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A\fcgetable Prcparationfor As "
' simflating the FoodandBeguIaling
theStoinachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digestion.Cheerfulness
and Rest.Contains neither
Opium.Morpliine nor Mineral.
Not TXahc otic .
* 7&>ape cTOlsiDr&JsUZLPirCJlLR ,
Pmrphn <ScceZ-~ K '
sflx.Se/tnti' ;
RotAefle Sells ? P
liaise Scetl - ?
JFtepertnirit - /
Bt CtwbtXinlvSctZa > i
r JfStr/t-Secd.- \
CfcTtlted Sugar :
llzhkryresn Ffxt-or. /
AperfccI Remedv for ConslipaFion,
Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverishjness
and Loss OF Susep.
Facsimile Signature of
Ll -~-J.
0r\ CKecking^tg^^
g 317 Fo
g By our* System
that is, making deposits and vrithd
H saving than banking in person. 1
f=3 your request. Our capital and re;
Our advice, embodying the snccesi
* is at your command.
. Assets ov
HiHiwni n 11 in t' 111
Pursuant to the provisions of Se
tion PS. of Chapter 9. of the laws an
ordinances of the City of Fairmon
Marion county. West Virginia, the u:
dersigned Chief of Police of said cit;
will on the 2d day of June, 1904, i
the front door of the Court-house t
said Marion county, offer for sale ;
public atiction to the highest biddc
therefor the following described pro;
erty now in my possession under an
by virtue of the laws and ordinanct
One clarK rea yearims iienci,
build, and very wide between tl
horns, and in good condition.
One light brindle heifer. Both <
said cattle were found estray upon tl
streets of the City of Fairmont, o
the 12tli day of May, 1004. and ha\
been in my possession ever sine
The owner or owners of said catt
upon the payment of all costs'conne
ted with the detention of said cattl
and keeping same, and prodticin
proper evidence as to their owuershi;
can redeem said cattle on or befoi
the day of sale, otherwise said catt
will l>e sold as aforesaid.
Chief of Police of the
City of Fairmont.
Can be made doubly attractive by 1
addition of a handsome
Perhaps you have thought about ma
ing a change but feared the expcn
might be too great. May be high und
some conditions but not if we do the woi
We would be pleased to have you i
spect the line of mantels here and al
our book of designs. Then we can su
mit figures which will be quite low.
Jacobs Building. Monroe Mreet.
Hi For Infants ana miliar en.
? The Kind Ycu Havi
| Always Bough!
I Bears the J %
8 J \f E*'
? Signature jfJ\ JJ
i(^For 0v8!
| ^Thirty Year?
f i m&B&usn
urth Avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.
of Banking by Mall
Irawals. is just as easy and far more time
\ little booklet telling why, awaits
3nurces speak for themselves,
jful business experience of years,
er- $21,000,000
T- Burglars.
George is four years oia ana ins j
arrived at the dignity of his fi
knickerbockers?with suspenders, j
t like pap wears. They were the pr
Q' of his heart, and at night he wo
take them off his trousers and clt
' ^ them tight in his arms when he w<
j to bed. His mother found them thi
r the other night, and as they seemed
>r be making the little chait uncomfor
' ble, she took them away and laid tin
on a chair by his bed.
>s The next morning he had a long
terview with his mother.
"Didn't you tell me, mamma,"
said, "that angels watched everythi
I did?"
"Yes, George."
"Are they watching me when
u sleep?"
"Yes, my son, they watch over y
always, whatever you are doing."
I "Do they come right in my room
e "Yes, dear, the good angels are
,1 erywliere, always."
p "Then," said George meditatively,
bet they've been ntonkeyin' with i
je "spenders."
After We Leave.
x Before Sim Sikes left Ferkintoxvn
He used to run the "old burg" dox
But after he had moved away
He praised his native place, they s
He liked the climate that it had
Although he once thought it bad
He bragged about the people there
Splendid men and women fair.
