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May 27. V pocti||p/.,
."'liar state of affairs exists in this city
between what is known as the
|||fe V old mining and manufacturing com?tf:S?.'S
pany and the present directors or conipt
V. 'trollers ol the fair, grounds. It seems
.. as though there has been some misfl'"
understanding between the two parties
for seme time and now it. has
K^',. coxae to the point where action is
taken. The Mining ami Mannl'acp;;.'
turing company several years ago ptirchased
several acres of ground in the
East End, where the fair ground now
is located. Later another company
Purchased the property, or rather obtained
control of it and built the fair
B8jj?l. ground. There is a narrow strip oi
- land that, there has been some little
|i;; dispute over for some time and as the
.original owners and the present com
trollers could not cotno to agreeable
terms, the former has had a high
fence erected, enclosing the property
W that the> claim, which takes in both
f&- . of the main entrances. This will no
>- doubt cause some little trouble, as all
s preparations v.ere being made for the
?!- fair, and many people had already j
. moved horses there to be put in train
fc ing There is only one entrance left.
if- . and that is via the comity road. The
fe---v matter is attracting considerable attention
and the outcome will he
watched closely. The old company
|f.' claims that they have foot of reIi?'.
;r serve along the west side of the
jiS"': . . grounds, and it extends for 2.;o<i f -et
along fho fence.
I I Have Been Handed to Policemen by I
J. J. Wharton, Ancr.t Decoration
Day Celebration.
MOKGANTOWX. W. Vs., May 27.-- j
Attention of the people of Morgan-!
town is hereby called to Sections 10
and 17 of Chapter IP, of the laws and
ordinances of the City of Morgantown.
which sections are as follows:
Sec. 1G?It shall he unlawful for
any person to sell firecrackers, torpedoes,
squibs, or anything of like kind
within the town, without a permit
from council.
Sec. 17?It shall be unlawful for
any person to fire, shoot or set oft
M : firecrackers, torpedoes, squibs or any
thing of like kind within the limits
t of the town.
{0- Notice is hereby given to all persons
of this city that no permits to sell fire
S: ' crackers or anything of like nature
':r 1 * . witt ho wanted hv the citv. and that
fcf these two ordinances will be strictly
enforced at all times and especially
on Decoration Day. The police force
Ip: of this city has positive orders to see
that these provisions are enforced,
, and should any violator be brought be
fore me lie will be dealt with to the
Sfe full extent of the law.?J. J. Wharton,
?%>: ' Mayor.
IlpG? -
^5, PARKERSBURG, W. Va.f May 27.?
The rivermen who work around the
local wliarf are on the lookout for
y the bodies of \V. "W. Thompson ami
fe Charles Moore, two men who were
Ip drowned at Kerr's Island in the Ohio
pi river a few days ago. A reward has
been offered by the relatives of the
i'v unfortunate men who live at Marietta,
It/ and it is for this rason that the local
people are on the lookout.
There was a swift current in the
?;J' river on the day that the men were
|i//. drowned, and it is thought that the
bodies were washed down the river.
s'[: :
5. Over beyond Terra Alta there is a
;S' little one-horse railroad with one
dinkey engine and a flat car to haul
fg~:. lumber, cross-ties, tan-bark, etc., that
fejr runs up into the red brush of the coun*fit,
try somewhere, and we noticed it the
J,'. other day from "4G" on the B. & O..
?|i&7 . pulling out for the hills and stopping
at a gate along the line where the
Ifctu track runs through a farm and we ungL.''
i p derstand there are several gates, bars
and sllpgaps that the train crew have
Hk . to open and close after each trip.?
' Parkersburg Sentinel.
SMv Extraordinary qualities are possessBtea
iiy the River Tinto, in Spain. It
MBardens and petrifies the sand in its
HL^and if a stone fails In tfie stream
Weights upon another in a few
HjAtlhey unite and" become one
cannot live in'its waters.
Dangerously III at His Home In Martinsburg?He
Is a Very
Prominent West Virginaq,
YV'HEIUkJNG, May 27.?Attorney j
Cyrus P. Flick received a telegram i
Thursday morning announcing the j
dangerous illness of his brother, Gen- j
orni TV f-T vr Plif.l;. nr !\Tz>rtlnsburcr. !
W. Va. He suffered a stroke of paral- :
ysis a few years ago, and has never ;
entirely recovered. The first telegram J
received by liis brother here indicated ;
that the illness might have a fatal
termination, but. a later message 1
brought the more assuring informa- |
tion that he had revived some. Gen.
