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Police and Fire Departments Here
Go Under Civil Service Regulations
Action Will Be Taken Within
Month?Rules Before
Ordinance Read by Title at
Meeting and Held Over
For Week,
<*>f V i. ?? '< j.o; * *rti1
' r?> depart "itf; ??? v l>.? working un l<*r
? ivll service r^sr: ?>!;? w thin, f.ie
text TrofjSli. the <*r. ' 'crvto# ivmrn -
11 sorer having sub;."..*ted .1 s< t ? f rules
j an.I regulationv u> e<ty r ? 1 i:.<"? J last
! < v. itittg lie ordinal ?? 1 mug rules
I ?? d regulations ?.i? read o> title an J
j hriil over for one werlu
Tho main st tlons .-t t-h? rules nnd
regulations ordifiaiue to govern the
, vivil oorvluo hoard, as to
'j council last night. 'o low, in part:
In pursv.anco of authority c i.tuinj I
j in se.-tloii No. of Uie charter of the
! city ,. Wheeling, the foliowin:; rules
I for .. dot ?f persons tutu the serv
i * ?>. ? .? }?<>!'>??? o.r..i I're <1 ep.irtinouis
, a. 0 h ad -i?: ? d !>? the c':v;l Service
. ?? 1 ru: ss:? a. * .
Senior i. Aigel--atlon for p suh ns In
1 : * l> in tjie handwriting ot the ap
p!;e 1 ?: ?, upon '. >'.1 ?' k forms 'proscribed
a I t' :rt. ihe<I ! y i e < ?? ? arid
? . ipp' cant ill. '.riili ? ith. show;
l' rvt That he a :: of the
1' S : ? 1 !.as he.-u n resident
of the* c ty for at !.-a?t on., ya.tr prior
to ill ?.a o f hi- application. the
;?..stof :e,. address, h's age. date ar.d
Don't Spoil a Good
Meal With a Bad
i !
It '< pitiful to sm s- mai:y
worriiriK about |
what th* y ran cat and what they < a:. ;
!>ys;?*t' ?. " '!? '? ??a'.I >'S. hit
I t: -v stretch :! i'ir item in itio! ' 1 do it.
AH these need to in. me them
: he.T.thv, eheeri :I and ? ' ^ u ..i appetib
.1 l*->x ??r M ?' Nu Table:
j The stomach of a <1 >'??;>-? t?ti?* is over-*
worked anil run-d? wn. !t im-?U help t??
Idlest the f i. Hit more than that it
j I needs prrwrlpt >11 that wilt <*lei?nt?o.
\ it**. stn-Mjiheti ar. i y.it elasticity
'lot" the Homaeh walls.
Ml-I?-Xa is the prescript .*>n '1 at will
! d > this and 1!" it s<? promptly that
; you'll wonder why you didn't try it
I before.
It stops helchin* of itas and di-tress
i after eating it; ' ve minutes I: is 11:1
t doubtedly the itreatest stomach tonlc
'jecer i;:".eti to the public by a .specialist
1 .11 st >;r.aeh diseases
j Leading drus-cist .eye* vwhere and
? * H >lriest .v t'o a Ml M :?-Na on the
J muni y ba*k plan.?Adv.
1 .
1 bwe o! 1< 1 r;?>. the ! : ' ?:' * of Ills cdu
< allot.. his hts.iie s H.i.niiig a?<l ex*
1'crU :.<e. ha luv-'t'ss or emp ?> incut.
? arises ??:' his former employ'? rs, tuid
: I.is red r .;r t ? ions i\>'ir
vi iirs w ?. ?? f !.. ),as . .. : Ivt i. in of
bcfal *< rv.eo hefcro. a:. I if so. when
: it ill! ;v
Sec, ml. That he is f?v- from my ('.is
eise ? r I'hys- mi dot which might
impair his nb.htv trender good and
; faithful ser\ ice :?> tin: city.
