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v & .* ^ *
I Pilaw:v !;
* -< *? tft? i? & *' K"
' We have succi
tlie agency for tin
P Crawforc
- ^fr*" All the latest ?
and. high top shoe
P at the
eg Union Giotn
J- 2 Door;
0 Price, $3.5<
J}-*-**-*-#.*-*-*-*.*-*-**-*-.**. =
Joseph Higginbotham is building r
Bg| ' a- stone . wall under his residence on r
Jti,/" Merchant street, preparatory to pav- 1
' ing the sidewalk recently lowered by 1
the city to tlie street grade. He pro c
poses to keep up with the procession
in improvements, cost what it may. x
( From the intensity with which . he r
I. was .seen iauoring in ui? neat 01 -Jit.
: sun yesterday to forward the work,
no oho would question his zeal in tiie
..toman Hoult has added to his former
honors as an anglfer, by bringing
In another mucl cat fish weighing 15
pounds. Others may try, and try
again if they wish, hut Loman still
wears the belt.
A. II. Hammer, of 213 Columbia
; street who has. beeu ill of typhoid
..fever is convalescing,' and if no com|
plications develop will be out again
within-a few days.
.Arthur Martin is in the City KOs- f
fiital of the First wart], sick of tyi
phoid fever. Carl Riggs of the Fairraont
Coa! Company's oflice. and
; Fraiik O. Thomas, a merchant on
Water street, aiso came to the Hos
pita I on Tuesday with symptoms of
/the same disease. The number of'
cases seems! to be on .the increase
within the city, and calls for an investigation
of our sanitary conditions
to ascertain the cause, if possible, before
(he disease becomes epidemic
* In the . meantime every family
..should see to it that its own premises
are not in suc'n a condition as .
. J to produce or encourage it. Let. the
cellars lie kept clear of all stale and
pF decaying vegetables, and their floors
-be sprinkled with lime, the gutters
;w . tree from stagnant poois oj waste
.water, vaults well cleansed and dissJ;,-,
Infected, and use no water from stts- !
p'l?i 1 nected springs, wells or cisterns fo
ft: ? either drinking or cooking purposes
Jy.,"An ounce of preventative," by wise
it?;. precautionary measures, "is worth a ?
fy;;; * pound of cure&" ;
M. - John Q. Levelle is placing a re- i
ip : ' taining wall in front of the property :
5. and store of his brother, ,i. B. Levelle, '
W,., on Merchant street. He is using the i
pvvt': Fairmont blue stone from liis quarry i
on the East side of the river. He is 1
I'.JV ;; being assisted in the work by J. E.
5 Fortney, of 322 Locust avenue, who,
5': by his combined speed and skill (
gives evidence that he is an expert in
; cut stone "and mason work,
y. P. G. Stealey, I lie decorating artist
k.' of the First ward, is now painting '.he j
house of Elza Arnett on the West i
fe ' side of the river. This done, Jie ex- :
y pects to begin on the Masonic Tem
fcb pie, and thence to the T. F. Watson
sip;.- Hotel. This shows not only a spirit.
En , of healthy enterprise, but good judgfy.
i ment on the part of the West siders.
"When they want first-class work done
along any line of artistic improveR-.l
ments, they know they can always re
? - ly upon the efficiency and skill cf t
the First-warders. s
i iiu smnrcur 1 eu'ljmj.iu?rmrrrpTTTry-a
p- is putting a new switch-board of the
fe': "standard" make in its central i
fc\. office, which means greater efficiency
service. It' is also extending Its I j
gjpi^yilmes in different directions through
jp&&--;.*.'.the '.rural districts as fast as the op- .
jipaife poriunity and means warrant, thus :
^ggp0,j.bringing Thg people Into closer touch
each other and with the outside
world. The only other source of information
felt to he needed was a:i
up-to-date daily paper, upon which
f?&e;v the managers could rely for news
BHwi 'fifesh from the fields ox politics, comfflfeh'erce
and trade; so they came in and
v-:,scribed for the vWest-Virginian.
gtth-' James F. Van Gilder, of Forks.who
has been seriously ill for
was in the city with his
: ?
. 9
J*1 J.1 * ' 5*' * __~
seded in getting1 jB
3 celebrated #3L
I Shoes.
styles in Oxfords $Jf%
is are on display wff
mo House, o
s Beluw P. 0. o
9 and $4. (j)
,vife yesterday, and looking quits
limself again. .
Rev. A. J. Allman and 'Squire J. 1.
Swindler have returned .form the _M.
J. conference at Washington, D. C.,
ml both are on ditty once more in
heir respective callings, the former
ninistering the moral law to tlio
teeds of the peoi>le, and the latter
idmmistering the civil law to cuiirlts,
and in the adjustment of diiliitiltios
between man and man.
