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The Wheeling intelligencer. [volume] (Wheeling, W. Va.) 1903-1961, December 01, 1922, Image 1

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\<>Ll M h LX X I., NO. Si) ^ WHEELING, W. VA., KKIH.W. I )K ( I! M I; K R I. | :rji> THREE CENTS
West Virginia Defeats Wash-Jeff, 14-0
Won't Claim
The Football
?.? /
ti; tc inqwlrv T;*? !'t
??.'! \ r'?"1: - tvn.'' t H. A
Sia?ishi:-y r <?*'.!?** ! ? ?*"*
* '*nw' ri f"T * \* unJ'?H' on
V ?? V'tv ?? i.n ??
in? ;tj? mrr XV . < :i? ? ? -r A .f.-f
{???*?? SfKii ?? ,r\ * k'vi s ?>'?*:
Vt-K.a I \ y niX r-t
XV.> Siv h.il a ? ? M ">"'l a"*
T? -Ji !? i - .?? ? ? <r I.-:; ani
.**\*T3'. .Vlow.-. ,%: ?> 'It
V- * V-!
M.-t r"ov...i ?.y ^ a-,,} ??,,
r rn:-i; f- r* i ? ? , ' ?' - .1
JUS B. ill
dies suddenly
Pneumonia Follows C'mil, and
the Pnd Comes l ate
Friday Night.
Not. 3-? ? Reprrs-rta
f \? lames K M i:?", of ! ' re ?. died a'
b..- .??n ?> here lumght after a b.-.e?
W.'' him a' ?c" were Mr? Ma'a
r i .ys: ? i-is !* w is id a'
? (the if h h- had focontlv ttt?
nights. his c rid.tion d'd r.ot
<}<sflntt?Jv develop fop :!:?? warm luit:i
1 o'clock * 1j;s sf'orti on
tr? ftl'ltd slightly .(? < o'clock bin
?ri;n juMfrtd a rel.ipso a d sank 'ap
Idlv. Tv o ?r?^ wax j'fj''':'!;;
Mr. JUsr.. who had s>;: vfl fop u
?i .art.-.- if a ??? nturv as n r-errLi-r ?>*
la* House. was stricken a week ago.
first with a chill. PnsuT.i- 'tiia developed.
h s cvaditii'Q i><?. au.e .Iv.-.p-.ia'e and th.s
end came ?t. 11.15 o'elo k
The veteran legislator. a:: ardent
advocate 0* the a? p; 'i-T h s- * ??' "1
to TIoua? loaders oar.y 'p. the week and
again yesterday, that whilo lie ?a- .".
he would go to the capito! ai'l i.eip .1
the X'.ght if needed. Ho war urged to
?:?v ?t home. thou;; ' p. :?* of his
friends rea.ised that 'i.ir . "tiditlon nss
serious. On* of hi* ?-<>;?? agues.
re?o; tative Sahath. Per --a- Ii 1 ir? ?
ega nst the b.il. was pa.red w'.tli h!:n,
*:d ?<? Mr. Mai.n was record, d :ti ti.e
> ?
p a .- wop?> u.tdo ? " ?'??? ? 1 ? '
tonga; but it was so id that the >???:?
gfarrt-at-irios of the House would i?c
1 u'od with t-.pi w" to assist
So making ti.e arrang- eats. It is un
d. rsr..r..t that a fune-n! service in ?'hi
c?g ? : c >n p?"{.;.?r on arid r' .t Mr
Main will h. buried there oes.de rs
f ?;). who dl*d fo'ir years ag ?. He r>
r ;-\ ?: < .. ; !? ? ? e wtd- v.
In : w ,rdj of f: ;e:-ds and foe. Mr
Ma: was t'.ie best .rii'oi rio-.i mjn on
details of government ? V. ri r ever
r<-th g fOU little To eS'.ipo h's rye-;
t.here was no man or measure he feared
t > .. 'tacit.
V. ? by hi? wo'i 1! ;? t 'he rt *0 d
rt d -f p.fu -N u ? i ? ?? ?? 1.. v ?n rn* 1
tip - less than a ' n - and .1 yalf <?f 'he
(' g-< ssi?ra: Record.
IR.'.-i. wa? ..l-V'.l '? ?'??! ??.'?? a ?? ? ! e.a-h
e i '.'oedirg ?Ait" -?
T" 1 f i-'.-ant tv '?'?ii! ri'ioui
,,p m. entv-six y:c w re-'i'-c.' -d
that ''.e ( ' ? ' ..r
terv n-d ' ? 1-e';. :? m ::: ?>.. ilv.; e as
long .as he i-ved.
