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n Ht 0 K4 h fti Cu 43 jl ??? >.83
?foy if |y WA y EH H r Ifi 1 QB ^apPw
W*?*d?cy DaB-o Proved Most EntoV- j
able THnctlon F^r
fFe of p-e>. ? g-ner.u* on i'jvc .1 |
privilege *fc 11 w .1 r. ?' he A Til- ! tnose
t>f the next. th.t* i'f s A:'h us .1
number of those brave soldiers who:
ran 'ell us tlrst band of those da> s ofj
strife and turn:.-:" -a1 it nation na-;
"divided against I'sclf. ' a-d :? is only
fl'ting and proper 'hat ; h ? y ai.ouM be
goven t.ang'hle evlden.es our appre
ciation from time to time With 'his
thought In tr:nd. the Daughters t Vet-'
erans arranged a \?rv dr. ghr'u! pr.v. \
for the old soldiers the Wh?>? ,'vg <1
A. Tv. which u ?s g \e;i 1 ? 1 e.: r vn->
1n the <">d-l K? How - '? 1!' .s- -g
Ar. enjoyable ;>r ?gra-r. rrr.is cui selec
tions and roolta'iens was rendered dur
ing the earlier pa" f the evening.,
which was foljowed h> a "v.umpdre"
hour, when the vete-ars a<a'n on
the flritig I'ne. when the sorrows whleh
t'tne has softened were reve-enced sr.d
the thrills and *\c!'?rrer." we-e -el'ved.
The dining room * :he -a had b
beautifully dacorate-' \? ?> sV:? a1" i
??How chrysanthemums and hef * the:
guests were ?erve,* a delicious .~ 'h? n
A re.-'.al hour, when garr.es sod ether1
delightful dlvers'pe^ *.-|rv.
rrer.i. was the casing feature r" the j
evenlrc Mr' Harry <.'hir.- -rh-m was
.n rharg* of :*? refresh-^e* -c and M-?
Vellc Ha*er was chairman of en-1
To Entertain Trtends
Mrs. C. A. Herthani will h- hostess to'
a number of her fr'ends a* bo- "...vine
I- Bellalre. this aft-vivor Needlework
jril! occupy the ;U' ?'C for several hour
while a dainty luncheon. with uttric
tlve appointments will be -orveti at. -
In the afternoon.
Dinner Party
A delightful dinner pur-v was t'vn '
last evening at the homo Mrs. Sam
uel Tlazlett. at Birch Lynn. with Mr
ftoher: Hazietr as host. Pinner. beauti
fully appointed v\v.i< served at s'vtn
?'clock, following which a pleasant so
cial evening of \ i-iotis pas'lmes was
f.rjoj ed.
Sirs. Woimer Hostess
A charming ridge-luncheon will b*
g ven Monday afternoon l-y Mrs Henry
Welmer at her home in \\\??dlawn. Th?
guests have been Invited for luncheon
which will he served at one-thlrtv
o'clock. Three tables will accomodate
tho guests for a-i afternoon's divers' -n
of bridge. Present will be:
k K J. Soheuflej- Louis Stauver
? Jack Maurer Chus. Klllmever
Louis Klllmever William Sehenk
John O. Scherk Anton Blebersjon ?
Edward Arkle Hen Imhoff
F T. Tvl?r Charles Frees?
Rummage Sale
The Alumnae Association of ML d?
Chantal is arranging a rummage suit.'
to he held Wednesday N vin b-hr 2?. at
JC3? Main St. All m?"rhe-s who have
contributions are requested to n ?? 'fv
Mrs. J. J. Conlff. who is general chair
man in charge
St. Joseph's Alumnae
The following invitationv have been
received hv th, members of St. Joseph s
Alumnae Association.
Lecture and iV*'Ml
fop members of Ft. Jos? ph's i
A'umr ir Association
Tuesday evening November 2T "
St D (V'cio.-k,
Tn music fca'.l of the Academy
Program Jtefreshnvnts
Fit Rev. .!. .1 Swint. p p
Very I>v. O. H Moye. V. 1}
Hebe C'rb Entertn tried.
