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yj.ci.pis i
Committee At Meeting Vaster
day ArranXorf For Community
Campaign In January.
Ts* Me* ?f ?,v->
C. A. i-^d a m^MTiK ve,.-.r.t.x ?? ?! :
decided *?? ?v?n<luo? * ? I
campaign the tirv tc?-k *:i .l.i.u.i'
The object et '.)?? ? ?i- ri c- 'I !?? j
to provide fund.*; ?< ? ? tb? r-*<? j
ne?d?5 rf *u ?* I? >"?I ' >u ? ' 1
care for f?<? recri:rem> ????. >>f ? ?? rilea
dar vear >>f 1:1.3.
The com ml ft** v*il ^ 'li (
the spl?udi?! prosrres.* tV*' :.? rv?\* N'.r*
?" 4 ? ? b ? .> e-jpa- 'mx' a % repnr'ed
;o ? he . ;.y .'(?? retary fllaytoa The
m r*' of i >,-? ot.er prnvod to he a roc*
'f*'t :? ? "? *;- a pb v ' \V depart men*.
' r- ? Ksiir?.? fh'">?n In the
noon busl:ir.?g nien't* ?la.? and the y->i;n?c
?i-p:V pvprnnjf .-!as?
Th* !???> ? wi ? k depart nept ?? imw
p-.i^T^i jurn ap dly utclT Hip leadership
Mr M boys' work scretary
W !r fr"!M ? k ip:zihc the .'lub w ? rk of
. 'i.e**svj. p i'if n^jfii'Vitlin hat
h* ? ti ..h.e t.. r?'ti|?r splendid ?-r\
? The pr :m pep ot the f n * h e r ard p-'i
\\??e|w i ? . '(ipAji ami the O**k.I n!/a -
Men ?' ?>.w "H V eilib*" a? Trim!* ;a
,ir l ! ilnii It .* v he..I
The ti." if ? .. *i\ V utdeh *n -thr 'e
t i ? ? > | ; i ? ? ".I : "hat ??' ' kbf
???' ?? I work Mr ? e ? 'In a
ri nul ?! re''or, ?> " i t- -v *nr>t!
n?#?sit mk mi r i'.' e *sr
t? ?.> ?? i p | ??? -<v . .-???or ? i; . i
i d ? ? .< ??? ?'?-!* ii
Th.paper pe''.\e? In th<* splendid
"h-is* .11 .c.-'. .??"ltie'1 a"d fee I s 'hat th?
??M/ens n." Wliee'dn- s'-o., .1 a nip y l""'-'"
i do f ?- Ms ?ln.ine;..l need"
"" e pharm.t > f ?n ??' Sr. elds &
*r:' ips. n* Kirn Uto'e. -will open nn
? titer lin'K store tin* town of Trla
!? hot. t w - '? 'I'm? i'l '.ist evetittK.
The iirtijj store will be lo. .tt.-.j in the
X it: ? r !' 1 i k. Ti e preset:; b'tild
nK at Triad*. in whnit Mrv Mary
.VaKner !'.e i mnlitet. .1 a grocery store
or the o.t-: ? ?three years, will be
ntproved. \ i.eiv srore front will lie
??lilt in 'he ip. i rr . whi!e the eastern
title of the buiMing will be oreupii'd
?>? the tiew store of Shields A
1? ole- re mode' rig the ent re b'lild
tig. a 'urge building. t? ? in* ttsed as a
warehouse, will be erected lit tlie rear
no! mi the north e:al of the , roperty
i large Karaite will !?? erected. Th?t
ofal cost of the improvements will
in; ? lose to SI oaf
fan! H. Shields and tlcerge J rh.l
:pv. owners of :tie pl'.arna? y. took oi'es
he present store in Kim t'.rove several
? ars iitii The )>tisii:esN has been jrrow
rapidly and to-w cxpatulitii;.
A d'rref rf the * ' ""
Jumbo Paper SI. !V?: < from
georgia 5' 00 \ pound; ,n,l ?>
?05o a pound.
Put a ke? mixed Sl.25 '
AH Milkers S1.35
Out of th. Parrel ,5c'each
Shelter! Popcorn 10c round
A fine hrijht New Len: i -. 20c po .rid
1?22 0Y"p extra white r Parley;
also medium Barley.
Art tin* this year; No. i...35c pound v
H. F. Behrens Co. \
2217 Market St.
Wheeling, W. Va. ,
Branch Woodsdale.
\ll Advice From One J
i Who Knows 1
Bible Clas* of r o tr*?< Avenue Maprwt Church.'said' Bl
"Savo your pennies: ?v'k c.;'u hours a day: ?r'V; H|
I down how you M>or.<i every penny you receive. rna!.o SB
H t budgrt at the beirtnnir? ? f ea?"h yea' tnd live w.rh n
your bmice:: and don't run an aut'ir.obCe unless you MM
can afford it."
