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To Discuss Evolution
Bryan's vSoTT'ot"
,he subject of a leotare to b<- **^?ual.st,
day evening at the * ? v d Mary
Mr. Hammond was in { Kta
Mr. Bryan's Btble ctass a . ^ of
Ust winter and also was a y R
evolution under th? University.
White, president ot ^r''1 ....
with whom Wr. Hammond heW a^P
??., .?..rr;n7;."-- ?^rr,h.oh
rs k", ?"
at this late date. " . hlljf cen
there that was not settledI a J
tury ago? What con Ytresn-.
by threshing over this . blWied
-The Origin of , vears asn.
October l^o?. over sI. ? lo ,,roV?
Mr. Hammond will cl"? ith the
that evolution I.( R n d strength-:
fundamentals or ,l;K evo-!
ens and Illumines t c? ? ? )s pn_ :
lutlon is consistent with a ' conJ
during and precious In rel* ,
aciousness of man. The publ.e
V'led PAV1D M SWAIN. Pros.
Fourth Street Church j
i . .j... fourth
Tomorrow morning : v. ? chan- I
Street Methodist church. - ^ ^ Al ,
!'nC t.Prprem^X -cond of two pro-1
tl.rss i. , . ,r The evening ser^-i
!ee?wUi bo omitted. Fourth street (
i^re^Vhr^nr^^dle^HUt serv-j
Ves to be held on the afternoor. of,
? The Message of the boir. i> ,
man. __
M at" h elv' s ^Pr o t e s t a n t ^E Ipl sco pal church.
tt^*A?-3STS 5Si
.My arc
..r.hip ?l??y? .Iim|
jr..,,;"".. u?
the teachings of Ch-.stl.?n . lled
Th'.usM. .ml T.-? ? Ep?,cw
with the dietrines of .he fcpwc J
church- 12) Are modern bhrts.tan |
v. na. is . . tv.. answer to
thought to do there. ? , ? a:
these questions will tee the p
sermon on Sunday e\e...n?. The ;
choir under the direction of Mr. Be>
mer wlll sing an offertory anthem, and
services in St. Matthews chu-ch.
jrcjns oomnnnow.
On Sunday morning at 8 ?' Vrllv
Ji. M . .jiclal cLbraUo. o(^tb. Ho*.
Communion for m'n ' , These
rrotestant Episcopal churc h. ThJ-J
cervices are held regularly on the tnira
S?ndav in each month and are, most,
helpful to those who attend. There is
If hfeh!r things. In the beauty and
leace of this, early service many a man
finds comfort and hcln and .power fot
"Vwe-Mt>s work. This service lasts
hM' an hour only, and consists of the
Communion service fr?am the prayer
ho..- and one hymn sung by the men
wMhou- a choir. No service ever held
ln" ?he Episcopal church Is more filled
with .he spirit of true worjhlp and ne
,.n.i, t, \il male members wf the Kpu
com I church are cordially Invited
Sundry morning at 8 o clock. j
Paris. Pee. IS?Premier Po!n?-j?r? In
Addressing the Chamber of Deputies
this afternoon declare,l that he was,
readv to gracefully withdraw if the
Chamber thought that it had ready an
other cabinet better qualified. He told
the deputies that the genera! situation
had recently groxvn belter Instead of
worse, and expressed surprise at the
feeling of fear and anxiety he had
found when he returned from the Lon
don conference of premiers.
In reinforcing his declaration he said
the relations of France with Kngland
had Improved, the negotiations at Lau
sanne were proceeding well and the
reparations conference in London had
merely adjourned to be resumed in a
favorable atmosphere ^
The London conference, declared M.
Poinenre, instead of being a failure
"w?s successful, because It was called
only to prepare the way for a plenary i
conference, whether that should be heid 1
In Brussels or not, and that has been
done." /'
Pcferring to the question of Intcr
AlHed debts. M. liplncare said:
"Claims between Allies for money ex
pended during a war for common vie-,
tory < annot be compared with France's;
cln:ms against Uermany for repara
Sommerville. Mass. l>ec. 15.?An in ;
vestigation of charges that 25 pound
sacks of coal sold here had been found
to contain nine pounds of crushed rook
has been requested by Mayor Webster.
Waldo D. Phelps, vice president of the
board of aldermen. wh<? presented the
order which the board adopted, said that
the sacks retailed for 33 cents each and
Were being sold at the rate of S11 a
ton under these cond.lions.
