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Summer Rug;
If you're going to use summf
the collection is complete. The h
such rugs as those mentioned 1
We at least hope you will ins]
prettiest of their kind we have <
Fibre Rugs and
Made of imported paper, dy<
T-? +""U ivncfH IT) SfiaB 3
L? LUCJ feVL >3 MltVU, ,
Red and Green.
26x60 inches $ 1.
36x72 inches 2.
4x7 feet 3.
6x9 feet 6.
Hand ]V
These come from Massachuse
Cape Cod craftsmen. These are i
our ancestors, and are made to rr
textiles. We have the following ci
36x36 inches ?2.
_ Pink and Green.
36xG0 inches $4.
;v Tan.
30x48 inches S3.
Blue and Tan.
6x9 feet $4.
J. M. HAR1
fvhittnn Hatsl
Plenty ol
Children's Hats!
* 1 About 20 Children's Coats 1 year
5. Reduced just Vi55.00
Coats, $2.75.
54.00 Coats, $3.00.
$3.00 Coats $2.25.
Now these are just new Spri
goods and the very latest styles.
The Soiesette we sell you for 2
yard is almost as nice as silk, a
washable. All the popular shades.
We have the largest assortment
Lace in the city The newest p
16 SIXTEEN [email protected]
Lots in Rflorrow Piace <
the original Price. Froi
$200.00 to $800.00.
Marion Real Estate Cotnpai
Lieutenant Bilse. who has finish
serving a six months' sentence in 33
lin for "libeling his superior and co
mantfing officers" in his novel call
in English "A Little Garrison,"
busy preparing to fight three dm
"which have been waiting for him. ai
having worked them off his hair
promises to write another novel. t<
ins more secrets of German gar
son and army life. He has receiv
* ahout ?5,0ti0 from the sale of his Hi
That the coral reefs are made up <
tirely of the skeletons of "animals a
algae is proved by borings to a def
' of more than l,0t)0 feet in the Paci
island of Funafuti. .
s and Druggets.
tr rugs at all. better buy them now while
iome during the hot season needs just
?ect these rugs, as they are quite the
iver shown.
id in the pulp, guaranteed fast colors,
nil water.
9x12 feet 10.00
50 Green and Tan.
00 7-0x10-6 5S.OO
50 Pink, Tan and Green.
50 9x12 $10.00
lade Rugs
itts, where they are wove by hand by
-eally the kind of floor coverings used by
leet the growing: demand for hand-woven
?' J
Dlors and sizes at the following prices in
Tan and White.
50 30x72 $4.00
Green and White. '
00 CxO feet $15.00 j
Blue and White.
50 5x7 feet 510.00 J
i Green and Tan.
9x12 feet 5S.50 j
I Small Rugs of "Crex" Carpet from 40c
50 j to $1.25.
Real Estate Transfers.
" J. E. Coon anil wife to the Buclthannon
anti Northern Railroad Company,
right of way through property
in Grant district; consideration. $150.
Mahala E. Prickett to the Buckhannon
and Northern Railroad Company,
right of xvay through property in
Winfield district; consideration, $120.
R. E. Mason and wife to A. W. Mason.
property on Bingamon; consid- j
eration. $350.
Ina M. Satterfleld to Elihu Satterfielil.
property at Uztown; consideration,
Worthy H. Post and wife to William
H. Sands, property on Fairmont avenue.
city; consideration, $5,000.
Stephen G. Jriess and wire to oeurse
M. Price, property in Atha addition to
Barnstown: consideration, $550.
George W. Swisher to Delia B. Phil
lips, property at TJztown; consideration,
Delia B. Phillips arid husband to Elbert
Clark, property at Uztown; consideration.
J. E. Summers et al. to Nancy S.
and J. S. Spring, property in Grant
to district: consideration, $S00.
Why the Chinese Hated Railways.
