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1 Price, S3.?
' " * b b -b 4 4 X- lJ
eli ;'U- - ?- f~ ;?> {" v~ -?>
Chesnev Rarnage is up from Montana.
Miss Daisy Dudley, of Grafton, is in
town to-day.
Paul McCoy returned m Pittsburg
this morning.
S. w: Hail, list!., went to Wheeling
fev?fV-;"V yesterday to spend several days.
* '/ Attorney W. S. Meredith is in Man<
? - ?
f^^lpgrtrpn- to-day on proLessuni?,i uumMiss
Winifred Hoult, of Parlsersburg,-'
is in the city, the guest of rela?- ' Miss
^Catherine Hough went to Jlorgnntown
to-day to speni] a few days
with friends there.
Glenn I Ana, who has been located
- at Grafton for some time, is in town
tor a day or two.
:Ed Baker, formerly a resident of
this city, now of- Pittsburg, is here
for a few days on business.
Miss Maude Davis, of Pittsburg, is
visiting In the city. She is here for
j. the foster-Everhardt wedding. j
; Miss Emma Cole, of Washington. D.
, C... is visiting her grandmother. Mrs.
Elizabeth Arnell, on Main street.
Howard Thayer, who was here for
the Yoder-Samsel! wedding, loft for
. his home at Grafton this morning.
- Mrs. Curtis Kiigore, of A!;ron, O..
is visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Caleb -Dnvall, 011 Parks avenue
Cashier C. E. Jolliffe, of the Exchange
Bank, Manning ton, is in the
city to-'day and called on the West
IT "Shorty" Heiii|, the clever third
baseman of the local team. Is laid up
- with a bad foot. However, lie will be
I':-- in the games the latter pari of the
Lloyd. Garee. W. R. Simmons and
John W. Mason, Jr.. are some of the
former Normal -stticlents now attending
W. V. U., who are here for com- i
. 31der A. A. Banner returned home
yesterday from Tyler county. vyiore
he has been holding a protracted
meeting With the Jit. Nelio congregation.
Nine were added to the church
during the meeting.
T. 1C. Lewis, of the Washington.
'Pa.. Reporter, is i;i the city, having
heen attracted here by the marriage
of his brother, Dr. Thomas Smith
Lewis, who weds Miss Madge P.oohcr
this evening. The West Virginian
received a pieasar.t call from him.
John H. Miller has traded his
house and lot. in South Park to A.
W.'Zinn for the hatter's Marion county
farm, and has moved to his rural
holdings. Mr.. Zinn will move into
the house vacated toy Mr. Miller. He
is an old man, father of Granville
Zinn, of Morgantown. and is blind.?
?..,' Morgantown Chronicle.
re.'. Jfmong the out-of-town mine superintendents
who attended the meeting
Ej fast night are Lowell Childs, of Inter"
'^JSate; William Keiff, of Twoliek:
JfShes Meredith, of Dixie: Edward
IP?;.: Williams, of Perry: Jesse Nuzum. of
BgC; Pinnickinnick and Columbia; K. D.
- Bailey, of Ocean; Wesley Farker, of
O'Neill, and J. O. Brooks and Frank
Bllfej Shuttlewortli, of the Clarksburg Fuel
" 'Mr. W. H. Spedtlen, of Fairmont.
of the firm of. Holbert &
contractors and builders,
are erecting the new west side
; "C-"''J';'"' ' v ''' ' "v V; ^ ^ ''
... We have succeeded
in getting tlie agency
for the celebrated
Grawtord Shoes, j
All tlie latest styles
in Oxfords and hlg-li
top slaoes are on dis-j
play at tlie
union Giotnino!
2 Doors Below P. 0.
>0 and $4.
considering Tlie advisability of svibstl- j
tuting the modern and extremely j
handsome tile roofing in place of slate
as roofing as embraced in the original
contract, and if this idea is carried
into execution the building when completed
will present additional beauty
and architectural lines of symmetry.
?Grafton Sentinel
From Morgan town Chronicle.
Mrs. Carl Layman went to Fairmont
yesterday to visit friends.
.Mrs. Karl Smith, Mrs. Floyd \\\
1 Parsons, and her sister, Miss Clara
FrystafE, of Fairmont, are guests of
.Mrs. Joseph H. Mills. They will remain
until after commencement.
Madison Carter, of Marion county,
was a visitor in Morgan town yesterday
for the first time in about twenty
years. He had occasion to rctiark
upon the very material changes
to be noted since he had last seen
the town. It then had about twelve
hundred people, and now it numbers
nearly ten times that many.
r 'b l* -: h :?~ b I~ h
-{ *T~ "C %' M~r ~(- t
The Vost building alley, which is
undergoing repairs, will be open
soon after the 15th inst.