!f "Jiff! ' ' 1 . ? ?" ' ' t"ng '
def. i* w ' - jc.rfv . a-: ns fg >.j
??. h'ni .ns speaker after he h >d
?-rol as lurvlf durivg
eg ? c '.i"i' h. v. s- rnij.
rrd' h'. friends d'd 11"! kit? !' When
GiMeft. of Masfai'ini* tts. w r< . nam d.
? >f;. ? n was offered the i.ia'-e as l?ad< r "f
t?'e j^irty. then -r: i-.w - . b it K? d' ?"n-d
!.? ICO of the h. use. ri ehairw ?n ? f
.sorrmitte e?n eemnit fee.. ?; I
mwnb?r> to c.mn- tree
JS'.-oer was e. J la! f "! ? gr. .1 ?' - f| r t
Of I e y; . a'-.e- ?i 1 ? ! f
Refused Speakership
i th< I!> puhlican maj ?rit> .n
j; . K * t?r>? ? una ? n r' ~ !1"J
? i .r-i !? "J> Than .?
tl?* !'o! '>r Vann ms ',nnnt<>it
r. t ' i r- - ??'" *>????'? -ip' -a'-.r
(i :.l :;A\
r' rr I'd H T?" .? ?? p" ? a ?'??vi: p or th*
1^., i*f Vp ^ * h'i? *- ?' " * ? * i ' tvnr..
. ' i"**1 'e Va ? h? i -ri ? f
!' a-.? r* ! h: a* r.' <-ni?r'
Wh;!? "V* '??i'- - r'li'M1! c 'H'.hk.
Van. -???? ~s * uaa l
av"<:?' !'
i *? i ? ? ..-J h?-f '* r ? and ' ??v ? >?? '
*?? 'a:'?! mrha'i-- ?-.?
fl??- a~.T. ,:1?' ! h-.-.i;' 1 *i"f t'">
Vv >? ? pr i ? a r?r.\-i?r
\*? . n rj f % f *-r?? j ?.* - \T.'? ^ n
Told Dearly In Health
ra ? ?>u ????<.< 4 i ! ? ^: !j*d
a'" rrenh*r- ? '?! I? >? ??>?*
1V?" ird lh<-r< .?!??] v...Irlin i ??
? Via :t. r? A,,r
v*i*r<n !???)*.a'". " ? t? s.. ??->??<* 'i--;
? ??' n:ir-. - ?-;??
h ?l'-r :n ?' i"! '?? '(!.!.?."? ! .
a ?? - ? i,- -
r -??? ?'?
ir?|y > ? Mar. ? ? ? ? ??;? * - ?
?? the k:s;ii ? 1 ' '???? i 'I ?
Q.i!r? .t pov* ? rf sil ?"!!'-rr ' 4 h? a' 1> m
f'?"v i.'h'rv 'v>.a had R'-r** h?
?'T* him. ,.fan'' ra d d- ir!v f.>r hn
n ?'? f ? ?:?:? "I! ? - r. ?. ''fir ;.
(0<vntlan*<l en Paf* T*n)
Forward Passes By \\. & J.
Fail to Result In Hoped
For 1 ouch down.
.Costly Fumble By State Dur
ing First Half of the
( on test.
W \:i Nov
"A !"?????! S Simons <?' N nw
< umb^i'land. \V. Va.. haUi-.tck
or. ih? Virginia i rivor
roorh.iM o?am. wi.; t?*dav
??apt'iin of ?'???> Moun
taino^rs : vy.i for hail foam,
pi.-' a fro J* rlio \ i tor- ovop \\
a. . horo. ro <]n\. Simons is
i plaur.s: his lAipi ycir or 'ho
v <?? ? Vircjp\-? ;.ff' has
j h-i'Ti line .if flio nun ?i. p- u-1
' iibit- plater?
" I
( M..-o;i:;?.o.v! . \V. Yn Nov. fbl
- For rtio first tim* in its
? history, whirh readies book
iS;i| West \'iririnia university ?"?
iciay lun<l pl.t \? 1 through >ravn
j without sufVt rinc a ? i*. as a
jr?suir ??;' its vietor\ i?\?<r W n>h
(insrtou A Jotrrrson eoll<"K'\ It
; f\ h< re rhi< a^frM'thn before a
| crnvd of in.oUO. tho iarjTAat as
j r?'ast?' that ha'! over v itn',sa?'il
an at liletie ronUst in t In- Moim
i tain Mate.
Revitalized Attack.
After nullifying most oi their sains'
it th.<? first halt by costly tumbles on
t?ho parr of Smioh. West \ Irsrtuia
s how or! a revitalized attack at the hp
ginning of the third period which
; Washington i.v Jef'erson could cot
! Receiving too kickoft. Homer Mm'
tin returned for the Mountamoers:
25 yard lino to the West Virginia 3-'t
'yard lino. Sinior. got loo.-o through
left tackle for a IT y?~d gain and Nap
diici and Marin added ?' tirst down
in two rushes. Nick Nardaoci wic
and sinosteppe.i around right
lend '"or a 2* yard dash (ha* took 'he
bail to the \V. & J. nine yard line
At'ep Simon had made two yards 'u
(Continued oa Pajr? Etplit)
Both the \ atican and Premier
Mussolini Will Take
Tir.rii'- Nov. The \ ronn ;> t.t
make a t protest to the Un-ek'
government acain-r fJa?* ruenition *.?'
