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VOLt-ME LXXf., No. 101 WHEELING, W. VA., TUESDAY. DEC E .M At E 11 10. 1022 Til HE E
Europe Many
Leaps Ahead
Of the Game
I (Copyright by Tim Intelligencer)
kVnsbingt.r /e.\ ?< ?The Unite<
>:nt?* hasp": taken !.al!
'lie number 'Mpsteps ip its policy o
aiding )Juro;>?%riil.;i the sensationa
-eporfjj of too last few tlajs from vari
ous capitals of jhc word would seent t<
indicate Arid the "irrecof. citable". ele
met t in Congress is unnecessarily be
s.orred. Not h thins iia.o happened 01
? * itheiy (?> happen to trespass on ttien
ideas of avoiding* political understand
ings or agreement^ with Lluro; can po.\
The ?:mp> truth :?? that the lltiro
nrt?n press, possibly stimulate I b> Irre
sponsible reports from America h
massy leaps ahead of no game. Tin
:d?a of a loan to Germany Is the ;>r:n
c;pai source of misunderstands:.*. Tin
I'nttcd States government contemplate;
no loan. Cor.gsess need have no eon
certt ab ?ut ?ueh a proposal. And J. P
Morgan's visit to Washington doovn'
mean ;\ st h? asked the Pnited State;
government t" guarantee a loan to la
made by pr;\ate linkers.
> Mast Tlx Hep*rations.
Tli^. f'tuatlon ;<? exactly w her* t".<
i;.>'-;ar.ir?! banker-*" committee le;'t i
many months ago. No loan is po*slb!<
untii reparations !"< fixed at a defl:?lt<
rum and agreement made by German;
to pay the si|:? fixed. Who would iv
a loan among fh?* Itnv.st >r.- of the worb
if tt was rilbj'""ct tni'nile to th'
whims of a French ministry *.vh!cl
roulil order iii? i:i\a.-h?n of German.;
territory and tho seizure <f Gcrrr.a:
resources *?
All 'lait his happened r:%r yiR, l>eer
e sounding out of Kurcpe.tn govern
men's ard the m?": Informal conversa
tions lo*?king toward the exercise o'
American influence in si proper xvay 1:
the reparations dispute. All talk o
loans, and other forms of American a.c
is p-emature. in fact Is absolutely do
pends tspon the making of an agree
menr with Germany. France aj,j Grca'
Pntaln on reparations. Till that I;
settled, it Is recognised as useless t<
talk of what the French and Hrltlsl
eanaetty pay the?r war debts oi
Interest wi'l be for th? whole economic
fu:urc of Uurope res's on w.tether tier*
tnany Is to be dismembered or helped tc
her feet ao ?: .> can *pay her debts.
*ngh*? Disappointed.
Secretary of State Hughes Is cut
spoken in h.s displeasure over the
character of the reports which h.?\
been published In the Is it f.>w d..;wg
The eAect has been to bewilder th*
peoples 0f th<? world and to arousi
fer..-s in ? '??ogres? '...at tr.c admitilsira
?'90 was about to reverse itself com
piately on I.a P'-liey of avoiding f^r
rign political entanglements.
':i answer to the clamor ot' tiie ore*.*
lor a statement of what the Atnerlcar
government has in mltid the argumctu
is made by *">e White house is self thai
to disetjee t >"? situation ?>i':lc.ally might
"spfil'ng the b-ans."
but the situation Is trot cloaked it
mystery. It S- all too obvious tho.M
\.\> > ha"* studied the circumstances
>sd!>,g u*> to the present cri'd.s lr
Ifurope. Ther? a--' no new facts. Tr.<
i":"?r:?at :ora* barkers ? li ? c nferred jr
l'?r;> and called ?'. 1". Morgan to a'c'
"hern cam* to ;h Conclusion then tiial
they might be t.b'e '?> tfoht a loan of ;
'?illli'ti a: d a half dollars to help tier
many p-ovld'd certain th'rgs we*a
????tie bv France ;?:??! (;?.?*?:.any. fYi ;;t<
??titer band. Germany m.is :?> trt.*;he oer
!;?' i in em-'i reform- '????king to :ii<
l?i?iHn'litg of ho.- budget and tlo staid)
ra'on of :he rr.ark. On ill* ??the.**
hard, pran'^e was to ag-e.- thnt the lo.nr
v o?;??! be it prior lien on Germany's a.s
(Con tinned on Page Foarteen.)
Curtis Riell, Aged 6, Bridge
port Pike, First Sled Fatal
ity This Year.
Th? first lata! coasting accident ol
the year in the Wheeling district oc
curred yesterday on the .Nation:
Road, west of Bridgeport, when Cur
tls Frank Riell. Jr. i> years old. wa
hit by a Barton street car of the
Wheeling Traction Company.
The youngster. It is said, hud beet
coasting near Stop lt> and was aboui
to start tip the hilt again. Severa
sleds came dashing dowu the graflr
and the Riell buy In attempting t<
step out of their way stepped ontc
the street car tracks.
