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I 1.1 i i;.~ ; '~^7~ . I
AVfegefablePrcparalionforAs- i|
similating IheFoodandBeguIa- I
HngtheStoinachsaMBowelsof |
miKl-Xi U JL-m ei'.'it git A .1 u. m >
Promotes Digeslion.Cheerful- |
ness andRest.Contains neither |
Srium.Morphine nor "Mineral. |
faxmp&ut Seed?' , 4
j4lx.Se/iTuz. * I
RockelUSdis- f I
^4aueSeetl <* \ ;{j
jftfpemvnt - _ - )
JBiCarbortatbSdda* I $
H?nrS'*d- 1
Clarz/urd Sumt V *
-- Flavor. / |
Apetfecl Remedy for Constipa- |
Ron. Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea 3
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish- p
ncss and Loss of Sleep. |
Facsimile Signature or g
W&WMsmma&KBSg?Sm^19^aKmmjFMSw5mamt -i
r " i $
exact copy or wrapper.
.V;V" *..-V " '
| 317 Foui
= By our System <
S that is, making deposits and withdra
= saving than banking in person. A 1
= your request. Our capital and re3ot
= Onr advice, embodying the snccessfn
= is at your command,
s Assets ovei
Pursuant to the provisions of 3e
tion 58 of Chapter 9, of the laws ar
ordinances of the City of Fairnion
Marion county. West Virginia, the u:
dersigued Chief of Police of said cit
will on the 2d day of June, 1904, :
the front door of the Court-house <
said Marion county, offer for sale :
public auction to the highest bidd<
therefor the following described pro
" erty now in my possession under an
by virtue of the laws and ordinanc*
One dark red yearling heifer, heav
build, and very wide between tt
horns, and in good condition.
One light brindle heifer. Both <
said cattle were round estray upon tt
streets of the City of Fairmont, c
the 12tli day of May, 1901, ami lia\
been in my possession ever sine
The owner or owners of said catt
upon 'the payment of all costs conne
ted with the detention of said catti
and keeping same, and producir
proper evidence as to their ownershi
can redeem said cattle on or befoi
the day of sale, otherwise said catt
will he sold as aforesaid.
Chief of Police of the
City of Fairmont.
Can be made doubly attractive by t!
addition of a handsome
Perhaps you have though: about ma
lag a change but feared the expen
might be too great. May be high und
some conditions but not if we do the wor
We would be pleased to have you f
spect the line of mantels here and at
onr book of designs. Then we can su
mit. figures which will be quite low.
Jacobs Building. Monroe Street.
f| For Infants and Children.
S The Kind You Have :
I Always Bought
I Bears the / . |
1 Signature / ALlJ
I/*/ Use
IU' For Over
h Thirty Years
Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa. g ]
>f Banking by Mall ; '
w-ala, is just as easy and far mora time = j
ittle booklet telling why, awaits =
irces speak for themselves. = 1
1 business experience of years, = <
r- $21,000,000 | '
iiiiiii<ii?i?iw\ti??ivw\\wmmwvwvvwsP 1
r- A Portrait. <
c- By Paul Hamilton Hayne.
[(j The laughing houis before her feet
t Are strewing vernal roses,
n. And the voices in her soul are sweet
As music's mellowed closes. '
lt All hopes and passions heavenly oorn
3f In her have met together, '
lt And Joy diffuses round her morn
;r A mist of golden weather. '
p" <
icj As o'er her cheek of delica te dyes
The blooms of childhood hover 1
* (
So do the tranced and sinless eyes
y All childhood's heart discover, 1
ie Full of dreamy happiness,
With rainbow fancies laden.
Df Whose arch of promise grows to bless '
1C Her spirit's beauteous Eden.
>n \
-e She is a being born to raise
e_ Those undefi'ed emotions
le That link us with onr sunniest days
c. And most sincere devotions:
c In her we see renewed and brighl
Thai phase of earthly story
n, Which glimmers in the morning light '
-e Of God's exceeding glory,
Why in a life of mortal cares
Appear these heavenly faces?
Why on the verge of darkened years.
x These amaranthine graces?
Tis but to cheer thesonl that faints.
With pure and blest evangels,
To prove if heaven is rich with saints.
That earth may have her angels.
