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Dr. Fallon Denies Rumor;
He Is To Erect Hospital
Report Follows Physicians
Purchase of Ground On
Sixteenth Street.
Property Located In One of
the Most Choice of Last
End Sites.
Coincident with the purchase ?>f a
valuable block of property at tho
'southeast corner of o n<l Id off
Streets by Dr W s Fu ? ? ?
report that Pr Pulton is couf. rnplat
In? the ercciin of an t p-to-dno pri
vate hospital t>a the site. It is aN*>
nfmored 'In? Ms plans ttn 1 u< 1 ? > 0
bringing to Wheeling ??' - veral - so
cialists in various disens? s.
Whoa Inlet viewed last e selling o a
????rnttijc the rtnr.o'r, Pr. Fulton null!: I
I "!t Is t no that 1 have purchased ]
'this property. bm *ho report that 1'
i l' :.'.'M|:la!o I ' ??' hill l?* a private
[hospital Is unfounded."
The property purchased by Dr. Tut
run !?? located In oin< of th?* most vit u
able parts of the Past Knd. 1'ait of
1 tin? property was prrhased from thoi
Mr Adams heirs, whhh has a 60 foot |
frontaco ott Sixteenth street aud a 63
frontage on Eoflf street.
A y? ar ayo it was reported that this
property was sold to Louis Ilertschy,
to-a! frcral director. and that ho con
tem;date ! na a btsilJing to ho j
use.! a f in a'. home . Prior to tins'
;? -rt i' was rvroopi! that the
'<it: Motor fa: company was figuring;
on ! .roh.'''n- *h( p;o ?.(> to otcot a
laryo cr.ra.ec. Some time later the
Hopkins Motor I'ar company P'ur-j
chased the property a squaru abovo, j
on Fifteenth niul 1'off afreets, where
they now have ui\ upto ditto automo
bile home.
1*l.,n Miller, who owns the property
adjoining that recently owned hv the
McAdiiiiia heirs and t-ohl to l)r Fulton,
staled that ho had boon asked lu noil,
but did not iay who ti;u ptosi i-ctivu
imiv-huaor was.
r 1
About People
i Kc??OJ?ntJ of La&ivlfla*is ?? AjU
Itom *h? Oily.
Rogers It \V r f. Mov
W. i; i ?hr.pnti.n. H.t" '? ' '-rd. ?' 1
t\r "?Iti.r!. K. It. t: ? ;i' ?' . O.-'ui.dMis
3VTc.t.ure ? IV M ? v' .i
V-: A. Jura*. Hctiomy. M H. H -. .en.
ferkorshuru: J \ itr-.l.-ricl, Morgan
ttnui, li. I! Foi;i<r ?-..irUfchiug
Windsor- ?* K. .S'mj. .->. Nt-w MaU*
.. ra t; .K H-tiuaa. i'.o k.-l1 lO K : h.
I Phillip-, Ma-its::-: :. I H K? ' : '
O.luinbus; L H. ta.nal.Ibon, Hunton. <>
Mr a si Mrs- A I'aiiorsoii of Hollo.
W \';t , .tic th- Bursts of Mr a?ul ^,r '
T <: Fase.ne of ll"- 1 ?-'ami. Mr. Illtci
t? v'-M.r.,: ?muadrnt of thi
lt-:> Acomputi: . ?; Heliv
Miss l.ttUi v'l '"nut V Wheeling
girl. v.ho Is ii-ov *? <-i.-t.irv to Uw. l?r
Phlilpm of th- Moody ih'.irch of ?\ti
ccg>> will return t ? ? hn-ai ?"> t-alav ai.e.r
spending this Ust two weeks visiting
relatives lo-re.
lt. rt Anders-en of Ic-va. is making
fto extend- it visit with Ids brother, Alt.
A. < Anderson. '
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Tlidrr Viavo return
ed to their lu-rnc 'ti tutu-burgh after
spending a few daj s v. lib Wheclin-.
friends. ,
Mr. anil Mrs Knv-ry U.-tdnson and
Mrs. Anna il ia ? Washington.
Fa. have returned loin after via.ting :
relatives on F"tinc? " ; h s r?