The inoturnian applied all breaks
but was unable to bring the car to ,1
stop before hitting the hoy. lie was
instantly kilted. The Kiell boy
the son of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis f
'Moll, Sr. well known residents o:
Stop 17. Bridgeport l'lk~. The acel
dent occurred wtthln a:i hour alter he
was di mi-.-ed fro. 11 the ulteruoor
school session.
The body was removed to the lies
l >p I'ndettaking parlors in .Martin
Ferry, where it was prepared lot
burial and later removed to the horn'
nf his late grandparents. Mr. and Mr
Sherman lUeil, of Stop ". north o
Martins Ferry. Funeral services wis
be held Thursday afternoon at I
o'clock front tlio home 0' the grand
parents. Burial will] bo uiado It
ri"TT"T~ 7fiinaiiTT
Big Tow Leave* Pittsburgh
Plant of the Carnegie
Steel Company.
Pittsburgh, Dei". 18.?The first at ;
l tempt at river shtpmeut of steel on a
f.'arge scale, was tuatle to night by the'
j Carnegie Steel Company. A cargo o'
8.500 tous, loaded in ten barges, pro
/pellet! by a larpe towboat. left here
-; on a journey down the Ohio and Ml:
? slssippl rivers, which will terminate
at New Orleans.
r; Deliveries are to be made at Evans
" vi le. St. Ixtuis and New Orleans,
i The shlppmont consists ot pipe. '
. structural shapes and bars, and ??'
- va'ued at approximately IliiO.'.'OP.
* The stage of the Ohio riser has In
1 creased during tlie past few days and
*; boatmen said It was expected to make
t the Journey to the Crescent City in
.! twenty days.
: I Third Largest Sowing
: of U. S. Winter Wheat
J | Wash ngti :t. D-c. '* ?? lly Tho Assn
"i elated Dress.? ?Winter wheat sowings;
' this fa!'. estimated by the department'
11 of asrioul'tirr today at 4S.Oo9.OOt) acre*.
" a-e tar third largest ever planted by,
i the fanners o* this country, but the'
? condition of :crop !< somewhat low.
if being *.t points below the 10 yenrs
' December 1st average condition,
ti The crop report I nx b'rard made no1
-1 forecast o' the probable production but]
-jar unofficial estimate. b.*i?*d <>n aver-1
? I age abandonment during this w inter and i
i J average conditions prevailing until har-i
f vest..places production at fro:r. ".75.OOP,-!
1 i POO to C.fO.oPP.hOO bushels. The first
- forecast of winter wheat production;
- will bo made bv the crop reporting j
t board next May when its estimate of.
acreage abandoned during the w inter j
>| will he announced. i ?* j
Oil Production Up
* OH rjty. l*a.. f?ee. 19.? Dai.;-" produc-j
tlon of i-rudc oil in the I'r.ltcd States'
Is l.fiS3.f*37 barrels, an Increase ?.f 11.-1
TCi bc.rr' ls over the preceding week. a'*- >
cording to the <?11 City Derrick.
! Triangular Shooting
| Affray With 411 Dwdji
:1 Harrisonburg. Va.. Dec. IS. - Three'
men are dead-two of tliem murder
1 ed. according to a coroner'5 Jury vcr-,
* diet returned today?a? a result ut ? '
, quarrel over a Hock of turkeys.
> The jury found that Want Messiek. j
i -9. a farmer living n*ar her", commit-!
: t~d suicide yesterday after he laid j
' shot and killed his father In law, i.oa;
1 Bodkins, who a lew minutes before!
, had killed .Mersick':; brother. Harry..
, a;ed 27. !
?i Ward Messick's wile testified she!
1 and tier husband lied an argument i
"iover the turkeys, durinr which no!
1 threatened her lil?>. Heightened. st(e|
.; ran to her father's heme nearby. 11*?r j
j husband, she said. lollowed. nroom-?
! nanied by his brother. n!io was at-i
{tempting to pacify him.
As the two drew near. Mrs. .Messiek j
1 said, her father fired with a shotgun,
! killing Harry Messb-k by mistake..
; 'Ward Messiek. the Jury was told, iiu j
{mediately fired through the door. I
'killing Bodkins, and then went to tnoi
1 bum. where he later was found hang-1
I ins.
! Bodkins came her:' s'-ver;.) year.-, j
ijaco from Pendleton county, w^sf V:? j
I ! gliiia. !
Denver Mint Entrance Is the
Scene of $-00,000 Hold
up?Guards and Robbers
i In Battle With Shotguns??
Bank Employe Is Fatally
Shot, Soon Dies.
