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And Church Doctrine In Police Court ^
||||p^ This Morning. ^e5
Eugene Perkins, (colored) from to
-" Austin, this, state, was the first , one '
llllgup in police court this morning. His on
fgScharge.was drunkeness. When asked no
Kf he was guilty he replied:* Yes; |f?
||||aSquiah, I reckon dat's right; - but I ?
don't want my name to. go. in no news- js
papers, for I'so a good Christian.
|||||Baptist and eould'nt tell a lie for so
the whole world."
At this point His Honor remarked bt
that good Christians should'nt drink; aD
asked him what he supposed the good
Lord would think about it. To which
Perkins replied that he bad asked
the Lord to forgive him and he had ^
done so, and he hoped that the white ne
gentleman- would do the same, "i.cu nn
see, Squiah, I'se jest away on a little hii
vacation, and I done "sociated wj th se:
a bunch of white men yisterday, and, to
suh. dey did have a little whiskey.
fhere the tears streamed down his 80
face) and I does like it, suh, and r
spect 1" took a little too much, and
I reckon dat Cop what sot me done ca
'zactly right, kaseif he hadn't'or he
'. "some othern' would. But you done
got me here now and 1 can't d.: lyi
mothin, but if you'll jest please lo.L
me go home I shorely will send the
money." City Solicitor Stanley asked
His Honor if one of the Cordinal (j0
principles of his church read some
thing like this: "Once in jgrace, car- fixi
not back-slide." "Yes it is true in "h
regard to the church, but not of the '
man. I think he must have been a
..e " ttr *t5l
JVietnouist oeiore cumins -uu u? ,
. j,:- guess that's the proper explanation.''
replied City Clerk Engle, "ne fell
from "grace into the Baptist church "
John Linski, a Polander had certainly
stacked up against some shotgun
whiskey, judging from the way
he was scattered along the Barnsville
road ill the neighborhood of
Bo Clayton's residence. Three and
Mike Hartnett, plain, drunk was also
assessed three and costs. Pie, like all
the others, did'nt have a cent. n
What is Old Age? t
In considering the service pension g
order of the Interior Department, di- jg
rected by President Roosevelt, Senator
Carmacks, of Tennessee, quoted
the whereas to the effect that "old
age is an infirmity, the average nature
and extent of which the experience
of the Pension Bureau "has established
with, reasonable certainty"?that is
sixty-two years. Then occurred
this exchange: les
Mr. Spooner?"I am glad to hear
deny that?'.'
Mr. CarmaCk?"I do."
Mr, Spooner-?"Does the Senator
mean to say that old age is not an
infirmity?" is!
fKIr. Carmack?"I do." ha
Mr. S.oponer?"I am glad to hear ?r<
~ ft." To
Mr. A Id rich?"Although, you would want
some better evidence?" ?
Mr. Carmaek?"I do not know any ^j.
man who bears his sixty-two years
^ 'with more .ease and honor than the
Senator from Wisconsin, and I offer <
the honorable Senator as an exhibit th
. ' -to prove that sixty-two years ot' age Iri:
does not constitute infirmity." ;
Mr. Spooner?"I can testify to the ^
fact that I cannot dp the manual
labor now that I could do ten o.ffff- .
teen years ago."
Mr. Carmaek?"I have done a
great deal."
Mr. Carmaek?-"I cannot believe it." to'
Mr. Spooner?"What?" co
Mr; Carmaclt?"I cannot believe it." s?
Mr. Spooner?"The Senator does ^
. hot "doubt my word?" 0?
Mr. Carmaek?"I am compelled to
doubt -that the * Senator could ever
have been classed, as a manual la- '
.borer. What I was saying is that age 6b
may cause infirmity, just as a gunshot
wound or an accident of any J
fkind may cause an infirmity, but age ^
itself is not an infirmity. Whether on
it produces infirmities-at any particular
^iine of life depends , upon, the
native vigor of a man's constitution. <
- 'It must be decided with reference to Tr
each particular man." '
New Carpet for Baptist Church. Cq
The Baptist church has commenced
. house cleaning a little early. Several
* important affairs ate to take Place '
" there soon and the congregation is
. 'setting everything in readiness, a <
handsome new carpet is being put
down now which will add very mater
ially to the beauty -and attractiveness
of the church.
* da
The case in Justice Amos' court' St
this morning against Tony Couch, in
:which a peace warrant was sworn
out by Susie Powell, was postponed
until next Tuesday at 4 o'clock.
I have three o fthe best lots in Mar- St
row Place at a great bargain. \
II. H. LANHAM. til
" 7 * *
\VANTED.---Places for students to room
and board. Address ' J
Sweetheart Defined.
4. certain family -who haveim ported
Finnish domestic have been laboring
teach her the English language bj
eans of a language and phrase book.
Considerable difficulty was encoun
red In the word "sweetheart," bu1
nnish Mary professed herself abl<
grasp the meaning of the word.
rite? other, night a male visitor called
Miss Alice, and after Mary had an.unced
him and the young lady liac
ne downstairs she still lingered it
r mistress' room.