M>sa Marv S'\-..yf?>r irierMirM the
members or ;h? Hebe .-1 ? jr. '-onie
o*i Not' ?> Mar - r??t Thu--el iy ? ? ? ->r.
Tiie guests enjoyed n'?d'-wo- during
t ie forepart of :'c evening and at 10:30
b Ivlnfv luncheon was s--?.?<? i wi'h v- -
ers laid f<?r tim following;
Vera I>-kstein ler'nol? y. y ^
Edna Ciouse ftita We:t I
Gertrude Kirn Marv S.-liaf-r
Aulden It Brewe- n w \tep.>--n
Theatre Party.
Mrs Join b Nayb'r was h -?t c
? ? a theatre par'v v ven hv b,-r -on. Mr.
V.'i.scn Navlor a* *b. fi-m-r,. |a-r
everting. Several intimate In ur-d
relatives <: Mr- Nay lor - comprised >1 ?
gUeS'.S. Who f.CJ-d F" ' ? 1?'
a?f-ao'io- which ?- 5.-.: g ? !
entertaining. Foll^'tnc the ihMtT6 pcr> ?
' -rm.inc. ' guests - t?j-yc-i i luncheon
:i ? the N'aylor home 1m Woodsd.xle
I.adios : rom th- W ? V 'g;- t, Hem*
* ? \c? "l Women. ami from tl ? Alten
h? ? ?*? honi-? w ?? e the guests ! Mr. Kr< .1
' ?::: - :r. manager of the ?* ?urr. an>1 Mr
Davi t t.ouis. rt .ir.iC" or Weber and
K - <1? cmpan>. it the ti'.i'm. .- perform
a:ii>-. a-.d rh'\ en.iovcd i mo-- plea-ant t
An !r.t*restin<c wedding ..-eured .M'n
ti.iy evening at the parsonage of the
First Preshy te-s.an church at t'ambritjg-' .
when Mis.- Anna Krsi>ltr. ot Zanesvflle.
Ohio. ami Mr Ijoss N'eer, of this city
were quietly married. the It-M. 1,ester
l.'vntis perfo-miing the ceremony. Mr. :
and Mr- J F? t'ornptor. of I'an.brMer, '
ivfrr the n't- cdtuifs. After. :i -hurt '
honeymoon Mr Near and hi- bt id. will
r--s:de tn this city. w h- re t!'.rv will be
congratulated l?y their fritted* who an- |
'i<-ipar? their return.
Kain Club.
The -v.?n.b'rs aid friends of Kaln '
'Tub ep.j' yd mother of rhe'.r tian es a'
their auditor inn las: even:ng Quito
a large assemblage was present and the
dancing .?o.-tinued from S:3't until 11:30
The Virginia Seren&ders rendered their
usual excellent program of ^-ler-ions.
and all at tend.ng had a good time
Vance Entertalnment
T; a entertainment g ven by rhrts. i
"an Kr-'eavor society of the Vance Me
tr.vr ai cl arch last evening proved most
enjoyable to the large number of people
who attended. PupTs from the Sherman
School of Expression put on the rro.
gr<tn w'iVh c nsisted of two plays, en
Triumphs." ar.d "Mrs.
U ill;-' Will." ami they proved quite tn
aoconlar.c- v th tii? usual excellent en
tertammer.t given by pupils from Mrs.
Sherman - school. The program was
follow- d by an old fashioned pie social.
Literary Society
The Oak Grove Literary Society,
which reorganized at a meeting h-ld
last .-/iturd.iy eveurg. announce* the
follow:: c program to be given at the
next meeting of the society to be held
November -a.
- Hy Society
Recitation ".!'.!!! Mvrtla McCoi.1
R?citati??n AUene Mltehol
Recitation Minnie Park
Recitutle; Margaret Fritz:. r
j.\<5<av Mrs. Almus Guy
Recitation .. r',,fh Mitchel
Recitation Naomi (lay
Reading Wllma Frazier
A Drama
Trladeiphla High School Girls
R'iition Ida hsrft
Solo Fern McCord
Tempornne jus Class
Mr. Bon;-r. Mr. George Bllliclc. Mr. K
A. Par<t.
The following ofllcers were elected a*
the last rr ? ring t! society: Mr. Oen.