Archibald R. Colquhoun, whose |
Greater America deals illuminatingly
ng with the advance of America into the I
n -v\.-r?rl<] nmv pr hnrl r-nnsill- '
17c erable experience with, the Chinese in
ml trying- to bring about railway communication
between Southern China and
of Burmah. He thus explains their forat
bidding attitude toward the extension
of railways Throughout their country:
= "Until recent years they were bitteri
ly opposed to all railway making,*' he
said, "and especially to the lines comg-j;
ing near their ancestral graves. This
objection is exceedingly awkward, bem
cause there are graves all over the
country. It is not like England, where
there are graveyards; any slight ris|y
ing ground in China is covered with
__1_ tombs, therefore you would have to
I go winding about. The situation, hower_
ever, is changed to some extent now.
m_ as compensation is made to enable the
e(I owners of tombs to remove them to
-s some other spot."
lcj C. S. Randall, who resides near
js Shinnston, was in the city Saturday
night and yesterday, the gtiest of his
ri- brother, C- F. Randall, of the gent's
j furnishing firm o[ C. F. Randall &
rst Co. The former Is one of Harrison
county's prosperous farmers and
grazers. While here he subscribed
?n_ for the Daily AVest -Virginian, which
nd will visit him for a year, beginning
^ this day and date.
fie W. S: Hamilton returned from Graf-/
ton this afternoon.
JQw^oar Ways of PoniKhln^.thc IlelaI
tires of Criminal#. ; : >- ;>
! Angus Hamilton in Ills book on Korea
says: "The Inhabitants are peculiarly
proficient in the art of doing
nothing gracefully. There are. therefore,
infinite cliarm and variety in the
daily life of Korea. The natives take
jtheir pleasures passively, and their
constitutional incapacity "makes It apjpear
as if there were little to do but
!to indulge in a gentle stroll in the bril'liant
sunshine or to sit cross legged
within the shades of their houses. I11mctioii
becomes thorn. Nothing coukl
be more nnsuited to the character of
their peculiar costume than vigorous
movement. The stolid dignity of their
appearance and their stately demeanor
add vastly to (he pieturesquoness of
the street scenes. The white coated,
white trousered, white socked, slowly
striding population is irresistibly fas'cinating
to the eye."*
? Here are some of ibe punishments
nrr??^r*rib<?d bv Korean law: Treason,
man?Decapitated, together with male
.relatives to the lifth decree. Mother,
wife and dan filter poisoned or reduced
to slavery. Treason, woman?Poisoned.
Murder, man?Decapitated. Wife poisoned.
Murder, woman?Strangled or
poisoned". Arson, man?Strangled or
poisoned. Wife poisoned. Arson, woman?Poisoned.
Theft, man?Strangled,
decapitated or banished. Wife
reduced to slavery; confiscation of all
property. Desecration of graves?Decapitated,
together with male relatives
to the fifth degree. Mother, wife and
daughter poisoned. Counterfeiting?
Strangulation or decapitation. Wife
The Fmuous Case of Lestjrqaes of
I ' the Lyons Mail.
j The most famous of all cases of mis|taken
identity is that of Lcsurques.
charged with the robbery and murder
of the courier of the Lyons mail, which
has been so vividly brought home to us
through the dramatic play based upon
it. Lesnrques was positively identified
as a man who had traveled by the mail
coach, and be was in due course conjvicted.
Yet at the eleventh hour a
.'woman came into court and declared
! fills innocence, swearing that the witnesses
had mistaken him for another,
I Duboscq, whom' he greatly resembled.
She was the confidant of one of the
I gang who had planned and carried out
the robbery. But her testimony, although
corroborated by other confederates,
was rejected, and Lesurques received
sentence of death. Lcsurques
died protesting his innocence to the
last. Pour years elapsed before Duboscq
was captured. In the interval
others of the gang had passed through
* -~ ? - t1m nrimfi
LJJe uuuua \jm. till- uuv V?.? t ??
mover was only now taken. Even
then lie twice escaped from prison.
When finally he was put on bis trial
and the judge ordered a fair wig, 6*xch
las Desurques had worn, to be pto-ced
Ion bis head, the strange likeness was
j jiinwediately apparent. lie denied his
|, guilt, but was convicted and guillo' tined.
Thus two men suffered for one
| offense
.One Cent Claim* Ago!xi?t Uncle Sam.
! There have been several one cent
(claims against the United States gov|eminent.
