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AC Til
ur i n
An Era In Furniture.
"Old mission furniture," whose fault
less simplicity drew admiring eyes
wherever it was first seen a few years
ago, has swept the World's Fair. If
there ' is . any State building or office
\ or reception room on trie grounds
_ which isn't Cf'el out with "mission"
furniture will it please speak up. Its
| sway appeal? to be as absolute .is
that of tho bowbacked and bow-legged
horsehair chairs and -sofa rfr" forty
ars -aso. While it has swiftly befe*
* come commonplace an I boon divested
.f fa. Ttovet(-v. hrits-universal nop- I
IIP it has not lost the unpreten- j
!?coTO|6r't; that first made it 'alive.
. The old. mission chairs and
s*. .book shelves and settees were
trncfed by-Catholic padres oZ Calia:.st>lei.t>for
use. They were oa
IhueitO; suit the 'fca&ea and pur?
ot holy men. who grevr in avoirjuris
they, grew in^'graee. There
eaiiitifet makers' gimcraclcB
tithese chairs and tables. In inigijirt
they attained the truest art.
Stiitab|eness Of an object to its
'.A Franciscan friar, yearned for
(fc octbroideretl roses on his chair-ttr.
a divan, with a hand-painted
j Trom Konioo. and Juliet upon i:
necessity vras iliat it he hit;
;h;.:.the ii$xt vya.s that it be stout
?li,- and the third that it be sub!al.
caioufih "to last. So it was
; For some 20d years or more it
[ffl'the first Christian teachers on
'aisifie coast, and then some one
an artist eye spied it, repro.iuci'd
ad" now 'you have it until you
rest- without it. Mission furniis.expensive,
but it need not be.
carpenter can build it of pine and
It black. It requires no fancy,
priced woods. It wili soon he its
1/ common as ileal cheairs and tables,
but it will never cease to be both
cheering to the ere ami the wearied
frame. If. it totally puts to rout the
. .traditional round backed chair into
which 110 human back ever fitted and
upon which you bans your shoulder
. blades if you are lean enough, so much
V the better.
Ice Water Cases in the Desert.
* The watering facilities of the Fair
areVpfrthehecpest importance to the
.- visitor?--one might say the ico-water,f??
facilities, since the Arrn.rican public
will drink ice water or nothing.
tThb'nftrnber of inverted water bottles
mounted on ice tanks,- which gurgle
| forth:a good-shed drink at the'solic.1"
intrbri of a. penny are- gradually increasing
in number, ami .von can gengpirhliyy
locate them by the throng
around them. After .several clays id
the Fair, a visitor can remember, per"
haps:, where .ili'dy are, for they arc
mbpf unobtrusive in their secluded
' ?ut-of-t.bo-v/ay places, and there is
.'no -banner' or bulletin or barker ( >
make their presence known. For the
last "there may be thankfulness, for of
barker.'; and barking there is alr.eady
. too much. A multiplicity of mouths
' salute tbe glass drinking cups and
. seera co leave a token there, an iiiiptcssioniatic
picture of an under 1S;>.
- or with roo much fingering by eagre r
.-children thuinhsketches may decorate
the -glassware. Sosao of the young
Wofnen. attendants try to preserve n
!;; high sanity standard among the cups.
r. .vrtsedbost they may.
When one may a thirst approac-lo :
bDkntlsaid: '"There seems to lie every
I'thiij.g all rlgbt with this water, except
' I hate to drink.out of a cup that a lo:
; of other people have drank out of." i:
- ..young lady; in charge exclaimed:
' 'The idea, when I've just finished I
a';;' washing every one of those cups."
v.' ; . "Oh, have yoirV ' said the man. his
i'th.vsvs brightening. "Well. I'm glad to
hear it.. You know, your imagination
makes 'it unpleasant for you when you'
"have to drink out of a public drinking
. "Yes, it isn't very nice."
' "There's one thing to these cups.
said the visitor, encouraged to c
verse. "They can't me carried off for
!' souvenirs," referring to the bulb on
i'lof; the bottom, which prevents them fr 1 i
r' remaining upright except in their prop/
er receptacles.
'Don't you fool yourself, said tiie
BSSiiv./ young woman. "That one there was
- carried oil." pointing to a vacant
|gg- place whence the cup had disappear
Msgfc ftI. "I don't know what they want
fer.V ' 'em for. The only way they can stand
fc-, ' up is upside down. But people v.'iii
BkCtake anything for a souvenir. They
Bfefer . don't call it stealing."
IjfeSb-. And Sousa Played "Sedelia."