'he former Creek mm:.- f.-rs I'op"
ha ? nr'lT' il ?' ? p 'pa1 tnineio if
Perm to ln.-ikr?-;>:"?? -? ntaiimp .to
Kiipfli"!"' '>nni-v'r> of flu Creek rJet
ccation at l.aimanne gpint't further
o\or'!*inr ,>?' fnrn.er puluiv o . n ial?
in ilri'icf.
f orulon. N'.o >. \n Cvhanc0
Telegraph d^-pafi.: from Uotm ?;nu
I'totniT M'i1->a'ini ::iiormi ! fi> Jin
ian i a 1 >ill*"? f today thai he planned ty
protest to the <;ri government
acainat the wliolo; ale < \i-fiifions of
fore er pyhMr in* n Hi- proM-si lie
Hflilerf ? Ofilil oil p;ti"!y h 1.1 IliaII1
tarlni* trro:in?i~
Biakeman killed
TO !,?.???
. < ?*?-? ? . I'. f":1.11*? !?;<?]> ra.!"-!'! :>r:i k '
rv'i" r ir -? k;* led | !::?? e-.v i
W V? oa ? h. r* i,.,1a- ||. ?, ,i i
a ^, i |f?,J f ?r i r *? ? . ? r t . I i ? ? i tk- ^
i . ,*\r * , a.lTV v.ii ?hi f.\, i;n'|f r ? I, ?.
j and dei-ap,;., o.|
. j
Pope Joins Americans
in Their Thanksgiving j
j Rotno. Nov. ,dO. . |t .\ tho Aj
il'lf*?.) I'd" t!ii* i.rst Mill" ill Mi"
i lii*tory of t!i< Mathnll" oiiurrh. the.
I'opo joiner] ir: an Ann rtran national j
m lion h>> insist"d this even-!
i ins upon reeeivins; Mi" students "I i
til" \morirnn i 'olb'S". *111 1 add passed j
i'H Mi" topic- .1! ThanksKtvii'S |
Th" pf!'!"iif .. n-imh'Tinp I5"'. wr-r^j
a?-"otnpanied : ? the .vidiotir" "ham
t>. . b'- 1 aril in a! firfr proter j
tor. a., uoll ;is l.\ tlii- r.-i tor and vlroi
| I 1 1 Is ad'li"'S> Mi.' p..p. aid:
Nat far a' Thank .-en inn it Is a
r.nhlo id-a 0:1 Mi part ??' i .iir poop!" I
"linii-tvi; t o .JaV for pn))f" M"tl !
'i !'ii ! ???!> j ra "i 'a"! on" <>f Hi" j
.""ittlaN ? ! Hi" Vi.;i" co-in'ry must
!"? li'">>" 1 1" Mnilil.t' Mod i
J h" Mr p.. >a: : tb.f Mironcli ttp?.
Viiioi 'i ,r>ir . nr- n<- v j i.. . .-?ri
.nt'i'n:.' ;l:i .>? 1 "-o \inortoati poop!"
'and . xjiyos 'piv :;"i: if in!, for th" c?n i
I ni.'a I'] iii"1'. 1 - ;i " "1' 00 ,
?Mii.ili 1"' nr >? '
In Mi ,.f !?:? nddrr-y lb" j
:>oiiM,t said
i' i oon-rdir^ !-. Mi" heads n; i
II tMf n- ?'\ii:? .pi? pi'opl" 10 |
p f' ;i d t !?:i??Mod Id'-MiiRfi
? oiv.'d N.t iori ? 1. ? in- rannot
b'if jiro-por matettai'y and spinHtal ?
My. I ,'itn V Mi ' 11" ?|t?i \.i!|'- |?? oplo :
tii" day of T!i:o;i..-ur. itic We arc'
praying t >c"thrr."
Citi/cns Who Demonstrated
Against City Authorities J
hired Lpon.
Mc-xifO ( 'if\. \(>v. .111. I I'.V ill"
A.vm??'ii'i!i <1 Press Ai least four
i p? r.sniis v\i-r?- kil.'il ;ni<l a
injuI tonight vvlcn fix police
i usiuiat-hi .1 Linis nirainsf a haivl
of i|riu.'n>ivalors who atf-rnpfcil
T.? itna-i- 111 ? i*i*y b.tii in protest
against th ? it- sr-i! neuiiy- nee of
the aM< rni' i: in eomnetjon with
. t ii< " at. i- la mil... in t h" eity
I .Two t)ia<-hiiie unit voll-vs were,
ifirtil l>y th- n.iiit-o?t li?* first over
I ? lie h' :kK o<* ? h- .???ov. -1 ati'l tlie
last into it.