The reaular monthly meeting of the
mine superintendents of the .Fairmont
Coal Company was held in General
Superintendent Malohe's office last
W i i 1 Sa ttcrtieId, of ' the First ward,
had his arm broken while working
in ike Helmick foundry one day this
week. He had the member dressed
and it is healing rapidly.
The foundation tor the Trust Company's
building on Main street is
iiearly com pleted.
Clarence Abbott's place on Monroe
street is assuming business like
C. K. Reed is driviiig around in a
very handsome vehicle to-uJay. In
the cities it is called a <!<}??..: carriage.
It is certainly elaborately finished.
Ife purchased ir of D \V. Rose, the
Jackson M *e.>t dealer.
The Grafton colored ball team came
in on 7J fo-dav. As we go to press
they are playing the local colored
team at the Fair Grounds.
A handsome Shetland pony consigned
to Gus C. Schnman, 40G Gaston
avenue, came in from Youngstown,
Ohio, to-day.
From Moroantown Post.
Ex.Gov. A. B. Fleming, of Fairmont,
is in the city on business.
Hon. \V. S: Meredith. Capt. A. L.
Prichard, M. L. Hutchinson and John
I. Swindler were among the Marion
county delegates to the Judicial convention-.
Sweeney Fleming came down from
Fairmont this morning to attend the
Judicial convention.
Miss Blanch Hackney is back from
a brief visit at Fairmont.
Prof. C. Edmund Neil returned this
morning from Fairmont where last
night he was a judge in (he Shakesperean
contest by members of the
Freshman class.?Morgantown Post.
-.. ?; \
Hot plates, oil stoves. Ice cream
freezers, garden hose, lawn sprinklers,
water coolers, screen doors and windows,
ate some of the summer necessities
to\be found at J. L. Hall's
Hardware VS tore: x
fA ' , - Vj ..
< ' . . 'J- . . V
. ??-TMOST"
Was the Wedding of !VJr. Voder and
Miss Samsei.
hast evening in the Kirs- Presbyterian
church one of the very .prettiest
weddings ever witnessed in
Fairmont occurred, wnen .miss Anna
Lee Samsel became the bride oC Mr.
Lynn Emerson Yo'ler. The altar
was completely incased 211 white
cloth which formed rfin attractive
background for Florist Ed. Hall's
decorative efforts. A profusion of
ferns and palms was massed on
every available space, a large number
of vases held myriads of pink
and white carnations. From invisible
wires pink and white satin rit>bons
were festoiJned and caught
gracefully with small bunches: of
carnations. A number of white candles
were prettily shaded in pink,
while ribbons of pink tulle were everywhere
draped, and frc-Lp the
chandelier immediately over the altar
were suspended lovely bride's roses.
The effect here was specially charming,
hut the entire decorat've scheme
won many words of admiration
f.ong before the time for the corn
meneement of the ceremony the
church was packed to the doors with
a throng of fashionably dressed people.
The bridal party entered
Iiromptly at S:30 and proceeded up
the aisle to the soft strains of Lohengrin
wedding march, as rendered
by Professor MacArthur on tlie-harp,
with clarionet and violin accompanirnent.
Messrs. John Hughes and R. C.
Miller, Harry Engle and E C. Steniplo.
W. N. Engle and-Jair.es Shinn
came in pairs down the clor.li covered
and ribbon enclosed aisle, and
were followed in turn by the bridesmaids,
Misses Ethel Fleming and
Louise Potter, and Nell Cochran and
Clara Boydston; the maid of honor,
Miss Edna Trickett came nexr alone,
and was followed by Master George
Irwin, little nephew of the bride, who
acted as ring bearer. Pie wa:> followed
in turn by the bride on the
arm of her brother-in-law, Mr J. W.
Irwin, who gave her away. They
were met at the chancel by the
groom and his best man, Mr. Howard
Thayer, of Grafton. Rev Stoet/.er.
pastor of the church, was awaiting
them, and using the impressive
and beautiful ring ceremony, he pro
nonneed me worus mat iuauc
man and wife. The bride, leaning*
on the arm of her husband., was folio
wed by the rest of the parly in the
same order as before, and entered
carriages awaiting' at the rear door,
and were driven to the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Irwin where the mother ;yul
sister of the bride reside, and an informal
reception was held for '.he
wedding party and immediate, friends
and relatives.
