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Russian Blouse S
Sailor Blouse Sui
"Buster Brow
Is the best you can buy for the pri
y pay. Whether it be $5 or $20 you
value, or more?never less.
Our $8.50, 9, 10 and $T
are built right everywhere. Lapeli
narrow, shoulders padded just enor
snug- flitting. Gray and brown re
with small dots or figures of gray or
newest materials, in perfect fitting c
GDinon Nais!
Plenty o?
Children's Hats!
About 20 Children's Coats 1 year to
5. Reduced just %.
$5.00 Coats, $3.75.
54.00 Coats, $3.00.
$3.00 Coats $2.25.
Now these are just new Spring
goods and the very latest styles.
The Soiesette we sell you for 27c
yard is almost as nice as sillc, and
washable. All the popular shades.
We have the largest assortment of
Lace in the city. The newest patterns.
me Products oi
Our TaliorslioD j
Please the most critical
people, because we put
forth every possible effort
-to do absolutely perfect
work. We can please you
tKan ^nv r>VKf>r?
or can. We are sure
about it. - .
_ " - . ^ .
ti. Successor to Geo. .Morrow & Co!
A Village Blessing.
Mrs. Tittle?Isn't it awful the wayMrs.
Wild goes on with Mr. Wayward?
Mrs. Tattle?Yes; I've often thought
what a blessing they were to this village.
It would be intolerably dull
tali, without them, don't you think??Boston
| ' / .
t Twelve persons have 'been killed as
a result of the Republican primaries
In West Virginia. In this case the
thirteenth man will certainly be un
lucky.?Baltimore Sun.
And as such should hare tlie best
clothes made. To stand the knocks
his suit must be strongly put together
and made of first-class material.
While our Bo.vs' clothes are no costlier
than others, tve believe they're made
a little better?believe too that the
cloth will hold its own longer.
Prices are, for instance
2 piece Double?Breasted Suits,
ages 3 to 16 - - $1.60 to $5.00.
Norfolk Blouse Suits
ages 3 to 12 ? ? $1.60 to $5.00.
1 5 *f"Q ages 3 to 8
?U.i $2.00 to $5.00.
f o __ ages 3 to 8
! >?> $3.50 to $6.50.
___ ^*> The genuine suits
' li ages 3 to 8 $3 to $8
3rd FLOOR.
ice you want to Jj nil
get that much lis. "jSnjiiBh
2.50 Suits | )
s are long- and
igh, collars ave J v'\ 1
lixtures, blacks gSm BB '
blue. The very WM
lothes. ?1"""
SE |
First lyi^thSdist Episcopal Church.
Rev. Smith. pastor.?Prof.
Robt. A'.' Armstrong, of the West Virginia
University, will occupy the pulpit
of this, .church troth morning and
evening. His lectures on the Bible
have attracted much attention throughout
the State, and there is a treat in
i-1-.^x^.ck '"B .a o ttari rl finis r-h iiruh
SLUlfcT 11-?1 LHUav, nuv ..
to-morrow. His subjects are: morning,
"The Law of Service;" evening,
"Bible Stories." The other services for
[the day are: Sunday School, at 9:30:
Class Meeting, at 12:00; Junior and!
Intermediate Leagues, at 2 P. M; Ep- !
worth League, at 7 P. M. Subject,
"True and False Ambitions;" Leader, J
Capt. Kemble IVhite. The regular
morning and evening services are at I
10:45 A. M. and S P. M. The pastor !
is expected to be home to fill hjs pulpit
on Sunday, Hay 29. Good music is
promised at all the services.
Presbyterian Church.
Rev. H. G. Stoetzer. pastor?Bible
School, 9:30 A. II.; morning service,
10:45 A. M.; evening service, S P. M.;
Junior Society, 11 P. M.; C. E. Society,
7 P. M. All are welcome.
Central Christian Church.
Corner of Walnut avenue and Second
street, Henry F. Lutz, preacher?