II..ward liiva-s of t - I-f.l sprnt .
the weok-crJ with frioa.ls :n sw-unen
vlllo. O.
tin-sell Kletx" of Fifteenth street
will return to gt..n. Fa.. this
morning after spending 'he week-vnu
\v!fb his parent*. y '
M! t ! I . ? :? 1*1. fn t r
Wi'it i eK'.ii.ie tier Mit.fi n. tlmnVt:. s
morning afmr a brief visit with her
'".Miss Martha Mu-eMin f Ner-.h rr -n*
street. will return ' At est l.F ?1 y to
day. where sn,- will resunv he?
ut Normal, following o week-end visit!
with her nwth'T.
Milton \ in t".nip of M ells'.iurg. spent
yesterday fi -;t of friends in tain ,
Mr? tfitsan raldweil o' Heho To in.
"tTep.ii:ed last cv-r.ln ? f.-r an .ixtende.l
\i-i- in New York "'ity.
Mr- H. F. Herter ' A! tane.%. Ohio.
!< spending a sho: i vita*, with friends
In this city.
.T H. Kellison of AVashlngfon. t a .
is spending a .-hot ", vis.t !:i A\ hee. ng
the cuct of friends.
Annual conven4lt?n of lit.) At est \ It
gin.a Sherltf^ association will l>? held
at Onarlcsti-n on January 3 and 4.1
AmiiiK tlie ..fdciHts from ihl* distr'otj
t . attend are. sjherllT Harry T. tTJousai
uf chio county. Sheriff John IJazlclt of i
Mats.-.a'; county and Sro.itf J .in Sloplis.
t :i-- ..f It-.-ooko county.
??iauties of Sheriff? In Taw EnforcB
moiit" will b? the nubjert of an address
to ho delivered l.y Governor K. F- M r
gan. Walter S llal'atian. ata?o tax
. t.nunlaBiunsr. will talk on "Duikh of
the Sheriff a's it Fiscal t'f'l.'- r.
Among the other -speakers atid^ their
top. 3 aro: "The Sheriff as a t'onstt- (
tutlonal Officer." >?v Harold S. Ufiz.
former hc.oi of t!-.e ^.lpr.-nIe co.tr::
"What We Need In '.'g.<kit:..o to M.tao
?'?e SoerlfT a Mora l.ffleteji i iftlc'-r. t.v
Sheriff t. !. Y urns >r Harrison county.
'Ex O-.vern..- M w 51 ; rcsidn its
:.u.-:uin-.ter of me is.:..pic- ??> S e h.-.d
? r:-... see.-t'd and . !o;:tng ni.-'tt of
be a feaiure ..f the meet.
AVorl: has begun on the construction'
of ;; new h' r:i< v .? ? ;?l? s:i itl.'N .it ITS:11
Cro ? t< ? r ; 'a ' r: > \ ' i > inc
w;ii-|> wn < d-.-aTt I bt, tiro :s>. vci'ul
months iitj'u
It . \ tin* ? ? ro i ? ear
lit ' *. . ? i . !l?
m; ?.? t:.\ J Ma ar?l !' tt'.h.: ,
? iiHi.i oII.t of >lio V. h-wllng diocese w< o
l- ?!ir??'-* It ?? nit pi tri:. for t? i.- ?
T n? . '? . I 1 : -? n - <* >a,|?)o!i l
?"?f l*< \i* ?! ? ri :':??? <?\M \:;:?oy
i* ! \\PS ii.i* c ^ f,.-i f. r the
c f?: r'.> i f *h- ? \i Mr* n r!i.> ur*.
Oi t?r K ? rtVf f ? * v.v ; J A i
and Forest Lew j s :-k ?<> .gi-t i.y
police today at- a result of at. aiitruuo
bl'o collision in Finn 'Trove atio'tt t
o'c'ucl; jitt.idiiv nii>rti! tf
Fairbanks air! |.?\v; Acre riding in
an aatoniobilo ontod by I-'iank <",r..n!cy
when they crashed tn?? ? an aiitutnohila
owned by ,Milt>>n Murray wbleh wa a
s'.iii.llnc iti front of ihe liotno of Curtl i
ISi'-o at I'lm ?1rovi?.
