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isjistjn: Attorney General Will Ad
dress oters of Moundsville at
Republican Rally In Park
? ?; . I Jo ft. ns-.-i ?r:?oy
? a native ?>f We-' itKtfiia.
1 ? l.e speaker a; a H?-pt:l>liean
ally '?? i..- ke>.| :n the I'.itk Theater
This w !! i-.< ?!?<> pigs.--; and perhaps
n, :? .1 . nil r of the
l,juj?a it i- ? \;??. t.i th.r tii- thca- '
u he : : ?.} hoar ?' ? net (Joff.
i.. .1- the ita'ion ? hetnjr an
!?!?? -|im or. ?
thejrebtsr.a the bam- tv.il
'..i ? in:; ?? t ?' " There " ill
;-r ruiii S ??> warm
l> ^ "I : ? nils ! "!.i a rally tn the
* a ? n.ithr ?hi.-h tt.i"
Vlrir-- ?' iv.re made
i; i ?: ? ? i K nrvy. < at ? <: ?!at? (?r eon
? .1 hy Mrs William <; 15 row n
Sitr.p.on ;>!? - '!? d a* the
Last Chano# to Register.
? ,ia\ t ofer- will,
a ;.i ? .? ; -o r f? next Tuesday's 1
er ' . i- ' I 'VI meet ?' ? - th. same
njrp,.*e a-a '? f air.. 1 he el.i'ttonj
11 V J'oy?It' You Know l>t\
l!<!w;hv!-s' * ?liv Tablets
Th? .?* ? ' k*?p;ns young is l" ft*\
..?ire ? ? d" ,vi - v..?j -"'jsf Av^r.-Ji \our
i\?r '? 'I low '.?? > fin ?i<?od cf
. sallow ??"tip>\:nn -d^rk ,
ires vniif eytfb pimpl*?- -a hit?- '
*i **tr fi t- o-.?s w:h
? sp.? ki* n >ur ?!???? will i^ll you
IP-ry p.--- f' ? o?' 3l| .??.?!<[?(??{> pomps
r.TV !?>??>v? ?ls :?r?rj Jtvor
It 1. i .< "'Is. . : r kr.>wr pP?Vfi.-:ao
?? .! \sp.'.iMs i-om
: i ? -\-i| ?< **s a v.- .sji so a ' <->r> f|i<?
1 j !' - v.? u '? h to his
. . iP ?
I" IM t. ????? Ts?M-?fs apt 'n
" <"?>? , ??ucl. .ar?' son'!?? m th?t
.-riun s*' .always* pffpoiv* r>? i<r::>kr
?: ;h ,? ? jrtjr;, . . \- tvhi -it all
h 1 ? ? '>>;? 1 >?" ? tit' ' * i-vrr and
? I 4 ' ?s st. tt: ? ' ??tip'!' *!*?
t'r 'Kdw.ir'IV ;v?- a ? o
f..-:t pIiva ^ !.*?c arid
'V ,V!\
TFr?; Wi
1! Ill; x-iunc ? J: e ? I: ? C 'he r #'i rl>
The ballot boxes art ,t?.\ n x-;:t ill tile
Thomas Finn Dead.
Ti.oni.i~ Finn. a wiouil of tin- I'ivi!
t\ ur and !??!? tw-ut>-four years. fiont
J v:\ cb-rk of the Marsha!)
out" <i. ? 1 yesterday MiorniuK
a' bis home on Sixth street of heart
trouble caused by .1 . . tnploaton of ds
oasfs Mr Finn xvjs 73 years old. hav
ing beet. born :n New Oi leans. Octoner
2.'. |xF". Ho resided ::i Mour.dsvilit
iMimn r.ear'x- seve:.(> vo.-irs lie xxai
':i the scxi-nth ri-Rimca: We-t Yir
H.it .. during the > ivil war and lost a
'.en ;ri flRli'ir.s ]!?? had i ???? n m til
health two year.-. Me is survived by
i:i-? wife. \|r?. Mella Finn. hut no otbet
near relatixes. Funeral services will he
hela a: the la'.- home Thursday exen
,:-S at '?T'. lb \ .' 1 S< o!t. |>astoi 1 I
the Fir~t M. K church officiating. Inter
men- n ill he prliatu Friday no ruing .n
Mount lb>sc remoteI x
Important MUlt Changes.
The ?n;lk bus n> s., o! the I 'nited I>
company and <" 17 I'e'ors has consoli
dated. :hr torn- r company getting con
trol. while Mr lY'er.- will a< t as inana
ire*- of the F". led p.,: 1 \ branch. The
ehai.Ce \<.,V elfee: -fc t-.il.ix \ il.HI>
s*"re. carrying a full litie ot dairy IT"
? I -1 ? v and halve. 1 p...'.is, will he operated
in * he I'efers huild.iig "ii S?i''i"l stre.-i
.sonii. Tne Mar. hall Pairv Products
formerly -he Purity Ic. Frc.un companx.
is hranchinc on; in the retail milk
husin. -s 11 nde? the management of ?>. B
Borate. The milk business of Harry
Uai Inn h.is been lake;, oxer a re I V
, wort: of da ? iiu. -Iiiuery has
.???<!? ? <1 ? t ? ?:??? ? * le.| tn ti.e hiuMitiK
? n Tenth freer
Many Depredations.
