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BY Tas
Fairmont West Virginian Publisher
irvg Gorhpany.
v ( '
OEORGE M. JACOBS, President.
LAMAR C. POWELL, Managing Editor.
M. C. LOLIQH, City Editor.
J. E. POWELL, Business Manager..
t j Daily, one year $4 00
V' Daily, six months 2 00
Daily, three months 1 00
; Weekly, one year 1 00
Weekly, six months 50
Apolication has been made for entrv
- -M , . ~ ' 1 - - ?TO .. ct.
Ui IS<*11J Hi X. VaLVliI?.C U.J
mail matter.
For Congress,
For House of Delegates,
j For Sheriff,
For Prosecuting Attorney,
** For County Commissioner,
For County Surveyor.
For Assessor, Eastern district,
For Assessor. "Western district.
A convention of the Republican party
of the 14th Judicial Circuit of West
Virginia, composed of the counties 01
Marion and Monongalia, is hereby called
to meet at Morgantown, in Monongalia
county, "West "Virginia, on WEDNEiSDAY.
at ten o'clock, A. M.. for the purpose
y;. of nominating a candid.ate for Judge
r ^v^r'bf said circuit for the ensuing term,
to be voted for at the general election to
be beld in November next, and for the
transaction of such other business as
may "properly be brought before said
The basis of representation in said
convention shall be one delegate for each
100- votes or fractional part thereof over
fifty cast for the Republican Presidential
electors in said circuit at the general
election held in the year 1900.
The Executive Committee of the Republican
party in each of the counties
of said circuit are requested to provide
for the election of delegates to said convention,
according to the usages of said
,.Given unaler our hands this 19th day
Of April, 1904.
FRANK COX. Chairman.
As you will notice by looking at our
columns, we are getting the patron.
age of the business community in a
very gratifying manner. We must I
and will make our paper useful to our
patrons. The first place we will look
carefully after the news columns and
editorial oaoe, so that the people will
want to read all of the West Virginian
every day. In the second
?:;/. place we will, give our advertisers
every consideration with business
principles. We are sending out hundreds
of sample copies every day,
thus reaching people who are not now
reading a daily paper. The West Virginian
will reach many country homes.
Already a number of people on the
Rural Routes have asked to be put on
our mailing list. We will have correspondents
from most of the leading
centers in the county, and will always
welcome newsy letters from any part
of the country. Vou stand by us and
we will stand by you, and thus we can j
work together for -the profit of both
Advertisers are kindly requested to
hand in copy the day before they desire
a change made. It is better for
us, and insures a nicer display.
The fate of Ira Kinnan ought to
bear its message to young men as to
the folly of taking chances with anything
where their lives are at stake.
Even jumping from a street car when
it is running at full speed is dangerous,
"but we never seem to think of it until
the report comes that some one is
hurt. Life is too precious to be foolishly
snuffed out by carelessness.
The Times a few days ago fired an
oia rusty ioau out 01 us Lonsressicin.n
shot pouch at Capt. Povener. From
the report, it must have been an old
cartridge left over from two years
ago. Wonder it the editor of the
Times would lilce to tackle the Captain
again this year? We bav no objections.
The conservative editor will enjoy
- his exchanges very much more when
the Dawson-Teter fiasco is over. We
always iilte to read the thoughts of
our brethren when they have been
it. contemplating upon the shortcomings
of the common enemy, but to read half
of the fulminations of the factional
organs would give a fellow chilblains,
Vijjl ague and inflamatory rheumatism.
-Brethren, for pity's sake, do let up on
this double column, back-action, sclf||l||||ilestructive.
Republican - destroying,
miscellaneous shooting at Dawsqn and
k Teter. It is not at all elevating, but
ft to be perfectly frank, it Is disgusting.