I rvnvc r. Colo.. Pec. IX.? .Masked i
handlts. armed with sawed oft shot
guns. fatally wounded Charles Linton. ?
guard of the I louver branch of the
Kansas Cilv federal reserve har.k,
stole $"00,i'00 in gold note currency,
of the So denomination, at tin- door j
step of the government mint, and os-:
raped. The robbery occupied less i
than a minute. j
To nlaht. every highway tr. the state
is gdarded. and police and federal au
thorities have despatched armed
squads in pursuit ot an automobll" j
occupied by seven men. who were
seen speeding northward.
The robbery occurred while f!v 1
money was being transferred from!
?the mint to a* federal reserve delivery,
truck. Kitty pack a res 01 currency 1
of 94,000 each were ?-ei/.ed by the rob
bers. Wttne'skcs dKl>r as to the ntim- !
her of men participating 111 the hold-j
Fusilade of Shots.
With sawed oil slictuun--. two 01 the'
bandits bombarded the front door o: ?
the mint as they leaped irom the::';
automobile. . j
Kiftv government employes sum-1
nicned bv an alarm bell, rct-ed shot-'
guns and rushed to the doors ?>r win-J
dows of the riint. shooting at thei
holdup men. who returned the *iro,'
and at the ;?amo time proceeded toj
toad the fifty packages of currency
into their own ear.
The fcur members ol the tedoral rc-:
servo bank crew employed in the
transfer of the funds. Ik Olson,'
icashier: T. l.lntou. J. Adams and;
William Havener, had Just lott til"!
entrance of the mint and were walk-,
ing toward their machine. standtng
near the curbing, when another car
(containing the bandits, drove up
[alongside of the wire enclosed truck, j
i According to witnesses, two or throe |
men carrying gnus leaped from the'
car and with a shout of "hands up
opened fire on t!;e reserve bank em
Shot by Bandit Leader.
? the mint and other Inside <
' eirpf$?ns tr.eu rushed out upon the
rtepg of the government building, to
shoot at the robbers.
Linton, accordiug to the police, at-'
??i ?on P.-ir? TncrtMll.) 1
\uunuit uvAi ? ?o - ?
Washington. 1 ><?.'. 1 8.?Til" naval r.p
;>rt,pr!:ttIor> Ml!, oarrjliig u finest tint
l he iii-f.-Mnn' negotiate with foreign .
powor?- iviatlie t" limiting eoiistrue- ;
lion o' M'i.r .raft under 10.000 t"n*. 'v.is
passfij la", today Hy ;lie house.
?!i.< m;!. u'.ijeli ? ?arri"s a total o* J2SS,*
(oo.'i'iP. *? t? >t??! titi p.'co;I>?;'>? t\" fran".?i|
, ?>y i' m i man KelU'.v's ? iil>.i?inniitl?'o,
and j.to\n!"s an en!Irtol Mi\;il fnroo ?
??f tn<> .same us fixed la"' year. I
vl.ef ? * a flurry of talk o\?t liie
pro\ Sicri ui'iif r w!tlo!> !' ?? j.ft-ideni Is
iitK..:i\ i'it-cat Hrltirn,
Japan. Kmihi ami luily. .i. the eon
at 'f'ort to .'liiiiyo >!?'? Iiimfuug" v lit !
dro|.?>?d ;n !'a o of <.\.<r\vli<iMiti? op
to tittj alteration n ha*, ver.
An j.fit' r.?Jf; ??? strii.e Hi:; til" f to
ll.>0. oft'orr,,' l?y l!epr*sotil Itlt r l.'/gatt, I
I ?r|.v?o. it. > .it 11 *i'o|. ri'i. KM'i ilel'.'JlV'il,
ami t ?:??*? 1!; U--I.-;,i; v.. t.tnoi.ergrr.
l!?p:;i>. ? . <'.?l!fo; nl.i. \v:t!i.!fv lil.s
nmriali.ov.l "soisjcs'liig to tin |itr>-!.
iTont ?.osieat|,';ii\ tr.B ;;>(.?
fur;!.or t ? g.njai ion" n;.li other ?'t
a;> "<.oti }?" l.o may .leetn It i>raolio:iMo.''
Ohio and worte'~n Pennsylvania: CVen
?rally fair wtthi s'owly rising- tempera
ture Tuesday and prohnb'.y Wednesday.
West "Virginias O-enerally fair Tuea
day and Wednesday, except probably
mow ja BXtreme east portion Tuesday;
slowly rising- temperature, Wednesday.
? j Marion. Ills. t >00. IS.?' Hy the A-so
1! elated l'rest)?I>r. O. I'. Shlprnan tes
': thied today, at the trial of live ?ncn in
j connection with the llcrrln riot, that h>>
! hail hecti an eve-witness of the sliootlns
'? ? down of six unnrttp-d mm hy u rnoh in
1 , front of th? Herrln cemetery, tin: clay
? of t'-e ktlllnfr*.
.! Too other esse*. .Mr. and Mrs.
Oeor^e Nelson, testified that they had
*' wn u crowd of ..rtn'd nicti drive th;r
J tv or forty unarmed prisoners front t!.^
.'"strip" trine, where tin* tr.vihlc started.
