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travel HIU Rrestrtont Boost Bond Issue
Proposal To Provide M^nfy
Tor Purchase.
vi i, ' >r cbs*- of
* :r.o,Je; n fire * .'ii*'X f'T ??ravel H'..I
?nd a p.tr ' ? \c. i ?' .1 * -If
rar'r c* ce r> b*- Vatne-l from citizens
of r. ' lite - :y council author
's*1" '.????" * -Sue TV 1 ?ia t a:u ?'
manor * "u ha* not boon determined.
O':* ? "' V '.1'\ c V| rs ee-J ? 'l.V'O,
<"!t! :s :i-? c . n ' ' . k -1 *:?> ' ho
nv?. - 1 n ? j:i< n~ ide t'*at
v a;.. r>v.dv ! ? >-,* the
inn?i>v ? ? \ the aw :"?v ?.!
of rotti*:?.
It t r "tnted oat thv Oravt Hill is
'*t (Vre n<e.l of * res: !ir? truck. T.ie
fee; .. v wre-k. Ti an
swer-. : c ?n ?>' ?? u .? fetv Ins .1
Kvr! r. : -?< --tv u-e at thai sw.-'n
was m la taken for a painter's equipment.
S<"? rr.? o.' tl? ofil.-'i!* were In favor cf
a chemical and *;{>se truck for 'bat sec
tion "o 'eoia e "be wrecked Peerless.
Ora\- >!!!! reside-:.* are srk'is f -r o
pumper am! a -fi: truck They have
signlf.".! their w" to sdvf'f
the nor ev * "h* -i'y ?o desires, but art
asking t r rcl fire protection.
K'e-it'->r * were y rented cottnc!' re
eer many signature? askirt0
7* ? > - :>3 a' pa'- 1 at the -nee* -g
-?? -*niwc The pre sen' equip-1
n.e.at. a i' ? !. which ??? K,V'r than the 1
we - i ?. .???iT I cope with a
?:>: it >,?;? delay*. which a*e very
pr h ? !? -eve <r:?e *- -n the other
v,Tp-ieru mich? re--:".' ti a disastrous
fr- Tie !nv? -f tb?> avi"?c? in'
ttin :????- *' th? :ty wotxld an alontl
way t? M.T-! pai V t; *i 1 e .?.?>?: f a n-w I
Are truck. !
t Pr dvbv 1 . >t as nt ;eh * *?
? 1-* truck !?? ?> r i'rot v.-aifon for 'he |
police. Some of the oouncilmen have j
bec-i v r>str j 1 pro.ie.-t for many!
fttcv-v, ?,?? ? a.A t'ttlo progress ,
I'r 1" '"everv roeiden', realizes ti?
peed .1' patr'l Ua?Co <1 til ? peclai'j*
fh -?> ln 'he otitic" s d'strlcte
T'.ie 'd patro'. bomht bv th? police
r*:;s:cn *-:nd, wa? ji b's ,te?e* to the.
C"y as well v> the police d?rsrtrneiit,
Bv nse of 'he patro', raids wr-e mad*;!
poh**er;.'... frustrated O" th!rv?? cap- I
t'ircd accident J>''f!e:i*i iiastetied to ' je
bn?! the c ? y *offers enriched
T'i.> p<d; o ?lepartmout :n '^"l^
br. it ? In i-i'it.i r?' ne threiik- i fines
e"d co-te to pay the '.ihr'e^ of tiie
M!ir?,ps|!(f dopartmen* A balm -e re-1
Tntl Re.I in t' e f.|Pci Hfd 't M.ll t'je ? 7*
reo" n * " ? o!d council to purclci.-c
e "eiv p;!*roi ivacop. Since tha? time.
7t "in his be->n t???!"sfe-rcd in'o tin*
fund and tho patrol forgotten except by
-the -o"' -c and a few of the <-.frtc!a!t<.
Ir.rpect. Truck.
Direct r t< hn dohnson ard j
Ftro ?' iff c trlc.s ciratz were ,v nvir
to; ~.--erda> at' ruoon. u he re th? notv
Cackard ' re ? ;% recently purchased <
by that tow:: was demonstrated. Thoy
?ap-. ,-eu their approval of the pumper
nfiie' sells for ahout S^.'i'lO. It Is j
equipped with a rotary pump.
