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''W'1 iflDi ?
_ ?
The Wihte aim g Intelligencer
Published bj Ths Intel.igoncer Publishing Company
U. C. OGDEN, Manager.
Editorial Booms ? No. 823 Business Office ? No- 8221
. . The Assoc 41M fitja ts exclusively entitled to the use for rejuililloiitltm o?
?si nets*. credited to it or not otherwise cxodttcd in tilts psper. anj also the
local news published herein. All rlglits of republication of special dispatches i
herein .ire aloo reserved. j
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(THM ijiTtliuaENciir embraelce !t? saveral edition*. la entered t? >
pea.oft.o# at Wheeling. tV. V?? as second ciasa ma'.', matter.) |
Co?ptalnts of non-floltvary of The In toll [fencer will be adjusted by ci-Hn j
Circulation Pepartrnent. Thone Sl'J or 82S. ____ ?
Tuesday, December 19, 1922.
Jyilgo James A. Meredith has rendered a distinct service to the S'uto by
accepting appointment to the Supremo Court of Wast Virginia, lie ir? a man
endowed with ail the necessary qualification? of ability ami integrity to lend ,
dignity and aapacltj lo this high Judicial tribunal.
It Is understood that Judge Me?edl-.h was somewhat loath to accept tins >
appointment, but finally gave way to the insistent pressure of tins members of |
the West Virginia ttar. the advice of his many friends and the urging* of practlc- j
ally all of ths Influential newspapers in the state.
Ills was ono of those rare instances where the office seek? the nun. where j
party lines aro forgotten and personal prejudices dropped. There is nothing of I
political significance In the appointment of Judge Meredith. He is deserving of it ;
solely on merit, and It was on merit that lie was appointed.
Oo\ernor Morgan showed good judgment in offering a position on the Su- ,
prema bench to Judge Meredith, and Judgo Meredith performed an not of pat-j
rlotto duty in accepting ;t.
II is a matter of current report that i
American bankers have been, or will
shortly be asked to assist in floating a Pi
loan of Jl.SO&.OOO.APO tor Germany. It I I"
1* pointed out that Germany, with her r1'
finances paralyzed. la on the brink ot j I]
*ii "economic and financial precipice." f ;t
and that unless Immediate steps are j ??
taken to restore confidence and bolster ^ ril
In- credit a collapso Is Inevitable. It [ ^
'Is state J tiiat Germany must have at 1 h;
least a billion and a half dollars with ! ?t)
?which t<> accomplish this purpose and to ; cf
purchase two million tors of grain be- i
fore next spring. I ei
' The uuestion of a German loan has I
been the subject of much recent dls- p.
.cussion. but up to this time no plans
Tiavo been formulated on which such a
?loan could be floated. The new loan. ?
according to the present plans, would j
lo guaranteed by France and possibly ?
\ vat Hritain and would be raised by j
private Investment.
? Lefore the flotation of a German loan ?3
y tlie proposed magnitude ts under- jj.
taken, the American pooplo should know j t
?Something definite about conditions in 0;
''tliat country. As It is conflicting re-, ni
lA?rts are In circulation as to the fin- j p,
anclat resources, ultimate aims a.id jt
^inevrety of the German Government, i ?.
AYe are told that Germany is on the p,
.brink of a "precipice" and that* she ir?'
liable to fall into the pit of economic; n
h ;
?bankruptcy at any minute. Hut w e 1 p.
>iavc heard this rumor so many' times 1 ^
?and for so long that the average person J
is prone to become sceptical, ar.d wonder ;
?Just what Is going ort in Germany. ( r,
* Thero is still a certain amount of tier- ! ai
?*nan antagonism in this country, and r
^elements which arc apt ;.o look with jus- f fi
"plclon at anything Germany tb>es or i ,
jvantf to do. This feeling is not helped ) r<
^.y conflicting reports as to the luternai i
?conditions cf Germany and the actions | ^
of the German Government.
t. Whom shall wo believe, the Ilngluh ? ,
J>?- the French? Is Germany sincere in 1 li
4ier program of peace, or is she pfef-ar- j si
5ng secretly for another war'.* is sho m
?making the boi-t of her economic con I.- j c>
Jions to meet the industrial problems! h<
the present and to fulftil to the ox
?tent of her ability the provisions of the i*
"Versailles peace treaty, or Is she "sol
?liering on tho J?f?" and by propaganda ' ol
"and Intrigue encouraging the complexity **'
H I..