The j.otlct x\ ? I'e k.o't h-l-v l.i ? n-ttV
a Us XV eriiu;. ? :i 11 ~ from miuy rec;r|eiil.
who xxere victims of |>ranks .-mull
I ej ?. ?'ons derahle vit -. h ef w as done
?is ; > 11 st|.'i 11 x 'he on Halloween
Manx- 0J1; .dr->u ; n .-?s-i|mi.-? 'hr-xnaed
tfri-.". ?,i~* i*. ^ i* c. ..'.rat-l ? ?h?
oe.-as'o." A large rurrher of parti*'
xxere % he'd Se- e--,tl ?.pe. a! officer*
helped p't' 'he regular force
Boy Is Injured
Perry, fourte.n '.ear old son o' Mr
and Mr? K.it.w P i'-nier. is at u.f
t'rleMaU hosp suffering front Injuria?
sustained v hen i-e :r i t.ed and fell tr
front of ;? 1 a-,*-. n?.ir the l-'a ri 'n
school house V-.ndav night The box
had fit e ribs broken, an itilured head
a brtpsed i?c at.-l pressed !?>*? He u,
getting alo'c -TV oe |
Kill Boy Improvlnsr.
t.ee h.tl lv' K fooiball p ace's -x-h'
was -i.t'trsd Sun<In> a gun* a* 'A'heeh
'.C. is ceflriK a!o'c ta r'- well t th?
hospital he d'd n su?ta-n injuries hi
?eri?-iis as a' * rs* be I !e\?) and' he x?-;!l
be able "y pxxnie home n H f.> x d 1 x s
Education W??t
This xxyek i? be "c r?b?erx-ed as Kdn
?afloil U ?ek 11 the MoindSX H'e publt'
s-11 o. .1? --rarel's of p-ip-t* he. beep
? ?ix i?d to x - ? tl - s ' 00Is on WediiM
d.y Thursda". -r l-'ridav
Mission Study Class.
T'-e -r.'ss ot- s udx- of fndta under 'h?
d r ? ? ? ?. 1 ? t. oMr- t: H "latham will b?
hebi in the -nanse ,.?* :he Fir?? Pre*
vi.-r-an a-humh rhts af'ernoon at 2'3 i
The >t iss ; c -ndunted for one houi
ami x open to .invotif who wishes to i
.tf end
Muundsvll'.e Briefs.
Mrs " A Kerns ? f Jeff-ms-m awn-ie
:> spelling a few day mi the ir.oUIi
Mrs. Ida I luttkHts. : l.brar an -v .
1 g., ?.. '"larkshurg Friday t ? -.t-.-nd ?
' meet: He State !,:t.r.iry ;tss.'c::i
s:?n. k .,
Mrs ?"<* Stolt'en-.y:- 1-v.
Ha: t v Sat'P. have return.-.I t->
? ho a- Fiarkshurg nf--r v.v.ttt-.g Mr.
and Mrs I.e.- Sapn of P'opl.ir a\enuc
. There n? a litre a'tend.m ? ?'
Hallowe'en masquerade hall held hv '
i ; Tuesday Art- ? bib Inst ?-:u a
Tim-- the twentieth ann'v' rvtry !
elut? wa" celebrated
Porn Monday. Mr and Mrs Far!
, T. Kv.ms of Sixth <??<?"> t. a daughter
Utit'.i Mary
l.l'tle r?.,ra R :- hv <? !J ?' d:ph-i er a.
Mr< tr.e.- lless nf Manninrton i< vh
?tir.g Mrs- I K Seott a: the First M
1 K ehureh parsonage
Mrs Mar.fh P.sr-tr In- returned
fr.?m vis!tIntr r^l.i'lvrs .1 ? K!m >?r?^vo
l.itfte Ttuth \d.ims of Highland nve
?;ue is lit of pneunion'f
Mrs Bertha White l-.a returned ??
her lu-nie in IVvih.a'lti after c c :
'rieid< :ti Mmindsville
M-s .1 ]". Trferso" ef Wavnnt: -
B'dge continues er''-ral!v I '
I Mr? Miry Move" -f '"elite
; s home from vlselting her .-hidtm
, in I'enn't Ivatt'a.
The I e.-l cue of Wnrnn" Vote- ?? M
?neor -i -he >nro- -nn T^-c? -n '>:ilT*th:-?
i?'-ernoon at ?:Sh for "v- annual e|.-.