I j pa?* thc.r farm, n'ar ti e t'-'r.o.
jI ft. i? itreer. former mayor of Herrln.
( j testified that he had -seen the prisoners
j broUfrht frotn the mine and that th.-re
? j wen; forty-e'jjht !'? the Rru'ip "s--or:e-t
II by twpfity-Sve or thirty arrnr.1 mm. He
? j said tr.ere were several htindri d speo
? J tutors ahotr the ml-;"
Saw S!u Murdered
j f?r. SVp'ti.'i'i tie hir-d he had f"i:..wed
| th" moti .???id its bleed mr. plciillna can
? I lives a mile and a half thrieiirli the
t j streets of lltrrh: to the mnietery: that
? , th-re had been a volley of shots and
, ? that he saw the s'x prisoner.'-" drop to
' ? the dusty road.
The w'tness testified that ;? in,in he
' I eou'rl n-d ll|siil!fv. stood othe pros
11 trat^ vlet'n's and emptied the o.> Hems
! j of two revolver* into thi'r bodies, fIe
j swoee that Joe Carn.'tjrhi. one of the de
I fenrtanta. had fired Into Hnlfnic'i pros,
j Irate body and 'hat Mood ha'' ~ ?t
j Into the air aa the bullet atri
>li ni'tl. \ . hnl :n,? ..-i
1 the tv111. ??-?? ? ? >i?? t*-?l 11 ? ?.Vmnri ;.c snvtnff.
"If run I n ve ?>?.?<??? .--iM y.,tir ?? invars,
J ?iv Miem n?>w r'..r v.a won't !:???. nnioh
. Inr.tr'T." h.? f ??-?=1 !??*??! r.ti 11:1 J?l?- ri *!
1 leader < in. h tuM 'iie i>rls..ner>,
j just liofn1" t'l-y w?iv il
Naniop Tour Who Shot
Ashfl If ill, .tiii!.| t/ !| who fiill t_'v? :
I slui-'tini;. 1Sli!|.:ii.,ri :?:?im ?|
1 rwiel.i am! .'.:n Ua!!lK ">. who Via\e lie'a .
; Siiiilc'ril. hut wh.i aio tint ilelYniiants ia
? ihe i .
j The ? !' tV'er ilnler. another ? f
i (ho ilof ?:;ihin'v'. wh > was iiKirr:< >l !;, the 1
I jr.!! i.?ns?rHl '?> Ai'mt ?*:iI. :
' years olil. >t" Marlon. wn?- h- iachr into
the e?!,' f r Jlr-t ? it.- rr.Hn'*. '
, 11'I!?? r w ? i?... i!-h
, who lias lao.l "nil <! ?;
ri'o'.v a-> It-ivii??? h-ert *??.??? with jjans
? I.ii I?!v ?lie- ri..;Inc.
'! Mr ????: ;,1- , h.n.l
.v-oan hih riwli ''.??l-isliiiiR a can. ami
. hml hi., ? .1 m s i ? ?
"I've n in t'11 -? f't'l t far live i!iv<
i ami I Ii?M?vk !a '' .t'i'u -i| 'he. h,Vil u,
?|n;, ;< t!i!; ir. I I.??'!*?" o In 'ih'Ti?j nwy
(III- f,i|t ;.i..| iifijtn'iur 'ho lire".1 "
' Olio \ 'iroor. I! ' i 'l eer, sn'rl
!>? w.'? a* the -,|,.o 'hf. i 'oh! I.ofnr,* 4he
twoiitj iirm-ii ?>'mi moii wore l;:,!orI. b'lV
rl"1 |ini rer<i|;i'ir.i ime'i" III (he e.-rirfd
H" hi ho e,.?iir'io.1 tho next nv>rnl|'*
[ ??,Ot|? Clark wllh a gun anil heard
j h!m ??y:
-L. -This hind of^" S odifiht to be
Btoppcd." , 1 l
v ft
i attacks the i
1 eeasue pact
I? ii c o i a n Fnrumn !\Atmclnt
1\ li O O 1 U 11 < VI irniiivivft
Shows Hostile Attitude at
Lausanne Conference.
i _ !
l.:tu?at.ne. I 1 ?>?Illy the
1 \ ssnciated - The stib
' commission t>f ili^ N'.-n~ Kn-t
? conference which Is .iir!r:k j
the various phins f.>r- regulation ,
"1* jho Turkish straits adjourned I
la to tli's :?rioin<?"U until tn?i??r- j
row without having r'nclKd hii;' ?
' ~ "
I.nu ?aon*. Iis i A snootier j .
-.*?? irgHPizt-'l linpoirtiec." ?. as the uof
iilth'a which M. Tciiitohern. tin? Kus
-?!;?ii foreign minister, gat - if the
1 ??njrii?"> tuitions during a heuU'd de
bate between li!:u hi <1 I.orJ <?'.irion this
afternoon !n ? sesilou devotid to 111??
discussion of pUtns for tonirol of the
Turkish si rail".