Enough! it is for tne to pray
That on her lifet's sweet river
The calmness cf a virgin day
May rest, and rest forever;
1 know a guardian. Genius stands
llcside those waters lowly
And labors with-immortal hands
To keep them pure and holy.
_?_ i
"Well," she said, sorrowfully, "we I
j lOSt." ?
i "l.'civ?" asked the neighbor. 1
lie i "Why we mortgaged the house to c
j put Mamie in ociety and she didn't t
J marry a man ricltvenough to pay off
I i -1 e* mnrt o-o "
Thus it will be seen ti.-vt speculation.
k- is not confined to the business world,
se ?Chicago Post. I
er i
^ Best Educated. a
Mr. Noowealthy?Yes, sir; f found c
^ the people of Paris to be the best ed- *
dicated in the world.
Mr. Wanteflcnow?How so? / J
Mr. Noowealthy?How so? Why,
' dans it, even the laborers kin) talk
French!?-Houston Chronicle. I i
Fairmont, W. Vs.,
May loth. 1901.
Mr. Charles L. Barnes, Collector of
the City of Fairmont, Fairmont.
W. Va.:
Dear Sir:?The undersigned, who
are all of the members of the Finance
Committee of the City of Fairmont, respectfully
invite your immediate consideration
of the following matters
pertaining to the finances of said city,
1. As you are aware, work has been
resumed upon the new city reservoir
and filter plant, on Log Cabin Hill,
and tinder the contract by tbe city
with the persons who are erecting and
constructing said plant a very large ;
sum of money, probably S25.OOC.CO.
will be required to be paid upon said
contract, in addition to the payments
already made thereon, and if this work
is carried on with the speed which,
every one now hopes and believes it :
will be, this sum will become payable
before any money i9 likely to be received
on the taxes for the year '
1904. iv e are advised that there is
in your hands for collection taxes for
the year 1903. and possibly for other :
years, aggregating something like $10,- 1
100.00; and further that you have un- 1
collected water rents aggregating 1
about $1,500.00, the two accounts
amounting to $11,000.00 or $12,000.00.
SVe have not been advised as to*what
proportion, if any. of these various accounts
should be classed as actually
lelinquent, yet it Is surprising that
tuch a large percentage of the taxes?
approximately about 25 per cent.? '
should be withheld from Die city, and
;he government denied the use of that
noney which by right and by law it is '
entitled to have, and which It must 1
pave in order to enable it to fulfill its !
pbligations. It occurs to us that all
patriotic and law-abiding citizens are
equally interested with the officials of
lie city in having all of the contracts 5
hat are intended to promote the wol- :
are of the community, faithfully and 1
lonestly carried out, and one way to
lo that is for every citizen and taxjayer
to jpromptly contribute his just '
iroportion of the burdens of taxation. 6
rhose of our people who have failed '
o thus pay are making it more diffi- '
:ult for the city authorities to proper- '
y discharge their pftblic duties, and
where this failure to pay is due to an 1
ntent.ion upon the part of the taxpayer
to embarrass the administration,
or to evade his just proportion of
the public debt, the officers are, in .
pur humble opinion, justified in having .
~ecour.se to the remedies provided by
aw for the enforced collection of
taxes and levies. >
2. We therefoi e respectfully call ,
four attention to the power that is .
2onierreci upon you, as city coilector,
n the charter of Lie city, as contained
in section 29, of chapter 11 of the
\cts of the Legislature of 1S99, which
said section, in part, reads as folows:
"It shall be tue duty of the city
collector to collect city taxes, license,
evies. assessments, wharfage, water
rents, and such other city claims as
ire placed in his hands for collection
)v Lie council; in case the same are
lot paid on or before the thirty-first
lay of October, after they are placed
11 his hands for collection, he shall
collect interest at the rate of one-half
101* centum per month-until the same
ire paid, and may distrain and sell
hereof in like manner as the sheriff
nay distrain and sell for said taxes,
md he shall have, in all respects, the
;amt power as the sheriff to enforce
:he payment and collection thereof. '
\nd we do further call your attention
:o the ordinances relating to the water
system of the city, in which it is provided
that upon a failure to pay water
ents within twenty (20> days after
i me becomes due, the city authoriies
are required to disconnect the delinquent
consumer from the water sysem.