One was by the Southern
(Pacific,'which submitted a bill of $o.20
Jfor hauling government freight. It
was a bond aided road, only part of its
11bills against the government being
; [paid in cash, the rest going to the ralliroad's
credit on the bonds. In this
lease its credit was $5.28 and its cash a
'cent. Another government obligation
|of a single cent was in favor of a
'chemical company which for some unexplained
reason agreed in a public
'competition to supply 10302 pounds of
iethyl ether for a cent. The offer was
;accepted. There were nine signatures, j
rcne that of a rear admiral, on the pa- j
'per relating to the establishment of
this claim, and the warrant for payjmeut
had to be signed by several por'srrns
A Gonn?ji<liy;ex-.
j Some years ago the lute Marquis of
jQueensberry made a bet of 1,000
j guineas that he would produce a man
who would eat more at a meal than
any Sir John Lade could find. The
bet being accepted, the time was apj
{pointed, but his lordship not being able
jto attend the exhibition he wrote to
, [his agent to know the result and pres!
ently received the following note:
I My Lord?I have not time to state particulars,
but merely to acquaint, your
[grace that your man beat his antagonist
i jby a pig and an apple pie.
Too t'nnniiuon.M,
:, 'Talk about men being lords of ore
Nation! "Why, I can twist that husband
jjof mine around my little finger."
': "Yes. I suppose so. He's rather
| small, isn't lie, ami quite slender';"
' "Small ami slender? He isn't any
! isueli tiling. There's enough of him.
I let me tell you, to make a million such
: husbands as yours."?Chicago Tribune.
! First Cukc of See Serpent.
Aclnm hastily made an inscription iu
his diary.
| "I want it to go 011 record." he ex
plained, "that we had the first case of
| see serpent ever known."
!. Feeling he had the bulge on the rest
of humanity, he strutted about with a
; satisfied air.?Xew York Herald.
! More Definite Informat:on Wanted.
| j "Now, William," said the man of
| business to the office boy. "I am going
' out to get shaved."
-nease, sir, a:uu me uoj.
"3f nny one culls and wants to 1:aoiv
jwheve you are will I say you've gone
to tlie barber's or down to Wall
street?"?Xo niters Statesman.
Mo one is a fool always; every one
sometimes.?McCnII's Magazine.
E. M. Turner. ot Morganltjwn. is in j
MOXOXGAH, \\\ Va.. May 23.?
Black Diamond Lodge. Uniform Rank
No. 4 7. of the K. of P.'s, will hold
their annual ball to-night at the Mouotigah
Over one hundred guests are expected
to be present. Music will be furnished
by orchestra.
r, - ... 1... ..7 snrl
in the First ward, this morning, of
paralysis. She was GS years old, and
Marion was her native county.
She has no children living, and
only one sister. She was a sister of
the late Aaron Morgan. The funeral
will take place to-morrow at two
o'clock, at Farmington.
Explosion Killed Several.
CAMDEN, X. J., May 23.?An explosion
occurred at the Independent
Fire Works Company, Woodlyn, just
across the city line at G:35 this morn;
ing. It is reported that there are five
j or six people killed.
Five Injured are now in the hos,
An IkIuikI of IJlnc'K Cats.
One of the queerest corners of the
i earth is Chatham island, off the coast
I of Ecuador. This island lies GOO miles
! west of Guayaquil, and the equator
| runs directly through it. It abounds
j in cats, every one of which is black.
I These animals live in the crevices of i
the lava foundation near the coast and j
| subsist by catching fish and crabs in- ;
; stead of rats and mice. Other animals j
i found on this island are horses, cattle, j
i dogs, goats and chickens, all of which j
! are perfectly wild.
1 1
j lie Did n't L|ke Her.
i "Took here," said the sour faced j
j lad3* who had answered his "personal,'*
l "your ad. is a fake. It distinctly stat
| ed, 'Object, matrimony.' "
' Well?er-um?you sec," faltered
j the man nervously, "there was some
! mistake. The printer omitted a word, j
j The ad. should have read. 'Object to 1
matrimony.' "?Town Topics.
Very Xear It.
The teacher lold Elsie to name the
large bodies of water. She had been
absent the day before and hadn't
learned the definition of a sound. She
thought she remembered the name,
and she recited, "Oceans, bays, gulf,
straits and?and noises."
Cried All the Time.
Mother?Toinmy, what's the matter
with your little brother? Tommy?
He's crying because I'm eating my
cake and won't give him y.ny. Mother
?Is his own cake finished ? Touurj \ f
Yes'm, and he cried while I was 1
that too.
" . > ??: ?
William 'H. Furbeo, dt Manjiingtbri,
is at the Tavern.
| j.ivvu'vsaiucuw in i/? . ...... ?
ja delightful time is anticipated.
An Accident on the Beit Line.