; Section ; application must be
. rroini' i: i-il !*h-. i..:-at'oti of not
loss til; a '' r ?? rv; ?? cltlzdtis of
'?e (??>. ok;. ? that ho :n?U
\ 1 dually ha ? a ally acquainted
with th* a'K. 4 .11t for i* '? s* one year;
I that he heli' vos him to tie of good
? moral charaeVr. of it. mpcrata ami !n
1 ii a si: i, us h.i' its an.! i4i ail respects. tit
I for tin- i or vice ho wishes to enter; that
!i?> is v::j!n? to nnsvvt-r such detailed
i questions as may addressed t.? him
! by the comm. Sc4i In relation thereto.
: till that nl! su h !uformation may tie
p-it'i a? ?. t)i.i ?, 0r j;;p com
Section t V. r* r? " ? ? hition of ques
tion Utal'T 'lie n'.'1 .rtty i f i! cm. rul"S
shntt relate r? ? the religion or political
lopln :? i ;? aff ' ation ? f any jo rson what
iMiSur; tii tiber shall su h opinion be
considered ti>- the eotttmlstion In Its
J examinations.
May Refuse to Tixwuino Applicant*.
Sect! tit Tie commission may ;wfusa
to rxintltf. ..f er examination to cor
t'fy as clixibie. applicants found to lack
any of the established preliminary re
I cuircntt-rts f. r the examination r po
rsit ion for which ?hev apply cr who are
plty.vical'v so disabled as to be rendered
| unfit f t' t.h- performance ..f the duties
c f the position to which thtv seek ap
pointment or who him i- '.dieted to the
?.>??> of 'tit- xi. ntit.i: bevtr.tgcs to ex
cess or v ho have t? .??? guilty of a
ot .tr? or misdemeanor involving moral
turpitude ? r disgraceful c nduct. or who
lave turn t!:>:tj!.sseil from the public
r .Co .!? : q ueticy , i'r !nl?C( r iilCt.
or who 1 u\e ti' ??Monnl'v ? le a faNe
?: a'ef... ?. t ,.f nr.v mater.at fa or l ave
practiced or at'etr'-ted to prn.tlce any
deception or fr- url ri their application*.
? lr. their examinations ? r In securing
i their ei'ir'h Ity or appo'ntm. nt; or
[whose character shall. In th? opinion o?
' th? commission, be ti::v".*itisfactory.
Section j. Applications must he filed
wt4h the secretary of the oornm'ifs' n.
1 not later than two ilv < pr-'cd ntr tho
examination, and shall be c tnpieio at
; that time.
Section Any person who ha* re
: siirne<l or | er? .*"'.r may resign ur.der
I charges or ha* I ?. it. ? may hereafter
he upon chareis. shall not.
withe ??ecla. \ of 'he nsmmtss.on.
h? a ' ?' ??! ?. ,.\ iniins;. n for any po?
sltlo.'i .u etthtr 'he pol'ce or f4r* de
partnier.: with a two years from date
of si:<-h dismissal ( r resignation.
Section T. No application for any po
sition shall remain on fil* for more than
one year from the da'c cf the reglstrn
( ti- n.
Rule Or.o.
Fectl.-n 1 Person* employed in rhs
police and fire dvpar'mcni.s at the flrr.o
of adix'tlctt i f'he for. going rules and
regulattona. together with ail future
appointees to these departments, will,
under the provisions 1 ' Section No. i'S
o? the charter, bo examined annually, or
often*r at the discretion cf the com
Section - Flxamirattonh cf persons
1 tt? describe J In the foregoing section
shall he conducted In the same manner
a- examinations of persons who may
be applicants f.-r future appointment; j
grades as the result of su?.b -jxamlna
. Hons will be fixed In the snnie manner
as prescribed for candidates for ord
inal appointment Members of the police
and f.rc departments at the time the?
rules become effective shall be consid
ered exempt from the provision-; of
! Sections Not?. 1 ami 11 of lfu'.es 2 and 3.