We hope the members of the State
Medical Association will enjoy their
.short Stay at Fairmont. We know
this little outing is much appreciated
by them. Here they are out of reach
of the sound of the midnight ringing
of their door-bells, and the telephone
calls at-the home office will have to
be answered by the good wue, or oince
boy, with "The doctor is not at home."
To be free for a few days from the
moans of the sick and the groans <?f
the dying will no doubt be a great relief
to these over-worked and often
unappreciated alleviators of human
suffering. Gentlemen, you have a
hearty welcome to every attention
which can be given you. The town is
yours, so far as we have power lo give
it?take it and enjoy yourselves to
the fullest extent.
very poor backing.
We have never said much concerning
the Dawson-Teter fight, and have
refused to he a party to it ill its present
malignant form but we do feci
like being "agin" any man that the
Wheeling Register is legging for. We
think the Register is mighty poor
backing for a Republican candidate
to have.
entertained west virginian j
representative this morning?many
fairmont people
know nothing of
the extensive
(equipment for cultivating |
This morning we paid a visit to the
gresn-houses of our pojmlar liorist, H.
Glenn . Fleming, and were shown
[through the different departments. He
has the most complete arrangements
of any florist in this vicinity. Although
his houses are not so extensive
as the Weber houses at Oakland, he
has grown flowers that compare favorably
with theirs.
Mr. Fleming has ten different,
houses, four at his own home on Locust
avenue, and six in the rear of the
residence of lb D. Fleming. He is
| now putting his plants outside where
they will remain during the summer,
and they will be put inside when cold
weather comes for the winter's supply
of flowers.
The houses are heated by hot water
in cold weather but in the summer
the blooming plants must be shaded
to a certain extent.
Although a great many different
kinds of flowers nrp srrown. the main
production is carnations. It takes
about seven thousand of these to fill
the beds and from 200 to 200 can he
cut every day. All kinds of carnations
are grown and they are very
The roses have not proved altogether
a success this year, but some
beautiful ones are grown. The smilax
and asparagus room has done well the
past winter. All kinds of ferns and
palms are grown, and Mr. Fleming
has eaten a lemon pie .made from
fruit grown in his houses.
In the propagating room nothing is
used except pure, clean sand in which
to start the new slips. In a few weeks
all the beds will be refilled with new
earth which is prepared by a special
process. All the plants are well cared
for. as the florist has carefully studied
his business and knows what needs
to be done.
These houses are a credit to our
city, and give us a chance to get
flowers and plants whenever we want
Upon .our departure we were pre
senteu wiui a ueamuui uuncn 01
flowers for which we are very thankful.
Dr. Clinton Cushing Dead.
WASHINGTON', D. C.. May 11.? Dr.
Clinton Cushing, one of the best
known physicians in the country and
one of the doctors who waited upon
Mrs. McKinley when she was ill in
San Francisco three years ago. died
yesterday at his home in this city.
Will Close Barber Shop.
Ernest Sherwood will close his shop
on the West side of Main street after
Saturday ni^ht. and commencing
Monday morning, will increase the
force in his otner shop, directly across
Hie street, to nine men.
S. B. Montgomery, postmaster at
Ttmneiton, and the next State Senator
from the Eleventh Senatorial district,
haying just received the Republiean
nomination for that office, tvas
in our city yesterday.
John A. Fleming, sheriff of Harrison
county, is shilling har.ds with friends
here to-day.
Capt. A. N. Pricl^d is down from
Mannington to-day.
(Continued from 1st page).
eral Zykoff, who was assisted t
troops under Genera! Stoesse!. Pu
ther attack, according to the tel
gram, is expected as soon as the .ta
anese are reinforced. The St. P
tersburg telegrams also report a gre:
battle near Motien-hing Pass, east
Liao-Vang. v.'liich resulted in a gre
Russian disaster. The losses are r
ported to have been heavy. Gener
/iassaliteii. the Russian commandt
being among the dead. The sens
tiona! reports of a juncture betwet
the Russian Vladivostock and Po
Arthur squadrons are denied at t!
