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Noted Lecturer Before Woman's Club
Soar** Or*?d of Both Nations.
Pr George h'arle Kutguet. noted trn\ ? 1
eller ami lecturer. w.?s the speaker be
fore the Wwnmns' Flub of Wheeling JM
the Kiks Flub auditorium yesterday
afternoon He ??petted lit-, iwhlrcss wit;:
an extension of congratulations tor t!:e
wonderful work that the women of
America arc doing.
He dit>cu*>o.{ the political relation"
of France and ilrvat Itrua'ti He de
? lared that the old imperialistic tdta
that the war had supposedly destroyed
narrow-minded vision ot' statesmen an-1
diplomats: that the French and Hrltish
empires displayed this attitude in their
gteed for foreign ae-iulsition and domi
nance: that even Ameriea in her su
preme control of th.- oil industry was
unconsciously imperialistic.
lie told vividly of his experiences in
I'hina. Japan, Forea and Siberia, dwell
ing at length upon the Japanese domi
nance In the Orient. He cited the fact
?hat t'hina realised her inability t?
cope with, Japanese. Knglish and French
warfare Hnd had gained the knowledge
that education could he her only sal
tation. and that this is w here America
Is lending her aid to t'hina: she is giv
ing her education and ideals, and t'hina .
Is grateful to America
Youth the Same.
Or. Raiguel spoke of the youth of to- |
day that all the world Is wondering |
about He declared that ii ts no differ
ent from th>? youth of yesterday: that [
all \otith is unconsciously niofhl. but j
nnis: tie guided by the wisdom of elders, t
And. finally, that the young people <>( |
to.day do not feel the proper respect .
for their elders because they are not |
dispensing their obligations, lie iheti I
compared America win these young peo
ple. *\merica is young, and all the world j
Is watching her.
1?e. Katgucl concluded by declaring .
that he was afraid for the Allied powers j
because they were the victors, and-that |
victory is ft trust. He slated thsit A:n?T
I Um h.td 'I'e imatest t< sponslhillt .* be
eause v!m had ii"t been railed upon to
i s:u rifio as lunch as tin others--thai
her streiiKth hail hern saved fur these (
, du> -> of :? ??unstru? i 11 it after the war.
M.s I'iuSitit; sett teller was that A ir erica ;
vveulil not fail to keep tins trust.
After the public openinjr of the Wash
button C? staur.int. II-!' Market street,
the plaee will he opened this ntorrilns
for business.
,\1 lisle was furnisheil hy the popular
Wheeling orchestra last evenitiK ?nl
r.>?es were distributed to the truests. ?
Kver.v effort has been made to make
this restaurant one of refinement nn<t
distinction. The walls have been en-j
eased lialf-way with mahogany wood
work with imlividtial table lamps.
The decorating work was done by ,1.
J. Mab'nev & tV?. of this city. Tito up-;
per part of the walls have been attrac
tively decorated w ith an artists skill j
atni in a refined manner.
1 funeral scr\ iocs for AI her P. Naples.'
133 years old. section foreman of the;
t'ennsyIrani;* system, who was killed;
I when Fiit hy a train yesterday morning \
I near Fifth street, will be held Monday '
| morning at tn o'clock at his late resi-1
denoo. No. t!>>; Alley 15. Requiem high |
mass will celebrated at the St. Jo- ?
| soph's cathedral. Rnrla! in Alt. Calvary]
| cemetery.
An inquest will he conducted today by !
i Coroner R. >1 Ilobbs.
Anthony N'aples. a brother, was the;
\ only witness to the accident. Naples'
( bad stepped from a tool shed on the,
I river bank close to the railroad tracks
land the express train whistled. He
i stepped on to the tracks and was
j grounded beneath the wheels of the
I train.
> Naples was born In Italy. He hnt
| grated to this country many years ago
' and was employed as a laborer by the:
| railroad Resides a widow, he is stir- |
1 vived hy three children and t*> broth-'
j era in this country.
I ?'
| Dr. Voronoff of Paris. says he has I
? perfected a scheme for transplanting
Jxital organs of a chimpanzee to a man.
-VJ I'J JJ I J> VJ A 1 J[ J JU * V.
alleged gambling i
house raided by i
police yesterday;
Proprietor and Ply? Other? Arretted.
Give Bond Por Appearance
Thle Morning.