Lord's Day services: 9:30 A- M. Bible
School, Seymour Mclntyre, superintendent;
10:45 A. M., preaching, subject,
"The Gospel for the Man of Culture;"
11:45 A. II., the Lord's Supper,
open to all Christians: S P. M., preach:
?? "W/^vcT-iinnin<r at the
11X16. , ., 1-1-?~
Shrine of Dress." The Prayer Meeting
meets on Wednesday evening at
7:3(1 and the Church Workers on
Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Catholic Church.
Rev. a. D. Boutlou. pastor?Mass at
s and 10 every Sunday, in new church
at corner of Jackson and -Madison
streets. Benediction in the evening
at 7:30 o'clock. .Mass every morning
during the. week at 7 o'clock.
Lutheran Mission.
Rev. T. B. Yealciey, missionary?
Services as Usual Monday in Willard
Hall. Morning services at 10:45.
Theme: "The Descent of the Holy
Spirit;" evening service at s o'clock,
theme. "Back to Bethel:" Sunday
School at 3:15 P. M. At the close of
the morning services there will he a
eor.vcregational meeting' for the purpose
oil.calling a pastor. All Lutherans
of tlie town are earnestly requested
to he present at this meeting to
Toi.-n ,in rhp calling of a pastor.
The public is cordially invited to be
present atNall services.
Christian Church, Coon'sRun, Everson.
James Allan, evangelist -will preach,
at 10:30 A. M. Subject, "The Activity
o'i the Trinity and the "Work of Salvation."
M. E.; Church,, South.
Sunday School 9:30. Talk at close by
B. F. Ramage, on his trip to tho Hcrly
," - J
The Carpet
. ? making a \vh
Ru?p Sale aud the sterUi
attended the sale we advise an early
up at a rapid rate.
That small room or hall which has
covered with either Carpet or matting
each?from 3 to 1G. yards?-that arc
The Rags and Remnants are place
easy to find: prices make them easy to
The busy Base- 2?S~E
menttothefront what it has i
appointed and always perform every p
High Class E
Mention of which has been given i
women are saving their husbands some
furnishings under price.
hand. Preaching at 10:30 by Rev. C.
A. Bowles. 8 P. M., address by A. P.
Harr. of the Anti-Saloon League. Cl
. rr
First Baptist Church, f f.
The irastor is-absent and Rev. T. B. f,
Lawler will preach Sunday morning, -p
In the-evening Mr. W. C. Shafer is ex- a,
pected to talk on his trip to Jerusalem. g
Sunday School and Young People's p
meetings at the usual hours. p
r tl
WHEELING. May 21.?Shortly at- la
ter 12 o'clock Friday, William Gilligan, ai
I an ll-year-ol<l boy, was struck by a p
Wheeling Traction company car in cl
! front, of the City High school and in- li
jured so seriously that it is feared m
that death may result. p<
The lad attends the Cathedral High \\
school and was going home to dinner, le
riding on the rear of a wagon. At fc
Twenty-first street the wagon turned rc
to go down Main street, and the hoy, pi
wishing to continue on down towards m
his home at No. 2233 Market street,
where his mother, Mrs. Katherlne Gil- rc
ligan, conducts a grocery, leaped from gi
the wagon, directly in front of the ce
swiftly-moving North-bound car, and re
was caught beneath the wheels and cc
dragged for a distance of probably GO hi
feet before the motorman succeeded T
in bringing the car to a stop. His
right leg was horribly crushed and almost
severed from the body, and in ai
addition there were other injuries of g,
a most serious nature inflicted. Hit;, j-j,
of flesh plastered the running gear. -1,
Doctor Best happened to be passing af
The snot, fit the lime of the accident -g
and took the injured lad immediately ^
to the City hospital, where it -wars fVl
stated that amputation of the leg g,
would he necessary and an operation ^
was immediately begun. The result jj,
of the operation cannot be foretolc I fc
but young Gilligan is said to be in a cj
very critical condition and death may
be the result of the accident.
The car was Fair ground car X<?.