unless In the opinion of the l.eal'd com
mission they shall he ahselutel1. ami
? t"tally t physically lor the proper
discharge of thflr p'.tbile duties,
i Section It i'tie p?tr-'tl exam.nol U
:? it tit r tie:? r: ? I, ? ficitter \v::h t!".f
; ntittles. shall l.e listed hv the commie
. tlon and salj lists si,ail he submitt.->I
.to the city manager f.-r his inf?tnia-|
j Section t . ,\ person corning uttder th?? i
! scope i>f this rule who falls to ^attain
?a u'r.it'.e ,.f ; < per cent In liny oxaminn- ?
J t.o.u. v. :i he r< p -rti-d. In writing, to the
jolty manager, to;;ether with a rcom
I n.' jj.iattoa from the commissi >n ' as to
j the retention of s;rhi perron In lite serv- j
Rule Two.
Section 1?-All applicants for exarr.l- j
nation for tiny position In the police j
department shall undergo a physical '
i xatnli ath'.n which will he cfnduoud :
itndi r the suporvlcion of the health
commissioner of the city.
Section 2- -The health commissioner |
?hail i?.rtlfy that an applicant Is free;
i f? out any hodtly defect, deformity ?r :
J disease that might Incapacitate him
if r tie position desired before -ah! ap
| plieant shall be permitted to take fur
Hortion .1 No application will he re
| i o I where the r-jtt applying !"
j loss thi.ti US years of ttgc or mote than
J gP year; if age at ti-.e d.Ve of his c\
It.mlt.at! on. I
Section ?! --Any aplicar.t who has'
I served Iti the police department <?f the j
|i">* ar.d has resigned therefrom with
no chaige pending iig.nlnst itlni, and i
whose record In the service was aatis
factory may, by the t or; rent of tho ,
commission. be exempted fiom the pro
'visions of Section 3 ns to the maxl
j mum age.
Rnlo Three.
Section 1?All applicant* for examl
: tiatlon far nuy position in the fire de
; partment shall undergo a physical n
'umlnatlon which will be conducted un-!
der the supervision cf the city health i
Section 2?The health commissioner
fhsll cer'ify that an applicant In free
I from any bodily d-.'e. t. deformity or j
I disease that nilgh*. Incapacitate htm for!
! the posit li t: deilred before said op; 11-j
jtiint shall be permitted to take further'
i examination.
Section 3?No application will h?> re
relved where the person applying la !
less thar. 2l years of age or morn than i
' 33 years of age at the date of the ex- j
I umlnatlon. 4
Section 4?Any applicant who has
I enrved In the ftre department of the
? city and has resigned therefrom with
I no chargo pending against hltn, and
! whose record In the service was satls
j factory may. by the consent of the
| commission, he exempted from the pro- .
j visions of Section 3 as to the maximum
. age. . j
rule r<mr. |
| Sc?~*! m !.?The actual conduct of
"vcr. ? 'nilon shall ha under tho
| rosp ? direction of tho comrn!*-*
p'on, o: designated agents. fr>e from
. Interference. participation > i' Influence
of the appointing officer or < f any per
son other than 'lie cxanhnirs tinted
! by 'he com mis ion.'
j Section 2?All examination* ?hn!l he
{Impartial. fair and practical, nnd de
signed to test fh relative qualification*
, and C ' n ?> -\s o' appllean's t ?> dis h:i"v?
, the duties of the parti 'til.vr ^-sltion
which ;' ry f.e.-k t? fill V" question In
1 a-.\ e-.an 'nn shall reli'e to th? pr>
' or re; gbui* -nvlctlnn* or afflll
i>*s? of the appllcan*
Section ,t. ? In examinations 'he ootn
, nil ?-Ion may give such relative lmpor
1 nnoe :i- 't may s-em fit to tho rtlfTer
' n ? ? ? ? - - tr 111? i of e \ a'nil nation,
w r' .e- men*.-,; or physical ami to ex
; perlen ??, p.*. upatlon or training.
