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"? ? " I " I
The W heeling Intelligencer j
.-?a,-1 . published ty The Intelligent er Publishing Company
"W iy- U. C. OGDEN, Manager.
Editorial Rooms -- No. 823 ? Business Office ? No. 822
The Associated 1 s .a e\clu?.\el> auUi.ed to the use tor r epuh!. .1: <:i
til ne?s 1 re-l't?:d to it or r ot .thct i redited in this 1 *;er .in i a the
local news published herein. Ail rigiita of republication ??? special dispatch**
a*r? n ere also reserved. a
Single cop* -- I O.t j BY JCAIX' K. T. D.
BY CARM?K, IN CITY j One m m'.h I ?*"
On* wook i I 13: Three months
t^ne month six months 2 f|
Three months . 1.V5. , .
Sly months * *l>o year
One year 7.80 Weekly, or.e >rar ...? ' 50.i
!N"TElXI(lKh"<iKK ?: bracing'tta several ei *. ? ? r.? i? entered In the,
postofflce a; Wheeling. W. Ya, as second class ma:l matter.)
Complain*.* of non-delivery of The Intelligencer will be adjusted by calling 1
Circulation Department. I "hone 822 or 823.
Wednesday, November 1, 1922.
Th? Republican party Is offering to the ; eople of West V!: .;ir.;a for election i
six aadldAtes for the K o i: so of Representat .ve-. and one candidate t r 'he I '.tod
State* Senate. Thn e rimn are well known to the wtrrs l>u ring tho primary
campaign and ag ila during the present g-n-ia: oampalm. these candidates have
oeen subjected to criticism by their opponents, ,in<i by the ivn-.r.crat c party Yet
noth.ng haa tcoh -said about them which *-ho:I?i cutis* any Republican to vote
against thetn Any maji or woman wh? beli ws 'n the Republican form of g v
ernment should support for election th?- an-!!,'.. - 'h en by the majority of tho
Republican voters Personal likes and d.sl' . j -di ? .'.d not be the rr.cana of hatc.p- i
erlog the projrrevs of a Republican adnilr's , ? n
Republicans uphold the potlcles of the It 1 it an idtr istraflMi Tt > \ -i oild
uphold the ciuultd&l?-< who are chasm by Iteput loans .?? d wh v up1old ' :ie
Republican party. i
A3 a matter of fact, there :e noth ? .n ords of the pro ent It ptibi an '
candidates to Inspire a lack of conflden ? m '? i ability tr? give Wo*? Virginia j
a safe and iw rapresetitatlon.
Senator Howard Sutherland. Re pub; con candidate ?<.> s ic ? ? i hitnso.f,
-orvad In the Senate for six years, previous which ho was a her ..." tie
House tor four 7 esc a and the State S< rate four y.-ars lie is exp.r.e: l :n i
matters of legislation *r A representation. "Whatever hi* rtt'.-s may *.?y i
Howard Sutherland has % -n conscientious In h. > ve v ce ; . 1* .1 , 1
hue alwaya ha en on the job at Washington. The people of the ute know whit I
klud of a senator he will makes and they will be caking no chances In :e-e eotmg |
OongTaaamaa Benjamin L. R. eenbloom. also a c.indlclate for re-election, is
Just completing hia first term in the House of Representatives. He wo.!
versed tn mattsre at legislation and parllrr.entary routine, having served In the
State Senate four years, where he was an outstanding figure Alr-ady he has ^
'akin an enviable position m the council* of the Republican leaders t i'.ti
grt-ss of the United States, and has introduced legislation which has attract l t" ,
htm national attention.
It l.s a fair and generally recognized rule am. ng Repu! 1 .ins .it;.! Hemo.-rats
alike that a Congressman should be re-elected to a second term . : ? It ce. unlc.sy
;her? be snm? groat and decided reason necessitating his de ca: 'l :.oio is no such,
rta.son In CoDgr.vcaxr.an Roser.b'corn's case He has servrd the citizens of the
Hirst il.strict conscientious'y and brilliantly, ar.d has ^ conspicuous re. rl .v
constructive achievements. Rosenbloom has made a good Congressman .n h.s
f.rst term He will ruake a better one In his second term a -? :.s.- . f fair ; lay
a:;?l a recognition of his sound and pr.gross.vo rccoid will guarutil.o his ??