Krazier. Piesidciu; Miss Sue Guy. Sec
retary: Mi. George Gitt'.ng, Treasurer
Entertains Club
A party ..f Wheeling people enjoyl
i plea?ant time Thursday afternoon and
evening when Mrs. Edward Nolle, of
Follansbee, entertained them at h?r
home. The guests comprised the mem
bers Of V."" Volte's sewing club who
are the following:
Mes dames
Louis BuchwaM iirvsaM Belhl
Robert Shock!?** Ralph Shocklev
Harry Slater Florence Stillman 1
Jessie Wheat Harry McKe-j
Edward J. Volte
Birthday Surprise.
A surp'ise party was given hy Mr.'
Lee Dixon and daughter, in honor of
the hirthlay anniversary of M;? I.e.. ?
U'xon. at her home on West Liberty
Friday overling. At eight o'clock the
gu*. arr ved and Mrs. Dixon was com
prised However she so..n regained her
p..stare and proved a in -.-t charming
h'-'t-ss. T'r.e hour- wee pleasantly
spe?it with ti.usic and dor pcasafr
.soda! diter.-ions. V"cr 'i.t ? ' ?. th??
evening, i dainty luncheon "?;c served.
Mr>. Dixon was :he i. dj -m .. f h num
ber of pleasing and useful g t"?s. En
joying :hi- ycca- r. w? re
Me?srs and Mesiiam.-s:
'"ari v'c nd-inr:i'g ."liar" . i':irn"n
J;im?s Wclgiiiaii W .Warn IP-nar
John I'othrac Harold Botiar
George Rrpar Harry Carter
J..hn ih.f'ar Mr-. J W. Rucktrai
liar -Id lirevka vie o:arl Manor.
Macademy Dance.
y-er ?? nee trie nc" spread over the
city tiii. Maoadftnj aid secured Raul
\\ h? te- . a'; Vic'irola !;? rd Oronestra
for l ur. o whicij was held a' the
Mark- * \ud riutn ! i>' evening, the
y..ijng.-r dancing set i.u i .,u:;e pe.
lievj 'hat such great fortune and prlvi
eg- was riieirs. the' not until las'
evening m V n ..?><? of the largest gather
ing- *'at i -.-? r a'.'-!.-led "vei a func
tion th- p.-ptilar Macndemy Club
feii'id that reputation, af'er ail. is B,:?
erallv earned, and that Maul Whitenian'a
Orchestra was all H it any musical >>r-:
gaiuz a tie ii oi lis k-ud possible could bo
List ?v cnii.g dance win, iu a way. '
a lesr Mi i i-n:v has promised that
If that :'ut.. i.. :i uas tj, ucct t.->at
should :???, more of the leading or
chestras of the country would l?
brought here. ;,tKj ,t appears that the
'.rpneiit" ?< d i > ? . ?,.-e . . ? one.- | .
.e!.,o 1.1-, c str i uorrhj ..f .succeed
ing I t .'I Wii.teniah's.
About feople
i Mct?s mti of In ill via a* La To *??
Trom Tho Oi.tr
The Borers?H. K 1? i:*t.. Fairmont;
K. vv l ?? 11 >1t". ,t. W.N
F'jj ;i. J' irkt t liiurn J S. Y"'i::k. 1'ihih
VV. S New tuan. New Mart s\ Hie.
M Lurg M. Ki?-a? r. Sist' t svillf. It.
L. Mason. Morgantovn; 1>. Crane, Mor
aatitnwii: A \V?vlw.tt'ii. I'arl'.ersburg; T. I
liuti.'her, Parkttrsburg; li Har|>er, \\ . T.
Marker. Al.-rnarfowri.