"The I'll licit Stales lo-n.titij* and
Russia do not recognise the leagus,
said T-'hlirlicrlii. "The league Is m?t
even able to control a single Polish
cpi'rral In Vilr.i, 1: !h unable to ayom
p|l.-h anything in the I dthuai.tan ?
pntc. Whal 1 are the guurunw ?'?' of
such a" organization?"
T?*!iIloherlti declared that "he allied
projHiKaln for th" regulation of t|i<*
straits Mere ?; ?? ??li'd apat"i.-C Russia. ?
ami ji'it u premium ??? r.avalisjn and
militarism. # >
"Those proposttts." he added, "are ?i<- '
signed t<> separate Turkey ami Russia.
Ii Is an allied scheme. which offers fal
lacious protection t<> Turkey, hut grants
passage of the straits to warship*. !
which would expose Russia's south I
coast to attack. The project forces j
Russia to arnu and the guarantees aro j
completely Illusory for Turkey.", i
Russian la Hostile.
Hoth M. Tchltchcrln and Ismet Pasha
offered nwc suggestions concerning con
trol of the straits. I .-met was mild ami [
accepted In principle mos1 of the pro- j
posuls made by the all'ed powers, but I
Tchltchcrln was extremeiy hostile and!
demanded that the Russian proposals be '
considered at length In the suh-eommh- I
slon along with the new Turkish pro- i
posals. |
I.ord Cnrzon denied 11.Js request. say. i
lag it was impossible to continue dellb- J
? rations Indefinitely. He assorted that
concessions bad been m.ule to the Rus
sians by providing in the allied pro- i
posai.? that no fleer shall be admitted .
th> Iilaek sea which In stronger than j
the strongest navy posscr.vtd by any |
Ilia, it sea power.
TchItclteriii repeatedly demanded fur
tiler consideration of the litis-sian pro
posals, which arc diametrically opposite
to the plans favored by the allies and
the principles set forth by the ('piled
The Russian Proposal
The plan presented by M. Tchitcher
(Continued On Fake Six.)
Lcl Out At Butler On State
Charge?Then Rearrested
By U. S. Authorities.
I?nt>r. TV 7?e,\ !S ? iPp^eiaM ? Mrs.
Nina \ lleplep. w itn has Ixfn in Jail
!?#?:-?? since her a:r''s< ir Whoellniy, No
vmbcr 1 <.,ii a r 'Hvjro of h*l.ng a fugi
tive fruin the Puller courts, nns re
leased c<n 11.."no ha!1. today, for her ap
pearance at the March term of criminal
court for trial o:t charges of conspir
acy. embezzlement nod fraudulent re
moval r>:' personal property.
She Is i:i?li?*l?"??? Jointly on three separ
ate charges with her husband, A. I..
JTrple-. who lias hae.t m> Merlolisly
missing; since t'"e nigh! of November
when his nill"mobile i<iurip -?1 hit the
lulu the Ohio rt\"r near Martins
Ferry opposite Wheeling.
Immediately after her release irom
Jail Mrs. Ifepler was taken into custody
by Sherltf Itarveyy ami P.. A L. lit lake,
a federal po^tufflce Inspector. and taken
to Pittsburgh. wh<--e sin- was hehl In
J5.ni 0 by tbe I'nited Stat?-s dlsirlet
court for appearance '<< a.trwer a charge!
Of fraudulent u.s? of ilir mails.
When arrested by the federal offi
cers It: July. 11? pier furnished iin.nno
ball, with a Trnt I company as surety,'
for his appearance, ami also hseume
suret> for bis wife in Ihe sum of J1.0<I0
for her appearai.ee.
synre July. Ilepler's properly has been
sold ami bis bail lias 'been f <rfeited.
Mrs. lleplcr was roiulred to renew iier
bail In the mi mof Jj.OhO. whKh was
dotie this evening In Pittsburgh.
No trace has been reported of lleplcr.
Boys Confess Wrecking ;
Passenger Train In j
Hope of Killing Many
.Tr.-i-nii. M<>.. Jiee 1 A J v:;i Mar-!
' ii t'larite. i>r K.i''.'in. ami William
Krain !???*?) Til in.''???ii > ?-:i r -j ??!?!. ivi-ru
.*. ? i rs i ri! f . ai l v iin'I ci?tiir veil. iU-c-Td
!:'H to !||V police. Ill wrc-U'tig Chicago.
11?ir 11n"t? ami i a-srtig, r tra'n
,\.i. 10, caii ?'f S.'.\ "ii. last Tue.-ilay |
sintht. "I" r tr.vn ?,is ilcr.i'.knl v.'lu-n a '
ia 1 \\a< I ami seven i-'i'i'lies aicl
th" engine Hio track, On'y tw.> <.r !
tltr"' ucr-"lis v on- s!;k'? ? 1 > Injured
The bo> s planned l" ruhli Ml Ii Ojfcr the |
derailment afil r">) 111 ?.* inn ! <*?? r. rhey
er.hl They ex ncctnl that the engineer, j
fireman ami th? trainmen in the hag
gage and tuul) car- tvotjid he killed or!
ha illy hurt, and that they would tneei
, with no opponltIon.