Small Pox Cass.
On- c.i>e of smallpox lias hern dis
cover d fn Shady side and County
Health Commissioner Pew is taking
[ p-eeauflons to eus-d against th* rpread
jo' the \ four-vear-otd ehtld
I tri the Davi.s family has the disease.
Legion Notes.
P*i;a'r? post Anici .> hi; t.*jj'en h-vide
! ? meeting .M- r rlay even!"* :n i'??* he.vl
j U':srt?rs '?> ?'?' cl'y building and offl
f >r ?t e castling >?. r will uojui
! fuit-i.
Th ?- r?'v wembesh';' 'Mrds m;
i Amer: an f.eg:on f ?- the .! 'Z->
j have 1>~?11 rec*':ve?l l>v |i^1i of -
The post Is making preliminary
plans the rjttp.p.itpn t'>?r 'he s111* e
I lor memorial. which wil' tec <? I i ? . vt
j M?v *?jr m?n?< a ..per
A v:.g ?! i f e I,- ?
i matter.
A; ut twenty five ,?i ex-servic
men ? " v e.' their b. nus hc.'ks from
??>.?> ,'Tf "?'.im.'.'i, r!-|?art men' during
' he p i: ? w ? e'?
To Condemn l.nnd.
? ?{'??? > "? i' A W.cMe!! ?
day entered proceedings in cunnon pleas
? coin: condemn th- tr.i a ,,f land tn
Trumbull stieet owned by I.. K. La
i R <-jie s* 1 re-i'tlre<! by t-' ,;v tor road
' purposes. The .'I tt'S t: V the
'owner .s at: tig too much the prop?
! ebty a' -! ?!?-:r * t> have ?h.? ?mtin a;>
. point a jury t < fix .t f r.r price. The
ct"v des!:*.- *h laid order tu elimln
a'e the sharp turn, known a? T'elkey'x
1 curve til the R" k iilll phld Will h Wj?;,
I recently improved.
Community Christmas,
i A:;;cr:c'ts duo. Kivvanls club. I*--:
? lodge of Llks anil the Ma son r. ar- form
| dating plans f r a Community Christ
I itvis ttee r. r the po->r an.l needy of this
I city. *?. will b placed on the -tagi*
j th.- T?pipie the itro on th" Sunday pre
t ceding Christmas and gifts, useful as
1 well ,.s amusing. w'l' he s ?*n the poor,
j \ piog atti will be reniered In counec
i t;on with the event. The societies will
1 C'-ntinue their generous practice of
.-ending baskets of foodstuff to the
| poor at Christinas time. On December
| t the Amerlcus club p'ap.s to entertain
| the children of the city with a motion
picture show *? 'he Elk Grand theatre.
Fraternal Events.
J Mt. Morlah lodge, b* .i \ M. wtf
hMd a batnjuet in th" dining room ..f
, M nets' temple on Saturday eve
tiinf, November t'5. C. Forte- o'
?'uoibits. gram* ma?"r of ft,., ,.o' wed
Masons, will d liver the prim pal nd
;1 re.se
.VTe-nb,-rs "f the 1'allnn Masottb- so.
e'ette. .>f Hellatre and surroui'dtng
towns r* ? tj *.><.-?. a '.H!i'tu#i In t''e Min
S'JI'Ih a ftern-von. N.sxent
t-e- fk. Ohio. AV"'t Virginia and l>nn
?? Iv.ati'a ]'idg"s have beep Invited. \
l.j- n g wllj be held In H' lg> pot f
pr'",- t ? fh" band"*'
Powar Rate Case.
Matters per'alplng ' > th. power v.i'e
| ca?e will be tak"'? up hv F V WaddelT.
ojt v s-'lio'tT i? t "ntwnvh'i* fo,ta-.
(?harfees 'o seft'e the ease a"d z -' a
t.>W"er rate foe Rellalre a;e -aid to b"
\ cry good Ti'e ?-Jt> wl'l tight the
1 present I led ?" it-'? charjred by t' n
VVheellng Allertr'c company, before tV|0
yitate T'tllltlep coninii.-slon n Th"
? ??mpany has ?eenrcd temporary tj;
lunctlop r.-^tr;,!n:r.g the cltv from eti
t'orolne 'he n-dian-e -M'n'lr; th"r??ti
ab' tjt h" j?e- iv>nt.