A JUL U ww
I; ;s reported that the ncaltU <ondi
lions here are very bad fhis if _
true, however, as there are on.y four
? rases of contagious discuses quarantined
at this* time. One is of smallpox, the
patient being convalescent; another o
scarlet fever, the patipnt also conva
lescent; two cases of measles and sev
: era I of mumps.
| A month or six weeks ago ti.crc were
over forty cases of /c?>nta?l*Hif? 1 1 *
in town, hut these have been wiped out.
Last week there was not a single case
: reported to the heal fa commiss.oner in
j Charleston. There are ?.*'? school cnu
dren and every one of these have been
successful 1 y vacclnated.
Bvangelical Service?.
Evangelistic services will begin Sun
' dav In the Christian church under the
| direction of Rev. V M" F;11'"' '>
will be ably assisted by the * fKI_
New York, who are coming here for thi
1 purpose. The services will last three
i weeks And probably longer.
Bake Sale.
\ bake sale will be held in the .^seri
meat market thl-e afternoon. 1'los ca*es
| rolls and pastries will be on *ale. 1
proceeds will be used for the
i of the American Legion.
Preacher Heturn?.
Rev. C. W. Fuller' of the Christian
-hurch has returned home after spend
! lug some time in Zirsing conducting the j
revival services for the Christian |
! church of that pla-e Ho 7^rts that
i the services were well ntended ami the
result was all that could be a?ked fo^ ,
Rev. Fuller has been very successful in
his revival services, having condu<.te 1
them at several churches over the state
this year.
Holding mahaar?al?. ,
Rhearsa's are being held for the cn-.
tertainment that the Sunday school of j
1 the First M. E. church Is P'an",",7.,c
putting on Christmas eve. Each dl\ Is-,
ion of the school has a par. to pe ,
form and each is holding their rehears
als under the head of that respective |
branch. The name of the play will
"The World's Christmas Mail.
f legion play.
The play to be staced by the members
jof A. A. Mountain Tost No. 5 of the
American Legion is progressing with all
the desired success, ""*><> name o. tne
plav will he "Rubb! The evening
of 'the ISth of Pecon. :r has been sc.
as the time and the school auditorium f
is the place where the play will be held, j
X. S. Services. j
Rev. Flanagan of the First M. E.
church will take for the subject of Ms
Sundav morning sermon "The Joy or
Church Going." In the evening Rev.
Marcello Knotts of Grafton will have
charge of the services. Special music
will be rendered at these meetings.
Boy Be out Meeting. J
Members of the Boy scout troop of
the lrst M. E. chttrch will meet In the
church Mondav evening where they will
hold their regular weekly business ses
sion. After the business of the even
ing has been disposed of a social hour
will be enjoyed.
XoMedhra Brief?.
Miss Alice Morris of Marshall street |
is recovering from her recent Illness.
* Rev. O. W. Fuller of the Christian
?church returned home after spending
some time In Zieslng conducting the
revival services for the Christian church
of that place.
Mrs. C. IV. Fuller and son Charles re- !
turned home from Moundsvllle where
they spent several weeks visiting rcla- ;
? tlves.
Mrs. S. B. Mitchell of Logan street is
1 recovering from her recent illness.
; Miss Sady Larkins returned home j
after spending a short time here visit
ing friends.
Taul Criswell is able to be out again i
after an extended Illness.
Master Thomas Sharp Is "seriously 111
at his home on Marshall street.
Mrs.' Thomas Baird is seriously 111 at
the Glendalc hospital where she has
been confined for some time.
I>ameron Williams who was accldent
Ijr shot last Saturday an.l who Is con
fined to the Glendale hospital as the
i result Is slowly recovering.
Official of Stat* Department of Health
Binds Registration of Blrtha and
Deaths Unsatisfactory.
An investigation Into the keeping of i
vital statistics in Moundsville was made
yesterday by Dr. l'aul K. Raver, of ]
Charleston, who lias charge of the vital .
statistics division of the department of
The state health board considers con- j
ditlons unsatisfactory, as many doctors
fall to report properly births and deaths.
The law requires that physicians make
such reports to a registrar, there being
one registrar to each district. After the
first of the year steps will be taken to
see that the law is enforced.
Moundsvllle physicians have to make ;
two reports, one to the registrar and the
other to the city health officer. Most i
cities in the state have done away with i
the ordinance requiring reports made to
health officers.
Reports to council hy the city health
officer have showed for a long time that
deaths exceed births In Moundsville.
