there was a differ
i en<-e. fie said he believed a special po
| llccman could go any nlace and make !
,j an arrest w hlie a prlvnte watchmnn
I could not go off of the particular enm
: panles property. He said he believed
i If the-, were on the cliv payroll they
; would have jurisdiction throughout ild
dtv ard If they were not. their Juris,
diction would be limited
Omaha. Neb.. July i?-_,ny The As
sociated prtss.l ? R . 1"! Rowel!. of j
Omaha. Republican national committee
man from Nebraska, who made his cam- i
palgn or a progressive poltev platform ]
j xvas leading congressman Jefferies of I
| Omaha w hen forty-seven of the state's
t.lM.'t precln.-is had reported a' fen I
o'clo<-k toolrht. Powell's vo;e was i t;.I '
.Tefferles ?5"V The same precincts cave
Vtforney ilpiorn! Travis TP": t' }l fins-j
tafson. Alt: C-nnk .Tohn. o' r.r?--d !?-,
land ??? nn-1 John P. Reiser. >>f I'm.ih.i '
These return* came from ?! out nf '
th?* state's OA counties Tn the t* S.
Senatorial race for Pemoeratic rtotnin- -
atlop Senator Hitchcock had more than ?
a ? *o t lend over his closest oppon-J
? eat. J O. Shrover of Humboldt.
! James Prow . of Moundsvllle. was
a-rested las: night by Rolleeman Rurke
on a charge of driving an automobile
i while intoxicated H. P. Hunter, of
Pittsburgh, w-as arrested by Motorcycle
i Policeman Pastors on a charge of
speeding. Roth will he arraigned In ,
! poli> e court this morning.
At <*harlotte Maters. Australia, 'he !
I rainfall average* only three and one- |
. half inches a year
Stores, Banks and Other Place# of Busi
ness to Cloee Between Hours of
Two and Tour.
WeMsburg. July IS. ? i Special )?'
Mayor George Kraft tonight issued m |
I roclamatlnn railing upon the bu: in,
houses an citizens of W'eilshurg to sir;
pond all work Thursday afternoon he-'
tween 2 and 1 o'clock. during which the
| funeral Cor ihe late Sheriff H. H. l'a- j
j \al will be hold.
] Fui. arrangements for the funeral
| ?ervlces were not complete tonight o'h-1
1 <r than th?v would !>?? held from tho
| r>uval ho'uesie.ul mi I'lensam avenue at
I 2 o'clock Thursday Who will offl-[
[elate was not announced It was said (
members of the city and coyntj of-!
I ftces trill bo tho pal! bearers
Notice Given Yesterday Goal Coropanjs
Will Ask Federal Injunction
Against United Mine Workers.
__ I
Federal Judge W K Faker trill be
asked today to grant an Injunction
against the I'nited M.ne Workers as an
organisation Its officers and numerous
Individuals. Including all those arrest
ed :ri connection withe fatal clash be
tween strikers and mine guards at the I
Saledka mine of the Ktchlanrt Goal com
pany at Cliftonvillc last Monday.
Tostcrday Deputy Sheriff Albert Ola
tor served all "f the 3*1 prisoners In the
county jail and two wounded men at the
< >hlo Valley General hospital, notices;
that the Richland f'oal company,
through Attorney John P. Arbenz. would 1
make application for the restraining or- ;
der today at 1" o'clock at J^Ik!n>?
The order to be sought is of the i
widest character and would restrain
till those named. Including national. ;
state and local miners' officials, as well
as various other individual membcr-i
of the organisation in addition to the
prisoners, from interfering iti any w?,v
with the operation "f the v'lifton.
Standard and Richland mines of ihe >
company; from molesting in any way I
the men employed there or to be em- j
ployed there in the future, every man 1
arrested as a result of the light inves
tigation. just us thev are iah?n in
R. L. Ramsey, former Prosecuting '
Attorney, for the past two days has
been lending his aid to the Prosecut
ing Attorney of Brooke count) on ac- J
count of the recent labor warfare in ;
Brooke county. .Mr. Ramsey assists ?
r.he prosecuting .attorney in the trial
of all criminal cases and has been
rendering all the service be can to '
the state in an effprt to apprehend
all the parties connected wvtth the si ;
cantic conspiracy In which the sheriff j
lost his life. Mr. Ramsey in speaking ;
of the case yesterday said. "This is !
one of the most terrible crimes that j
ever occurred in Brooke county, and
was a direct attack against the lawj
and constituted authority of our land |
This black mark must bo removed
fi'om the fair name of Brooke county !
and the State of West Virginia, if it '
takes every man aud every dollar to ;
do it.' Every man connected with this
horriblo crime In any way must be
apprehended and br vjght to trial and
punished The State of Pennsylvania
must also aid in this matter as It ap
pears from the facts so far ascertain
ed that this ciime was nursed and .
hatched within her borders."