All Basic Industries
I Show Larger Activity
j Wash.listen. Nov. \ :rr ;;;llv all
i bnsir industries in the !'n:;erl States
showiiij, in> rea-cd produ< 'tve ar
t,\:t . a.-eo: dine the Federal It"
'.serve board, whirl?, in n review <>t ?
husine-s and trade conditions rondo
r nidi ? ?n-day je ported a cecoratlv
l.iiprce ed oati w! in the Amrrle.in
f u.-oje.?s world
I >>.-> improved conditions an-prdine
to lih: re? in* a1" i< fleeti d. ties'. In
n Sieat!> increased employment n'
labor in industrial establishments and
c .,-ond in an unprecedented demand .
?for freivlit car.-- K< ports shove)
''ha'. >?n Nioefntic. ]. the crrate.it
shortac of freiciit cars ever devol
oiiei) ;<\as rn ordeil. while immediate. .
? l? pef.^re and atfer that .late the car
Inadinc >? e? i maintained almost at
f' r i',;. \ )tli ? i IiI
Instantly Killed By
His Hunting Companion
' 'ill'. ?*'. IV,is ?'e?i ami Instant! y kll> .'
>? his .li'iMiii;. ????tnpam.-n. I la ? tn-ei.l J
' t?, fa-n re; ,h? .j||
?? '* i' 1 ? '???!?; i".wohi|. today ;
r? *-<??. ti ? c,k. : t: f n ,
!?r?: j.J'a :???| O \ ? \ ^ r ? ? f.. I. -,+l : on! '
\ <4 f' - ?* r i' ? t.? r .? ?:??* ! ? i ? f ?? ?(??! i~ t *
| ?-i?h h ? ? * " ? h ? ? s* r k ' r ? ;:J| tn
j t;?* I-f? tpmv r
I v- v ? ? . r. .? T-.o \vv?. ??"?! ?
? FT?f> ? ? T *r- ?,? -i I,.. ri.nHri?in?i?n '
? .A | i \? V . ? I, t ,1.1 ?/ ;?.?'! r?
? ..;tf i ? r , ,? ?:! .rd
' 1 v-|.MiV ii .... ?? \< _?. .v . .
? t.. ? -i. >??. I >llh "l ?? * '? If -IIS'l ;
*.* jt* L. ? ?? 'f add "I'.i 11 ; i' ;
p- rt ip- '\
i \ <| ft' :? "1 T -i ? '-'.mi i '"n- 1
; ManUD.'pie ?lnn?. thp t! if iri??r?s P'V--'
j..bly were exaggerated. but adds that)
\ ? ? ?,.!? ? '? ?: ? , f
? ?if ?? b-1 i> i 'Jri- J, -
.1 ' . U - Mti -
Th'1 <? <-fi.?''14 .m IT ???' th" 11.H'i
I ?? >T.' ? i;? A rci| 'f. uch ?' :j t? ? J i< ? ,'?? !
. ! '
\ t ' I '.y I 2l C" ' ' ,411 '* *? " , J t ?
.i \ ? " il *!??.? u ??
?h?r? were eXscutwl.
Boilfi of Locomotor Near
ly Dr\ Wlirn Jet of Water Is
J in ned On.
II ? ? ? \\ \ . \ i ? 1 ?
i; |? j:? ?? ??
*???;?!???! ! I i;* ' ? ' ? .I : -i r?
f. .] " > ? J r ? ' * ? i ? ' ? '
? ... ^ Vf. ? r.i'i-v .1
? ? P ! . ' ? p -PL- .P ; .1
- V. ,|
V ?-? ? * ?' ?' ?- ? <? ? . -???? T \ ?
? til*. ?P|I< M .... ' ?' !?????
_ ... ,
Nephew ol John I). Rocke
feller, and Former 1 rcas
urer ol Standard Oil.
Vf><.- y, ? |; 1 I \
? ? ? i' ,1c*. - ? . i :i *. \V:M..?:n 1
ICO'^ofoMcr. ?i: 1 f uhi?' <>r .J ' ? I'
Ko.-kff..:;#!- .!:.?! . I.-.. :il iiiij
> <-u- y..fk ! me ? lie \? a- f.'-r- I
ni'r 'r-rivi '.11>{ i ?.; . >m
p.!' V N' U V"; V
Tl.al Mr K- o5.? '<?'% : ,rl 1>. . ?? srr!