1 Section *1 ?The schedule of subject
j and wcl^h's fixed hv the commission
. s!:nl; he reo. rdi-d |n the minute l>ook.
' Section *.? The commission will re
'i'-cs1 heads o' dcp.irtmen's to furnish
a p?i>ci'ie und rotnp-e' ?n?!ve sta'emenf
In wrlt'ng as to the requirements of
j nnv ? .v 1'len for which an examination
i may be conducted and the st.vement
, received in reply "hall he tho basis of
the exaniinat'on <n question.
Seetiop.fi.?Aprlie.in'* shall be marked
or. tho s -ale of l"?i per cent nnd 7a per
cent w'll bo required in the written ex
amination t ? pl.are the name of an
aplp'<*nnt upon 'ho rcg'?'er of eligibles.
Section 7.?The commission shall,
whenever In Its judgment 'lie interest
j >f the pphl'c service require, J?, order
; n re-exam!natlon of applicants fr.r nrv
post'lon and shall rorreet. amend or
revoke nnv sehedqle. register or other
paper of record where It nrpenra that
an error or injustl'-o has been done
' Tn rasa any person, whose name appears
' upon tiny eligible register, has for nnv
! reason become Incnpacltu^ >1 for up
j polntments In the public sorvlcn, ;h?
I commission shall have- power to strike
1 such it.-, mo fr-'m said register I*r<>
j vlded however, that aft'-r nn eligible
rogSter has been so corrected, amende 1
i or revoked, notion ahnll be given by
nuitl or otherwise as 'he commission
may direct, to nl! persons whose stand
ing upon ptii-h register m.ay b? nflVjciel
by 'ho alterations. The rea?on for
such action shall be recorded In full In
tho minutes of 'he commission.
Result By Kail.
S? efton S.?After the adoption nnd
filing of tho report of anv competitive
examination, each applicant will bo ??!
vl?ed by mall by the secretary of the
cnrnmlpxiop. as to the result of his
examination, nnd hts relative standing
on Mm fllcihle rotrls'er. An applicant
receiving such notice "may, If In hla
opin'on an injustice has been done him,
within 10 dstye aftor the mailing of
such notice, appeal to the cornmiaslrti,
specifying particularly and In detail the
pause for complaint. Su"h an appeal
w'll be considered by 'he c -mnilvslon,
arid. If neceasary. It will direct the re
Vision of fhe marking Or grading of tin
j pr !?' an" r papers.
fV-ctfon a?f.\> Ha-f.re proceeding to
I answer 'he quest!.-ns In an examination
lea ih ;t :?{? 1" ir-t shall till out and ??Ign an
, tdi-ntiti t'- ?? V' et giving hia tt'ime and
aibtrio-si .md w . )i . tier Information in
ffiltv 1-e reqli'reil arid ! ? s.-nl the same In
er. ..fa-' i! .w.-hipe bearing tin Identifi
cation number
(lt> V'.l ? \ ittilt it'-.fi paper* turned
til I'V ;.U lipid ? sbjt! I .-l- 'l.,. * a i' o
T.Mill. I l.t the too IIS appear or
I tnveii.pl> containing r'.e Idirntlniiiit'iii
| ?.heer
I (t.'? a; tiie beginning ?>f 'be r-xnmin
. stlon fie Identification envelopes <-h i 1
| be rbi- e.1 In a sealed package, whic'i
| s! all n ? be opened tint!! nil trie niyu
[have beer, mti'ked Vnv pape" belying
I the n*me >* the nop' cant f anv o-h-1"
Ident'flearlon mark - ha" be rejee-ed an !
j the applicant so notified
Section ?In nn examination the
| commission max- require applicant* to
fu-n!sh n written sratf-ment of their ex
? -.erl- t.- .e i -.cation <>- ?rn'ritng. 'Jl:i 1 i'Tx"
I IIIg 'hem for the position they see*. "l
! which event the nemo nigy be regnrded
las one of the subject* of exsmlnetfon
Charleston. \V. Va.. Oct 31.?A new !
trial was granted l?y the Supreme'
court today to tleorge W. Wiseman >
sentenced to five year1' iti I lie peni-l
tentiarv after beinr. found guilty in ti!?
