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oil Men
will fight
SISTERSVIL.LE, \V. Va., April 30.
?A meeting was held here to-day
among a large number of the oil men
nha rnpcfl neonle are
UL LUIS ..... t A
' going to become quite a factor in the
present campaign in the State on account
of their antagonistic attitude
toward the proposed tax reform bills
which have been agreed upon regarding
the oil business and which will
come up before the special session of
the State legislature in the near future
for action by that body at the
special session which will be called
by Governor .White.
At the meeting held here yesterday
it was decided to form what will
be known as the Eastern Oil Men's
Association, which will be incorporated
with a capital stock of .$50,000.
divided into 5.000 shares at ?10 for
each share. The offices for the new
organization will be established in
Parkersuurg as me mosi. raiuauv
cated city for the oil people of this
State. The primary object of the organization
will be to inaugurate a
vigorous fight against the gubernatorial
candidate who is in favor of
j placing the high tax on oil wells, and
to fight the candidates for legislature
and senate in the different counties I
who are in favor of the same thing.
A mass meeting will be held i:i this j
city on ?.Iay 4th for the purpose of
perfecting the organization.?Wheel- i
ing Telegraph. '
Has Been Issued to the West Virginia |
Builders* Supply Company.
A certificate of incorporation has j
been issued to the West Virginia j
Builders* Supply Company, of Fair- j
mont. Tiie purpose of the corporation ,
is "to furnish all kinds of builders' j
supplies. The capital stock is $.10,000. j
and the incorporators are Lon S. !
Smith. Thos. F. Robey, J. A. Clark.
A. R. BadgTey and F. Badgiey, all of !
this city.
can seli you a !
STYLISH' fjflT :
it a u -w r. a i: A .. ? *.
for as
...M Anyone..., '
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Some White Lawn
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They are good only the sleeve
is a trifle small.
M i muc i?c*? EH ui
Muslin underwear
For Ladies and Children.
When you see
Dressu Men
Men who look unusually
dressy?you may depend
upon it that we do
their tailoring. Our designs
are all exdusiue.
Kauri-Tailor tor Men.
Successor to Ceo. A' orro .v & Co.
MMM& ilia
//J&\ txxmrmo-jt^ v
jjj '?*- L * **OM* jj? ^
The kind that are sightly and will
give you good, long service. We believe
we sell the best suspenders at
25c and 50c that there is made.
Genuine cow-hide ends, trimmings
are of test qualities, wnue tnc w<=?_?c?
are all you could desire. The colorings
are exquisite..
Plain W^hite
Plain Blue
Plain Pink.
Gray and Tan,
Black and ^White
50e the pair.
Suspe nciers. the famous French
make, are also sola" here. Variety of
patterns. Price always 50c.
?^j . jl? ^ jjfL
MAR iiO l-IUOi?
Francis Harrison Fierpom, the subjecj
of this sketch, and a person to
whom v.*e as the young citizens of
this State feel that we owe a great- ;
debt of gratitude, was born in Marion ;
county June 25, 1S14. Like many otli- j
er leaders, he laid the foundation for a j
strong physical body which served j
him so well in after life upon the '
of this sketch, and a person to whom
we as the young citizens of this State
feel that we owe a great debt of gratitude,
was born in .Marion county June 25,
1814. Like many other leaders,
he laid the foundation for a strong
physical body which served him so
well In after nie upon tne imm.
While upon the farm, he performed j
all those duties known from the chore- i
boy to the common laborer, attending 1
the district school a few months each ;
winter. ! ;
At the age of twenty-one he had ac- | .
quired all the education that the (lis- j <
trict school of that (lay could afford, i i
Not satisfied with this meager educa- I
tion to battle the stern -realities of j
life, he decided to go a step higher, i
Acting accordingly, he shouldered his j j
knapsack and marched away to attend ! i
Allegheny College, Allegheny, Pa.. ! j
from which institution he graduated
in June. 1S40. After graduation he
went to Mississippi as a public school j
teacher. Having decided to enter 1
upon the profession of law, he took a j j
systematic course of reading while j
teaching: j 1
After two years he returned to Fair- i ?
mont, Virginia, and having been ! ;
admitted to the bar, he began to practice
law. in which profession he made ]
a success. :
Mr. Pxerpont having been educated ]
in the North, and living among the j
Northern people, he naturally sided i
with them when the war clouds threat
eneu uur uiiiuii lu
He loved to talk and take part in ]
the general political discussions of the 1
day. "When the convention met at <
Wheeling, June 11, 1801. for the pur- j
pose of reorganizing the government i
of Virginia, Mr. Pierpont was elected
governor of the reorganized^ State;
thus he became governor of Virginia i
and the appellation of "old far gov- :
_ v - ' :
Correct M^llw
Wear mjci.
for M|
men. ]|||?
Fine doesn't mean expensive. I
nobby, and if there is anything new
ing it and having it quicker than yoi
When you kr.ow our price range,
have some idea cf the bigness of the
either in plain colors or fancies, and
A special fci
Genuine Frenc
Shirts with long or short sleeves
crs to match, made with double bicycle
ar.d doublc-stitched bands. Modern re g
short men.