J. N. Martin, of Prospect Valley,
vho had his foot mashed by a car
tinning o%'er it at Pool's mines, and
vas brought to the Miners' Hospital
>f this city, where his foot was ammtated
Saturday evening last, is re)ort.ed
this morning as doing well,
:onsi<?ering the serious nature of the
njury inflicted.
Rev. I. A. Barnes, of Pittsburg,
;alled to this city on account of the
llness of his mother, is still detained
>y reason of her unimproved condi
ion. She seems to be suffering front
to well defined disease, but yielding
o a general breaking dotv'u as the
esult of age. "We sympathize with
tim in his anxiety, and with her ill
ler affliction, to which relief seems so
slow in its progress.
General Superintendent Thomas
Fitzgerald, Division -Superintendent
J. B. Williams, Division Freight
Vgent Updike, Train Master T. Vv\
Reynolds, of the B. & 0., and'Superntendent
Lee L. Malone, of the Fairnont
Coal Co., made a trip of inspection
of the IVI. R. this afternoon in
private car 901.
May 3s Appealed.
A ronori hnrrhv; i" rnm firp^fnn T f i tl>P
sffect that the five men arrested at
Galley Falls for illegal fishing will
appeal the case to the, courts, and if
lecessary, take it to the Supreme
L'ourt. There seems .to be some
grounds for doing so. The men have
ots of money and do not care for expenses.
Dr. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment
will cure Blind, Bleeding. Ulcerated
md itching Piles. It absorbs the tumors,
allays the itching at once, acts
is a poultice, gives instant relief. Dr.
P.'illiams' Indian Pile Ointment is prepared
only for Piles and Itching of
he private parts, and nothing else.
Every box is guaranteed. Sold by
iruggists," sent by mail, for 50c. and
>1-00 per box. WILLIAMS M'F'G.
EO., Propr's, Cleveland. Ohio.
In East Fairmont Park.
The colored K. of P.'s are holding
fin outing at East Fairmont Park today.
A large crowd is in attendance
ui(l an enjoyable time is being had.
To Wed.
John Gordpn Smyth, 2G, and Fanny
Belle Dunnington. 27.
1 i V I 1 VLi
If you see a nice 1 .oking
;ouple driving around with a
;ood stylish horse, elegant harness,
lobby run-a-bout, carriage or trap,
vith nice clean robes, and everything
:o match, you. can wager ten to one it
vas hired from the Jackson Livery
Barn, as we put out only that kind.
FRED S. JACKSON, Manager. Open
lay and night. x
Jll h
v.. V".
*/,V - - I
HANGING ROCK, Ohiq, June 2 ?
Martial law is in full force here, and
wiH prevail until the last soldier
leaves the village.
The arrival of soldiers had a good
effect-on the situation, and there has
been no outbreak since. Pickets are
on duty, and last night persons were
not permitted to walk on the-, two
streets of the village. Sheriff Payne
is of the opinion that he may be able
to ask the governor, possibly to-day, to
recall two companies of the troops.
He will probably advise that the two
companies be held "here for several
SPRINGFIELD, III., June 2.?Another
day of expectancy in fhe Itepublican
dead-lock is on. The resolution
to release the delegates from
pledges and instructions will be
adopted this morning. The committee
favors the resolution. The convention
will undoubtedly pass it.
Yates and Deneen have it and at this
hour they are said to be almost con
Speaker J. G. Cannon, in an interview
said that he looks for a noni
fnatlon to-day. "The release of the
delegates" lie said "will allow them
to vote for a second choice, and if
that fails, to nominate, then for a
third or fourth. If no success is then
had it can go to the great body-of people
of the State and make a selection.
The sjieaker was presented with a
large bunch of flowers just before the
convention met by Mrs. Mary T. Hager,
of the ladies of the G A. R., Chicago.
The convention was called to order
a-t 10:20 o'clock. Walter Reeves,
chairman of the resolution committee,
reported from that committee a substitute
for the resolution referred
yesterday. The substitute was similar
to the original and after reciting
the loyalty of the delegates through
CG roll-calls releases them from all instructions
and obligations and orders
that they be allowed to vote free. The
recommendation that the resolution
pass was unanimous from the committee
A >
The different candidates then expressed
their willingness to release
their delegate's.
Chairman; Cannon then asked for
five minutes, saying that he had received
one vote for Governor and
Mr. Reeves said that lie would be glad
to yield 15 minutes. He said no gfeat
measure had ever been effected without
compromise. He said it was not
a question of one to be nominated but
when. He was willing to take service
under the leadership of any of a hundred
who could be drafted into running
for Governor.
'dominate any of these men," he
said, " but nominate one of them and
do it to-day!"