. Hon o' officers \-i .'d-e-< -.VlP !
, made hv <'baric*. F ?"?nrc"
Mrs Cede HrmpVfl '.<<?
; rjr.il": T n'ter \ "i s M- a-id Mr?
' Ft- Hern ph til a* Sot'l-ern ffer "1 nve.
The 'ea-u o* Ml S.Tr? 1 Is ho t-g w'o
Hrn-od a* St Fran.- ? Vive- | ??t ?
-htirch this ntcrnlni
Basketball Team Organized
Man nicer M. F.i-ta-td '1m ? organized a
iltaske'hii!| team for the rnnen; "m.-""
The team has had fev-rii practices
already and are g.ftlig in god -rim for
the games fhev have scheduled Mo
r Farland managed the pixte All-Star
baseball team successfullv Vast season
and hopes for a* m-jeh success front
1 the basketball team
' Baslx-ess Men Meeting.
The meeting of the business men "tod
fh? property owners of rente- R'n
i v\ o-d which in slteld in the cltv bulld
, ' ing Tuesday was largely attended
Squlr? lieecaT noted as eharrman . 1 *
I meeting was for the purpose of p-o.
festing "he erection of the bridge over
the rthlo river Thev derided 'hat the
bridge was not needed and u .11 maV?
? an effort to have eiv]pr-;l reiect the
i bridge company's proposal
Orchestra Frootlee.
The Moonlight s * orchestra u : 11
hold a rehearsal this evening at ti-o
? home of .John I.avte Ail the members
t are requested to be present as several
? matters of Importance will h" taken tip
? , at this time The orchastra has sev
' eral engagements booked
Union vs. Bridgeport.
The Union team will Jouroev to
' Bridgeport Saturday where n will meet
the Bridgeport team Th? eleven la
practicing hard and will be in good con- ,
j dttlon for the clash Coach lte-k Is
i making a good squad out of the local
boys and their practice Is of the best
k ind.
Attending reatlval.
Many of the local ctttsens attended
the festival given Inst evening In the
Kichth ward. Wheeling Street dancing
and all other amusements that go to
make up a Hallowe'en feet'VHl were
attended and many frollos were played
on unsuspecting onlookers.
X?*rg*? Attendance.
One of the largest crowds ever at
. tending a political meeting was pros
ent at the high school building yest-r
i dar afternoon to hear the address of
Mrs. Itotta Jewel Brown. The e were
several of the local Pemo'-rat.o candi
dates for office tlso present, who do
i llvored short addresses
Klght r?*Me Qulotly.
Although there were aeveri crowds
? of young bors out las- evening cele
brating Hallowe'en, nothing of t seri
ous nature was done that would ? atiso
alarm to the citizens of the town. Th?
crowds made a good hit of noise with
their tin pans and bells, but n-j prop,
e-ty was damaged The poller were on
J the* look-out for accidents hut ri"tic- oc
lenwood Briefs.
Edward Fotu.e ? has been compelN
to lay off work because of a badly cut
Mrs. Charloa MoM asters of Water
r E N (7 JtU K , \\ ill JL? Hi O J.
street ^"!!1 Ifaro Saturday for Wash- |
'tigtott. whfru she will spend soine '
? :n;e ?\ is;tiiii; relatives
I'au! Spring of MmjiuisviUe spent last
evening here visiting friends
<"ar! ii^i.l.n of Main sir-e- ha -> pur
!.ase,j a p..id , ,.u;.e
' >l:\e illes * lias returned home .liter
spending ? e\ ??! a 1 days in IV-trm: \ts::
'tig relative}!.
la a I'e'ersrm -a ill leave Saturday for
1 \t!. ? ori.'s. wiiete uiii make li;s fu
'i'!ii>:na> Kennedy is eonfineil to his
h "| a ,.| ||;gii ..'reei serlnuslv ill
Me .li d M s \ S l.rtiig e.f I'.Mitoren
.?is spi-..I ng several >|a * ? hei ?? visiting
t e a i i \ i . |.|| Marshall street.
I't'Tl S A 1.11? T?e-.ra h> t<Mi room h<> -e
sultah'e f? .j one ,ir rw.< families ln
.ate.l .it: Marsh.,!' Street. Me M e.hen
V'ell L'e.1-K Itenu itml. hetueen :i \ V?
atid i i. m o t. r-:'
Woman's club Meeting.
M. M .. ? McMo.-li. n "'.'..man'?
i ? '?? I ? *v :r rosul.tr nvxithb 1 i- .ne?s
:ti- o us :i :l<o l.ihrarv buibii'i: "ii
S?.\i>n*it -r-e: la*! rMMlinc A * tho roll
im I 'he ni.-?n.b> rs answered uuo'a
t."iis r>n muv e i?r art Th" tne.-tiug
u i- to hat i boon he'd iji I he ^??hn"l
:t 11 ? I.' t >r:: j: 11 Imt was 'itor chung'-d m
t h* I. lira rv bu! b!. tig
Council Meotinj.