Flick is known to many people in
Wheeling, having visited here many ;
times. He was the author of the Flick j
Amendment to tlie constitution of
West Virginia, giying rebels who had \
been disfranchised, the right to vote. '
He was United States district attorney j
under President Grant.
Premature Blast on Cabin Creek Severely
Injures Several Persons.
CHARbcSTON. May ;H. ?Persons
*1., ~ r..,,-.-.
Ill i Hi; Ullj' .v uuui-nuci.v uuif,
St. Albans briny the report that, by 1
a premanire explosion oil dynamite
along the railroad in Cabin Creek dis- |
trict on Tuesday evening, James Kincaid,
Avho resides in Sr. Albans, and
who had a contract of grading on that
road, was very badly injured and sev- ;
era! others hurt. The daughter of Mr. :
[Cineaid was telegraphed lor and she .
passed through the city this morning '
on her way to her father's bedside.
The dynamite sticks had been do- ;
posit "| tor a blast, but in some way j
became prematurely ignited, causing !
the damage.
^rT A ITUr*
MONTGOMERY, W. Va.. May 2G.?
Charles Montague an.1 C. H. Montague
were arrested yesterday by Officer
Keeney at Boomer on the charge of
retailing liquors without a license, and
were brought here for trial before
Justice J. B. Chnmpe. where they
waived examination and gave bond for
their appearance before the criminal
court and also not to A'iolate the provisions
of chapter 32 relating to the
license matters. The fight, so theattorney
for the company said, was
really against the West Virginia Brewing
Company, which is attempting to
do a sort of saloon business in every
county in the State with only their
brewer's license. The Montagues say
they propose to continue selling and
the parties who swore out the warrants
say they propose to continue to
arrest them, so a situation may be
reached in Boomer that to say the
least is strenuous.
The Mail wants it distinctly understood
that we never claimed the
Charleston base ball team could not
be defeated. Some of the players are
too bowl egged to warrant that belief.
?Charleston Mail.
_ 1
MONTGOMERY, \V. Va.. May 20.?
That sectional feeling, though dying
is not dead, as was 'demonstrated here
yesterday when a crippled Union soldier
approached a Montgomery citizen
who had served on the other side
in the late unpleasantness and hasn't
gotten over it yet. 1 he Union man
was horribly crippled, fie had been
wounded in the face, both legs were
shot off, and or*.e of his arms. In the
good hand he extended a small basket
for assistance. A number of Montgomery
people dropped small coins into
the basket and finally the old Con
federate came by ami alter listening
to his statement dropped rive dollars
into th.e basket. "Did you belong to
my old regiment? Were we comrades
in arms?" "Not by a whole lot," said
the Confederate. "Then why are you
so liberal to a poor Union soldier?"
"Because you are the first Yank that
I ever saw trimmed up just exactly
to my taste, and when I see one I'm
willing to pay for it."
I have a good fealoon for sale that is
doing a nice business at a good bargain.
H. H. Lajoham. x
- '.'.I
Z'he Way the Piece of Paper Worried
riiomasi; A, ?di(so?.
Thomas A. Edison cnec told a friend
the story of his first p.cquaintahee with
any big sum of ruonr?vv It was vrfieii j
he was struggling w:.th his earlier inventions.
and he ha*: about as clear !
an idea of the value of a bank check
as the man in the moan, tie had final
ly sold his patent on the gold and stock
tTtrh'patnr* tn thc> Western Union Tele
graph company and bad called at its
office to close the deal. After a few |
preliminaries he was given a check for
.$40,000. lie eyed it curiously and up- j
reared to be puzzled what to do with
it. Observing his perplexity. General
L'efferts. then president of the Western
Union, told him that if he would go to
the Hank of America, in Wall street,
he could get the cash on his check.
"So I started," said Edison, "after
carefully folding up the check, and
wont toward Wail street. So uncertain
was I in regard to that way of
doing business that I thought while
on the way that if any man should
come tip to me and offer me two crisp
.$1,000 bills for that piece of paper I
would give him the check very quickly."
On Ills arrival at the Bank of America
he half tremblingly shoved his
check out to the cashier. The latter
scrutinized it closely, gave him a
piercing c;ln.ncc and said something
which Edison, being hard of hearing,
failed to understand. That was
enough. He was fully convinced that
his check was not worth $-10,000 and
again thought as he rushed out of the
bank that any man who would give
him $2.0CO for it could have it. He
hurried back to the otlice of the Western
Union and sni'tl he could not get
any money. A clerk was sent to the
bank with Liiin to identity mm.