Russian capitol.
LONDON, May 11.?The Rome cc
respondent of The Exchange Tel
graph Company says an official cL
patch has been received from Che
Foo stating that owing to the simul?
neons advance of the Japanese fro
Feng-Wang-CIierg and New C'iiwan
the Russians consider their positic
at Liao Yang untenable, and are '<
ready preparing to fall back to Mu
iien where the first serious attempt
resist the Japanese advance will i
s is the hrst report receive
La the Japanese were at Ne
Jivang. .t is possible tnat the forreferred
to may be the one said
be waiting in the environs of Ne
Ciovang to occupy it when the Ri
siuns evacuated, or it may be the for
which was landed on the LiaoTvn
Peninsula last week. If it is the Is
ter force, -he reported advance ?
Lino-Yang explains the Russian cc
tendon that the land cornn?un:eati<
v,:(!) Pert Arthur is again open, tl
Japanese having left, the position tin
occupied on the railway.
Di-usr Store LIkIUh.
Apothecaries were once in the hat
S using :t red light as a sign of the
it so nappeneu one nigut mat
;L: i:u\-::st found himself without t.
: < s.:siiry red light, so as a substitu
!.e placed bottle of red liquid in t
window, with a candle behind it. I
v.-t.s so well pleased with the effe
:h. t he placed another bottle of r<
: in another window.
'.ids sign made sucli a brave shothat
an envious rival cast nbo
!* i.icans of improving the sign. I
I . rpon the scheme of placing a b<
._,f yellow liquid by the side of t
r i ::e a:i<l then surpassed his pre'
i s ciiorls and carried all before hi
by piaciiig a green bottle by the si
ti.e yellow one. The three made
si-.:, which caught the approval of t
and all the druggists quickly f
I owe i in the footsteps of their mc
'I he bottles were later replaced
ila- handsome colored vases which a
r.aw such a familiar sign all over t
Too Lon^ Fox* Ills Bunk.
During the American civil war the
wa.s an assistant surgeon in tlio na
si:: feet four inches high, who w
serving on board the Penobscot, wlii
was only live feet eight inches bctwe
docks. The doctor's bunk was sea
six reet in lengui, so 111:11 i?e was l
comfortable even in lying down,
bad weather, on the blockade, wh
1 he spray was breaking over tlie si
the doctor" was deprived even of t
comfort of uncoiling on deck. Aft
considering the matter thoroughly a
remembering that long letters to t
department were not always read a
not always considered, he wrote
Hon. Gideon Wells. Secretary cf t
Sir?Length of surgeon. G feet 4; hci/s
of wardroom. 5 feet S. Respectfully.
Assistant Surgeon
The department promptly dispatch
him "until such time as more suital
ship could be found for his -assi?
incnt."?Chicago News.
A Stickler Fpr Etiquette.
Dr. Thompson, master of Trinity e
lego, Cambridge, was an exceeding
cold and austere man. never taki
much notice of the undergraduates t
der his care. On one occasion a Tri
ty man happened to be out walki
and was caught in a storm. lie r
across a field and took shelter benea
a large tree. "When lie arrived the
he found, to bis horror, that I
Thompson was beneath it. seeking pi
tection from the rain. For some tii
both stood silent, watching the clout
till at last the undergraduate, growi
desperate, ventured to remark that
thought it was clearing up a litt
"Sir," said the doctor haughtily, frow
ing upo^ the wretched youth, "all co
munieations to the master of Trim
must be made through the tutors."
The Yttruk.
Among the qualities possessed by t
Yuruk hospitality is no doubt pror
nent. Deprived by the very influec
of ids adventurous life of ail the fiei
instincts which characterize the Turt
mans, restricted because of his oceui
tions to the woods, the plains or t
mountains; constantly exposed to t
inclemency of the seasons, to dangt
and enemies of all kinds, "the l'ur
has conceived a generous and nol
idea of hospitality, and he practices
with disinterestedness and pleasu
His tent, whether in his presence
absence, is always opened to tile trt
eler, and food and drink in abundar
are given him. The tents of the "X
ruks are square and- made of a sort
black woolen cloth.