?ion next Tuesday
roll:!?* have rhanetd considerably in/
V -\ in the nast few years.
' .t .t r- mains . r the Ohio county
OemocTi's to *pr.asr something new. i
"???vial l' Mr< Utlta Jow?ll j
Br \v,. d-.-fea'eJ candidate for tho l>? rr.- :
ratio nominal l".r f >r the I'nlted States)
s? nnte. is scheduled to make ar. nd- .
?p-s n Wliti! ' c la behalf of th?;
'- p. -i r;it.'- candidates to-tiit Sjjxc.al
n\ tiitlor."! bearing the social "It. 3 V
have been ser.t out to l.hOO of the
~o< ally tl.te of Oh o county to corne and
-ie.ir :h? d:?t:n?rui -hed Mrs. Br<>*;?. It
? understood 'hat the promn-nt Pern ?
rat* appearing or. the platform with
Mrs. firvwa w'.ii wear formal e -nini; 1
.lu.v what parr In ;??-> \il campaigns,
? Jjeso "S'Ht.al Political Meeting.-*" w IM
hold in t. e future is hard to f.-rcrril.
W*hether the *orner. vo'-ri ss; IJ fsvr
such event.* as a part of t..e social
whirl, or whether ti s *? :i,> n aill ? ? n
cei\ ? the idea teat .ha cwndt late Is sp- i
: ea'ing only for *he votes an! Ir.fluen ?
?>? tva exclusive loci! a-t anybody's
cues*. At any evert, the "3 ? :a! !'
cat Meeting" tcnt-rht is a danger.ms ex
periment. v" '? '"s ultimate result will,
tv watch* i with ?-on?!'ie.-nM? interest
The tflm of Secretary of State
Charles E. Hughe*, it Poston. Monday
n ght. tu a clear, scholarly exposition
of the foreign policy of the Hardin*
administration Secretary Hughes hal
r.o reed to make ar.v apology for the j
actions of the Republ! an president Ho
? 'id In a ilmp>. forcenbie manner what
had been accomplish 04 and what had,
,eo.\ present*1 an 1 what the ; ?!! y of
?h? g->\*'t ?* '? * f reign nation.*,
Secretary Hughes' *feech e.'?<.'?? a.up.
u*tff! 'ut >n for ?*?.?? rejection by the
nltod S'a'es of the I.e.uTUo . f Nations. !
,vi his sutnrr.a:') uf iiepuhi.Van a -c >?.* |
., -hrnrn'a proves ..olaslvels 'hat th *
?tion run k*"" ?? ' ~ u, il ..;*i,
r n?' s ; h e fii
foreign e;. * I ? .
?I.eth rg of the c.rr. . ;.ef P. t ? ?
i':eatd-fit Harding In w,r -at hi ?
t ?:< Igh U V .? ?. ? - _ ? ??%...? a
of th- p. ?:.s
Se< r- ' u'. ? : .v i ? t? e ? ?.? go far ,
toward* ? < the ?,f ? , ri'.l
. ?m of Ifard.t.* ?. r ; .? ?. r;,..; i
;?> *.v >?? ::. ? . ..t *
I 'urrv. t ?!.? n lvads
a' | v " ' !i? v ..<? >?*?.? .v
: ? -H** ** * ;t I>
li. ; r? ??-:?!? ? ? ; ?? " s i ?i a
i> ri ?
Sersa't"' 1' r^i-g-'s iv? ? m ole
a ; --.?p*o' ' ? ...... ? ,.
-anV :>"r*> *!'?? ? ? . ? a ? r>
n-*. - "i \ ;i
t a'-e- : :? 1 ?-> * .. ?> t r n;
l-j about a re. mo> t or a hung"!