? a j-t-iriirn i:i>" .\t?>aiiay .1 f urn.j
at*.-- -.art 'r ni h;.-? cm- 1
I!.-. ?;if N-::i ir V-v Y.'fk :i >T\ ?> 1 .>
cr.-ulnaUiJ frTi v.i'p a* ?!. V?-,2. w.v>
t ^ r )? " >? . flpiMllst
1- | Mr- V. > : ? .-."?P'r j
t-:? r .f ?! ?'
I'i'J ? ? f- K-.r" 'v Kink
Score of Fassengeis
Injured During Storm
\i i York. Nov. ? Swf'pt forward
h" ;i tni> .mi iioijv gal*. ?;ivis !
'.vl jr'i ? ;>t nvpr Mm hrnllV JUK!
;hr?"A" spray over 'ho fonti'ds crash
e?| through nor: holes ami door-' >>'
tho s!>iunship I'ri'jtil nt Wilson ;
Tucsd.i>, and h'ou>.ht injury to a
j-.-nri- of her passengers and < row j
<*;ip! j:?i ltobortn Stuporlhc. com-j
mander <>f tlit' vi ,vsi'| in today '.-on: '
Trieste said the storm ?a,s the most
!.:ri'.M!-? in his ovporiojioo i
Martyred President One of
the Greatest Men That
Ever Lived.
Sp-inrflefd Ills.. N'ov. 3b. (ieoreM
i 'if'tnf>n?'pn>1 bared his aired head .?.t
the ?i>nih of Abraham l.tnroln loda".
j?it! nsld tribute to him as "on* of
the v potest men that ever lived." ;
\iI?1 r tio. vrn appropriate and |
mr?\|'ic words I have heard. I hardly]
rlar1' Srt. If.opr." he said
?i'i"T|osr from l.inoojn s Ooltysbtjrr
c.-,>h, i;p lU'i'lavr . that lie hoped, tb
t'o' words of l.inmln, rathor to ba!
rons^rratp.J. that tshv remsin"d fn i
liioj'of ri< 1IO might |>o devoted to'
?!i? s-r-rt Iro of mankind.
"1 ram* In the rauso of the valiant !
? ? :i n ho foil on the fi. Wis of I'mnr*. '
I ho %< for whirli he wa?
ii'iirdorod. that v <? are gome to fry!
to go In the pal'i of freedom he open
rd " t 'oou noe,mi o..iiiitiiird
Tribute to Llncdn
"lle.o ! am <1 private citizen Sn
!!>"??"> t "r..?11 any other who lia.P tried)
!.i t|o lii- duty, hoping to be not. like
Lincoln, but to b" so imar like him
as I can.
"1s t us say no mora Here before |
one of tli" createst men that ever;
lived, all my heart go .s out to amer- j
i< a. ami tin- cr<"at man she produced " j
Re fore lie -poke, ba relieaded. Ill the j
-?''?I inist bonoath the leaden skip*
Mat overhung Oak Ridc?? cemetery. I
the Titer entered the marbled halli
beneath the tall, plain Lincoln shaft j
and laid a wreath on the sarcophagus i
beneath which the martyred Lincoln '
!ar ?
lie :-nfd re w<>rd. rfood motionless
irr a moment. T-a:-.1 I ho wreath and
walked silently out At the end of
his snee?h. ? lemenoeau was jmkedi
le formet I'tiitcd Stat> s Senator Law !
rence V. Sherman, piaster of eeremo- '
ribs. to dedicate another wreath as
his tiibufe to a dead soldier of the
Rainbow division which went ilrst to
"This !c tny tribute to the Ameri
can soldier."' t'bMiieneeau said, pine-'
iue Ids hand on the wreath.
At Lincoln's Old Home.
Met |,y a reception committee, ho
on- drit'n to Lincoln's old home on
Ficlith street, whole be was shown
through the liou.-e by Mrs. Mary Kd
wards Mrown. whoso grandmother
was a sister of Lincoln's wife.
Sim presented him with a pen made
from wood from the floor of Lincoln's
libi home, and showed him. among '
other things the sofa on which Llr
'??in courted bis wife, who was Mary'
Todd, of Lexington. Ky.
Ha." exclaimed the Tiger with a
T hen .-he showed him a photograph
of the hotel in which Lincoln and his'
w ife lived tor a time after their mar-!
rtage. explaining that they pa Hi onl\
"four dollars a week for room and
board for two."
"Have vou any like it now!"* riem
enr-eau asked, with a smile.
Ii"tore lm I-ft he wrote his name in
the yuo.-t book and shook hands with
Mrs llrown.
^ ^
City Extols Spirit of
Thanksgiving Day
? I
Wet Leader Endorses I
Tire Dry Enforcement
Declares l.fbvls Will Be Con-j
cent rated On Changes
In Laws.