Return Today.
M liliam Tlov. j'h'? vlce-p-esld' nt and
l -ank l."dvlt'ki. president of the sub
district of miners will return today
fr mi Washlttgt.m t> c Tliov were h?
fo-e ?lte fnt"r?tuto C??innicrc? c'rttni'.s
| s op In an effort to relieve the ear
i sl?o-tage th;,; V.as hatidle.ipped the en.
' itatloti of ;h>- mints m this state.
Tnnerai Tomorrow
i Funeral services over th.- remains o'
1 the ia*et Mrs. Caroline Workman, who
| d'od. Thii"sdav niornlng in her home en
i Hamllfon street wjij j,? conducted In
1 her late home --unday afternoon at I to
j o'clock. Hurlal w : 'I be made In the
Dav!< ?emcierv on Winding Hill.
Many Licenses
William ratnpbeil. townsim- " ?
|made a .tat. re.-oH In WW*
having an average "t n'
Health Commissioner
Pr It H^nUoty. .tat. health com
missioner will be in Fellalra oa TVecm
b^T'f.r a conference with county ,r
city health authorities. In the pven'"*
...^pr William Shepherd will also de
liver an address.
Underwood rnnw&i
Fun.rat ..rvicea for *lio lat? Wti'l im
T'ndewood. who died Thursday aft.
no.r, in his hm.- a' Scttn will Nt ;on
riM-tfd Sunday afternoon a? ocloe
late home. Burial will be made n
; ?h. Me. /ion ??enietery.
Suter Fun eat ^
This aft.noon a' - o'clock, K?y. "W.
Hun." raster of th. South F.lla-re
E church will conduct the f'n.ra- s.r
?V 'ocs for Mrs Anna Sut.r who d'.ed Wcfl
nesday evening in ho ^e horne on
ftour.h Beimont street Burial wilt b?
made lu the Rose Hill cemetey^ Me
be* of the Pythian Sisters and the
Paughters of America of which the de
ceased was a member conducted their
n^rvlc^g last fvonlnx
Enjoyabl? Tv*n*i
Veto her 9 of th. Mu'i-. l.i'.ratur. and
art ? lub .nte-rtalned ttie'r husbands and
friends. last evening with a chicken din
ner jn Welcome Inn at Lloydsvllle. lh?
trip to and from this city wvo made in
Bellaire Brief*- (
r a Greenfield I* reported quite III
In hla home ut? North Bolmont street.
Mr and Mrs. E. B. Renwtoh of Akron
are the guests of local friends and re
latives ... ?w
John Kampfer of Clar'.ngton la the
guest of frl.ndn ard relatives In th s
clrv. .
Mr and Mrs Ororga F.bner and son
has.'returned to SteubenvlUo after a
visit in thli; <*tty.
Miss Alta Simmons has r.fu-ned o
Moundsvtile after a visit with local
Richard Maff.o of South Belmont
strce* has returned from a several
months' visit In Pal" .
Miss Martha Simps'* rf Pit'-hurgh
has returned home after a \la,t In
South Bet'.alr?.
Mr and Mrs Prank Neff of Nef? =
have gone to Toronto, Canada. 'o at
tend a dry conference.
Mr and Mrs. W. It. V-atklns have
returned to Cincinnati aftnr a visit with
tc.al friends.
The Catholic PaurMsra of Awrl-t
entertained with a dance tart evening
in the Zwe'.g building.
Miss Marguerite Frank of Shadyslde
hue accepted a position In Blum Bron.'
_\jr RR^ >rrH. William M a saw an erd
Mrs. Anna Schtndewotf have returned
from an extended auto trip.
n?uh.n Martin, n ho has b??n PI 'a
his home on Twenty-sixth -Test, ??
Improving. .
P.oh-rt Carson. Jr of For+y-first
?tree*, has resumed his position wt'h
the Wheeling lelegraph and accepted
.as lorjat correspond.p* ror ths
Wheeling N-we
Fred Hell <-f Marl"'* Is Fr?od'og a
few days vtii local r.Tatlv.s nn^
Mr. and Mr?. PI- r P.humak.r
Braddock are the g-i.s-s of re'attv.s in
p.Hairs and vtclnlt
Word has h..-i re.'?lv.d he-. from
Paltimor.. Md . the serious Mln.ss of
Sidney G-'O'lu n,,n of Mr. and Mrs
Mat. GoMwIn , r Ro?e Hill
Miss H?!ep Marling .pf-r'alned U-e
mem here of ?h. FtdePs .-'.ass of 'he
Presbyterian church In h?r hop-, .n
tta-r!"?n sir'.' las' evening.