: When thin failed to materialize, they
returned to St. Joseph, tltcy bald. I
n her# tfifcy ha.i e been aince. 1
kiwanis Clubs Hold Confer
ence With State Authorities
To Boost Highways.
Charleston. W. V?. Pee. IS.?The --tate
road coin mission will award contracts
tomorrow for the grading and draining
of I'll miles of state roads In fourteen j
counties and onslruction of two brl<li;e?
In Wayne and l.ogan counties, it was
announced today by I*. Purine),
chairman of the commission. The rjvsi
of tiie work wiil l?c more than Jl.500.-j
Ot'A. lie said.
The counties !:i which the work Is to
he done arc Monroe. Nicholas, Pora-1
liotitas. ltaleigh. Wayne. Pleasants.'
W?>l7.e\ Braxton, l'r>ddrld?re, Jefferson,
Mineral, Pendleton, Jtnndolph and Mc
kiwanis Conference
Charleston. V,'. Va. Pee. IS.?Better
roads for West Virginia was the theme
of the Joint conference of Kiwanis state,
ft ?od roads committee and district nftl- '
err-; the West Ylrdn'ti road com mis- j
bion In session at the Kuffnrr hotel. The;
road cominiss'on engineers representing ?
tile five d! vishom of ihe stale, consist-j
lug of It. I!. Anderson. FayettcvlMe, J
II Spellman "f lluutli cton. 'I. P.
Snyder. ?' I'arkershurg; W. S. Powns.;
of Morgantown and 15 f*. Gray of Kay-'
ser. met with .Major O. P. Fortney and.
his two assistants. ''. P. 1 liner and Pr.
P P. Stevenson ar.4 Federal Knginee- ?
William Brewster, in special session at |
Pi, o'clock. Petalls of this conference;
were not made public, but It was said j
Included preparations for the awarding i
of contracts for the laying of the
lilne'y miles of roads, which will be
made sjonie time tomorrow.
Plans for neat month's construction j
v yrh on highways v. ere also formulated j
and will he made public later.
Tortney's statement.
In a statement following the confer-j
ence Major Fortney said:
"W.. have had JI5.00ft.0A0 with which |
to work during the past two years. Of.
Hi's amount we have spent dose to J12.- j
t'CO.OAO and the remaining J3.000.000 ,
r Continued on Pig# Six)
De Valera
Paris Hears Irish Free State
Troops HaveTaken Repub
lican Chief Into Custody.
Paris. Doc. 19.?The New York;
Herald Paris edition this morning
says reports are current in Paris
that Kamou De \ alora has been
enptuml by the Irish h rcc State
Accused Pair Deny Plot
To Kill "Honest John"
Mount lJ..liv. N. .J. r>or. 1.?.?Mm.
Doris Bruu'ii and 1'<T brother, Harry C.
M.'hr ?'1 with !!|c killing of
"Honest" Uriuim. elrou-s owner
drumd on fir witness eland today that
thov had any part m the pluj Ins of
the showman.
' 'iiar.es M. Powell. confessed rla>< (
testified la t week that he had shot
Hrtmcn as he -at at tlm window r.f hu
home la Illv-rslJ'. N. >? on March If.
at i'>e I:.: tisatioii of Mrs. Brunei! and
ais.vo'.y. Mrs. Prunen
? I have ii'-ver :n nil" life talked-about
\ 'IItik ho husband. I l'-vd hint."
Mohr. who preceded the showman's
widow o;i the stand, made an emphatic
denia' of every alienation of I'owei.
and the other witnesses for the prose
cut'on involvinr h'n' ir| ''to shooting.
?j neveriurged, hired or suggested to
Powell thai he lull Hrunen. and I never
liruMti.o-d hint money to 1:111 him. he
First Measure Goes
Through Irish Senate
Dublin, fee. IS.--' ny The A-oe;;'- ;
rd I'reM ??' ? Vi:e fral ael passed b> an
, ..i, for more than a ren
tury went f"?mally through the Kree
State i.cnalc at n brief hIH>? today. It
was a highly technical measure. tni
tpl.-d ?Adaptation "t enactments bill.
U was passed by tha fail last week ;
and was accepted by the Senate wwh-,
out discussion.
The solemnity of the occasion was i
fs.iph??!strt by sir Thomas Ksmonde. .
who. speaking with much emotion, said. |
??t think it is ruing that at t.ils
moment the senators should pause and
cons'dor the slsnlflanoe of what v. o
have just done Wc have pass-l the ,
'irst a t hv an Irish parliament tor one i
hundred and twenty three years.