All tlie
Tt suits fo
ot for yo
c- wasb s"
a- 75c, $1
V? No mat
ie boy g-e
Trrvn n
V vu
they tk
Iiim in
:e a
be glad
S, __
Good C
lo ' /
;n The members of the Senate are v
m- laughing at the candor with which a
:ai new and wealthy Senator from the
he West expresses ntmsen. tie urougin.
ey his wife and family with him, and
soon after his arrival in Washington ^
sent tor a French professor who is ?
noted for his scholarship and instruc,;r
ted hint to get up a coat of arms for
a 'he family. He told the man of learnhe
ing that he wanted him to get up a
te complete genealogy and to get it tip in
he style. About three weeks after that
Ie the Frenchman came to the Senator,
wringing his hands and exhibiting a
countenance that gave signs of imdoubted
and severe mental distress.
44Well, what's the matter?" exclairuJe
od the Senator, in his bluff, hearty
>t- way: "have you finished the job?"
he "Ob, no; Monsieur," he cried, in
broken t?\ er.ch. "I have si.?i \vh:u
Lm /.q Americans call ze snag."
"Well," exclaimed the Senator 5
be cheerfully, "I have struck a good
0j_ many snags in my time, but they $
ire never got the best of mo. What is it"7'*
"Oh, Monsieur, I come to your great- $
K-c o-rf>nt.frnniimnrhpr nnrl call find HO
re record of Iier marriage certificate/* 5
he "Is that all?" 2
"Oh, Monsieur, tliat is enough. What S
shall I do?" ?
?re "Do!" thundered the Senator, "why 5
vy fix up a marriage certificate for the 2
as old lady. You are a pretty French- 1
ch man. If you can't straighten our a 1
en lady's past you ought to get out of =
nt the genealogical business."
But the lady's character was iestored
and the polite Frenchman is still
en 1
4jp manufacturing fireproof coats of arms.
lie ?Exchange.
I,e Telegrams -and letters have been
Iui sent to W. J. Bryan from the Hearst
section of the Indiana Democracy begging
him to come over and help it in
;he 1
the hours of its distress. The State
ht convention meets Thursday and the
preliminary count develops a Parker
i- i domination by 2 to 1, and while the
ed I Iowa success has flushed the Hearst
>Ie j victors it has made the Indiana ma>n"
jority run up the black flag. 'I he prologue
ought to develop a thrilling
. drama to be enacted at Indianapolis.
f\-> a Pnrl;Pf rnr?v"r?
rjy ment requires his preponderance in
jig the four States whose capture in No- g
in- vember is indispensable to the substini
tution of a Democratic Administratis
tion?New York. New Jersey, Indiana
an and Connecticut. This chain is no
^ stronger than its weakest link. If
j Indiana can be swerved the whole
1 I Parker fabric falls like a house of
ne cards. Ordinarily the melodramatic
| possibilities would appeal to the orator q
ng i and he would hasten to the stage to
he | exhibit the cross of gold and cause a
1?. j stampede. But he does not respond.
! Perhaps he is striving to be consist- =
m" ! ent with his liired-ball speech in conlt*
' centrating his devotion to principles
and not candidates, except by way of
: letter writing. And then he may be
he ! planning to make his grand entry in- c
ni- i to the arena more spectacular by pretce
venting all advance advertising. From
*ce ihe present Indiana outlook Bryan
-?" must cross the Yalu on Thursday or I
?a" all is lost.?Pittsburg Dispatch.
no | j
it 125 stock hogs for sale. 50 to 100
or pounds. 75 black and 50 white
,ce ones:u
W. N. Satterfield,
Rivesville, W. Va.
i ll ITS ;
new kinds of wasli
r children are b.ere
u. Buster Brown
.its in endless vaWash
suits at 50c,
.00, $2.00 and $3.