Yesterday. morning at 0: ."0 a peculiar
accident occurred on the Belt
Line. Yardengine No. 1042, in charge
of Conductor Nuzum and Engineer
Sapp, was working on the high line
near .Johns Bros', factory. While attempting
to make a living switch, the
engine was derailed and car badly
damaged. In some manner the plates
which fasten the heel of the switch
3101*11 r to the stock rail became detached,
causing the engine to strike the
"lip" thus formed, with the above results.
A steam derrick was required to
clean 11 p.
The damage is estimated at about
$125.00 to the engine and $20.00 to the
car and contents.
Sunday Quarrel.
.Monk Shaver and a man named
Janes got into a fight on a* street car
on the upper end of the route yesterday,
and for fear they would not. have
room enough they got off. They
rr.n<v)n+ tv,~ ?nmo time, and we hear
that one of them was hurt about the
face. Several shots are reported to
have been fired. Later we, hear that
there was no fight; that it all ended in
Seriously Hurt.
.Mrs. .J. R. Talkington. of the Fifth,
ward, fell this morning, hurting herself
quite sferiously. She started down
the back steps at her homecarrying (
a bucket. She caught her heel in (
some manner, and fell, striking her (
head on the bucket, cutting a gash on ,
her forehead. Pr. Yost was called
and dressed the wound. She is resting
easier now, but she has not fully ,
recovered yet.
No Cause For Alarm.
"Here's a peculiar advertisement,"
said the physician's wife, as she
glanced over the paper. "It is headed,
'Do your own dyeing.* "
"Say, let me look at that," said the
M. D. anxiously.
"Oh. that's all right," he remarked a
moment later. "It only relates to dyeing
clothing. I was afraid it might be
some new-fangled scheme for putting
us doctors out of business."
I IVlrs. Catharine Adams Dead.
Mrs. Catharine Adams, widow of
the late Peter W. Adams, died at the
Virvmn sister. Mrs. John Gould. I
Died Suddenly of Rupture of the Heart I
on Saturday Night?He Was An
Honored and Upright Citizen.
The many friends and relatives of
Mr. Thomas Marshall Fleming were
shocked Sunday morning to learn that IS
he was dead. He came home from
his music store on Barney street Saturday
evening, as usual, and seemed
to be in good health. He retired, about
eleven o'clock, and when lie awoke
about half past twelve, he told his
wife iliat he believed he was dying.
He complained of an aching in his
breast. Dr. U. N. Yost was summoned
but when he arrived he saw at once"
that Mr. Fleming was sinking and be *
died at 1:15. The cause of his death *uu
was rupture of the heart. set
Thomas Marshall Fleming was born Gr<
September IS. 18-14., at Shiimston. He VC1
was the son of Mr. and Airs. Marshall CoN
T. Fleming, who died a number of
years ago. June 15. 1871. he married j an(
Miss Lucy Dunnington. who stir- Ch,
vives him. They were the parents of l)ai
A vTini'irtn whn j RO,
SIX UUX1UI <ru. xvwwwt v ,
died a few years ago; Anna F., wife St?
of Frank Ritchie; Mary IC. wife of A. ^ei1
C. Lyons; Claude Dunnington. and
two children, Margaret Roberta and the
Helen Marshall, at home. He leaves ref
four sisters who live at: the corner of
Locust avenue and Eighth street, and he
two brothers, Gen. Rufus E., who lives cei
at New London, Pa., and John \\\, the
who lives at. Kaw City. Oklahoma. 1
Mr. Fleming was a member of Co. we
"F," Twelfth West Virginia Infantry, net
Captain A. N. Prichard commanding, am
and participated in several hard S"?'
fought battles. His regiment did good tio
work at New Market, at Piedmont, on;
where it was the first to enter the en- in
emy's works and capture a large num- Co
ber of prisoners, was in the Shonan- bai
doah valley and helped rout Early and
his Rebel host at Cedar Creek, Berry- ant
vflle and many other places, and was the
present when the terrible war was no
over and Lee surrendered at. Appo- Oil
mat.tox. itMr.
Fleming united with the Moth- f?17
odist Protestant church in the winter cof
of 386G, ami had been a zealous work- the
i? rr? ?.?c, enit. jT, 1 ,
01* Since Ulat Lime. nu ?vc*o ??*.. ?
his dealings anil wronged no one. He
was always careful for Ills family njid
lived for their good. He was a strong mr
believer in the principles of the Republican
party, having been one of
its leading members in this county
for a number of years. He will be
greatly missed. His face was a very 1
familiar one in Fairmont, and it tie
hardly seems possible that wo shall lut
never see him on our streets again. th<
The funeral services will be held mi
to-morrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock I
at the People's Temple. Meade Post an
No. C. G. A. R., of which deceased was lef
a member, will have charge of the i
funeral. The remains will lie taken tm
to Woodlawn cemetery for interment.
