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H?UCJ. S. J'atei' QS.r-o
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(c) 1922 or Ist'l Feature Service. Inc.
II 18
|* ^ tqpays short story, ar
' ? ^c?
Ni> captain of Industry ever ap
l-r'M'-h'M the reorganisation <>t' his busi
ness mure seriously than the captain
??? Varsity eleven approached the !>>??
wm(. T<> the college football player
the tint of the future depends on
tron performance. Con WallU of Gage
I "nl vers; ty. carrying a tremendous*
w eiclr of responsibii'ty. chafed and
waited for the whistle to blow.
As lie walked onto the held with the
team t!ie stands rose to tercet him. the
hand played and the war sons of the
old college ran< out. Blocks of rooters
swayed as they sent the choppy yells
across the jield. t'oti looked at the
press stand, singled out a girl with a
golden steamer on blue coat and
smiled. "nest seat It: the field." he
thought, "bet Kd was sore when she
lurned him down for me."
The b:g game was one io write col
lege tradition. Through the first half
the teams fought back and forth wear
ing and straining to no advantage. If
tho Yates eleven gained a little more
through the line. Gage made it tip in
punting, tiith relied on straight foot
ball. holding the open plays and their
surprises for last. Con played beside
Kd. rival for Gladys, the girl in the
press stand, and as guard and tackle'
they were.said to be slated for the ail- 1
"It will come now." Con .said in Fid's t
ear as they crouched :rtto position in 1
the last quarter. "Here's where we I
-how all the fancy stuff." A smile
showed on Kd's streaked face. "It may 1
be up to .vou. Good luck.'"
There came the signal for the tack'e
hack play that was designed to send '
t'on around the end on a fake forward '
pass It was a particular pet of the 1
coach's and had been rehearsed in secret
for th.s gam*-. As the numbers came '
shrill from the quarterback the tcarr. :
nerved itself for supreme effort. ?"on !
dropped Kick, out of p >s:tion. th? right ?*
i nd sped out as if intending to bolt 1
down the field with the snap of the bait
and the fullback held out his hands for ?
the pass The ball thwacked into th? '
the hands and stomach of the quarter t
and was shot to t'on. The Yates 1ms I
plunged easily through th? right side t
but was turned ,>ri the 'eft ar.l the 1
fleet tackle, running around the end. '
who had been neatly pocketed, sped for ?
the goal. There was no one who could :
i.itch h:m. IVlth the cheers of the ?
stands in his cars, t'ori saw the goal i
posts moving toward h m. Between,
them he threw himseif with the ball.':
It was victory.
The cheers died and in thetr places
ame a groan, then wild veils from the \
o*h?r side. In all of the n?:se n<> one <
ad iteard the whistle of the referee i
who had seen someone dive forward ?
before the hall had snapped. "Gage
left guard off side." ho shouted, "ten
yards penalty."
Gloom.ly the Gage team f??!'he
official as he paced "ff the penalty.
dogg,..| ami sw.ilb wing. dug his
cleats In the Sod arid waited the no\f
play. "If Mil hadn't ln-en so anxious."
he thought and glanced at the other In
lime to surprise a shameless and self
satisfied trill. There was m> time for
wotideriuK what the stria m?ant. The
fullback. the sip:).ils said. wa? coming
through guard and tackle and the play
was on. What followed was bewilder
ing. Chin and I'M made a hole wide
enough for a wagon and the team
shoved the fullback through. The two
elevens ground together and grunted,
the ball shot out of the heap ami into
the hands of Ed. Most those in the
scrimmage did not know of :he fumble
unt.I Kd was on his way. There was a
new .burst of veiling and. once again,
a Gage man crossed 'he goal line. This
time the score stood and a moment 1
later, as the fates would have It, Con
was called upon to kick the g>n| that
added one to Ed's six. That touch
down and goal made the only score of
the game.
The whole team was carried off the j
field but most of the cheering 'van for
I'd. As captain, and a Gape man. Con .
rejoiced in the victory but the Incident J
;>f the off side plvy and the treacheryi
Implied in Ed's grin persisted.