V. Nov. Knurrso ;
n.rnt of I'rorjij^nt Marline s si.m'i ;
for : trincnt pii'oivtiiont ol tlio pio
htbuion la*.\s ;?> Ions i\- Hk- r'-main
op i'i" ,-iHit? l'"fk war; to
nichi |? v V.' U ? I avion HMjmlor
national r\i --i|t u o h'M'l ?l Ibo Ar-'?
?Marion \cau;-i i'n- Prohibition
\ no-nil m??n'
"\IUio<i;:li tb" !'iptnjont - j-iaivl '
Ira\.?>s H'o iiinv. K" ^Mvnnini. n' I
I'.i'mn;(i?"it in ? lo-inq nir'i:," bo pa|fl|
n a fin no j.i.ii? iM'i ? ??v ????? ?
* * I' I 1>'> ioi.m! i b ? ?.; ? 7b ???nialiv. ,
I mifc H. ;? ? : Ml :?!? <-noi:i. I ho
\ o|c.ti-niJ I. : J
I 'rf-. 1.1 ? 1.1 I I.?:??;.:i" . i-ofnm r. ;
l w.r.iiK'b.U !<?. ? ?! ."i . io i I *' ^1
tl.? i? |*o:i ib r i .. - ?; i: tiv !
linntaiioii - : ts !h,:i .-in. ? ' Mr j
Slav inn 11 ? la r>'ij
W*ni Virginia: fiiiiworn anil v.irmar !
Friday; Saturday t.rir and c?ld?r.
Ohio aJid Wrstfn rrnnsytyanlii: |
ffbow?r? Friday; 8c.tnrd.iv p'irt.ly cloudy
and coldsr, pcB&ib'y an a- flu'ilaji near i
bha lP.Vac. I
Churelics Filled With Well
Dressed Men and Women In
Devout, Rejoicing.
I J5 Homeless Wanderers Arc
Given Dinner In Mission hy
Knights of Pythias.
W -i:rc ?'li5Prvrf! Thank.-civin?
traditional Am^nrnn trot it "do
and tlm r>'\TPnf spirit that ilirootrcl
t! o pilgrim Path**!-. ? vpro.-, t|i<?ir
prot?*?iiini thankfnlnosp for I no htos-;
ini:> (Vjohrafrd them was pr.ott m
throngs of men. wonion and ? lilhlr. n
llial flli.v! the rhpri'hoa
T!t-> ? ri]r.Jmm and "union whn
rstablis'f d tlits slrlotty Min n, m
i-iislorn three ronturlon ago tvore
thankful !>? .imso a threatened punt
; 111- ? divtht did not ro;no
i~e*tori||i\ Wheeling thankful
I M '>t' i>fosid' r t 'h-?
\\ hri 11 n ~ St''1' i "rp. >r.< i |i iji nnl
I ir h'ip I tin I "?? i n? . ?t t li\\ 11<? ..|
nit 111??. ? ?do.'lnro.l |..-.-:ii)n. t|io
., iiin c "t > " and ten* ijnon-.plm
j iio porn mi ? v -r.. ?. fi. ?iij m hon
till-' * 011101 t1 i -III pot ver. pnssosccrl
pt.-nti i ihii.mi to oat. and in \ |o\r
. f t I? i> i,n ? ij ? a 111 ; til- ? oio! ?) f d t !*o|t
faith is oonMd'r?*d sultlino'
Pi'latr>it> has ?'iattt.-'l oonooptiori i
>>f pNntv, and it' dmihltfcl it Who. |
inc voii'd havo poured I? fti fh.utk
, :
Ambassador Harvey ,
Has 6-Point Program
Manchester. England. Nov. ( By
the Associated 1'rcss.) tJeorgo Har
vmt, tho American ambassador. speak-1
lag as th?> gtiest of honor at a Thank? j
citing ?1 i 11?i- of tic An trio American I
Society, to-nlclit, outlined in six!
point.?, what he considered a good (
formula for the national policy ol the
United Stales. The points as gi\rni
by Mr. Harvey were:
first, to foster the strength of the:
republic tc- Just legislation and econ
omy at home.
Second, to preserve to the nations'
of th?- world tho bios hugs ot peace j
Third, to strive to cultivate and j
maintain a concert of Europe
Fourth, to avoid needless and eti j
tangling engagements.
Fifth, t?> acknowledge the npjal
rights of all nations.
Sixth, the foreign policy of the i
i'nlted States phou d always be in- ?
spired by lore of treedom. f
Mr. Harvey, wiio responded to i|>p|
toa.-r "Cordial Rein Ions." said a \ory r
few words would comprise a com- !
prehensive ade<jor.fe response
of IolduSg !
Cleveland. 0., Nov. dO.? A man |
giving the namr of Frank W. Wil-j
lis. L'S, said to Ito the fourth mom-!
her of tin- gang which early Tues
day shot two policeman, one!
fatally, in Columbus, was captured J
by Cleveland police today ouj
.??barges of first degree murder.j
Willis denies be v as in Columbusi
or that he or as implicated in the;
shootings. '
Thousand Undesirables j
Driven From Arkansas !