K'.iri.nn'ns was arr. toed sli.-tly after
ward In film tiros- I v police. white
Lewis has not as yet been taken Into
in-;t.uly. Aceordum to t'tanley, owner
of the car. tie loaned the tita. hitte to
FaIrhanfcs and !.? ? ~ to take a t' <!' T
maeliln - <>f Mr. .Murray's was I14 liv
wi ecked.
j Hallfiritiro. Mil., !>ec. 10.?Trial nil!
! I'" resumed tomorrow in common
I i-Jens court of the action brought by
Miifon and May llasiable of Mueklian
noil, W. \ ;i? to break the will of their
lather, Alvln N. Unstable, 84 years
old, who l.'it (.he bulk of .tils S2r.0,o0n
ed.iio to itls pecond wife, formerly
! Harriet Orlffltii, Pooh-Bvlile. Md., a
Iliurse, wiio was I'll years old when lie
[married bur in UiliJ. following Ids 111
j iie.-s Horn pneumonia.
The I?;ickliHiiHoii children worn nit
oft wifli f l.eu't each. They charge that
theli father never iiuiiio tho will len v
iiik nil to Ids second wife, and that If
I lie 4.1 It| nijtkn It, If whs signed by h|m
j under undue influence.
Mrs. Hnstabl" probably will take
' tho stand again. She testified last
Fibhr. but was railed to the.stand as
a witness for tiro plaintiffs, ami lias
not v ? tohl h?T own story
!?tiring her evidence of Friday, how
'ever, s' ?? denied tliat she had Insisted
h< r aged husband take long anionic
bile ride' to In r sist- r'n home In
I'oolesvilb timing had weatber, al
though Iter husband was ipioied as
j bar tag said ?'sueh rides w ould kill
i Unstable was president of the Vnion
btockyaids company. Mrs. Unstable
said that her husband and her father
had been friends years ago, ami thai
it was natural It a.-table, v. he.n stricken
il! wrih .pneumonia, should summon
the daughter of his old triond to care
for him. It was during his illne-s,
j while she ntir.-ed him, that the ro
mance developed betwi-toi the aged
liian and flic young woman, oulrninat
ling in the marriage in the patsonape
o: a Washington, i?. C., I'reebyleriun
j church.
j Charles K. Kunkel, former presl
(lent of the Baltimore Livestock Asso
ciation, testifying tor the Ituckhau
j lion plaintiffs, who said lie had been
j an intimate friend of Mr. Unstable,
declared that, a ft "r Bastablc's illness
tie need man had become irrltr.biu
i and, in his opinion, iiad a poor mem
: Infrodiiced in evidence was a lirlet
autobiography and in-trnctions lor
funeral arrangements written by Mr.
Ikistab'e. and k-pt in ? desk by hint,
lie told ids widow to read them after
he died. The funeral arrangements
data cave instui-tions that no sermon
bo preached for hliu, but that only a
j reading from the Scriptures be given
He a'so named the men he wished to
so vo as his pallbearers.
I Hip autobiography told of his hav
ing boon born lu Parkersburg. West
Virginia: "the son of Mr. nnd Mrs Al
beit M. Bastille." At the age of 17.
he wrote, ho hud come to Baltimore,
working as a r'erk 1r a dry goods
store. At the outbreak of the Civil
war lie bad cone to Little Rock. Ark.,
whore he Joined Co. A, Six'it Arkan
sas regiment In 1812 he was trans
ferred to Co. M. 82:id Virginia regi
ment, with which ho remained until
the cb'so of the war.
lie then returned to Baltimore and
after various experiences organized
pis timt stockyards colnpanv. The
Villon Stockyards Company was or
ganized ten years later.
tyoouiu To nig-lit.
Thl? evening the third l.yceuro num
ber will l.e presented in Urn hlRh school
auditorium ''apt T. nitiamorc Hj-'on
will If th<f apeakrr ar.d hi" nubject will
be "The Ko'.ir-Sjuar* Ihilldcr" rai>t.