"Vou arc coming up tonight." ;
Gladys telephoned and Con who had:
lecided he wouldn't, changed his mind. '
Ed. and a number of others, were!
!he-e ahead of him and the left guard, j
fier i of the touchdown, was the center :
if praike.
'I'm g 'irig early. Gladys." Con said
'xcusinc himself when he felt he could
10 longer stand the spectacle. 'You
I'm kind of tired" The girl)
smiling with understanding, accom
panied htm into the hall.
"When a g.r! has a sent :n the press
stands." she said holding his arm.
-h-? cannot help but hear enough to
indersttind what is going on." She
..aided baek toward the rest. "They
nay think Fid's th" hero, Con, hut I j
enow" And Con. holding bis tongue,
h- ugh: of Ill's rr.c..r. ? g grin nr. I \v ? i
lere i how much she knew. It was
iomcthlng! he coubl !i"t roll Gladys
Irew him "..i 'k as h" started toward the
l<v >r
?Con." b'' " said w 'h meaning. "You
'.all.- w, i . y..u know If is Ed who Is
?f* s:,]..."
U'l.oii they walked back to the rest It '
vjis with an amiouneeinent that made j
'? r- the of congratulations and j
? was Ed who left early.
'opr.ght. t'.'-h Ge -g( Matthews Adams
by Ruth Cameron j
" r . v>ti ih.t.k it is better to iil\say!l .
I.e fraiik with a jr-rson when you uro f
asked to K>.\f advice a: <1 yu know your
. ;i.iiion differs v?? ry tnu< h from tli?*:rj*
and that wha* you ?u:>rl?t say might
. a use ?: ' ? !?? ? ??:!.. dissatisfied? I
haic often thought this for I [
havi' pro|ili' say 'She always j
throw* onlil wati'r on everything' ami 1
\.i they have asked that person "T? 11 j
. .? i,on?-s'I> what you think alu-ut that [
So writes la-iNr l-'ro nil
Ami in so writing my i- ttir frand [
i. 'ii-*?nscioii-.y i?r? -ruts to n ? i p tore i
??!' a personality, t don't kotiw wio'larj
is her own or S'imeone el-r I mean j
?lie person about whom the other people |
-ay "She always throws water ,
on everything. hut who i? <;>::fied :t:
r own tnitt'l In en use Norm < t.e : is ask- j
? I lor honest opinion.
Some Little Defect.
"r.i i i 11me I had a ?A ?. ? '
f: eiid f" whom I used show* all my i
low Kowris and hats, as girls Iov? to
?to. I would try on a new frown for her I
map- ? tiori ami this s w hat would hap
pen She Would look .' liter Mi'iits! '?
*tll> front },nd haek. and then site
would i -trie toward no- and gi\r a twiteh
to the slee'.e or a pull to the eollar and
.-ay: "f don't thitik that sleeve is in
juni right." or : "That eollar doesn't sit
quite right around the neck."
Perhaps after that sh? would sav In a
? olorless voire, mueh !e-v emphatten 1 iy
than she had spoken when she ilrew ni> j
Attention to the defects. ' Yes. It's pretty 1
Isn't It?" Quite as often she didn't
say any think; at all. ever wnen. .a- I
would find out in the course time |
she had He obje. tn-.p the dress eve.: I
nilidly adm:re.| ji i She never did ad- j
riure things more than mildly t
Cold Water on Everything.
I faney that the person of whom I
others said: "She alw. ys throws eold I
water on everything." was like that
fru-iid of min? I
And if duos *???>:?: tn tr.o that <'iio fan I
t" rt'asunal'ly honi'.at and frank without |
h?:ng sti tti'i. 1: ><( a wi-t Idank-t.
If I had ' ? ?.?1' hot\\i i'ii. f'ti the I
? ?Hi' in<t. lit-:tin h'-rn-M a- ! tnakinS a !
r-irsoii who ha?l 1'iiuirht a hat and has I
irot t<> 11v?* with i; f"r th'- w inter f o >? I
that iv. r> tinii she I'ti's t i>n site lookt-il
h.? worst ati'l. "ii tin- ? tin i hard, t'cfnc
utterly ilUhonrft and risking my ? ternal
.soul. I li'itii't ifl siinuld save my soul
Why Wot Admire First?