<?.rf. The charges were mane in the
form of an alt.davit and read '.no th? '
record.-. of ? hi* court. -
In :J:I;? trial a man is ? harped f >r
murder. .ar.rt. o nvlcted. a l.ici
ti. ii'r 'ho pa;- wsi>r a 1 :.p ; ? a 'er:n
than pr>t<i-t!r*t the jus;hv at. I in-:
teyrity ,.f ::s C'urts. livery mm in- ,
dieted u:-'!*r :h- i f*'* !? it ta- i -l a
fa.r trial. The .State should ink.- ? v-:-y
Their ure many circum.'-tane* - meet
?*1 with the Km y trial w!;l li --nst a
doubt upon .'s i ;?? f.i.?:.. * T'-.?*i,- o r
the court. This charge !?::l.v
<>n? of the tali man, a reputed h-n- r
aMe * .?r.. m.ik'fs th?? u ?? st ?n %?: fu.r*
!i*s* ?in*l Mi-it. t e ?"i r ?%* Town
tr.al-5 >:;?! mo:* % ?i-;?! r-i? ??<! T!.o ourt J
5h*?uM >:i v#? ;?r> - *.in in
veslltratioti i f tiaso i l.nrpes. .-.r;?I. if
V r*? . * ' ? i, h > : I [ r * 0 Ite
htm t ? th*- ? \t*i f t!:r law
If it..- : art** s a;.!!:, t Mr V -re .ire
vii-li !. : 1 ? t !?
t" >.:? -w f : ?* a- r.i a t np. fr >m
Who.'" if r- ? ? 1 the J' -v. ?? Sr"*e
the ;nr r and exactly w'.t: intei.s; he
! a In ?v i* ,? *;?.e ?
A l.o s-i ?>: ?? .*? .v :.. i anrvn.
SO ' v ? . ? 11 | f. when
she r ! t ?.(?? had died
? rd the si: ? of ftn-linc herself still j
? --a used he- 1' ? .?<?? ii nest
ana n arid he r-'.-r r*-- v ? e.f She'
her. t'rohably jet . ..?? J..... ? - t i *, th s
"N*-i* tlnhtens - htisli.ir.il in Hums I
rouri' r" ?head.to- A - . rd -g ? . the
h'-nd 'r*us th's r ? ' : | Int-rg \ '
Ir.t - ' fpii-n ng tin s.* d;.v? 1; mlirht !
t* -a- 11 t ? th. r ; o ?!?? a . 't .. r:rht- I
it n. be is. ; Kon.o if ? g'.rl.'i
t.iklrip tart in the Hallowe'en -'unt in
So' tii Wto i-! rut last rich .o.-?:? ?? 1 . .
I e.x; ???'.- I .ifv; rx them a. natural" ?
| -? ":wt
t- s .'.r ant reward off.*:eu for
' th.. .vl. i s'-aiji a k.mi. hut lie In '
| fl ? . >g.le r. left It iii ri!' ; ' i-*ti rdav
t :i.-i. t.!;u ?n a speak.:.*.' '? u: .a ' Yhtra:
' ivo? \ .r~!f.? t 'in*:. -
Mr i ijjdi ti " i? 'i ti.e r:? t.tihiican '
; v ? * ltra>: n e-v.m'y I: s? nipht at
! 1: iri.e'. ill-' il?* a.11 em the stump !
? .Vile Ili'Zaii. th. ST Mat and .
i Hart
COST 300.000,000 MARKS
ftr* ' r II- *;' 'i :??? ' -fr t'e'rmv.
I i?t; . :? i j* a r? i i ,>-?: i ? *? ? i MC -. t h* !
[?w : * t ^ re '-*?* 1 'iiiirk* ft j
'cording to rhe new .-paper Vorwaerts.
I"* y^ryvT^T^'r'yTTT'r^'r'yT'v '"dr^r" #" ? T" ? j
?Merely McEvoyj
*i< a , B y J . P ? M c ? V 0 Y c <c? a < ^ a ^ ^
?S' *i:.vi: i 'ai.dida'e ; ?!.!:.? i meet'ni; of ?<?rklns men
Argues fieri"h f r .shorter ? ??1 i"'i and mora ni ? i?? y
1 ?e ries abuses f ? ta !
? f? 1 * P ? ? ! on :? I? ir 1 *? >? ? nipit'e*
speaks rxalt???!?;.? < ' df.-n.tv i.f b.r
l i a.;a.:..,t mti.x i,f .nimtpvSttion.