Hfe*.-. Sonsa's 'band played "Bedelia" ye?
-terday. Yes, anil played it right cut
-so that it echoed from Festival
SrJiHall to the Administration Building,
\ - .if there tvero any lingering taboo
m ragtime it must have been shattered
into small bits. Before the Fair
B^y.we, heard that class of music and no
hdvn.gtithe; but how our ideals fade, 03BHapiallywhen
it is necessary to get
tits worth of people into those
"h "hairs; .and people won't give
to hear the Traumerel. They
mrrtly give 10 cents to hear
play on a horn, if he were to do a cornet
solo. At least. I wouldn't, for
don't liite cornet solos, although that
always seems to be the next number
on the program just after rny arrival
at the hand concert. "Bedelia" was
welcomed by the loudest hancl-ciap- |
pins of (lie -afternoon, and if it had j
been "Good Oi<l Summer Time" or ;
"Under the Bamboo Tree," tome of the j
'audience; might have Keeled over back I
#aitd in. their joy., Sousa knows how j
to tickle the public fancy. He realizes
that the people like lilting measures,
and turn up their noses at psychological
muric. There is music that
"preaches" at people, ar; well ar. writ- j
ir.js and ((likings; and if is an imiul- i
Sent public that will submit, to boins |
Tolstol-cd and "VYagrnor-od when it, js I
amusing itself. The chief objection to j
"Bedelia" is that it is such poor ragtime.
1 f ragti me is the Vt'or.vt in music j
let us have the best of the worst'.
Loyal to 1-1 is 5 nstructione.
A tall, slim youpgman from Kvaiisvfl'Jd'I
carrying a kodak, approached
a rrnard atone of the German sections
and asked if be could take a photograph
of one of the objects in the ex
'Libit. An expression -of deep 'concern'
camo into the? bland, broad, smooth
face c-f thv Gorman attendant, who
wanted to ?>e obliging, hue was not j
sure that .the rules permtit.ee! proto- J
graph s.
"VaJt," he.said. and, bringing out
from the interior or his garments a
thick, typewritten volume of rules,
he began turning the pages rapidly.
"But !. only want to take a small
kodak picture of the clock tbere. Certainly
there can be no objection to
that," said the man with the kodak.
Va.it," was the only response. Faster
and faster thumbed-' the attendant
through his book of rules, and, iinding
No. 133 or 149, or whatever it was,
ho poured over it sonic minutes. Then
he said:
"Vat for you yuso das picture?"
"I only want it for a keepsake;. <v
"Oh-h." The attendant, pronounced
it with a wavering sound and an elevation
of the eyebrows. Then ho j
tlmmber his hook violently and examined.
another rule.
"Not you to yuse picture in publicase;oan?"
"No, I won't give it to any paper or ]
magazine. I only meant it for my pri- 1
vate collection." i
*'Private co.Iiec-se-oan ? Oh-h-!i." ;
Again therising inflection and eye- i
brow. "YaH." A pea in a laborious in- 5
yestigation of the rules.
"T not know who'her'it iss permissi- t
ble/' he said, with some hesitation.
'"Well, I'll just fire away; no harm
done," -said the slim young-, man from
Evans ville raising his kodak.
"Xein, nein," exclaimed the attendant.
"It js not permissible. Vait: I
vili Find out."
While he was gone to find out the (
slim young man took rhe picture and j
won c away.
Presently the German attendant ,
came back smiling; but on seeing that r
his visitor was gone a cloud again ^
settled on his brow. ^
"Vare dot ho tinker ?" he exclaimed, f
"He took (lie picture and is gone," r
saul some one. ,
"Veil, ir was all richt." k
Seven Lies of Men.
Behold the seven lies of man \
And tell his :ig's by that:
As soon as lie can lisp he says:
"It. must have been the cat."
Next, when the baseball team begins
To make its thrilling score,
His well-loved grant, in a mm a falls dead
A dozen times or more.
; Third, like a furnace does he sigh;
Of course we know the gist;
He tells the maiden fair she 5s
' Th e 11 rs t he ever kissed.
Fourth age he comes home in the mora
And gladness fills his cup?
| The good Samaritan has been
With sick friends sitting up.
| Fifth, to the woodshed lie repairs
His heir to interview.
And says: "My son?kerswat! kerswish!
This hurts me more than you!'
He next has leisure on ins nanm
And fills a jug with bait; i
He hoolcs a minnow, then lie swears ;
Ten pounds to be its weight. i
Last age, when lean and slippered
He finds his greatest joy.