Th-re are always ir I points and
.?..ill points about anyh rii: <01 whi-h you
tiro railed to pss .it! "pinion A lint may i
an uply Hhnpe hilt it may have n
lovely flower ? ti i' A tnay l?- art ;
utiticroinitip rnlor I . t ? f smart ft:', t'nti't '
nr.? speak it butt' il ? ip-ml ami just .tin
km p quiet on the other points Ami it" j
you iv.mt tn pup,'est the tv metlyttip of :
some delect. can't >< it make a pleasant J
first impression l,v tolmirirm in tlie iltsr '
pluee :in'l tin n la ? r tactfully stiKip-st mp j
that tin- effe.-t would In- t v.-n more j
eharmliip . t sotnt ni -r ?l? ?*????> w ? r?- rt . ?
It is manner unite as much as matter
tli.lt pots a person the name of a i\o! |
lilatiket. Frankni-s-. haw tunny utikiml
?ios-.i-s are rninn'iltnl ill lay nana ' I
hink tlie l.ost rule \t Ih-ii you are put
n ?.ne of fiii-s.- r1iiYiei.lt pos: t Imis iv t ?.
niap.no your ? !!' in tit. other person'.-.
plaee ar-l d? fl ?? !-? u \-, 1 can for hint
\i.ip ' - -11111 il tin mure
ij ?,? j
/ aw \ju\fe: "n ?? |!
( 6O06HT A SET OF '? '
\ SELF? L'U. / !
v *? *'(:
' /22C
/ _ X
fl^Dietand Health!
I iMnwun By Lulu Hunt Peters, MJX /
Vs? y^or V Vict and Health, mth Keg to theCaforweJ
Today will finish my ser:e<-- of ar- ,
tides on <-aueer. I have d-voted ;h?-?
whole work to tliis subject Iicoilii.if "f '
the genera! observance "Caiver ?
week" throughout 'he country. 1 In- j
Iteve. as I told you. that this ol.si v- !
anoo i f <\tncer week. educating the
people fo that the early --1 *jI's of ran'"* r
will b*- known. is of very great value!
and will result in the satiny of many
From experience. I know that I shall j
receive many le'leis asking person.,.!
.oleic on this subject, So phase lot i
no- say hero that I . anuot g.vo von per- ,
sotial advice and ton.must i;nt waste
valuable time in writing to me if you ,
havu any cundithafi that needs atten- I
tion. j
My heart aches many times when i I
real the pathetic letters that sonic oft
you write to me. Mut if you think Tor
a moment you will realise that I ean
uot take. n..r should I take, the pia>'? 1
.,f tour personal physician.
If yi-u think your doctor :s n??? scion- j
. lit' ami is tint keeping np with the I
:i'l vaiifffl methods ills profession
;i lit) if in linos n>>t I \ t ;i Ihntv-licll j
physical exarniliati ill. 1111' 11 kn to mi- |
other doctor. I'nfi rtunately. the mem
l.ors nf tin1 nn-d:.-.il profession, as of
?:h.-r profess,. us. ,tre ton ;ill equally '
? ?Hill potent. t
Tonut I S?!i.i:! ti\i- > ? ? i ,i summary I
? III lilllirr
First. < '.un ci' M rumble If ilis.-ov- I
??re.! early an.| mated properly. im- j
nu "ilatolv
S. ??.?rnl i'nfort nn.i!i;!> . there may bo j
im pa : at ail .n l-->JlMill.K . aiieers. .
TIiImI: i'jtinor i.- first a -mall growth i
which win t>P Siifi-ly ami easily re- ?
iiiovnl b> a -V;j!:r'nl sinttrnii nr p-r-|
haps a skill spin l.ilist.