; Though once ne a uwimscu ~
i ailed them slow, cold and small.
| We think the world's a poor old pli
! And call it hard names to its face.
Dm. like Silces, we may some day
, : hock hacic from far and far away.
! And think more kindly of the sphi
| Wc rail at so when we are here.
Chicago Record-Heralt
k- j
se Point of View.
cr , "This is an age of trusts," s
'k. | Wederly, as he glanced over
11" paper.
SO "Yes," rejoined Mrs. W., "but sc
b- wives know their husbands too t
to trust tliem."
' We give equal attention to ev
interest of the city.
I Fairmont, V. Va.,
I I May IOth. 1901.
g Mr. Charles L. Barnes. Collector o;
S the City o? Fairmont. Fairmont
\V. Va.:
Dear Sir.?The undersigned. rvh(
n are all el the members of the Flnanc?
3 Committee of the City of Fairmont, re
specil'uiiy invite your immediate cor.
. sideraticn of the following matter;
pertaining;. to ihe finances of said city
VIZ. *
1. As you are avaro. work has L?. ei
| resumed upon the new city reservoh
and filter plan!, or- I a Cabin ilill
and under the contract by the cit:<
svith the persons who are erecting am
construct hi-; snul plan", a very hrgf
sum of money, pre'. ably "C".
' will he required to : . paid upon sah
contract, in addition to the payment?
already made ihereon, ami if this wori
. is car ried on with the speed whicl
every one now hopes and believes i
r>. win be. lids r-:i \vi:i become payable
:5 before any money is Irfcoiy to be re
ceived on the trim. - for the yea:
_ 1 ;*04. w: k- ed ;h:o the-. - i-s
?- in your hands lor c.olit ciion taxes to:
. the.year If-bo. and posrdbl;.*" for oTliet
years, assrogra* his something like 510.
Y OUO.Oo: and further th.. you have un
i collected water ren'.- avyrtrarinc
about kl..~0d.o0f t.lm two account*
^ amounting" to Si 1.0C'>.( ; or ? li.Mu u.Cd,
We have riot been advised as to what
proportion, if any. of -'..or- various ac
. counts should bo classed as actually
I delinquent. yet ii is surprising thai
| , such a huge percentage of the taxes?
| approximately about ho per coat.?
R ; should bo withheld from the ci:v, and
the government denied the use of that
? money w hich by right and by law i; is
entitled to have, and which it musi
"*? "5-1" r fulfill Ire
nave in oruei t?? uuuyn: n. n...u4 * ?
obligations. !i occurs to us ilia: ail
patriotic and Jaw-abiding citizens arc
nf equally interested with the officials oi
^ the city in having ail oi* the contracts:
that are Intended to promote the welfare
of the community, faithfully and
i honestly carried out, ami one way to
do that is for every citizen and taxf
1 payer to promptly contribute his just
: proportion of the burdens of taxation.
jt j Those of our people who have failed
; to thus pay are making it more diffii
cult for the city authorities to properiv
discharge their public duties, and
! where this failure to pay is due to an
intention upon the part oi the tax|
payer to embarrass the administraj
tion, or to evade his just proportion of
the public debt, the officers are, in
' our humble opinion, justified in having
j recourse to the remedies provided by
law for the enforced collection of
I taxes and levies.
2. We therefoie respectfully call
== I your attention to the power that is
j conferred upon you, as city collector,
ust i iti tlie charter of ue city, as containrst
j od in section 21), of chapter 11 of the
ust Acts of the Legislature of 1S99. which
ide said section, in part, reads as foluld
lows: "It sliall be me duty of the city
isp collector to collect city taxes, license,
jnt levies, assessments, wharfage, water
ere rents, and such other city claims a?
to placed in his hands for collection
ta- by tj*e council; in case the same are
em not paid on or before the thirty-first
day of October, after they are placed
In- in his hands for collection, he shall
collect interest at the rate of one-half
be pc-r centum per month, until the same
ng are paid, and may distrain and sell
thereof in like manner as the sheriff
:nay distrain and sell for said taxes.