Homer A!-bar and family, of Travel I
ITl'l a--. Fperidlf'g the w.e'< end tn Col- I
ijmh-js ? J
Candidates at the recent election must
file their expense account* with the de- !
pijtv supervisor* of .lections fodnv. ?
The Iron work for the thtrd and fourth
stories of the n?w First National back
building will be erected today
Members of the H'gh s-hooi football
team will witness th. Wbeeling-Park
ersburg rame this afternoon
The Ftubenvauch barb*r eh?p |
p.lmont s-re.r opposite the pa-k w!
be abandoned after today. Mr. STuh.p
raunii and aoo. Sana have formed a pai t
' nershto with Ern?st Mooney will
I operate ?Ur shop In the city building
The Peerless Athletb s>. u colored te.un
will play ill" Kl"" Millet!"*. > -mposed
r>f former high plaier . Sundae
; a?*?'riioi>n at Rlvrrview Park.
The im?? of William Pre" fed and
Lylta P. Wright ? iiarged \?l;li <" .tbtia
t ?! va.< settled out ??!' i OUJ ' i o wo
man agree-l to return to 1<?>r h i.-oand
a'i'l th" 'n il, p.itil tii" -I'f-t .. i tie ? a s"
The th'rd degree was f>n'err"l upon
a class of' 1S candidate* a' the meeting
of fii? Klacit Prince Lodge. Knight* of
p\ ?>..???, last ew llllig
I lie iJtdv Moose c'uh enterta'ned with
a sock social last ivenlug Pi the halt
i on Union ""est
Rev P. H Rattman. p.isto- >>f Mi"
First Reformed church wilt return from
a t-Mir of Monro" and Noble counties
?flay in the 'r.fero. t . |' i|.n Ohio S'at"
t'outieil o' i 'huri lies.
R<? tire V Ml ^e>ii1 quite a delegation of
footbnlt fans to Pittsburgh today t > wl'
n">? the u o J. Pitt game
'Hie plant or tlte Reilalre pottle cono
ptn> probably will bo Hie f,.r several
weefs as considerable time will he re
quired to dean away the glass and re
f pair the ?ank which but*'. Wednesday.
Many local miner* will attend the
1 mass meeting In PiUonv.ile Sunday
morning when Miss Caroline Lo-ae. at ?
, torriey will deliver an address on behalf
of the miners now jp tlm county Jail.
Mr ?:iJ Mr*. IV <"!. McCain. C, M
tVyridv and Ml"* \da Wyrick have re
turned from Columbus where thev at
tended tbs annual meeting of the State
T'.uMd n~ and Loan Association.
Drdge Touring Car Mfaaed Road
Jumped Over Concrete Abutment
Dropped 15 P?ot
.7 J.. Ftoficv. local Insurance man and
a -esidmf of North Sixth street su*
talned a had cut above the r'ght rye and
niIractjhuisly escaped ?er!ous In.luv yes
terday afternoon at 4 "o o'clock when
i Via Podgo totjrinc car left the road
iiheal tun miles west of this city, n*tr
t! e Ktj, kuck farm on the Co'.eralne ptk"
Mr. Rnnev t? said to have had the pc
?'only ? short time and while driving on
the pike vesterdav th.e car refused to
turn but left the r^ad and Jumped over
.1 concefe abutment with a drop of it>
poxlyna'ely fifteen feet to the Oc'd h"
l?w The frame and front axle of the
..ir were badly h-iit and the right front
wheel was broken. Those who visited
tite scene of the accident repot that the
driver was fortunate In getting off with
out much serious Injuries.
Charge Dismissed
Th.e hearing of Frank Maori charged
uMh assault on Rani Foreman, better
known as "Frenohy" was held in Mayor
Puff* court last night. Following the
testimony of the witnesses the case was
dismissed for lack of sufficient evidence
i to convict. Hon. IV. R Francis repre
sented the defendant. The 'rial of Maori
on the charge of selling >1quor was sei
f"r next Monday evening.