*>f her economic affairs In order o
"escape from meeting the reparation j
* The American people should have del- (
?anite mtormation on thc.--e subjects.
t yi
'There should'be no wide divergence of j
-opinion In this country regarding the J
'internal conditions of Germany. It j C
seems almost inevitable that the Fni'.ed | t>.
t ?
^States will In some way. some time, be- j la
come intimately connected with the fin-!
?uncial reconstruction of Germany. This .
"being so. the United KtStcs Government j '
?should give the pcopio a comprehensive,
.unprejudiced and absolutely reliable re- j
port of German affairs.
" ~~ ! -si
President Harding has reiterated the I
Administration's stand for tlic better-1
i ?V
ment of agricultural Interests. In a rc-1
cent letter read at the opening of the ?
National Council of Farmers' Co-opera- ^
ti\e Marketing Associations, he expreas
?eu his belief In the co-operative form of r.
marketing as offering one of the great
cst singlo movements for the permanent ^
betterment of agricultural conditions
that has yet been proposed. 5
The 1'resident Indorsed the co-ope ru
"five marketing plan In tiio following
inclusive manner:
"I Un<*e' n<> ainglc movement that h
promises more liclp toward the pros- p
ent relief and the permanent better- w
ment of agricultural conditions than tl
this 0110. Whoever has cared to k
read my recent message to the h
Congress will understand the depth
? f my conviction about the ncces- a
#lty to do everything possible to I
help the farmer through his present ?
of depression. 1 am unxlouh d
' git the Government do ?v?jr* J C
, -
thing within ma. on ;in>J s?und pro
cedure. and I urn still more an- j
xi'-ns thai the farmer* shall them
"ohw co-operuto to take the <?ov
ernmcnt'a efforts doubly efficacious."
The co-operative marketing of farm j
?oducts is one of the constructive j
eves of legislation '-ot remaining on !
e Republican program for enactment, j
lie Administration long ago committed I
self to an intelligent effort to ai?l the !
trtners in every way possible to pro- j
iote ih-> efficiency and economy of,
teir Industry. i*o-opcrativc marketing j
is been recognized bv President Hard- I
g as heing of great advantage in the 1
?onomic marketing of farm products, j
id on numerous occasions has advecat- |
1 its advantages.
1Vith the farmers' organizations urg- J
g the necessary legislation, and the j
drr.intitration already committed to it.!
10 co-operative marketing plan should
ghtly make successful and speedy
Midway in Congress.
annnnr CAirTvns hawc !
?U MnVXaiVIW 1
Ti\o thi: 1 annual report on the /
ivmgs of school children by the School j
ivlngs Rank plan N very encouraging i
he plan i*t It:?elf la only three years i
d. t'tit already over a million and a j
iar:*r of children are learning the first t
?tneiplea of thrift and auving through;
The report show* that the total j
ivlngs !'<>r the school year of I9C1-10IC i
creased over that of the previous your I
i* approximately two million dollrts. j
tiring ?!??? year the number of pupils j
irticipatlng in the school ?av!n{?s sys- !
?ni increased by half a million.
The purpose of the school savings '
ink Is purely educational ~..d is cor- ?
Rated with the school management!
id curricula. It not only teaches the j
up!! to save, hut also teaches the I
inilanient.il function* oT banks and the |
iluabte ssrvieei wh.<h the ban'.: stands.
:ady t-? .-upp!;'. Tiie school savings'
\nk Is a good 11.*iig at.ii . houid be en
>uragcd in every community.