I'tit nam county t'lreuit court of assault ?
on Walter Adkfn?, during a fight be j
tweeii tlie Wiseman and Adkins fain-J
ilies. The lower court was revt rsed >
lor refusing to give to the jury in-j
striictions r<(iimsied by the defense'
t oncoming its pi. a of self-defense. At ;
?"! '? definite weight may be all->Ud |
Sc.'tii.n 3 1?Tlie e..mails*!.>n reserves
tin- right t.i require applicants to report
for oral examination in addition to h
written examination when in its Judg
ment i; is advisable for the best Inter
ests of the service. When an oral ex
. ruination is conducted, if.shall l?* given
a weight not to exceed 15-l"ths of the
tot;.I-weight on a basis of l"'1 percent.
.? ?a I. liligilde r*gi-;?T* for each
pos i.on in the police and Iir-- d- part
? ,-t...:i 1'. |,r< p.tr.-d by tlie com
mis.-:on from time to lime as the needs
? f th. s rv e in.iy re.jui.... from the
. ppli.'ai.tP win. havo l?. ?? n found duly'
>1 rial I tied after a compelItive examlna- '
:!. u and In th. der of merit and lit
t ess as shown t tho respective p- r
ecntage of ? lie ag r. p..to markings. Pro
v tiled, however, tiiat when tw-o or more
u.;g:l?bs shall have the same average
percentage, prlor-ty of filling applies.-,
?ton -I.alt determine th"tr respective J
standing oti tlie eligible register.
Section 2. These eligible registers
.hall l.o forward, d to the city manager j
by the commission, copies being U<*pt i
1 y the secretary of the commission; and
.is apt-ointments are matle from nn :
eitgibb reelater. the seer, 'ary of the
< onimJ ?b>n 'hall be notified tri order
that persons so apr.o'itrd may have
the'r names reniov, from tho eligible
r.'gist. r in finestion.
p. rti ii 2 "'ho t? rm of an eligible rear- t
13ter ;? tlxril at one year.
Section t. T*. rsons whose names np
; ? ar on any eligtnle register which has
.\pired "hiill be i.o '.'led bv mall by the
???.re!, ty of the e..mnil:slon when n
e.-w examination !s to be he'd for the,
ramn position.
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Sat.. 7:00 to 8:00 P. M.
tlio same time the lower court was up-'s
held In its ruling that the indictment,}
under the Rod Man's act charging I;
conspiracy to assault Grant Adkins, i
and an actual assault of Walter Ad-11
kins was a valid one.
The Trl-ftate Coal A- Timper com- ]
pany was granted n judgment In Its'
action against tlrnrivllle Nonce, the d ? -'
rlslon f.? th>> Cabell county Circuit court I >
helm? reversed. T'nc Supreme court { ]
ruled tlint n corporation i-oulrt repudiate ,
a contract on learnl'ic one of lis tllreo- j ,
tors v.as Interested as art agent of the I
other party to tiio contract.
<\ P. Hatnrlck iv.ts denied the writ of J I
mandamus lie sought against the I
? '?.unty court of Pocahontas county and :
the town of c.iss. The opinion held ?
that th<- town mum-il's refusal of a pom
room license, "a1. , tt determines that
the ajiplieatit o.t a proper person to '
i ofiduct such a business and has vio- i
lated ore r. r m?r. ..f the provisions of i
the statute witii r- '? r? to the eon- |
d'i''t of his bus: ne-? ' . r.ot subject ,
t review. ,
Other Deciii-ns.
other dc, it-tons 1 > ?!. d dotvn today 1
were ?