To Repeat Play.
Offiidal.s of the Klwanls club an
; nouriced yesterday morning that the
"TVomar.les* Woddlng" which was given
In the High school auditorium on
Thursday night for th? first time -.rill
be repeated again on Monday evening
for the accomodation of those who have
i purchased tickets and been unable to get
Every reserved seat and almost every
rent In flic balcony of the auditorium
was taken on Thursday night for the
first showing of the entcrtalnmenf and
i when the reserved sea' chart opened
yesterday morning at the ftelhy and
Ree.l pharmacy for Ia<-t night'-; perform
ance fho board wa -i swept olean of seats
In a very few minutes. The chart was
Immediately refilled with seats for Mon
day night and at noon yesterday. ap
proximately he I f of the seats for Mon
day night were gone
Miss ciemantlne Mi"er, owner and
d'rector of the play sta'ed In conver.xa
t on with members of th* club vesterday
thii' sh? has had 'he pleasure of rre
H, tiring the entertainment to a'number
of :?'?? ?' a but has never tn?t quite the
spir.t. at' ! en'husui sin among the fTcm
b<vs of 'ii' cast aa shown-by amateur
' preform?-rs wfclch she met In this elf
All those who have witnessed the enter
tainment are enthusiast!' boosters and
?rpress Ihe opinion that they never be
fore have been privlle^d to witness a
more entertaining or amusing produc
1 tlon. The proceeds of the entertaln
' rueut are trt he turned over tr? the mil*
fund f't the Public Health League and
j those Is charge feel tha' a big sum la
going to be cleared as a result Th'.a
! Is the first venture of the kind attempt
ed bv the Klwanls .club members and
a ! are pleased w ith tts complete, succeas
Organize Clnh.
Members of Ohio* t'Vy lodge cf the
Lmghts of Pvthlas announce that a
Toilet Water Club, an organisation of
! the lodge which has been very success
ful In other cities, win be Instituted In
this city following their usual meeting
at their home on North Fourth street
next Tuesday evening and nil members
j who are interested have been urged to
Jolly Slgbt Club.
"t"he members of the Jolly Eight club,
|oi this city, announce another domino
i a id euchre party to be held In the Junior
| Mechanics hall on Hanover Sfrr?t this
! evening. All friends have been Invited
j and refreshments will be served during
I the evening.
Delegations to Alllanca.
i Quito a large delegation Is reported
I to have left tills oitv vesferd.ay sfter- |
I noon enrout" t., and tnom wit
j l?ave 'his ttiomtiiK witness tli" Iti -
, \Utiiri. ?- High ??.?11 it,inv '??d.iv. I
i \1<?rnher? of the to.itii I sc ? ! "ft.,- ,i'q ?
I loft- yesterday .??>??! >T" ? ' ?'??? t:IuI.t In
i'"an ton T) .? r. ?ui'. ? ?? ? l? ?? game will
! (.f. IV^I.'I'?H WI'll t l\ ? *1 ? ? ?? I' ? ?
I r?m;i 'n ,? f li"nm
Tnrrfnll p.1g Tan if.
? ' ' y I, ? li ,;?? i 'innl. n announc.
e I ,v oslTfla ?' .tfi'Tii"' n that W illlnm i
j Jones of thf .!.??..? Rr..tl<ors arc??ni.ry
j store oil Zaiie street has made appllca
11 on for p?wtn |s?*i >n to infill ;t g3-'?:!ni
j storage tank f .".0 "I'rt capacity on his
'proper'' This will b? tin* largest prl
i v-t?,> ??' t.it'V 1 ??ai|,'i :n this \ t.-in
j I' V.
Victim's Funeral.
j Inn luucrAl services lor i!i? la? Loirs I
i fioalrl who died hc h result of being '
j I'.'i'Uht in a t'nl! of :.toiin at the Walker'
| tnlno near lorkvir* w ill he h?!<l at 5t j
Mary's ("uthol'c church this rnimii s a" ?
i ?> o'clock vith i(?v ?" v Muiheuru of j
j f]otatIlia Rurlal wiis he ?t w-v* i v '
j c*met'ry
Make noma Hare.