In telling what perfection ruled
Tiie days he was a boy.
?New York Sun,
The Daily West Virginian contains
more good reading matter than any
other paper in Marion county.
All of the local newjs worth reading
can be found in the West Virginian.
/" 'ii;.
li?SiS& . Sikiig
TO the Republican I oters of Marion
Conventions of the Republican par
ty of the several magisterial districts
of Marlon county are hereby called
to meet on Saturday, the -Ith day of
Tune, 1904, at 2 o'clock P. M., for tbe
purpose of electing delegates to the
following named conventions:
To the State nominating convention
to be hold in Wheeling on the 12rh
clay of July-, 1904.
To the Judicial convention to be
held in Morgan tow n on the S'.h dav
of June, 1904, at 3 0 o'clock A. M.
To the Senatorial convention to be
hereafter called.
Also (o transact such other business
as may properly come before said
district conventions.
The said -several district conventions
will be held at the respective
places hereinafter named; ami will
elect tlio number of delegates herein
after designated, and no more, ILar.
is to. say:
.Fairriion t duitrict conventlon -will
meet at the Court-house In the City
of Fairmont, arid is entitled to elect
the fojlov/ing numher of delegates:
To the State convention, G.
To the Judicial convention, 9.
To the Senatorial convention, 0.
Grant district convention will meet
In Morion gab (, in eeUng place, to .-die
provided by district coraniiUeeiiian
State convention, S".
Judicial convention, 5.
Senatorial convention, 5. .
inn co in district convention will
meet, at Fs-rmin&ton school house:
State convention, 3.
Judicial convention, o.
Senatorial convention, Z>.s
Manning! on district will meet at
Town of Manhington at school house.
State convention, 3.
Judicial convention, 11.
Senatorial convention, 11.
Pawpaw district will meet at Neptune
school Louse.
State convention, *J.
Judicial convention, 3.
Senatorial convention, 3.
Union district will meet in the
First ward of the City of Fairmont,
it the school house.
State convention, 4.
Judicial convention, G.
Senatorial convention, 6WlnfleJd
district convention viy
meet in M t. Harmons' school house.
State convention, 3.
Judicial convention, 5.
Senatorial convention, r>.
It is requested that in making selection
oi delegates, that only those
?e selected who are likely to attend
the convention to which they are
undo delegates. The call tor '.he j
State convention states that no proa- i
es -will he admitted as delegates..
By order ot the Executive Commit.- ;
HARRY SHAW, Chairman, j
A. L. LEHMAN, Secretary. j
Dared April 20, 1001.
Faiss Witness Against St. Louis. !
Every day queries, come to the j
^-lobe-Democrat from different parts of !
he country ashling" about the reports
;f trie alleged, extortion by the hotels
it St. Eauis. We liave answered
nany of these by letter. In all cases j
ye have said that the stories were j
vithout fourelation. Advances Have
>een made in some cases by Hie I10els,
as compared with the rates of a
nonth or two ago. In all cases the
:d varices have been slight. The t.csImoiiy
of any- of the many thousands
jf visitors to the city since the World's
"air opened will bear us out in what
vc say here.
Charges of extravagant prices by
he hotels have been made against cv)vy
city which, lias had an exposition,
riiey were made against Philadelphia,
Chicago. Nashville, Atlanta, NewOrleans,
Buffalo, Charleston and other
places which have had any sort of a
'air which attracted visitors from the
putside. Possibly in some cases the
iccusations were true. In general,
lowever, the real extravagance was
n the stories themeslves,. A year ago
he St. bonis World's Fair authorities
pbtained from the proprietors of the
lotels and lodging houses of St. bonis
i schedule of prices which they ' intended
to charge, during the Exposi:ion
iperiod. and these have ben kept
on hand for reference. In all cases
he figures were reasonable. Ir any
idvances have ben made upon those
rates, the World's Fair officers would
be glad to be informed specifically
ibout it. Hotel rates continue to be
?AO.. in^rr,ai' p>^r.11 u/-, tVio ~\r*rl rnr>$>
ry?auuau?c ?aigjcij ui/v ...C1
capacity of none of the hotels lias
been reached. There will he room for
all the visitors who come, and for
many thousands in addition. The Fair
was a long time in preparation. One
of the things in connection with it
which had to be looked after was
housing capacity for the expected
guests. This was amply provided for,
as any visitor to St. Louis in the past
three or four weeks can testify. There
has been no extortion in the St. Lopis
hotels thus fax-. There will he none
during the Fair period. Room enough
is here for the entertainment of all
who may come, and consequently the
rates for lodging or board at any of
the hotels in St. Louis- are fabrica
Of Reduced Fares Authorized via
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad,
Summer Season, 1904.