Members ,.f tho town enure:! will
m? ? : M mavrV ? ?f?e? or. Marshall
r-'rce; Thursday evening where tiioy w 111
hold th":r eg i'at business session The
regular rout.!'*' of htisaii".' if " bo d's
po . r,f ?ftot which an\ -peeial mat
b.for* the I? ? >ri\ will bo dlrcusjied
Official Board Mooting'.
Mo,111...is of i).o oftVlal hoard o' tho
"'hr'slian ci^ureh will nipet in tho par 1
? f iii.> .hnrdi Saturday evening
n hope thov w;'! hold tbo'r regular ?
moirhly business session Ma'ters per j
'airing to tho welfare of !hn ohurob
will bo r|! sou seed
Halloween Party postponed.
T'.o 1 lalloiv'^'n party that ".is tr> be
e von by d \ *i n No 1 of i.h* F.adies
\:1 society r?r :he I'irst M F ohurob
i ns boon postpone.-) until Thursday even- j
11 i sr. owing to tho death of o-e the
members Mi's Parkor Tho part;.- was
to ihave been licld at the home of Mrs
Scott t'hajiibers of Flghth street.
Ladles' Aid Society.
Member? of division N"o " ot t.he
T.adles' Aid fpeietv of the First M F
'?hurcji. will meet n' th* home of Mrs
Searlor.. The regular business of the
eve-.'ng w-1' pe .'1 sp'-rr| of flt'er wh'c.h
a social hour wi.l .'-e enjoyed
All Day Session.
Members ..f 'he ladles' 'Vd society ,
of t.'te Chris* ian church will hold their
regular wetitly all day session in the
church Thursday Quilting and needle- :
work will be the features of the day SO?
sl'.n. wh'Ie at night the ladies will hold
a us in* s ses-i ?n nl trie close of which .
a luncheon w ;tT be served
Serve Supper.
The members of th* I.ad!*s Aid en
r:e*\ of the t'hUTPh Of '1 ori will serve a
afeteri.i supper at tSe home <if Mrs. (
c ]) Marple of Eighth street. T.htrrs- j
dav ?' eiilng Tho supper will he .served
front 5 o'clock
Christian Servlcus.
n*v r \V Fuller of the Fhrlsfian
church, will lake fop the Hllhjoc.t of his;
sertnon 'hi? e\en!i'.g at the prnver meet
ing service. "The I.ove of Chrtat." Rev
Fuller has spent om? time on this J
sermon and It will he Interesting as well j
as Instructive.
Pythias Meeting.
Members of the Knights of Pythias
will mwi In their hall on Marshall street j
Thursday evening, where they w 11 hold I
their regular weekly business session.)
After the business of the even.- g has;
been disposed of a social hour a.11 he j
McMechen Briefs.
Mr and Mrs H. U laj'es are the
pr"u<! parents of ? bahy girl Mother
t?nd baby are doing well.
Mr. and Mrs John Rlgc* ?nd son.
John. Jr. of M:Jdlebourtie are visiting 1
relatives hofe.
John Cm na etc and Mr Stocking of
Fifth street, are spend.ng s'une time In
N'ew York.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rupert and son. ,
Howard, w II Return to i.V r home In
Sharon. 1'a . after spending some time j
here visiting fr.ei.ds,
Mrs. ciiarle* <*iarl;e is w'.diisW ill at I
her home on Marshall street.
Mrs Itay MeMahan of it. Ha re. !?
spending a short t.me here visiting
Mr. and Mrs. John Fader and son are
visiting friends In 1 toll a Ira.
Roy St robot* continues ill at his home
on Seventh street.
FtiR SAT.F?Desirable ten room house.
suitable for one o? two families, lo
eated on Marshall i-treei. McMechen.
("all rtl. - II Kenwood, be: ween P A. M
and 1 I' M Octl'7-1 |
Many Cases Heard in |
Belmont County Court
The case of Ohio against Moses Whits '
colored. indicted fur murder 2n the sec- i
Otid degree was li.sposed i,f yestcrilav '
in Helinof.* Uounti < cmmpn pleas court. I
when the defendant cnt.|ed a plea of i
guilty in manslaughter. The murder
part of the Indictment had previous':" j
he en nollied hy the court at the reiuest ;
of tlm prosecuting att irney White was
sentenced to serve from fU e to twen'v 1
years in the state penitentiary at Col-|
White p!end< d cmliv to having killed
.lame< l.ew also 1 o'o: ? ?! h\ shooting
him with a shot pun. itt Marten, on May
H h. Tin- shooting me the aftermath'
of a booze p;i'rty held at the la wis home.
I.ewls was shot in the thigh and wn?
taken to the North Wheeling hospital,
inhere lie dad i'rntti the loss of blond.