Oil fields By Citizens!
Camden. Ark. Nov. .V1 -?More "h.inj
l.ond a!!'-'"1!! undesirable have
lef- the South 1' i n'his.i .-nun'y oil fields I
o'n^e Tue.-'k.y tiicht. when on.? man iva?|
killed. severa! tarred and f-athere.i, j
others flopped and a number <?' resorts j
desiroyd in a series o' raids made by a}
hand of *00 or more "Viptlanter"' f*om j
various town? in the soettop. n-.-ordin,.' j
t i information reeeivrd by the author-,
itles here.
The exodus continued today, nearly I
100 men and women from the r:; fields
continu hero to take trait s,
lid Harper. sheriff of fiuaehtta eot;n j
fy rcturjied ilere late toda> a'fer a tr rii
made throupit the oil ee.-toui, He -..I
ports that there are r.o indtent; mo
further trouble aid that the d-*:'
u ? ... I
able eiome.y seems to ii.ivn ?ee;. t o ?-i
oiiphly cleaned out. lienor:* of -e.
prisais by the lawless eirro-if are with-'
out foundation. Sheriff Harper sat-i.
john wanamakhr in i
serious cowion;
H-c'.ailolpVa. Wr .1ATli# rj
of W.iiiarrakor. wh?> !:;i< horn :t! i
' bw for w p-;i' a-?- i:n:o.i J
;? C!'.T-% a ?per* ???rush*. r)-,w ???; 1J t ;; j
ISMIH!" !?> I-.- < * ifiapc ;i ? V ."5" p m !
a;'! Th< 1m: 1 "?'t:n rr.nl.
' Ti'.n'ic'i rc.-t .??.? ??"TrforlaM; ?ov. j
y? 1' f. il;' .i" ???!.,? |
?Iir-aitr1! nV r\liau?M: * srr''"- ?' a'tark" i
o..ticr!i t'C avl (.? a rrs;.l* 1:!? i I
tion h.i ? n c-.-r ? '
- ' I
Admits Trying to Wreck
Locomotive On R. & O.i
''la: K.*l)iir?. v\* \ n . Nov. ?
l"ir t'unninEham !?. onipinyo ni n!
rojil company nn;ir Shlnnr-ton, i.? In j
jai! ! it", availing a- linn of Mm juvo |
iiiln court imdiT a charge of placing a |
sin!*''' i I'. tr<> VVtliarrl hratu lj of Ili.
Raitioi'To A i "hio ?;i11r??n?J. *?*> as !m
derail :< 1 ? ?? oiimiI h \t ,i ;*r? ';if i !
nan hearing I" I'oro "VTa*. I - mmib .'I' n.l
Ni'i-ovarnor. ho ?-?i.! lio j>ij? tpe spike j
? n tl"? track a a ? i:??;n? - o| revenge;
against tlio engineer for pushing Mir, J
ntf t ho loooiiii>?n O irilo tlio nii|i|
Defense of Visitors Crumbles
Before Onslaught of Gold
and Blue.
Straight f ootball With Bat
tering Ram Attack 1 ri
} innphs For Locals.
pisplaj r g u n?x p?.-' ?d sfeng'h and
lyiding the Cold and Blu? warriors to
a 6 'I s?or? for ?1 jr? *? periods, the de
of 'he under-rated Beli&ir? hic.i
s?h?>ol gridiron mn?h me crumbled under
to? o? slaugh's ? :' ih? im-r? powerful
Wheeling e,?\ .?n ilia lo'-ais ran the
ljy to afi.rt in th? final epJart?r rf
a ritual Thanksgiving el a sale yt
island park.
Th? .?'?"re do?? ft"1! t?ll 'a? true story
of th? cam? If wax a batfl? of .1
r>ak team ac mst a f;? ? superior on?.
I ' gkt :? 11? I spirit .'.?ue?t| th? e|?t?n rcp
s-r.ia':v?? of l.eilairo hiirh to batti?
irioro (.Mtiinlv M;? ob.??r their harks
cam? Jo their own goal Iin*
Starting tii? pari!? with plenty of
p;n, v ih? II?.! ^l...-k secured po*
t-ertuon of th? hail on ill? kickoff when
Wheeling funibld Th?n cam? two firrf
downs with ?nd runs. I in? plunges and
<?'f-tackl? play? MM?s hit t.mklr for
?hP'f li? 'iimh ' d v hen fackl?d hard
tin'' Wheeling rt .-ov? t ? ?! on h?r ow n
lullr-yard i!r.?
\\~h? ?l,i>g immediately ht?->i<d '.'it of
danger. Malon >\ got away on a poor
kirk which v.?nt out of bound? in tb*
? ?old and Bluo 33-yard l:n?. From th?:i
on the hall was ?ith?r tit in;dil?ld or in
Follalr? territory.