This is said to be because some doctors
fail to report deaths, and at a result
the Impression goes ont that Mounds
ville Is not as healthy as surrounding
Dr. Raver Inspected the records of
Dr. D. IS. Ealv. registrar for Washington
district, and Mrs. Joe Lowe. \ registrar
for Clay district, and left yesterday
| evening for Paden City.
Build Block of Houses.
preliminary work has been started
for 'he construction of an entire block
of 1<> houses in the eastern part of the
city. The houses will be built on the
block between Kirst and ("enter streets
and Poplar and Pine avenues. Menter
lle'jter. William liiade and S. W. Wailc
are having the bouses erected. Trees
?n the property are being cut down and
'< material is arriving on the grounds. j
To Bury Kinsr Sunday,
j The bcxlv (>f Jacob Ralcor. 21. who |
died as a result of Injuries sustained'
! In tin- Richland Marshall mine Thtirs-:
j day. will be sent tod'i.v to Johnstown, j
} Pr. Krom there it will he taken to
: ml her. Pa., where funeral services
i will be he!.d Sunday. Paleor's brother
was slightly Injured in the fall ofs'one
which fractured 'he dead man's skull.
Special Court Session.
A special session of circuit court |
will be held Wednesday, December 20 i
| I nttnished business matters will ho i
i Cleared up so as to be in readiness fori
; the January term of court.
Clks Held Initiation.
Moundsville 1 >dge. No. 2TR2. P. P O. j
i Silks, initiated .i class of candidates a*. ?
j the home on Fifth street last night. A I
I social session w:.s held. There was a j
I large attendance. A minstrel committee t
? was appointed and other business mat
[ ters were transacted.
Mrs. Bsrnss Spoks
, i At a meeting of the W. C. T. U. hsld
i.at the Ogtlbee home on Tenth struct |
.last night. Mrs. J. Walter Parries of j
ilcharleston, state president of tho or
?ganhatlon', spoke On the world confer-1
ence held in Philadelphia. The meeting
was largely attended. There were sev-1
eral talk* and an interesting program.
To Hold Baxaara
The women of the Calvary M. E.
church will hold a Christmas bazaar
this afternoon anil evening. A country
supper will be served between the h-mrs
of 5 and 8. T,ho First Presbyterian
church bazaar will be held this after
noon arfd evening. Refreshments will
he served at the close. The Baptt-st
church women will hold a bazaar at C.
P. Wilson's music store on Jefferson
Holiday Aspect ;
Stores about the city are taking on a i
holiday aspect, Christmas trees were!
distributed to the dealers the latter j
part of this week windows have been |
decorated up In holiday attire, and peo-j
pie are doing their Christmas shopping. !
Held Sance
Moundsvllle young people enjoyed aj
dance last night In the Legion hall. The
dance was given by the White Way or-j
rhestra. which furnished music from,
8:30 until midnight. This orchestra is,
composed of local musicians.
Moundsvlilo Briefs.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. M. llintou will leave!
today for Akron to spend the Christmas
holidays with their daughter and son |
Charles T. (Sallaher has been spend-,
teg several days with his parents, Mr j,
a ltd Mrs. J. W. Oallaher of l-'ifth street.
Mrs. Isaac Rogers was in Wheeling.
yesterday visiting Mrs. Van I'arrlott,
wh.> is ijl In the Ohio Valley <??-ner.tlj
Atissea Oraeo and Margaret Fox of]
Eastern Eighth street pro spending the!
week-end with relatives in Wheeling. j
Miss Yada Slter has returned to her
home at Bowcrstowti. O.. after a brief |
visit with friends here.
Mtsjt Esther SlgafOore, who has been
fttendlng Wesieynn cidiege nt Buek
hannon, will arr've home tomorrow.
Miss Alma Utggs lias gone lo St.
Marys to spend the week-end with Miss
Nelh- Kittle. !
Fcrl Chambers of Second street an 1 !
Randall Crow of den Kast-m will :>r-|
rive home tomorrow from Miami college
at Oxford. O.
Mrs. Russell D. Carver of Roaring'
Springs, Pa., is visiting relativ es here. |
6ENW00D. |
Baarcats vw Vigilcnts
The Bearcat team will journey to I
Martin." Ferry Sunday afternoon where ?
they will meet the Vigilent A. C. team
for the amateur championship of the |
valley. Both teams are In the best of t
condition and expecting victory. The j
game Is expected to bo one of the best j
played of the reason. Many of the local I
fans will be present to witness the i
Lutheran Services
In the morning the services at the '
Lutheran church will be suspended; the
fourth quarterly conference taking its
place. At this meeting of fleers for the,
year will be elected and the reports of!
the officers leaving office will he made. 1
Tn the evening Jtev. Koch will exchange
pulpit's with Bev. Miners of Klftt Grove. .