1 think we may all thank providence
that ve have been allowed to lake l-'|rlj
'?? this work. We have marked a mile-,
stone In our nation's history. We have |
done what many generations of Irish- j
men lost their lives in endeavoring to 1
be ablo to do. and may all thank Clod
we have llt'd to see this day."
l.ake v'tty, flab. fee. IS. ? Re-i
ports 1? air "ial1 s('rv,re headquarter* I
here late today. raid the airplane of (
pilot Henry 0. Bnn*'tra. who has been j
mlftslrg si nee last Wldav morning. has I
been located near Coalville. Utah. j
Li at
This Banker Must
Have Yellow Streak
Los Angeles, ('a!.. Deo. IS.?The
?Southwestern State bank was robbed c.f
$1,000 today by a young man with -hit
hand wrapped in a .bandage, who walked
Into the bank.
He presented a cheek fop Jl.O'.O and
a letter to R. It. Hrundage, tlie cashier.
"You are looking into the barrel of a
revolver In this bandage,1' said the let
ter. "t want you to <*>. K. this check, go
to the paying teller with me and get tbo
Mr. Brtinrlago stepped with the man
to the paying teller and directed him to
cash the check, which he did.
"I want yon to go with me," the ban
dit then tcld Mr. Urundage, and he
walked the latter a Mock down the
street, passing three policemen who
stood chatting on the corner.
"You may go now." said the band;:
"and thank you; you've been awfully
With that lie disappeared around a
nr-nr nrnnr rn n
ntlltKLNlit f UK
Fourteen Governors Discuss
"Dry" Enforcement With
i n ? i
the President.
Washington. Deo. IS.?Problems of
prohibition enforcement were discussed
Informally today at a White House con
ference between President Harding, the
fderal departmental chiefs directly In
terested In tho subject, and governors
of fourteen states.
There was no statement from the
Whl[e Houee as to the results of the
meeting, but it was indicated that tho
discussion revolved almost entirely upon
the question of how the several states
could Ijest co-operate with the federal
government In executing tho terms of
the prohibition .amendment. It was in
dicated that another meeting of state
executives might he called early In tho
coming year, at which time the subject
would he canvassed more thoroughly.
Thoaa Attending.
At tho White House luncheon, during
the course of which the views of tho
guests were sought on prohibition,
were. In addition to the President:
Vice President Coolidge, Attorney Gen
eral Pausrhcrty. Secretary Mellon. Pro
hibition Commissioner Jlnynes. Gover
nors Cox. Massachusetts; Kltchio, Mary
( Continued on Page Tonrtern.)
t.os Angeles. Calif.. r?c.\ IS.?The
condition of Wallace Itcid. motion pic
ture actor wlio recently suffered .1 ner
vous breakdown and who was reported
to he on the verse of death 1::?: n'ghi,
improved fomcivh.it tea v. an his wife,
known In tiie tllm world as IVirotlty
Pavenporf. said she was hopeful that
the crisis wa.- past.
"Wallace's doctors have about made
up their mind ? it Is a case ?.f inMn< 117..1."
Mrs. Krbl said. "The charts of the hos
pital where he has been under treat
ment. taken during the past week, show
all the .symptoms of thl-l disease, if he
ran throw this off he will be back at
work ?? -moii as bis strength i.? retrained
Tie weighs only 11P> pounds now and he
Is six feet two Inches Hill. .Mrs. rteid
sabl !'.< r husband's break-down, which
came about six weeks ago, was, she be.
lieved, due to habits 'peculiarly dapper
ou? to one of Wallace's high strung
"Wallace always drank 10 some ex
tent," she raid, "arid about two ya-s
ago. began to use drugs. He was very
ill at that time, lint t.'ie-e wa < a grout
ileal of work a: bis stnd'o, and he felt
lie trust Keep up sntnehow, and he re
verted to the artl.1cl.il means which
have fo nearly been his undoing.
"Any la'k nf bis having been con
nected with a "dope ring' is absolutely
absurd and untrue. Nor did be frequent
'dupe parties.' I think br did go to one
or two suet, affairs, but be found them
distasteful and never went back. Ho
ens making a picture when tiie collapse
came I am satisfied that lie lias won
the fight.
"He knows nothing of the publicity
whb'h has been given to his affairs."
The petor's contract with the Karr.o'Js
Players-Lasky Corporation ha? two
years to run. Mrs. Tieiil said H* e.v
pe,.?.j ;n return to work at the corpor
ation's studio, she added.
Financier Tells AmbassaJjjB
Billion and Half Loan Qlj
not Re Discussed Until 8q|
a ration Question Is Setuecp
New Yurie, Dec. IS.?J. P. Morgan* J
Company to-night issued a atafejjf^
declaring they had notified the IhM.j
man ambassador to that coUDljy^
"that It was impossible tor us to luf>
cuss or consider a loan to Geflg||g|
unless and until the reparations
tion was settled."
This statement was Issued,
learned, to set at'rest what W6PMm|
scribed "as highly fantastical atorltfcf ?
; which have been published regar?ti(k;?
the possibility of the floation o?
international loau to Germany, tdieC?