Upton Is a Ki'-at frb ud or" lha child
ren urirt Is railed. l'-if I'.rother to 0:10
hundred thorn-mid Kids II- cornea very
highly r> rr.mm<|mled and is sure to
I please everyone'
Tureen SapJ>?r
The Warn i.'.rcb.- of Kind's PiukIi
ters will hold a tureen mii per at tho
h inu r.I" Mrs \V:"!i?m Jlips on 19th St..
i r?>*>;? > >'U i.irir. .Tie- aftair w 1 he n
k,\* ii the . "i.ristnia -on and
nil-hinds of K.iod thilm's will 1:1 tho up
A vci V enjoy .ib'.e evening |s he :u; i-i.t:?
n'll n-i*1 all members are ui-i'-'i to be
r.-il e-'tate f.-r sub- Apartments. .9
r a:ul attic, V baths. 2 private halls
i>no a rooms. Vcath. modern fOStlO OO.
j Z new G-ro-.m houses,, modern.
T IV KINl'liUrilaltiJiCrt
llfD War wood Ate. 1'Uolio 33P-J
Men's Club.
II:e ri -'i.ar monthly meet'np of tb.e
Men's < lul- .'.id Mlhh' Vina., of the I'rvs
1 - an church w !;1 ho hel l h* Die
church Thursday i-veiiing i nc social
? ..rr>t>.!*:. ? hue ohI ' r :t good
t-me .-if Die huslr-.-s scs-ioti. and
tveryoi.e m c-.rd ai!> Invited i<> attend.
Burglar* Avmnd Again.
.via i ; lo-ryl.ir.-. *.v ? re n/aln
aroiit.d In t'l.nier Wariieo'l Tho homes
of I'liarl.j V'tiifi "ii "I S' ami AukuM
It If i:s oil la St. wire ransacked mid
cteryihinp i in :n d ups'dt down, but
i-nthii',- "tag tii <" Ii was evident that
? :c In w : t? .?.? y as d*.-w.ru
-'re pulled o*i t ;?<? 1 the l-eo. torn mori
T ? h.-'s lire:/Die fir I i.arr W ?riv. ud'
liar h id for fount t in ?
Woman's C:nb.
The Woman's t" ? ?? v <i-?< '? m----,
row afternoon at ?:"fi at tli< I'resbyter
!.,:i church. Mrr U' L' >\ .nianwc; ei
Is In charge ' f i'.e p-'-r;ram imaida.-i
several musical ?,|i? i w
Itrvati ??; Wheeling w ill jr'v e a very in
i tercet'..:alk on "I'.b>pi 1 an art and
Mi? Frank Sinl'h is vjult-- 1:1 at her
home on ll.ss Ave.
Mrs Kd Kliton hnd the misfortune tu
cut lu-r hand never, iy when opening a
Jar l ist w. .-k,
I;..|.. rt liar-Is has relvrnod fr in a
husiposs irlp in N?wa:k. n.
Mrs K I- b rl a- qh Is tho guest of
relatives in II dld-iy " i'u\e.
.lack the i-.fan- s n of Mr nn-1 Mr?
i* 1| If.ui'lei son if ill .St., la ill with
in. nsleS.
Mi and Mr.-- Harry Marr'.ii and faui
j Jiy will M-t-l Chrls'iii:u with realt'v?M#
; it- Itb-htii 'tid. Va
l.lttlc Alice Ityiiu !- HI wl'li tnerisles
?1 the i'.imllv h->n'? in North W.irwoo.i
! Mi -and Mrs I d Stunt/. ..f U n i-lluy
apunt the v.u i h-c-tn'. with Mr. ami Mrs.
W II lairn?.
Ib-v. (iml Mis I, A \1 ' T.l Will h ave
I'r il.av for Ohio where lli.-v will make
Mie'r home.
\ number of local i;-rl. aD-ndo.l i)i<?
\'.- !j.er Ser\ 1< .at the Y \V ?* A llulld
? nIns' i v.-tiitiy. of will- h the locul
; u:nv school club had chare*-.
Ship Bill In Senate
'.Va-hincton. |vr in.-? s* mate support
II .a d: .l t.-i.|i*.tieIitsi of tin- .olnilni-tra
ti n - !..;;-iok' bill today moasured their
Mreiifih aiiil laid iju-lr pluns irepara
lorv to tiie ucfinnliif toid.-rr-w of do
< a' e on the ii.t.i-ir. Kv. rv' iiii:^ po'ht
< i a i..ud on.I lu.iK fn-.l;:. ; c-sllv|y
. ..ntltiultiK with Inierruptlrtb- until Dm
end of the cushion next March.
i %
DR. Ell IN
"Mia Without (v HVtot" subject Ot Ad- i
ilrans.?Baya JBlble In Mwi'i
Beat Ciuh'.o.