\Vi?ipi ii5 lie synipat HZ''* tin- sorrows ?>' the 1 ? \vt:t:o<itt. n
IV i :i I s \v!'h pr'.<!??.
Trembles i.n the 5.r.: k
Hut focK '.y hrart-nc-! a" he ra.'.es up"n ' hs intelliKent fact of those
present ami realizes the fat.- i>r 'h.- Republic 1m ui m-h capable hands
SfliTITM: \ fat Me ai ?1 Watch I' r '?its.
S> "KXK: I'mrulMnte cue l.eur I:?t< r
Adds. ses ineetinp f b ?* ? s tne:<
AiRties f ? u - e'y fur m ? !?? ;? r..? t??? ? tj?.a:.J If*- > merhr.v.!
IVi rli'S the almses uf labor.
ltefers feel.ri.;!y b:, ?????. si experiences as an employer
Speaks exalu-.ll> f the dignity i f {service
Inquires with Ki' i't h*. at where wo v ill jjf' our common labor if ::i'.:i..?ra
tlon is shut of!'.
Weep# as 1 .. symia". rb w .* t hi is I ? - ;??? \ s .-.?! troubles
Points *ith ; i Me.
Rut feels preatK heartened -is !?.?? pares upon the 'nfeibp'-nt fa. ?? of tm-si
present an-! r? . fate " ltepuhl is a;-. baud*
Sl'RTlT 1a: Vote 1*1.r Me A: I Wa'cli l or Kern!!-,
Si'liMi. >'.mdi'lai. v hour later.
Ailtire.-si s ?':??? i : plain I ?
Arpuvs f er.-. 'y fur ' a ? r cost f livinp and lower t:.>c
I?e ri- s abuses la ? : and capital
Refer feel nply t< h ? i.wn experiences as ;? houses del and fa her "f an
lliimei. e and loving- family
8peaks eMiIiedly of ? h- <1 unity of the pr at middle rla s.
Hazards sn-e c-;?int?? sj that there !? uui h :?-> ai l it both s ues of lie
1mm ki at >:? ques.' i
Weeps as he sympathies ?ith the multitudinous perplexities and thoubles
of living between the mill ' un s of l.al>?-r and I'apltal
Points wit it i r de
TrcPli'leS I'll the bi nil
it it fee!.. Ili a.:, heart' ?:???! ?s he aa/.-s u; on :i.nt f?? .? ?; ?f 'be,
present and t> r ?? . rh fro the !!? p i: !i ? i- ?; sueh ea.-al :?> hi els
Sl'HTlT;.!: I.e.* Me and Watch l-'or lb
Sf'KNK: one y-u: ..it
? 'aitiiIda'1 is i ? ? . : 11\ ?; * rs.
Voters a." tie V at his', f r results.
!.;<>?. ,h.u ; ' ? tire id ? ? s < i sh.w :iu'V.<
V.-ry s; i r. M l- <?
? 1T.-1 by A1?- it' 1 1 i i. t. rs .
?y ? *r ? "v T"v v ? ?v "J" v v T' ?? ? 'T~ 7?1y-sr'^r w V ^ ?
^ ^ ^ . -. P. y ROBERT QUILLEN^^^^J
Ar.) r ortnal college I o> can n >me if"* eleven , r- atest men n America.
The 1. w si iris ni l .<? !;? w 11 "n ! <?!; loti it ii.it the i;o r ?! n't 1 ? k so long
A hi. k town is a p.a<v wher ? you can a Ik to every r.-sid- v: wak .t an .n
Almost a'.v m.ui would richer !>? in the r.tosr.turo t on ..in the hail
fame. Thus* ;i :h.. hall of fame are dead
1: easy to be! rv? In your fellow men if you w j ;<? refra.n from s'gnlng
Conservative. t no who deliev*:; in th# things forced ?n the world yester
day by rail.cals. '
Sus erderB may he ue!y th'n??. but
/ J ^ ~ tr..\v keep a "it man 'rom iremhling in
?? vJ\ ft \ ^ expectation of the worst.