Ideal 'football weather and the keen
rivalry that exi.-t? between the two
schools drew S.boh lo_> a! supporters <>f
the two c-l?.oii3 to tbo contest. The
bleachers were .1 riot of color? A
warm Indiaji sumniir stin which took
?l;o chill on* of the attirosph-T?. entltu-'
?:atsts -?????.?ling ? ?> th? accompaniment of
a brass hand, nud p?ri??*t ord?r all con
Ir:hut?d toward tut: king th? gridiron
rpoittacl? on? of th? mo?: interesting
?v?r slag- d In B heeling.
The stand? wore fl!!?d 'o capacity long
l.?fo.-? th > r,r>M and nine srjuad appear
(?1 fop .1 ,-hort signal drill. The cast
stands fairly rocked with th? appear
ance <>f the lied and Black.
As the teams lined up for th? kickoff
i hush settled over th? field. Many
recalled 'he occurr?!?? .at th? k.ckoff
during th? contest last year when two
sections of Belia'.r? bleachers collapsed.
The bleachers underwent a special in*
?pretton this year before th? game and
'Continued on Fag? Two.)
f ohicti/. Nov 30. Notwithstanding
tho fi't that no "fiirial Information
to thr> cifoot has boon received bore,
i rumor that the American troop? on
rhi> 11 *:iti^ arc pimii aoinp; homo
again circulated today.
While anxiously awaiting dctinlta
news. the soldiers did not allow ttietr
>iti\i? f\ to tntorforo with their cele
brat .'on of Thanksgiving. Races, two
football game? and i boxing match
toeotVr with i:u< u.-tia! holiday din
ntigered in ?h<* day'? program.
Major tloitoral iljrnrv T All?n. tn
a Thanksgivius message, urged the
troop? to work lor "peace and har
Rumor is Denied
\Vh*h :ncu*n N'j\ r.o? < i:> th? .\ssa?
rinti-d It v a. indicated Inform
ally .a nflhiai cir.'Jrs today that there
" eh.mce ?;i tho announced
paltry of |r.tv::ic a .-?< a i I i"dy of Amor
;rjii troop.. >yi the Ithine f"r tho pros
em No tf-a order- had jpuie forward.
:: '? ,i ? as? ml and rono \?-ere ennsld
air,] t'ar hnnwn here no
f otr.ai anno ? ttiet;t , n the subject has
be. ii made.
Worker Electrocuted
> : ? ? i!> ?? N.'?v. ?? ?<*??:'?# C.
try. ,fr I ? u o?.%t*'.r.ictjt^f| ar tfc*
j? a: ? of t"i* i ? *:.<; Manufacttaring
? ? ?rrii'.Li' * aI .;- t n? ar n tvJjy.
ups w'.fU'nc ?* t'?r> a .i pit* when
tiu tv.tf* ,.?* !?; : ,.h ii? t'ontae?
u .rh ,i I \ r r'lt'.n:'ic ??%?? rjt?sjH.
. ? : I'Tt p:icMiu' ? J11~*?ttjTii t3tr ?h?v. Into
'"dv- ?
f T a i!?* i ?!.<.
r >11 !n? .1'! |
.. i;? i? ? ?!!? i'i i purr <?<??!
I ?? !?:?!? I M 'I' ? t?.? til ulster ..f |.- :
;? .Ite.| ncn. iMper if.r-1' I
Mhflln r '??? i 'ii| >l if.Vf tri.?)
peop'o jnv r?:i -s>'iirtnj m en venrtl I
: tr : ? *tl>ilUy ?"?f the pitrniAi .inns ? o|
??' i ;ihi it s.<;'i li.i thought
.? |?>. i to *3v nothing "? Mir ino>t of.
frill IV o r>|-K alivflj*! hat h*<?|i v jib)
cur mouths shut," tht ifiinistfr d^clafd. j
f;i( ?? [i. ! T*r'? SlJ" !?P'?S
tl?I ' - ? (S: ? "S ?? ]' 'i* A ?J
r#p' ? \ i '?-'?! ?????'!'???'Jiv .tf
? '??;.? t'p.v-i ? ?.-.*? Tui-herrurry. Siigr.
iiltf-',, :?.?<! ftfaier.i* ? re in
: ?!: ?
? ?'*? i ,' ? ? \ ? ? ;> '*? s 1 ' t't i' 1 '
i !!?..;??? *}?! ??.*r .?"'I
r'.npj'ir'? ? ill*' it>? Irregular*.
r?.i \ i a*:d *i number ?.f h1.?
.M*i"> ctl \" Ms lnsv are ? *j4
? . l*o v rt-rovor'ng l'rom tli? <?f.
refciA ot their recent hunger atriken.

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