The bride: was dressed in white
crepe do chene over silk, marie en
traine and carried a shower bouquet
of bride's roses tied with streamers
of white tulle. A tulle veil completed
a lovely costume and her appearance
called forth many compliments. The
maid of honor was gowned in pink
crepe de chene with white bar. and
carried .white roses, while the maids
wore Dolly Varderi gowns of pink
and whitp flowered mull with large
white picture hats with ties of white
tulle and wreaths of pink roses, and
carried pink carnations. These costumes,
made exactly alike and in con
trast to the maid of honor's pink
gown and the bride's gown of white,
were surpassingly pretty. The little
ring beaver was in white and carried
a silver tray on which reposed the
emblematic ring.
The groom, best man and ushers
Skinner Building
Second Door
Above Postofiice.
MILLINERY?We will offer for these I
' !? ??** of Mats 1
two CJays ?-?w? cihiiw ....w -. . ?
and Trimmings as well as the new
pattern Hats, at, prices just half
their real value.
STREET HATS?A line' at 39c, 89c
and $1.19, the regular $1.50, $2.00
and $2.50 kind. All other Hats
in proportion.
- ' ' ' 's-'" " ' - " ' ', >
wore ae bonv^naonal evening dress i ^
with a white rose pinned on tl?e lapel
of each coat. . ' _\" ? > . -,' . L[
.'No detail had been overlooked in
ihe, entire arrangement, -and certain
ty no prettier wedding..has ever taken V
place" iif the fcfty. hrr/ 'imd 3frs Yoder ;
are extt'emeljr popular young, people,
and hare scores of friends who wish
them every joy that life possesses.
After the reception last night they ^
went to the home on Walnut avenue,
which had been arranged to" them
and where they wiH make their fu- g
ture home. q
Mrp. Yoder has resided in Fairmont ,
al! her life, anil is the daughter of jj
Mrs. Elizabeth Sajaxsell. She is a
very attractive and amiable young:
lady who numbers her friends by the A
score. , tl
Mr. Yodef is an employe of the d
Fairmont Coal Company, and has resided
in Fairmont about two years. ^
He has made many warm friends f
since coming here and .is well and
favorably known to the greater jiumher
of our people.
Witnessed the Beautiful Wedding of I
Mr. Roberts and Miss s
Watherwax. s
' t
Last evening at 7:30 o'clock, at . '
Christ P. K. church, in the presence j
of a large number of friends, the wed- j v
ding of Arthur Thomas Roberts, of ; 1
Cape Charles, Va.. to Miss Georgia 1
LaMar Watherwax took place Bish- j 11
op C. C. Penick, pastor of tlic church. ' 1
performed the ceremony. The dec- j a
orations were green and white, and
a large wedding bell and a true lover's
bnot of white tulle were suspended
above the altar. The latter ' 5
was illuminated with rows of brass j ^
candelabra. The vested choir came __
in to the bridal hymn, aftsr which ; ?
the wedding party entered to the ;
wedding chorus from "Lohengrin." j
Miss Margaret Gordon act^d as maid j s
of honor and G. T. Roberts, brother =
of the groom, acted as best" man.
The bridesmaids were Misses Pan- i
sy McCleary, of Wellsburg; Ivlabel j
Williams. of Pittsburg; Florence j
Brobst and Madge Sample, cousins |
of the bride. #The ushers were S. B. 8
Molbert, A. G. Martin, Will I* Nuzum i
and Paul McCoy. while F. K Lowe '
was in charge at the door. The bride ...
was given away by her uncle. Sain I
R. Ntizum. I
The bride wore a white satin gown
trimmed with real lace. The veil
was of white tulle caught up with
orange blossoms. She carried a
white prayer book from v/hich -the
ceremony was read. The ring was
used. The bridesmaids wore white
net oyer forget-me-not blue taffeta
and carried shower boquets of lillies j
of the valley and forget-me-nots. The '
maid of honor wore a blue gown =
trimmed with forget-me-nots.
Mr. and Mrs. Roberts left on train j
No. 4 for a trip in the Fast, and South j
and will make their home at Cape i
im-,is an enersretic i
young business man and is well
known in his native city. The bride 1
Is one of our best known and most
popular young ladies.
Lewis-Booher Nupt?ais.
This evening at seven o'clock at :
the home of the bride's parents on ^
Gaston "^avenue. Miss Margery Gil- )
logly Booher will become the bride ]
of Dr. Thomas Smith Lewis. Rev. H.
G. Stoetzer will pe dorm the ceremony,
assisted by Bishop C. 0. Pen- s
ick. It will be a h :no wedding and ]
only the closest friends wi.'I I pres- i
ent. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis will leave ?
for Pittsburg utter the ceremony.
" c
If you are in need of a bicycle we
carry a complete line from $20 to $10.