WtndMor?ii Kr:n-!i> r. S:*?>tsv!11p T
It I'a rkrf'-btj'i;; M. W. UusKvll. I
I'.irk* ?: - it.-. ,t "1 S ?? ? ? r. ' 'i.'irksburj;.
1; S'l'itn; I'iirk*: fSir n; It l'> llauat,
1":.ira? U . ii. St: ? . ilarksburg
Mr I ? ? f; M <?'" \f??r:i? s Ferry
.> !??>?. '1 i ft. \.>!"a Wheeling
U :! .irr. I'. \V;lS'(t? ii? al business
? ? ? i b? ? t ?!:?' ? > io :!:? ?)UI ?
Vatl.-j ? ;? ? ? r.i' "a I ?.th 1'ltur.s, Is
I, .(i? J >..ni. n Ji.it itn|i:'uve?l.
Mr i.rt.i Mr .f. Il.tr-.M Hr-i.riari will ,
... r v.? i J?a t t y w '... v. II i IV..- th.s '
? ?r?. ? t ! ? -l.ii: _ . ? : ? : h? ? will
w ?h> 1\M W ,v .t. Kam..
M ">y l:?!?}; M l' .w. ll, lit He llausfltrr
Mr. ? ? M? f '? M. l>..'i?-ll u U
ii-r tia*. itivr lia'J !i? r t'.tisiN re
ni..\ ? ??!.
Mr ! Mi' a (?' >t;?-l h.i> <? r#
fjrt.'fj sroni N.w York.
Mr- T ?' iMrk*. f '"'.ill Avroufl,
U'o d ..'.in. . -;,eni5; k .onie t::ne with
li'r sou. Arthur, at Sf'.llw#r?r. Ok La.
About Flu.-siatis ncrlshed
or wei exiled daiiug the Bolshevik
School of
Mrs. Alma
Wilson Shafer
^ Christmas ?
ty* ^
| Greeting |;
i? Cards s?
fi \\'?> hav** Hi** mr??f rompr-*- fyj
2P h?*nsivf tin** in ;<>wii. i.?-t
Jjp !l-i assist you iu Jy [
$jjf } utirs.
^ H Ii. 9troefc?l. Mgr. I
Manager Of C. A. House Company ]
Delivers Interesting Address At,
Credit Men'j Meeting.
fnvpnti rlrs to conf.-.rtn W fti 11>^
Re-VJTvments of *h.-> Ir*t? ?!. Revenue
I,.I AS" WIS the top!,- fl.-.-'l-J <.???! by If.
R HP'oderv niiinnijp? of Hie ?' A Unit'
?'f-nipany. '.v. .sr. i Mr'ts before 'ho
*A aeelltK; Av?riat !?'?? of Credit Mi1" a*
a 1'inohren '"hi ycst^rdr i? ? :tc lintel
More than ? ttv ??ml!* men attended
the Suneheon and :i I? ??!.-*' tji'jc wax
crlven by Charles S.?r-nebnrp of The
Jliib on the Red Cross dri\e to be rott
?!'i -H-d Sunday.
\|r. Tlrrr loo discussed the t.iy p-np.
li-Tii now confronting the credit men
Ho referred 1!M; ami p-k- of the
work ? ' the covertimet * in rocar?1? to
The collect of tbr and of fbo
fraud* which have I Investigated
and exposed Mo>t of t'lo-e people
havp boon fined *r *e:>! to jail for fhrlr
offense, bo said
Mr Sonnohorn In Ti'? pj? ' K appealed
f.-? the j'"1.'!*' on members f.i assist
'n the Red Crn.?s membership drive and
solicited morr than twenty members to
aid during thp campaign.
Robert T.pp I'oyd, president of the
association. presided at tho luncheon.
Those prospnt were:
C VP. Starling K. ? Crawford
Glenn Simrra' \\? R. Powns
Geo TV. O'Kanp R R. I ->ng?n!ro
Hoy P.nYrnlurper Alex Rolton
R. .1. Peek Ha! W Campbell
Far! T?m?tnllch H. C. Pancer
TV M. Pldham A J Schmidt
R. T? Solomon ITeher Russell
T. TV TVllltam* .Tohn K Re'd
T. P W'eilper TVm. .T Vos: ler
T >f Parnh TS" P. Hayes
E. A. Graham 'V P Cn\
R. C. Parby w jj Huntps
V C Konpon R A H't??