"i" . ..ise of tdiin ,'ii:.i!i!'t Mike Urban,
indicted !'??:? eiuiiiic or titahh.ng with in '
tetu to kill or wound, m.is nollied a-,
the rennet t ot" the prosecutor.
I Tank Murlz, indieted for assault and.
battery, entered a plea of guilty tu the
charge, and via m 1 tlfteen dollars and
costs by the com t.
t'.irl \ Hainan, indicted for carrying '
cnticealed weapons and for shooting at
with illicit to kill or wound, entered a
p'e.i of guilty to carrying concealed
we. 1 lion's ami w sent.-need to pay a
One of one hundred dollars and coat
Til ? setiten - v. as - depended on aeeonai
of ;in. .ie -tituie . ? : d 1 "ii of A1 la man 's .
I'm .,!? at M <'' ? OS, ih The other In
il:e 1 ii;? nt Was . , d off the docket.
The ease of ''I'lii against II N" I'ro.ss. j
lev. of l.ansij.g. |ii<l:c!ed for assault and '
battery, was the tirst of the criminal.
1 a-c: I.. I? ti led by a jury It took two
h.-urs to try the ease and the jutv ?j
* .'. ii hut a w in:nut' s before re
I'll ?l: Ii K a ' ? dl I of !i"l KUllt.V.
Deeds for Record
.( i- a :',<| V g 111 ? '. "ig. in Joseph and
\n" 1 lone !??' 1'iase Townshln. '
1' . del at 1?? 11 ; c'h
I'il.lt'i ?; Me'iii.rr 'o ttivii 1" Work I
? ml !? ugi 0 M p'ai la <1 I .v*t" n
I ..a ? 1 . ? .. U r.t 1 ico .|.-ra 1 o il * IM
l; |> Ikon n ' . i > 1 g ? ?:. 1- M ? l-.ir a ?? d
bnd \ ?. as '1 Wail 11. in J acres it Mow
II Map I ."nt " onsidera t inn liroe
.lolui Mid It'll l'.i -marc to J A
a acr-'s In Klchl.-ind Town hip. i
1 'on > de ra 1 inn $ 1
Mridgei t'olllnw to ApinlneftA Tpm- |
p j r| n north half of lot I* In block IS
In peMaire ("on sider* t Ion ?)
Tolip an* Morgue' Msd?r to PSs, I
??tr '? "1 Ma 11 m - l?rrv (~opstd??.
?' ,Nn 11
E. C. Boyd to Owen Jon?* )? ta
' JA 1 , JN V/ > JJJ Ji ij u J.? ?
Martins Kerry. ("en-.deration J!
.1 a t n e s A an ) Thonta li. Koehn' li -
ft al t.> Maty M Hilton lots !"!? a* 1
i??? 7 in Martins l-Vrry 1 ?.?iisni'-rat i-ui 51.
William >",? t:ir 11 t? ? Sar.iii .1 Smith. lots
?i ami " :n .? i ? I !;i l'!a.-> ?m ?-? i ? l?-i.?t: >n
.< j Anno
\inn/.o M atn'l Am;.i Sri, '<< Hi !"?'
n ml l>ni-v If.iC. ]<?: l';:|ii:.i>- l-.v..;
-ii.|?. ' deration Ji.
.1! IT.us;.m r.. Mai k.h -M lb u. Ions
"t ii I'nlttH-i T? ? w j; -s jj; p. i ..n> d' r a: I >li
One Case Today
'?i!\ . rtnitna! rasa r. mains f.>r
tr.a! .'la i ami that is ohm 'Kiiin-t
Arrha- Ultra II. was i ?i ? 1 i ??: -.-?J f-?r
etlttihii slai.'. tlR Wltll ir. !??!.! !" h I
or w " in'1. Toe ,.11;-v ? as.-a ; t..r irril
toil...- ?>.?!. I ..f 1 I-St. : .lav. hy
the ' ? iar.I ? i.!* I.i r.K an:!! y.
Mr? M ?i W !-.. . ami da nithlcr Mr?.
n<???( I'i ?.1| er.iertain a nnnilier
of friends < ri Kri-lai afi'-riif"?i The
nffa : Hill I"- a e nelmk laneiieoa
ar.l a very enj..>ah!e time ;s ant'i.-i
|>ale<l j
Y. P. B. Social
The -o-at Y 1- r: 1-sl'l a s..r:.V in Hie
niul t-.r.-ini of the >e?| house, veste"
dnv 'veninir \ lame i-phkI was 'n at
feinlanee a-d a lure bt nRi a in was iar
rieil out 't.-freshmejit - u ere .served it*
a : ?*>.??;y hour -
Attorney II T '!'? lie'-, re. wa -
ta town ves'er'lav on business,
Khnrle* li.. e. r.elntont, was in
i.?w in \ esterdav re- business.