Atlantic City and Seashore.
Special low rate excursions from all
points east of the Ohio river on June
30th, July 3-1 th and 2Sth, August litb
and 25th, and September Sth.
Atlantic City, N. J..
American Academy of Jledicine
(June 4-G) and American 3Iedical Association
(June 7-3 0). Very low rates.
Tickets on sale June 2d and Gtlpdiiclusive.
good reluming: Jizne 4 th to 13th.
Atlantic iC'cy. N. J.
Imperial Council, Ancient Order of
.My.-die SJirine, July J2-15. Very low
rates.y Tickets' on sale July 11th and
12th, good returning until July 23d,
Boston, ivj-ass.
. Uanonal Euoauaimerit, G. A. R.. August
15-20. One fare for the round
trio. Tickets on sale August .13th
to .15th, good returning'- until August.
20th. inclusive.
Cincinnati, O.
Grand Lougu, 3. P. O. Elks.. July
j 8-23. One fare plus $1.00 for the
round trip. Ti eke Is oa sale July 15th,
10th, 37th. .good returning ttiiiU July
23d, inclusive.
Detroit, IV?ich.
Baptist Young People's Union of
America, International Convention.
-r.-l... --1A CO C'Jl fAV + ho'.
OUJ.y V7iiv: JLCJ.1U 1'I.UO ?;}>-r. w*.
round trip. Tickets on sale July 5th.
to 7th, good returning: until July 12th.
Indianapolis, Jr.cJ.
National Prohibition Convention.
June 28-30. One far for the round
trip. Tickets on sale June 20th to
27th. good returning: until July 10th,
Louisville, Ky. j
Knights of Pythias, Biennial Encampment,
August 10-19. One fare
plus $1.00 for the round trip. Tickets
on sale August 12th, 13th, 14th and
15th, good returning until August
SIst. inclusive.
San Francisco, Gal.
Triennial Conclave, Knights TempT
r. eeiiterpber 5-i"). One fare for the
round trip to Chicago or Sr. Louis
added, to fares tendered therefrom
(Chicago $50.00; St. Louis $47.50).
Dates of sale to be announced later.
s?.n f-rancisco, ctai.
Sovereign Grand Lodge, I- O. 0. F., j
September 19-25. One fare for the
round trip to Chicago, or St. Louis ad- j
led to fares tendered therefrom (Chicago
S50.00: St. Louis $17.50.). Dates
of sale to he announced later.
Toronto, Opt.
Friends* General Conference, August
10-1'J. One fare pi?/ $2.00 for tlie
round trip. Tickets on sale August
9th to 1:1th, good returning until August
31st, inclusive.
For additional information concerning
rates, routes, time cf trains, etc..
call on or address ticket agents, Baltimore
& Ohio R. R,
Pursuant to the provisions of (lection
58 ot Chapter 9, of the laws and
ordinances of tire City of Fairmont,
Marion county. West Virginia, the undersigned
Chief of Police of said city,
will on the 2d day of Jane, 1904, at
the front door of the Court-house of
salt' Marion county, offer for ..sate at j
public auction to the highest bidder j
therefor the following described prop- j
erty now in my possession under and j
by virtue of the laws and ordinances j
One dark red yearling heifer, heavy
build, and very wide between the j
horns, and in good condition.
One light brindle heifer. Both of
said cattlo were found estray upon the
streets of the City of Fairmont, on
the t2th day of .May, l&O-l, and have
been in my possession ever since.
The owner or owners of said cattle
upon the payment of all costs connected
with the detention of said cattle,
and Keeping same, and producing j
proper evidence as to their ownership, j
can redeem, said cattle on or before j
the day of sale, otherwise said cattle
will ho sold as aforesaid.
Chief of-"Police of the
City of Fairmont, x j
I have some good bargains on Fairmont
avenue. Call and see me. H.
H. Lanham. x
All of the latest telegraphic and
local news will be found in the West
Dancing at East Fairmont pavilion
Tuesday evening. Music by Shaw, x
C'M 1 4T
ou/nc ohvi
If yosj d?5 SEE
f |LU| p flfiPf?
1,5V t iJ* MIIIVSI
THE M il |
IftURbV. ' !
\-i aiain Mreci. |
Sterling Sliver!
a Very Complete
Line of
Suitable for
Wedding and Anniversary
hotel "beilevue"
Between both Depots, and best
location in City.
Everything about the house first-class.