T.aic yesterday afternoon a Mjuad of
lH>U?'e. composed of I'eleotlw.s West.
Humes h:kI Mtn-ry. Patrolman Gustor
ami Ambulance l>:-|\cr Kortls. raided an
tilieged gambling house ill fit") Market
l'cter Vnnakos was arrested as the
proprietor and eompelled to gi\e bund
of Jitin for a hearing in *polie. e-'urt
this norning others arreste I and lob}
on charges of gambling were Gu.s An gu
ilt?. John Cowats. Thco George. Nlok
liumbus and Nick Kdmur.s
_ _ |
London. Oct. 1" (By thr> Associat
ed Prvssi Curiosity and speculation
tonight revolved upon whether the
speech delivered today at Birmingham
by Austeu Chamberlain, govern men t
leader in the house of commons, may
be taken as an Indication of the line
the premier will assume in his address
tomorrow* at Manchester. The speech
revealed Mr. Chamberlain as stili a
convinced and devoted coalitionist,
and loyally attached to Premier Lloyd
Political circles consider that per-'
haps the most notable point in Mr.!
Chamberlain's speech was the plain
infimatiou to his party of the danger
of allowing a labor government*t|?
come into power, accompanied by tits'
dark shadow of direct action, a capi-i
tal levy and other similar planks in
the labor platform.
The Laborites.
Ills allusion to the laborites Is re-'
garded as susceptible of being inter
preted in two ways; first, as the line
of policy for the coalition in the event j
of an appeal to the country, and sec
ond. as a hlut to Mr. Chamberlain's
own party, which Is declared to be
dangerously split into supporters and
antagonists of Mr. Lloyd George, anil
a warning to them to close their ranks ,
and still support the coalition.
Seemingly the general belief here Is 1
that the premier will not scire the
present occasion to afront the labor j
party. There still is enormous unem- j
ployement and a constant scaling down i
tn wages. The labor party attributes
the country's bad trade and Industry j
to Mr. Lloyd Oeorre's foreign policy, I
which tt is contended keeps Kurope In '
turmoil. The party advocates a policy j
of appeasement with both Germany i
and Russia.
Gains for X>aborites.
In the most recent by, elections, the '
labor party has had big majorities over !
the coalition candidates, which is taken i
to show that the labor Interest Is very ,
strong, especially in the northern in- j
dustrlal dlsticts.
On gsneral lines. Mr. Chamberlain's |
speech Is considered to have been the i
strongest possile plea for a continuance j
of the coalition In some form. !f not m i
ts eslsGng form.
His references to the labor party |
were promptly met by the labor lend '
era John R. Clynes In a speech ov
llvered at Reading tonight, said with J
regard to the address of thu govern
ment leader:
"Bolshevism was produced In Russia
by the suppression of nil popular lib
erty, nnd rebellion can be fermented
In this country by ministers seeking to I
cut the labor party outside the pale of
oonstitutlona lactlon."
Mr. Clynes complained that Mr. i
Chamberlain's strictures would deepen |
class antagonism andr ender "further
disservice to the throne and constitu
tional practice." He added that tne |
labor party "Is as constitutional a ,
political body as any other."
A meeting of the Ohio County Prmn-'
rrntic executive committee was he'd
last evening at which time I'hairnuin 1\
?T. McOtnley secured a list of Judges and
clerks to serve on the Democratic side
at the election to he held next month.
Chairman McOlnley was authorized
hy the commltteo to appear before the
hoard of county commissioners this
morning and request that the list, of
election officials selected hy them he
appointed to serve tit the election.
Last Thursday the board of county
commissioners, as required by law. ap
pointed election officials. At that time
only a partial list was submitted hy
both Republican and Democratic parties
Since then the Republicans filed a com
plete list. The Democrats will tile a
complete list today.
Columbia Vs. Moundsville ,
A "grid" raril of unprecedented worth'
In semi-pro circles will ho offered local
fans tomorrow aftornoon on tlio Tunnel
Green when the strong Moumlsville A.
C. will Invade Wheeling In an endeavorj
to take the measure of the apoedv ?"? ?1- ?
umhln club. The management of the
locals was. Indeed, very fortunate In '
securing a team of this calibre t>> open
the season nt hnnv, and unquestionably
fhe old "Green" will he the semie of
the largest flock that ever gathered
there to witness a pigskin attraction.