This man." said the cierk. "Is Mr.
Thomas A. Eclison. to whose order the
check is drawn."
"Why. certainly. Mr. Edison." said
the cashier. "How would you like your
money?in what shape?"
"Oh, any way to suit the bank; it
doesn't make any difference to me. so
Ionic jus I jtet my money."
Edison was icivcn $40,000 in la rye
bills. After dividing the roll into two
wads of $20,000 each he staffed one
into each trousers pocket and made all
speed out of Wall street. The next
day he beirnn work on his fi/st Hew
York la boratory.?Success.
There is no miracle in true doctrine.
Human life is like the dew of the
morn in it.
The fallen blossom never returns to
the brunch.
There is no shore to the bitter sen of
Birth and Death.
Neve?* let go the reins of the wild
colt of the heart.
One confession effaces the sins of
even throe years.
Only by reason of Laving died dpes
one enter into life.
With one hair of a woman you can
tether even a are.".t elephant.
Even the touching of sleeves in passing
is caused by some relation in a former
life.?Lufcadio IT cam's "In Ghostly
V/ashinjftott's F'iztlier.
My father. Augustine, has been tiescribed
as a good planter and a man of
energy. I apprehend that he was of a
serious tendency, for Lawrence, my
orother. once gave me to understand
that most of the few books at Wakefield
were religious, but whether this
was so or not 1 d > not know. Like
some of the rest of -is. uiy father had a
high ant! quick temper, which, as he
used to say. he ha-l to keep muzzled.
I remember being terrified at seeing
liim -!t? ? nf )!i"ov 1 .*?/ ;? r :<* ? r 1 *?
clergyman who was to bavi? banti.ud
my sister Mi Id rod was too much in
liquor to perforin the ceremony. ? I-'r- :::
S. Weir Mitchell's "The Von:!: ^of
Washington" in Century.
[Tetty Cnstoijis of
Japanese ladies are like the French
in their love of social intercourse a :;d
conversation. They pay fewer visits,
but stay infinitely longer. always two
or tlir^e hours and sometimes a whole
day. They are received by the maid,
who places a large silk cushion for
them to rest upon, and much time is
spent in detailed inquiries concerning
each other's family. There is no special
calling day in Japan. They visit
when their fancy takes them, and thev
never go empty handed to n friend's
house. The gifts are usually fruit or
flowers or perhaps a fresh fish, and
whatever they take is always daintily
wrapped in a little box of paper or
Xeslocted Ilor For Papa.
Beautiful Ernestine was sobbing as
though her heart would break.
"What is it, dear?" asked her girl
"\V-wliy." she sobbed. "I t-told Jack.
see papa."
"\Vliat of that?"
"Why. they started playing cards,
and now he goes up to see papa every
Have the Desire.
Make up your mind to be educated,
and you are already half educated. A
strong desire to be or to do any particular
thing, accompanied by effort, multiplies
your power and throws wide
the door of opportunity that lends to
the accomplishment of your purpose.?
Hlnks?I always like to dine with n
man who knows how to order n dinner.
Binks?Yes; it's almost as good
as dining with a man who knows how
to pay tor one.
Read the West Virginian. It has
the latest news.
i.-IE. UKlUilMML ^tLCDnrtltW
: Author of "The Christ Power of Yes!
terciay and the New Psychology of i
i To-Day," "Soul Forces ar.d Mental :
Fov/ers," Etc.
" j
| lie is famous throughout Europe and :
i America for his many marvelous reve- J
j lation.s and inspired lectures', which |
| have astonished the foremost scientists
! ami deepest thinkers of the age. He '
j remains in your city to see the fulfill- j
i ment of his predictions, and offers a !
I cssh guarantee for each and every as- !
' sertion he makes. Fifteen years of un- i
I paralleled success in his gifted profes- j
j sion.
V/here will you be th;c time next'
; year?-What changes wi!.! take place in
! your life in chat time ? What happiness
and sorrow will you experience?:
| What will the year bring forth ?