X and he shall have, in all respects, tor
samt power as the sheriif to enforce
ou the payment and collection thereof. '
And we do further call your attention
at to the ordinances relating to the watersystem
of the city, in which it is nro...-.i?i
o failure tn nav water
0V- * HICU mat nj/wu *.? nk.iv.. ~ ,?.
rents within twenty (20) days after
I s; me becomes due, the city author1my
ties are required to disconnect the delinquent
consumer from the water sys
j In conclusion, we certainly trust
| that sufficient funds will be forthcoming
when needed to discharge the
vn. pressing obligations of the city, and
x in order to effect this result, the com
nittee feels that it must have the
av earnest co-operation and assistance of
all of the city officials, yourself among
rue number.
Respectfully yours,
Finance Committee.
Notice to Taxpayers.
! All persons owing city tax must set
, \ *le the same before the 1st day of
C | June. 1004. or r snail proceed to colj
leot the same according to law. Ami
I al! persons owing back water rents
| must settle the same by the 1st day
j of June, 1904. or water will be turned
; off until paid in full.
're- C. B. BARXKS,
j City Collector.
Henceforth no mail can peddle
dritiiting water from house to house in
;ai<1 Springfield, Hass., unless he has been
'1's specially licensed so to do by the
Board of Health of the city. The
,me source of supply and the methods of
ve" handling the water will be considered
before licenses are granted.
ery It Is the every day business thai
j counts. Read the West Virginian.
' 'young rockefeller's visit.
-': r*:r:'
: Being Some Grains of Truth About It.
Together WTt*h a few Guesses
That w.ll Held Out.
?}"; ** ' __
(Pittsburg Times.)
John D. Rockefeller. Jd.r was, in
; Pittsburg a few days ago. During
> I that time be made peace between the
i ! Pennsylvania Railroad and the \Va
: bash, moved the Union station to the
- : old Cathedral site. absorbed the Cm
> j ciblo Steel Cotapany (presumably for.
. SO ee:iu > ..itvl took over Jones &
Ln ugh I in to the V. S. Steel Corporai
tlon?in the aoWspnpciv .
r ; i: is understood. that Mr. Roc-kefel.
lor . ^tv i v'.s. htntsrht r.l! the afternoon
newspaper??"Press, * ';Ghronic!e Tei1
e^ray " arM^'L :tder." Thoy cost hixu
- j ? rents*. _
It i?. >u:t: Mr. IJ;; eke foil or went
i | ow.-r ' . Grant uoiiievard. When told
5 thin, it hud r.eeii presented to a
: ; street runway yn.diea*c :h.v. had no
I j charters, it a- 're-ported that he wept
l ; coWoiisly. an:i remarked that. after
5 ; all. the Rcckei'GIer farefJy hit.I a few
- j t hir. : to iesrr..
"j .?:'r. Rockefeller ;.- deei:i:v;i to be a
s j strict *y temperate genf. lie drinks
* j net hi nhut Standard oil.
" { A ii .iraber ??i Pittshr.r.a; yon tie men
- ' vrJio las' year thought they could beat
- I the Wall st reet game, and woke up to
r j iisi.i tiiar. the Standard crowd had rak;
or. the:;* money by wire, were not in.
j'wiu-d to meet Mr. Rockefeller.
j The only thing: thai, has gone up
* j birce r. Rockefeller arrived is the
river? and coai has gone do\ViiT
it n as a grc at s urprige to some
" lo.'r.s when they discovered that. Mr.
' tvociode i'vi* had neither horns nor
i hoofs.
1; is not known whether the presence
here- of Mr. Rockefeller has had
anythine to do with the recent slump
; in Air Drake arid PI reproofing'.
; 1\')V was the advance of I'nitcd
' Stales Steel, preferred, ascribed to
the absence from New York of Mr.