Ioh Kotim Club Meeting
There will be a moetinn of the Fourth j
and Fifth ward Hose House club P/in
dav evening In the Hose house on Mar- 1
shall street. At this time several np- ?
plications for membership will he In
vestigate^. Other business matters will
a!?o be taken up.
Dance This Evening.
The Young Folks club of Ben wood
will hold their regular weekly dance
thle evening In the Liberty hall on
Marshall street. Refreshments will he
served during the evening This is the
third dance given by this club which
plans to give one ever Saturday evening I
during the winter months.
One Case Reported
Only one case of small ipox Is report
ed In town at the present time. A guard
has been stationed at the house to warn
any one approaching the place which i
has been placarded also.
Holding Rehearsals
The Sunday school classes of the
Lutheran church will meet In the church
Sunday afternoon at 2;30 o'clock where
they will hold their rehearsal for the
Christmas entertainment that the Sun
day school plans to put on. A splendid
program lias been arranged for the oc
casion and refreshments will bo served
after the entertainment has come to a
Benwood Briefs
Michael Robusky spent yesterday In ;
Wellsburgh visiting friends.
Walter Lander of Water street Is eon-!
fined to hi* home seriously ill.
George Greathouse left yesterday for
Littleton where he will spend the rest
of the week on a hunting trip.
George Dawson has returned front
camp Sherman where he was taking the
vocational training course given there.
Miss Helen Wabash of North Ben
wood Is confined to her home sorlousiy
Mrs. Anna Gilbert of Marshall street
has recovered from her recent Illness.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Beaner of Sher
rard are spending tho week-end here
visiting friends.
Mrs. .G. Glaseo of Marshall street is!
recovering from her recent illness.
Cumberland. Mtl., Dec. 15?Edward }
Walker, aged 21, a miner of S. Blaine, :
West Virginia, who resided with his
mother, while on his way to secure a !
Christmas tree late yesterday, fell !
from casthound local Western Mary- j
land yfrelght train at (Jleason, three
miles from his home, and was ground j
to death under the wheels.
Railroad officials say Walker was
trespassing on the train. I
Bethany Boosters' Banquet
In McLure Hotel Tonight
200 Grid Enthusiasts Are Ex
pected to Attend "Adop
tion Dinner."
"Wheeling football boosters are nnx-1
iotisly awaiting the Bethany Booster
banquet which will be held this even
ing at the McLttre at f> o'clock. The
dinner will be the lirst of its kind held
here. The baokit g it enjoys Indicates
that Wlieolinp Is becoming a football
town. ?
The success of the banquet is assured, j
The committee in charge of the affair'
has been working for the last month!
to make every detail sparkle with the
feeling that is* attached to the affair.,'
The banquet ball will bo elaborately,
decorated In the colors of the schools
which will be represented. An nrehes-j
ti'a has been engaged and without doubt,
the Bethany Booster banquet will go!
down hi history.
fine slight change was announced j
yesterday. The committee had arranged
a full program for the evening, but
owing to the fact that many who were
on the program for addresses were not ]
able to attend the program will be Im-i
promptly Some pleasant surprises may I
lie expected when Toastntasler Tom B. j
Foil Ik starts Introducing speakers. |
Of the football and college luminaries j
who have been Invited to attend the |
following have accepted the lnvlta-p
tlon: President Wler, of Washington- j
Jefferson: Graduate Manager R. M. Mur
l'hy, of Washington-Jefferson; Dr. Trot-i
ter, president of West Virginia Univer- I
slty; Roy Yoke, alumni secretary of W. !
V. U.: Wally Steffen, Carnegie Tech
football mentor; Karl Davis, graduate!
manager of the University of Pitts-!
burgh; "Pop" Warner, fomous Pitt foot
ball conch; Walter Sngden, of Sisters-1
ville, famous football official; John ?