VV R. Pecker R G. Walter*
P V Snvder C R TVemple
R F Wagner 'I K-ksfetn
R A TVacnrr TV. S Stoddard
Fnrl R fiar'ntr Rdirar Charnock
W H Cooppr TV R Woolenvvph?r
V A. Taylor .Tames H McClure
TV Mendenhall Goo ,T. Rber'S
Rlplav n.tnnn? TV, M Webb
Gpo. R Th 'ppoff T\' y R?i :p
R. I*. Tlerndop T" TV Colmar
T A. KHIeen A t SrTf.nti
Robert I.pe Royd ' ? s TValtern
'Vi.im ITarttnann T R Rnrkholdpr
J. \V. Adam* R P. .Tone*
' T V.-Crtim tohn T O'Rana
C fl Abrreromb'p A T. K'rtr
Stanley Floyd Ar'hur Fbbprf
M. J Sohleastrrer R R Ttuhloman
J. Murphy. Philadelphia. Pa.
T*affc?r .and Sort week. Inaugurated in
ill- churche> -owchoiif Wheltne l.is'
Sunday. was hrou-rhf to a dose last
.?i-fili; with .? r.i''f 'ir 1 pA?t banquet
held iu th>- various churches
evening hn-p father and son
I'tend- I The th>"? m?? 'or t '?? ? 'cht was
"The VoviC11 o' lb*' T"">.| , ,ji Boy
hood." Th?? committee In ?? i.1 ? *r? of
the celebration explained this
theme in an attractive manner, ravine
?he ??Rood Sh'p Rnyhoo.l" is entering
tipon in cToeed'nrlv 'nterost'nsr and Im
ports^- crti'sc. The launching dates
haoi( to the days of h>hyl,o~>d and the
trial ??pin Is the oh dV.rth and early
liot h"od up to 12 ye.irs of ace
Tl.'tP'j'i"*s v re he'd at 'he Fourth
Street M F! cuuroh. S".'or>d Prrshv
|erian church .a"<d ' Fhnplrflc S'reet
M r church.
r>- T' n> B'ekf.v I'err!-- ?s? ' \i?t
Taste" 11' the Second "bur- and t??arte
wre proposed l>v Rev. ,T T?|l>erf
Keenan ? f the Ch.apllne Street church.
\ddre?se.s w'-f delivered a* both
hurchew hy T?r <"h.ir!es H. K"osor,
fcurd'T of father and S^n week
3r' ?r n -*"* c ? ? Thdr* ?* e , ..
la-- n I * h ?, a I' to l>e a" Mv-d 1 n poll-.,
court th a ? -mine
HerV-rt V Matin had RUIne Ke.'.ms
arrested ln.-t r.iahf on .1 ??hare.. of as
sault M Mann. It is said, assaulted
him on Fl? \en-|- ?t-? ? tin. Rr<>wn was
irri sted hy T'htrolmap R ->n 1 drunle
ch tree; lh< Swith fill arraigned <ui
a 'harite ,.f a*sanl* Tohn Doe was .ar
rested l>y Patrol man Ve.cke or> a drunk
harRe; Mien Risset was arrestee hy
Patrolman Poh T-o>. .-? hnrg,. f
re'-!<less drh'ne and M F K'oiity ar
rested hy Patr dniat ;.tInc on n|
hartre of park!
We Have Them!