' M*s 17 !? Rfvon, widow of the late
jr.". P Rovon, |? e\pec'"d here today
j from Sidney, Ohb?. tvhere ?h? nccom
,panled the body ..f her husband a short
time ago Friends state that .Mrs Roynn
land I'hlldren will continue to tnake their
[home in this city. a> least until the con
clusion of t;m H' hool vear
Sent to Colnmbus.
William Snyder, who pome time ago,
esoaped from i>n? of the etate institu
tions atid .'aines Keller, of this city,
were taken from the 1aII yesterday and
removed to Odunibus In charge of Sher- I
'IT Pick I/ynoh. Ro'.h of the m?n ere to I
be given treatment and both have l>een
s?nt. away by request of relative*.
Sorority Holiday Dance.
The committee In charge of the
Thanksgiving Puv dafw of the Alpha
P| .sorority. ha-. ?? a i.tiomved that tb?
'event will h? held In. the I Ik t i lub on
' V*rld.TV evening. I ember 1 Manc-.'S
1 Rhie 11 dgo Sever vvll sttpply thf tlinsm
i for the evening and lite event is t<?> be
[.tie of the nios? elaborate and interest" I
ling vet iieht hv the sorority.
Cottnril Meeting,
j The ?? inI-mortiliIv meeting ' f council
Is scheduled f<<r 'he ri'v building tills
evening and fh? 'mini list of improve
ment ordinances in addition 'lie usual
routine are reported on bands by the
, clerk Reports Hie v arious romml'
, tee'- of the body will also be made during
I the evening
Xlwwnla Social ITvfnt
'"hatrman Byron Rohers n? the fm
: mlttes 1n charge of die I^jd'*si" night fo
. ho held by 'he Kiw.ants rlnb for fb.e
i nt*mt>prn pnd th#'r <">nly wn
nciin-?? nil a rrangemenl * completed,
i Tiie affair will he held In the Klks' rluh
j building negt Tuesday evening and
j many novel features have been planned.
Even's oe ititeres' fo those who do not
I ca*e for dancing w ill als,, be part of the |
I evening'*, program.
Martins Ferry Drlefe.
,T Cftlflor of th4* i*1 tv J
I terdiy visiting n' li'tsbiirgh. Pa.. f>n j
: business
A large number of local fans will ;
, witness iho Wash-.Teff-T'l! 1 football
1 game nf Pittsburgh today.
I Roy Jump of this city will begin work
with the Aidorson-MrOreror Lumber
rompririv of Rel]nlr? nevf Monday.
I'h'.ef TTyland, Afoyar Puff and Roger
l^upion will leave this morning for
Pittsburgh to witness (he football game.
K. P Tleymor of tA'ost Walnut st-eet
has gone to Jackson. Mich., for a v'slt
w!:h his daughter.
Mr" Prank Kerr and daughter of Rt.
Plalrsville are visiting with Mr. and
Mrs. .A. "W. Kerr of Eighth street.
Mr. and Mrs Frank Harris of North
Fifth street 'eava this morning to ?en
Ibe football game at Pittsburgh
The condition of Mrs. Caroline Klrobel
of Eaxett? street was reported unim
proved last night
M: ;ln'I Mr?. \!fr*d Oxley t?ft yester
1.. tor Alliance to wttn?*s 'lie
!'(.< I.ii! irmio todax
M 17 It ackburn "f Ultimate Bus
? \i" f? i 11 n?** to' |jt 1 fter atiend
;,.l .? u. ?? ' 1 nar at 1 '??InntbtiF. ?"V
I ?. .) ^; r < ? ?? ? .f V.'t 5h!: cop *'root I*ft
v. ? t'r Thomas. Kv.. whore
u 1 treatment a* a. goxern
moii! hospi'al
Mrs Th'^tna' John* of Rrn.udway
street arrlx'd home jestenlay after a
vi*'* with friends nt LMllonvale.
Miss Emma Catell has teturned to (
h"r home at t Tleasani after \ visit
with local friends.
i'-nftait!e Juhn E. Moore of Bridge
pot ? ?a business visitor in this 1
rit> \>;.-??ordS'' afternoon. 1
,M:.ss Mary Samuels ha* arcept?d n po
d-on n- Wk for ? he new bnn company
???;ng organized locally.
H -v. t "buries B. Wlngerd of the First
B'eshvterlsn church spoke et the
chumh a? East Palestine, O-. last night.