; "fco Court IHLous
ernor." is often applied to him. Mr. ,
Pierponi va's one of the men who ;
stood by the government in its thirl, j
est hours. After West Virginia separated
from Virginia. Governor Pierponi.
removed the State archives to
Alexandria. When Richmond fell, he
removed the seat of government to
that city. After his term of office expired.
he returned to Fairmont, and
resumed his profession of law.
In 1S70 ho v/as elected delegate from
Marion county to the West Virginia
legislature. 3^e was appointed collector
of Internal Revenue by president
Governor Pierpont became a member
of the Methodist Protestant
Church at the age of eighteen. He
was known not only for liis ability
as a speaker, as a statesman and for
his unselfish patriotism, but also for
his kind, genial nature. It was his
sweet disposition that caused him to
he loved by children, and by all who
; XJrx n-nc VPrv I
Knew HIlil |Jt;i
fond of children. It is related of him
that once while holding the oflice of
governor, he took a little child to
President Lincoln to plead for its
brother who was unjustly sentenced
to the penitentiary.
How great was the confidence and
trust reposed in him, is shown in
President Lincoln's tribute, and by ids
followers during the war for the preservation
of the Union; it is said of
Governor Pierpont, by his daughter,
that liis mind was intensely active
with a cheerful severe disposition.
In one of his last letters lie wrote;
"The hand of kindness has led me all
my life, and I am content, but I want
to go to heaven to see how the worlds
a.re made and the stars are hung."
. ~ t.i? ? ~
iu uis [juhci as ci j.uunv ,
we can judge only by the result of
bis speeches, for he always spoke on
Lhe moment, unci none of his addresses
have been preserved.
He often met me*> who iiad sworn'
ro take his life, while stumping our
State and the State of New York for
Mr. Lincoln, and yet no violence ever
befell him. Of his last, speech to a
targe audience, the Hon. Alston CI.
Dayton wrote a friend: *1 shall nev?>r
forget the last time I saw him, when
at the close of tlie campaign of 1 -S9G.
in Fairmont, we sat side by side, on
the platform and in town addressed tin
audience of thousands. As I looked at
his venerable form, placid and kindly
face, heard the burning thoughts? ;
clothed in his wonted eloquent language,
sprang to his lips as I listened
to his joyous prophetic words outlining
the future of our nation and Stato,
his very presence was a tpwer of
strength as we hung on Iiis words telling
us of the future of our State for
\\\ The
fM Here. j
It means correct and proper, new and j
comes out d,epend on this store hav- j
t will fir.d it elsewhere.
lNY kinds.
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shirts and drawers to match ir. every j
.net for 50c.
;h Baljbrig'g'an.
, French necks, pearl buttons. Draw- j
scats, suspender tapes, strap backs, j
ular lengths or "short stouts*' for
>e, Fairmont,
which lie had done so much, which :
he i: loved so well.
"His voice sounri&cA. nice a propnetic
word. and in its sacred tones were
Iw-nrti the i iittnVs of millions yet : be."
In conclusion, we might change the
lines of Byron, or Sheridan, to read.
Nature formed but one such man, and
broke the die in moulding Pierpont.
Charlie Williams, the colored man
who raised such jl disturbance in I ho
county jail Wednesday night, was ex- ;
amined as to his.sanity this morning
by Dr. Sands. He was pronounced a ,
fit subject: for the asylum at Weston,
where he will be taken as soon as ar- j
rangernents can be made. j ,
Williams was arrested last Monday _
upon complaint that he was acting !
strangely, and that his mind was j
thought to be disordered. He had j
been drinking heavily for some time, j I
lie was put in jail, ana ur. oumw wwo j called
to examine him. He was found !
to be under the influence of some :
kind of dope and was sent back to
jail until he recovered. He grew
worse, and Wednesday night he be- :
came violent.
At the examination this morning j
his sanity was attributed to alcoholism.
Fairmont, Yv. Va., April oO.
To the Sporting Editor of the West !
Virginian :
Sir: In regard to your statement j
about the "High Dive" made at the
"Country Circus" by two of the Y. ?.I.
C. A. acrobats, allow mc to state that
there was in no sense a competition
attempted between Messrs. McC'ray
and Stewart, and furthermore there
were no measurements actually made
fontc. ct-mi r'n?i?#?niientlv no one
can authoritatively say that one man
heat the other. j j
Both of the young men are willing j
to see what tliey can do in this line,
and in an indoor athletic meet short- c
ly to be given before the public at I
the Y. M. C. A. gymnasium, they
will "pull off" the honors for this
event with actual measurements taken
by appointed judges.
General. Secretary.
. : t _ .. _ ' .
[.A-V |
f 'i
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who throw sox away because
there is no one to darn them. We
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Plain Tan.
Black and white foot. A whole host
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At 25g pair.
$1.38 by the half dozen.
Plain Black
Plain Tan
Black with white foot
Black with white sole.
The famous Shawknit
Hose for ? $1.38 a box.
Stockholders' Meeting.
