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Fairmoru' West Virgiru"ar\ Publish'
ing Compaq.
%rM\ OEORCJE M. JACOBS, President.
LAMAR C. POWELL, Managing Editor.
- M.C. LOUQM, City Editor.
J. E. POWELL, Business Manager.
'tniliir:JvV?ho vonr . - . ... ?4- 00
Daily, six months 2 00
Dally, three mouths 1 00
S: - "Weekly, pne year 1 00
Weekly, six months 50
The West Virginian, Daily" and
Weekly, is entered in the Postofflce atFairmont,
W. Va,, as second-class mail
It ^ill 1-e seen that we beat him to
it. Ha! ha!
In speaking to the Wheeling intelligencer
the Hon. Charles Biirdett
Hart sgys that* "the curtain has. just
begun to rise on the industrial development
of West Virginia."
tcjpl Haying been informed that ave are
' . , : in the midst of a panic. w? are gratified
beyond -expression almost that so
far the marching of Coxey armies,
the accounts of bank failures.
?.vj." suicides, and railroads going into the
? hands of receivers, and many other
?y.v. direful things so common during the
. reign of Grover, are not distressing
the country,
v.- - Why
does the West Virginian oppose
the nomination of both Teter
and Dawson??Fairmont Times.
. We., could give divers reasons, but
||i' - one is sufllcient. Both cannot be
elected. The State constitution proBf..,
hibits such a thing, the framers of that
'-V - Instrument having wisely provided
that two men shall not serve as gov:
i ernor at the same time." .
B? ' 4
Since the Times has designated one
person on the West Virginian as "the
whole push," he win tatce i n is uccasion
to say that he is surrounded by a
sober, industrious and capable corps
of young newspaper men, all of whom
can talk, spell and write the King's
th-S-}b-.i v.-English. They are showing a pro
flciency thai is indeed gratifying to
the .management, and must be to the
patrons of the paper. |
J- The West Virginian has recently
i.. taken occasion to hurl some large
bouquets at Mr. Dayton. This is its
i ' privilege, of course. But we rise to
mm inquire When its editor changed his
* mind about- Mr. Dayton.?Fairmont
: b - The West Virginian knows men
i that it thinks more of than it does of
i Mr. Dayton, and a good many that it
thinks less of, but when it comes to
sending a representative to Congress
" from til6 Second district he is far
better for the position than any Democrat
we know or ever did know.
. . The Democratic Times wants to
rS know, in fact seems anxious to know.
' where the West Virginian stands on
.' the all-absorbing tax question. As
f this paper wants to be obliging, and
likes to be obliging when the thing
;' " -asked for is so easily granted, it will
respectfully refer the Times to yes iv&sivi.v
..fbrHflv's iKsiip of tlip West Vireinian.
: - wherein its position is defined on the
question at issue as plainly as it
knows.how to put it. It is true that
C . . the Times was anticipated a little in
this matter, but it is to be hoped'that
r~: it will.not permit itself to be worried
about it. But of course it won't be.
as it has weightier things on its
mind?for instance, how it is going
to land Marion county and the State
in the Democratic column this year.
Congressman Hughes, of Huntingv
ton, expresses to the Register repre,i*
sentative at Washington the fear that
the Staie is lost to the Republicans i
if either Teter or Dawson is nonti- j
nated for the governorship, and he I
j: suggests the withdrawal of both and j
the nomination of ex-Governor Atkinson.?Wheeling
We are glad that Congressman
t Hughes has the courage to say what
Rv he thinks and believes. And we are
Rj. \ sorry that hundreds of other Republic
licans, both leaders and laymen, who
gp.w. think the same way, do not see the
importance of expressing their
thoughts at this juncture. The suggestion
that ex-Governor Atkinson
gi' should be made the nominee for govK?
ernor 'strikes us as a good one. He
Kg is one of many who would he highly
acceptable as a candidate. The exgovernor
is a successful campaigner,
f: and as a vote-getter no one can approach
him. It will be remembered
Sfe-' v that when he was elected governor in
fc-j . 1896 he ran several hundred votes
,:. v ahead of the popular and lamented
William McKinley.