Fourth: S"ic>. macks. la?'or:itidtis. ?
lumps, am) ill-ers wliirli <I? > ? t head. i
iiinl waits, mini's or blrthni;>rk.s which j
? Ii.iiiiP' in si/a-, i n!or in appi-aian n|- j
t!;:i? an in a position In bo irritated i
ma> turn into cancer unless treated |
ami enroll. Tip' brownish scales whirl |
Solnet lilies nr. Ill' nil 111.| people's fllces!
ami !-;imis sliiiti!?l bo wati lied.
Fifth: Kvery i-.ttn|> in the broast |
shnuiil In- looked tip'iti with .suspicion. J
I' may in t Im' ralp't'l' hill it tliai ijotfon- 1
? r.ito iiitn niio Ami Ike removal nf a |
small min-o.im i rmis lump Is vary mi- j
tmr "i" r;i:inn u !u? h ma\ I"- d-in- nmiot
a ho it a i.i-st hi-sia. while f n un.s mi j
In . an. or. tin' entire I'.', list all.I till' i
t ?i u ..a Ilia: si.lo am! tin- planus i
under tin arm w.niitl haw- p. be re-I
iiw. veil
S1 \ ? 11: Abnormal bleediiii: >.r ilis
-harip- from tin' tiii-ms vagina at |
a-i. i.r tiny n-inrn .-! I.!.-.'link' af-j.
'. r Hi" . Iiaiike --I life, shmil.l in- In- j
v-si'L-at. .1 j
S. tenth: i ivi-r-.-a i ini: in tp-nornl ami:
perhaps nv.-r-i .11 inj: nf m.-al i spei-ia I I v. I
ami t.'n- ? at ill K nf very foods, may I
ran so i-aiiror ?? f :li<- .Uoniaflt and 111- j
KaiKli'li "'..niiniH.I Irritation from'
Minikin*; ->r hums or jam;oil teolh may J
rause i-iim-i r.
Ninth: Oumor if "nl -;i;aK"i?*<??. it is |
not I'.msali red lioroilitnry. ami it is not j
IiI.mxI -lis. as.- |
!'?? inn ilii- of ramn i ! His irnt neoes-i
saiy. |
' - \1,
. 1
Daily Pattern ?!
*/5i i
a ri.k.xsin'; schooi, ptti-.ss
4 1 *? 4 Plaid suiting with facings of
sorgi' in a plain color is here illustrated.
Ph.- dres-s is also good for laiYota. an.!
velveteen with self trimming. nnd .?
ileroratlon of embroidery. The sleeve
!na> he i:i wrist or clhow length.
The Pattern Is out in 4 Sizes: 8. 10,
12. ttinl M years. A in year size requires
"yards of 32 Inch material. For
trimming as illustrated '2 yard of con
trasting material 32 Inches wide Is re
' 141 i red.
Patter mailed to any address on re
reipi of 13c in silver .>r stamps.
Semi 12c in silver or stamps for otv
11 -To-PATlv FARE WINTER 1922
li'23 P.OOK OF FAS 11 IONS. j
Write name and auu.v-s p.ainly Send ,
12 eents to The Intelligencer Oftlce,
Wheeling, W. Va. ?
An ocean liner reecntlv stopped in
nud-oeean for an hour while the ship's
surgeon removed the appendix of one
of the crew.
Russia had about "iO.OOO miles of ex-!
reilent railway before the revolution.
. . I
? ?
Only the br"a.ve c^rr
be Kt.ppy
The truest kind op i
For liPe will never !
^ive L'fc.dne.ss^
lo those,
to p^y.
r \
A Stenographers Romance
Chapter 72. I
Donnid miu1 N'elile strolled slowly up
the Awnue, stopping to look Into the
windows wherever the curtains did not
shut out their view of the display.
When they reached the Park, Donald
proposed they sit on otic of the
benches and rest before returning.
Donald talked gayly for half an hour,
Donald telling Nellie of his aspirations,
that he had written a story that had
been accepted by a popular magazine,
and of others he bad in mind.
"How wonderful!" she breathed.
"You won't he an editor now. will
you? You will be an author."
"Oh, I don't know about that! Sell
ing one story means nothing. I have
had dozens returned."
"But perhaps you didn't send them
to the right people." Nellie replied.