The New
Records i
Nn tii;?f t?-r a V"Mi<t vour
rlidU" In- il.-itu1" inn
.-!?*. popular -mil; or
? ?ymillion> or
seltM'tion ? t ri?? in all.
will ha a ;?!? .i-ut ?? t>? play
tham for you
We are again offering
The Big Hit,
"Three o'Clock in the
New Music ShQJLiE
3fl Twelfth Street.^B
"Pip I" I'Her ,i'i?! T?:i? i<111??! 'u i1
'a?i r-\ pfrnjj :< f ! ? irth S'rop; M T"
oburrh WJ?? \ prv v ij?"pps?f ill ;?*???? 1
?<| |.y rh.in nrip Iwr.'IrrfJ f;i Hir^s
Jin! sons
TIip proirr.vn IdpI'Mi il s?-< L-\
Mr Ward P.. Kllloit. Walter M. Kvar.s.
-?iPi" :nr<-nil.-n' ? f >'jndny school;
nil I 'r. <II. p.i.-dor of tin* rhuroh
'I - was followed |.v jtHtnes Under Sin
"! II S. t'a'lou lull. pliys'i'.w!
<?!' the V. M <?. A.
"Thirty .MlnuU-s ??!' .M igii-" was *h.
("I'll* fi-t thr stunts <>f Mr 1R Mlllor
? T\v. r.;\.tlitrd street. Ills slight of
hand i.orfonnatii'C.s wrr vovy Koyd.
TunihliiiR arts were stan-,| py ci.vd?
|?t ?? !1 and ttarr'. {ffhtrti irhol Jr. and
a \t restlitu; limit by Paul lleuter and
Jo*.oli Halter under tlio dirertion o?
John \. fiallnpher of the Y. M. C. A. I
Senator-El-Wripht Mucus presided ;
Tiie invocation was offered l?y Itev. .1. H.
i I ess. The was served by the'
ladies of the church.
Mr I'll 1 iot? in his address stressed the
principal that what a boy really thinks'
i.- what makes his character.
The responsibilities of the father set. |
tinjr'the riitht example before his h?>va
and r-lation to ehnreh and Sunday
school attendance was discussed by .Mr.
J>r. Allen in a few br'.ef remarks at
- -Jmji ??? i .??.hi ? ?? ?? ?? a i?r
empted to make a practical application
o right living of the different features
if the rroS?rr> such as the athletic
The Eskimos of Eenwnod challenge
toy first class team In the Ohio Valley
for n game Sunday to be played on
jrounds suitable to both teams. Por
irrangemonts call Ben wood 94-R. and
tsk for Frank.
28 Eleventh Street
11 Burkham & Stamm Piano Co. j
? a?sea . ? ? ?? ? a?eaass?na?aamattsassaas - *? ? ? -- ? e mr~r~ - 11 a ?*?? rT??t'i?^aa?a??J
" 1 OUT TODAY ?j .
' -
m k^ S ? ?ifiBJFBg
Homoick. Incidental whistling
by ' (1 Lewis.
To-morrow (1U Bo In My Dixie
Homo Again). Fox-Trots.
Trd Lewis and His Hand.
A-3709 75c
When the Leare* Com# Tum
bling Down.
Japanese Moon. Fox-Trots.
Paul Spflit. and His Hotel
/.i-tor Orchrt'ra. A-3716 75c
Sextette from Lucia Hi lammer
moor. Fox-TrOtS.
I'rvl S-'rht and His Hotel
A?ti>r Or-htsira. A-3708 75c
Toot, Toot, Tootsiet (Goo' By*).
Frank Westpkal and Hia
Why Should I Cry Orer You?
Fox-Trota. Knickerbocker Or
chestra, under direction of
Eddie Elkint. A-3706 75c
Tvro Little Ruby Rings. Intro.
"HI Build a Bungalow," from
"Daffy Dill."
1 Came, I Saw, I FelL Tntro.
"Underneath a Pretty Hat."
from "Passrvg Show." Med
ley Fox-Trots. Ray Miller
nnd His Orchestra. A-3710 75?
Toot. Tocrt, Tootsiel (Coo' Bye).
AI Jolson.
,Truo Blue 5am (The Traveling
Man). Frank Crumit.
A-3705 75c
Wb"re the Bamboo Bnbie* Grow.
I'm Through (Shedding Tear*
Oyer Yon ). Frnvj- Crumi;.
A-3715 75c
Carolina In the M-ming.