1 The Security Trust Co. I I
"The Bank of Home Atmosphere" I ? |
'Ij 1148 Market St.
Member of Federal Reserve Bank F"
9 ^ fij ^
I H* iP Iob^ |jl
Gifts I
Chat Please
"Ber" and "Bim"
From our vast ami carefully chosen stock every
member of tb* family may find the desired irift here.
Selections may be laid aside for Christmas d?livcr\.
Jewelers, Silversmiths and Importer?
1223 Market St.
That Home
You' ve Planned
Every day you delay starting a
savings account postpones that
much longer your happiness in
owning a little home all your own.
Open a savings account in this
strong bank TODAY. Add a fixed
portion of every pay check to the
growing sum. It will be easier then
to build that home.
Dollar Savings & Trust Co.
Largest Bank in Sfato Solid As It Looks
| ^ I10MI': K0K N S
en ire
I {o r m r r I lati.n ? . MuRing cv.ii C"i
list, xx-.II r.iv? ? par- n the -Mel Trdior
jr-xix.il li. xxhiiix i ;???:? ;:i t!? Matket
I auditorium i.n H< ?rtnlo'.r . :?:.?! w.ll v>n
(tintix? for !v. n weeks.
M:. 11 ;i r?:i?: >-. i r< ? has .1 ?? r. t K baritone
Vf?:re. during I ? v.,.:' e.ing to
thousand* of soldier h 'ys tn !ht' training
camps. has writ toil a fi'i ro ? ?!' hym
nals andWas ( ? tin- i't< .1 with tlio Moody
It:Mo l> >:;?!]??? .p i'J ;? ?(: ' r f ijf years.
Si: p.-1 in ?. :?<!???. ? Mti.ties . ?t t'liloa
Mission dec hi rod las' it.g!lt that he ex
peoteil f!te no-1.!-! Panhandle m turn
out in .1 p..] Mol Tr-'ter whom h?
described a - Am'-icas I'cromost evan
Ho !'.4r >..??! 'ha* WhorTing has
n- . ? iv.'l.o >. j ,1 ??x.v.i of the i 111 -
; rt iiu.e rut-pa: .1 le xxitii ? 1 Ito whjx'it
iw.gia- nthor inasmuch as son "
? ?f 'ho Jenast ^ evang-?! -ts :n the I'nitrd
ft; a'os xx : .i're.'t 'ho services. ?
City Briefs
The txxo vtoe! Piudges <?:; 'he National
road. iiN 'e Honey's iv.rr. are noxv l??-l::^
e- iistrnoteil ut.rh r tho }uj.er' ispm of the
s'a'o road ootrtniiss on for this year in
l>!x lion of th.s xxofa :it?'* program of tho
stot* roa<! cjmmisston otr this year :n
Ohio f'Jttty xxiii tie eottipU ted.
The -fittri !' ? ??hum; toe meeting sched
uled i;|V-: IX I 11:1 o I,.l.-|(|,o ? ap
plication f tho S'ar.dard Oil company
t.. e*>- t ta'k- 011 the V"or?> spv'h street
playgrounds, ?ax ???? h?.d owing to th?
?n.it : ty to yevt ral interested parties to
attx nd.
.f. Af.iior.e-- *x.i? held under t'.ofl hen1
xosterdax I > *' ? nmiss'oner 0:1 a
?li.irco >r ?? o.a.fc ' ii. iiitiiii.il pro
hio: on iiixxx I!,- had four 'marts of
IUo.it,J, ;; sulfa } "I
xxar l ;<:t:U. ,tv? ?1 ... Muuini x ;?.% f..r
having a si t 1 I in his possession, was til)
h< !?] utuli r $o'H> bond.
T.i- ha ? k!o'o ' - *0 a 1 ? \ to ? xx-1s
h?trg 'Ir:\en jp ?? ., j. 1 rn at St. < 'a-r
x.i'e la"' ex ?p p g in; ft rt. j ^ (Jj,. truck
ard to the barn.