! mated as high as <1.500,000,000.
i Official denial was made or reppfta^
that the Morgan tirm had piWMSttirc
a plan tor the settlement of the refOfjL'
i at Ions problem to the Washington
: ministration. While no official,jj
? nient was made concerning Mr. ?Ml
? pan's visit to Secretary Hughes
| Washington last week, It Is uodftV,'
istood the financier merely gaTgr,i|hiir
j secretary his views on conditU^HI ilm
; Kuropc. whence ho recently returns#?
latter a six months visit. Mr. Mor&gji'i|
i was a member of an tntnnrffygO
J committee of bunkers which met -
I London last June to discuss the
(tion of financial assistance to
I I.ocal international bankers
(said to believe that before any loa>;
is made by this country to Gennanfy,
there must be not only a settleiuM-v
of tlic reparation questions, bt& ;f?j
sincere effort made by Germaay'tlM
balance iter budget, revise her bank*;':
ing system and stabilizo her currh%e]rf
, which has been enormously 1 ndated. ^
America May Take Part ??y;|
In Paris Negotiation
? f
' Washington, Dec. 18.?Adjustment';
of the reparations dispute betweo^
London and Paris is the crux of thA-.-:
European tangle, in the Amert0d>'J
view-point, as stated here to-day ^01
competent authority. Talk of any
American loan to Germany waa 4e>-j
scribed as "idle" until such an
. ment had been made.
! It was also made clear that; IMg
{question of allied war debta to
Ufitted States is now viewed In
(ngton as involved In tbo lafjfrjj
(Coattaaed oa 11(1 VotrtMS.}
Named By Governor Morgan <i
To Fill Unexpired Ritz - |
Charleston. \V. Va., Dec; 18.?Jndfa
James A. Meredith of Fairmont, Wlft j
remain ou the state supreme banco.
Governor Morgan to-day announoad ?
by telegraph from Washington tfciit'
lie had appointed Judge Meredith; tjp,^
the seat vacated by resignation' <gj?c
Judge Harold A. Kitz. jfrc
Judge Meredith has been a me ruber
of the court, under a previous a#?
point merit by the governor, to aucoodt ?
Judge Charles \\*. Lynch, who rofjj^h*
ed a year a en. The new appointment v
will keep him on the bench UBttl?fA#'S
next general o'e?tion. when a raetnhW -
of ilie court to finish Judge Rita'j
term, expiring lu 1P28. will be cBetiaB. ,
There still remains to be appaiAa#
a successor to ,'udgc George
hargcr. of Point Pleasant, wbosfc ?<
ignation. in order that be may total :
a new law firm in Charleston. wtU'Og
effective the first of the year, *
Banker's Head Hurt : Jf
By Fall In Bathroon
l':l tsburph. lhec. lfi.?John II.'lW?S
Holier. president of the American Bank*
er> Association stepped on the mo^M*??
floor of lils bathroom In a local hotel
late today and f?ll headlong against 1*1
wash stand. He was unconscious for *
a short time, but a physician who dres
sed a cut on Ms forehead said the la
jury was not serious.
Mr. 1'uellelief addressed the Pitta* yt
btirph Hankers' a'lub ton'pht. He urfstf ??;
that har:l:e-s support a movement faf-V'
the teaching of economies In the ^obltS
schools and spoke at length on niral
credits legislation.
1 - .r.V '\j
S.iuit Sic. M.ir.c, Mich.. Pec. IS.? |
After being marooned for five days on I
the barren Lizzard Is!a:;<l in Lake Su- I
j.eri'-r with the temperature hanging
well lirlntr the zero mark, twenty-three
of the twenty-seven missliyr persons
fri in the lll-fat-d tt:g Reliance have
been resetted bv the lugs <tray and
I'avorite. according to R .meager wire
less desjiateh reeelvcd here this after
noon from the Gray.
Kate of the remaining four missing
persons was no! revealed. Search for
them is being conducted. Those rescued
include Gaptatn P. A. IVilliains. master
of the Jieltanee. v'-aptain John Mcpher
son of the Booth Fisheries, a passenger
on the craft is missing. The message
mentioned no other names.
JIopc of finding any of the missing L
persons aiivc virtually uas abandoned,'
here earlier in the day when the
reported the finding of two batt0C04.."j
lifeboats front the Fteltunee. It no*f IffM
assumed the boats were washed
front the Island after the marooned Klf
h^til landed. 't
The hardships suffered hy the band
during their five days' imprisonment
will, it is believed here, become
history of the lakes. When they left-tlto',^
sinking tug none of the men had foo^_.'?
fuel or firearms. The Isle on wkldt /
they landed Is practically barren JUi 4
uninhabited. It is believed ttner^ fyrf <
a few huts, however, left by IndwAfc
and trappers In past seasons.
It probably will be lato tomorrow
fore the tugs ran return to thtg
j^tUi the rescued, becauss of the toO'iSfl

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