The Women's Mi??tonary Sr.eletv n'
the 1'resh* re: ',an eli'ireh will observe Its
tll'leth anniver.-avy la the ? '..???< 1 ? Thurs
'lav .i ft .Troii and eeentriK Kitie no.
grrams have been .irianced for e.vh ses
Attorney '1 K \\ ttrn of It. a re !
wa a e-wjrt h'?n: e vi .'t-f here ye.' te ?-i
M'-s Angola Km u enter's r.cd th<* [
Mount rjr t'hsilla! i*l i]l? of Wito'l ]
ing, en Monday afternoon. n: h?r h.>nie
on North Main : Follow a I.? i -?
ness tre?'it it. dellghtfu' re-'r.-. "i ? ?" 1 S
were served.
T I Humphries ?M.> the sp'-il.fr at I
fh?* K i warns club on Tuesdav ,?-.>{ "Its I
russod the topic. "Poos. Kdu's' ... f .\- i
T.s is e.iucat <-.u work a> .) \;- |t mi I
phne>' t.a!k was thor< ucht\ " t'vo l. I
Three member* of tho It - V ? ? 1 ?i:. i or- I
also prosopt and cave a br ?f, repo-t .t j
*.h? convention h?ld )as: '?..?? k to Park
"rshurc Tlio pr'ros for i!io week were
awarded to .tno R K'.*en. 1 I Pc\ai;
druggist A foal roport of the ? TVom j
anlcss Wed.JTng" *?;?< road showing '
?otal not profits of ?"tio 11
Excellent Lecture.
To nop of tlio im ?i r audiences
thai could l.o assembled tYei lyhijrg.
Pr Hostor. president ..f i "haURiiqua In
stitution. public -t. -p. .-;.I, >1 I) Hiiro
poan political affairs, traveler and man
of nffn o. delivered his lecture ">p
"Problems of the Near Kast "
Pr Hosier spoke from first hand
knowledge, having hut recently returned
from this section of ihe world. Mis lec
ture .had special reference io i 'onstanii
nople, the "tilth" so to spe.ak of the pres.
rnt world situation. The lecture tvas re
markably comprehensive in its delinea
tion of the relation of the various
European powers to Constantinople, and
their vital concern. Indeed the very
future of civilization Itself lies in the
proper solution of the question of Con
stantinople TTe PRid particular atten
t'on to the Angora government headed
hjr Mestapha Kcmiil Pa.sha, Just now so
much In the current rlstorioal news, the
"man of the hour." so to speak
Twig1 Meeting1.
The Iycnf Twig met Monday afternoon
with Thomas J. sherrard of North Main
street Luncheon waa served at one
o'clock followed by the regular .hospital
Wellebnrg Brief*.
TV. M. Miller, an employe of the
Wellsburg Steam Laundry. Is ill of pneu
monia at hie home on Bethany pike.
Prof. Anna R. llournt of Bethany, was
a TVeilshurgr \Tsitor Monday.
Miss Ethel 'Mover of TVoIlsvlMe, Ohio,
who has heen visiting her sister. Mr a.
Bay Jamison, has accepted a clerkship
in the Murphy S and 11 cent store.
Rev. It. P. Andrews was a business
visitor in Plttsburch Tuesday morning.
Mrs. Ora McC'rcary of Commerce
street, and Mr.* Harry Arbrogast and
::<1 r? n of Tupnly-.-find street, \
.M'-mI.i ? ? !i relative- in West Libfrtv.
'? M Wad-lb- ? Heile.vue, Ia . has ?
i ?? f 11n.-tj li.ii:>'' after a short visit n!th I
"i.?? >'? ia:..I I'.-ia: ? s in Brilliant anil |
l>i?ii. 1 ma : son Mr an.I Mr." Ma/-!
It-' i:..i;;r:. ? si-1" oil sly ill a*, t !i?? |
J?? ? ju? - nairnts on Bethany pike
Mi>s |ii.i Tarr >>f near -Brilliant. Ohio.
. -.t.-.i :: W.-llsiiirK ami Wheeling M--n
? lay. at. il.-'.vn ??? :.'>?? ??. 11? ? Valley Oen
? i.. . is-i ?:! :i I. win-re a relative. Mtss
I.ai.; lair, was su-ressfully operated
i ".'li-niai. Cox returned home r-. ently
afi.-r a f> w .lavs \ i* r in \kroti. Ohio.
Ill- was a(.-e?>rnpaii:e.| Itntiii- i.y his niece.
Miss \unaiii'il.- Alleniaii. who has been
\ ,s. Mrs C!\.|i- I.one of Akron.
-'??iii: I phnin a ,.| family have moved
fr--:n tin- Craft iu-lise on Mlph street
? . the I S. Applceate property at 2.4.'