She thought it wonderful to be able
to write and sell stories. "But we must
go back. J promised Mrs. Roberts to
come in a few minutes before 1 went
to bed."
I nwillingly. Donald rose and they
walked slowly down past the brilliantly
lighted entrance to the Plaza Hotel.
Down the steps c?me Oeorge FYillon
and another man. The former stopped
abruptly, raised Ills hat, his face un
smiling, then stepped into a motor, fol
lowed by his companion.
Nellie felt the blood rush to her face.
f>h. why had she left the house? There
had been something in Fallon's un
.-n/ling look that drained all happi
ness from her; that made her feel he
might think she had deceived him;
that there was something between her
and Donald Home.
There was no reason she should feel
ashamed of Donald. He was tall,
?-traignt, neatly dressed. Yet she almost
hated him as they walked side by side
down the Avenue, all her vivacity
gone; her desire to look at "pretty
things" forgotten. When Donald spoke
of it. v?ie answered impatiently:
"I'm tired! I want ro get home."
The ne\; morning at breakfast the
acid-faced woman remarked;
"Did you have a pleasant walk Inst
night. .Miss III ley?"
No Ye*. Nellie, who had passed
an almost sleepless night, snapped.
"I.ovo is a 'h'nie or nliss. the poets
le.I us." Miss Pitt smirked at Nellie,
as she said it. tnen cast a meaning
glance about the table,
"I should think. Miss Pitt, that It
might depend a lot upon whether that
love w; s mutual. It might hp hell for
one of the part v. instead of bliss."
"Oh. Miss lliley!" Miss Pitt breathed
In a shocked tone.
"Miss Itiley Is right. Miss Pitt." Mrs.
Roberts broke in. unless love js a
mutual affair It is not happiness. I
take it voti are miking of li.ve between
men and women?"
"Yes. although it is a subject I sel
dom discuss."
"< ?ne needs to know about a thing to
talk about if" Nellie exclaimed in'her
old impudent manner, a manner she
now seldom used; then rose fr..m the
table and flounced out ,?f the room,
much to Mr?. Roberts' amusement, she
had no patience with Miss Pitt, and
her riM-mul<]i.?h ways.
Mr Fallon said "mod morning" an
usual, hut that was all. Save t,> dic
tate his letters lie made n? mnversa-!
? on with Nellie, hardly looked In her
dire, -i.>11 all finv, it wns Saturday On
Monday sh? would take Miss Jones'
Place |lrr (,(.sk> ?0 ,,(Mr
rnilAn *
"Dh. why .lid he have to see mC.
and what does he think" | don't dare
'??ay > word, but I'll her he thinks |
lie. ah ,,t Donald." Nellie soliloquized.
Her hat was ,.u .she was about to
leave, when he said:
Di.l \oil liuvo a pleasant walk
night?" ,
\ es. Mr. Home asked me t.? u,> trt
a m>>\ ie. but it was suoli ? iovejv
night I naked him to walk Instead. I
like t,> look in the windows on the
Avenue " She had spoken simplv in-I
Hilftvely knowing that wi;h him It was
DC ?* T
"Is that ihe man that lives a: your
boarding house?"
"Yes. ihe newspaper man." TTien: "T
had promised to see Mrs. Roberts, the
old lady I told you of, so couldn't be
out Ions."
Did his face brighten, look happier,
j or was it her Imagination? He said
' goodnight in his old genial manner,
i making some remark about her near
j duties which would begin on Monday.
[ Kven Miss Pitt could not annoy Nel^
j lie at dinner. Nothing mattered If Mr.
George was not displeased with her.
(To Re Continued)
j t Protected by George Matthew Adams)
The Ladles' Aid of the M. E. church ,
will hold a bazaar at the Glasbow store
on Saturday. November 18.
The ladies of the Research club are
j busily engaged preparing for a bazaar
j to be held December 16. Proceeds will
i be used to furnish the kitchen of the
| new gymnaslujn which is being built
: by the contractor. Walter Harrisfl at the
I rear of the sch'ool building.
| The Young Woman's Foreign M1 anion
i ary society watt entertained at the home
j of Miss Martha Jones of North Main
street on Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Wilcox are spend
ing ?ome time with Mr. and Mrs. Frank ,-f
Watkins of Xenla.