3G. north bound, and in charge of Con- fC
ductor Gdeseler and Motorman Cert -^1
Maziney. The manner in which the or
accident occurred is said to reflect no cc
blanie on the motorman. as it hap- ra
pened too quickly to be avoided, but ca
passengers on the car at the time are
loud in their denunciation of the car
fender. This
fender is of the usual variety
with which the traction cars in this ul
city are equipped, and are proven to ?
be absolutely useless, as the boy was <lc
not picked tip by it. but was knocked
down under the car. It is claimed
that the fender was attached to a
chain as most all of them are, and it Gl
was thus impossible for the fender th
to become lowered by the impact and c
thus pick up the body and save It from
going under the wheels.
t y . ; ty
The language of the Republic of w<
Haiti is French, while the language of tithe
Republic of Santo Domingo, on. the Ti
l.siaii'l of Haiti, it Spanish. *?:
what we expected it would. it'
olo lot of people appreciate this stor
ti; values it elves. If you haven'
visit as the Rugs arc being wrappe
caused you so much worry can b
us there are some short pieces o
ir.ar.ted very low indeed.
is Gtrecuy zn none ui mu.,;way* tuwi
i buy after they are l'ound.
Fourth Floor.
>!e attend our Special Sales in th
ices r.s think they are hungry i'o
a offer. But tve li&ve never yet di?
remise. Besides the sale of
In a m el war e
n oil rhe papers. A good many
; money, besides buying good HouseCARPET
Drift of Population to the Cities.
Mo tendency of modern times ha
msec! so much uneasiness in tin
limls of social philosophers and rc
irniers as the drift pf the populatioi
om the rural districts to the cities
hat this tendency is deplorable i:
rlmitted on all hands, hut there is n<
eneral agreement as to what shouli
e done to discourage it. Recently
owever, public speakers and writer
avb been insisting that the way t(
eep the bright young men and wo
(en on the farms is to ameliorate tin
mditions of country life. The exten
on of telephone lines into the coun
y, and the rural free mail deliver;
re steps in that direction; but tin
eneral improvement of the countr;
lads would be a far more importan
:ep. Bad roads do more than any
ling else to promote ignorance, iso
ition, discouragement and disgtts
nong the country people. Good roads
roinote attendance at school and th<
lurch; they maki; social gatherings
terary societies, dramatic entertain
ents, and club and lodge meetings
issible during the winter and spring
nth bad roads tile larmer js coiupei
d tp hibernate, socially, for three oi
utr months in the year. With gooc
iads, these months become the mosi
easant, and. in some respects, tht
ost profitable in the year.
The improvement of the country
ads is now recognized as one of the
eatest questions before the Ameri
in public, and it is coming to be
cognized as a cpiestion which con
irns not merely the rural population
it the whole people.?Automobile
opics. '
A correspondent gives details o" tin
nazing collection of jewels in tht
titan's treasury. The turbans of ai
le Sultans since Mahomet II, arc
lere. There are also the royal throne
Persia. carried of by the
urks in 1014, and covered with
ore than 20,000 rubies', emeralds ant
te pearls, and also "the throne oi
tleiman 1., from the dome of which
ere hangs over the head ol' the Ca
;>h an emerald six inches long ant
r.r deep. These two thrones are the
tief objects of the collection.
British, autoniobilists are discard is
,e- words "chauffeur" and "garage'
r "motornian" and "molorjionse.
he former are far too Frenchy. Bur
) the other hand, "motorman" in thisruntry
is pre-emjtted hy the street
ilway. The Britons, however, will
!i this Americanism and go on in
eir insularity.
The old English Inns are fast pass
S away. The "King of Prussia" hosIry
at Finchley was recently torn
>wn. It had been running, since 1757,
id the license had been continuously
the hands of one family since that
ne. The old "Plow,?.' at Kingsbury
een, is said to bo S50 yeai-s old, and
e "King James." at Endfleld, !)bd
>ars old. .
Students-of Northwestern Uriversi,
at Evanston, 111., have decided to
car flannel shirts and corduroy
otisers on three dnys of each week,
ley want to prove that th&y are not
[titles." w;: ,.'v: . / " - : 7,:;';
Women's Suits
at 1-3 OFF.