J. Li. Hall's Hardware Store. x
All of the latest telegraphic and
local news will be found in tlic West
Virginian. '
t Opening of Nobby JVI
ay and
to $2.98. Ready trimmed.
WHITE GOODS SALE?Including everything
in White Goods.
SHIRT WAISTS?At 44c, 89c, $1.19, D
51.79, $2.19 and $2.48.
SHIRT WAIST SUITS?$1.19, $1.89, G
CHICAGO. Ill- June .9.?The strieut
tone of an alarm clock which
a often had aroused her from clreams '
f happiness in the early-' morning,
are the signal last evening, for Nora'
alloway, a Uaukegan girl, to jump
I Li-J i.zivz i xx iiii triiui u i_v_? cte
of misery.
The girl harl set the alarm fcr S
'clock. for at that hour she thought
lien Jackson, whom she loved, was
a marry another. She wished to
ie at the exact moment when he
as chksping the hand of his bride,
'aking the clock she walked out to
lie pier and waited. She had written
farewell note to her sister and was
irepared to . tile. Slowly the little
lock ticked off when she should
nish the last seconds of her life,
'lie alarm sounded, and before it had
eased its clamor, the young woman
eaped into the water. But try as
he would, she -could not sink. Her
kirts buoyed her up, and her attempts
o get her head under the water were
u vain.
Captain Wangera, light house tettler,
heard her splashing and hurried
o the rescue. After the woman was
aken from tlie water she learned that
er alarm clock was two weeks behind
iine. for her sweetheart was married
fortnight ago.
Infant Child Dead.
An infant child of '.V. J. Smith, of
Lrnettsville. died yesterday and will
ie buried to-day.
I have a good saloon for sale that is
oing a nice business at a good barain.
H. H. Lanham. x
Standard for ! > years. [ 1
The roo ting which has ' ]
tremes of weather and S
Keliey*Bros!. Fairmont. ^
Yost Billiard Hali.
South Side Pharmacy.
The Health Cigar Company.
Johnston Studio.
L. G. Ice, Dentist.
103, 105, 105*/2?^0"7 Fairmont avenue, j
i i L e/
illitiery and White G(
$2.39 and $2.98.
ACE CURTAINS?All at i/A off.
RAWERS?At 19c, 39c and 79c for
the 29c, 50c and $1.00 kind.
OWNS?59c kind for 44c; $1.00 and
^u'Kn^ Wki' We
... Several Short-"Ads. " at":'
One Cent Per Word. tel.
FOR RENT?Furnished rooms. Apply
325 Walnut avenue. iffi'.v
WANTED?A girl for general house- ? j
keeping. No washing. Apply 321 B'l
Main street. :is {
FOR RENT?va few clioice office K 1
rooms in the new Peoples Bank.build- St ffi
ing. Apply at the Peoples Bank! " -If
For Sale.
Choice building lots on Virginia f'.
avenue and Sixth street. Apply Ed *8''
w-in Robinson. G^.s Office. M [
LOST?Between Sapper's store and |IVatson
Hotel, silver belt pin. Return
to this office. Reward.
FOR RENT?Two dwelling houses on
Locust avenue. Apply to S. E. Bil- {
lingsley, 707 Fourth street.
FOR RENT?Unfurnished rooms, all
conveniences. Man and wife preferred,
without children. Call at 206
Jefferson street.
FOR RENT?A number of fine office f|
rooms for rent in the Geo. M. Jacobs ||
building, Monroe street. Inquire of S|
Geo. M. Jacobs, County Clerk's office- m
Only livery business in town of M
4,000. Cleared G5 per cent, last year, fa
Address Box 113. Ellcins, W. Va. X ||
flennen Qualltu |
In Men's Glothina J
I n Up-to-Date I I"
fire Best Always, j
i pa 11
, ? jpl I
Bells, Push Buttons, Incandescent
Lights and all things pertaining j }
Electricity. We can supply you with J
of all sorts. Take contracts for wiring
your home or office building. Estimates
cheerfully furnished. Enjoy
the cool breeze of one of our electric
Bell 'phone, 192. Store Room*111 ffi
F. & M-, 305. Jackson St, j B
, Main Street I
Fairmont... J
West Va. I
... i J|g
>ods Sale. i|
S1.25c kind for 89c; $1.50 Gowns IBB
for $1.19; $2.00 kind for $1.48; BB
$2.50 for $1.98. All skirts at the H
same reduction, as well as all 9H
other Muslin Underwear, Parasols, H
1 infants Dresses, Swisses, Em- ffl
broideries, Laces, India Linen, BB
Persian Lawns, Mulls, Flannels
and Bed Spreads. ; | I

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