I "The l!.,r. Without ri Mirror" nil the i
! subject of Hit Intornsi'mr strmon tin-[
I livercd hist r\w 1111.k y ho n?v J. Tul- .
? herl Kiii !,an, paelnr ?>f tlio Chujdiito
?S'reet Methodist church In tit* pres
ence tif u largo congregation. ^
I to v. Koiinnn took h':? text 'ruin Juntos
I i i J it : - 4
"If any man ho ti hearer ot the word. |
: a nil no! a did*, hu Is illm u man heboid- j
ti >' h'i filial In :i fhi*". f' r ha Iwholduth i
himself. on.*! ruoth hi* way. and I
h nilghtvvay forgollcth what manner of
: in.m }m w as."
, lie mid In part:
I hu\ u road thai In Pharoa. K<ypt. i
there Is a hupe niotaWe m'rror ui on a
preat hill which stands out bo'dly I
ircalnst tho ocean and that I: refi* ts I
i vory thing that ha' pons on land und^'
' . '"can fur thru hundred miles around
The Mllile l.s like that only on an In- |
finally larger sca'e. It Is a m'rror of ,
; human life: It Is a mirror which re
flects not only the heart ..f man zut the |
In art of Hod. Jesus '"hrl-flri sprtk
i !ng to the people said, G d the Father ?
, Im ho careful to not every thing that, j
Me even tn.-nlluns tin: l:!y nt;'i the spar
: ruv and things as Ins'gnlftccnt as the '
J numbering of the hairs r.f 'he head:
| then |f fjod iinies ihei? things almost '
I f irelpn to niir pfrpetiilty that he would .
! not reluct intly nolo the open \ioiu
' tlons of his law when we thllheratly |
commit thi- sins that destroy hoth s.ul
and body In hell.
The man who never looked Into a'
1 mirror does not know what >ore of a
j face he h;i.s. The nian wh has tied look- j
ed in the mirror for a long time cannot i
tell you how he looks n >u\ So a man
without the liilvie dues not know what I
j he Is doing e. ncernlng fhl's law. The'
? ltlhlc Is a guide to a man In this life, f
Just as. the compass l? a guide to the j
sailor, directing him from one port to '
j another, his intended destination, so the'
i It'hle lays out a due-guard ;.nd sign? l.y j
i which a man may l>e successfully gutd- |
ed from tho tender days of his youth !
? to the triumphant enteranee It.to 'rest.
Bible Reveal* Dtvlnlty.
! The rtlhle reveals flod to us as noth- I
Ing else can. Tlow g-and It Is It he- J
g'ns "In the beglnnng GojJ created
the heaven and the earth, and the earth
was without form ami void; and dark-'
l ness moved upon the face of the deep I
I And the spirit of Ood moved upon tlu j
face of the vvjie-s And God said let |
there be light and there was light. And
Ood saw the llpht that it vvas good."
God ha a been trying ail 'brooch the
.centuries to help man In his battle up
' ward, hut man refuses to l'sten to God
! There are too many of them who ar.;
' afr.'itil If tliev hear God rind follow him
they will have to put on a face as, long
as a lot t.f the fellows they s^e eom'ng
froai the churches. I.et me say that
j Christian religion not symbolized by j
Die Ions fnro mid the hungry h"artj
Jf im i'hi'pi mnk' R c'.'i'l hie fol lowers!
<; <1 rcry ,.|iiriiy icll.-i r u w)i/ you will
no- [><? In I he fitII enjoyment of Ills
tt f*;?"If .1 nuin l>? ii lo'iinf < t tlm
\V' r?l. hrid n if n tlocr. he la IH'? h man
lirliuIilliiK his iiatuml line In a glu?s;
he goeth hia nay, urid forgets what
inanifi r ?? f man ho was." Tlmm nre n
lot of oiil fellnwa stinking around, with
ili^ir nit tin s on church records.- Hut
have been "(folliK h's wiiv," nut the
Ic-rd'?', !? r an 'Vug. that If Jesus 1'hrlat
tvn i]i| pull thrill up to reo tlmnia ivcb
r.M they ere. they wmiM riot know tlmni
crlvi*!. ",\::d tut 11 doer." Jeans t'hir.st
did tl.e will "f h!? P'.ither in heaven.