Strh-Uler nce.!nrt s'rieHer, Cabell
o'tti'y. art'rm. I Ifa. r f against Ohio
Valley Electric Kail way > comt any. <h'
boil county, affirmed; .'"rowl against
Kuchlianiion .\n 'ortheri Ratiw.iv com
pany, Marlon <?">? aaflrrr.ed; Hyncs
igainst A. Pulton. Braxton county. rs
icrsfd and remanded: Vaughsn against
N'apier, Lincoln county, affirmed; Irens
igainst Bias, Cabell courity affirmed;
liuss against I.aKe and Export Coal cor
poration, Cabell county, affirmed.
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tion. pair, and at to s of the back and
.Mints sprains. sore rolls- I* <. bruises.
cbi.Ibl.iins. frosted f---t colds of a'l
sorts S"ido:u falls to deliver results.
35c and 65c. jars and tubes; hospital
size. $3,000.
Better than a must?rd piaster.
Your photograph ? tlie
only gift that only you
can make. And now is
the tinje for a studio
| appointment.
i We are giving, a heaini
ful Art Calendar extra
with eneh order foj
i one dozen photographs,
placed in November.
Ground Floor Studio.
1105 "Chnpline St.,
Opp Y. W. a. A.
' 1 kv<tr* rr>fc: roit croc?, .
Ky?* ro\sn itih, mhie
A Small Tnha !.??(? tor TbraCka ?
3 Three of'em SSVA1?
ga 1809 aiApUaa Stract
/ I?? ^
26 Twentieth St. CONTRACTORS Wheeling
For House Painting in All Branches
Dealers in Window Glaua, Putty, Varnieh, Oil, Turpentine, Etc.
Paint Mixed to Order in Any Quantity
Wash Days
We are thoroughly equipped to do the whole family washing
ind guarantee the work.
No injurious chemicals used. Just the best soap and soap
25 lbs. for $1.00
Phone War wood 330
1 ?
/ ?
Building Good Will For
"ERADO" in This Vicinity
"I suffered with rheumatism and tried many remedies without
rel'ef. Finally, J was persuaded tn g ve 'Krado* a trial. Now I
am rid of rheumatism and I am ff'.ud to recommend Erado.
"Wm. Yost. Beech Bottom. W. Va."
"It brings results quick and sure. I am glad to recommend
Erado for rheumatism.
"F. Ot'ordick, West Wheeling. Ohio.
Depend on "E RAD O" If Ton Really Want to Get Rid of Rhenmatlra
Stubborn Skin Affections Yield Koadily to "ERADO OINTMENT"
".My ."-on. three year" old. was almost cotered with an ugly
breaking nut. 1 tried many things without gaining relief. Erado
Ointment was recommended to nir and after using two jars the
sores entirely disappeared and I am anxious to speak a good word
for it. "Paul Tink. Dunglen. Ohio."
"I am glad to recommend Erado Ointment for skin disease*
as it quickly hca.ed a bad eruption on my face.
"Mrs. C. It. Jones. Wellsburg, W. Va."
| Erado Is sold at SI.50 per bottle. Erado Ointment, GOc and 9100 per Jar
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Refunded
| r Sale by 11 Griest A. Go., Wheeling; Shields ?fc Phillips, Elm Gtove;
Sol'iv .v Heed. Martins Ferry ard Bridgeport; L'ankworth Bros.. Bellaire.
| or d.reei.
Erado Chemical Company
j Lincoln Ave. and Howard St. Bridgeport, Ohio
?? ?
We can supply the material. Our estimating
j department will be glad to assist you in your plans
and give you estimates.
The Anderson & McGregor Co.
3564 Noble St., Bellaire, 0.
Phones 117 and 118
Wheeling Rep., E. H. Crockard, 21 5th St. Phone 2852-R.
J ? i I

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