Notice is hereby given that the ru,-.ular
annual meeting of the stockholders
of the Fairmont Gas and JAght
Company will bo held at the Board of
Trade rooms, in flic City of I'airmorit,
on Tuesday, the 3d day of May, 190-1,
at 10 o'clock A. M., for the purpose
of electing a Board of Ijirectors to
serve Jor the ensuing year, and for
the transaction of any general business
which may legally be dene at
a meeting of stockholders.
.1. 13. ROBINSON. Sec'y.
Fairmont, W. Va., April 23, 1901.
If it don't pay us to advertise it
won't pay you to read our ad, but if
it pays to advertise, then it will pay
you to take acl\zsntage of our ad. Jolliffe's.
inspection car came in at. 11:20
i. in., and departed over the M. R. division
at 1 p. m. No prominent officials
were aboard.
Dana Miller, who is attending the
University, is in the city to-day.
310 Main
J-/.. Shirt Whilst Stv!
^^==4-^ best [nanner. Y<
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We have an enormous assortment o
vers. We can please yon in this line
Have you seen pur line ? They are
:onsidered the home of shirt waists ;
aefore, price a little less than ever.
50c to
Order of Services With the Various i'jj
Pastors To-morrow. " ''M
Methodist Protestant Temple. -->5
Monroe street. J. H. Lucas, D. D., -j
pastor. Reception of members and j
the Lord's. Supper at 10:45 to-morrow -J
morning. At S in the evening the I
pastor will preach on "The Highest J
and Best Life." .
Sunday School at" 9:30 a. m.. Junior ' ,
Society of Christian Endeavor at 2:30 r ^
p. ni.. Christian Endoavo"r prayer . .
meeting at T p. m.
Presbyterian Church.
You arc most cordially invited to *
the following services:
Bible School 9:30 o'clock. Prof. J. '.'Yj
Walter Barnes. Supt.; morning service.
10:45 o'clock; theme:. "Lessons
from tlio Life of Balaam:" evening
service. 7:50 o'clock; Prof. Thos. E- ;
Hodges, of Morgantown. will speak on
"The Foundations of Character:" Ju- >
nior Society. 3 p. in., Christian En- j
doavor, C:30 p. m.. Mr. Lloyd Kelley, f
* Tnnirt " A nou'oroil PrjlVPTS." '
First Baptist Church.
\V. J. Eddy, pastor. Services will '-.j
bo as follows: -v|
Morning service at 10:45. subject, 'i
"A Prosperous Life." Tills is the an
nual sermon, being-the eloventh atgtf- ' :
vorsary of the church and the soy- -.-s
enth anniversary of the present pas- , torato.
Evening sermon at 8:00; subject:
"Will the World Outgrow Christianitv?"
There will be good music
under the direction of Miss Myrtle
Shaw. It is much desired that all the :?d|
church l>o present, to-morrow. All P0
win be made welcome.
Central Christian Church, *
Corner Walnut avenue and 2d "
.street, Horny Fi Lutz, minister. Lord's "
Day Services: 9:30 a. m.. Bible
School. Seymour Mclutire superint
en dent: 10:15 a. in., preaching, subject.
"Tlie Peculiar Message of the
Gospel of Murk;" S p. til., preaching. > o
subject, "Righteous indignation and
Righteous Wrath." Evangelist Lutz
will preach Loth morning and evening.
The prayer meeting will ho on ,'-.e
Wednesday evening and the Church
Helpers on Thursday afternoon at 2
"'clock. .
Real Estate Transfers. ' y
Sarah A. Onkes to Fiuley Oakes. ;'f:
interest in property at Wortbington;
consideration, $1.00.
I {omnia Boor ot al., to B. F. Wilson,
property on Finch's run; coftstdera- ~,v*
tion. $5.00. . ."Ft^
a ? r.? s,f!li?v i n 1\tTJiiiifiHi"
\ i'.ii IV. JiilUCJ W .Utliiu
property In Union district; consider- ;j:S
ation, 9(526. , i:
J.cvi 13. liarr to E. L. Gilhart and |
-.vile-, properly in East. Park; cons idoration.
S 1,100.
In the Intermediate Court. _
William A. Hartley has entered t'.vo , ' 'y-M
suits against Grant Arnett. One .is in. 'J
assumpsit and the other in chancery. . . To
Attorney Hose represents the plaintiff :
in both suits.
Power of Attorneys.
The Sowicklcy Company to W. S. ; :
The West Virginia Builders' Supply
Company to A. It. Badgley. \S
? : ..
Bond Given.
Emery Jones gave bond of fifty doi- ;;-;\^V^
lars as guardian of the heirs of W. v '.4
NT. Summers;
James Manley. of El kins, is at the ;
Tavern to-day. ;0
. /.-j.
r u?frttH' fiimo in from firaftoii . ink
to spend Sunday with his family. S
INf4 60..
cs?made up in idL fe-i*'
hi'II not find a ;-:3
hem. You can't !a
:k! Duck in a bi^c Y
linen colors, trimed in cluny bands - /"v
> UP.
[f lotift and short kimonas and wrap.
ou r prices are the lowest possible.
beauties. Wo have always been
our stock is just a little better than

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