A rrcnchinau ha-i discovered that >
'tuor may be aged bv shooting a few j
lot i of elcwrblfy Into it There would '
jrc be an explosion If tlvn hunt was i
? r tried on the stuff wc drink ovcti
A gold hariioss, studded with gems i
as recently bch given to King Albert. :
t fielgium. Work on It must have)
sgun manv ; cars ago when horses were ;
i style. |
"Ita?i| iet I'lnlmen Tel] Jury of Wet j
latter*" ? h' .-ol'lne. \\> will all be l*il-j
ig ?lio same thing to our children ten i
:ara hrn.c.
_ I
At least the cure proscribed by Dr. ,
one 1i mu< It easier lo take in in the.
?>x of pill > the druggist told us to.
ike three day ; running.
' King Sends, Peace I'taycr To Dublin I
arllntncnt"--headline. If the ! "up |
ants quick .action h>- should have scut
to a different address.
Satv a girl the to nor day .so iniiow.st ?
so bciicvtd in Sin:a ciaus and never!
r*rd of prohibition. h he was only j
iree months old.
Along comes the news that the orgies j
t Hollywood have tic 'erinined the
ealth of 'Wallace Ketd. Sonic mora
klifomla propaganda.
Copy Boy: "Tou're going lo git u j
ilso for C'hrlslnas."
l'roof Reader: "I'll have to rce the !
roof first."
The Service Star f.egion of WSieoIing
ua arrangril to provide fop the <ic
cndon'tt of soldier* who were killed or
ournb-J during thu World war. and
was announced night that bav
ets of food would L-: distributed to
ii'iii-s In need of aid.
Toys uil! be given to the children j
nd toe member* of the Service Star
?oglon are planning to make every j
!d?w and dependent of "Wheeling's Rol
ler boy victims of the war happy
brlstaua daf.
M X 41 M JLX1 A ? -
!'' ? ? T T T T T T ?TVyTT?yyTV#'?' ^ T V ^ ?
;Merely McEvoyr
-*~_iit ^>j>r f jji I], P 7 J. P. Wf r? T? V O V*. a. ^ ->? / A-^4
!t;s cars \V"io torn ml iuMcr??J.
Ami furr-v. s riilRi >1 lila ina\;
tie Mekod just iiUe I tip 1 !??>!?*. rns, '
UUr sili-ee I :I 1 wri- 'lf.
Or I Kc the J.ttle !??*>* \* 11.? paused
I j en the Minimi; <1 <?!<.
"W'lujf Mettle wfrr j t:? V"1 I eric!.
"Tli.it ; - ii plioul'i li'.'U ilii.s ww
W o;,c y*?'j In li'icinl;! nr H Jjn'r.i
Tjion jii.iiU' I'ium'.tig ija>.
i >r litre y>i ii(t;titi!.g on <!ir .Mr rn:
n. telj inr. sir. I pray."
i i
"You"* ?? Rot me wrong." ii?? w M- perc *?;
"t Je.'llivl tm fighting rp< v,
J never shelled a ell!. Pie. I''.ii<
I'Poti ti.e l-rliii Mil..
. i
It tiiu.il If <|?j i ?? t tln"ii;h, p.'iii|..t. <!
Tk m uiit 1'i'C just i.ppit tlni'iijli " i
S>iil I: "Vim hiiio mislaid at' ear '?
Aa J dropped a 11km/ KMtn.'M lirtv.
Ami throng)' j'o.ir rents ami ap- intun i
Tl.e s'ln ss elcniiiR fair
Ami ail this happened ov-t I
Ami not. Mr. over there.'"
lie lifiiveil It I |i up limniaii tied head
A. ?i o?'!'t Iv ii A lie say:
"The "lie., ii lie lee'* me nil apart
Ainl <1oiip liie lip ih:s iv;i\
\\>?r t'erty iliKtis.tntl women. sir.