Moundsville Carries Noted Stars
The Moundrlvlle lads will Journey
to Wheeling with a number of highly
touted stars who promise to hrealc tu>i
everything the Red iind Black has' t ?
offer, and It Is seldom oval carriers 'if
this callhre are seen Itt the open Hell
Moore, open crack halfhark of Marietta'
college: Trutt. former Army player. ,
will prove an attraction In themselves.
Daugherty and Weekly. 1318 all-State
seolastlc tackles, will appear Iri the
visitors' lineup. Bromelow. formerly
of the Pacific coast all-Stars, who d. - .
feated some of the outstanding western
universities and colleges will give a
good account of himself at halfback.
Colnmblns Well rartifled.
The fact that Filch noted stars as:
mentioned above are carried on the
Moundsville roster, does not at all have j
a tendency to worry the ftnl and Itlack. i
and It Is prohletnallc.il whether the I
visitors will he ahle to penetrate the j
stonewall defense of the t'olumhias to'
advantage. The South Side aggregation j
too. will present a number of stars who,
promise to make things hot for th-> j
invaders. Paddy Intrant, speed demon j
at open ehl running. Is again In good i
shape. Love. 1318 all-State Fcholas'lo!
end. has cast his lot with the CV>|um?|
Mas. J. Pursnt. another crack end. j
Molly. I.ong and Welsh. 1321 nil-Valley!
ta'-kles from Hollaim. ?r?i In A-l shape
for tins encounter and expect ti glv??j
the down-river lads cou.sidernblc trouble j
X.axg'e / 1 Appreciative Audienco D?
llfc-.ced by Show at Hub Inist
The Hull repeat-d lis elaborate stjlu
S'ii> Main) I'n grant la.-t evening before
a largo aiiil appri?? i:?: i\?? audience.
V spacious section of llic I'tfih floor
'??f 111.- llub building provides ail ldeui
spot for 111o staging of Mils ufl'nlr.
At tlli* front, a miniature stage Is
'?reeled wlUi a quaint an dartlsliu sei
>?11* mikk'-siim' of the autiinni season
a it. I quito appropriate as a background
for a fall ist>! <_? display.
,!hu!H.i. colorful Sports wear: attrac
tive and serviceable childroiios coats;
?bl.' millinery: exquisite afternoon
<l".sses for elilldren: fall suits of pop
' ul.ir shades and muterlals w 1th soft.
I luxurious fur trimmings; tho finer
grades of winter coats of seal, shining
taffeta. a:ul of shimmering, Irredoseent
bead foundation; ail are included In a
most attractive ensemble.
<'lie episode Is entitled "School Hays"
! and It would be bard to Imagine any
thing more appealing than the proces
sion of adorable, tiny youngsters, dress
ed m dainty, chirked, spick and span
gingham, "all ready for school." who
take part.
The manikins all carry "crial numbers
lo correspond with th>- numbers on the
program which attest the price of each
article. This pro\c| quite an In terest
in ginno;ation as well as a convenient
.Miss Hannah Johnson sang during the
Tiigcant. The Misses Shelnberg contrib
uted a charming dance, while Mango's
orchestra rendered several popular se
leotlons during' t|ic continuance of the
A11 coiffures were done by Hose Cop
ham-l.auc and the Jewelry worn whs
fr-.m W. J I.ukens <'o. The style show
will by repeated this afternoon and eve
rormir Stroot Car Motorman lands
Place on local Folida
Roy nipKs. prominent motorman on
the City Railway Company linos, was
yesterday appointed an extra policeman
on the Wheeling police department by
Chief of police Kred Jt. Crazier.
Klggs is n resident of iho Hixth ward
For a number .?f years be was a. mill
worker. For the past nine years he
has been employed on the City Railway
Company line, operating a North and
South division car.
Miss Nesbitt Withdraws
From Popularity Contest
At last a girl has bocn found who does
not care to win a beauty or popularity |
The girl In question Is Miss Agnes ,
Xesldtt, of 2015 Eoff street. Miss Nes
bitt says she has not accepted the'
Knights of Columbus Popularity contes!
and has no Intentions of doing so.
Miss Ncshltt was listed In Friday's
edition of the Intelligencer as having
entered the contest. She declares she
has no desire of entering a beauty or
popularity contest even though alio has
.175 votes to her credit.