\ tank of elii-iv ca' r;i'-ri?d on ti ?
truck saved 'he Inn i d truek from h'
tog total!-, destf. x<d by fro xvhieh wax
oxttr gutehed by t.,o ?;m<? the fire depart
men' anstxereij ;ho alarm
The 'ruck x?.i.- oxvned by ifaie rhirlsty,
a St. t'lairsville tee man and was bone
stored for tbo rigli' In a barn owned
by Miss I ilia Sir-use
fhristy elatms that as h? was drtvma
tTie truck into the b.irtt it baoktl-ed. Tho
truek eaughf tire ..nd Tie rushed for th
e! 1 emiea I 'unk ITefot n he returned the
Tiarti had i?rni'?-d but he managed to
"?xtircuish t!? e b! ,/.e i ?''-ire it mad? mm h
head xx a .x
T'"" I.auJii.inn eonforence n< i! Monday
w:!l ..!'!?? <-.r prevent another war. d<>
dared Mis* Janet Jtlrhardn. of Wash
ington. r>. whi> d snissin ? t' *
Turkish situation In an address at t! ?
Masonic I'orupt and luncheon >csterd..y
n.ion at ' 'to Scottish I11 f e <"athedr:t'
M as Tl .chnrhs. who I* cnnsld'red a*
an authority i>n current topics, in speak.
HINT ?" r the r cn.i'ift of J.lnyd ("Jeorg*
sa:d it 'fas brnugi t about b? the rppo:
I it p par', h; I- lleg d ferlin;; toward -
?Etc r.ifici'ii is nlsr'ti' ' ant! to keep pp;
parts fit.n ratifying t It ?? new Irish II'
Moi 5 'hart one It ii'l' frj M;tcr,tis attend
ed the forum whir., was presided o\cr
by IVr-ttna !cr W, W. Irwtn
\ truck belonging to th? United
I'Jilrv company was practically destroy.
r,| va*t?rila at'frrnc'un about IS o'clock
w icri li caught fire
Harry l-'rum. i!ra"r of the truck, was
erf imp gasoline from 'he putnp :n
trout of :hr ? otut?a:iy's garage at St-ven
tcrt.th and Alley !?'. It Is believed
that some person threw a cigarette on
the Feat of the machine. When the
gasoline spilled en tin- scat It caught
lire, caus;rg an r\pi.is,on.
The trii. k was a mass of flames in
a few seconds. The heat was ?o in
tense that windows in i hr building
ii-cr" h-okon An alarm from line No.
"..'7 called the rire depart men*
Laughlins and Faveltcs
Meel In Championship Tilt
Martins Ferry Ajr?flf Over Tilt To
Decide Football Supremacy
Of To'^n.
T.eigne park 'will be flic renter of at
traction tonmrrow afterr-non . n Martin*
I'errv when the amateur f. ntbal! cham
plotishio the itv ? * played off lie.
?ween the I'h yen,-s a:,.) 'he l.nnghl.n
'I.even The J 'wo '?am- h.v.e hot n
displaying a '?hell;': brand of football
all season and Judging from their rec
or Is they should go on the field about
r yep.
('on .iderable interest Is being ntant
Ie - ted in the game as both trains have
, l-rR.i following from rival sections
of the tow a.
?A ?i'-T r.c <'f tl ? of tT '
| Y<t! if o i 'liiirohmo?r?? Club lia? Y-*?n eall"l
1 f--r .,Tt 'venms: N'.i\ 'nil or 1l-y
! nt Kent H Mali f -t ib' purp"-?
'of ?i.ni|>lt,'!nK 'innntl'inf'it: (..r I be I
J'.'mb'r ni'-'tli c of tlif r|tib
| n421 k: will h?*? )i? 1?J in p.'ir*
I k?rs of :h?? Sf l.tjko* cftuc'li 'J ?<'l
I mf*mbers >>f 'h#** ri-'in -i? nro ':t ^<i t.? .<?
< ?rT? f. '{''>.?? I ?#?.>? ?r h*i* * i?? f * i n c ? f ?l,t ??liil*
jv:il i?* ?;? ?? i ????! ? b? 7;h .tt tk?-. Hcil.iirc
I rli?ir?'h
I A [I'-rntif itiii. i.-'Mi'rl \rs|i>niay
|I'ii:M.!K I'ornilt ?'!frk .Inbr. .1. tjni-.n
j U.iiv..|| K Myrum l'.>i iln> . rf.'tn.n
11. i.i i I'raini- uuf.linx on To' Nt> I! in
l-.Vli-i T?*rr:i. ' TLio on>! I hr now:
| h..ns? tfi.nnn.
[ Two nil.'r p.-rmits i.saui.l yrstc:ilav j
1 w. o IT M:Mri- fnr .. a/' - to- n-t-f :
at i.siroo;. .-.mii:- tin
i'I.1', i ?? M Mar.?.'i \ S?n ??> ?xwn?l a'
fin . ? - a? a a; ' y JJ'.'.V"'.