'.Vim sliKiipeit c.ii in< today."
i Protected l?y Associated Kdii'-rst
>? t * t t ?? v v ? yyif> <r ? t t t y ? v t /
? ]
The tnar. who sticol* the bull usually Is a fair nnu ous.u.v rom-i,
"Uoya! flush" rcfrrs to a modern Kami ; "iv.tal four-flu.- h" t?? a kuul.
We arc a little further adtaticcri. We don't itiij-eaeli our t'abltr't tit??ihIkt*
with a firln? s^uad.
Our theory Is that eventually *al| eivill/atteint vctfli under the weight of
their dead-letter law s.
Whin mother and the cirlu pot through buj in,; pii'ts, old dad w.ll know h"W
the Ten Commandments feel.
It's a funny combination IJuss.a trusts Turlte;. : Turkey trusts America: 1
and America trusts to lurk.
A< a rule we ;>ay d'ltrlj for our bhc .
'iruo t,uf when Jonah wen', out for a
ilin.S** of a lime li- came < at all risli!.
Still. :t isn't rcusonaMe t>? cxp*vt
Invornmoiu to i>r 'tout A m crli'ittm
il'ioinl jt" it can't l?' ?'o:k at 11? ?::i? ?.
Tax-free soour;?.ios arc .ill ritrht itt
lie!r way. 1'iit. if wo ail were lax froc
Itore would i.o no security.
AW never realized l.otv little dignltj
he "Mister" could confer until people
began To rail mm .Air. uui>i;iii.ui.rui.
There Ih no danger of a rupture between America ami Krghuul while they
Continue t<? enjoy one another's slang. ,
V&tural resources are a menace, livery little country having '.hem needs the
watchful rare of some hip country.
Our wonderful automobiles will te'l future generations much about us; and
the locking devices on them will toil the rest.
"Joy cometh In the morning," sang
the Psalmist. Hut lie didn't have to
make the flrea. J | ^ j j I j
It's Just as well that tvomon oon i
understand politics. No tr.nn enjoys the
knowledge that his wife knows mere
than he. (
N'o matter what you think' of the
taste of :t yottner man who cc^a married
in times like these, you can't help ad
miring nis nerve,
Correct tu!? sentence: "We are toe Lard up this year." said the wife "anil j
T duti't want you to got me a thing fur Christmas." I
Xor that rhe gulls are all empty, the ships all scrapped, and w.v< all ended,
??? look forward to the new year without misgiving.
Prohibition may be a failure, hut you never hear of a man being arrested fm
driving a car while under the Influence ox* the Volstead act.
(Protected by Associated lidltorsi
> v v y y t ? ?"??"? v f f m~"y y"y t t t t r ? t v ? |1
walt wafiqm. a i.aa ^ ^ a il
My cousin. Charles Augustus, is soro on modern justice. be makes an earnest '
wail; for he was pinched fur speeding. and. heedless of his pleading, tin')' sen- !
leiiced him to jail. ltefore the peelers nailed him. before the Juris" Jailed him, he
used to talk a lot ataou locoed voters who speeded up their motors?their conduct j!
made irn. h??t. "Mere tines will never punish these speedsters wild and llunnish." i
i often heard him say; "i ji | rlsoi; let tlicni languish; pi reliance such dole ami.,
anguish will make them change their way. No matter what their standing. 1
hope to see them lr mil tig in prison for their crimes; mere fines won't make them !|
wriggle; they merely grin and giggle as they dig up the dimes." And after all j
this talking a peeler caught hint rooking his old tin bus along, at fifty miles or j
faster, and ainoe this dread disaster ho mji Jail terms are wrong. "Our bul |
warks arc forgotlou. our institutions rotten." h - says. In sombre tones, "w nen [
people lav.'-abld.ng arc jailed for shot ly riding, and fed on musty hones, where .s ;j
our boasted freedom when men who never speed 'em are pinched for driving ears,
and jailed with common felons and fed on last year's melons, behind the rusty!'
bars.' I do not call it justice." says Cousin Charles Augu. tus. "\vh":> one of high J|
est; ie. u mat: renowned in letters, is loaded down with fetter.; like some cheap j
tinhorn skate."