: WARM v.
Presbyterian Church.
"The Motto of the Pa ill 1st Fathers'' j
will he the sermon subject In the War- j
wood Presbyterian church, at 10:f.e a m. '
by the Rev. .T. A'.ex Prowti. At 7 :3ft p. j
m. the Rev. J*. A. Clark. 1>. P., of New j
York, will speak 0:1 "Christian Kduca-1
Hon." giving snrA interesting Informa-j
tlon relative to the rampa'gn for the
Presbyterian colleges In our state.
In the church bulletin of the War
wood Presbyterian church, the Rev. J.
Alex Hrown shows that the 57 Presby
terian colleges in this country have a j
realty value of 23.000.000. while their 1
total assets are worth 157.000.000. Last I
year, through a gift of $133.000 from |
Its Challenge Fund. the Presbyterian |
fleneral oBard of Education enabled 16 j
Presbyterian colleges to raise a total I
"?UUI I V L >V. TT-g
i 1
nr I7.1SI.OOO. in addition to this the
f'nnrd Is working In ?? 5 TTnlverslty cen
ters. The Rev. Mr. Brown's comment on i
ilioso figures Is thin?"If. as Webster
raid 'anything that makes men good
Christians, makes them wood citizens.'
then our Hoard of Education Is one of
Ihn leading patriotic agencies of the
lint Ion, In Its contribution to the bulld
1 'tp of sterling young American man- j
| hoorl and womanhood." ,
i The Charm School.
I VoUowlng Is the cast of characters In
! "The Shurtn t'chdol." a play to bo pre- |
| sxtitcd I nthe high Hchool auditorium on
Krblay evening, October 27. by the High I
i S' hool liramntle Club. The play is be
Ong directed by Miss Dorothy Crane.
Cr.st of Characters.
Austin Retails Harold Meyn
Ait aiiivinobile salesman, with Ideas
David McKcnzle Rernarrt O'Brien
An czpert accountant. Is willing to co
I operate as are also
'Jim Simpklns Kermlt Robinson
Tim Simpklns Edward Mayers
Who toil not and have never seriously
considered spinning.
Homer John Robert Overly
Who Is guardian of
Elsie Jtencdottl. . ..\llss Darnel Rrookes
iTetddent of the Senior class at the
school, presided over .by
Miss Eleanor Hays. Miss Elizabeth
Who is l?ved and feared by all who
; know .her. and
Miss Throdosia Curtis. . Miss Kiithe. ae
Who Is always trying to think the best
? of the Senior class consisting of
Sally Hoyd Miss Elsie McJIenry
j George's sister
Muriel Miss Marie Davis
Alice Mitts Mary llelzler
Lillian Miss Kathryn Brond
Lthel Miss Louise Holmes
Charlotte Miss Mildred Bauman
Ltotsic Miss Irene Holmes
Theatre Party.
Miss Vera Stevens will entertain a
number of friends this afternoon with a,
theatre party In honor of Miss Helen
Uu Boise of Cleveland. O.. who is vis
iting friends here. After enjoying the
performance at the Virginia the guests
will enjoy a six o'clock dinner at the
Stevens' home on Hess avenue. Among;
those who will attend are: Misses Helen I
Du Boise. Jessie Stevens. Clara I'nrtar.
j (Catherine AndersorV; Mary Tracey, Betty ,
Watson and Virginia Collins.
Barn Dance.
A number of the younger set will en- I
joy a barn dance this evening at Mil
ler s barn on Short creek. A largo trunk
will convey the merry party to the barn
where dancing will be enjoyed until a
late hour when refreshments will be
Busy Bee Circle.
| The members of the Busy Bee Circle
| met last evening at the home of Mrs.
Harold Kress on Warwood avenue.
Xoedlework was the pleasant pastime
until it reasonable hour when dainty
refreshments will be served.
Honors Quest.
Miss Klizahcth Hartley enteHained a
number of friends at her home on High
land avenue last evening In honor of
her sister. Mrs. lien. Tappy, Jr . of Pitts
burgh. who is visiting her. Five-hun
dred was the pleasant diversion until
a late .hour when a tempting luncheon
was served to Mesdames Ceo. Tappy. Jr..