Kclllson and Karl "Greasy" Xeale, of J
W. & J? and several of the leading,
sport writers In the tri-state district, j
200 Expected.
Coach Spears and Harry Stanshury,
coach and nthletle director at West j
Virginia, have sent their regrets, mc
West Vlrginia-Zonzaga game at San j
Diego, Cal., Christmas day is occupying j
nil of their spare time. Xo word had i
been received from roaches Hlggens j
and Ross at West Virginia Wesley an at 1
| a lat<? hour last evening.
! The committee announced yesterday '
I that approximately 200 persons woula
attend the banquet. Tickets for the af- !
fair are In demand and by noon today
| a sell-out Is expected,
j Prior to the banquet the Bethany
I Alumni and Athletic associations wii.
meet and formerly take over Wheling
its the home and guardian of Bethany'
college. -This meting will, no doubt,:
prove one of the featuree of the eve
The committee will tin take up the
proposition of enlarging the Wheeling
High School athletic field, the present |
home field of Bethany or the leasing
of the fair grounds for next season.
Those responsible for the banquet are:
General Chairman George Blackford, J.
G. Heame, A. O. Anderson, Mayor T. F.
Thoner, George Phillips* J. C. MclKnley,
Tom B. Foulk, Harvey Pollock, A. A.
Wilson, J. L. Dickey. W. F. Moore. C. J.
Barry. If. P. Corcoran, L. C. Paull, 'W.
D-Church. J. K. Hall, Judge R. M. Ad
dleman, Judge J. B. ? Summerville,
Dwlfht Teeter, C. J. Klllmeyer,' <5ii4^S
Neer, Jimmy Dyson, J. Sentllnjrer, T.
Hayes, W. J. Qulnn, Tom William* ?|g
C. Stewart, Malcome Brice, Qeorgt'^
Mathlson and F. P. McNeil.
The menu: J*?
Fresh Shrimp Cocktail
Olives < e Celery
Chicken a la Re nwee
Sweetbreads a la Financier ' -SjJ
Filet of Beef with Frcwh Mushrooms-?|
Mashed Potatoes
Creamed Green! Peas
Frul% Salad Special Brick Ice Creaat^S
Assorted Cakes Coffe* Ja
Croupy Children
Ltrftit ??llinc Couch modlcina II
in the world
Stood the teat of time,earring Ij
throe generation#
No Opiataa-?lngredlente printod I
W on the wrapper J)
% SOLlT rvi* TWXXAh
?> i
2118 Market St. 8. X. STRAUSS, Pastor. I
At 0:15 A. 51.. White Ohir.stmas Celebration will bel held in the church |
luditurluiu. ul'1 anil ynunp are cordially Invited. Hrinp some grift, foodstuff, ;
money, etc.. which will ho distributed among- worthy unfortunates of our city.
German services. 11?:rt0 a. m.; Kngliah Vespers. 7:30 i>. m.: I.other League,
Tuesday; ltrotherhood. Thursday. A JIISARTV WF.IXXLMK TO ALL. ,
r ? I
/'Why the League of Nations Cannot Prevent War" j
Sermon hy REV. HARRY TAYLOR at
1129 Eorr ST., (North of 12th.)
1 /,
Chapllne St., one door North of Post Office.
Charles H. Robinson, Pastor.
3 30 A M Bible School. A class for every agre.
10:45 A. M Public Worship. Sermon by tlic Pnstor. 1
7:50 P. M Mel Trotter meeting: at Court Thentre. j
f 1 I s j
Edgwood Park Methodist Episcopal Church j
Sunday School?!>::?> MornlriR Worship?10:15
? Sermon: "The Enemies of the Christ Child."
Kpworth League?0:15. ? Evening Service?7:30. ;
Sermon. "Jehovah pleading His Own Cause.'1
Miss Hate I Seamon, -Directress: Miss Wllma Harpfer, Organist.
"The Community Church." R. O. Frnr.T.TPS, Putor. J
Sunday. Dec. 17.?Sunday School. !*:"1 a. m.: Public Worship, 10:43 a. m.;
Subject?"The Christians' Hardest Task and How to Make It Easy."*
Epworth League, C:4o p. m.; Ihibllc Worship. 7:30; subject. "The Life
Worth While."
? ' ' >
Fourth btreet Methodist Church j
1211-15 Chapline Street South of Twelfth i
^10:45 A. M.?-Sermon "The Signs of His Coming" J
No Evening Service
Hear Trotter ^t Court Theatre
Afternoon and Evening
_ I
r?? :? 'I
Day by day, in every way, the Sermons of KM . \\ . Id.
FIELDS are getting better and better.