(Copyright 1022, Oeorgc Matthew Adams)
Lincoln's War Secretary
loday Will Be the Annivers
ary, of the Birth of Bdwin
M. Stanton.
!? !???? i M ? Smuton. secretary
?f Wat' in I't Lincoln's oal'luot.
n a ? bora !'i .S' ubciiv illc, O., on Lccem- !
!??.!? 1!'. ISIS lie studied a: Krnyon col- I
??if. Win a.:tni11? 'i to {ho bar In 183(5, i
.1 <1 prariiv?-ii i:l\\ m Sti-iib>-nvillo, Pltis- |
"li p al.ii Washington. I?. P.. appearing!
i u::iny important < a--cs before the j
t'r'N-l st.-r rs. S'lprrmo court, tic hiis
< iir.it In l'r? rlilcnt Hii' limi- |
? ?nhliic! during 'lie latter part of |
ha! .vlmliiMr.-ii ion. and on January 11?. j
I Lincoln appointed him secretary!
? f ear in succeed Simon Cameron. tin; ]
oimiiiaiioti bring at once confirmed by i
iuiriiiK tb" <:itir" *var Stanton took!
m- part ,?i overseeing the csm- |
of il.. i'i lii-ral generals. Tn thIm. J
tow .? > cr. In.- was not ns successful na
il;' oi" j m-fly administrative part |
? f bis duties. The integrity and nbillty ]
alindi be showI'll lii protecting the |
rr unity against the rns?'ality of con
Tact ore. He energy which lie infused !
i>l.i every hruneh of ihe service, and !
I..- )..|'.> < op ran" he displayed in the j
?'?I.', o'" . disaster. and In limes of
.|e-poaiieni-y, were of invaluable j
e, \ i.-e ;.. (be nation and to the ad-,
"pipsjraiii.r. and place him among the]
i im: war ministers of all time. After
death of Lincoln he continued n?? j
tare of war In President Johnson's 1
.iVdnr!.' |
Win c toe l>'-e:ib came between John-I
? ti and cojjjrrisM over the policy to he1
'?irs.nd in the southern states. Stan
ion favored '.lie posit inn taken by con
?fs". oi| August 1 *S7. Johnson I
i-bed for his resignation. lie refused ]
,o ;??.-i 11 v. and on August 12 Johnson !
-itsiie'ided Mm. At iis next session the i
.?emit", on January 1". ISfiS, refused to j
?niieiir and Stanton was thus restored
0 office. Johnson refused to recognize |
1 in. and oti February 21 removed his
i .?"ii;ra\ ent|o:i of die terms of the
: :.ur.- of office ru-l. I'.y the advice of
he Itcj'ul'Ilcaii leaders Stanton refused
ii got out. Tlii-* ntlempted removal of
S'T'toii was the direct cause of the |m
I'cachmi i t of Johnson. After the Int
icr's ;??*<) ii It t ;? I Stanton resigned, re
sumed the practice of law. and on De
cember 2it. 1 Si*0. was nominated by
I'residtat ilrant ns associate Justice of
:be Pulled States supreme court. Ills
iiomlna'Ion was confirmed by the sen
ate. but his health having broken down
?-? ? result of his long and arduous
labors, he died in Washington on T>e
?ember 24. before his commission ns Jits
i h'e conifl be made out.?Pittsburgh
i "iironlcle-Telegi a ph.
William Powell. of Baltimore. anfl
fames Collins. of New York City, wh
were arrested at Lexington. V?,. a
few days ago, have confessed to the
robbery of the Gftlperln Jewelry Store
r>f Charleston.
The Winding Guir Operators Asso
ciation re-elorted E. E. While, or (lien
Whiet, president of the association
it its annual meeting at. White Sul
phur Springs last week.
More thsn 200 delegates were regis
tered for the Young Peoples Regional
Conference held at Beckley last week.