Sky- AUNllfc. Ublv.JCmALI IJ
There is no gainsaying the fact
jtejfcDeiriocracy . is leaderiess. For
HfefySpme one on whom-all can
H^callyT unite for President,
j?jgt?tutes liave been apoloSAyVt
forth. Bajj' old
'/ : only flirting as
sen up and as our
;.\ay, she has ber
8Bgfcgtrtrg fo^-'the'
' ~ "* ' ~ ' ~ ! :
w ' }
"We won't allow ourselves to get
vain, but we really do cherish the"
many expressions of appreciation on
the general make-up, the intetesting
write-up, the amount of well selected
reading matter and the complete
home and foreign news service in the
West Virginian's columns day after
day. Our baseball and Normal commencement
presentations have been
coming in for a good share of comment.
Our advance " programs on the
Normal's exercises have been highly '
appreciated. Our personal column is I
fast becoming one of cur most pop- |
ular features and th.: best of all is ]
the large number of subscribers being
added to our list d;ti 1 v. ' We have )
two successful and weil known men ;
at work for full tirr e and while we i
have said very little abort jr. our i
subscriptioh list is enlarging in a j
most gratifying marine.*. The West
Virginian is a very vigorous reality
and it is fast gaining a constituency
of which any paper feci proud.
These are cjays of wool-sawing with
the new force, and every one connected
with the paper knows exact. v wTmi
it takes to win. Kee?? your. eye on
the West Virginian.
The New York World. iMunocrat
contained the follow * 1 ; editorial yesterday
under the^ caption?"II* not
Parker. Who?"
It is practically cert*tin ti'^t local
political alliances u ' 1T result in the
selection of a delegation from Illinois
not friendly to Jucl-*t. Parker's can
didacv, and it is nor expected that the |
Mississippi coavemo will instruct 1
in favor of the New York jurist. Superficially.
the Parker candidacy will
probably, be no stfo.c.ycv at the end
of the week than it is ai present.
When it first became apparent that
the convention would be controlled
by the safe and saro Democrats, the
Parker campaign received a. sudden
check. Jt was ShveAdlv surmise J
that he had been u-el as a buffer in
the fight against radicalism and. having
served his n??#poso v. ouhL be
LUrOWll ilSIUf Uj iur= \
managers. All Mtempis 10 bring
forth a rival candidate, however,
have failed. Nooody else hps been
suggested upon whom the uninsrructed
delegates would be more lively to
unite. The field has been scanned
for dark horses by a million pairs of
eyes, and not a hoofprint has been
found by the Democratic biologists.
The question stand" r..s it siood two
months ago: 'If Not Parker. Who?*
The delegates are bound to ask it
when the convention meets."
The nominating convention for
this, the Eleventh Senatorial District
of West Virginia, composed of the
cr-unries of Monongalia. Marion and
Taylor, will meet at Fairmont, on
Tuesday, June 21st, 1904, at twothirty
o'clock in the afternoon. Dei
egates may leave this city on the
noon train and arrive in Fairmont in
plenty of time to participate in the
convention. There will be but one
candidate before the convention, Col.
J. H. MeDermott who is already as
good as nominated, having received
the indorsement of his own county?
Monongalia?in the recent primary
election by a large majority. This
fact, however, should not deter delegates
from attending the convention
and all Republicans who are not delegates
and who can do so should attend
the gathering, as it promises to
be a veritable love-feast and family
gathering of the Grand Old Party of
the three counties.?Grafton Sentinel.
It is obvious that the Times doesn't
like the West Virginian's cartoons.
Well, we are sorry, vet at the same
time we like them and so do our hundreds
of friends and patrons.
ST. PETERSBURG. Jjme 14.?A report
has reached here that a great
naval battle was fought outside of
Port Arthur on June 10. General
Stoessel. who is in command of the
Russian troops at Port Arthur, was
wounded and one of his legs has been
amputated at the thigh.
Under Canvas Will Exhibit In This
City Wednesday, June 22d.
. Of ail the American plays, the old
historical drama 'Uncle Tom's Cabin"
has the strongest hold on the people. It
is beyond question one of the best
plays ever written, hence the warm
place it retains in the hearts of people
of every clime. It is under the
management of I-eon W. Washburn.