If your past has been sorrowful make ;
sure that your future will be liappy. j
Succe-s, truth, harmony, love, wealth !
| and healtli can be gained by one con- j
saltation. Life holds for every man j
and v. oman health, wealth and success j
in all undertaking's if you know how, I
v.-lien and where to obtain it, which I
wili be told you. Wonderful powers j
to control people at a distance, in for- !
oign lands or near by: with powers of j
mind to travel in spirit, to read the j
minds of others, or change their dispo- ;
sirion. By this power a strong and
lasting love for yourfeelf can be ere- '
a ted in the heart of the one of your
choice, or the influence of another per- ;
son over the one you love can be read- j
llv broken off. It is that power by !
which cue person can control the
minds of others, cause persons to love |
and respect them, make friends and re- \
tain their friendship. It is the secret j
of success in ali undertakings. Valua- j
bie information, advice and instruc- j
tion given on all matters of importance,
such as business, investments,
wills, property, estates in foreign countries,
law suits, marriage, domestic
troubles, divorce, promotion or advancement
in occupation or business,
collection of money, payment of debts, j
etc. Absent friends, lost or stolen articles
located and returned. Buried
treasures, valuable minerals, oils, gas,
etc., located by maps and charts received
in psychic trance state. Marriage
with the one of your choice
brought about speedily by strong silent
forces. Drunkenness, morphine
and other bad habits cured without
medicine or the person's knowledge of
same. Everything private, secret and
confidential. You do not come in contact
with other callers.
I If you come to him honest and fair
minded, he will, before you speak a :
single word,
where you were born, what you called
for, who is true or false, when and
whom you will marry, how to gain
your heart's desire, overcome your rival
or enemies, liow to influence and
control others either in their presence
or at a distance, or in a similar manner,
give other evidences of his wonderful
powers, taking- no fee in advance,
and accepting none unless satisfaction
is given. Is this not honest?
Could anything be fairer?
CORINGA is the only exponent of
Thebitian Lama knowledge in America.
Please do not associate him in
your mind with others of a similar
profession for he has no equal in America.
which is sufficiently demonstrated
by the fact that he has a standing offer
of $1,000, which he will give to any
medium or clairvoyant in this country,
who can give the reading he does.
Is patronized by kings, princes and the
aristocracy of all nations that he vis
i its. His parlors are visited by lailies
! and gentlemen of the highest walks in
life, anxious for reliable information
as to the outcome of future or past
"The experiments of Victor Coringa
have attracted the attention of those
interested in psychical phenomena and
the most advanced scientific men of
the capital."?Washington,D. C. Times,
May 11, 1902.
Full reading with complete advice
and instructions for one-fifth regular
price first seven days only. Come now
and take advantage of low rates.
Hours 10 A. M. to S P. M.
Parlors, HotelKenytin.
<1 The WARM wea!
f Wearing >
^ T-f ir/if i wri 11 r*f
'ig? Jlj. y v w 4 ax ?. v x
S store we shall t
J> in showing y<
-which -will mat
1 rtable these
^ Serge, Crash and L
^ weight Straw Hal
$> ford Shoes, etc., et
| M/W/EL /\ I
I Randal!
? 317 Kia
Dailu west
If you are a subs
not/we want you.
is new, and has its short
about tliat. You were
But we are working har
second to none in this re
to establish an up-to-rta1
not know about that, yo
for it. W e Jxnew it oeio:
felt tliat some interest;
needed sneli a paper a;
"We "believe Fairrno
hold of her greatest ei
promotel Irer best inter
We|need all the^enterpid
courage the men who ar
this community will he c
try to^give ,
arid occasionally tell you
m r r nxr
ICN tCNId- buys^'t
forty^cents is che pride p
dollars pays for it a wlio
"Come thou., with as
^ First Floor New Jac
Street and Portert Alley..
ther suggests - g ^ffl |
I ^ | JJ{"
qLf3F>&r&K ? 11
ne into our ? i j
ake pleasure {g? FI
ou the kind <$> . :
ce you com- ? | |
? 11!
>/w s. S
in en Suits, Light ? IB:s,
Canvas Ox? ^
LOOKlti | h'-'
& Co., ? j I'
in St. %
|t?f" ^
iters gjgflp f m
bk jlj
eriber, that's nice; if
>r vi?t<jrJUNi.au\ ,y?j
;comings. You kiitm '/?
new once yourself 1 j
d to make our pape:?- ; i I
;e paper. If you de ||]8
u can take our wore! ) VB
re we started, but we- il
3 in tliis community , jB
s we propose to rasa. ||?jH
nt to "be at tlie tkres- IpiB
ra of prosperity. To ||( B
ests and upliold her- ||'jjgj
be our daily conceraa. HvB
ses, we have. To ea- 1
e helping- to build ap M\fl
air delight. "We will || B
NEWS, l;fl
. zi'hat we think about things.. M; H
;he Daily one weefe* jgjfl
er month; wbile four ffi] 99
sand we will do the? 119
;obsBuilding, Monroe IxJBb

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