Mariana street
Mrs ll.l Corse of Buffalo District,
i a-- umonc the WellsburK shoppers
Tin-.day alterno .n
Mr. ami Mrs. I'.re-t Carman have re
turned li'-ti.e from ?> several weeks' werl
n't-tt trip spent in the ea-t.
c l> Kyle w.i a business visitor in
' *? lis- Tu-.-ilay.
Mr \n y \nij* ews an'I son. Bay. j
? ??' Bait .in..re MM. are -. istling Well--. |
fl'l- l.-'ls f->r a few days
M ? A man-la Oshurn of \"a 1 in. Pa
irrivi-il .n Welishuru Sun'Iay f--r a v.sit
with he- eon: m, Mrs. Melissa Meh-n of
v..rti, t'harles street
W v 'C.i-., nr Be'levije pa ar
? i| M -1ida> afternoon for a few days'
: ? t.'i "-Ai'llsburp friends.
S of N'orth Chav'.e*
? ir--ef. Ii.i ptn-S.'ceij the Blankensop
at the e-.rner of "-."nineteenth and
Clinrle-- street .mr] will -tar- immediate |
1 \ -o build two flve-roemeil modern j
'railie house-:.
Mr ..it.I Mrs it IT (iaylord. eh:ldr?n. j
l. -u -e and M M .1 r. and their nurse,
re-ijrr.rd li.-oie Tuesday morninp from a
>u i-v-biful two weeks' sta yat Atlantis
Sowing Hold.
T1'* ],rl meeting of the S*wirig
i '<???<;>rw*fir?t? of th* Bannock nnir was
? r'li ,r ?h* basement of th* icm'ht
\i,.? i,(. church on Thursday. In
th" Hh.-**i? ? *? i mrs iv. I. armstrong, |
.no of tii* managers. Mrr F. P?'aid-,
11. b;<.| . Iiarge ir full, w ith ?h* roun-?
m horn* demons'? ition agent. as in- j
struof'T Til* <- ? . rs* will mns'.st "i i
fi\e )ss,t.r.. i ill h* given free to '
?h* m*m:iir>. of 'i? farm bureau eho
?? >h to tak* '|i* ,'oiirs* and any others
uhnm 111*y mtgh ehnos* to hav* i*nt*r. I
This* pr*s*nt '>*r? M*?darn*? F. F.
i-ald??H. <"lar*r.** <'iark. 'V A <"a 1 d- I
??*;?. M t I'linard. Roli*rf Fopeland. !
Fraig Frio*. M T.. Price. .1 F Do'idna, ]
Samuel Taylor and If F Murray. I
Miss*-; Rntli Daniels. Klizahefh Paid- I
isrl! n.vli*' Wolfing and Frances Up**.!
S. v. r-a who had started ?h* emirs* '
li*ii!g unable to h* present a' this l*s- .
Entertain Friend*.
Mr? P. R. Caldwell entertained on I
Wednesday at a 12 o'clock dinner, hon
orn g In r frlrr.ii. Mrs. Anna W. Junkitis ]
of i ?oiumbiis. u ho t.? visiting with |
triends in town. Th* Invited guests be
ing M*adatn*s Anna W Junking. W. L.
Hayes and !?". P. Caldwell, and Miss
Kniily Nichols.
Fee. . . . 24.25 24.37 24.15 24.21
Baldwin Loco. 132* 132% 129 129 %
Lecture Course.
The first number of the lecture
course wan given In the Presbyterian
churchy Monday evening. The enter
tainers for the evening being the Lin-j
coin Jubilee singers, who came highly I
recommended, and gave an entertain- |
ment consisting of music, both vocal I
and instrumental, and readings, which
was much enjoyed by all. The course
is given by the Allen Lyceum bureau
of Lima, and will consist of four num
bers. the next being Byron M. King,
who comes here December 22.
Visit "With Friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Munn and three
children and her mother. Mrs. Frank
Barton of Cloreraln spent one day the
firs', of the week with her friends, Mr.
and Mrs. W. L. Hayes and family, local
Temperance Addreea.
Mrs. H. P. Lee of St. t'lalrsville will
he present at the Methodist church on |
Wednesday evening and address the 1
voters in the interest of voting on the |
temperance amendments at th* coming 1
election. A full attendance of both old
and young men .end \y>mcn is desirad.
Spend Day in Town.
Mm* Robert Belts of Flushing. In
company with her father, William
t\ lull*, -p. ,it Friday at t'he home of the
la:ter'sister. Mr and Mrs. T. E Boyd,
ai,d a No with li;s nieces. Mrs. Edwin
l.yle of ti'-.n New Athens. Mrs. J. K.
Whisseu and Mrs. Arthur Harris, local
resilients. who were spending the day
at th-lr parents' home.
Bannock Brief*.
Mtss Elizabeth Caldwell and aunt,
Miss Emily Nichols, in company with
the former's sister. 'Mrs. Robert Mc
t?r.i\v of near towi>. spent Thursday dn
Mahlon Nichols spent Thursday at
the home of his daughter, Mrs. A. M.