Roger W. Bafson, financial expert
r>f New York City, will address the
next monthly meeting of the Hunt
ington Chamber of Commerce on Jan
nary 12.
While riding a horse and leading
"Sep" Hall and Carl Coalter
State's Veteran Legislators
Thumb Nail Sketches of Two Men Who Have Hod Unuiual and
Highly Creditable Legislative Careers.
J'erhnps never before in tlx- history of Weft Virginia politic? have there
been t<? rucli outstanding records as will b" rounded oat in the coming tcsuion
of the legislature. One of them stands unparalleled 3" *<n Indication that Wctt
Virginia v oters are grateful fop past favors. That record la, Soptlittlua Hall's.
The other'Is one Inscribed in West Virginia's honor roll by genator O. C. Coalter.
These two men have records of which they and their respective parties may
well ho proud. At the last session of trie legislature. Senator Cogltrr. "Uncle
Sep'" and Harry WSiss. who was then one of Ohio county's delegates, were walk
ing toward the temporary legislative quarters In the Kanawha county courthouse
when one of the attachec.i of the legislature and a friend pastel them. "Those
three men." the attache said, "arc the oldest in the legislature."
"Why." said the friend, "only the one of them looks old enough to have seen
I very much political service."
"True enough." was the reply, "hut Weiss and Coulter have been In the legis
lature slime they were barely ..Id enough to vote, while 'Uncle Sep' has been there
since Charleston waa a swamp."
Long, Aetlro Career?,
j S'eptimius Hnll of >Jctv Martinsville. West Virginia's best loved Democrat. i? '
proof positive that there Is a fallacy In (he old adage about a prdphet In hi? own
country. Fifty-two \cars ago, "Uncle .Sep" travel.ed to Wheeling to attend tin
! state's legislative convention. At that time he was a hale youth of if3. practicing
law In his home county of Wetscel, where he came while still a boy from Ititchlc
| county, his birthplace. For fifty long years lie served the people of Wetzel
'county. At she ins. session of ihe legislature there was a fitting ceremony when
I he celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of his entrance into public life. Eleven
| times he has gone before the people <>f his county raking cieielon as their repre
jscniati\e in the state legislature, and the Republican landslide of 102:1 failed, even
[in Ms strength, t.. overcome his popularity. Once lie served In tl.e State Senate,
j with distinction. l
| Senator ? "??? Iter's record is one of aimost equal character. He was born in the
fastnesses of Monroe county where !;<? earned hi* early living between the bandies
| of a plow. He came to S'uninvrs county while J'?>t a young man. and entered
! politics. Ills record as a Itepubllcan is unimpeachable, for the first lime in t. c
I history of West Virginia a itepubllcan was elected to his third term in the State
Senate, when Mr. Coalter won that honor In 1920 as the head of the district
ticket In the Seventh district. For twelve years he has served the people of bis
district with honor and distinction. In hi3 home county of Summers, normally
overwhelmingly Democratic. Senator Coalter has been honored with majorities
when every other man on the ticket went down to Ignominious defeat at tba hands
of Democratic voters.
Coalter ror Presidency cf Senate.
These two men ha"c been very active In their legislative lives, jit the last
| seat-Ion Senator t'oalter served actively and with distinction on seven different,,
i committees, among them the committee on finance and tli? committee on hanks
: ami banking, two ..f the Senate's major committees, "t'ucle Sep" served too on
committees of first importance, lie served on the committee of taxation and
I finance, and his voice was repeatedly heard in the councils fighting the battle of
1 the depletion tax.
"Uncle Sep" told a ?;.??>.i yam while in Charleston last time.
"A man owed a tone that I was endorsing," lie said, "and had for many years
been just paying the latere:;!. Finally he came to me and said. 'I've worried along
j with that thing all these years. Sow I'm going to let you worry with it.'
j "That's the way I fee! about West Virginia this year. I'vc worried along for
i many a year, anil now fin going to let the Republicans worry."
i Senator t'oalter hopes p> "top ,.ff" his legislative earorr with one more crown*
| Ing honor. Ho is a candidate for the Senate presidency. Thus far he i.is r?