A great deal of uneasiness Is being
caused by the disappearance of a boy 3ra,
from his home in the Fifth ward. He thi
has been missing since Saturday gu
evening, and nothing can be heard of Q[
him. at
310 Main S
Twelve and one-half cent Persian patter
tremely neat and make such a pretty dre
the price.
Twelve and one-half cent dotted Sw
eluding black and white. We have them .
Twelve and one-half cent Merceri zed
this material in a full line of solid cof
than 19c and 25c.
Seven cent Batiste and Lawns in~full
member this is the same grade which sel
Nineteen cent White MercerizedMa
I ""spI criXL"" 777TT
f MENKEN'S 3S?\ t
| TALCUM giy S !
Any S2.SO, S2.25 and S2.C
Street Hat a
i ????
Ei TMtm:-1<
FRrAi^gS 2 =
I r^TTi j WfflM
i r\ e?-r Cl/^WT
IVI C. IV I VV l_v/v? W.V. . ,,.V1
tOsSTON. .Mass., May 23.?Action
? been commenced in the Massachu- ?
is Superior Court by EUssaboUi-'T..-';-'
enough, widow of the famous in- .
itor. Benjamin P. Greenough, to re- -l.slf
or fifty million dollars from Henry ' PA
tors, of the Standard Oil Company,- ,"
I the executors of the estate of ,
fries Pratt, one of Mr. Rogers'
titers. Though begun against w'-xlS
iters and the Pratt executors, the
mdaril Oil Company is tho real do- '
Irs. Groenough's claim is based on v; jS
invention of her husband of an oil' . 'Z-v't*,
mcr which renders kerosene noniloslve,
and for which thero was to -J&J&
paid a royalty of one-quarter of a
it a gallon on all oil so treated by ,
standard Oil Company.
II 1N71. when Rogers and Pratt ' . i.s|
re young and poor in the oil tousiis,
Croenough invented this process, '. K{?&
I sold iL to them under a contract
rrantceing liim the royalty men- a ^
nod. Withing a few years GreenSli
had received more than $500,000
royalties front tho Standard Oil
mpany to which Rogei-s and Pratt ?g|
d transferred the invention.
riien Greenough was lost at sea,
1 Ids widow, having no knowledge of 3?:
contract with her husband, made
claim for royalties. The Standard Company,
also apparently forgot .'"ilfSH
a rime ncro Mrs. Greenough
ml among her husband's papers a 'SB
>y of Mm contract, and the suit Is ^'^8
- and Mrs. J. O. Watson Spent the ' V'2ff
Winter on a Ranch?Mr. Wat;
son is Much Improved' ,
In Health.
Vlr. J. o. Watson, Jr., wife and Iltilaushter
returned Saturday even- "-Vvfi
t from Colorado. They havo spent g ra||l
^ winter on a ranch about 100 , '4
los south of Denver. " ' Q
Mr. Watson is Improved in health
ri looks much better than when he
Mr. and Mrs. Watson expect to rc-n
to Colorado in November.
Funeral of Mrs. Reeves.
The funeral of Mrs. Sarah Keeves, . ...v^
10 died at the home of her grand- - . ijgl
i Saturday morning, took place at
3 Reeves cemetery near Canton,
nday afternoon. A large number *2
friends and relatives were present
the last sad rites.
N & 60., ,
treet. ' ,,
ns in sheer batiste. They are ex- f?
ss. The quality is unequaled at |' irjgg
iss for dresses in solid colors, inalso
in dotted and figured neat deI
Gingham for a few days we offer .
ors. This goods is never sold less
I variety of "new patterns and reI
ordinarily at 10c yd.
dras, a 25c grade in choice designs.
i fftf sPec'al Pear! Sr.!
jj'vV BUTTONS V*"|
Iwell as all other level headed men,
b'zcs the importance of insuring MSll
inst loss by fire. But we want to
ress our remarks to those who are
fully aware of the advantages of
o such men we will be glad to give
>rmation of interest. We guararv \ M
not to bore them by urging them :'JB
Insure. We simply wish to show i|||
advantages of carrying insuranceip
us a card, and our represents- fS&gj

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