? JL It d. can't niwa>s ;>.y to keep still
A and saw wrspd Wllhelm tried it. ar.d a
) v! Jt 1 widow landed him
n_A Lj y The crossing of the Red .-tea doesn't
peem so miraculous after you negotiate
SST^Bai a a busy street
??p 11 ih?w ' ?'? 1 ?? ? Thi re is one honest brokerage hous*
It advert.sea. "Let us place your nimu
on our wailing list "
About nil the price at 'he mine proves ts that they are lucky who have a mine
ir. the neighborhood.
And it tnay be that Mr Mryar.'a silence is occasioned by the hopele-sr.i- .; of
competing with Mr. l-'ord
Whci. a pi..ici> tfi ?t :? rat : ed i. 1 'bat rent a iij Is the .- w 'id pa ' jI h'i?i
::et.s <?:' h.iv ii.g it rectified
Tolling her that her hands are pea i
. C n
I he ... 1 I-S / \A . /OA
??vere w.t. ! v.. shall ke?j? a pen ; v.. t/i . C ^ ij
feA /.VI
..." u.>;.\\j J
As''~..'..'nV It A ?'p'" o.'.acy M\ ? .
f lf'Jw." H C ; " * "aat9 ~~
fallow uh:?t I f uat :- ; :*? ven: ;t ficht.
Corn ? this >> ? ???:?. "We like your rermons v?rt iv . ,?.? the lv,ir n.
but wi n. : ir.s..- ; M- ..., make tllti. litt.e 1 ::ccr"
"Will? !? the 'mis are ?i.V ' g sighs the [ I. \\eii, ;?
the Ant'-r en : -rter are sayiiur "l*"' Pits. p.. ?<?> "
? i rn'ected by Assnripted Kditors'l
\'o mnltr" v. Jmi 1 >ti wai t, i? ui'l sjivf vmi time ;um1 iii'Mic- t?? um:
Founder of Buffalo,
Today Will Be the Annivers
ary of the Birth of Joseph
j " Ellicott.
i-:::i nf ionR id?ctried wit*
? eng ji 'T ng was
!?? Itti.-K c.otny. I :i . <>n N mem
ber 1. !???). Affr recttving a common
I si*hr> ?! education he ait 11 ?1 :???! surveying
mi'! eng neering. ;?u<1 collaborati wKh
his brother Andrew. t ;o i"? r*? t surveyor
general if the I'mted States. Jn th" de
' signing an<i laving out < f the national
capital nod tri runnig the boundary Into
i lie' ween New York ami I Ynrisv ivumu.
j In. it'7 Kiliott -a.is engaged by ;he
I Holland l.atid Company to survey the
| Ho-i'alle.] "Holland I'ur.-hase" :n \\??si
i err. New York It. it:g glffe.i v.ith raro
nh'ltty .'in 1 f >r? -:v;it. he sa'.v the future
Importance of a city at the foot of l.ake
! Kro . and there <-h.o., the situ upon
which the ci?y ,,f huf.iio was laid out
hy him In 1 Si ?. . At fust named New
' Amsterdam, t State legislature later
j passed nti act terming ti the "Town
? '.f I'ulTal ." i: i I 1 r. .. t t. e,,n*rlbuted
J large".'? the development of the now
'?.?.Mi and In promoting its rapid growth
ar.d set th ti.' nt l-V r a time he held the
ofTiefl of canal commissioner. having
? ec:. ,i /. ,i|i im advoc.vtt ?>f the eotwruc
: rl.in of the i;.-!e canal. He ril'd on Aug
ust It1. In liatavia. N A'., wh'rh
j lie founded ' efore he tool; up the nuff.il.->
! pr-? o >?*.. ? Pittsburgh f'hronlc'.e-Tels
IW. r,. Stnr.ton.)
M|*s; V?t.i Prv to <?utt!n# I
her teerh. to Judge from the prison
-rv'.." .os met ted ouI to the Cincinnati
hr< wers.
Wo used to shudder when we read of
the activities of the Chinese "hatchet
t:v n." hut he ).<>? Angeles "hammer
w.iir.'n" makes 'em look liko pillow
fighters 'n comparison.
We read that the Ohio Kind Admtnle
tra'or may f-lrc coal for titr *n homes.