Thf condition of Justice of the Peace
Thomas Coyne ts reported unimproved
at h!a h^nie <n Second street.
bridgeport i
two pleaTguilty
to stealing coal
Lansing Torelg-neri Worked Private j
Opening for Paal ? Case Hoard j
by Local Justice.
Two residents of the vicinity of the
Lansing mine of the Loral no Coal <&
i T took company who wore arrested a few
da v.* ac 1 hy Constable John E, Moore
? ??I warrants sworn out before Justice
Will am Brltton ?>f th's city, were given
hearincs yesterday afiernoon. Frn nk
llngurdas end Steve Bogus hoth entei
< <1 nloa- of guilty and wore flnrd the
mln:tnntn of $f> and cost-. Others Im
pllcated in fh? theft who demanded a
?rlnl will he heard later.
The alleged thieves had ptarted a prl
vato opening nn the property where the
?vul ve'n crops out of the hill, and the
place was fourd with dlffleultv hy the
off: ?i v aft*- their suspicion hud been
aroti-od Several of the residents had
removed e coed supply of fuel from me
p;ace h. fore their were apprehended.
Roberts Funeral.
The f!;n?ral services for Mrs Altha
\ iremla Roberts, wife of John Roberta
of th:s cltv, who died at the home of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Bow
man of tlie "West End, Monday after
noon at 2 o'clock. The Rev. J. T. Mor
tem pastor of the West Bridgeport
M. K. church will officiate and the
burial will be made at Linwood ceme
All Interest la Gome.
With everything set for the Bridge
port Shndyst.le High school football
sail:' t<> be played at Khadyslde this
afternoon, members of the Booster club
were busily engaged last right in or
ganizing a bly crowd of rooters to ac
company the team. This Is llekly to be
ono of tbe most Interesting games 1
the entire season from a local stand
Meeting Monday.
A meeting of Circle ,\o. 2 of the W?rt
Bridgeport Methodist church will be
held in the new Sunday school audi
torium on Monday evening and all
members have been urged to attend.
Matters of Importance and Interest are
to bo discussed at the meeting.
Both Accidental.
Coroner llardesty conducted Inquests
Into the deaths of Charles Houston,
colored, rial miner of Barton, <>., who
dI'd ut the North Wheeling li"!>pltal.
and Louis Scalaml, miner of "Workvllle,
who died at the Martins Ferry hospital
yesterday afternoon. Following tu?
examination of witnesses verdicts of
accidental death were rendered in both
Burled Yesterday.
The body of John Gilroy, a former
resident of this city, who died at the
county infirmary la3t Wednesday was
laid at rest in LlnwoM cemetery yes
terday afternoon, following services
held by tha Rev. Byrnes, pastor of the
Lansing M. E. church. Deceased was
ninety years of age, and vas a resident
of this city for forty-eight year*.
* Supper Monday
The members of the Queen Esther cir
cle of the West Wheeling Methodis*
rhurhc will enjoy a covered dish supper
In the church on Monday evening. Fol
lowing the supper a box of clothing con
signed to the Girl's Industrial ?school pt
Olive Hill Kv.. will be packed and pre
pared for shipment.
Truancy Cases
A largo number of cases of truancy
In the local schools are reported In the
hands of Constable John E. Moore, who |
Is also the Truant officer for the village |
and he is making an Investigation. It j
Is likely, according to the official, that j
unless some reisdents see that their
youngsters aru In school, they are going
to get Into serious difficulty.
Bridgeport Briefs
Dr. J. O. He wells of this city left yes
terday for Cleveland, O. where he will
attend the funeral of a friend
Tho Junior League of the West End
JT. E. church will meet at the close of
school on Monday afternoon.
Gordon D. Kinder of Kirkwood has
purchased the George Han >.n home at
Brookslde and will remove w!s family i
there shortly.
Rev. O. H. Von Lintel has arrived
home after a few days visit with reLa
tives at Columbus i\
Judge Edward D Meek of Probate
court at St. Claisville spent yestsrfey
visiting here on business.