; Rockefeller,
j ii is not believed that Mr. Rocke- i
i feller's presence at the Duquesne j
Ch:b was due to an overwhelming I
' desire to buy it. )
.Mr. Rockefeller has not yet opened j
I negotiations with the "ocmuine i
looking toward the purchase of the
Mr. Rockefeller had nothing to say
about the Hall syndicate franchise or
what effect the granting of them will
have 0:1 next year's statement of the
Philadelphia company.
Mr. Rockefeller admitted confidentially
that lie had merely come to
Pittsburg to ascertain whether it was |
trite that we had the most unique Mayweather
on record.
In spile of the fact that Judge J. H.
Reed lunched with Mr. Rockefeller it
is denied that the latter contemplates I
appropriating the Philadelphia com- j
? ?? . ? 1
* v V
i 4- -t J.
-? The West Virginian has se- .J. j
J. cured the services of two excel- ?J. |
J. lent solicitors, namely, Rev. E. .J.
J. E. Moran and \V. A. Crowl. Mr. !
? Moran will look after the east ??
* r,r ik. river, and for the .J.
j- present will solicit subscriptions j
J- in the First ward and Winfield
J- and Union districts. Mr. Crowl, -J* ;
j- in conjunction with our other solicitors,
will do some soliciting
J* in the city on this side of the
J* river, and will tilso work bin j*
coin, Mannington, Grant and
Pawpaw districts. In their *5*
?- rounds the gentlemen named
: have all met with flattering sue1
cess, and have secured many A j
' subscriptions, and in all instan- 2-= j
! ces they have succeeded in get- j
? ting the Tijost substantial citi- i
2- zens in the communities they -J* j
; have visited. These gentlemen j
I -}? are authorized agents of this -l- i
; paver, and are instructed to
V o ;
| take subscriptions and the mon- j
-i. ov f<*i* same. Thoy will make a j
I * Y ,
*? thorough canvass of the county, ?}- i
! A and from the success they arc '
- *
| ? meeting with we are led to he- *{lievo
that the Daily West Vir|
ginian will he the most exten|
v% sively read paper that has ever ?->
j ?- been printed in this section. We ?*j
are sending out a great many ?-=
1 sample copies daily, and if the
| citizens along the rural routes
?? find a West Virginian in their ??
j respective boxes they have not -J.
1 ?* ordered, they can lake the paper
j ? out and read it with impunity.
! as we intend to make the peo- ?<.
>? of Marion county perfectly J?
?? familiar .with the good points of
the West Virginian so they
~~~ will know what they are sub- %
scribing for when our solicitors
-i- call on them. v
| -I" -i*
v i t v v v i v v v r v v v
On the Isthmus of Teh uan tepee is a
flower called the "botanical clock,"
which changes its color three times a
day. In the morning it is white, at
noon retl and at night blue. It is
claimed that time can be taken with
some accuracy from .the tint of the
flower. |
. ?
PHILADELPHIA, Pa. Slay 2:1.?Dr.
Russell H. Comveil. of Grace Baptist
Teu-.plo. v.-ill realize next Sunday his
pinof bringing: an entire re?siuu?
.service to the sick in the hospital by
mean.: of the telephone. A largo magaphone
attached to a Telephone wire
will be placed back of the pulpit in
such a. position thai i: will catch the
clergy ma n's voice.
The wire will ho connected with the
San Marino Hospital and from there
70 to 1"0 telephones v.*iil trailsanit the
sermon and sun?. - to the patients.
The Model V/'ffe.
Perhaps few run are more observant
Of women th&n your humble se rvant.
And none, perhaps. boast more
Utile:. - . oerci.r.ac* , he's hoc ;.
I've* ? ra.vekn! souu : I've lived hi;, homo:
In tailing notes I write them down.
And inertly in <*- lonely pocket
My friends may find :: ?ooci-.v i/.ed
I find my labor compensated
By knowledge that's accumulated:
And always, in my boo!: of notes.