Early this morning Sheriff Harr.v T. ;
'?"louse, accompanied by Deputies T'a\e
Cleary. Phtt Ba> hman and Honey Ver- !
million left for Wellsburg where they ?
will hrVig the rest of 'he prisoners j
arrested in connection w ith the Clifton- I
vllle mine trouble Monday morning-. !
The prisoners which will be brought In 1
today will increase the total now- at the I
jail a? last night the local officials
hud 36 In custody.
Merchandise Fairs
Threaten "Drummers" i
New York. July 13. The American
'"Drummer" !e doomed soon t<> become
as extinct as the Dodo o^ the Bustle.
Louts E. I'lrson, president of the Mer- (
chant's association, predicted today in |
announcing plans for the national mer
chandise ialr to open In N< w York,
August 7. buch fairs, patterned after
the European system wiU permit mer
chants periodically to view and compare
the goods of compeltlors. thus elimin
ating th? need for drummers" or trav
eling salesmen, said Mr Hlrson.
The national fnlr will mark a tryout .
of tto* ?'direct selling'' plan in America \
Merchants throughout the country will
await the result of the experiment with i
a view of bringing merchandise fairs
Lnto widespread use. it was said.
The I,i?.ii? will held their reguUr
weekly luncheon today at noon at the
M l.ure. I'ub Hradshaw. well known lo
val attorney, will l>e In charge of the
good fellow ship program, which. It Is
declared, will be something aboul a Bil
ly gnat. Just what It will be, is not
knowii-but-be there and see. This eve
ning. the Lions will go to the camp
of the Buy Scouts in response to an j
Invitation. A pleasant time Is antici
pated and brief addrestc.i will be made
by several members. j
A O Anderson, director of play
grounds. announced that motion pic
tures for colored people will be 'shown
?t the Lincoln playgrounds this even
?.n*. at v:30 o'clock Educational reels
nnd comedies will be featured and the
screen will be located back of th? Lin
i coin schooL
District 17 President Canntlc In Com- i
Mint on President'!) Action
In Strike
Charleston. W'. \ h. July 1* ?"If na
tion, i! guardsmen ?re in l>* u>ed as a
strike breaking ancn- v they en a accom
plish their purpose oti.y t-y discarding
their uniforms ami < 11>;k 1'>K ?"
l''r.ink Keency. president of lusirlct
I lined Mine Workers of Ann ilea. sm?1
today In commenting on the reported ac
tion t-f President Harding In the coal
< o?\ ernor Morgan preferred t-> wait
until he had received the tele.grani the
; resident way sa il to be sending, before
making any statement as to what action
Mould be taken l?y the state officials
' l? th;s meuns that the national guard
;? t-> be used as a strike I,leaking agency
In compel miners to strike for a living
wage to s ibnilt to tlie whims of the em
ployers whose announced p -lb-y is to
destroy the miners' union. I ant con
strained t" believe that. I'wf.-re ilo-y are
able t<> ac -oniplish that, they wdl .have
to discard their uniforms at d d>-n pit
clothes ami dig coal themselves Thts
I t'eel they'll be very reluctant about
"The mine workers' representatives
were compelled withhold their accep
tance of the president's proposal for
settlement of the coal strike that, in
our judgement, had for its purpose that
the International union should abandon
;<? Via,! of its m/?ntocir.hip. having them
at the m< ;\ v ,,f those operators whoso
utiuo'iiw ed purpose is to destroy the
"The nutters r?* t|i s ? nr? t v form a
group of indlspciisii'le wage earners on
whom all society depends Thousands
of them b>.?e their lives yearly In rend
ering service to society Therefore, they
fed that tlicy should have recognition
of their .iuut claims, which their rep
resentatlves arc not afraid to present
before the public ,,r this country If
given the opportunity And the miners
feci. hoo. that the consuming public is
willing to pay a price for coal that
would 'liable their employers to pay
thotn wage-" that would keep live r fami
lies in reasonable comfort.