Nov.- ?!,? penile who !.\o In them 'II
t ? d.-.l-lv h:? v ? t" "sel/.e" haul: or two
|. r to 1" a' ie 'o hny 'he coal. J
Wit are rot ?nv'tT that the headline
..vri'crs rv.r hadVa ni y "'bird rail."
,t>u* v." don.'' l.n c,v h..o. to account tor
' "Over'i.rn v. <tj .if t.atc Millionaire"?
aho\c ell i'em thai '"Us of a follow
he'n' killed hy the accidental discharge i
of a shotgun.
Pv'ti 1* ? hinds are sUppin". we note. !
"Hottied In bond." however, in still ,
j n!>o\ e par.
ypeakln' of "bl .e Monday." we note
t h a ? *he Pem :r 'es have p; ked tb;s one
for a meet In".
Some ho^e are fast hlack ? ttnd e?
wa the nm ro who tried to none h.m*
s lf with his bed clothes :n the Charles
, Town Jail.
j "All you rotts do to draw a crowd Is
? 11 e'art roastin' someone." said a
I 'Nother preacher tried it nt ?1 stand'.n
i room was at a premium In his church,
they rsy.
j V.'? note that a wealthy oil operator
II r accused of operating a still.
tYTi.i* it takes to get the eoin this
| guy seems to bo all broken out with.
"To hell with the bunch of them."
says the R?v H. m ,\?her Sunday, refer
jrinc ?o the Ohio "wet" propagandists.
I From this we ied to surmise that
"Hilly"* hasn't lost the happy faculty
of makinp hit:, - if oi-ar > r. issues of
I public interest
"Younger Hockefel'-r i vT d.-rr.r.? li
Hour Par and 7-Pay Week"?Headline
It's J.:st possible th;.: some Standard
I Oil dividends f igl.t h; ve been deferred
! It the eiglr-lniir flav and six-day week
f always i...p the industrial policy
'of that c-riccrii.
T.' Ed'tar's assertion thvA the
j la-.nfk rgsrs "want a dry ConffrOR^' has
. n l! an element of ambiguity. Say. Ed.
;d" v' mean t.' say that th' bootleggers
I expect '..'on cress to consume their entlro
A Cincinnati man shot his wife bo
rau<--? she wouldn't w?-ar her hat to c
' movie.
Some of the patrons nvpht of wanted
to shoe her if she had. so there you are.
After a casual glance over Elinor
CIsnn'- "How I Would Educate A Wife."
w a fail t . see where the cookin' 'rid
, hous'ekrepln' conies in.
Perhaps t I.e conimer.t of Attorney
John I1 Gardner. that J. 1). Handlan
"was somewhat like \..p Hindenberg."
was evoked because of th.- fad that
"IE-rule'1 has s i?'h a g I "line."
"I <o you Wonder.'' asks this Lady."?
N'o. not any more, present styles leave
no room for wonder.
It certainly must be encouraging ro
the hoys who nr. after .1 bonus to read
about the Ohio man who has been *'*>
years tryfrr to c?-t I..., ivtl War pen
non. without success.
State Hoiase
| Happemsigs
Charleston. W. Va..' Oct 31.? Char
tors of Incirporation wcro ismied to
day by the secretary nf state to the
following companies:
Prinreton Press Pubii: hint? Com
pany. Prln-'etnn: fl'" '"'O; W. II. lVal
Mncford c IV Hedriolc. .1. Sam r>on
nett, Walter C. Hyrd. .Mrs. Nolle Mc
intosh Noel. Princeton.
Electro Plating Company, lluntlng
'on; $S."dii; l,ooj< . Kin trior. Abraham
Cross. Maurice Rosen. I. Pon Homer,
[IV Klumer, 1 luntinnon.
Royal Merc!.ap.tjlslnz Com pany.Par
hershurc; E'.Of'O; .W. H. Evans. 1". (?
Wile. .1 O. P.arKa. Fret] A. Srhulfr. \V.
A. Creol. Parker-bur?.
ptorlfn? Heights Company. Fair
niont; J12ri.h0<>; O. F. McKinney, H
L. Heintzelmnn. C. E. Smith. C. P.
Robinson. F. T>. Fenhacen. Fairmont.