First Christian Church
Morning Service 10:4") Evening Service 7:30
Hickinbot ham's Harmonists at all services and in sacred con
cert, 7:15 i\ M.
S ?
= =? * ..I
I Mel Trotter Speaks I
Sunday, Dec. 17th
2:30 and 7:30 P. M. WELCOME!
?? i 1.HI1.JI..JI J.f *- -??L.miaj?MJg-Ht.:. Ma?T^
? t'tV't'T V V V ? T ? T T> T T~ T ? T T T T ? f > ? v""v" T ^ j
* Thirteenth and Chapline Streets Samuel M. Gibson, I). I)., Minister
y 9:30 A. M.?Bible School, ( lasses
> for all ages. Our Men's ( lass is
> taught by the Pastor.
> 10:43 A. M.?"Whv God Became
7:30 P. M.?Junior Story Sermon :\
* 4'The League of Light Givers." /
No Evening Service. Wo will unite with
other downtown Churelies in the closing
mooting of the Mel. Trotter Evangelistic *
Campaign at the Court Theatre. Our Or- < \
ohestra of 15 selected professional musicians. i i
directed by Edwin M. Stcekel, will play to- < j
morrow evening at the Court at 7 o'clock, i
and at our Popular Sunday Evening Service
December 24th, at 7:30.
? I
A 4 A AAA A A A ^i A -A A A A A m_
St. John's Evangelical Protestant Congregation ||
tr*. a. VIJIIT, XlnlsUr. Sunday, Stotnlxr 17. 1?8. v |1
Sunday School and Bible Class 9:15 A. M. S
Serman Service. Topic: Advent's Thoughts 10:45 A. M.
Sunday, December 24, at 7:30 p. m. the Christmas Cantata, 'Wondrous Ught," (J
will be rendered.
_ 1 =s -y3
' ID
First English Lutheran Church I
0: A. M Bible School Lesson ]
10:40 A. M "The Advent Messaie." Sj
7:30 P.M ^TJnlon 6"-/Ices at Court ffheatre
/ ??? ?^^
Second United Presbyterian Church ?
14tli and Chaplin# St?. *alph W. MluuliU KU11W
3:30 A. 51 Bible School !?
10:45 A. M "The Blessings of Obcdlenoe" ?$
7:30 i'. M.?This church unites in the Mel Trotter meeting at Court Thoatro
13th and Chapline St*. MV. X. X. Z? BTBZDXB, B. 9- liotn i
i -1
Sermon: "The Surplus of Life"
Sermon: "Three Questions"
Other Services: Holy Communion, 8 A. M.; Church School, 9:30 A. M. $
The First Baptist Church j
Twelfth and Byron Streets ?
11:00P.M.?"The Humanity in Christ's Temptation"
7:30 P. M.?The Congregation will join in the Union
Service ,7:30 P. M., at the Court Theatre.
Sundav School 9:45 A. M.
? .?==:?
Second Presbyterian Church J
Corner Market and Twentieth Streets.
HIU1I SCHOOL GIRLS' GLEE CLUB will sing Christmas Carols
at the Morning Service. The theme for the 10:45 preaching
service will be "A Weakness of the Modern Church."
> 9
Sunday School Christmas Program with gifts Friday evening at
7 *30. Sunday School at 9:30.
- ' , .,!
St. James Lutheran Church *
1409 Chapline St. Eev. Paul W. Nesper, Pastor *t'
Sunday School 9:15 Morning Service 10:45
Evening Service 7:45 1 3
Sermon Subject: Morning, "The Gospel Ministry" B
Sermon Subject: Evening, "Spoiling the Vines",
W. ????????J
The First Spiritualist Church
Cor. X. Broadway and Maryland, Island ^
Subject 7:30 1
Lyceum 10 A. M.
WM. E. HAMMOND, Pastor
?======= - . , |
I Handel's "MESSIAH" p
St. Luke's Church I
Sunday Evening, December 17th, 7:30 P. M.
Mrs. Flora Williams, Director
Mel Trotter Jj
Will Speak at 11 A. M. in fl
Vance Memorial Presbyterian Church |J
James Mease Potter, D. D., Minister
Will Also Address Men's Bible Class at 10 A. M.
7:30 P. M.?"Good News, Old but Ever New," by^Pr. Potter l|
Sunday School 9:30 A. M. Christian Endeavor 6:45 P. 1L jv|
Men of Bible Class requested to bring their "Pound Donations" J.J
for (Christmas Baskets.
i ? ???

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