I Interspersed :;omanecdotes
But what I wished ; ? say that's funny
Is close allied to matrimony;
A first-rule* wife is lust iho v. rinkle
That an; time yould suit your uncle.
As time goes on and ape advances.
Of courtsi? we sometimes meet v/itli
But then our notions deeply rooted,
Mas ren icred us not easily suited.
Some are proud and dress too flashy.
Some too slim and some too fleshy.
Some so short you cannot love 'em
And some so long they're way above
So mi; laugh too loud, some arc lazy,
Some too cute and some crazy,
Some scold too much to suit the
And some would like to wear the
Some too nice or too exquisite
Some think they're pretty, when they
miss it;
And some indeed, you often find 'em
In sweeping leave the dirt behind 'em.
Now, some must have their silks on.
Too delicate to do the milking;
And sometimes as the notion took *em.
Would scream for fear the cow would
hook 'em.
| Such girls as these don't fill my
I 0 wishes?
They might refuse to wash the dishe/*s,
{ To scour the spoons or make the beds,
I Or ever comb the children's heads.
You'd best not marry such a madam;
They'd hardly suit you if you lir.d 'em.
And sometimes when you try to g?et
Tliey run just like a snake had bit "em.
I meant to tell at first but couldn't.
What would suit and what wouldn't:
And since describing; Kate. Mol, Sal.
I'll proceed to write the balance.
My wife, of course, must be a woman.
As neat and smart and good as common
Know how 1.0 roast a leg of mutton.
To mend a rent or glitch a buttoA.
A poet wouldn't, suit my whims,
For one's enough to write the rhymes.
Nor would 1 "nave one cross or spunky.
Nor beanpole tall, nor tadpole chunky
She must have a graceful action.
Some modesty and wit a fraction;
Bur not the i tubborn class,
TV hose conduct favors Balaam's?
Now, such a model I could fancy,
Whether her name be Kate or Xuncy;
i never saw just such a critter,
B it what I thought?I'd like to grit her.
Surveys, which have just been completed
for a ship canal across Russia
to connect the Baltic and Black seas.
i-I-ov.- that the distance will be l.iCfc
miles ardthe cos: $19e.(ie0,0Ct>.
Peter Tieil. the sexton of Christ
iCpiscopal Church at Woodbury, N. J.,
lias for 10 years tollod the bell that
called the people cf the countryside
to worship. Though 74 he still attends
to his autlos with exemplary regularity.
The..Clay Messenger has a warm
heart for Congressman Gaines, claiming
that "West 'Virginia has never
sent a representative to Congress who
has risen as fast as llr. Gaines." He
is a graduate of Prlnleton and one of
the most polished oraLrs In the Stale.
GK.iJTO.N-. W. Ya.. Xr.y 23.?THfe
st Ss>cu??oi baii.ling. moved
from its olfi foundation. to the tteunearby,
by Jlr#. Powell and Sudtiarth, ,;y
in-..', which will hv renovated ami remodeled
and used for a hospital.1>UU<3- yirlpiflll
ir.i . is now aituergoing: the ropairr, "
rcuovatias and remodeling .
j" uii: shortly create it ready for y rTi'by
| irctr.-.tncy ami offer io the city .of.
a : a\!i:oT.-i.: not el:
rrr.t. .... v?i nrttt
joyc-ii. t uc ??.v ..
ai v.-orit on the ,-uildinp-. aiid it-.is The
expressed hope of the promoters of - % \j
the eniorpriso that tho hospital cloorB;.
?!.*.; ' thrown tho pupil.' hy
tho middle of the coming July- All",
manner of improvements ate bo,nit ".-ja
made: and it. can xu.w bo foreseon-.that '
the chansin.it and remodeling of the |?|
aid building will. when completed, previde
ndei;uate and coTiifct Cable c.unrI
lers. Pr. r.. . i.<;cn i;ii'.e:'ai!fm- .; .hsSEg
!.! in his efforts to- bring about the ?-*3^gSfrjag
ere at ? n arte cstabiirhnumt of _x lios- '"-fV
piwil 'be city of Grafton;and durins-bia^yi^g
tin: i> -t. ievv months ho has aasociativiih
him in tiro'/, enterprise Dr Iffis!