Don't Jet a disordered liveiV
clogged bowels, or a sick, sou*
stomach cheat you out of the Joye
and pleasures of life, bat set a 25*
box of old reliable
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You'll never be without a box onoe
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Druggists. Get a box today. '
You can have a
In yuor home
Our guarantee means a saving of
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Water Pipe Cleaning, Patented
Phone S192-R 2251 Market 8treet
" j
A Small Tuba Lasts far Heaths I
'"Bronte coughs arid persistent cold*
)e*d to r?r'.oua lung trouble. You can
?to-> rK?m now with Creomu'.slort. an
emulsllled rr?osot? that 1* pleasant to
lake. Crcorr.utslon Is a r.ew medical die- |
fn*. *? - with twofold action: it soothe*
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kills the (term.
Of all known drain, creosote 1* recog- j
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rrent of chronic coughs and colds ar.d
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err<->eota other healing elements which
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branes ar.d stop the Irritation while
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absorbed Into the blood, attacks the
?eat of the t-*uv? and de? roi e tb?
gtrroa that lead to consumption
Crcomuis'.en te guaranteed s?*t?f?e
lory in the treatment of chronic cough*
set colds, bronchial asthma, catarrhal
bronchitis and other f' rms of fh>o*tand |
lung d'seases. and 1* excel lent for build
ir.g up the system after oolds or the flu j
?Money refunded if any c ugh or cold,
no ..at'er of how long standing. Is not j
relieved after taking according to . i
rccilcna. A?k >uur drugc ?t- Greomu>> I
sion Co-, At'.an.*, oa.?(JLdv.)
Bread and Spread?com*
ahead?to Breakfast,
Dinner?and Supper.
I .
\T OBODY will need a second
IN call when the hot break
fast cakes, the dinner bread and
the fiufry supper biscuits are
spread with always fresh
Ids pure and rich and so deli-! i
cious in flavor?once you try it,
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Nucoa is made from the purest
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milk. It comes to you abso- j
lutely guaranteed. Try it, tnd
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ir to your dealer and get your
#&oney back.
; I
Today's Nucoa Kitchen Htal
i * ?For the best fish you ever
touted ? uith the true tea tang or
natural fresh water flavor use melted
VVm as a utuau.
Woman Restored to Health by Lydia
E. Pixskham's Vegetable Compound
Makes This Offer
Cumberland, Md.?"Mjr mother gave
' me Lydia E. Prnkham's Vegetable Com
iiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiimilP?un^ when I was
between thirteen
and fourteen years
old and was going to
school, because I
suffered with pains
and could not rest. I
did not have any
more trouble after
that until I was mar -
ried, then I always
was troubled in my
bark while carrying
* child and could no?,
do my work until I took the Vegetable j
I Compound. Iam strong, do all my wash- ]
j ing and ironing and work for seven
children and feel fine. I always have an
easy time at childbirth and what it did
for "me it will do for other women. I am
willing to answer any woman If ahe
will write asking what it did for me."
?Mrs. John Heier, 63 Dilley St..
Cumberland^ Md.
During girlhood and lator during
motherhood Lrdia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound brought relief to Mrs.
Heior. Her case is but one of many we
constantly publbh recommending our
Vegetable Compound She is willing to
I answer your letter. Writo to hex,
0. H. Griest & OoM DnyfgisU
tt '
Better : ,
===== 1
If better security cortfd be bad tha*
first mortgages on homes, The Buck- <
eye SavlngB & Loan Company "would
have 1L
Four thousand such loans provide
the most safe security on earth, for
six millions of dollars.
Depositors have the benefit of this
splendid safety and a good rata of
Interest?five per cent.
Resources over ftf
six million M %
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, . \_>rutTERBf ?
1 te,
Dancers Xmas Display
Now In Full Swing!
Even our Christmas Tree trimmings and ornaments are ready
for your selection; and on Monday we will have a special table with
an assortment of tree ornaments that have just been received and
the values will speak for themselves.
And as for Carpet Sweepers, if you are inclined toward a prac
tical gift, we have the best makes; they are priced from $2.98 to
$7.00, also little bits of ones for 25c that the kiddies like to handle.
TK variety of Velour, Tapestry and
Silk <'ushions t.hat would be bar- j
gains at half again as much. j
Different shapes and sizes. (
$2.48 io $3.98
Make regular Christmas Gifts. We
have them priced from
$9.85 to $39.50
Don't overlook the small chests.
They-are just the thing for doll
1121 Market Street and 1118 Main Street

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