I Helen Coal ATlr?in~ Companv. Cum
borlnnd, Md : ?r?o.ooo; Robert Grant
Sr.. Join E. Sonierville. M. H. Grant,
?II. M. O'Rrleu, W. R NVthken. Cum
ber'and, Md.
Midland Smokeless Con! Company.
Honeppverfe; fSh.O'lO; L. E. McCIun?
H. M. Hicginbotham. Rupert: G'Jy H
Republican 1 icket
National Ticket
For United States Senator
For Con press
State Ticket
For Judge Supreme Court
For State Senate
Ohio County Ticket
For House of Delegates
For County Commissioner
j For Superintendent Schools
I e,ouji'ry, C. II. Thompson, Ror.ce
verte; Ernest Echols. Glasgow, Va.
Tho public service commission con
ducted ;i hearing Tueatiay on the'ap
plication of Godfrey It Cabot to in
crease :;."s rates in Harrison. Wire,
! Roane ami Calhoun counties.
W. F>. Hallanan. state tax comrals
j sninc-r. ifft last night Jor Berkeley
Springs, where he and Senator Suth
jerlanil will make Republican cam
I paign speeches.
J Attorney Genera! England was In
| his office yesterday aftrtr being ab
sent several days taking part in the
| campaign. 11" will speak in Raleigh
county Wednesday and Thursday.
.1 Walter Barr.c-, treasurer of the
hoard of control. i> expected to re
| turn to-day from Morgan town.
Kdtrar C. I.awson. book rter for
i the hoard of ? <>wroI. i~ < nmpaignlng
'in the rural (ii.-v ri>i?- week
j !?'. I. ami .1 William Mason.
! attorney- oi Kalrmont. appeared be
I fore 'lie state supreme court In a case
J yesterday.
Commissions as notaries public
were issued by the secretary of state
to Albert C. Dauchcrty. of Elk View,
and Susie Randall, of Huntington.
>T *r T > y > y y WW W~W w W T V T'y|> f T y < ;
> a A 4 w r a. B y WALT y a g n v. . * ^ '
Oh. my fret are bruised by gravel. I ha\rt walk' ' un'il I'm loan, but I'd rather
walk than travel !n a mortgaged limousine. Dealers come ot soil me autos with
I their tires that will not skid. hut I .--how them sundry mottles I liave pasted In
my lid "What is hi me without a bundle" Is the one I ran't forget. as along the
road I trundle, .ti!vlng to keep out of debt. On the plalti and l?y the r!\er still
I plod on ni'hing heels; bettor that than tool a flivver that Is mortgaged to the
wheels. Thoughts "f creditors don't grind r.ie as I Journey through the land,
with my \<loner dog behind me. and my oudrcl in my hard In this world of debt .
and pleasure I'm a delegate .apart, for I think m m's greatest treasure Is as In
dependent heart; It Is great If or.e Is able to remark in trumpet tones, ar.d be
guilty of r i i'hMc. "Xone can say 1 <>wt him bones. There's no man beneath our
banner who ran say I'm In his debt;" thus I speak, in'Stately manner, while ray
eaves drip honest swear. So I walk beside the river, so 1 Journey up the hill,
and I will ..or rill I'm fixed to foot the bill.
'' i .' ' . 1 '.<21'. Oeofgn Matthew Adams;
? i ?|
f '' \
Mr. 4-1. Telephone
Late in tlie Fall, when rains and
snows abound.
Slush and mud, slush and mud
everywhere, around,
'Twill be a great relief, if we can
Our feet won't suffer, when 'round
our place we go
That means that all our roads and
Should he ' filled with CRUSHED
LIMESTONE, before the days
Get cold and bad?'twould interfere
a bit.
Nor would the work, even then, be
quite so fit.
?the right kind for you.
And we carrv good CINDERS, and
If its cither of these, not stone, you
We'd be glad to supply whichever
you choose.
We would like to impress upon your
How we can supply, you with any
ROADS, you require,
W'fh ;i SERVICE that's all you
could desire.
v >
T >
I .
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Geo. M. Snook Co.
: v 1

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