Sit.-hbinii. who has been. a -practicing ~ z<(~
I'i;'-' :e;at! in Pirtt.iii for a year or
ttu-ri . lulu . i. - given Ilr. Powell
it,valuable aid iu trie carrying; forward"
- !' 11i - project. Dr. A. It. AYardexr, we 0.;;
understand, will also associate hini&o'f >
with tlie cm - iprise. Too much en- '
emtr&gciuent <-nnnoi be given Dr?.
i'nwol! and Suihlnrth in the establish- '~j'~
mom of (his hospital The need of
stieli an institution has long been felt- _ "
in Grafton, unci, while various attempts V"'-T
have been made to provide such enu-ir-rihf.
ii ii-w.aias for Dr. Powell and
i'r. Sttddart h to finally favor the city. .
Tin well wishes of all ure certainly ??j|
v.-lil; tin- new ealerprlso. and it;is the
hope of enterprising citizens. wlio
have an eye to the welfare of the
city, thai these genial physicians aim
surgeons may lie favored with success
commensurate with the effort they , ,
have put forth to provide an up-to-date
hospital for Grafton?and which
would, it is needless to say, he success .
with a big S.
The Student's Dream. When
Prof. Folwell. who occupies : !
the chair of political science at. the
University of Minnesota, was president
of Unit, institution some years ago he ...
was the victim of a certain student
who had a wonderful genius for mak- j"/.,
ing a nuisance of himself. - &?|||
He was an extremely tall young man ; ,? ; |
and he usually rose early in each lecture
to ask some foolish question or .
to offer an irrelevant suggestion, and m
was gotten back Into his seat with the
utmost difficulty.
One day at the close of a lecture
during which he had kept on his feet
two-thirds of the time he approached
Prof. Folwell and said: "
"Oh. bv the way; I had a strange
dream last night. Interested in
"Not especially," answered' Prof.
Folwell, gathering up his papers.
"But this was so peculiar," persisted
the youth. "Dreamed I was Ba
"Indeed ?"
"Fact. And then?you know how it
is with dreams?everything seemed to
sort of change around, and the nejet'
thins i knew I actually dreamed"1 was ~
the ass?really did."
"Young man." said Prof. Folwell,
.starling for the door, "you are mis-'
taken about that part being a dream.
It was a case of temporary reihearnaUOK"
"* '
Two-Storied* Street Cars.
An interesting, though rather ab- ~'
struct, discussion has been started on
the ipu-i-tion v. hy electric street lines
| should not run double-decked cars. '
This is in I-hiKland with success.
I The rapacity of the cars is increased.' "
the Heats on the upper deck in summer-. ,
;ire dosirabie for the outlook ancl fresh
air. and both the corporations and pub-,
lie would beam to be benefited by.such
an innovation. - vv.
It is an interesting fact that in the J
primary horse car days the doubledecker
was by no means unknown, and.
iit pleasant weather the roof seats
were favorites. Why they went out of
use is not plain tinless it -was the . -V
heavy load they made l'or the horsesIn
cable days some cars of this type '(C'S
were introduced, but for some rcasoa_
they did not last ions'.
At present the principal question r;
cooceriimtj them is whether they would
pass beneath elevated railway. ~
tracks and lew bridges. Besides that
the hours when the cars serve the '
same purpose as a bush, to which a
swarm of bees clings might develop
new possib?.ties in the line of risk
to life and limb. If those objections . J
can be dissipated the double-decked /
car would be especially enjoyable in /'%
summer use.
__ :
Iced drinks aud water ices were . %&?
known to the Parisian epicures fully
a century and a half before they were
introduced in England. These daimjM
ties, it is thought, probably came fro?3jH
the Far East by means of some traiggd
eler who had tasted sherbet. .jjH V-,

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