In conclusion, we certainly trust
hat sufficient funds will be forthcomng
when needed to discharge the
pressing obligations of the city, and
n order to effect this result, the com
littee feels that it must have the
?arnest co-operation and assistauce of
ill of the city officials, yourself among
xie number.
Respectfully yours,
, Finance Committee.
Notice to Taxpayers. ?
All persons owing city rax must setle
the same before the 1st day of
tune, 1.90%, or I shad proceed to colect
the same according to law. And ?
ill persons owing back water rents nust
settle the same by ihe 1st flay ^
it June, 1004, or wat^r will be turned c
)fT until paid in full,
; C. 1.. BARNES, !
City Collector. ^
Twenty-one husbands who reside in J
layonue, N. J,, have met and organ- c
zed the married men's Anti-Enclire ^
ind Home Preservation Society. They c
ieclare it is high .time their wive3
tnd other men's wives were cured of t
he progressive euchre habit, and p.rotosc
to use all their efforts to estabish
such a cure. s
WVe. give equal attention to every .t
ntferest of tlie city. t
- * ?C* IHMI/ATniUfcT
It lias Ions been known to ethnologists
that anions runiiy primitive
tribes and races the practice of kissing
was unknown. Anions the Lapps
and the Maoris, rubbing of noses occupied
its place. The average native of
Japan, a country which promises to
take so important a place in making
future history, still knows nothing of
the practice of kissins.
The practice of lip to lip salutation
was especially characteristic of English
social life in Tudor times. Its universal
employment'was one of the
things noticed by Erasmus during his
sojourn in England, and is thus commented
on in one of his "Epistolae:"
"Here are girls with angels' faces, so
kind and obliging that you would prefer
them to all your muses. Besides
there is a custom here never to be
sufficiently commended. Whenover
you come you are received with a kiss
by all; when you take your leave you
are dismissed with kisses: you return,
kisses are repeated. Tliey come to
visit you, kisses again: they leave you.
you kiss them all round. Should they
meet you anywhere, kisses in abundance:
in fine, wherever you move,
there is nothing hut kisses."
F. Marion Crawford, the novelist.
ias returned, to Italy to revise his biigrapliy
of Pope Leo XIII.
The Hon. John C. Watson, the newPremier
of Australia, was until recently
a printer. A few years ago he
ieserted the case for journalism and
Rev. Charles Wagner is one of the
nost. remarkable preachers in France.
Re was a humble shepherd in Alsace
some forty years ago. He counts
imoug his friends and admirers niany
listingulshed Americans.
The sculptor. Monti, has designed
or a monument of Leo Xlil. in the
jourtyard of the Lateran at Rome, a
;tattie of a blacksmith standing beside
m anvil. He leans with his left hand
m the anvil, and with the right raises
m high a cross with the inscription,
'In hoc signo vinces." The monument
s to recall Leo's good office in labor
I- V V V -I- -1' 'I' v -I- -I- v -I- v -IJ.
The West Virginian has so- ?Jo
J. cured the services of two excel- ojJ.
lent solicitors, namely, Rev. E. .Jo
Jo E. lloran and W. A. Crowl. Mr. A
J- Moran will look after the east -Jo
Jo side of the river, and for the 0J0
Jo present.will solicit subscriptions oj.
Jo in the First ward and Winfield -JJo
and Union districts. Mr. Crowl, 0J0
Jo in conjunction with our other so- 0J0
J. licitors, will do some soliciting 0J0
J. in the city 011 this side of the -Jo
Jo river, and will also work Lin- A
Jo coin, Mannington, Grant and oj.
Jo Pawpaw districts. In their A
J. rounds the gentlemen named
J- have all met with-flattering sue- -JJ.
cess, and have secured many
subscriptions, and in all instances
they have succeeded in get- otto
ting the most substantial citlI
zens in the communities they -JJ
have visited. Those gentlemen ?Jo
Jo are authorized agents of this olio
paper, and are instructed to olio
take subscriptions and the mon- o|o
|> ey for same. They will make a
|- thorough canvass of the county,
and from the success they are olio
meeting with 'we are led to beJ?
lieve that the Daily West Vir- ?|o
I- gir.ian will be the most exten- o|."
Jo sively read paper that has ever ?|Jo
been printed in this sciction. \Vc
are sending out a great many ?J?