Rates $1.50 and $2.00.
Baths and Bar Attacher to Hotel.
120S to 1214 Water Street,
I will sell all street hats and flowers
I now have on hands regardless of
cost this week. Come and get hats
and flowers almost at your own price.
Mrs. Laura Fra'/.er,
42S Jackson St. x
" notice
If you see a nice 1 .okins
couple UUUUo ILIUUUU vtuu ?
good stylish liorse, elegant harness,
nobby run-a-bout, carriage or trap,
with nice clean robes, and everything
to match, you- can wager ten to one it
was hirc-d from the Jackson Livery
Barn, as we put out'only that hind.
FRED S; JACKSON, Manager. Open
day and night. x
Fairmont, W. Va?
May 26, 1004.
To All hot Owners of Maple Grove
You are hereby notified to clean up
your lots at once, fill up all graves
and remove all dirt.
The trustees are having the grounds
improved, and lot owners are requested
to clean up and beautify their lots.
By order of the Lodge.
Palatine Lodge No. 84, I. O. O. F.
ar opens a Savings account.
. you the safe. We keep the^|!9H
y. .;h-'
accounts draw four per cent,
me being compounded semi
I get a safe. It will hefp you
TDe BanK 01 Fairmont
FAIRMONT, W. VA. ' "i 7
J. !: WATSOX^PrcsIiient. J.
S. IJAYDEN; Vice pVesidetrt. :
Caoiia!, S150.0fi0.00.
Lr.ai-.iJeU Profits. S!?O.OOO.GO . vHRtiCTORS:
A. l:;o~.ins. U.S. llaytten. ? , : PV
J. F. Watson. ''
M. I . Hutchinson. ' F. fi. Nichols.
C. S. Mci-jnney. C. E. A'aniey.
Transacts n general lianking-- business.
Accounts of corporations.'firms and
individuals received -upon the most
favorable terms consistent-with sound
and conservative banking. - jjc WyfjWASg
Interest paid en time deposits- -aV fy"Wvffoj
Separate vault with safety deposit,]
boxes for use of customers. \iThe
F!r?t National:Sank
of* T???T"-iYtiiVr*<' W.'vVflti.
V> i. -i- vai 14 JUtif* r> u. 5 ? r - > - .. ';. ..yv'r)i-nts>n;i'?.
Capital Stock, - $iCfO,000.00
Surplus and Undivided
Profits, - 165,000.00
Designated Depositary of the United
Slates and State of YVest Virginia.
J. M. HARTLEY", President.
" Hon. A. B. FLEMING,
Vice President.
JOS. E. SANDS, Cashier.
T. M. Hartley, Hon. A. B.Fleming,
Benj. D. Fleming. Win. E. Watson,
Jos. K. Sands.
Chartered as State Bail- -(185I.
Organized as National Baui in 1865.
Lecbartered as National Bank in
Wants business based on balances
and responsibility.
Collects on all points.
Sells domestic and foreign exchange. . e
Pays interest on special deposits. Customers'
private boxes taken care
of in our fire and burglar proof -vault - :
free of charge.
Citizens' Do'lsr Savings Bank,
Opened for business Groundhog Day?
jfeoruarv zu. jlvuo. ;
CAPITAL STOCK" - $100,000.00.
officers : . - ./A
President. Vice President.
J. n. LJNX, Cashier
A. L. Lehman. J. A. Clark,
T. P. Hart. J. F. Cook,
L. C. Powell, C. W. Swisher,
V. H. Nicholson, Jr.
Docs a general banking- business.
1 Per Cent. Interest Paid on Savings Deposits.
It's What You Save, Not What
You Earn. That Makes Wealth.
TliePoopie's liank of Fairmont,
W. Tar
George M. Jacobs President
George DeBolt Cashier
J. M. Brownfield... .Assistant Cashier
Directors?G. M. Jacobs, S. L. Watsoil,
J. Mi Hartley, Harry Shaw, W- S.
Haymond and C. E. Hutchinson. .(
All business intrusted to us will receive
prompt and careful attention. '
Interest paid on time deposits. Vault
is free to customers for private boxes
and papers.
Is Mow Open
N'e.xt lo the New Jacobs Building' on
Monroe Street.
Furnished Rooms.
Table Board.
Entire house newly furnish.- ,
ed. Baths, all conveniences. t ?
Booms are large, airy, comfoT-tahle.
homelike. Beds are
soft, new and well taken care
of. Boavd will be the best
and lots of it. For rates call
at bouse. Fine parlor for all.
For Good
Oo To
Gunninaham Block. ;

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