_ .. . _ j
in- S|i.ifi. ;h | riw.p*hij> N'ro rap' ni-o.1
by I if'* ? v a' Mani a is now lipin^j
! wrooked a: .M ue Island
Driver rtf On* 01 the Cars Undcir Ar
rest?Claims He Was Blinded
By Headlights.
I '"i;r persons were li.irr in a iion-"fi i
?1;? ~i? -ii ff mo aii:.iin-')?:I-s on the'
National imnrt at llomlom ;i \i-n<-?|s, west |
? of St i 'lair:-; iUc, l.i -t < \ tii'rt at ?*..SA j
Tim injured: _ (
.)>>?? l-'ishcr r>f WellMoi: g. knr? and J
h- .i,l last-era t ion
Ni 'k Z? i',k <>: Wf llsiujrg, head eon-!
,-u: smns til.,I aritry .11 arm , u'
Mrs 1>a\l,| Martin. Maynard. cuts
and bruises about It, art.
l'avirl Marttn c.-f M.iynard. fracturca !
i rib. I
Xitk .'<> iik. (lie driver cf or * rf the ;
?machines, was arresaed ar.d lodged In j
I thi, I5>?ltn<>ni i-o'inty jail . Xo charge :
has been cut, rc,| against hint but will .
likely he charged with rcckloss driving j
I today.
Zc;.~U was driving west and is said I
? to have l>e?-n vrowrting the left hand !
J side of the road. He contcndn the |
lights fr"m the Mat 11a ""fir Winded him
and h? v hi unable to drive <>r turn to
ilir right I'i avoid a collision.
Mr Morgan told officials hp tus
driving a' a moderate rate of sp'^d 11 i
:'.e e.vtrcnio right of the r..,id and at-!
s?-M'j>t<>d to stop in avid a collision, j
but ?ai hit head on l?v th? Zolck ma
ihinr j
Mr. Martin. Z-'t?-k and Ktslier ivr? ,
thrown entirely out of the machines'
ii;- ihe for.to of the collision.. The auto- |
mobiles were damaged practically be- J
.'??tid repair.
Martin was tlriv tng w' si. and Zeirk
M*t, at the time of the collision. The
Injured Were removed to the offices of
Jlr. S 1 West, where lli'V were at
i ended and later removid to their
Thursday, the 20d of November, has
been set apart as Thanksgiving Dona
tion t'ay for the Ohio VaJlcy General
Hospital. The people of Wheeling and
vicinity are earnestly soLlcitad t% send
Jel'les: canned and fratib fruit; canned
and fresh vegetables "id groceries to
the Hospital, where members of tha
Woman's Roard uill be stationed In tha
Reception Hall to receive all donations
on this day.
Automobile fuel and various oils for
th* paint trade ar? now being rroduced
from Now Zealand's-,kaurigum deposits.
jf T > ? T * ? T T T 'f T ?
! ?
To Take Advantage of i
; * Our Special Optical Offer
' Our Regular $10 <
[ Spectacles at 5.50 ? <
? Two registered Optometries In i
ettemdance. Prompt se;rrlce.
i ? Becoming ahell rim frames,
i Large Toric lenses. Case and , j
l r lens cleaner free. <
oo6 market rk moMLut*
ij i
I1 " " ~ ~ ? - -
^ ^ Announcingth of |
for SATURDAY?on the Fifth Floor |j
| |
tjr Santa Will Be On Hahd to Greet You! ji
~ ' *J
i Jjf ~
i rnoYLANl) OPPJNS! What a welcome, thrilling" message for everyone! The 2
If -L children greet it eagerly, almost feverishly, for Christmas with its toys and g
I goodies and dear old Santa himself has a strong hold on their vivid imagina- g
I ? tions. Nor are grown-ups free from the gripping influence of apple-cheeked 9'
jj$ Santa and his pack o' toys! They bring back memories of innocent carefree jS
w childhood, and those anxiously expectant Christmas morns when the first act X
upon waking was a dash to the Christmas tree. g
i if Today Stifels open TOYLAND on the Fifth Floor. And truly it is a ver- S
Sf itable Land of Toys?a Land of Promised Happiness. Dolls in endless variety; a
if enough to populate an entire community. Doll furniture and household equip- g
g ment to furnish an entire home. The whole gamut of mechanical toys, chemical g
S sets and electrical trains with which to start the future inventors and captains 9
S of industry on their way. Games of every description with which young and ft
j 0 old will wile away many happy exciting hours. And then there are trick toys &
and velocipedes and books and educational toys galore! The entire Fifth Floor g
; g is just packed full! 9
if Parents will enjoy strolling through the Aisles of Toy land, getting sugges- g
tions for gifts to delight little hearts. And they will find that they can select g
j g here as economically as in any toy shop hereabouts. 9
i fifth floor 1 ?

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