'Well, Mary," said that lady, "whal
'He?downstairs?he Miss -Alice's
U1 uuuvj i auc uancu.
ITlie lady conecaled her amusement
;t tlie family now revel in that new
(1 most expressive definition.?PlillaIphla
Little Eddie and his father had beet
lusacting certain disagreeable bust
ss in the nursery. When the young
in emerged there were tear stains or
5 cheeks and a lingering look: of re
ntment In his eyes. His Annt Ellti
the tenderness of her heart thoughi
divert his mind from his troubles,
she asked hhn:
'What "are you going to be when yon
ow up ?"
An expression of set determination
me to his face, and he jerked his
ad menacingly as he answered:
I'm going to be a father."?Brook1
A. Place For It.
'I have hopes," said Saphead, "oi
tting a job in Mr. Merchant's office,
n't y' know."
'I wouldn't he surprised If he did
d room for you," remarked Pepprey,
e's very systematic."
'Aw?beg pardon?why"?
'Well, he believes in providing a
ace for everything and everything in
: place.'"?Philadelphia Press.
Preliminary Steps.
"W-bat ^ tlio first thing to do ir
trning to run an automobile?"
The first thing is to get your life inred,
and the second is to have an
esc bank roll for repairs."
In Doubt.
'Yes," said the king of the cannibal
ands in the dime museum; "you have
id a wonderful attraction for me
am the first moment I saw you. Will
>u he miuo?"
But the fat lady naturally was in
'T^ ~ -r*~ -Trvf n "ft*! fr* fir fl
^?-?u ??ain- liiy .... ?
tmer?" she asked.?Chicago Tost.
Too Good to Bo True.
Senevieve?Surely you won't deny
at Mr. Cleverly is a most reputable
Aunt Jane?On tile contrary, I am innoAto
think him hardly respectable,
rfflp wlio is always making good, resHons
is not to be trusted, you know.
Boston Transcript.
Two Too Many.
"Triplets," said wee 'Willie Winkle
p, with a very knowing air, "always
me to poor families. It's when God
nds them a whole line of samples tc
ek from and they hasn't enough mon
to pay the expressman to take twc
'em back."?Lippbucott's Magazine.
Vot One Word.
"So you proposed to her? And did
e say the happy word?"
"She didn't say one word."
'All, I 'see! 'Silence gives consent*
"You misunderstand rue. She didn't
y one word, but four. She said, 'A'ol
i your life.' "
A Marked Blan.
Crawford?I see your friend tie conessman
seems to think he is serving
a last term.
Crabshaw?You see, the seeds he
nt his constituents. this year didn't
me up.?Judge.
Welcome to Athlon.
Tourist ? We're from America, you
3room?Hamerica! Ho, yes, thafs
iera the money comes from to get
r nobility out of debt?Cincinnati
3Vot a Crajic,
"lias yonr wife the whist craze"?"
"Xo," ansirered. the sardonic person.
Ihc l:eeps tier mind all right. It's the
rson she has for a partner that is.in
.nger of crnzinese." ? Washington
Bonnet Bcora Them No More,
Patience?Sou say her fancy often
kcs wings ?
Patrice?Well, it used ' to tnjtil . she
tned the Audubon society.?"Soakers
Woung Briggs was killed yesterday/
"I didn't know he bad an auto.**
Educate Yoor Bowels With Cascarets,
Dandy Cathartic, cure constipation roroyer
:.55c. If C 0. crralimrUCfeistaretand fhSfifcy
' - -; % - ' '
% ??$:<'K . -' ' :'" /. ':V:-.4v
ti^^--': >:^:':vV' ' ' - "; ' ' V "
I ^ . . " \ '
t v - - . ' ' ;- .- '
i is no newer than 01
i Shoes, Hats an
317 M
t i
. ' ' . .. -v ," .
s 7 7
Fairmont Representative Did Well
But Was in Hard Luck.
Prof. W. L. llcCowan. of the Nor'
ma.1 School, returned last night from
the Inter-Normal contest, which was
held at Hinton. .Only four of the
Normals were represented?jFairmont.
Shepherdstown, Huntington and Concord
West Liberty and Glenviile
were not represented.
Huntington won first prize and
Shepherdstown second. The other
two were not announced.
It seems that fate was against our
contestant, Mr. E. B. Harden. He
started Friday morning, but owing to
a wreck on the Parkersburg branch,
he was delayed five and a half hours
n,,,-! -r,TTinpiinn at Huntington.
From there he took the accommodation
and had to stand up nearly half
the way. When he arrived at Hinton,tired
and worn out after a Journey of
3S9 miles, the contest was going on
and the second speaker was on the
floor. Without^ time to rest, Mr. Harden
came upon the floor and. delivered
i a fine oration, but could not do hj4m,
self- or the school he represented Jus'
He : deserves great_ praise for the
way he upheld the tchool under the
circumstances. Prof. Wilkinson, who
[ holds the contest each year, said that
this was the closest contest yet held,
s Mr. Harden did not come home last
.. night, but came to Mdundsville to visit
friends before returning home.