Jo sample copies daily, and if the -Jo i
r= citizens along the rural routes
J- find a West Virginian in their o|?
Jo respective boxes they have not olio
ordered, they can take the paper V
l<> our and react it witn impunity, i
!< as v/e intend to make the poo- ?r? !
-> pie of Marlon county perfectly I
familiar with the good points of j
b the West Virginian so _ they .?? !
b will know what they are sub- ?~?
i- scribing for when our solicitors -tl >
call on them.
b -b b -1- -b b -b b -b -b v 4
Movement In New England.
The States which have made the
greatest progress in road building are
ilassachusetts, Connecticut, Now
fork and New Jersey, and in these
States the interest- In road improvenent.
is greater than anywhere else
n the country. This is what one
vould expect, since the building of one I
rood road naturaly breeds a demand
or more of the same kind. All these.
States are working on what is known
s the State aid plan, the State eoiporating
with counties and townhips
in building the'.roads and bearng
a liirge share of .expense.
? " f ??? ' (
Punishment, by "cold" wateisj.; or 1
hower bath, has just been adopted in i
Austrian prisons and houses ot cor- ]
ocUon. :
WASHINGTON. D. C., May 21.?
President Roosevelt had a talk wltli
Elmer C. Dover, secretary of the National
Republican committee, about the
preliminary arrangements for the Chicago
convention and other matters relating
to the convention and the campaign.
Mr. Dover will go to Chicago
next Tuesday, and on June 1 will open
the headquarters of the committee at
the Auditorium Hotel. Preliminary
arrangements are being made for the
campaign by Secretary Dover. With
one exception the orators who are to
3econd the nomination of President
Roosevelt In the convention have not
been chosen yet but they probably
will be within a week. Four seconding
speeches probably will be delivered.
The exception noted is the orator
from the South, who is to be Harry
OfT."v?Toorilc nf iVIncnn fin flip
well-known author and writer.
C. O. Shavne. of New York, had a
conference with the President regarding
the organisation of business men's
clubs In New York during the campaign.
Mr. Shayne was one of the
promoters of such organizations during
the campaigns of 1S96 and 19(10.
Tire President is tu cordial sympathy
with the movement and will lend
any assistance that may lie in his
power to aid it.
NEW YORK. May 21.?Nicolas Tesla
and Prof. M. I. Pupin, of Columbia
University, are said to be jointly
working on an iaventiop which, if
successful, will go far toward putting
an end forever to warfare.
They are, it is said, planning nothing
short of a wireless percussion for
setting off explosives from a distance.
This Information leaked out at the
banquet of the Slavic Alliance at Delmonico's
last Thursday night, at
which Prof. Pupin and Mr. Tesla
were guests. Neither of them, however,
would confirm or deny the report.
Anthony S. Ambrose, president of
the Slavic Society of America, said he
had hoard indirectly,of the plan of the
two inventors.
"I do know this," said Mr. Ambrose,
"that Mr. Tesla at the time of
the war.with Spain began experimenting
on just such a wireless percussion
affair, but abandoned ft. I believe,
when the war ended. It is not at all
unlikely that he has taken it up again;
and that Prof. Pupin, who invented a
wireless telephone, (is co-operating I
with him."
EXTENT OF $50,000.
CAMERON*. \Y. Va., May 21.?A
$50,000 damage suit is the.latest thing
to startle this town anil add to the
complication ot* troubles which beset
the new pottery company.
It is ascertained that the following
are in brief the facts alleged for the
plainti If:
Mr. Stricklin has been the secretary
and general manager of the pottery
company and it is his ckarge that recently
die defendants signed :l paper
whic-h tvas circulated freely throughout
the community and. the county,
reflecting not only upon his management
of the pottery hut impugning his
integrity and honesty. He brought
the suit and when it comes up lor
trial?if it reaches that point?it promises
to he the biggest thing or the
kind the county lias ever seen.
The statements of the defendants
have not yet been ascertained, but it
is certain they will fight the case to
die end. The trial cannot possibly occur-until
next September.