Not iloing it through the newspaper
bur. actually doing it In the store.
This is elegant suit weather, sni
no doubt you know it If you haven"
? one. Come in to-morrow. look tli
? stock over. If there's anything to soil
1 take a third off the marked price
d ; That's your saving.
e j Second Floor.
$1.50 to $4.00
,] $2.50 to $3.50
*" 1
J Straight lace or bluclier style
French and Cuban heels, and mos
stylish toes.
< [
Barkeepers' Outing To-Morrow.
s The J. O. Watson will leave at eigh
s o'clock for Little Falls with the loca
i- bartenders ami Greater Falrmon
i Band. Big free dinner. Come all
. A good time assured.
j The largest stone-arch bridge in th<
world is now in course of erection a
J Flatten, Saxony. This bridge wil
j have a span of 295 feet, exceeding bj
20 feet the famous Luxembourg
bridge opened last year, and by sUI
" more the Morbegno bridge in bom
bardy and the Cabin John bridge nea
y Washington, D. C., which have hoi'
., in turn the record as the longest stom
. arch bridges.
As early as the eighth century :
university had already been oslnb
' lished in Japan that included suet
5 modern divisions as schools of modi
cine, ethics, mathematics and history
Experiments on the Mersey rftil>-va>
in England demonstrated that the to
* tal working expenses per train mile
compared with 41.2d under steam.
L. flERM)
310 Mai
Twelve and one-half cent Persian pi
tremely neat and make such a pretty
the price.
Twelve and one-half cent dottec
eluding black and white. We have tf
Twelve and one-half cent Merce
this materia I in a full line of solic
than 19c and 25c.
Seven cent Batiste and Lawns ir
member this is the same grade whicl
Nineteen cent White Mercerize
! -
i r .? ? Kg.-cnr.fcruv-awacrr".' '
jj SPEC!AL. |
a M&NN?N'S a |l\ i
, I TAL.CU1V3 1 l\i I
mn?3icn> vr TOC&BC rjtrwa. v mJ cv
Any S2.50, $2.25 and !
; | Street Hat
| .jjtf^Adams o
Tan, G ray, Brown, Bine,
25e. 50c 75c. $ 1.C0 and $1.50. ''
WACm ESJiij & O _ . ,jH
25c, 50c, 75c and $1.00.
I low tio yon need" You'll
I- want one of. oacli kind whan you see
them, they arc no "dainty and pretty.
I lu both Su>c!.k nml. Turnovers we're
sure we've just what you want.
Clover conceits, hard Indeed to dcI*
scribe but so pretty to sec. White '??
ami colors of course and priced from I
10c to $2.50. :
It Is worth your attention. You'll till
thank us .for telling you.
I The brilliancy and the clear, steady
; glow of the Electric Light outshines
them all. If you wish to be progressive
and abreast of the times,
illuminate your house,
store or factory wkh Electric Lights.
We are prepared to do the Wiring at
1 a price that will please. Talk with
r us about it.
! SeH'phone, 192. Store Room 113
I F. & M., 305. Jackson St.
1N & 60..
in Street.
atterns In sheer batiste. They are ex- SI
/ dress. The quality is un equaled at ;
i Swiss for dresses in solid colors, in- '
lem .also in dotted and figured neat de
rized Gingham for a few days v/e offer
i colors. This goods Is never sold less
i full variety of new patterns and re)
sell ordinarily at 10c yd. :
;d Madras, a 25c grade in choice designs.
I Special Peari Sr?| ?
^ | I"C BUTTONS . I |
. . _ TUP- P t le?M SV?-Jt-K
I n Ei "IAV1H,
As well as all other level headed men,
realizes^ the importance of insuring
against loss by fire. But werwant to
address our remarks to those who are
not fully aware of tiie advantages of fsgja?
To such -men we will be giad to give
information of interest.We guaran
tee not to bore them by urging tlicm --MaSM
to Insure. We simply wish to show |
the advantages of carrying insurance.
Drop us a card, and cut- represents- ^ ,
iT~N !,? H ? L S^B

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