Louis Orovcr, t'arl Kovnn, James Wtl
? n. iii. mHzr:
?on. O. l>. Hartley and Misses Ruth * .
Roggs, Stella Humes. Gertrude Tappy. 4
Mary Grieg, Anna Minor and Elizabeth
Hartley. *
Hallovt'ta Party.
The members of the V. M. C. A. glrla
club of the high school will give a mas
querade Hallowe'en party In the gym
Monday evening October 30. Gaines and
dancing will be the pastimes until a lata
hour when refreshments such as cider,
pumpkin pie, apples and other good
things will be served.
Personals. ,
Mrs. Henry Berger has been quits j
ill at her home on Nineteenth street for i.
several days.
Mr .and rMs. Samuel Walker of Mt.
rieasant are the guests of relatives on
?'herry Hill.
James Barlow will return to his home
In '"larington today after visiting rela
tives here.
Miss Margaret Woods, of Welrton, is
the guest of relatives here.
Miss Dorothy Crane Is visiting friends '
and relatives in Pittsburgh.
Charles Smith Is on a several days
business trop to Clarksburg.
H. L. Rowers .of Detroit, la visiting
friends and relatives here.
Mr. ^nd Mrs. Fred Stillwell will leave
today for Pittsburgh to visit relatives.
Miss Marie Meyn will return home to
morrow after spending the week with
relatives In Moundsville. /
Quite a number of local people will
attend the Carnegie Tech and W. & J.
football game at Washington, Pa., to
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hannon o' "
Wondsfjidd are the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. R. J. Kennry of South Warwood.
Mr. and rMs. Thomas Fent, of Wash- *
ington. I'a., are visiting Mr. and Mrs.
I J. K I>nt of Warwood a'venus.
' SSi5
a ?*?? '?"?*? 1or *"?*** i
All Snug? j
Indoor days
are coming.
Indoor days are bright
er when all indoors is
bright. A touch of ena
mel on stoves and fire
fronts, aluminum paint
on radiators, and the
many little dull spots j
around the house j
touched up with paint
or varnish make indoors j
??heerfully inviting, tret j
ready for the indoor j
months now. j
Paint & Glass Co.
1068 Market St.
H i
? |
?ki mfill ml IflTlMlrsTlPB
' Why Not Baok With Us?
The Security tnit company very rarsly loses ea
account, oaee it fete It.
People who benk her*, business msn end Individuals,
like Its service. Its swift accurecy, its verted depert
ments. Its soaad advice, given only when sought end
Its line strength.
The Security Trust compeny has been e suocess froan
the dey it first opened Its door*. Zt hes grown even
fester then Wheeling.
* cm will like The Security Trust company'. A month's
trial will convince you that It la e nectusl pert of
your own business.
s The Security Trust Co.
"The Beak of Home Atmosphere"
1148 Market St.
Member of Federal Reserve Bank
/ ? ?j
Ask About [ANDES-SINGER A?k About
Our Individ- 1 our Indivld
?? " 1 ?1 SJorv*i. -inc. ? ?11?? 4
Charts Sys- v Chart* Sy?
Special! The Newest Skirts
I n tro.lueine .
many n,w mt .tlF.UU
tf rials t?? !>?? ~ ?
w o r n with "?""""""
Sweaters or th?- .
new Overblousc All Sizes ^
Colorful new stripes and
figures ? with embroidered
effects, silver thread prun
ellas and checks in all color
combinations. Knife Side.
Box Plaited and Tailored
Does flour
vary in
price ?
The answer to above question will
appear in this space tomorrow.
Yesterday's Question: Can flour be really
tested ?
The Answer: Yes ? The hundreds of thou- ;
v sands of barrels used in Bond Bread I
are all subjected to four real tests so as '
to insure that every pound is worthy
of its use in Bond Bread. !
Bond Bread
47th ANNOUNCING 47^]|
47? I
TOn\V (Saturday) is tlin beginning of our 47th Anniversary Sale. This
Sale is looked forward to by the Thrifty buyers of Wheeling and surrounding tern
tory as 1 Ik; Greatest Clothes Value Crivijipr Sale of the year.
See the 20 Beautiful Gifts we are going to give away during this Sale besides Cash
Gifts to All
We are Featuring the New Hollywood Overcoat and at Special II
Price During This Our III
47! 1142 Main St. 147?

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