Lodge and family.
Miss Margaret Hummers spent tha
week-end with T. H. Stoffel and family
In St. Olairsville.
Miss Bva Payton, who was called *?
Mr. Vernon. O.. hy the serioua illnesa
of an aunt, and whose death occurred
latet. has returned here after remain
j ing and attending the funera^jf service*.
Ernest Moore spent the ^week-end
| with his family at Quaker City, O. i
I 'Mrs. Edward Lodge has been quit*
j ill at her home suffering from an at
| tack of tonsilitis. j
| Mr and Mrs. Milton Wilson and habr
i of near Holloway. spent Wednesday
I with their aunt -and husband, Mr. and
j Mrs w. M. Brokavv.
New York. Oct. SI.?Local firm* doing
hhsln?s? with Mexico an*! the various
rt?partmi'ntii of the Mexican ffv?rnm?nt
were unable today to rtft'rminc how far
I President Pthregnn's order to .suspend
. all commercial relations with \'?T York
business firms would affect their Mexi- ?
ran business
Most of the firms furnishing st?el and
railroad supplies to the Mexican gov
I ernment have only local office^ here,
j Officials of oil and mining companies
I doing ^business in Mexico, and having
I their headquarters here, refused to com
! ment on the order, until they had re.
i reived from Mevioo Pity official con
firmation of the government's inten
| Hons Export firms doing business
j with Mexicans as individuals said the
i order would not affect their relations
1 so far as they could determine at this
j time.
[ The Mexican consulate, trhieh wax
'closed last FYidgy as a .protest by The
j Mexican government against the grant
: by Xew York courts of a writ of attach
! merit against its funds in connection
j with a. suit for damage? of the Oliver
j American Trading eompnny. still re
i mained closed tonight. The order \S?
[ ea? tng the nrlt of attachment against
i the consulate was furnished the attor
neys for the Mexican government today
and It was stated that orders to reopen
the consulate were momentarily expect
ed from Mexico City.
| Bt*ta*boro. Ga., Get. 31.?The ca??
[of :Ellott Padrlck. young Methodist
[ minister on trial In superior court hers
for the murder of his mother-in-law,
I Mrs. Mamie Lou Dixon, was given to
| the Jury at 11 o'clock tonight.
| After completing his charge Judge
J. B Park, presiding .at the trial, told
I the Jurors to go to bed and consider"
[ the case tomorrow.
I Mayfield's Name To
J Go On Texas Ballot
j Dallas. Texas, Oct. 31.?The civil
court of appeals this afternoon ordered
get aside the {tenrTHfra.ry restraining
order granted by Judge A. M. Blackman
Saturday, to keep the name of Earle
R Mayfield off the ballots as the Dem
ocratic senatorial candidate.
F. P. Jones Co.
Whg. 550
A "Sure Cure" When Hens Don't Lay?Read and
Follow These Directions?Study the Picture
i r rrr-wi
.ROOSTS I || t-gfj;
Place straw one foot deep'on floor?Have grit, charcoal and
oyster shells in hopper; water in fountains.
Vitality Egg Mash in the feeder before the fowls at all times.
Don't allow the hens to go without the Vitality Egg Mash for
hve minutes?Keep the Feeder filled?At 4 o'clock in the after
noon. feed one quart of Four-O-Clock Scratch Grains to each
one dozen fowls, scattering it in the litter to induce exercise.
Don't feed any other way, and, my. how the eggs will cornel
&UJ4 U-.UA f.|
Be sure the signature of Albert Angelf
Jr. is nn every sack of Vitality Egg
Mash with our guarantee of absolute
satisfaction when fed according to
d t r e c t ions
Send or call for a copy of "Scientific '
Poultry Feeding and Management," by
Albert Angell Jr. Contains monthly egg
record and account sheets and tells you
what to do and what not to do.
F!_M r,Rf?vW. W VA
Phrr>? Elm c>r?v* nq
i ill'ijji?9 ?1 ?Jfllllii 11 j'1
m | I.; 11 tj ^ ?7m | | |
? Headache
Stomach Trouble
I Announcing
j the addition
of the
a i; rcni.Ks n < i w
ST!\M>S IN i?ri; snow
ROOM \w MTINi; \ ?>1 U
INsi? i;< TioN.
Republic Molor.Co.
Market at 23nd
Phone 157
i ? ? !l
Could Bond
Bread be
fluffier ?
The answer to above question will
appear in this space tomorrow.
Yesterday's Question: Could Bond Bread be
^ softer?
The Answer: If under-baked, Bond Bread
would be softer. But discriminating
people want bread that is well-baked,
for it keeps fresher, tastes better and
nourishes more healthfully. Those vir
tues far out-weigh mere "softness."
[pWGRm 11

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