After Cannon's talk the vote was
taken, not one dissenting vote being
heard in opposition to the adoption
of the resolution. The roll call on
the G7th ballot was then ordered, ii
resulted: Yates, 471; Lowden, 408:
Deneen, 3SG; Hamlin, IIS: Sherman,
53; Warner, 39; Pierce, 2G.
The GStli ballot resulted: Yates, .
4G4; Lowden, 400; Deneen, 370: Ham*
SKinner Building
Second Door
Above Postotflce.
Friday. Saturday!
ana mom.
Shirt Waist Suits
At $1.39, $1.89, $2.25, $2.69 and $4.48.
"sniri waists.
Twenty-five dozen regular $1.00 and
$1.25 waists, choice these days at
IsMldreiVs Dresses
Regular $1.00 values at 79c, $1.50 for
$1.19, $2.00 for $1.48, $2.50 for $1.89,
in either White or Colors.
' \ 'i ? / - ;!-c
Jin. |J Sherman. URgR M
Pierce.'3S. " '
...... At;12:I5 conventiott
cess until' three P. >1.
MAY 26.
Editors West Virginian:
The farmers" institute held at this
place last inursaay, may ioui, wus
welliattended. The meeting wassailed
to order by Prof. Atkeson, of the
West Virginia University, who briefly
outlined the object of the institute,
after which a temporary organization
was effected by electing Z. Tennant
and George S. Condit president aril
secretary, respectively.
The program was well prepared and
the talks given by Professors Atkeson
and Johnson and Messrs. Manley and
Taylor were of unusual interest.
A permanent organization was completed
by electing the fallowing off!
cers to serve for the ensuing year:
President, R. B. Ash.
Vice-President, Albert Rowand.
Secretary, B. F. V/ilson.
At. the close of the institute the
visiting Grangers were met by the
members of Marion Grange No. 12
and given an enjoyable hayride to
Flat run, where they attended the
meeting of the District Grange, and
witnessed the conferring of the 5tli
degree 'on sixteen candidates.
An important business meeting of
the District Grange was held on Fri day,
the 27th, at which meeting the
secretary of the Grange Mutual Fire
Insurance Company reported that
$150,000.00 worth of paid up policies
have been issued. This company is
incorporated under the laws of West
Virginia and is in a solid financial con-1
uition, and is under the jurisdiction
of this District Grange.
The Pier Question Will Come Up at
the Regular Session Next Week..
The County Court will not hold a
special session for the purpose of contracting
for the erection of the pier
at the suspension bridge at this.jplacc-^
The regular June session will convene
.Monday and the matter will be
taken up at that meeting. Something
will be done and if the B. &. O. does
not act at once the Court will build
the pier where it was formerly intended.
The question of changing
the line between Union and Winfield
districts will be also taken up.
Are you going to the State Shoot at
Huntington, June Sth to 10th? If you
are, get a certificate from your tickei
agent that you have paid full fare to
HnnLimrtoii. and von can return home
at a one-third rate?or in other words,
fare and one-third for the round t,rip.
Don't neglect this.
315 Adams or
White Dotted Swiss
Five pieces regular 25c quality for
three days at 12'/^c.
Floured Lawns
Thirty-eight inches wide, worth 12>/2c,
for 7c;* 15c White Goods, Special,
__ "sun
Same as you pay. 25c for, at 15c.
Parasois For
Children at 19c. 48c; 69c and 98c.
NEW- YORK, June 2.?The meshes
of the law are being slow! drawn
about Hannah Ellas, the notorious negress,
accused by. John R. Piatt, the
asrorl millionaire of having blacl;
mailed him out of $70t),000. Deputy
Sheriff Walgernig, with his assistants,
armed with a civil, warrant for
the arrest of the Eiias woman issued
by Justice Dugro, of the Supremo
Court, is holding the Eiias house at
23G Central Park West, in a state of
siege to-day. Detectives are posted
in every corner. Mrs. Eiias is endeavoring
to raise $20,000 which will
be required to keep her out of Ludlow
street jail. If she is unable to
raise such a sum she will continue to
defy the court and remain in her
home where she can evade arrest, as
a civil warrant does not give authority
to break down doors and make
arrests by force.
Washington Braunes, counsel for
Mrs. Eiias, says that his client will
have the money necessary for her
bail bond and that she'will be spared
the indignity of arrest.
It is thought that the Eiias woman
will have some difficulty in raising
the $20,000 as all her bank accounts
and her real estate are now in the
hands of the court and will remain
there until the 'suit against her has
been tried and decided.
Mr. L. L. La Zelle, of the Chickering
house here and Mr. Donn P. Crane
have just completed a light opera in
two acts that is said to b.e exceptionally
good. Mr. La Zelle composed the
music and the few who have been la
vored with a sight of the score say it
is filled with tuneful and well-written
airs and choruses that have the necessary
"swing" to insure success.