The Alumni Banquet.
The Alumni banquet of the Normal
School at the Watson to-morrow night
promises to be one of the most enjoyable
affairs connected with the
commencement. i
Tickets for . the banquet can be. had 1
at the Normal .School, at the Little <
Shop or at the Shafer studio.* > > I
-v' - - '... : k
Shifts V- I
: ' }
(Continued from 1st page),
tier was full of new and well pointed
II iss Jessie Ice was the gift giver. :
an'I each member of the class was i
given some well chosen article by!
which to remember this their last j
class exercise.
The class song was then sting to i
the chorus of "Navajo," after -y^hich j
the audience went out to the music :
of the orchestra.
Normal Lyceum.
This evening the members of the j
Normal Lyceum will hold a reception !
at their hall, an address will lie given
by Dr. Clark In the Auditorium and a
banquet will then be given at the j
Manley hotel. The following an- ;
nouncement is out for the evening's ;
Thirty-second Anniversary
of the
Norma] Lyceum
of the ^
Fairmont State Normal School.
Tuesday Evening. June 14, 1904.
Motto: Sic Itur ad Astra.
Colors: Old Gold and Olive.
Flower: White Rose.
Presidents and Secretaries during
..e. the Year 1903-1904
Presidents: Verd Peterson, Andrew
F. Shroyer, Verd Peterson, Ernest
Harden, Oliver Shurtleff, Frank Haymond.
secretaries: Florence Bowers, |
Zoe Wade, Ethel Ice, Zoe Wade, Rena
Crow, L-ulu Sturm.
Address?By the Founder. Hyre
D. Clark, D. D., *72. First Methodist
Episcopal church. Huntington, W.
the Year 1903-1904.
Frank C. i-Jayniond.
Louise Hamilton.
Andrew F. Shroyer.
.Alary Haymond.
Gordon Fake.
Rebecca Robinette.
Carnie Christie.
Mabel Curry.
Verd Peterson.
Georgia Straight.
Orton E. Dancer.
Ethel Ice.
Jessie Ice.
Zoe Wade.
Charles M. Hadclix.
Caroline Barnes.
Ernest B. Harden. . '?
F. Gay Riley.
Lulu Sturm.
.Melvin Boyles.
Edna .Menear.
Del vert Boyles.
Hazel AIcDqnald.
Stella Woofier.
Ilena Crow. \
Oliver Shurtieff.
Annie Hawkins.
Eflie Bunner.
Janie Carpenter.
Pauline Aliller.
Harry Conned.
Willie Conn ell.
Walter R. Haggerty. y'
Fred McElfresh.
Kathleen Mulligan.
Fanny Chesney.
Clyde Bonliam.
Anna Shea.
Florence Bowers."
Leroy Kennard.
Commencement Day.
Thirtv-rhird annual commencement
of the Fairmont State Normal
School in the Normal Auditorium.
Wednesday, June 15, 1904.
The Marcus M. Ross class.
Class roll: Ethel? Crim, Teresa
Catherine Fetty. Jessie Ice, Erhel
Ice, Mary Morgan. Earle IV. Lawrence.
Mary A. Prickett, Verd Peterson,
Harriet E. Steele, Andrew Fred
Sh rover.
? -r-v? t T-r T
grayer? ur. a. ri. aui-os.
Commencement Address?Dr. Seovil,
tVooster University.
Presentation of diplomas?Hon.
Thomas C. Miller. State Superintendent
of Schools.
A certificate of elocution will he
given to Miss Stella Bosworth, of
El kins, W. Va.
Concert By Orchestra.
To-morrow morning from nine until
ten o'clock, a concert will he given on
the Xorntal campus by MacArthur's
s?ven piece orchestra. MacArthur
will use his harp and the music will
he strictly first-class in every respect.
Immediately following the commencement
address Miss Simmons,
of the Elocutionary Department, and
Miss Kelley. of the Art Department,
will give a reception to the Board of
Regents, the faculty and senior class,
in the Normal library.
Art Exhibit.