Miss Ethel Jane Con vers returned on
Saturday from Granville, where she at
tended the Latin and Greek conference.
Miss Ida Willis is recovering from a
| severe illness.
j Marion Parker !? quite ill at tklBS
writing. r*
I Mrs. Martha Pethoj left on Wednes
; day for an extended visit with relatives
j at Fostorla, Ohio.
| ("urtls Jarrett of Wheeling spent the
past three weeks with his grnndparentaJ
? Mr. and Mr--. Andrew Jarrett.
' Brother F. F. Freese of the Inter^jJ
denominational Holiness church def^H
' ereo a fine sermon on Sunday mornln^^^
from St I,uke 24:49. the beginning of a J
, series of Sunday morning sermons of 1
which "Tar-y" is the hasls. He spoko; M
of Jesus knowing His disciples could not fl
1 he able to stand the test, without powOT .fl
from on high. In closing Mr. Frees* ,fl
gave as one reason why people today V
1 refuse to tarry, afraid to trust God.
? Seven Hoy Scout troops of ths I
' Wheelinrr-XIoundsvllie Council. Boy J
Scouts of Amerion. held regular weekly.
' sessions last evening.
! They wore: No. 1 of Zane Street V.
' 1* church: No. 5 of I-hrst rresbyteriaa.
church; No. G of Vance Memorial
church; No. *> <>f Kdgwood XI. E. church;.
No. in of Thomson XI. E. church, and
No. IS of St. XI jehad's church.
?. ??
10 WnntN to Answer This.
XV e were rowing our professor across .
the lake when he asked that the boat^j
he stopped alongside a tine pond
(Xuyhar advena. he called It.)
miring the flower, he said: "Now, boy^H
1 am going to give you a practical ap^J
plication of yesterday's Euclid. YO'^H
will chserve that this lily extends abcra^H
ten in.-nes above the surface, and tha^H
when I pull it to one side, thus It dia- ?
appears under the surface at a point H
distant about twenty-one inches from I
where it stood erect. Now. assuming m
that my figures are exact and that ths B
lily is rooted at the bottom on a stratgAjfl
inflexible stem, who can tell me the
depth of the water?"
The total weight of sugar must hava.H
been us pounds, put info rive bags, re-.W
speetiv. y. 1 lb. 2 lbs., l lbs., 7 lbs., and ?
(Co; r ght 1921 by Oeurge MatLhew Ad&raa Service?Trade Mark Registered U. S. Patent Office)
By Wheelan J
? - t \ " ?^ \ .
r_ - ???v ?1
Tut ooco +&
?sew LIE6* ? J ;;
^F:*JOC 0*\'jDj P* me A/TO
AW iMF ? OJ TWt ?S
MEVjElTiS 'i"'ru i-O WFS- f
?VOb tAMilV ci, f
wu.u t"^r ee wfcAiiD
A 3 oUi.MOliO '*J "TfJE ^
! BCTTeiLACl- <* ^fcMiLlT " ~
UVE?.^rftT, AjC
??CK Or MK3P&T- j
1M(3- Svi/OLIOU^ .
liwll? -3CJJTU
PtMV <**- NCV/MCi
s?cptf\Kt \jms
S OF- THE. FiaT f
}>, y LAV/"MG ?
DowM ^ S'MCKE.
SC?EE*J - NDTfc -
j t?> SCE EVE/N
T\ QgS-QfcS <* ? B07.
?yfk.? ?-?r"
UAv/R VOJ f i
(? SEEXJ MfiV ?
\jf MAV WUO ?" j
f ^AVONWSE ' i
? A/c sme- I
C>Cr?.?SiN(i ]
NA/CVlDvr LtTTfCt ?' ' '
wercc.' ww A
CV&P-ClJAfcYT&rv A
pINEP MAS' fcfcf SJ
[x;Nic.r3 IT- UAO
ONi-V A kCOOMf- ?
MoO*. '?? HjColl
rCAu er>w-?AW'
Leapw!W<3 PA.
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