The title to the suit instituted in
the Marshall county Circuit Court at
:Vioi5ji^:sv"U:e 'i irursuaj. mu. ulu.^
"S. F. StrlckJin vs. V.'. R. .Basrjett,
I. N. Howard; P. R. Reynolds, 13. AV.
Boerner, Frank Boerner, Harry Berkley,
Milton McCuskey, George McCiisIcey,'
Frank MqCulley, George Hultner,
George MeCrackea, Warren AVilson,
Lottie L. Hides, Alex Ilall, W. C. Dawson,
all of Cameron, l'or libel, $50,000;"_
A new theory of the Martain
'canals" is that Mars has . a solid
naist' and- an elastic nucleus of a
ligheriteniperatuiK. The crust.In cooing
"necessarily contracted, .and the
pressure upon the enaas: within caused
assures to be forried on the surface."
j MAX.YIXGTOX, \Y. Va.. May 21.?
The commencement exercises by the
sraduatiim class will take place in the
auditorium Monday and Tuesday, Ma}
?>U UIlU*i) J. 1 IAtJ
will be preached by Rev. HellWeU,
Sunday, May 29.
In 90r.m ci.io11 with commencement
it has boon the custom for the grades
to give an entertainment, "and this
will take place next, week on the - "
evenings of May ?G and 27.
Thursday evening the primary - department
will give their entertainment,
and on Friday the Intermediate
and the grammar departments.
Following is the program of what,
will take place:
Thursday?Primary Department.
No. 1 II?1. Topsy Turvy Song.
2.?Song?Our Baby.
No. 1?Dumb bell drill.
No. 2?Song.
No. :>?Drill. "Come and Flay With
No. 4?Dialogue.
Choihis, all grades. Play, "Mother | '
Goose." by thirty-five pupils.
Friday?Intermediate and Grammar
No. 1? Drill. "Little Boy Blue ami
Recitation?Walter Black.
No. 4?Indian Club Drill.
Chorus? 'Ml grades.
"Banner Days of tile Republic." A
play by twentv-flve pupils.
Rccitulion?Helen Earnhardt.
Panto nin.e--Six girls.
Piny and Drill?Washington Guards
and I.-ailids of Honor.
rnn cm nn/v
run ^iu,uw
FAYETTEVILLE, W. Va., May 21 ?
Dr. C. M. Brown, of ML Hope, baa
been sued for $1,000 for mat-practice
by C. I,. Patterson, the well known
Mt. Hope merchant. The suit was
filed In the Circuit Court last Monday
. by Attorneys Dillon and. Nuckolls.
| it gives promise to be very sensation|
al. The attorneys claim they have a
good strong case and will have little
troubio in getting a verdict for their
client, llr. Brown owns property in
j It Is alleged by Patterson that be
was" taken ill with typhoid fever anil
Brown was called as attending physician.
A catheter was used and on account
of its being too short the nurse
had much difficulty with it and' on
one occasion completely lost it. The
doctor was Informed of the accident
and' made an . effort to recover it.
Patterson recovered from the attack
of fever but other troubles continued
which Dr. Brown's treatment failed to
relieve. As a last desperate resort
Patterson went to a Chicago "specialist
wito performed an operation upon hint ...
with the result that the missing cathd-- - / '
ter was located and removed and his
life saved. Patterson claims that
Brown should have known it was
thftni wn? ojiiiwino" all rhe trouble.
lionco ho wants $10,000 damages.
no.VIU. May 21.?Jc is* reported that
tiie contention between France, and
the Vatican over President l.oubet's
omitting to visit the Pope during his
recent visit to itqnie. niuy. load tor tile
resignation of Cardinal Morrv Del Val.
Papal Secretary of State. The report
lias it that the Pope has iiiti
1. '$8
mated to Cardinal Satolli that, he may }
be required to abandon his ..proposed
visit, to America. The inference is 'z>m
that Satolli is likely to be. asked to
succeed Merry Del Va! as papal
A lake lias been discovered on. Kiliiin
Island, Lapland, which contains
fresh water on the' top and salt wateron
the bottom. The lake rises and
falls with the tide, and is evidently .jfcj
connected with tlie sea by an uxiderA
cheap and novel plan for heating
houses is being put In operation at
C! Ion wood Springs. Col. Water, from J
the famous boiling springs. Is ; being
piped, into town, and so great is'the t' .T
supply that houses can be heated at .fit
. The great Corliss engine* that In J
Dished the power for. the' CenteM&jlS
Exposition at Philadelphia had
horse power. At St. Loui

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