All day to-morrow may be seen, in
room No. 1, on the first floor of the
Norma], the work of Miss Kelley's
classes in art. Some fine painting
bas been done, and no one should mifes \<
the opportunity of teeing the work of
this department. '
' V ' .
Aluori Reuniontand 3a-:c:uet.
To-racTrovr evening tLe'Alufnnlvre
union ar.ti'bdnqtiet will he'_held at the
Waif son Hotel, j A large number of
tickets have been sold and the banquet
is expected to be a grant success.
The Remainder of the Exercises.
Tune 14?Lyceum Program, Tues- !
day Evening.
(Address by Rev. Clark, Class of 72).!
June 15?Commencement Address, !
Wednesday Morning, Dr. Scovil.
June 15?Art Exhibit. i
June 15?Alumni Meeting, Wednes- [
day Afternoon. i
June 15?Alumni Banquet. Wednes- j
day evening.
" * . * ? * t t e t
? V V V ? ? % a 4 * * ? *
>- -i*
? :
" * ;
>?- By Our Regular Correspondent. ;
_ ;
X * * A .r.H * 4. .j. * * 4. j
! '
Dr. 31. r. Bailey, who has been sick ]
of typhoid fever for some days at-his j
home on Water street, is doing as well j.
as conditions will permit, and with no !
nr.favorable symptoms to combat i;_
is hoped that he v/ilj soon be but again, j
The Dixie, a pleasure skiff, owned <
by J. Will Mason, .Jr., was taken to the !
wharf by Calvin 3IcCloy on Saturday, j
newly painted, equipped, and ready j
to be launched for duty. When Wil- j
Ham's oars are called into play j
Hough's skippers had better be well !
manned, or they will fall into the wake i
of the Dixie, for it is a runner.
.Mai:"' r':::: That everything seems,
dull et cep the Daily West Virginian. '
which only grows more interesting all
the time.
the young daughter of Mai
don West, the Rosstown miller, was j ,
bitten on her foot by a copper snake i
last Saturday afternoon. Dr. Fitch {
being called, hastened to respond, |
and upon his arrival found the foot to ;
be already badly swollen and the girl j
suffering greatly. He administered
anti-dotes to counteract the effects of
the poison of the bite, and then dress- I
ed the wound, leaving instructions for !
further treatment. Although the bite i
was serioi\s, and some time had j
elapsed before medical aid could be |
given, yet it is not believed that it ;
'will result fatally.
Clark Steele has purchased a onehalf
interest in the Hamilton drug
store on Water street, of the First j
ward. The firm name hereafter will I
be X. C. Steele & Co. They are already
changfng the interior, prepara- !
tory to putting in an ice cream and j
*soda fountain, with all modern im- '
provements, and also expect to fit up ,
a handsome ice cream parlor. It will j
take some days to effect the changes j
necessary for these new accessions, j
but when ready for service the public j
will receive due notice.
Eli G. Fortneyv one of our Firs. t ! ,
ward policemen, together with his I ,
wife and child, took a trip to Morgan- ,
town and back on Sufi day.- j .
Mrs. G. W. Bettis, of Lancaster. j
Ky., is" visiting her son. Will Bettis, at j
002 Diamond street, whose wife is j ]
sick at present.
? 1
James Mussleman. of Water street, }
wore a broad smile of supreme delight
yesterday afternoon, over the arrival
of his first-born daughter to be entered
upon the family roll. .
H. H. Bern ley was in town yesterday,
from Stewart's run and Pawpaw *
creek, where he has two steam saw t
mills 111 operation, and has enough
contracts secured to keep him cutting .
lumber all summer.
Several men have been met within
the past few days, offering to bet $5
that the Wabash would resume work
here again by the loth inst. Ai! no
doubt desire to see the speedy fulfillment
of their hopeful prophecy, yet
up to the present we have found no
one who has been sanguine enough to
accept the bet, but prefer rather to
wait and see. ^
Specifications for the building of the
M. ,P. Church, at Union, in Union dis- 5
trict, are now ready. Any one wish- *
ing fo put in a bid for the same can 9
call on Sweden J. Satterfield, between s
this and next Saturday at 4 o'clock
P. .M.
P. A. Sprinkle has just received ?
Vi-""' tCnsr Virginia a car load of fine v
So, 1 oak lumber for interior finish- v
ing. The firm also reports large or- v
tiers coming in thick and fast, so that
it takes hustling fo care for them.