I reived much consideration. It is highly probable that he will go into the party
| caucus befriended by till his colleagues, and with the support of a sufficient tiuns
[ Iter to elect him. lie has served tlie state long and well. He has had sufficient
! experience to make him an admirable presiding officer.
| another on the outskirts of Havens-;
wood last week, James Anderson, ace ;
20, and one of the horses, wore 111- j
stantly killed by coming into contact \
with a live wire.
To-day Is "Bundle Day" in Monroe j
Shepherd College at Shepherdstown J
won seven football games out of a
total of ten during the season Just
The annual football banquet or '
Weston high school football etam was j
held In the M. !'. church basement1
last Tuesday ow iu. Thirty-live
members of the football squad, the
athletic board, the board of education
ami numerous other guests attended.
Herbert Marsh was chosen cuptaii.
lor pext year.
Cigars and cigarettes have been
sent to Ihc government hospital by
the American veterans ot the World
War of Huntington!
Two frame buildings were destroy
ed at Adamstou by Tire causing ? loss
of over *15,000.
Under the direction of the present
officers. McDowell Post No. 8. Amer
ican Legion, has enjoyed a year oi
prosperity and activity, and has be
come known throughout the 6tate ??:
one of the llvest Legion po6ts In tlie
??-j j-il1 mwj. "x'm. 11 '.r
Yes, We're All at Home
91.00 to
F#r CUUr?
If you would hare pleasant famfly gathering*
often in your home at night, you cannot do
batter than call here and select n pair of Dan'l
Green Comfy Slippers for each member of
your family. These little beds of curafort are
? blessing to tired fcc
Ifosicrv for Infants. Children. Mi?ses, Hoys,
Men and Women. Christinas Coxes without
[>jitr.n charge.
Store Open Thursday, Friday and
Saturday Evenings Until 9 P. M.
M. It. & M.
Shoes and Hosiery
U047 Main St. Wheeling;
Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday Evenings Only
An opportunity, indeed. to bo able to select a Christinas present certain to III
please wife, mother, daughter, sister or sweetheart?
from among these finest quality Fur Coats, representing the very latest styles,
lengths and trimmings, and
$7118.00 FUR COATS CjrQQ rA *,">0.00 FUR COATS ^0^7 CA
now selling at.... now selling at... vO ?
with in-between prices at similar savings.
I Daily-arriving shipments and surplus reserve lines give excellent selection for last-week
Gift Buyers, in that fresh, clean, desirable condition which you expect in a Gift.
Many Gift lines, in which assortments are depleted, and it is impossible again to receive,
TAKE ON SPECIAL PRICINGS which will serve to make your Christmas appropriation reach
much further.
For Men Friends
Wool Sweaters Oolf Hose
Shaving' Stand Safety Rojior
Silk Shirts Warm Gloves
Smoking Stand Den Lamp
I Cravats Mufflers
, Fountain Pen Umbrella
Belt and Buckle Cuff Links
'i Nin'lif RVlirfs
and other best linos ot' this al
ways desired Toiletware?
Manicure Sets Toilet Sets
Brush Sets Mirror Sets
Comb Sets Puff Boxes
Hair Receivers Bud Vases
A most inviting assortment
here, enabling last-njiuutc buy
ers to fill particular'wonts.
Ifotnainiiig Ivory Clocks now
One-Half Price.
Gift Boxes
filled with "Highland
Linen" and other best qnali
ity Correspondence Papers y
and Cards. Many in delicate H
color shadings. ;
Gifts of
Lieautiful designs, in popu
lar articles, all prettily I
$5.68 Mesh Bags.... .$3.98 |
j r <IJ<UII<U1 ?. (
i ,i?. lis, ,.,?m TO YF, A IVn 0ivM Vui4*y *'p
! i??, 1 U 1 LAilU Lowest Special Prtoe.. |
I Geo. M. Snook Co. j

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