,ter kow dirty tlie
ts our wash suit,
n't lose, because
dll WASH. Bring
, both of you will
. 37-011 came.
r - -v
ilothes Store.
Conghanour and Frazee's Keftred
audeville Circus will be the only
hi ted organization of merit that will
isit your city this season.
You get the news in the Daily West,
For SaleGood
location and a bargain. Must
e sold at once. Call on M. J. Lantz.
; i. F"
'hi 0>.
Geo. M. Jacobs' Bi(
We stand ready tf
against HIC
9 c Hassocks, nice patterns, our
price .,.39
2.00 Curtain stretchers, our price
1 25 Curtain stretchers, our prfce" ?
0 to 75c-leather halters, our price..39
5c Wei) halters, our price. 2 for..25
2.00 Lace Curtains, our price..SI.G5
l.ou Alarm clocks, our price To
c skeins Filo Silk, our price. . . ."/02%
c paper pins, our price 01
0c paper brass pins, our price....04
0c doz. rubber hair pins, our price.05
others may
but, none we.
Every pair warr
md to give satisfaeti<
Corner ftflain Street
sole Agent Sorosis, ?
Best, Budd's
315. Adams or
V?4^i'?^I. .-. ^lY-.vit^iA^24s<i\?A!i\tCSi!aWiBiJi*SsiA^SiSlS^I'i^
Do You Know What We Want?
Several Short"Ads." at
One Cent Per WordFOR
RENT?Fnrnlshed rooms. Apply
325 Walnut avenue.
FOR RENT?A few choice office
rooms in the new Peoples Bank bnjiding.
Apply at the Peoples Bank.
For Rent.
One eight-room house for rent cos
High street. J. E.. Morgan.
For Sale.
Choice building lots on Virginia
avenue and Sixth street. Apply Edwin
Robinson, Gas Office.
AAbaby siipper, somewhere along:
the street car line. Any- one finding
same will please leave- it at the west
Virginian office.
For Rent.
Eight room house recently occupied
by the City Hospital, corner or Merchant
and Guffey streets, First -ward.
RENT?One nice front room.
Jackson street, either furnished or unfurnished.
Address "J. E. L.'* care cff
this office.
Nickle plated, Coal- Stove, S-liR,
heating closet, 1-3 off. Good as newt.
P. O. Box 554.
For Sale;
Eight room house on corner Gaston
avenue and Fourth street; good houses
good location; price, 54,800. Payments
to suit purchaser; house now
j empty. Kja.u on noiuerc. ?5c &peaf?eia.35
' " ' '&*.
>ck, Monroe StreetTT/\L^IC_
eh, 8904.
i protect all homes
25c fancy back and pompadatrrcombs.
our price 2&
S and 10c gents colored handkerchiefs,
our price -051
25c fancy stamped pieces, our priceJS
5c. stamped pieces, our price; 01" ami-OS
10c bottles cologne, our price OS
1 Oc gents canvas gloves, our price. -OS
5c x-aces, our price 03"
50c carriage "whips, our price 3?
2c Baby ribbons, our price 01
2 for 5c cigars, our price per box
of 25 cigars 3aTo-Morrow?"What
You Gain."*
ar as well as
" ' . .-f- '," '5*;
anted solid througlioirfe J
on. M
and Parks Avenue.\
ianan's Shoes, Bro fl
Baby Shoes. M
As well as all other level headed nfl
realizes the importance of insu^B
against loss by fire. But we wan9 |
eaaress our remarKs to tnose who HHI
not fully aware of the advantages ffljj !
such men we will be-glad to givol
information of interest. We guarariBSnmj
tee not to bore them by urging thenH
to insure. We simply wish to showfe.
the advantages of carrying insurance.. ]
Drop us a card, and our represents- ]
tive will call.
Alain Street. M

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