11e u,.a ii no hy lyowlinc sen enuring
hi"iv< si. when tils w .rk i.n unrHi was
ended. You and I nre going 10 have to
do the ulllhif the k'n'her If we on:?r
heaven nr jhe end of tills earthly way.
o, hr-ther. you havu forgotten what you
look like.
Hot Hard To fnl.
<*hrl?i itiny tie hard to lind dn the
?oc'.ul gith. rli k. er the so-.lety circles
or the business marts of the el'y of
\Y hell tic: He may be hard to find In
the modern fiction of the diy, but you
will have no trouble to find the I>!v!:ie
lb.list If y oil eoioe. in 11 it's Word Yuii
will u'*o find your b of her man there,
you wl.i seo hint us you ought" to fiee.,
him. In the proper relation to yourself.
1" you want to find ut who Is your
nelgHbor. get 11 readme vur IHble and
lvl< up the .Sajiiarltan traveler. ^TUe
S.nnnrltun traveler was a doer of the
Word. There ae too many peuplu today
representing the difrr fhttua' oos shrdl
resenting :he ehrist'an religion some
what as we represent ihe medals, hei
mtts, end gas-masks, Bouvenlertj oar
s?. <; er boys brought home from tbe
world war We take tlwm d"Wn "o ov
th< *lus; ??ff tnein and dtscrlb# thorn.
UV like to talk about them, bu' w#
never put thorn on. tjr# with our re
ligion, we try to blow the dust off . fit,
we often talk about It but we don't
work much with it.
If a mnn wants to get Ito real fellow
ship ukh his fellow man, let him fol
low Jesuit. Je sua wen' among men
with all of their faults, with all of
their wtaknosees. and with all of their
grandure. lie had no trouble with theto
at all He dined with.them, He hial
ed them, He res ort-d their dead to .Ife
and iht.v learned not to fear Him but
to love him. The reason some p'op'e
are always finding faults in tife 1 r ne'gh
,hi?r Is that they are so cro >ked that
they cannot ere the straight living of
the fellow beside them Just take a
look info ijod's W'opd and see your
self- It Is Gods Word thai we rrjst
have If w? live christ'an lives a'onff
with our neighbor. w'ende l Ihililpa
had It. \\ liliam Lord Garrison oad
It. Henry Ward lleecher hud It Maud
Balllngton yllooth had It. You reed It.
4^?r v fxirrrr twailriMriawa*. ?& >^r?? ?;?
? Start the ^
| f i Christinas |
| Y\ Stockings
With Oh Henry! delicious ^
ranJy! Just the right sice to snug
gle down in the toe or a Xmai
5tocicing along with the apples
? rid oranges and nuts and all
the other gitu that banta leaves.
I3uy Oh 1 lenry! | A >ttK
\ur.)\ihae IvC a bar! jWjQS
A* A% ^ c*,Vx*\Avv* =Vi'VSk ,"??.v^ -<Sj,
| Jos. Graves' Store |
5 Ou r Toy Department has been f\
X - Visited by Hundreds and our ft
^ Selections and FJrices are the J ?
f Best to be found anyahere. Jf5 *
; P v <fej
p ft
MflL Electric Trains from $5.00 up ftj
Mind Builder Blocks at 98c
^^echanical Tojts . 5Gc up to $1.00
Kk^cipedes .$1.50 to $21.00 Si
?^Wagons $7.50 to $12.00 8
$3.50 and S4.00 R
Ifefeking i]
| City Briefs|
? f
Th-> anriii.il inn-tlni; <>X t!i?i S'liitli
SM?> Imj>i I'Vi-ni' iit i. a' >n w.M ( ?
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bc defied.
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1 a lit! Mark"!
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ii; A liuuibo:- ui" fan.:;.