"This ihoing til- It belief they fed that
the public will not look upon i.h* re
ported policy of the government w.th
favor. They cannot believe that the
president of tho I'niterl Stales will put
into effect a policy that would crush
out the hopes and aspirai ions of fifteen
million people "
Now That City Own* Street Care, It
Find* Competition Unendurable
"! 'firm! July 1K. ? ^Special * ? Ttefore
a< quiring the street railwav system, the
local city government encouraged Jit
neys. hut r.ow that the city oeni the
car lines, it has discovered that Jitney
competition must he eliminated
.Jitney bus transportation will dis
continued October 1. to Allow jitney
owners time to liquidate their invest
ments. The Jitneys are carrying about
tO.non persons at 10 cents en>!:
Out to the encouragement jiittev driv
ers received, while a private coinpanv
owned the st'eet rnr system more than
jpfi.fioo !n automobile paper |> mm out
standing on Jitnevs. according to .oun
sel for the drivers."
Cornell Last Night Rofnaed to Reduce
License* Required of Tlxeatro
? My council last night adopted the
recommendation of a committee com
posed of Councilman Wilbur <1 Mc
i IreR ir. C Morgan Vester and A. K. I T
rich not to allow any reduction :n the
licenses of theatre owners In the city
at this time
Se.\ era! weeks ago n communication
signed by all theatre managers was sent
t'? oouncil requesting that body to give
them some relief in the excesslva
amount of licenses charged by the c!t>.
The nihov? committee was apointed to
Investigate I.ast night the committee
recommended that no relief be given at
this time and that the licenses were
not too h;gh Council adopted the rcvom
mrndatmn of the committee.
Huntington. July IS.?J Harry Hum
phreys. who has served five terms of
national president of the tSldeons, will
not be a candidate for re-election at
the organisation's national convention
which opens Thursday in Atlanta. (Ta
be paid today before leaving here for
th'e <onventlon < Ity
To haul material to the new Nebraska
eapttol an electric line is being built
through the city of Lincoln to the eap
ttol grounds.
Sheriff Luellen of Wash ington
! and Pennsylvania Troopers
Called Out.
I At 2:20 o'clock tlila morning Sheriff
| Mir<.) Luellon. of Weshlngton county,
j Ba , Informed the Intelligencer that
j <\erythlng was tjulet In western Penn
| sylvanla as far as he Knew, despite a
j number of rumors received at the of
fices of the sheriff and the state po
I lice
I The Washington county authorities,
| accompanied I v stale troops said tn
j cumber 17, the district attorney and a
i number of deputies were busy ail nigh'
'list nigh, chasing down any rumors
i that mlgh be received.
j About 8 o'clock, the sheriff's office
received a call that from 200 to 500"
? miners were forming at Cokeburg June
j tlon, a little town on a spur line of
' *he Baltimore A Ohio railroad for a
march on Wilson mine No. I. A long
' dlrtawe telephone ch'I to the mine re
J coaled the fact that there had been
i some firing In the vicinity, but on! V
i about 1'? shots were fired and none
j had hit the property < f the company,
t officers rushed t the scene, but
everything was unlet and about an hour
later .t call wis received that a inarch
was on toward Idncoln hill, between
Washington and West Alexander. The
' officials made a cross country run. and
? it was at the l.'nmln hill mine that
I Sheriff I.tiellrn was located at 2.30 this
j morning.
Fears that the calls were used as
ruses to get the officials away from
certain points was expressed hut Sher
I iff I.uelleri declared every section of
j the county well guarded and little or no
j trouble was expected during the night
Sheriff HazJett Said to Have Been Re
quested to Provide SpedaJ Onardji
About Vicinity.
i That 'he mine situation In Marshall
county U regarded as tn-'s: grave was
? evidenced last night when it was learned
that a number of operators In the coun
ty have asked Sheriff John lTazletf to
appoint special guards fop protecting
II he properties
Mthough there was no offlc'al an
nonnr?men'. of any Appointments. 1*
was said the sheriff's staff of deputies
;has been increased by several men but
jit was most emphatically stated none of
jthe deputies were on guard at any par
ticular plant or mine, being ordered ;o
1 different places and kept moving as pre
Ipiutlnnary measures
; Volumn nine, number one and two of
I the Wheeling Steel corporation's pub
lication "Safety Hints" was released to
I the reader^ throughout the city yes
terday "fhe book contains some highly
Interesting reading matter or safetv as
w?|| ac; some very witty jokes all of
which goes to make the book a success
|n this community.