I'm Coin' To r*ant My?elf In My
Old Plantation Home. I an
unci SVhriick. A-3712 75c
To-morrow (I'll Bo In My Dixie
Home Again). Nora Bayee.
A-3711 75c
I'm Askin' Ye ? Ain't It the
Troth? Ruth Roye.
A-3714 75c
If Yon Don't Believe I Love Yon.
Look What a Fool I've Been.
I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My
Sister Kate. Leona ]VUliAm?
Her Dixie Bard.
A-3713 75?
Unclr Joih Keep* How*e.
Unrle Jo#h In a BftrKr*- Shop.
' X'cirart (Uncle Joth).
A-3701 75c
Firtt Love,
Amourtunf. Waltxes. Accor
dion Duet*. Marconi Brothert.
A-3702 75?
Dixie. Fantasia. Columbia Band.
Old Number One March.
I'rince's Band.. A-3700 75c
F.Iitir d'Aoioro "Una Furtiva
Lr^iima" (A Furtive Tear).
(Dunizviii) Tenor S >'o.
Ch/vli- ? } f ickrtt.
49895 $1.50
F.rmr' "Ernani Irvolanii'* (F.r
nrr.i Fly 1 'ills Mi"?). (Verdi)
Sopri.i'.C S? !t>. liofil I'o ' i lit.
98028 $1.50
Orfen ed Euridioe "Che i aro
Sr-.rn Kuridice" ll lino Lett
My Eurydice). ((ilui'k)
A Ida "L'Abliorrita Rivnle'' (She
My Rival Detected). Con
traltn Soles. Ctirrva Van
Gordon. A-dZ?\ $1.50
I Cr.n:iot _>ing the Old
All Throngii the Night. Soprano
Solos. Margaret Rnmnir.*.
A-3704 $1.00
Gavotte lr. D. (ropr>cr) Violon
cello Solo. Pablo Coeale.
98012 J1.50
Paraphrase On Pa dcrewshi't
Minuet. (Kreislcr) Violin
Solo. Tox. -ha Seidil.
49950 $1.50
I_a:? O' Mine. (Turner-Muley)
Leezie Lindaay. ( Arranp.d by
Kritz Krcislev.l Baritone
Solos. (\i//?ero?i McLean.
A^3"703 75c
Oh Gentle Presence.
(llary Baker Eddy)
How Beaut if i I Upon the Moun
tain*. (Marker) Contralto
Soloa. S'evada Von der Veer.
A 6222 $1.25
Chriatmns Tidinjs, Part I.
Chriatmaz Tidings, Part II.
Shannon Four.
A-3707 75c
Leave it to Lewis
YOU'VE got something the matter
with your pedals if you fail to pise to
Ted Lewis and his band playing
Irving Berlin's "Homesick"! Why?it's
like a breath of perfume from Grand
mother's old-fashioned garden?a garden
brimful of old and familiar melodies!
Yes, they're all here?"Home, Sweet
Home," "My Old Kentucky Home," "The
Girl I Left Behind Me," "Carry Me Back
to Old Virginny," and "listen to the (
Mocking Bird"?with Ted's own private
whistle out-mocking the original bird!
Listen to Ted's say-so about "To
morrow," his number on the other side.
"I'm going to play you a fox-trot,
'To-morrow.' Ill play 'To-morrow' to-day
and hope you'll remember it to-morrow."
We say, if you play "To-morrow" to-day,,
you will also play "To-morrow" to-morrow,
too. It's a whizz! Both these splashes
on Columbia 10-inch Record A-3709, sell
ing for 75c.
But these ere just samples picked
from the now Columbia program that's
out to-day. They're al! equally good.
And they're all made by 'he net/ three
ply, laminated process?an e: elusive
Columbia fe?fure which gives C? .'urr.bia
Records a playing surface of velvet
smcothncas that does away with discon
certing surface sounds.
t Cut out the list and take it to your
Columbia Dealer and have him play any
or all numbers. Then you'li realize the
superiority of Columbia's New Process
L _ ^mii

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