M?lv? filial u.gi'tiv-i'
Cuticura Soap
Is Ideal for
The Complexion
io.p ,Oin'n>?at,7?lcnm fc.nrnbm PnTMn v*!
kUrri. Ca:!r*Tit. J, ,.i
? 4
m yet it costs you nothing J
There is a prestige?a glamor? an in- fit
5? separable association with thoughts of
Ssf oualilv and good taste?that attaches to $5
Ira s
2? a "gift lroni NicoH's-r-whieh carries m
M 1 . Cg
2s with it iinniediate recognition of ?|
thoughtful consideration oil the part of j
ft the giver and a hint of the high esteem ' *1
ft in which lie or she holds the one for
M ... fM
ft whom the gitt is intended . If von want
%s ?. . jX
ft to be sure to please, send a gift from jta
ft Xicoll's. ^ ^
5 For those you most wish,to J2
Sjjr please ? choose g i f t a n d a
?0 greeting cards at Nicoll's '? ?
i The Nicoll Co., '?<? |
jg ? 1231 Market Street pj
y \
| Watches Are Admirable "Gifts That Last'' |
Si Inspection of your gift list will disclose at least one or two names
SF to whom a watch would I?e a most welcome gift?as well as a gift
Hp you'll be proud and glad to give. We offer a splendid stock of ?"j>I
V Anjerican-made watches for. ladies und gentlemen, in all of the - rife
M newest models, shapes and materials, from which .you may mak*4 ' a
m your selection.
FOR A WOMAN: Diamonds. '
I w Necklaces, .let Beads, Thim
M hies, Brooches, Jewel Boxes,
M Mesh Bags. Toilet Articles,
?4 Dress Bin Sets, I lair Orna
'"m roents.
iS FOR A MAN: Ash Trays,
Cigar Cutters, Match Boxes,
j?jf Tie Clasps, Lodge Kmblems,
Scarf Bins. Binoculars, Belt
?)? Buckles. Signet Kings,
?? Watch Fobs. Watch Chains.
FOR A GIRL: Pearl Beads,
Bar Pins, Lavallicres, Hair
Ornaments, Bracelets, Din
ner Rinjrs. Watches; Kar Or
naments, Vanity Oases, Man
icure Seta.
FOR A BOY: t'uff Links,
Tie C 1 a s /> s, Watches,
Knives, Fountain Pens. Key
Kintrs, Combs, Military
Bruslics. Vest' Chain. Mono
gram mod Belt Buckles.
FOR THE IIOME: Sllt-er- ft
ware, LAsk Sets, Candle- ft
sticks. Picture Frames, I)esk ft
Lamps. Table Ornaments, ft
Dinner Gongs, Vases, Clocks ft
Rings, Necklaces; Bracelets. ?g
Pin Sets, Silver Spoon, Gold l3
Picket. ^ i 1 \? r Fork, Bib
H.i.'d r. Silver Cups, Silver
Bowls and Piatters. ft
: ?/ "Let it bs a gift f rom Baum ''
I J. B. BAUM CO. |
MS ? jg
Wheeling Sleel Corp. Bldg. ^5 '
1 # . _
j Geo. E.Johns Co. | ,,
The Quality Shop !
FINE COATS?Trimmed With Rich Furs
s rf* -a p*
?S5 and ?125
ITere's aw excellent investment in Wear and Smartness.
Xnt all coats 1 lint command the higher prices look their value
? hut tlie.se coats do. This sale breaks all previous record*
of the season tor varieties and values.
Every Ccat Represents Great
Savings frcm Previous Prices
Coats and Wraps of Collared or Collared and
Marvella Panvelaine , Cuffed with
Gercna Velverette Beaver Fox
Marco na Fashona Squirrel Wolf
Arabella Alonao Mole Caracul
i Speci Is In Glove Silk Things
Flash Color Vests 815.95 Flesh Color Bloomers Milanese.$4.95
Flesh Color Vests Milanese $4.95 Sport Bloomers, Street Colors. .$4.95
Radium Silk and Satin Bloomers, Tai- $3.95 $5.00 $7.95
lured model- Flesh Radium Silk or Crepe de Chine,
83.95 $5.00 Tailored or La?*e Trimmed Models.
I . 1

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