Prominent Local Actress Unable To
Accepf Because of Contract
With Sam Harris For
Winter Season
Announcement w;i_s made !n this
city last night that Miss Miillceut j
i Hartley had been offered a five week's j
(ngageruent in Europe by European 1
managers but had refusd the offer !
owing to the fact that she is to fill an
I engagement with Sam Harris next <
season in his latest release.'Tt's a.
Hoy." This announcement will bo i
welcomed by .Miss Hanley's friends
? in this city who will no doubt avail !
j themselves of the opportunity to see
jher in her new role.
Martins Terry Woman Still Missing,
Last Evening, With No Trace
Yet Found.
1 I'p to a late hour last evening no trace j
?had been found of Mrs. Julia Popp, 10. j
!and lier sister-ln-la w. Miss Jsah*ile
]Popp. IS. wife and sister of David I'opp
I of No. 1400 7.ar.e street. Martins Kerry, i
who have ibeen missing ^rom their home j
since last Sunday morning, when they
|left with the stated intention of going!
?berry picking
j There was no statement forthcoming
'from the Martin* Kerry authorities,
lother than it was believed that l'i#
[missing women are not 1n the city and
[that the oase is one fo- the sheriff's
| It was intimated, howoter. that the
Iwnmen are known to be stil! in the
Irount). and they are not being detained
against their wishes. ,
.. j
Morgantown's $760,000 Issue Lacks
Torty Votes of Carrying
I Morgantown, W. Va July 18.--The !
j special election held here today result-!
ed in defeat for the bond issue. |
'The sole was 2.16S in favor of the pro
i ja t, with 1.519 against. A three-fifths
] majority was required. leaving the bill \
| forty four votes short The bond issue
i to i over sewer improvement snd the
I ? ost of a new municipal halt The vot
i ing was the most spirited in Morgan
j tow n's history.
This same proposal presented at a
special election last June, was carried
I by S-T> of one vote \? this margin
I was too small for *afen a peJttlon was
presented city cotin< il asking for a re
| submission of the question.
The Krfversit\ of S< Andrews Soot
| Isr.d. wa* founded ;r 141" and ti e golf
course thepe is mil the M'ca of
I golfers. - i
! : :
According; to reports Issued by the
Pittsburgh offices of the Baltimore and
Ohio railroad yesterday, through mail
trains Woe. 71 and 72 operating be
tween Kenova, Huntingtoq. Gallopolls
Kerry, Parkersburg and Wheeling. con
necting at Wheeling with trains to and
from Pittsburgh were annuled yester
day. Train No. 71 formerly -left
W heeling at 6:15, arriving at Kehova at
5.05. No. 72 left Kenova at 11:10, a. n,
arriving at Wheeling at 7:20 p. m.
C. K. Gorsuch, division superintendent
of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad
stated last evening that while he had
heard of no such action on the part of
the Pittsburgh office, he understood
that these two trains were to be dis
Postmaster W. W. Irwin said last
evening that he had received no official
word of the discontinuance of the rrvall
trains. It Is understood that the dis
continuance will begin today.
four drunks and, two fighters wers,
fined-in police-court yesterday by Judge
John S- Bit*. The 'wo fighters were
George Wilson and Tom Nixon. They
were fined >S and costs. Lula McCulla
and Audy Zorch were fined fl and
rests for being drunk and James Chat
tan and John Ksves were also fined $1
and costs on drunk charges.
Kdwin < a.?hdollar and William Mit
chell, arrested for speeding, were.both
fined $2" and costs earh by Police
Jud^e. J.ohn S. Bit* yesterday.
WIN $500 PRDLE .
riedmont. W Ya.. July 1J.?Thirty
one memebers of Piedmont Company No.
to, Cniform Bank. Knights of Pythias',
took- part* in the competitive drill of
<iass B. companies at Camp Septt; Pl
bert. Schenlry, Park, Plttsgurgh, at-the
biennial national epcampment and- wotv
second prise, $500. The company had
hoped to enter '"lass A, hut * did not
have a sufficient number of men.
Sure Relief
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