This speaks well for the planing mill 9
during the dull season of which so tl
many are complaining. 9
- v
James Ray Kisner, step s.on of the
widow Kisner, in the First ward, was "
committed to the Reform School last 9
Saturday on account of incorrigibility. ?
Ou his promise of good behavior he j
U^*" departmeI
Geo. M. Jacobs' B!o<
Style, Nev/ness, Quality and Little
Special Offerings.
Good line buggy whips, can save ; (
you money-on all of them; prices j i
M\ frnim - ; .07 i
"" r" I
Rouss French blacking, large size I
box. only . 04 |
CO inch tape measures, at only. 01 j
Good sponges, never sold less than
30c and often more, our price. .05 j
Blue ribbon coffee mill, holds a
pound 24
Savon buttermilk soap, box of 3
cakes, for 04
Cuticle soap, soothing, protectve 1
and restorative?for the toilet, 1
nursery, bath an cutaneous dis- 1
eases, 25c cakes at only 0-S
was left with her until arrangements
were made to take him away, but- he
became so obstreperous by Monday t
that 'Squire Swindler had to issue orders
to \v. S. Sample for his re- c
moral to the jail, while awaiting a per- ^
mit to transfer hirn to Fruntytown. ,
? (
J. L. Barnard, of Oakland, Md.. has
been visiting his brother-indaw, J. R.
Smouse, on Market street. c
James Messerva. a teamster on New
street, tied up and fed his horses in
the stable at noon yesterday. TJpon r
returning for them after dinner, he ,
found one with an ugly diagonal cut -
clear across the front of its head be- j
low the fore-top. He suspects that t
some one. out of malice, had enter- 2
ed the stable in his absence and slash- i
ed it with a knife. Others believe, j
however, from the nature of the
wound, that it omy struck a nail c
while fighting dies in the stable, caus- (
ing the long side-wise cut. He took t
the horse to a doctor, who stitched
up the wound, which, it is not thought
probable, will prove serious, beyond
being sore for a few days. <
Bruce Bartholow has given a cue to j
others by paving the sidewalk"of his j
property on Merchant street, and is 1
now building a front veranda. Charles
Hicginbotham and Jere Levelle, in
addition to their former improve- t
me.nts adjoining Bruce, are vieing j
with him for honors and are likewise T
paving. Commissioner Richardson (
keens an eye on all of them to hold t
them to the line, and down level with r
the grade. They are doing neat work, ^
however, and need no criticism, but r
only praise rather.
/ ? i;
The Fairmont City Hospital is at ?
last completed, and was turned over
by the carpenters for the officials to c
rake full charge yesterday. It is pro- t
vided with rooms for 100 patients, and (
twenty-five nurses and assistant helpers.
Many of The wards are already
Decupled by patients, and competent (
nurses on hand to care for them, and
ill others seeking admission.
A. "B. Cornwell and wife, of Bari)Our
county, arrived last evening to
visit H. F. Colebank and other
friends while attending: the com- .
nencement exercises.
| I
j c
> ._ ? .*$ .< < . ?!]
f mlm mlm JL. Jim mSm Jim mlm Jim Jim Jim mlm i
- VVTWTVWWV ^ | t.
I Special Sale! z
r Just when you need it, E
Tliiirsdau, Frldau Z ?
and Saturday, i:
f June 16, 17 and lij5._ *!l
5 This is not old goods a E
ij marked down. All new ?
goods and the best for the
5 *
5 prices you ever bought. *
j We ask you to come and ^
( see them. Gowns 50e, 75c,
. $1, $1.25 and up. Beauti- ^ \
' fully trimmed with lace and
5 embroidery. Skirts 75c, j
J boc, ?1, iiuu up hj j
' S3.50. The prettiest you '* I ^
- ever got for the prices. *
' DRAWERS?25c, 50c, 75c *
i and SI. The best 25c and * ?
i. 50c Drawers you ever saw. * a
i Corset Covers, Beauties, %
j . 25c and 50c. Chiraese, 75c an ?