The scene of the opera is Holland
in the ICth century and the book is
brightly written. There is a, fine opportunity
for costuming and scenic
effect. 1
A prominent manager has the book
under consideration with a view of
producing the work this fall.
We take the above item from the
Chicago Musical Times.; Mr. La
Zelle's many Fairmont friends, who
are acquainted with his musical genius
will be glad to learn that he has
composed the music for a comic opera,
and trust that they will have the
pleasure of hearing it produced at
the local theatre in the near future.
Y0X1 will find a complete line of
base ball goods and bicycle repairs
at J. L. Hall's Hardware Store. ' x
As well as all other level headed men,
realizes the importance of insuring
against loss by fare. But we want to
address our remarks to those who are
not fully aware of the advantages of
To such men we will be glad to give
information of interest. We guarantee
not to bore them by urging them
to Insure. We simply wish to show
the advantages of carrying insurance.
Drop us a card, and our representative
will call.
Main Street.
ither IN
Pap'/iQfite Fap I
I U1 UCJV/ICJ 1 \fl
Ladies at $1.19, $2.00, $2.50 and up to
Shirt Waists
$15.00 kind for $10.00.
$20.00 for $13.50.
$25.00 for $17.50.
Summer Vests
Twenty-five dozen 15c vests for 8cy. (
Lace and Drop Stitch Hose
At 12c, 19c, 25c, 48c and on up to $2.00
a pair- " I
Do You Know What We Want? . ?/
Several Short "Ads.,r at
One Cent Per Word.
FOE BENT?Furnished rooms. Ap- \ ! .
ply 325 Walnut avenue. j, ) <:
WANTED?A girl for general house- v
keeping. No washing. Apply 321 (j|
Main street.. _ ' ?f
FOR V RENT?A few choice office | )
rooms In the new Peoples Bank build- jJ \
ing. Apply at the Peoples Bank. 4;' .<
FOR RENT?One ten room house on M J
Jackson street. Possession given at .? rV <
once: Address J. e. Loper, Fairmont, , 0;|
For Sale. j
Choice building lots on Virginia ~M;t.
avenue and Sixth street. Apply Ed
win Robinson, Gas Office. /II
W. Va. ' Mi (
Two white or colored girls at the . j'-T
New Central Hotel, 326 Monroe street. {(
FOR RENT?Two dwelling houses on fjj
Locust avenue. Apply to S. E. Bil- . (fij
lingsley, 707 Fourth street. ij
FOR RENT?Unfurnished rooms, all . n '
conveniences. Man and wife pre- fl i
ferred, without children. Call at 206 ,$!
Jefferson street. I)
FOR RENT?At Oakland, Md., in sub- 'W
urbs of town, a summer cottage, 7 if
rooms, large lawn, white oak grove, /(J)
large barn and carriage house, ad- jjfo
joining Judge Jeremy Wilson's prop- i TV
erty. $25.00 per month. Address C. \'ij
B. Cropp, Oakland, Md. ' rVf 'i ,
Hot plates, oil stoves, ice cream liTH I
freezers, garden hose, lawn sprinklers, j
water coolers, screen doors and win- '
dows, are some of the summer neces- ' sities
to be found at J. L. Hall's iysj - ,
Hardware Store. x
Kentucky Horses f|
For Sale. ? |
Twenty-two head of fine Kentucky
horses, saddlers and drivers will be , . V
sold by T. O. HARGIS, at public J>\ ,
auction on jj; ,
Saturday, June 4, J
at the stables of CHILSON & CLAY- $
TOR, on Jackson street.
I have decidedly the best lot of , if)
horses' ever shipped to your city. Al>
For further particulars call at. jrl
stable. y<')
cell CELL t |/'.
tie! is, Kusn aunons, incanacsccni
Lights and all things pertaining to * R'\
Electricity. We can supply you with iv
of all sorts. Take contracts for wir- /
;ng your home or office building. Es- V '
timates cheerfully furnished. Enjoy
the cool breeze of one of our electric
fans. ' <M
Bell 'phone, 192. Store Room 113 I i>
F. & M-, 305. Jackson St I i f -Main
Street |
Fairmont..-. l,l
WestVa. J
eeds. fe
All trimmed hats go in this J 1
sale at 1-4 off.
Dress Glngftams j> ?
A lot of regular 10c ging- "V.. fl
hams for these three days at 'A . H
See the new Duck and , 1-:. H
Pique Street Hats at 98c, S
$1.48 and $1.98, also our line
of children's mull hats. - / /fi
Lace Curtains (j B
We are cleaning up this )SS
iine. Get our prices on same.

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