A Magnificent Record.
The record of the Republican party
is made up1 to date, and it cannot be
changed by attempts to distort or mis,
represent it. It is history, and it
forms by far the most brilliant page ,
in the history of the country. It e;n.
bodies all the progress the country
- lias made during the last century,
from an Isolated nation, almost with
out recognition beyond, its own borders,
to a world power, whose influence
for civilization and progress
. is felt throughout the world, and from
L a place away down in. the list of man
> ufacturing and commercial countries
- to the -Very front rank. The party
' under vvhose government and policies
the country has made this, progress
I cuotipcdnti liv* "broken pledges
and forgetting- promises of reform,"
nor by discarding American tra&i
tions, but by adopting high ideals
. and living up to them, by formulating
; progressive policies and carrying
; them out. Mr: Cleveland is greatly
mistaken if he thinks the people can
be induced to exchange this kind of
progress, development and growth for
. "such- safety and quiet as may be offered
them by a patriotic and conser
vatlve Democracy.'' ? Indianapolis
: Journal.
The papers of tho state have been
[ publishing different versions of the
divisions of the delegates from this
i county to the state Convention. For
i the information of those who are not
' certain as to this point, the IntorMountain
is in a position to state
authoritatively that the delegation of
twelve votes is equally divided he,
tween Mr. Tetor and Mr. Dawson,
> each of whom will receive six votes
' In the Wheeling convention.?Elkins
I I T?, fr\TTT\ tfJ iT1 .
Hamilton and Huffman are located
1 on the second floor of the People's
Bank Building. They are prepared
| to do paving, grading, cementing and
all work in their line on short notice.
Miss Eva Brand, one of the popular
public school teachers, has been ill
at her home on Barney street for sev- I
; oral days.
m- Spring- Clothing,
d Furnishings.
JL & CO.
.am or.
"-%/ - ,
Going to Paint?
The initial step to proper
painting is the selection o!
proper paints. We sei!
oniij the best paints that it
is possible, to make. ftlso
iuli line Wail Paper and
Room Moulding.
Jacobs Block, Monroe St.
3s INSow Open
Next to Ik New Jacobs Building- oi
M nnrnp 'sliwt
Furnished Rooms.
Table Board.
Entire house lie-wly furnish
ed. Baths, all conveniences
Rooms are large, aldy, corn
fort able, homelike. Beds an
soft, new and well taken car<
of. Board will be the bos
and lots.of it. For rates cal
at bouse. Fine parlor for all
Treatment of E>ue, Ear,
Nose and Throat.
HOURS?12 to 3 p. in., 7 to 9 p. m.
otherwise by appointment- Ottiei
j 901- Main Street.
J. L. IftORAM,
Contractor <? Builder
guarantees satisfaction in all hi:
work. Screen doors a specialty. 13s
timates free. 718 Gaston Ave
are located on the second floor of th<
People's Bank Building. They an
prepared to do paving grading ce
menting and all work ill their line or
short notice.
Designs Different
Colorings New,
I have some o? the best lots on th<
South. Side for sale at from ?550 ,ti
-. V-" - s" <> ". - ' v - . ..Goal
Tlie greatest displ
ever was seen in<tb.e cit
Our Oarpet Depart
ing to "buyers. Matting;
Clotli in great varieties.
2,000 feet of floo
clusively to Ciiiiia---all g
We are prepared, t
complete in every detail
Stoves, Cooking TJt
Come and see us.
' ..Goal
- -Hniisfi Fiipn
$ iuuau r Laa as
w : ..
111 Tlic Good Old Suimi
EveruDodo Needs Retrlc
J we have just
famous Whiti
rect from the f
which enables
= ft RelPioerator as Low
? As to variety,
be found in th<
in and look th
of the Jacobs-I
1 J. L. HALL.. Leading Hi
WYER & .
L. C. Wyer.
Come in and see us. Go
looker becomes a buyer. No ms
f make you money. We do not z
it at the right price. We have tl
^ in the state. & \
J WYXI^&f|
iiiy:> /i ,;' ';. ."'' f *MBBalBfllBHWi
ay of Furniture tW
y. ' V_5
ment is very intere^^S
3, Linoleums and - Ojj|l
" " '"Jvf
1- space devoted exrades.
o furnisii your housed
ensils, Tin and Gran- ?f
* - , Y \'' * Y>
ishing go.
- -
liner Time I
lerators.... I
bought a large supply of the .
. ' ' jjlfi
i Mountain Refrigerators di-^j
actory at car load lot prices/!
us to give you '%sm
as $6.00. m
we have the largest line to !
e city. Do not fail to come
em over?on the third floor/
iutchinson Block. ''|aH
R. E.
out and have a look. Evov A
tter where you buy we^Sj
ccept property unfe.ss .-awj
ie best timber and'^l

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