^ to S3. Come, and be con- &
. vinced that this is the best
j line ybu ever got for the ^ '
5 "prices. ,v
c jo *"* jc jr *r jf 7? >" &
^C IIiii[iVT~J0^*Sm^$
8^b ''
i ^ iBfeSiffin ' 9ht ."
I ?&?. >? MM IBB
IWHr IRw. iBqp ^
Monroe Street.
H, 1904.
' Price Carefully Blended in These;
' '! '?:.
Castile soap, -white,, per cake. Of gSSiX^^igM
Shaving. soap, per cake . i........ .02.
Tooth .brushes, nice line up l"rom.;04.
See our line af Brooch Pins; they
are regular .25c pins ami the latest
styles, for . . ... .15-.'
Taney Japanese waste baskets, a
beauty, 50. CO and 70.
.adies' "Twin Anchor", hose supporters.
always on the corset, is.
simple to weaiv easy to adjust, al-- >
ways comfortable. and they are
only siF
Soys' Windsor ties, up from Of
<ice line bow ties, at only 04
.Vhite cravats, ("for dress") only. IlO
To-Morrow?(Low Price.) '
At rules held in the Cleric's officer
)f the Circuit Court of Marion couny,
West Virginia, on the first Monlay
in June, 190!? ,
Slara Pvles vs. George W. Pyles-?In
Chancery. .
To the Sheriff of Marion county, greeting:
You are hereby commanded to sum- ,
non G.eorge W. Pyles to appear beforehe
Judge of the Circuit Court of
Marion County, at rules to be held
n the Clerk's olfic'e of said Court on
he tirst Monday in June, 1004,- to*
mswer a hill in chancery exhibited
tga'irist him. in said Court, by Clara
Syles. And have then there this -writWitness,
R. B. Parrish, Cleric, of outlaid
Court, at the Court-house in said I
lounty, the 7th day of May, 1904, and!. ' M
he 41st year of the State.
The Sheriff's return on the fore-'
joins summons is as follows:
"The -within named George W- Pylesi
s hot found in my bailiwick, nor is-.
te an inhabitant thereof. May 30_.
1004." '.*
Object of Suit. ' "JB
The object of the above suit-fs to.ob- |g
ain. on behalf of the plaintiff. Clara. i
Pyles, a divorce from the bonds of G
r.atrimony from the said defendant^.
3eo. W. Pyles, that she have the right '
o resume her maiden name, and forreneral
relief. And affidavit having:
teen made and filed that the defendtnt,
George \V. Pyles, is a non-resilent
of this State, the said defendant
s required to appear within one month
titer the date of the first publication
>f this order, in the Clerk's office of
aid Court, and do what is necessary
o protect his interests. And it Is orLered
that this order be published
md posted according to. law.
Given under my hand this the Gthi
lay of June. 1904.
J. \Y. OGDEN, Counsel for plaint!Iff
- . . o
George W.' Pvles:
You are hereby notified that on "thest
day of July, 1904, at the law 1
price of AT. \V. Ogden, in the Haiti ..
ilock, in the City of Fairmont, Ma- ...
ion county. West Virginia, between
he hours of 9 o'clock A. M. and <S
I'clock P. AT. of that day, I shall proeed
to take the depositions of myself
nd other witnesses, to be used as evi- ?.}[ i
lence in my behalf in a certain cause: J
n chancery pending in the Circuit | i
jourt of Marion county, West Vir- j
;inia, wherein I am~plaintiff and yon "
re defendant. And if from any cause * (
he taking of the same be not comnenced.
or being commenced, be not
ompleted on that day, the taking:
hereof will be adjourned from time to
ime, at the same place and between {
he same hours, until the same sjbaJI;
e completed. \ .
!y her attornev, M. W. OGDEN.
_ ; i
Cut Glass n
?AND? i
Sterling Silver.
We want to call your attention '
o our stock of cut glass. Oar
designer cuts to our order and
ye add no fancy price for
The IMame. i
sterling stiver, new designs
nd the prices are low?and- ! ' <
oods are high grade. Let us ig
how you a wedding present." . 1
Reliable Jeweler and Optician, v
232 Main street. ^ ^

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